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    That is partly because the controllers do not want their voices heard. But also because the general populace has been carefully trained to avoid thinking about reality and focus on consumption and comfort. Short-term comfort, that is. .

    Bernays has an awful to to answer for!!



    Thanks for your insightful comments, we appreciate your take on things.


    Last ne for today:

    The REINZ reported that the national median dwelling price dropped -$40,000 in July, now down -$110,000 from the November peak. That is a -12% fall so far. The housing market slump deepened with sales at a 12-year low for a July.’

    And the depression… oops… ‘transition to health and prosperity’ is only just getting started.

    “Inflation is only transitory.” Yeah right! That’s why an item that was $4.50 two years ago was $5.50 a month ago and $6.60 today.

    V. Arnold

    Bernays has an awful to to answer for!!

    Doesn’t ones personal responsibility for their own behavior count for anything?
    A classic denial situation as usual…


    Don’t trust the USA with your life.
    How many leaders has the USA assassinated?
    Peace will arrive in the Ukraine with assassinations

    D Benton Smith

    @AFewKnowTheTruth ref: comment #113222 , ” Never assume . . . etc.”

    Nailed it. And it don’t stop there. Just keep thinking along those lines and you’ll get to a very interesting place. Not a “nicey nice” place necessarily, but definitely interesting.

Viewing 6 posts - 41 through 46 (of 46 total)
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