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    Marc Chagall The Smolensk newspaper 1914   • Yield Curve Screams “Recession” as Trade War Picks Up Steam (Mish) • China’s Yuan Slumps To 11-Year
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    V. Arnold

    Whoo-hoo; that’s quite a shot of Melania Trump!
    But a photo is only, but a shot in time, posing nothing real or imagined, except in ones mind…
    Context is everything…the rest just bullshit…
    The context here is missing………………….

    V. Arnold

    But the other picture (child on the street w/teadybear) is far more poignant; just how much more heartwrenching to know the lies and subterfuge that creates that very image???????????????


    Not even sure it’s a child. It IS a teddybear though.

    Dr. D

    Looks like a super staged photo, from Shutterstock, but I don’t have time to trace it today.

    Shut off brain, citizen! Obey feelings! When have we ever lied to you?


    Tell the whole truth.

    Monetary policy works as a huge transfer of wealth from savers ….

    Pick your entertainer wisely …..

    Melanie, …. Trudeau …. hot …. ready and willing ….

    Trump , enjoying kissing Mertle

    Johnson’s bonhomie , the clown prince of prime ministers


    Dr. D

    As yesterday, yes, Presidents don’t have much effect, fires are not that different from average in Brazil. Also having themselves burned every tree and made many species extinct in Europe, having turned Europe into a parking lot, Europe tells Brazil they’re not allowed to have paved roads. Nice! If you want it, then buy their rainforest and protect it. Then to show they DGAF, this:

    They also don’t say or care if the burning is EXACTLY WHAT THE NATIVES DO, slash and burn, then let the jungle grow back. So apparently they are against native ways and indigenous peoples now. I wouldn’t bet on it, but it points out they know nothing about natives or agriculture that it doesn’t even occur to them. So should I call them racists and bigots? Ethnocentric nationalists? I mean, that’s what we call everybody in every story now, right? Backing up; hey journalists, do your job: get on the phone and just ask somebody.

    So what’s really going on? Yesterday’s article, boy Macron say:“We can’t have trade deals when you act like this.” Oh, so France having destroyed their ancient forest is going to tell Brazilians they have to go hungry and not have an economy? Colonialism much? Yes, Virginia, they just don’t like Bolisaro and want to smear and remove him, as with anyone else who gets in the way of (European) profits. You see, the murder, slavery, and destruction in Africa is being extracted to Europe, so THAT’S alright. Macron and da boyz want to screw the 3rd world a little whiter, drop the deal at the last minute, and squeeze some more concessions for the E.U. mafia. …And that part doesn’t bother me: they’re all Mafias. The part that bothers me is the snooty, sanctimonious, utterly fake morality that they give any d—ns about the environment. They don’t. They stab the last rhino in the eye to buy one more share of Tesla stock and one more night on Little St. James Island. Lookin’ at you, Andrew and your 300 pals, while France investigates Jeffie’s visits to Paris, that Mario funded with his bond fire-hose.

    “Hong Kong Police Arrest 36 After Running Battles with Protesters (R.)”

    They’re missing that people’s and nations each have their own standards and ways. You can’t judge them all by some kind of “white” western standard. That standard is the consequence of the Enlightenment thinkers and thousands or men who died to protect fredom and those ideas. Thank your lucky stars you were born there. China is not one of those nations. They are not a democracy, never have been and never will be. You have no rights there but what they feel like giving you, and they kill a million or 40 million of you if you make trouble for them, if they have to and if they feel like it. Ask your hero Mao Zedong. So nobody’s watching 5,000 years of Chinese history, or China’s Muslim response in Western China last week? 36 arrested, are you for real kidding me right now? Police probably plant evidence on 36 citizens in the U.S. per week. Per city. London alone has 36 stabbings a quarter.

    So 36? Did they hold the protests in Lake Woebegone, Minnesota or Smallville, Kansas? 36 would mean something there. So when the facts are correct but the implication they are attempting are hilariously false, is it ‘fake’ news?

    “Not only buying back bonds from governments, but also from banks and companies. What for?”

    What for? To hand money to my friends at the expense of taxpayers of course! What other reason could there be? That’s our governmental mandate and it’s going swimmingly, as you can tell because everyone is happy and no one’s mad a bit. If they get mad, Draghi just grabs their handle and stimulates until they have a happy ending. Then they take their private submarines to St. James. But the people cheer, so what can I say?

    “Has Anyone Loved Being Prime Minister as Much as Boris Johnson? (Peston)”

    Why should BoJo worry? He was installed by his power backers like all world leaders (especially Macron), he doesn’t decide anything. So relax! Don’t do it. Same with Trump: what with thinking he is responsible or runs anything? Certainly Clinton, Bush, and Obama never did.

    “a country as prosperous as ours”

    They say the same thing here. Hey dummy: we’re not prosperous, as you can tell from the poverty you yourself are describing. Get a clue. The riches at the top are distribution problem that won’t go anywhere if shared, and is mostly illusion and debt. What was the meme where if you took every sports star, every billionaire, all the assets of every company, you could run the U.S. government until November? No joke: just math. Uh, you’re not rich: you’re broke. You’re Third World. Your grid is collapsing and you make and do nothing useful. Wake up.

    “English Police Could Patrol Northern Ireland Border After No-Deal Brexit (RT)”

    They COULD. But nobody wants a solution, they want to make problems. So problems is what we have.


    US traders went to bed last night with US equity futures down about 30 points from their Friday close. They woke up with the Emini as much as 40 points higher after what has been a surreal night full of apparent lies and panicked attempts to jawbone the market higher.

    After a torrid start to the overnight session, which saw US futures tumble, the Chinese Yuan and 10Y Treasury yields all tumble, the safe haven Japanese yen soar and the Turkish lira briefly flash crash as Mrs Watanabe was again stopped out en masse…

    Then, just before 6am, China’s Global Times editor in chief Hu Xijin confirmed as much when he tweeted that “based on what he knows”, there were no phone calls between the US and China in recent days, suggesting that Trump may have simply hallucinated the 2 phone calls, which only took place in his head in hopes of keeping stocks from plunging.


    36 arrested in Hong Kong is nothing. We don’t know if the number’s accurate of course. China’s conundrum is if they enter the city, they can’t leave anymore. And that will be the end of Asia’s by far biggest finance hub, built since the 19th century. China can’t really do without Hong Kong. They have to give in but don’t know how. Already many firms are leaving or making plans to do so. Messy.


    The puppeteers had fun making their 7 alpha puppets dance.

    John Day
    “I want to be clear, I’m not going nuts,” Biden insisted on Friday, after he forgot where he was speaking from – praising Vermont when asked about his impression of Keene, NH.

    The DNC wants what it wants, not something else.​ On track to re-elect Trump in 2020.
    ​Tulsi Gabbard’s presidential campaign has called on the DNC to ensure fairness by updating its approved debate-qualifying polls, raising concerns about a lack of transparency and the consistency of the required criteria.
    ​ ​In order to qualify for the next round of Democratic presidential debates in September, the Democratic National Committee’s rules require all candidates to have 130,000 unique donors and to have reached 2 percent in four approved polls. Representative Gabbard (D-Hawaii) has surpassed 2 percent in 26 national and state polls – including two polls by the biggest newspapers in the early primary states of New Hampshire and South Carolina – but only two of these are DNC-certified. Strangely, the DNC has not released the criteria it used to select the sixteen polling organizations they have certified.
    ​ ​“Without these exclusions, Gabbard would have already qualified,” her campaign says. Gabbard’s team also point out that there have only been four certified polls released since the second round of Democratic debates.

    The Benefits of a Profoundly Shattering Recession​ , Charles Hugh Smith​ (“Always look on the Bright Side of Life!”)​
    ​ ​What do I mean by a profoundly shattering recession? I mean, a systemic, crushing recession that can’t be reversed with central bank magic, a recession that only deepens with time. The last real recession was roughly two generations ago in 1981; younger generations have no experience of a profound recession, and perhaps older folks have forgotten the shock, angst and bitterness.
    ​ ​A profoundly shattering recession leaves tremendous damage and pain in its wake. Millions of people who reckoned their position was secure get laid off, businesses that looked solid melt into air, large corporations flip from hiring thousands to firing thousands, and everyone on the edge of insolvency gets a hard push over the cliff.
    ​ ​Profoundly shattering recessions feed on themselves in a self-reinforcing dynamic: the first domino could be a supply-shock, or a decline in demand due to credit exhaustion. Since businesses have cut everything to the bone in the past decade, there are no buffers left…
    ​ ​Clearly, there is no benefit to households or enterprises to this self-reinforcing recession. The benefits are structural: financialization, the parasite that has eaten our economy from the inside, will collapse along with the mountains of debt that fueled it.
    ​ ​Zombie corporations and local governments that have been insolvent in all but name will finally go bankrupt, clearing the system of their dead weight. Economies supporting zombie entities are sacrificing their capital to keep insiders afloat, which leaves less capital to invest in increasing productivity, which is the only way to increase broad-based wealth…
    ​ ​All the cartels and monopolies that depend on debt will implode: banking, higher education, and ultimately national defense and sickcare, which depend on federal borrowing to fund their predatory pricing…
    A profoundly shattering recession requires patience, fortitude and an awareness that the sacrifices demanded will be worth the pain if we rid our society of at least the top layer of financial and political parasites and predators that have corrupted our economy, our governance and our society.

    V. Arnold

    Biden seems to like the taste of shoe leather (I assume he doesn’t go barefoot) as much as Trump.
    It does seem fitting our present and future presidents are as mentally deficient/defective as the broken, non-existent, alleged democracy, they presume to want to lead.
    The U.S. government is staffed by a bunch of maroons (to put it kindly)…

    John Day
    I left a comment for your post of 2 days ago…

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