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    Edward Hopper Sunday 1926   • CNN Narrative Around “Missing” Dossier On Trump-Russia Conspiracy (CTH) • Congress Approves Bill Barring Any Presid
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    V. Arnold

    The Hopper’s (art) are splendid; keep them comming…
    At my age, 78, I’m fast retreating from the daily grind of the world each day….
    We humans can be a terrible lot when our governments go on killing rampages in our names…
    In reality “we” have no power to stop this grave crime against our fellow humans; withdrawing from society is our only option as far as I can see…….

    Dr. D

    Hopper: If you can’t tell, I believe that’s a Bartender, on Sunday.

    “DOJ to Charge Blaze Journalist Steve Baker over Jan. 6

    Like Netflix and the Babylon Bee, trickle them out one a week. Because it’s not political, they only just noticed! Up until two+ years later they had no idea he was on camera! What was that about an essential human right being a “Speedy Trial”, or you are violating their human rights and get to walk?

    Same with every other tactic in every trial. Evidence without warrant. Withholding evidence. Withholding lawyers. Police perjuring themselves. Prosecutors perjuring themselves. The judge being paid. The judge being paid by the prosecutor. Not with money but with favors, promotions, elections, being “part of the pals.” The judge withholding evidence, calling mistrials, narrowing the jury evidence and 100 other tricks to get the “Right” verdict. The judge withholding a jury trial altogether. The Prosecution doing appeals. Doing appeals with infinite endless State money. Charging irrelevant crimes to pile on cases and expenses.

    Every time? Almost. So what happens when normal Americans think you’re an illegitimate government? Not what you think. THEY think we pick up all our AR-15s and shoot them. Because that’s what they would do, because that’s what they ARE doing. No. We would use all our AR-15s to DEFEND ourselves when they arrive. And defend in 100 ways OTHER than AR15s. Like Ramaswamy was attacked. In court cases, slander, libel, etc. What was his Defense?

    Not what you expected, was it? Like Bud Light he sort of went right around your Minion Plan and your complete lack of imagination. He didn’t cower and kowtow. He’s going to become your boss then call you into his office.

    “Jack Smith wants “Donald Trump convicted before the election”

    Problem is, Trump’s lawyers have the same bag of tricks, so they will counter-corrupt the courts with slow-walking and appeals to push the trial back. People say it and although it’s difficult to believe it seems to be true: Celente, Armstrong, say the UniParty thought “If we just indict Trump, he will lose all support and we can push in DeSantis or someone.”

    Because they’re all a thousand years old and grew up riding dinosaurs. That strategy means THE PEOPLE TRUST YOU, the GOVERNMENT. Guys: For the Love of God, Mary, and Joseph, the reason Trump exists is that they DON’T TRUST you. But as Minions that’s literally inconceivable to them, I don’t know what gene defect that is. When they indict Trump – after the Vaccine fiasco – it made people BELIEVE IN TRUMP AGAIN. After MAGA too was getting sick of him. It confirmed he was real and not corrupted yet. You. Morons.

    Go Jack Smith! The greatest ally Trump ever had. I think Trump should give him the Congressional Medal of Freedom for getting him elected when he gets in.

    ““Before this trial even began, the judge ruled in our favor”

    As above. Every time. But if your Lawyer has dinner with the Judge and donates to his campaigns, Lo! Suddenly the Judge does NOT rule in their favor before the trial. It’s like magic!

    MacGregor opens interview with the Central Asian rail lines. Again, and for 100 years, MacKinder. He misses the obvious: they are talking a language WE are not in on. WHAT is China shipping around the world, to Amsterdam, offloaded, then shipped EAST to Romania? Oceana. The British Empire. British Navy, British banking, and we pay vig to the Anglos to secure our shipping from Pirates, also while they can shut off anyone they like with an (illegal) embargo, like Cuba and NoKo.

    And so the Central Asian rail lines are what? The END of the British, the Anglo Empire. The. End. Okay and what is happening here?

    YEMEN IS THE FUNERAL of the British-Anglo Empire. Yemen Shuts off World Shipping with their attacks, at leisure, and they do F- All about it. If they did, China owns Eritrea, Djibouti, and Saudi is the whole North Slope, now also BRIIC’d. So “The British-Anglo Empire” isn’t going to GET your goods from workshops around the world. They are now an OBSTACLE to trade and getting your stuff.

    Who CAN get your stuff? Asia. Russia. The Silk Road. They are going to high-speed train your stuff in a fraction of the time and cost all the way out to Austria. Then Portugal. Like in Babylon A.D. where the Anglos then NUKED said railway and create a dead zone somewhere in Kazakhstan. …As a thought.

    So THAT is why – and one of the top four Whys – for Ukraine, and Yemen.

    “CNN Narrative Around “Missing” Dossier on Trump-Russia Conspiracy (CTH)

    What a strange twist. Yes, we all know WHY it is happening, but this gets down into why and how it is “Legal” that its happening. To them. And DO WE CARE? They’re being “legal” while they’re being illegal. I mean, yes we should, as it’s how they will act and how they constrain themselves, and it’s how they will get caught and stopped, but it’s BORING. And POINTLESS. And unproductive. And a waste of endless time and money. And obstructs all Truth and justice.

    …Just like all other government actions. The government is like 20% of all people and maybe half the economy now. If they were capable of ANYTHING, surely our country would be a wonderland by now. But as a responsible adult I suppose I should be more accurate and not just knee-jerk the obvious that they’re lying, traitorous cheaters.

    “Congress has approved legislation that would prevent any president from withdrawing the United States from NATO without approval from the Senate or an Act of Congress.”

    Huh? This was before my time, but how did we get IN to NATO? Is it not a Senate treaty? In which case, OF COURSE that would be true? Wow, now I have to look, but since no one will follow the law either way, why bother?

    “Biden has invested deeply in the NATO alliance during his term,”

    While Europe did not. Has Germany even now got up to the MINIMUM level of NATO funding? The one they made fun of Trump for mentioning? Probably not. Certainly Britain hasn’t. They have the NATO level of a Girl Scout troop. And what? Fewer ARs than Kentucky and 10 working tanks? They’re behind Venezuela. Argentina is thinking about kicking them out of the Falklands again, and might.

    “free speech should be legal “only under certain circumstances.”

    The circumstance that you agree with me. And also are calling for Genocide.

    “Twitter officials suspended the account within 45 minutes but complained they were already “bombarded” by White House censorship requests at that point.”

    Translation: there were so many attacks on Human Rights, we couldn’t even get to them all. But we tried with all our might.

    On this article, you see the change has to come FROM WITHIN US. WE are the ones who have to stop this. Boomers and Millennials are lockstep in supporting any censorship or control from any authority who pops up their head. It’s so bad, Billionaires just MAKE UP whole new “Authorities” daily, never seen before, made up of two Chads and a Karen, all interns remoting from home, and they immediately … um… service them to a happy ending by attacking their own family, neighbors, and community who point it out to them. Yes, Virginia, SNOPES is a plagiarist. And a guy cheating on his wife with a prostitute. You know HONEST, QUALITY organizations you can trust.

    I don’t have a cure for this if you can just invent a new “Truth of our Truthiness, Factily-Fact Super-Checker” and everyone just believes them. Paid for by Pfizer or from Putin in Moscow via Hunter Biden. YOU are the immune system here. YOU need to shape up or die.

    “release to CNN an intelligence report that claimed that Russia had suffered enormous casualties in its war with Ukraine, with some 315,000 of an estimated 360,000 troops that made up Russia’s pre-conflict ground force, having been killed or wounded”

    Never stops. So is this like Dick Cheney’s “Team B” assessment that the USSR was 5x as strong as we were a day before they collapsed? Which is why the U.S. has “No choice” but to give Halliburton another $2B dollars? No? Not like that?

    Okay then, is it like Russia DID lose their ENTIRE ARMY? Yes? We agree? SO THEREFORE THEY ARE NO THREAT WHATSOEVER TO EUROPE, and we can stop funding Kiev, right?

    Which is it? Either is perfectly fine with me. Just for the love of God, pick one.

    Luongo. That is an amazing quote, one that will get in the history books. I can’t imagine what he was thinking, but I guess that’s what happens when you snort coke and turn it up to “11”. “Ludicrous Speed!!!”

    “• Ukraine on Brink of Humanitarian Collapse, Authorities Admit (Sp.)

    Brink? I guess. The country has ceased to exist thanks to Joe’s (First) Genocide. He’s on Genocide three or something? He started with opening Slave Markets in Africa as VP? But I guess there are still levels of “Everyone is in bread lines everywhere in the country and even then there is no bread” levels. If you get in a bread line you will be conscripted levels.

    You see, our support AND the level, AND the speed it was given are all critical in handing over the nation perfectly and elegantly to Russia. Doesn’t that seem suspicious to anyone? Right now we’re trailing off support instead of dropping it suddenly, which insures a much more orderly transfer of a nation the size of France. Thanks Joe. You’ve done more than anyone since The Louisiana Purchase or Alaska. And instead of us GETTING the money, We Paid YOU! Shut up and take my Money Putin! You had me at “Mass Genocide”. I hate you so much I gave you a country! Now scram!

    “The Federal Reserve digital currency is a kind of last resort way around that.” — Kunstler

    Yes, it’s RATIONING. War Rationing, while Churchill gets all the whiskey and jam he wants. That’s the point in making cars insanely expensive. ONLY THE RICH CAN HAVE ONE. Like the Duesenburg age. Carbon Credits? WHADDA I STEALS FROM YOU FORS? I STEAL $30 Trillion from the Poors, using Covid, than I can pays all the Carbon Credit fines I want with YOUR money. …Besides I’M the one who sets the fines, rates, levels. THAT’S WHY THERE’S NO TAX ON JETS.

    Because we care so, so much about CO2 emissions from flying. Coach. But flying Private doesn’t release CO2 doncha know?

    Rationing. Rationing for YOU. The Poors.

    “It is a simple way for the system to pretend there is a lot of money around when there really isn’t any.”

    Because MONEY ISN’T WEALTH. It is a CLAIM on wealth. An entirely EMPTY claim. If Bezos sold Amazon stock what would he get? $150/share. On the FIRST share only. Then $100, then $50, then $5 as he floods the market. He could never, ever, ever, ever, ever get the market cap, nor anywhere near it. He’s SCAMMING you, and people buy it. Ugh.

    Anyway, what is this “Rationing” for the Poors and not the Rich? Socialism. The “Very Important People” the “Deciders” who are all smarter than you and don’t work in the mines, the Haaaahvard types, they type in heated offices and need to keep their strength up with Waigu steaks and flying to Switzerland for shopping. If you’re digging broken sewers in the snow, you’re a “not important person” and are rationed. What is Rationing? CENTRAL PLANNING. That’s it. Soviet Central Planning, a “Technocracy”. They’re not shy about telling you.

    Kunstler isn’t keeping up with the news, though. As per Luongo’s thesis, Powell both said he wouldn’t have a CBDC and had no issue with a wide variety of competing currencies. Like Euros, or Bitcoins. That solves Triffin’s Paradox and the utter and inevitable collapse of the U.S. by it, in which NYC Banking – his ACTUAL constituency, not us – is utterly ruined with the country. THEY, Wall Street, are the ones trying to persist this rotation. LONDON is trying to kill them. At last. After 250 years or rebellion. Like last time, it’s not going well for them. Looks like London’s collapsing instead.

    “‘Fermi Paradox’ questions why, if extraterrestrial life is so probable, humans have yet to discover evidence of it.”

    Except where you could put on 100 TVs and watch cell phone videos of UFOs for the rest of your life and never run out of “evidence of it”? Like the US Navy has no “Evidence of it”? Science!™ “Denying everything since 1818.”™

    “Built by a Roman workforce in the III century CE,”

    What do you see here? First ROME DIDN’T FALL. Here it is, 300 years after Julius, and still going great! That’s longer than we’ve been a country. Second, what are all those buildings? Mills. Like the Barbegal Mills in France, ONE mill provided grain for TWENTY THOUSAND people.

    That’s the size of General Mills in Minnesota. There are therefore roads for 20,000 in and out, running daily for centuries. So they’re NOT cave men, and there is NOT a straight-line progression of us from the Caves to the Stars? In fact, we only just barely MIGHT have exceeded culture of 2,000 years ago? So you’ve got 30 some mills and workshops there, all ecological? Okay, how many people would that support as say, a triphammer or fuller, a dye-crushing mill? I dunno, maybe 20,000 people again? The room looks 20×20 but it’s a big-time operation in throughput.

    So therefore any time you see “We did this”, check yourself. Every time you hear “Dark Ages”, there were only guys riding on donkeys, check yourself. When some historian says the war killed 10,000 men in one army and you say “There weren’t 10,000 men in the whole COUNTRY” check yourself. We’re talking Millions. Going almost as far back as we can see. Science™ has to work in a feverish lather to prevent you from seeing what is so blindingly apparent to your daily eyes. Yeah, they built the Pont du Gard for 5 men and a donkey in a mud hut. Sure pal.

    No doubt the people who live there say “it’s just one place”. An anomaly. I mean there isn’t one in London, right? YEAH BECAUSE THEY LEVELED IT. Any city, coast, has been razed 500 times. What was there is missing. It’s only the weird combination of being a relatively modern place, then suddenly a backwater, that something like this isn’t leveled. We see the same thing with, say, covered bridges. It has to be a super, core road to have one built, yet suddenly unused so it wasn’t modernized and replaced in the 40s 50s 60s, pounded out by traffic.

    Following the Caesars yesterday, the Caesar of 200AD died in York. That is, unlike the spurious and ludicrous claims, Britain wasn’t a backwater. It was a CORE water. Now that they look, you can’t swing a cat without finding a stately Roman Villa, factory-sized workshop and all, from coast to coast right up to Hadrian’s Wall. And so? Then that was true in Germany too? And Libya? And Turkey? And everywhere else for 5,000 miles? Use your head. How big were they? Well Saxon Halls were made of Timber and 100ft long, so pretty big. Nero’s house was 300 ACRES under roof, so pretty big. Does Al Gore or Jeff Bezos have a 300 Acre McMansion? No, because they’re tiny, worthless losers in a tiny, backward age.

    Etc. So No, we are not the sum total of the human race, the apex of all progress. We’re more violent, and less just, more extractive, more enslaving, less ecological than anyone SINCE Rome. So I don’t look at us and say “wow, thank God I don’t live in the XXXX” That’s a RELIGION. A RELIGION of Progress. A Religion of Narcissists who think they are the greatest thing ever, just like all 8-year olds do, which is our mental level.

    Dr. D

    The Most Remarkable Roman Aqueducts Still Standing

    Just one. Except there are hundreds, thousands. There wasn’t any modern age except for all the modern ages there were. Steam powered robots in Greece and antikytheria computers just wandering around the Sea, on galleys running from Amsterdam to Cairo like city buses, the whole time. So far back for so long Jonah took one. So uninterrupted Jean Val-Jean worked on one. Nothing new.

    A Home away from Rome: 7 Roman Villas to explore in Britain › wiki › List_of_Roman_villas_in_England

    Even their dishes were imported continent wide like Ikea. Among hundreds. Like shipping lavish tile floors from thousands of miles. Like shipping glassware from the Middle East and Silks from Asia. Oh but “We’re a Global Culture” now. Firstest time evah! Uh-huh. I’m sorry everyone is so astonishing ignorant, but there IS a solution: Read a book sometime.


    The Putin Reiterates Reality for the Western Crash Test Dummies

    Red Alert!


    “The Russian goals and objectives of the Special Military Operation are spelled out very clearly —

    #1 Demilitarization (the destruction of the Ukrainian Armed Forces),


    A French grocery store Franprix has put a sticker of Zelensky on its doors –

    the sign on his back says “Beggar”


    In your face clownboy




    Before leaving town, one Last Stop Cafe


    #2 De-Nazification (eliminate Zelensky and the Nazi political element inside Ukronaziland)

    #3 Permanent neutrality for Ukraine (i.e., Ukraine will never join NATO).


    In depth look at How …”Controlling the narrative”

    Why are Canadians ignoring the data. “increase in deaths”


    Deaths, 2022
    Released at 8:30 a.m. Eastern time in The Daily, Monday, November 27, 2023
    There were 334,623 deaths in Canada in 2022, an increase of 7.3% from 2021.
    Life expectancy decreases for a third year in a row.
    Okay, Let’s try – “A large autopsy series published by Hulscher et al, ”

    Controlling the narrative.
    Avoiding the truth


    ” The findings should not be used for clinical or public health decision making and should not be presented to a lay audience without highlighting that they are preliminary and have not been peer-reviewed.”
    This is a preprint article, it offers immediate access but has not been peer reviewed.

    Not Available for Download

    ” The findings should not be used for clinical or public health decision making and should not be presented to a lay audience without highlighting that they are preliminary and have not been peer-reviewed.”
    Controlling the narrative.
    Calling it FAKE

    A conclusion drawn ahead of the study proper does not count as science.

    PURPOSE: To promote anti-vaxx culture, validate conspiracy theories and erode public confidence in the authorities.


    Controlling the narrative.
    Approved narrative from WHO

    Long Covid-19 – What you need to know
    Episode #47 – Post COVID-19 condition 29 July 2021
    Some of the most common symptoms of post COVID-19 condition or as you said, long COVID, include shortness of breath, cognitive dysfunction, which people call brain fog, as well as fatigue. Those are the three most common.
    Dr. Janet Diaz
    Controlling the narrative.
    Approved narrative from CDC

    Long COVID or Post-COVID Conditions
    Updated July 20, 2023

    Long COVID can include a wide range of ongoing health problems; these conditions can last weeks, months, or years.
    Long COVID occurs more often in people who had severe COVID-19 illness, but anyone who has been infected with the virus that causes COVID-19 can experience it.
    People who are not vaccinated against COVID-19 and become infected may have a higher risk of developing Long COVID compared to people who have been vaccinated.
    People can be reinfected with SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, multiple times. Each time a person is infected or reinfected with SARS-CoV-2, they have a risk of developing Long COVID.
    While most people with Long COVID have evidence of infection or COVID-19 illness, in some cases, a person with Long COVID may not have tested positive for the virus or known they were infected.
    CDC and partners are working to understand more about who experiences Long COVID and why, including whether groups disproportionately impacted by COVID-19 are at higher risk.
    Controlling the narrative.
    CBC news is reporting. A change could be happening


    Arguing long COVID is being downplayed, an advocate has launched this St. John’s billboard.
    Organizers hope other billboards will soon appear across the country

    Elizabeth Whitten · CBC News · Posted: Dec 14, 2023 1:30 AM PST

    The Topsail Road sign — which says “Long COVID ruins lives. Mask up” — was organized not by health officials, but a group concerned about the impact of the disease.

    “It was just my concern that we didn’t have any strategies in place to slow COVID down,” said Keith Muise, a Stephenville resident and an organizer with a group called Covid Awareness 2023, which he says has a national membership.

    Muise says the sign is the first of its kind in the country, and that more will be installed.

    After his son contracted the virus, Muise said he noticed changes, like his son forgetting certain words. That led to research and making connections around the world about long COVID, a phrase used to describe symptoms that can persist for months after an infection.

    “Then I realized… this is not a mild virus,” he told CBC Radio’s St. John’s Morning Show. “This is something that we need to avoid. So I kind of threw myself into the ring and here we are.”


    The Empire of Lies is a rundown gas station ATM masquerading as a country



    We’re Walkin’, We’re Talkin’ Oh Yeh Baby



    The End

    This is the end, beautiful friend
    This is the end, my only friend, the end
    Of our elaborate plans, the end
    Of everything that stands, the end
    No safety or surprise, the end
    I’ll never look into your eyes, again…….

    Lost in a Roman wilderness of pain
    And all the children are insane
    All the children are insane…….

    Ride the snake, he’s old, and his skin is cold
    The west is the best, the west is the best
    Get here, and we’ll do the rest……

    The killer awoke before dawn, he put his boots on
    He took a face from the ancient gallery
    And he walked on down the hall……..

    Can you picture what will be, so limitless and free
    Desperately in need, of some, stranger’s hand
    In a desperate land…….



    Update: Controlling the narrative—24-november-2023
    COVID-19 Epidemiological Update – 24 November 2023
    Edition 161

    … in the past 28-day period from 23 October to 19 November 2023. Compared to the previous 28-day period, those figures represent a 13% and 72% decrease in cases and deaths respectively.

    file: Downloads/20231124_covid-19_epi_update_161.pdf
    New case and death counts from the Region of the Americas: Starting from the week commencing on 11 September 2023, the source of the data from the Region of the Americas was switched to the aggregated national surveillance data received through the COVID-19, Influenza, RSV and Other Respiratory Viruses program in the Americas. Data have been included retrospectively since 31 July 2023

    The classifications of variants will be revised as needed to reflect the continuous evolution of circulating variants and their changing epidemiology. Criteria for variant classification, and the lists of currently circulating and previously circulating VOCs, VOIs and VUMs, are available on the WHO Tracking SARS-CoV-2 variants website. National authorities may choose to designate other variants and are strongly encouraged to investigate and report newly emerging variants and their impact.
    WHO continues to monitor SARS-CoV-2 variants, including descendent lineages of VOCs, to track changes in prevalence and viral characteristics. The current trends describing the circulation of Omicron descendent lineages should be interpreted with due consideration of the limitations of current COVID-19 surveillance. These include differences in sequencing capacity and sampling strategies between countries, changes in sampling strategies over time, reductions in tests conducted and sequences shared by countries, and delays in uploading sequence data to GISAID

    From May 2021 onwards, WHO began assigning simple, easy-to-say labels for key variants.





    They’ve taken your culture an pissed on it and told you it was rain



    If only that simple.
    More impressionable than the book it is even more hart-warming than “Scrooge” for this year’s festive season.
    The “device” design, with that 50’s mind set, was exactly what I expected.




    Thanks for the finds.
    MIR and “friends” are not presenting the official narrative, (lies).

    • CNN Narrative Around “Missing” Dossier On Trump-Russia Conspiracy (CTH)
    • Is Free Speech a Relic in America? (Bovard)
    • Scott Ritter: Joe Biden’s World War III Fantasy
    • Opposition to Netanyahu Explodes After IDF Killing of Israeli Captives (Sp.)
    • Running On Empty, the US Leaves Zelenskyy Hanging (Luongo)
    • US Knows Ukraine Can’t Win – Kremlin (RT)
    • Ukraine on Brink of Humanitarian Collapse, Authorities Admit (Sp.)
    • Zelensky’s Tone Deaf DC Trip Leaves Republicans Wishing He’d Never Come (Sp.)
    • Money for Nothing and Nothing for Money (Kunstler)

    D Benton Smith

    Hey, I’ve got a solution that resolves everyone’s demands regarding this “Free Speech” thing. The way it works is that the censoring liars go on censoring and lying as much as they can manage to pull off, and the rest of us just continue telling the truth to anyone willing to listen. Then just sit back and let those two camps wind up at wherever destination their strategy winds up taking them.

    Come to think of it, isn’t that what’s already going on?

    1 in 9 Canadian adults have had long-term symptoms from COVID infection: StatCan
    (When they use the term “Covid19” rather than “Omicron” then realize that they are trying to follow the official narrative.)
    Experiences of Canadians with long-term
    symptoms following COVID-19
    by Sianne Kuang, Steven Earl, Janine Clarke, Dianne Zakaria,
    Alain Demers, and Samina Aziz
    Release date: December 8, 2023


    Talk about intentional Ritual Humiliation of a country and it’s culture

    Son of a Pedophile Low Rent Gangster



    Cheering for White Extinction.

    by Donald Jeffries

    “If you do a search for “Caucasian” on Google images, you’ll see a few pictures of actual Caucasians, interspersed among lots of images of nonwhites. This is similar to searching for “Happy White woman.” Do it. You’ll be surprised by what images come up. Actually maybe you won’t be. This is now the expected “new normal.”

    I never signed up to be a crusader for White rights. I don’t like sounding like a White Nationalist, whatever that is. But someone has to do it. Of all the giant elephants traipsing across the crumbling landscape of America 2.0, none are larger or more dutifully ignored than the Great Replacement of White people. Only nonwhite people, like Vivek Ramaswamy recently, have the courage to bring the subject up in public. And only these selected nonwhites seem to care that is it happening. The “Woke” White crowd is overjoyed at this prospect. The “conservative,” MAGA types seem to be perfectly fine with it as well. Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy admitted that the Stupid Party was focused on attracting nonwhites before he was ousted.

    Now I am undeniably White. That’s a fact. “Science,” if you will. I had nothing to do with it. I didn’t will myself to be born White, any more than I willed myself to only grow to be five foot nine inches tall. None of us control our ethnicity, so it’s ridiculous for anyone to be proud of it. But conversely, it’s just as ridiculous to be ashamed of it. Can I start a “I’m White, and not proud or ashamed” mantra? But thanks to a decades long propaganda campaign which cannot be denied, the vast majority of White people alive today are ashamed. For being born the way they were. They have a collective guilt which the world has never seen before, for wrongs real, exaggerated, and imagined, committed by some Whites from previous generations………..”


    September 23, 1779 — John Paul Jones, the war hero known as the father of the US Navy, achieved a dramatic victory against the British on this day.



    Twat Alert



    re: Musk “…Humankind is most likely the only species “in this part of the galaxy” with a consciousness…”

    …at this particular infinitesimal slice of entropy’s progress…
    …using physical principles with which we are familiar, and can recognize when we see them…
    …at a scale that is neither too small, nor too big to be invisible to our limited senses…
    …moving in a timescale similar to our own…

    …and that wish to be visible to other technologically capable beings.

    D Benton Smith


    Add to the list, “. . . that we bother to look for or at.”


    “In fact, we only just barely MIGHT have exceeded culture of 2,000 years ago?”

    A Canticle For Leibowitz – We might escape the cycle?
    The Mote In God’s Eye – We don’t escape, we just deal with it, ad nauseam.

    1983 – A Merman I Should Turn To Be

    Many humans, even knowing what is now known, seem very locked-in to the human perspective of space, space travel, other civilizations that visit eachother for tea. The Filter is one thing. The other is how advanced intelligences might pass The Filter. The easiest way to pass The Filter, for example, is to not leave. Have enough energy on hand that you can project in some force (EM, grav, ?, and quantum-ly?) and sense-analyze-act in a remote location. Need to travel (i.e. manipulate objects in meatspace)? Project your will to construct a new being or machine on a remote world, and imbue it with appropriate cognitive ability to be autonomous when needed, if needed.

    We have known of this travel restriction, and have yearned in our fiction for teleporters, hyperdrives, stargates. If we see the problem, and we’re brick-stupid monkeys, it must become the core problem for any advanced intelligence at some point.

    We have abundant animal life on this planet that gets very close to our level of intelligence…but never quite there. We killed the others. Even up to neandertal, the supposed empath, subsumed and killed. The clever ones, killed for competition. The vicious ones, killed for their hazard. The peaceful ones, killed because they were obstacle or resource.

    So many lanes are open to advanced intelligence on a given (hospitable) world, and it gets pared down over time. I have seen, and I think it’s part of why Dr D got through to me a bit, that we have ‘failed’ to use certain steps in the technological ladder in a timely way. Too long at certain junctures, or made too much nothing of certain resources. If things grind down slowly, maybe we get more chances, but it’s getting to be a close scrape. In A Canticle For Leibowitz the Church barely escapes in a secretly-built ship moments before a new-clear war starts. Close scrape.

    Figmund Sreud

    The World has changed, … we transitioned from Marxist World [ labor/capitalism] to Leninist World [ political violence ] – Michael Every, Global Strategist at Rabobank, Singapore. He explains this starting at about 33:20 point, … but, is worth to hear him out right through.



    Attacks on journalists
    Time for journalists and media workers (killed during Israel’s genocidal war has exceeded 90, according to Al Jazeera.) to wake up that Israel is killing journalists on purpose.

    Detailed story, some excerpts.

    “The Israelis fired the missile that injured Wael al-Dahdouh and cameraman Samer Abu Daqqa after they were dispatched to the Farhana school amidst calls for rescue from injured and besieged Palestinians trapped there.

    While al-Dahdouh managed to reach paramedics on foot, Abu Daqqa’s injuries prevented him from doing so. Israel obstructed ambulances from reaching him as he lay on the ground for hours bleeding to death.

    Israel’s killing of Samer Abu Daqqa is the latest in its apparently deliberate and systematic attacks on Palestinian journalists and their families. With Abu Daqqa’s death, the number of journalists and media workers killed during Israel’s genocidal war has exceeded 90, according to Al Jazeera.

    He eventually spotted paramedics and signaled to them, but they were unable to reach him. The correspondent walked until he got to them, received first aid and was taken to hospital.

    “I asked them to return to Samer,” al-Dahdouh said.

    “But the paramedics said that we had to leave immediately and send another vehicle to the location to avoid all of us becoming targets, and we arrived at the hospital.”

    Al Jazeera reported that “by the time he reached an ambulance, medics said they could not return to the site of the attack because it was too dangerous.”

    “Following Samer’s injury, he was left to bleed to death for over five hours as Israeli forces prevented ambulances and rescue workers from reaching him, denying the much-needed emergency treatment,” according to Al Jazeera.

    Al-Dahdouh told the network that one ambulance tried to reach Abu Daqqa but the Israelis fired at it.

    Israel killed Dahdouh’s wife, son, daughter and grandson in Nuseirat refugee camp, central Gaza Strip, on 25 October.

    It’s bad enough that people are being killed by Israeli but dying after deliberately imposed suffering crosses every limit.

    Posted by: pq | Dec 17 2023


    Re: Today’s Hopper –
    NOT a bartender. It’s 1926 and there was this thing called “Prohibition” (which didn’t end until 1933).
    Probably a shopkeeper. Perhaps even a Jewish one.


    Have to disagree with you Oroboros. You should be proud to be White. Alot of your ancestors went through some horrific shit to get you here, right now. Own it, live it , take no shit and never back down, brother.


    I wasn’t taking any side or opinion posting the ‘Cheering for White Extinction’

    Just wanted to put that guy pov out there.

    He seems like he’s finally had enough of woketardism and apologizing for being white.

    A lot of people are becoming fed up with defending how he was born



    Veracious Poet

    I apologize for the assumption that TAE’s “brain trust” was still intact, it is now blatantely apparent that anyone with a modicum of Spiritual Sanity were run off over the years by RIM & “friends”, leading to a *large* exodus event when COVID emerged as a threat in 2020, leading to fear mongering/propaganda becoming an ever present, expanding phenomena, exposing the true nature of many:


    “You can forget about re-opening your economy without all-out testing. You can forget about travel if you haven’t been tested. At least twice.”

    “I wouldn’t want them anywhere near my parents or my children.

    If you have the freedom to refuse being tested, society has the freedom to ban you from public places, streets, stores etc.

    Like lepers forced to wear bells and clappers.”

    Debt Rattle April 8 2020

    I missed that wonderful period of “commentary” on TAE, otherwise I would *never* have begun commenting in the hope that “free” thinkers could/would ponder the superiority of The Age Of Enlightenment & the victory of the Democratic Republic under The Rule of Natural Law that the Sons of Liberty bestowed upon us 😐

    I realize that many “new” people don’t know the diff, but TAE nowadays is mostly the repository of trolls, wannabe bloggers & It’s Da Jooz!, with a sprinkling of Athiestic Anarcho-Idiocracy on top…

    It’s all about The Problems, nurturing fear & loathing levels of cringing cognitive dissonance ~ TAE don’t need no stinkin’ *Solutions*!

    Just money, lots of money…

    It’s the love affair with ignorance I find bewildering 🙄


    Understood Oroboros, my bad, didnt understand that was a Jeffries quote. I tend to snap on the White thing. Merry Christmas.


    Trump (if he’s smart) pivots to Kamala Harris, dismisses Biden and makes her his opponent.

    Interesting strategy

    Ignore Pedo Poop Pants to call attention to his dementia incompetence and use Word Salad Kamala as a speed bag workout.

    Trump stand in using a speed bag like it’s Kamala vapid word salad head



    John Day

    @Oroboros, from last night. No, the ashtray I made in kindergarten was smaller, more clay colored and less nice than that Rolling-Stones version you depicted.
    Also, I’m suspicious that Kamala’s spliff is photo-shopped, but I like the idea of Trump ignoring Biden and running against “the Kamal”, at least for a few one-liners.
    The guy with the speedbag reminds me of those clacker-balls on strings that we used to have around 1970, until it turned out they could break and put your eye out or something.

    John Day

    @VP Gary: I “ran into” El Gallinazo from about 12 years ago recently on Celia Faber’s blog. I’m trying to convince him to come back to TAE comments. He got jilted, but I’ll keep tryin. He’s got a trusty brain.


    Mr Poet.
    Thank you for letting us know that 3 years ago someone had a crap comment. You know, we are getting crap comments even today.

    Israeli bulldozers crush sick, wounded Palestinians outside Gaza hospital: Anas al-Sharif from Al Jazeera Arabic is reporting from the ground in Gaza that Israeli bulldozers have trampled over the tents used by Palestinians taking shelter outside Kamal Adwan Hospital and brutally crushed them. He filmed the scene after the Israeli army withdrew, saying the “stench of death was indescribable”.

    According to witness testimony, information from medics, and media reports, Israeli forces “buried people alive in the hospital yard”.

    A terrifying massacre and unspeakable scenes. What the Israeli occupation did inside Kamal Adwan Hospital is a horrific crime against citizens and medical staff.

    Dozens of displaced, sick and wounded people were buried alive. The occupation [Israeli] bulldozers trampled the tents of the displaced people in the hospital yard and brutally crushed them.

    View a short but disturbing video of the scene here.

    A full report, currently available only in Arabic, is here. We will bring the English version when it is available.

    One scene of the devastation at the Kamal Adwan Hospital in northern Gaza, where Israeli forces reportedly bulldozed the hospital compound full of refugees and patients in tents.
    One scene of the devastation at the Kamal Adwan Hospital in northern Gaza, where Israeli forces reportedly bulldozed the hospital compound full of refugees and patients in tents. (screengrab)
    Israeli military says 90 arrested at Kamal Adwan Hospital: The arrests were made after the Israeli military besieged Kamal Adwan Hospital in northern Gaza for at least six days. Israel’s military released videos of weapons it claimed were found at the medical complex. It said the arms are proof Hamas used the hospital to launch attacks. Israel has repeatedly accused Hamas of using hospitals as “human shields”, a claim repeatedly rejected.

    Earlier, the Palestinian health minister called for an investigation into reports that wounded Palestinians, patients and displaced people were crushed by Israeli bulldozers in the yard of Kamal Adwan.

    Veracious Poet


    I “ran into” El Gallinazo from about 12 years ago recently on Celia Faber’s blog. I’m trying to convince him to come back to TAE comments. He got jilted, but I’ll keep tryin. He’s got a trusty brain.

    May you live in interesting times…

    Perhaps, just perhaps, BRICS+ will deliver the coup de grâce to remove the *root* of the “Money For Nuthin'” UniParty GlobalCap Empire, having been seized the opportunity to supplant the PetroDollar rigged game?

    Give someone enough rope…

    In “America” the gift of the Rule Natural Rule Of Law was quickly corrupted & made ineffective, through control of usury, as Adams warned Jefferson:

    All the perplexities, confusion, and distress in America arise, not from defects in the Constitution or confederation, not from want of honor and virtue, so much as from downright ignorance of the nature of coin, credit and circulation.

    In 1913-1933 the Banksters finally *won*, turning everyone into a subject of The Empire, where rights & privileges could only be purchased & utilized by The Chosen

    Howard Zinn saw The Monsters, for what they are/did/do:

    How skillful to tax the middle class to pay for the relief of the poor, building resentment on top of humiliation!

    How adroit to bus poor black youngsters into poor white neighborhoods, in a violent exchange of impoverished schools, while the schools of the rich remain untouched and the wealth of the nation, doled out carefully where children need free milk, is drained for billion-dollar aircraft carriers.

    How ingenious to meet the demands of blacks and women for equality by giving them small special benefits, and setting them in competition with everyone else for jobs made scarce by an irrational, wasteful system.

    How wise to turn the fear and anger of the majority toward a class of criminals bred – by economic inequity – faster than they can be put away, deflecting attention from the huge thefts of national resources carried out within the law by men in executive offices.

    Until We The People Sheeple stop thinking/acting like rudimentary beasts, see The Monsters for who they are, reject trusting/following THEIR “experts”, nothing can, or will, change.

    Oh, in case “you” didn’t notice, there’s a *major* culling unfolding, which includes *poisoning” humanity from multiple “directions” (Like lepers forced to wear bells and clappers.)…

    Tick Tick…Tick Tock…

    This is what representative democracy is all about . . .

    Are the issues dealt with by monetary policy so difficult that the people cannot understand what is at stake?

    By no means. The fundamentals of economic can be understood by anyone. Monetary economics is not nuclear physics ~ Wright Patman


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