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    James McNeill Whistler Arrangement in Pink, Red and Purple 1883-4   • Deliberate Infections Give Unique Covid Insight (BBC) • Letter From NHS Cli
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    Veracious Poet

    I’m unclear about the “How close humanity is to understanding that their governments are organized criminals” picture ~ Is that supposed to be “close”?

    Because from where I’m sitting it looks the same as it has for decades, except for the awake active few…

    If “humanity” actually decides to have a seminal moment, will it start in the courts? Because the opposition pretty much has that one sewn up tight.

    And what type of representative government apparatus will “humanity” replace the current rotten ones with? Asking for a friend…

    I’m afraid the seeds of complacency were sewn deep, VERY deep, then add to that a lot of “diversity” fertilizer + lunatic fringe “lefties”, clueless “conservatives” + a soft center & you have a recipe for compliance, not revolt…

    Sure, the totally corrupt, murderous “leadership” is scared they may have stirred the sleeping giant (thus the JAN 6 witch hunt fiasco), but all I see is the same lost & stupid people shuffling around in survival/hedonism mode, minus a few awakened humans shouting FIRE!

    God help us, because humanity won’t help themselves…

    Waiting for the next shoe to drop,


    Basseterre Kitona

    Covid is becoming lethal as flu.

    Probably less lethal than flu since omicron arrived.

    Does anybody remember back in 2020 when used to lead with daily updates on coronavirus numbers? Personally, I was always most interested in the death rate of Cases Closed because all that really mattered to me was the odds of dying if I became a case. I double check the Archive and it appears that the peak death rate was a whopping 21% of Closed Cases during the stretch of April 5–21, 2020.

    A secondary metric that I watched closely was the percent of “Mild” Cases amongst the Active Cases. And even during the peak of 21% of Closed Cases resulting in death, some 95% of Active Cases were still considered “Mild”.

    After discontinued the daily posting of Cases and Death numbers, I have continued to make some basic calculations on my own once per week. With the recent spike in Omicron cases, the overall death rate has been dropping a lot, under 1% by my admittedly imperfect calculations. But even better are the 28 day rolling average numbers which, in some countries now, appear to be less than 0.1%.

    It appears that we are now definitely into flu-like territory and knowing that it primarily impacts the old & sick there is no reason to continue the charade of ridiculous restrictions and mandates. It is over.


    Organised criminals? Sorry I want Don Vito. When I pay him protection money my business gets to stay open. Only psychopaths demand protection money then shut you down themselves.

    Is this the final evolutionary phase of Big Government? They become so corrupt they stop providing the services they continue to charge people for? They have Luca Brasi so they can take everything for nothing. Like health care with doctors who have blown up their credibility.

    Final showdown to come: workers who produce and create things(like truckers) versus government workers who provide less and less but never miss a pay cheque. I’m looking forward to dancing on the graves of lost government jobs and celebrating when those golden goose gvt pensions become worthless. Yes it’s cutting off my nose to spite my face. Nevertheless they created this situation..

    Dr. D

    Warning: long again

    New satellite images show buildup of Russian military around Ukraine” – CNN

    Translation: The Russian military IS IN RUSSIA. That’s ridiculous! They should be stationed on 400 military bases worldwide like ours are. That’s how you know they’re peaceful!

    Here was the usual, boring, predictable, expected, plan:

    No invasion. They just print it on TV like “Wag the Dog.” Or like 2014 where they (BBC, Reuters, paid by MI6) posted the “Invasion” which was the Georgian (loss and retreat) from years before. In this case, they had a film crew come and cover Ukrainian exercises, lots of smoke pots, etc., then edit and pre-send all the footage to …BBC, NYT, CNN, CBC, you know everyone who hasn’t printed the truth in 30 years. In fact, the article points out honest coverage in Ukraine stolen and re-posted as “Proof of Invasion”. Already.

    What a dumb playbook. You know why they keep doing it? It keeps working. They’ll stop the minute Americans read the news and reject these transparent lies. They won’t. If I pay a guy to fly a Confederate flag, an AMERICAN Confederate flag, in Canada, everyone just believes it. “I guess Jefferson Davis must be invading!” When the creases from the shipping bag are still in it. Despite that the media hasn’t told the truth in the lifetime of any human alive. They post a non-sequitor, that makes no sense in context, and they lap it up. Same with “Troops buildup” (of Russians in Russia) while we send ANOTHER 10,000 men to Gawd-knows, like to murder brown children in Sudan, while wearing blackface AND a Sari, AND women’s lipstick at home. Yay! We know we’re the goodie-goods, by the 1994 Crime Bill and Blackface, and THEY’RE the bad guys, because their army is in their own borders and has never left, ever, never-ever-ever-ever. (And Joe sends 3,000 troops to the Eastern bloc. Breaking)

    What can logic say to that? The people are blindingly illogical. End of story. And it won’t get better until they stop.

    So they post fake footage – hey remember that “Nighttime shooting/bombing in Ukraine/Syria” that turned out to be the local fireworks display in Kentucky? And CNN was not given a lifetime ban for “disinformation”? They lap it up, love it, join it, make excuses for it, forever and ever, toss your kiddies in the woodchipper-of-war, love it.

    An American Confederate flag. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. Srs ppl? Why do you make it so easy, make it required, inevitable, for the bad guys to lie, and win? Show the suspicion of a golden retriever at least. F’ing Embarrassing.

    Moving to Time Magazine: “[Crisis] would suddenly evaporate were President Vladimir Putin to order the troops amassed on Ukraine’s borders to return home.”

    Return home…to Russia? Because they’re IN Russia. They are ALREADY home, unlike all 3,000+ new U.S. troops. Now how did the Russian Army get on top of OUR free gas and oil? What are they doing there? Did Exxon allow this? Jesus Christ on a popsicle stick, Time Magazine, STOP SNIFFING GLUE.

    Noting that Europe won’t cease to exist – but Europe (and therefore their directed monster the U.S.) THINK they will if they don’t invade and steal, control, own all Russia. For all Russia’s gas and oil, and therefore continue to send it to Brussels cheap, while the very few Russians remaining die in abject poverty.

    This is of course the same plan for the United States and food, vis-a-vis China. All rural Red people killed, 30,000 at a pop, with robot-tractors farming via GPS, shipping through a few complicit, compliant Blue port cities.

    Continuing, Time adds that Russia stated: “capturing a country with a destroyed infrastructure and an angry population is the worst possible scenario.” But they’re going to do it anyway? And we know this because their troops are inside their own borders? And they COULD have done this for 30 years without breaking a sweat. But they ARE going to do this exactly tomorrow, why exactly? Why wouldn’t Russia let Europe collapse supporting their bad decision? (Their violent, illegal coup?)

    Time: [Russia will attack using] “an amphibious invasion through the Sea of Azov.” WTF kind of Bizzarro fantasy world? Okay, I live in Amsterdam, but instead of WALKING DOWN THE STREET to my neighbor, I was planning on swimming the canal instead. In February. Like I said, this works, Americans, Brits, they Loooooove it. It seems the picture of perfect logic to them. What is it, like 1,000-mile border? But they’re going to swim. AND 10x their casualties. Gotcha. Because like evilly-evil Stormtroopers, they’re the bad guys and can’t shoot straight. For the love of God stop getting your reality from cartoons.

    “In urban areas and in the west of the country, Russian troops and even transport convoys would be subject to isolated but deadly attacks”

    Yes, they would. But FIRST THEY WOULD HAVE TO BE THERE. They are not, so stop creaming your war fantasies of “Beautiful bombs” and how you’d “Show the Russian Bear what-for. Lemme at him!” I’m going to beat Russia like Napoleon did!

    “[Scenario: Putin] had no alternative but to order a series of air strikes and limited ground operations against targets inside Ukraine, … A symbol of imperial power rather than an ugly battle for territory.”

    Time just said the sentence before that such single-strike tactics of power are “All-American.” That is, “Imperial” aka “Empire”. The U.S. is the empire, Russia is the defender from Empire. Gotcha, Time, loud and clear.

    “We no longer live in the old liberal order where rules must be enforced and violators punished. We live in a new order where power must be balanced with power.” Got it. I’ve been seeing this from the U.S. since 2001. Our Power, right or wrong. We break all rules. The good and right are punished, wherever they may be. A million Iraqi children were “worth it.” Girlz Rule.

    “The U.S. must reflect on whether it can afford to reduce its presence in Europe before a proper counterweight to Russia has been created in Brussels.”

    Well that’s never going to happen, never-ever, Europe is broke and we’re owed what, a Trillion in back-pay for NATO and defense? $50B new outlay this year alone to back-fill and actual military? Germany with near-zero functional jets? UK same. We’re the reason YOU have health care and we don’t. And Canada too. Thank Raytheon. There was something-something from Eisenhower about this.

    Firefighters Brace for North Carolina Fertilizer Plant Explosion, 6,500 People Evacuated”

    What a coinky-dink. Same day as Moscow cutting fertilizer to Europe. They’re so neck-deep in bad farming (manure is economically illegal) you can cut the yields in half without chemical steroid fertilizers, delivered on trucks, to giant $100k spray rigs, exactly on time.

    (P.S., “brace”? We don’t usually brace for events that happened in the PAST, but when you have no logic, and your brain has melted to pudding, past, present, future: they’re all really the same. Like we issue drugs THEN test them, and the FDA approves THEN gets the data. We report on wars, THEN they happen.)

    “Putin Will Follow in the Footsteps of Hitler.” – Mirror

    You have no idea how inflammatory that is, considering Putin (i.e. Russia) fought and defeated Hitler almost single-handedly. Like Germany moved 6 divisions, or HALF the worldwide German army to Stalingrad for ONE battle. THAT is what abandoned North Africa to Britain for example and they STILL could barely take it. There was no one on the Western front when Normandy happened because of this. Rah-rah Anglos! Russia was more than 2/3rds of the war by every measure. As set up beforehand, and directed by Chamberlain. Mackinder: Divide Asia so Germany does not align with Asia (Russia) and Turkey.

    “They lost $200 billion in market cap overnight.” “• Facebook Stock In Free-fall (RT) “

    Yes, but most stocks are. Be careful. They say the same of Spotify, but their decline started weeks before the present dust-up, and Tesla, everyone else, all fell too. It’s generalized market crash.

    There’s a lot of down out there, but PayPal -50%? Already? Goooo Elon! We fell so fast in some quarters the collapse is almost over. (90%)

    “Three witnesses who were in the hallway outside the Speaker’s Lobby of the U.S. Capitol when Ashli Babbitt was shot were once wanted by the FBI, but their photos have disappeared from the FBI’s January 6 Most Wanted page.

    I guess because time now flows in all directions, they’ve never been in the Capitol, or are going to the Congress in the FUTURE, not the PAST? …Or they could be FBI instigators. Your choice of raw insanity.

    “White House Urges Spotify to Censor More after ‘COVID-19 Misinformation’ Concerns”

    I mean this is every day, but need to Impeach for the 1st Amendment. Shall not infringe free speech. …Oh and free assembly, and religion, AND not establish a State “Woke” religion of #Sciencism. …And stopping the press, not just in censorship, but arresting them, imprisoning them without trial – even foreigners – and preventing all Freedom of Information Requests, perhaps for 75 years or more. Also if you assemble in a Rally for “Redress of Grievances” they track your cell phone and/or arrest you and keep you in solitary for a year without trial.

    Might that be Impeachable? Asking for a friend.

    It is pretty difficult to count 50,000 trucks. Or even 1,000. But they have airplane aerial shots out west (higher than drones) as they rolled along. I can’t count 50k, but we can do some math. Most are cabs which are 20 feet long. Let’s say spacing is x5 so the math is easy. 100ft/unit. 50 trucks per mile. Seem about right? That’s 1,000 miles. Too long to be credible. However, they are coming both east AND west, and some from elsewhere. Okay, back into credible, but barely. Also some joined, ran 100 miles, then went home. Some are cars. The convoy is not a tight military formation. We have reports that when it started arriving, more were still arriving 24h later. 50/mile, 1 mile/minute (60mph), 24h, round down. (Normal uninvolved traffic is also on the road) That equals 72,000 trucks, and only one direction. I’d guess under +20k presently, maybe sub-20k as a standing force. 20k is a lot, but total linear feet of city streets are long.

    But we don’t have to debate: Guinness records was called and will give an official number. The largest before this was like 2k? So it’s still 10x the largest convoy ever on earth. AND we had the Canadian people come out in support, widespread, coast-to-coast, so it’s not just an Alberta thing, which is important.

    So in warning us not to be knee-jerk contrary/reactionary are you telling us because it’s not 50k trucks, it’s therefore zero trucks? Or like 20 trucks? That seems knee-jerk contrary except instead of contrary to CNN, it’s just reactionary to US as your mental focus instead. We’re not important. Just a couple of dumb guys on the internets. However, we’ve been mostly right (except Covid for the 1st 6 months, besides me) and CNN, CBC, BBC has been wrong like 75% of the time.

    25 Million would die. Masks don’t work. Vaccines don’t stop the spread. It wasn’t a natural virus. Social distancing has no science, no studies, and was completely made-up.

    Why are you reacting to us and not all the guys who were dead-wrong, and being dead-wrong destroyed kids and gave $10 Trillion to billionaires? Bezos made more SINCE THE LOCKDOWN, to give every employee $500,000. But you’re not going after him? Death rates appear to be climbing, maybe even 40%, AFTER – as your chart – Covid is dropping everywhere but Maine. You’re not asking questions, going after them? Your material is focused on PEOPLE only, their popularity. It’s similar here. We’re chasing the data, like 40%??? That’s unprecedented outside of war, and Armageddon-alarming. You have no interest in data. Only people, whether to support them, for being rich, powerful, and popular, or to denigrate them for being not-popular-at-this-time, although Great Barrington is now re-popular, as the CDC supports it, and looks like Lab-leak and IVM will be next on the list to be approved and “Popular” again. Will you switch then? When the rich and powerful, the authorities support it?

    That’s just so weird to me. Attack the man, always, address the data, never. As asked, where is your accounting of how many truck WERE there, i.e. “data”? You don’t have one. The point is that whatever WE say is wrong, i.e. “attack the man”. People are wrong all the time and it’s rare indeed to hit the bullseye, so we need to focus on the data, not the man, to try to get closer to accurate over time, using open data and discussion. I.E. “Science.” You appear to be against this method, and this principle. What do you get out of it? This badgering of others charges you up. Why? We’re not getting closer to an accurate view using that approach.

    Back to the issue: 40% increase in death rates, needs to be confirmed. But we DO have a patient ratio that appears to be moving up from a baseline <5:1 into >10:1. Since beds, nurses, doctor numbers don’t move very fast, that implies perhaps a DOUBLING of hospital incidents. I know they have no response, will hire more admin, fire more providers, steal more money for insurance lobbyists, but What is causing this? Any curiosity at all? Just one day, about Sept 2021, (young) people dropped dead and hospitals filled up. Huh. Funny ol’ world.

    Whoops, gotta go, BillyJoe on the interenets said something stupid. Forget about all these deaths and the felony charges that should logically follow and ATTACK THOSE POOR PEOPLE. Anybody who works. DEFEND THE BILLIONAIRES, their media, their banks, their bailouts, their wars, by ANY MEANS, because I mentally associate myself with them. They=me.

    SMH man. They are killing you, your family, your country, and your friends. Because go get THEM and not us, will ya?


    all that really mattered to me was the odds of dying if I became a case

    I think this is a mistake. I think that Long Covid is a real thing. I think that short term thinking (do I die in the acute stage?) is too shortsighted, especially given that there is a possibility of reinfection. I think long term exposure to spike protein is a real risk. I think repeated exposure to spike protein vaccines, especially gene transfer vaccines that produce a different amount of spike protein in every person, is also a real risk. I think this is an unnatural bioweapon, and that the Chinese might have a good reason (other than national pride) to try to keep their people from catching this. But maybe I am just paranoid . . .


    Don’t forget, Russia was also the country that sent two ‘assets’ to walk in front of cameras and then use a highly toxic, murderous poison to “off” an ex-spy who they’d held in prison for years, and swapped away…/s

    Formerly T-Bear

    The next national election in Australia will be a national IQ test. Returning any currently holding public office will determine (inverse proportion) the Australian’s IQ. Curious what that will be (but subjects will be subjects).

    Same for Canada in their next national election. Returning the PM will start the count at zero and proceed downwards from there, counterbalanced by whatever current MP gets themselves replaced for allowing the current state of affairs. How will the subjects vote?

    Dr. D


    “Workers of the world stop uniting! Stop Uniting! Do what you’re told!”

    Ah, PMC salty, salty tears.

    Doc Robinson

    Speaking of corrupt governments, whistleblower former ambassador Craig Murray, who was released from prison a couple months ago, is naming names. This excerpt regarding Julian Assange is from Murray’s fascinating and disgusting article today which explains “How the Establishment Functions.”

    The leader of the UK Labour Party, Sir Keir Starmer, has a prominent role.

    [Keir] Starmer was indeed, as Director of Public Prosecutions, responsible for the non-prosecution of [Jimmy] Savile.

    But just as Savile was to be protected from actual sex crime, Starmer knew that Assange was to be persecuted over fake sex crime. Starmer’s conduct of the Assange case was entirely corrupt.

    It is important for you to understand that Assange was never charged with any sex crime in Sweden. He was wanted for questioning, after Stockholm’s chief prosecutor had decided there was no case to answer, but a prosecutor from another district had taken up the case. Assange always believed the entire thing was a ruse to get him sent from Sweden to the United States. His legal team had offered the Swedish prosecutors the chance to interview him in the Swedish Embassy back in 2011, which should have enabled the case to be closed.

    Under Starmer, the Crown Prosecution Service told the Swedish prosecutors not to come to London. The emails in which they did this were destroyed, and only recovered by an FOI request at the Swedish end. You will recall that, when after a further seven long years Swedish prosecutors finally did interview Assange in the Ecuadorean Embassy, it resulted in the Swedish investigation being dropped.

    Had Starmer not prevented it, the Swedish investigation could have been closed in January 2011 following interview.

    Then in October 2013, while Starmer was still DPP, his staff emailed Swedish prosecutors in response to reports that they wished to drop the case, saying “Don’t you dare get cold feet”. The Swedes responded explaining they did indeed wish to drop it. The Crown Prosecution Service again dissuaded them.

    Why was Starmer intervening to insist a foreign state continue an investigation that state itself wished to stop, and which involved no British nationals?

    I am very confident there is no other example of the British DPP interfering in an overseas investigation in this way. It certainly was nothing to do with the ostensible subject matter of the Swedish investigation, which doesn’t rate a mention in the email correspondence. There can be no doubt that Starmer’s motive was entirely ulterior to the Swedish investigation, and almost certainly is related to the illegal CIA activity against Assange and the current US extradition effort. Starmer is revealed as a highly unscrupulous and mendacious character.

    That has of course been confirmed by the downright lies Starmer told in seeking election by the Labour Party membership, when he stated he would maintain Corbyn’s popular left wing economic policies, particularly on rail and utility nationalisation. Once in power Starmer simply ditched these pledges in favour of billionaire-enabling policies, and started a purge of the left of the party on an epic scale.

    The British Establishment likes Starmer.

    How the Establishment Functions

    Mister Roboto

    @Dr D: Indeed.

    Mister Roboto

    Not just posting this because the videographer is a cute young guy. 😉


    ““I guess Jefferson Davis must be invading!” “


    those darned kids

    i put this up late last night. it’s the dmed stats. unfortunately (comma*) it seems america will be devoting much, much more of its budget to the veterans administration in the coming years.

    * ;•)


    Who objected to, opposed, shouted out about,

    — CPR tests fake positives, treatment of the elderly in care homes, the banning of remedies like HCQ, IVM, putting ppl on ventilators and killing them, enforcing ‘sanitary passes’ that are useless, encouraging jabbing all, including children, with possibly toxic substances, etc. —

    NOT the medical sector.

    Yet, they are the ppl the most qualified, the best informed, on the ground, to dope it out, explain. And supposedly, those who have a duty to help and never do harm.

    There are some notable exceptions, individuals, who deserve praise and eternal thanks. + Many lower-down ppl who don’t have media exposure and tried their best, well and good… kudos…

    The med. sector massively adhered to the scripted, imposed narrative. Yes, the med. industry has been taken over and corrupted, maybe since 20, 30, years re. the VAX push (recall Tamiflu, or the 2009 swine flu vax effort), you pay ppl, and they bow. Ugo Bardi’s latest post is about ‘buy a scentist’ (link), just an ex. at a lower level, it works like that, I’ve seen it.

    The easy mega-profits, making ppl spend their last cent and go into debt to save loved ones or themselves, is so compelling, over-riding, it can’t be resisted, be it by Med. prof. corps, ‘associations’, Cos., incl. payment schemes like health insurance cos., the med-machine industry, various middle-men, skimmers, all making a living out of screwing over patients and those who pay.

    Inevitably, tensions between a) keeping ppl alive so they pay, b) killing them off because they can’t any longer, arise….

    Covid switched things to option b) ! (Ok I’m being hyper cynical and only one aspect treated..)

    What the industrial-med-Corps, the med. professional ppl, and many hangers-on (Big Pharma not included) don’t grasp is that they are shooting themselves in the foot and will be marginalised, de-jobbed, de-funded, rendered obsolete.


    I remember …. when TAE was explaining the coming energy shortages
    I don’t remember any story of Russia invading Ukraine because the Ukraine doesn’t have enough energy.
    Of course, the same situation exist fo Europe.

    Historically, a country got invaded to seize assets, not to take on debts and liabilities.
    However, Canada is being forced to send its resources to USA, under false information


    Speaking of the truckers, here’s an updated update: Tamara Lich is now MIA and Pat King (a white nationalist who praised someone on YouTube for beating up someone else – said he “would be” that guy) has declared himself leader of the trucker protest.

    Maxwell Quest

    “The protests in Ottawa are being completely misreported by the legacy media.”

    Nice kid, but too nice. Try this script, Harrison: “When I went into Ottawa to scope out the Freedom Convoy protests, the first thing I discovered was that the Canadian legacy media is a bunch of lying bastards. Nothing they’re telling the Canadian people about this movement is true, it’s nothing but lies. For instance, …”

    The Freedom Convoy is reminiscent of the Occupy movement, so I will expect intel agencies to consult their old playbook in attempts to discredit the participants. And just as with OWS, they were caught off guard, not expecting that the movement would tap into the brewing discontent, receive an avalanche of public support, and inspire similar revolts in other western nations.

    Even now emergency meetings are running late into the night between govt and their Mockingbird media plants, creating false stories, making their plans on infiltration and disruption, consulting with ex-OWS operatives on which tactics were most successful at turning the public against that movement. Stories of gang rapes by drug-crazed truckers coming to a TV near you in 3…2…1…

    those darned kids

    sumac: pat king is not supported by the imf, the world bank, every central bank, nato, the u.s. empire..

    mr. trudeau is.

    if not the truckers, ¿who?


    On Ukraine invasion no longer imminent as stated by Psaki at the White House.

    It is a reaction to the fact that the alarmist hype emanating from the US, to Poke the Bear, still championed by poodles, the UK, Poland, the 3Bs, is deflating, collapsing.

    Zelensky has denied that any build-up of Russian milit. on ‘his’ borders exists and has vociferously called for de-escalation (in a raucous phone call with Joe B.) The Russians have denied it as well. Many military analysts see no evidence of any invasion, escalation, threats, etc.

    So the two parties who are supposed to fight each other, Russia to invade Ukr and Ukr to resist ‘to the last Ukranian’ because they supposedly aspire to join W democracies…will not take place.

    Looks like proxy wars are going out of fashion 🙂 🙂


    Trudeau. Look around you. Mandate are being removed everywhere. End the trucker demands. Present your plan. – free advise from Omicron

    those darned kids

    for example, “However, in 2019, Canada doubled its weapons sales to Saudi Arabia, despite a “moratorium on export permits following the killing of the Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi and mounting civilian deaths from the Saudi Arabian-led intervention in Yemen.”

    that sounds like cheering on a lot more than one person being beat up.


    @ boogaloo
    Yes, anecdotal, however…
    Long Covid vs. horribly vaccine injured
    In my circle of family, friends, clients, etc.,
    – I am aware of 3 individuals with “long Covid”
    – One elderly woman who says she had a heart attack due to Covid (however, it also may have been shortly after she was vaccinated…I’m not sure)
    – 2 were badly injured from the vaccine, and the connection is obvious
    – 8 have had weird medical issues since vaccination that are consistent with Covid vaccine injury, but they have had no interest in tying them to the vaccines — it is hard to know whether or not they are related. These run the gamut from: blood clots, cancer (in 30s), can’t walk due to balance issues, strange bleeding, lesions on the brain, “mini” stroke, Alzheimer’s diagnosis.

    Since we can’t stuff the genie back in the bottle, early treatment and prophylaxis looks like the best available option.

    those darned kids

    weekly covid deaths before and after mass vaccination campaigns by country:×360/rbmtBTrqG_VhO4dO.mp4?tag=12

    Figmund Sreud

    … latest from Pepe Escobar

    The Year of the Black Water Tiger will start, for all practical purposes, with a Beijing bang this Friday, as Presidents Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin, after a live meeting before the initial ceremony of the Winter Olympics, will issue a joint statement on international relations.

    The Year of the Tiger Starts with a Sino-Russian Bang

    The Year of the Tiger Starts with a Sino-Russian Bang


    those darned kids

    John Day

    I’ve compiled another collection of trees in the forest of history unfolding awkwardly, but first I’d like to comment on job opportunities in the shaping of societal narrative public opinion.

    It’s a big deal, worthy of high level military attention, and everybody is doing it:
    Defense Primer: Cybespace Operations:
    Russian disinformation must be countered in the trenches of cyberspace.

    Obviously, there is a lot of automation involved. There are weaponized narratives, and a continuously updated catalog of weaponized countermeasures, readily at hand, with which to answer.
    Much of this can be automated, or semi-automated, and stylistic signature-packages can be customized to each account. Some human attention and decision-making is required to maintain credibility.

    This means green-jobs, good-paying green jobs, at all levels. Some accounts can be almost completely automated. Others will need more close attention, but there are flags to bring attacks by the enemy to the attention of automated and human combatants, things like names, words, and key phrases. Specific disinformation links will already be assigned effective informational countermeasures, which can be applied promptly, often with a personal flourish to increase impact and effectiveness.

    This is serious work. Serious talent and sustained effort are well rewarded by nations, groups representing the rights and interests of political and ethnic constituencies, and of course private interests, with much to lose from harmful rumors and disinformation.

    If you have talent and are well motivated, this may be the career you have been looking for. You can be helpful and influential beyond what one person could ever do in the world before, and can expect excellent benefits and retirement packages.

    John Day

    The picture is of the decorative, functional, and easily removable panel I prettied up from cabinet plywood, for the shower plumbing, just before the bathroom door, which I did a nice job of finishing, and the sheetrock walls went in. I should be able to get pictures of that after the icy roads thaw tomorrow afternoon and we can get back down to Yoakum.

    ​70 Per Cent of Americans Say It’s Time to ‘Accept COVID and Get On With Our Lives’
    ​ ​“Fully 7 in 10 Americans (70%) agree with the sentiment that “it’s time we accept that Covid is here to stay and we just need to get on with our lives” – including 78% of those who report having gotten Covid and 65% of those who say they have not been infected,” according to Monmouth.
    The main difference in sentiment is predictably seen in political affiliation, with 89% of Republicans wanting to move on, along with 71% of independents but only 47% of Democrats.

    70 Per Cent of Americans Say It’s Time to ‘Accept COVID and Get On With Our Lives’

    ​ Wait, Wait, we won’t even know how to think about things if these guys cease to exist!
    How will we talk to each other?
    ​ Facebook – or Meta now that it’s in the witness protection program – is making record after dismal record this morning after its catastrophic earnings and guidance last night: not only is the company’s 22% drop the biggest in its history… but according to Bloomberg, the one-day crash ranks as the worst in stock-market history: the Facebook crash has erased some $195 billion of its market cap.

    ​American Truck Drivers, organizing a Freedom Rally, get deplatformed by “Facebook”.
    YOU, Outta’ the Metaverse!

    John Day

    ​ Who is killing Americans, again? What’s the case for that?
    Are you sure you don’t have it backwards?
    Video: CBS News Tells Viewers Joe Rogan Is KILLING People
    “You don’t have a First Amendment right to appear on a platform as large as Spotify”

    Video: CBS News Tells Viewers Joe Rogan Is KILLING People

    There is no medical coverage or reimbursement when this happens. there “should” be, but it turns out there is not.
    Vaccine-Induced Myocarditis Injuring Record Number of Young People. Will Shots Also Bankrupt Families?

    Vaccine-Induced Myocarditis Injuring Record Number of Young People. Will Shots Also Bankrupt Families?

    ​ Misreading public sentiment? Desperation? Just greedy?
    ​Ottawa City Councillor Demands Government Seize $7 Million Raised By Canadian Truckers

    ​Tyranny is nothing new. People who embrace it, and who lust after power, tend to follow a similar pattern. There are no brakes. They always push it too far. They always overplay their hand. They can’t seem to stop themselves once they have a grip on the population.
    ​ ​Canada experienced a shocking amount of tyranny over the last several years. And yet, under the extreme pressure that the Canadian people were forced to endure, it appears that a diamond has been formed. Out came a force for liberty that has caught the attention of the entire world!

    John Day

    Canadian Truckers Vow To Continue “Until It’s A Free Nation Again”
    Overnight, truckers with the Freedom Convoy who have gathered in Coutts, Alberta near the border with Montana managed to refuel and re-supply as supporters continued to contribute to keep the protests going even as the RCMP continue to surround them in a blockade that has disrupted commerce – something the government has tried to blame on the truckers.​..
    ​ Back in Ottawa, where hundreds of protesters remain camped out after this weekend’s Freedom Rally at the seat of Canadian government, locals – and local officials (who have already tried to seize money raised for the truckers on GoFundMe) are growing increasingly anxious, since organizers expect the number of supporters in Ottawa to swell in the coming days as the weekend arrives and with it, another wave of protests.
    ​ ​The movement’s organizers have pledged not to relent until the Canadian government drops some of its more draconian policies, including a quarantine requirement that essentially would make life impossible for unvaccinated truckers.​..
    ​ Tamara Lich, a spokeswoman for the protestors, said she and fellow organizers had been surprised by the turnout at first “but we are now well organized and are settling in, until Canada is a free nation again.”​ …
    ​Chris Barber – one of the convoy leaders – said the group understood those frustrations but was also being bullied by politicians and members of the press.
    ​ ​”The responsibility for your inconvenience lies squarely on the shoulders of politicians who prefer to vilify and call us names rather than engage in respectful, serious dialogue,”​

    ​ ​It’s a mitzvah, not anti-Semitism, to attack George Soros’ dangerous DA campaigns​ , Dov Fischer, conservative Rabbi
    Ever since Jonathan Greenblatt, a woke former Obama White House official, took over the Anti-Defamation League, it reflexively screams “Anti-Semitism!” when critics fault Soros’ political work — and the left loyally follows suit.
    It therefore falls upon established rabbis with authentic Jewish lifetime bona fides, like yours truly, to assert unequivocally that it’s a mitzvah (a righteous act) — not “anti-Semitism” — to castigate George Soros for his radical attempts to undermine public safety and the American republic…
    Disbursing tens of millions of dollars, Soros has funded local campaigns across America to elect progressive district attorneys who agitate for the lethal cocktail of defunding police and decriminalization. These prosecutors tend not to prosecute property crimes or severe misdemeanors. Instead, they purposefully undercharge felonies as misdemeanors, then plead them down to disorderly-conduct violations. The result? A new term, “smash and grab,” has entered the crime lexicon.

    ​His “Open Society Foundation” specifically…​
    Soros calls for regime change in China
    The liberal financier singled out Xi Jinping as the greatest threat to the ‘open societies’ of the world

    John Day

    ​ ​Gas-pipelines are a choke-hold on Europe’s economy, a strategic-asset.
    ​ ​US-Qatar relations seem to be getting better and better. During a conversation at the White House with Qatari Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, US President Joe Biden promised to elevate Qatar’s military status, considering it a major non-NATO ally. The measure favors the Qatari state as it allows the country access to a select sphere of the American arms market, with special prices and favorable tax conditions. In fact, this case looks like a real trade-off to encourage Qatar to play a major role in US energy strategy: Biden simply wants Doha to produce and export more and more gas to Europe in order to prevent international cooperation projects with Russia.
    ​ ​In recognition of the historic cooperation between both countries and the role played by Qatar as a rescuer of US troops fleeing Afghanistan during Taliban’s seizure of Kabul, Joe Biden decided to designate Doha as Major non-NATO Ally, a status that grants Qatar privileged access to special conditions in the trade of weapons and military equipment between the two countries, which makes the American proposal very profitable for the Qataris.​..
    (Do they have a Plan-B?)
    ​ ​Qatar will accept a prestigious position in the gas market and a high military status but will become dependent on the West to maintain its economic stability, ceasing to occupy the role of regional power with its own sovereign interests, which has been its main characteristic in recent years.

    US-Qatar Rise in Cooperation May be Related to Washington’s Energy Strategy

    ​Hungary’s President Orban (who excludes Soros’ “Open Society”) has another long, cordial meeting with Russia’s President Putin. their 13th in 13 years.​
    Last week the Biden administration approached Hungary to formally request that it host a temporary deployment of US forces aimed at Russia, amid the ongoing Ukraine crisis which has resulted in a flurry of diplomatic activity and ratcheting accusations. The country’s Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto confirmed days ago it had “received an American request about temporary deployment of troops.”
    It appears the White House has received its answer from the ‘wayward’ NATO-member ally, as Viktor Orban was in Moscow on Tuesday where he met with Russian President Vladimir Putin. They greeted each other as old friends and settled in for a marathon meeting, which the Kremlin said lasted nearly five hours…
    … EU officials and Hungary’s political opposition hurled accusations of “treason” over the visit to Moscow at a moment Russia has come under near-universal condemnation in the West. “Viktor Orbán is undermining joint decisions in Brussels by continuing to veto them,” Hungarian MEP Márton Gyöngyösi was quoted as saying after the trip was first announced….
    …Following the meeting, the following was confirmed:
    Putin went on to say that Russia and Hungary had signed long-term contracts that would allow the EU nation to purchase discounted gas from Russia until 2036. He also reported that Hungary currently buys gas five times cheaper than the European market rate. “This is primarily the result of your work,” he told his counterpart.
    Orban replied that many in Europe are in fear of an upcoming energy crisis, and that Hungary is grateful for the contract.
    Meanwhile, as Western media and officials have been expressing increased concern over the question of whether Putin may be successfully “dividing Europe” and NATO unity, it appears that Hungary is a first example showing that yes, this is precisely what’s happening with the Ukraine crisis 2.0. Germany has of course also featured centrally in this, given its refusal to allow German-made weapons to be transferred to Ukraine forces.

    John Day

    Moon of Alabama (in Germany) has: How A Misguided Grand Strategy Led To This U.S. Defeat
    It’s longish, so I will summarize briefly:
    ​ The US/UK/NATO are strident in their claims that Russia is about to invade Ukraine​, and provocative in their “counter-moves” to “prevent” it, by moving arms and troops to the Russian border, while refusing in-writing to address Russian national security concerns of broken promises that NATO would not expand towards Russia, and continues to the Russian border, trying to include historically-Russian eastern Ukraine (Kiev was once the capital of Russia).
    Neocons in the US/NATO (Cheney, Nuland, Blinken) have long sought to break Russia into smaller pieces, to prevent it ever challenging the US/NATO/neoliberalism again. If they could only do this, take #3 out of the competition, they could focus their efforts on China (currently number 1.5?)
    This has been going poorly since last spring. Ukraine was to assault Donbass, but this was thwarted by Russian troops in Russia. That Belorussian color revolution was also thwarted. Russia won’t play “checkers”.
    Equally bad is the fact that European “allies” (tributary states) are balking at accepting a trip-wire arrangement, whereby they give up Russian natural gas if Russia “invades Ukraine”, which is to be determined by the US. Well, we know there will be a false-flag attack and Europe will have no Russian gas, right?
    Everybody knows that everybody (who is anybody) knows.
    Russia continues with plodding, methodical, polite and reliable diplomacy…
    ​ ​”The U.S. strategy to ‘fix’ Russia in Europe by imposing ‘crushing sanctions’ on it to then attack China is failing. That is because it was completely misconceived.
    ​ ​Russia is the most autarkic country in the world. It produces nearly everything it needs and has highly desirable products that are in global demand and are especially needed in Europe. Russia also has huge financial reserves. A sanctions strategy against Russia can not work.
    ​ ​To use the Ukraine to g​oa​d Russia into some aggression to then apply sanctions was likewise a rather lunatic attempt. There is nothing in the Ukraine that would tempt Russia to invade. Everything that may have ​t​o be done in the Ukraine can be done from Russian territory by Russian missiles or its air force and navy.”

    ​ ​On Wednesday the White House walked back its prior consistent assertions that a Russian invasion of Ukraine was “imminent”.
    ​ ​Spokeswoman Jen Psaki and other admin had in the last week or more doubled down on the word (which included Blinken in media statements) even as Ukraine’s President Zelensky openly disputed the alarmist assessment, essentially telling Biden directly to ‘calm down’ the hyped rhetoric.

    ​ ​Russia is speaking softly. Russia must have a “big stick”​.​​
    The US needs to negotiate, or it would not be willing to do so.
    ​Leaked Documents Show US Is Serious About Arms Control With Russia
    Washington’s written response to Moscow’s security proposals was leaked and published by the Spanish newspaper El Pais. While the US isn’t willing to give a written guarantee that Ukraine won’t ever join NATO, the document contained serious offers from the US on the issue of arms control.

    Leaked Documents Show US Is Serious About Arms Control With Russia

    ​How Empires End is not long, and not complicated. It’s a recurring pattern.
    The current western empire is in a fairly late stage, and can clearly make better and worse choices going forward.​

    How Empires End


    What exactly *is* a “white nationalist, anyway? Should I not support the actions of the
    truckers in Canada because that label was slapped onto one of them by a third party?

    conveniently broad brush.. who benefits ?

    those darned kids

    John Day- Oh man, I wanna build something again!

    John Day

    @My Parents Said Know: I’m just getting back into it. I have not had a woodshop since 2005, and have not built nice cabinetry since around 2008. I am doing a lot of finishing work with nice cabinet plywood, which will be all of the upstairs walls, and which looks like the finish on that removable-for-plumbing-access shower wall.
    It’s relaxing with the polyurethan fumes… (Well ventilated, actually, but had to make the joke.)

    John Day

    The first move to desert is the move best-rewarded.

    Saskatchewan Premier Pledges To End All COVID Restrictions As Ottawa Braces For More Protests

    John Day

    Does this mean it really already happened and the perpetrators are trying to front-run the evidence as a false-flag?
    The Washington Post supposedly broke the story. WES, does that mean CIA? I always forget.

    A senior administration official told CNN that the US has intelligence suggesting that the Russian government, with the help of Russia’s intelligence services, has been planning to produce a propaganda video depicting graphic scenes of a “staged false explosion with corpses, actors depicting mourners, and images of destroyed locations and military equipment,” the official said. The US believes Russia has already recruited actors to be involved in the fake attack.


    These are the days of empires ending;
    Of hopes now exhausted; of lonely winds fleeting-
    Winds cold like the breath of Persephone, whistling-
    That ashens the skin as the clouds pass us over.

    D Benton Smith

    @Bill7 asked, “What exactly *is* a “white nationalist, anyway?”

    Answer : I’m pretty sure that white nationalist means everyone who disagrees that everyone who says everyone who disagrees with them is a white nationalist. Luckily you don’t need to be white , or a nationalist. That’s important because if you did then it would be hard to understand. Luckily again, you don’t need to understand either ! Just listen to the Mainstream Narrative and it well tell you who is and who’s not. Easy peasy. You don’t even need to remember (our luck runneth over), because they will tell you who is and isn’t over and over and over and over and . . .

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