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    John Day

    @DBS: We see the same thing, but my hopes get dashed every time I let them run away with me.

    D Benton Smith

    The Ruskies have the advanced nukes and hypersonic missiles to deliver an EMP a hundred miles above the Ohio or anywhere/everywhere else that they might choose. WW3 would be over before it started.
    Fot undisclosed reasons (perhaps mere sanity?) they have chosen not to do so. Their hypothetical reasons are conjecture. That they have not done so is a fact.

    So, therefore, Putin has not nuked America and he must have his reasons.

    D Benton Smith


    Well, since we both seem to find ourselves stuck in the same “we-hope-its-a-lifeboat” we might as well share the hardtack and yak to pass the time and maybe even come up with a way to get back to solid ground someday.


    Never seen Jeffery Sachs so angry.

    One step below spitting blood. He usually is the epitome calm and reason.

    His sense of rationally is being overloaded close to the breaking point.

    Here come duh Judge & Jeffery


    Thomas Brand
    Studied at Mississippi State University

    Well, true EMPs are a sort of interaction between the gamma and x-rays emitted by a nuclear weapon, the atmosphere, and the magnetic field of the Earth. There are a lot of different things that actually go on there, it’s not one big soggy lump. The different phases of the EMP affect different types of things – one phase tends to take out electronics, another tends to blow long AC distribution lines and so on.

    How MUCH of an effect you get varies with the weapon design, yield, altitude and latitude. If you set a nuke off in deep space as a weapon against incoming alien spaceships, for example, there would be no EMP. If you detonated one at, say, 30,000 feet, you’d get much less EMP than if you set the same weapon off in near Earth orbit.

    There aren’t any nukes that have only EMP and nothing else, although it’s been said that you can tune a design to yield more x-rays than you might otherwise get, and x-rays are what makes the wheels on the EMP go round and round. So you could OPTIMIZE a weapon design to produce more EMP per bang, all other things being equal. They say.

    Now, what you might be thinking is, “But I have heard there is an EMP bomb, and if all EMP is driven by a nuke, then surely it has to be nuclear…?” and you likely did. The problem here is sloppy terminology or reporting by a journalist who didn’t understand the topic, or in some cases, from power points that have been overly dumbed down for brass.

    There are three sorts of things that often are presented to the lay public as “EMP” which categorically are not: coronal mass ejections, or CME, solar flares, and military weapon systems that fall into two bins aptly named “High Power Microwave” or HPM, and magnetic pulse weapons.

    The major effect of CMEs on ground electronics is caused by something we call “geomagnetic heave.” Basically, a CME is a fairly compact wad of charged particles that come barreling out of the Sun like a giant invisible baseball. If it impacts the Earth’s magnetic field, it will be (mostly) bumped aside and dispersed. But the Earth’s magnetic field will buck as this happens, wobbling wildly back and forth. This motion induces current into long, unbroken conductors, like AC distribution lines. While these COULD be designed to ignore heave, that costs some money and we can’t have that. This is why the “Carrington Event” burned up telegraph lines, and why the longer AC distribution goes down during solar events. Real EMPs have a heave component as one of the phases, and that’s one of about six reasons why they also cause AC power system upset.

    Solar flares are mostly a big random mix of UHF, x-rays and gamma. While they cause something similar to the x-rays from a nuke, solar flares have enough of a ramp time that you don’t get a real EMP. However, from the point of view of ground electronics, the radio noise interferes with ground communications, and the x-rays and gamma randomly enhance the ionosphere, which plays havoc with radio.

    HPM weapons are just that. A design that emits a crap ton of microwaves, generally in a directional fashion in order to get the antenna gain up. This has really negative effects on electronics, but generally in a fairly confined area. This is because you’ve only got so much total power to go around, and military electronics are designed to resist such things. So you can’t set off some sort of HPM weapon and zap the whole US. Maybe a couple of square blocks. The larger the area you try to cover per weapon, the fewer systems you will disable. A lot of these are “one shot” flux compressors with some sort of virtual cathode device, a sort of “HPM bomb” if you will. But there are also HPM weapon systems that can fire many times, some of which are portable. As an example, there is an airfield point defense system that basically uses banks of emitters from AESA systems to fry up incoming enemy aircraft and missiles. Some current AESA systems on aircraft have a seldom-used option to fry incoming missiles, the pilots of other aircraft, or very small ground targets. You can get these mounted in cruise missiles as well. And there are C130s equipped with CARMs that can loiter around battlefields, cooking up personnel and equipment. HPM isn’t as effective against power lines or systems that are in bunkers, but it’s dandy for surface electronics.

    There used to be more interest in magnetic pulse emitters which WOULD be better for those things, but just honking out a big magnetic pulse from an aircraft or bomb isn’t as effective as you might like, because there’s this pesky sixth power of the distance fall off for that sort of thing. You have to deliver your pulse right at the target, which needs to be fairly compact. HPM, like any electromagnetic radiation, has a more manageable square of the distance path loss. But pure H fields don’t persist for any distance. This makes magnetic pulse weapons pretty useless in practical applications.



    Ritual Humiliation No. 714



    Saved the Pretend Animals



    WES and Thomas Kenny

    Thanks for the good advice re precious metals storage. WES, don’t lose too many of those comments, we always like to read them 😉


    Apple Pro Vision goggles

    If you HATE Reality, and I mean a lot, especially in the Big Shities

    These are for you

    Better than Rose Tinted Glasses.

    Cheaper than the actual Matrix

    D Benton Smith


    I wonder how many people are allowing their brains and soul to appreciate precisely what Jeffrey Sachs is saying (and which they already know in the pits of their stomachs.)

    What he is saying is that the UNITED STATES is the ORGANIZED criminal gang that is genociding Palestinians in a failing attempt to steal their entire country by force. The UNITED STATES is the mugger who tried to do the same thing to Russia by means of an orchestrated unprovoked attempt to use Ukraine just like an armed robber in a dark alley to steal Russia’s resources and sovereignty. It has been the “UNITED” STATES (such as that grotesque misnomer actually is) that is the stone killer that has done the same thing over and over and over and over for the past 250 years to BILLIONS of victims all over the world.

    Is anyone out there starting to get it? Our so-called “nation” is the bad guy. You have been duped. The “truth and justice” you thought you were sacrificing your lives for as been a CONTROLLED PsyOp that was promulgating and perpetuating the biggest crime in human history.

    The reason you don’t KNOW that is because you have been LIED TO so effectively that you don’t even believe that there is a truth there for you to see, despite the fact that the truth is landing on your head with the force of a sledgehammer.

    Countless thousands of honorable Americans contributed their sacred honor, their fortunes, and often their lives to a monster that had captured their country and knew PRECISELY how to hide that fact beneath layer after layer of deliberate LIES.

    I’m sorry, John Day, I went and done it again. I just blurted out The Truth as if anyone is interested in hearing it, and not just the damned truth, but the DAMNING truth. There goes my reputation.

    What can I say? It’s just true.


    RE: the house, interesting from the tech/enviro perspective, follows FL Wright integration into surrounds…but the unfortunate choice of aesthetic brings to mind a quote:

    Beware the beast Man, for he is the Devil’s pawn. Alone among God’s primates, he kills for sport or lust or greed. Yea, he will murder his brother to possess his brother’s land. Let him not breed in great numbers, for he will make a desert of his home and yours. Shun him; drive him back into his jungle lair, for he is the harbinger of death.


    Atkinson Intelligence… For those times when a Large Language Model just isn’t big enough. “Degree in EE” is an understatement. Dude is Oxford, and escaped apparently.


    BUT part of the price of truth telling is truth seeing …..and vice versa.

    Same data/fact but two opinion/interpretations of who believes the lie and the truth.
    Everyone believe they are right and that everyone else should change their mind/opinion/interpretations and get it right.
    (I’m right your wrong)

    D Benton Smith

    you quoted some guy as saying, [quote] “Beware the beast Man, for he is the Devil’s pawn. Alone among God’s primates, he kills for sport or lust or greed.” [end quote].

    Whoever wrote it, they got it wrong. He should started the statement with the words “Beware the beast Man WHEN he is the Devil’s pawn.” When the Beast Man is GOD’S “pawn” (that is, when men connect with the reality of the existence of causal divinity) then they get along just fine. Only when they deny that fact, and disconnect from the divine nature of truth itself, that they run amok.

    There’s nothing wrong with the species (or nothing that can’t be handled nicely with an appeal to truth rather than lies.)

    D Benton Smith

    It is frequently not possible to give people the truth if that truth is something that they are not ready and able to understand. If you attempt to do so the attempt will fail to register as truthful. In such case it will not actually be received accurately (if actually received at all) and will therefore not actually be received as anything much except empty and misunderstood words.

    I can only be told, and received, in stages, working one’s way upward by steps of one “receivable” truth at a time until enough of it actually arrives to be of much use.

    The process tends to be long, tiring and usually thankless work, and one should remain cognizant that while you are working to enlighten others, there are others working just as hard to enlighten YOU. Because if you think that you know it all (or that you even know enough) then you have not been paying close enough attention.


    One more, early translation

    Alleged Transcript of Tucker’s Interview with President Putin — UPDATE

    8 February 2024 by Larry Johnson 153 Comments


    @DB Smith re: “There’s nothing wrong with the species (or nothing that can’t be handled nicely with an appeal to truth rather than lies.)”

    So if the chimpanzee next to me tells me outright “I’m gonna kill you and take your mangoes!” before he kills me and takes my mangoes, that’s perfectly hunky dory.

    It can be resolved, but we carry the bad seed. Chimpanzee and Cromagnon…what was lost in these ancient conflicts?

    RE: my quote…yeha, just some guy…

    D Benton Smith

    regarding the latest iteration of the alleged early translation of Carlson Putin Interview.

    It looks like those who want to interfere with the release and distribution of the REAL interview are reduced to supply TRUNCATED and PARTIAL segments of it (without video, you might notice).

    I reckon their strategy is to trick some people onto thinking that they’ve already heard the interview so that they will bypass watching the real one when it comes out. Pretty lame. Notice that they are sending this bullshit to CONSERVATIVE outlets.

    No big surprise, and the trick won’t work because we already knew that they are tricky, deceptive, gutless, lying, bastards and so we know enough to recirculate and promote the real one until it gets through (unabridged) to everyone willing to listen and probably many more accidentally.


    @DB Smith re: we know to watch

    Yep, interesting point. When I saw zero’s post of a ‘transcript’ I was joyous (read I, too, was punked). Start looking around, and it was like I’d fallen half into another universe. Martyanov was still hyping, other sites were pushing the ‘damp squib’ meme.

    D Benton Smith


    So if the chimpanzee next to me tells me outright “I’m gonna kill you and take your mangoes!” before he kills me and takes my mangoes, that’s perfectly hunky dory.”

    Naw. What it means (as advice) is that you should treat that criminal chimp the same way the Putin is treating Ukraine and the USA. First of all, you STOP the psycho chimp from harming you, with proportionate but adequately effective FORCE if necessary. Then you tell the chimp chump that if it persists in the attempted armed robbery then you will persist in your EFFECTIVE AND UNSTOPPABLE “armed robbery prevention”.

    You continue to tell the Satanic simian that you’re willing to stop rolling over his ass with vastly superior military, financial and social forces just as soon as HE is willing to stop being a felonious moron.

    I most cases even the dumbest chimp gets the message eventually and desists from its attempted murder spree. As for those too stupid (or in too deep) to reform well tough luck for them. They can just go on losing until they change their minds and behavior….. or lose their place in line.


    He tells me the truth (your stated panacea), I believe him, and one or both of us ends up beaten or dead. Gives me the warm fuzzies.

    D Benton Smith


    He tells me the truth (your stated panacea), I believe him, and one or both of us ends up beaten or dead. Gives me the warm fuzzies.”

    That’s what the larcenous chimp spends trillions of clams trying convince you to believe, but the fact of the matter is that he’s just telling you more lies. One of his FAVORITE lies is that if you just accept being beaten then he won’t kill you, and his second most favorite lie is that if you reject his lies a and refuse to submit then you are the one who will wind up dead, and not him. Nope. It’s the other way around.

    First of all, if you do make the mistake of submitting to the threats then he recognizes you as easy prey, low hanging fruit, and he will DEFINITELY murder you just as soon as he sees a profit margin.

    Secondly (his second lie) is that you are the one who winds up dead. Nope again. The fact of the matter is that it’s ALREADY him who is headed for death’s maelstrom maw at flank speed. He’s more than half dead already because he actually thinks that he is NOT an immortal spiritual being. Wrong!
    You ARE an immortal spiritual being (despite the fact that bodies come and go), so if you don’t start killing yourself through ignorance then it’s YOU who goes on living, while he on the other hand just gets dumber and dumber and deader and deader as he retreats further and further and further into the lunacy which results from disbelief in his own spiritually based awareness and existence.

    This ain’t your first rodeo.


    Discord. You’re using ‘chimp’ a a glyph for ‘TPTB’ and I’m using ‘chimp’ as a glyph for every human, self included.

    No room in your worldview for negotiating? Can’t organize to wake up early and harvest the mangoes first, holding chimpy at bay until he learns better behavior or leaves?

    Last for a while, this monkey’s gotta ride.

    John Day

    @Red: Good find on EMP and pulse weapons.

    John Day

    Updating Americans

    Thanks Eleni. ‘Transported in Cages’ – Shocking Details of How Israel Treats Female Gaza Prisoners
    ​ “This detail particularly hurt me: these women have been transported in animal trucks. They have been tied, blindfolded and stripped of their head covering, as a way to humiliate them,” al-Abadi said…
    ..The lawyer also said that when the female detainees arrived at the prison, their clothes were stained with blood. Most of them were also bleeding from their hands, as the plastic chains had been tightly tied around their wrists for days…
    ​..Al-Abadi shared that one of the women had to leave her four children in Gaza. The eldest was only eight years old, the youngest an infant.
    According to the testimony from other prisoners, the woman was walking on Salah Al-Din Street, fleeing from the north of the Gaza Strip, when the Israeli soldiers arrested her.​ “When she learned that she would be under arrest, she immediately handed her children to a boy who was walking in the street and told him to take care of them,” al-Abadi said.
    “I learned from the other prisoners that she asked about her children every day, crying inconsolably, but nobody was updating her on their fate.”
    ​ A few days ago, however, al-Abadi was able to deliver a verbal message to this woman, that her children had eventually reached their father. “This time, she cried out of joy,” he said.

    ‘Transported in Cages’ – Shocking Details of How Israel Treats Female Gaza Prisoners

    ​ Tehran refutes accusations it supplies weapons to Houthis — envoy to UN
    Amir Saeid Iravani also said that his country was ready to call on the Houthis to cease fire, if Israel withdraws its troops from the Gaza Strip and lifts restrictions on sending humanitarian aid to the residents of the enclave

    ​ Only 3 in 10 Americans Were Aware of US Troops in Syria Prior to Deadly Attack
    ​ Defense Priorities commissioned YouGov to poll Americans from January 8-15 about the deployment of 900 US troops in Syria. Three in ten Americans responded that they were aware US troops were deployed to Syria. The three US soldiers killed at Tower 22 in Jordan were supporting the US base in southern Syria.
    ​ US troops in Iraq and Syria have come under attack over 160 times from Shia militias that operate in the region. The YouGov poll found only a quarter of Americans were aware of the attacks that left scores of US soldiers injured.
    ​ The Shia militias say they are targeting American soldiers occupying Iraq and Syria with drones, rockets, and missiles because of US support for the ongoing genocide Israel is conducting in Gaza. The poll found that a majority of Americans are concerned about a larger war breaking out in the region because of the US troops’ presence.

    ​ The Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies interviewed 8,000 people between December 12, 2023 and January 5, 2024 in 16 Arab countries (Mauritania, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Yemen, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait , Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, as well as the West Bank) and revealed in early January that 89% consider the October 7 attacks legitimate and only 5% consider them illegitimate.
    ​ Furthermore, 69% express support for Hamas, 94% consider the U.S. position on the conflict to be negative and 79%, 78% and 75% consider the positions of France, the United Kingdom and Germany to be negative, respectively. Additionally, 76% said their opinion of the U.S. after the genocide in Gaza has become more negative and 81% do not think the U.S. truly supports the establishment of a Palestinian state;
    ​ 51% think the U.S. is the main threat to their security, while 26% think it is Israel;
    ​ 92% think that the Palestinian issue is a problem for all Arabs, not just the Palestinians. This is the highest rate since opinion polls began in 2011. At the end of 2022, the percentage was 76%. In Morocco, the index increased from 59% in 2022 to 95% now, in Egypt from 75% to 94%, in Sudan from 68% to 91% and in Saudi Arabia from 69% to 95%;
    ​ 89% of Arabs reject the recognition of Israel as a State, while in 2022 there were 84%, and only 4% support this recognition. In Saudi Arabia, this index increased from 38% in 2022 to 68% now, in Morocco from 67% to 78% and in Sudan from 72% to 81%.​…
    ​..1)There is immense support among Arabs for the armed struggle against Israel; 2) they consider imperialist powers as enemies and 3) they believe in a unified struggle against imperialism and Zionism.

    A New and True Arab Spring – Part Two

    John Day

    ​As pointed out yesterday, the Iraqi militias are Iraqi-government-funded militias, not “Iran backed rebels”.
    Biden Pulls A Trump: Targeted Drone Assassination Kills Iran-Backed Militia Leaders In Baghdad
    ​ The high-ranking militia member is being initially identified as Wissam Mohammed Al Saiedi according to early reports. A Kataib Hezbollah associated Telegram channel has since mourned “the engineer of the missiles of the Iraqi resistance.” An initial statement from the Baghdad police indicated “A car was on fire in Baghdad’s eastern neighborhood of Al Mashtal.” Additionally the statement said “it was probably hit by a missile fired from a drone. We are investigating.”

    ​The rumors have been consistent that Zaluzhny always despised Zelensky, and has had his own eye on the presidency of Ukraine. Zelensky wanted Zaluzhny to ask the Parliament to mobilize 500,000 more Ukrainians and also to take the blame for the (iminent) fall of Avdeevka before stepping down. Zaluzhni refused. The military backed Zaluzhny. Nuland brought “cookies”. Now this unfriendly divorce.
    ​ Zelensky Fires Top General, Appoints New Commander, In Major Shake-Up
    Zelensky said Thursday he met with his army chief and that while it’s time for significant “changes” – Zaluzhny should remain “on his team”. Though the decision had been rumored and reported for over a week, presumably the stall was to negotiate and ensure peaceful transition of the top defense post. There were also widespread reports that Zaluzhny had refused to step down.
    “We discussed what renewal the Armed Forces of Ukraine need. We also discussed who could be in the renewed leadership of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The time for this renewal is now,” Zelensky announced in an English statement on X and Telegram.
    Zaluzhny had just before the announcement confirmed he had an “important and serious conversation” with Zelensky which focused on changing battlefield tactics and strategy. The now former top commander has huge popularity among military ranks and especially far-right, ultranationalist and neo-Nazi elements. Will his firing result in mutiny or rebellion among some units?
    Very quickly on the heels of news of Zaluzhny’s dismissal, Ukraine announced the appointment of Oleksandr Syrskyi as the new commander-in-chief the armed forces. Until now, Gen. Syrskyi was Ukraine’s ground forces commander. (Last week Syrskyi reportedly refused to replace Zaluzhny.)

    Moon of Alabama, Finally A Wonder-Weapon That Does What It Promised To Do ; The battle of Avdeevka is about to be finished.
    ​ The city of Avdeevka, (not to be confused with the small town of Andreevka near Bakhmut), is situated immediately north-west of Donetsk city. It has been used for years as a Ukrainian fortress well positioned for artillery attacks on Donetsk. The whole city, and especially the coke and chemical plant in its northern sector, was well prepared to defend against Russian attacks.​ But despite all attempts to hold on to it the Ukrainian garrison (10,000 ​men) within the city is about to be encircled and fall​…​..The JDAM kit, of which more than 500,000 were produced, allowed for the use of large piles of cold-war era bombs with previously unknown precision.
    ​ After the 2022 start of the war in Ukraine Russia engaged in a program to develop an equivalent to the JDAM kit. The program was finished by the end of 2023. The Russian version can be strapped onto a 500kg or a 1,500 kilogram dumb bomb extending their range by attaching wings, guidance kit and control surfaces to already existing dumb bombs.​ After being programmed with target coordinates the bomb gets dropped, turns 180 degree around its length axis and unfolds its wings. The wings enable the bomb to fly some 50 miles before hitting the ground. This allows the planes dropping these bombs to stay outside of the enemy’s air defense envelope.
    ​ The guidance kits are cheap and can easily be mass produced.​ Yesterday some 65 (fuel air bomb) FAB500 and FAB1500 were used against targets in Avdeevka.​
    ​ The use of these bombs, which carry 300 kilogram and more of explosives, near one’s own troops requires careful planing and observation. Observers on the ground have to make sure that their own troops are outside of the deadly circle of these bombs and that the coordinates of targets are submitted in a disciplined but secure and timely manner. Pilots have to make sure that the received coordinates are programmed into the bombs and that their release is done at the right attitude and positions.
    ​ This kill chain requires intensive training and disciplined soldiers. Yesterday’s attacks demonstrate that the Russian army and air-forces have mastered this discipline.​ Any detected resistance or position of Ukrainian troops was visited by a precise FAB attack within just a few minutes.
    ​ There is no defense against these weapons.​ [The Israelis have used over 10,000 JDAM-bombs on ​Palestinian families in Gaza.]​ …
    ​..The Ukrainian army has nothing comparable in its arsenals.
    ​ The introduction of mass FAB500 strikes onto the Ukrainian battle field have given the Russian forces a new qualitative advantage that will change the course of the war (though not its outcome). The U.S. political and military specialists who still believe that attrition is a viable strategy for the Ukrainian army are clearly way off the path of reality.

    ​ Paul Craig Roberts speaks of the vulnerabilities of American commoners, not those with access to D.U.M.B.s.
    The United States Has Zero National Security
    ​ In his newly published book, Nuclear High-Attitude Electromagnetic Pulse, Steven Starr shows that all it takes is one nuclear explosion to shut down the United States and throw the population back into the Dark Ages. The electric power grid would be destroyed along with the communications system, the cooling systems at nuclear power plants and all electronic devices. The reason is that civilian infrastructure is not protected from ElectroMagneticPulse (EMP). The military has taken steps to shield its weapon and communication systems, but nothing has been done to protect civilian infrastructure. Bills mandating EMP protection have been defeated in Congress.
    ​ Starr reports that only 4% of the US military budget is required to shield the power grid and civilian infrastructure…
    ​..Effects of a single high-altitude nuclear detonation over the Eastern U.S.​ [Another over Texas and another over California ​could take out all the lower 48 grids.]
    ​ “105 miles above Ohio, a single nuclear warhead explodes. Because it is far above the atmosphere, there will be no blast or fire effects felt on Earth, however, this high-altitude nuclear detonation will create a gigantic electromagnetic pulse or EMP.
    ​ “In one billionth of a second, the initial EMP E1 wave will cause massive voltages and currents to form within power lines, telecommunication lines, cables, wires, antennas, and any other electrically conductive material found beneath the nuclear detonation in a circular area covering hundreds of thousands of square miles.​..

    The United States Has Zero National Security

    ​A recurring solar micronova sometime before the 2050s would do the same thing and more. This morning’s space weather news goes into that again. Micronovas on stars…

    D Benton Smith


    I’m using the word chimp the same way that you are, as a a glyph for every human and any other critter, (corporeal or otherwise) who joins in the fray on one side or the other. People is people. The only difference between thee, me and the powers that be is whether we are striving to be more truthful and honest or LESS truthful and honest. The liars are headed in the “Dead” direction and the truthers are headed toward the light of truth, life, and (ultimately) toward whatever name you care to assign to the Creator of the Universe.

    John Day

    They sent the Farmer’s money to Ukraine, but the farmers were already living on the edge.
    Facing farm protests, EU eases demands in 2040 climate proposal​
    The EU executive dropped specific references to agriculture emissions cuts as farmers protest across Europe.

    ​ Gilbert Doctorow is not joking as he awaits Tucker Carlson’s interview with Vladimir Putin. Censorship is worse everywhere else.
    America: Land of the Free, Home of the Brave
    ​ I say without any hesitation that the United States is the freest country in the Collective West for those who hold nonconformist ideas to express them without fear of persecution and even to assemble vast audiences of followers.
    ​ Of course, free speech comes and goes in the United States. The country coined the term McCarthyism during the witch hunts for Communists early in the Cold War. But at present, thanks to the disrupter in chief Donald Trump, anything goes.

    America: Land of the Free, Home of the Brave

    ​ Edward Slavsquat on Russian censorship laws. Thanks Oxy-in-Oz: Moscow expands war against info-terrorism
    Spreading fakes is now punishable with fines, prison time & property confiscation (“Sentenced to 6 months of compulsory medical treatment.”)
    ​ Russia’s upper house of parliament on Wednesday unanimously approved a law that allows for confiscation of property and deprivation of military ranks and honorary titles for activities directed against the state, as well as for discrediting the country’s armed forces. Since the start of its special military operation in Ukraine in February 2022, the Russian government has granted itself a range of new powers to combat information deemed nonfactual and damaging to national security.

    More sideways Slavsquat perspective on Russia and Putin being ordinary and dingy, neither demonic nor angelic. Thanks Oxy.
    Putin: An alternative perspective​ , A conversation with Iurie Roșca
    ​ True patriots and anti-System militants around the world must understand that Russia can and must represent an alternative to the collective West dominated by the Satanists who are imposing a tyrannical regime of dystopian technocracy.
    ​ But today’s rulers of this country are only a simulacrum, an imitation, a Potemkin village, who put on the mask of patriots so that they can continue to plunder Russia’s natural resources.
    ​ Meanwhile, Russians are being replaced with Muslims from Central Asia. Few people in the West know that not only the US, Canada and Europe are subject to a premeditated invasion of extra-European and non-Christian populations, but also Russia.
    ​ My criticism is directed against an occupation administration, subordinated to the UN, WHO, WTO, IMF, BIS. The same is true of the administration of my own country, the US, the EU, China and all BRICS members.

    John Day

    ​ This honest man, Julian Assange, a servant of truth, has lived in relentless isolated torture for our benefit.
    ​ The United Nations’ special rapporteur on torture has called upon authorities in the UK to block Julian Assange’s possible extradition to the United States to face espionage charges. Britain could be violating human rights laws by turning the WikiLeaks founder over to the US, due to his fragile mental state, UN expert Alice Jill Edwards warned on Tuesday.

    ​ (Russian propaganda) The Western propaganda machine is losing its potency as the United States’ anti-Russian proxy war in Ukraine fails.
    ​ Assange believes the United States seeks to sentence him to life in prison or even submit him to the death penalty.
    Host Wilmer Leon noted that US ally Israel is also deliberately targeting and killing journalists in its assault on Gaza while the United States itself operates a “massive biosurveillance structure” more sophisticated than that run by any secret police in history.
    ​ “The United States government/the West realizes it is losing the narrative, it is losing the public opinion,” said Leon. “When you look at the polls, Americans want us out of Ukraine, Americans don’t want their money to go there, Americans are opposed to the genocidal actions of the Zionist government in Israel.
    ​ They’re losing the narrative, they’re losing in the court of public opinion.”
    ​ “And all Tucker Carlson is doing is now adding more information to that information war, and the United States is losing it.”

    ​(Laughing Russians note 🙂 Tucker Carlson Threatened With Death, Sanctions for Putin Interview: Netizens React
    ​ News spread Wednesday that US journalist Tucker Carlson has been added to a Ukrainian “kill list” as the reporter prepares to release an interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow.
    The disturbing development was noted by users on social media, who shared screenshots of the entry for Carlson on the Mirotvorets webpage (actually, the prominent journalist was added to the notorious “kill list” back in 2023).​..
    ​..More recently, author Gonzalo Lira died in a Ukrainian prison where he was being held after engaging in prominent public criticism of the Kiev regime. The incident garnered minimal comment from the Biden administration, even though Lira was an American citizen.
    Although the Zelensky regime enjoys American military and financial aid, that doesn’t stop Ukraine from listing US citizens on the “kill list”.​..
    ​..Former Belgian Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt, now a member of the European Parliament, described Carlson as “a mouthpiece” for Putin and former US President Donald Trump.​ “As Putin is a war criminal and the EU sanctions all who assist him in that effort, it seems logical that the External Action Service examine his case as well,” said Verhofstadt.

    ​Tucker Carlson , We’re in Moscow to Interview Vladimir Putin

    John Day

    From Meryl Nass MD, not a political commercial at all, but the history of biowarfare research and funding in the US. 9:31 minutes well spent.
    Very important short video of RFK, Jr and Mary Holland discussing the origin of COVID 19 and the US bioweapons establishment that places the last 4 years into context.​ Don’t miss this excellent summary

    A Midwestern Doctor presents complimentary information about the machine which feeds upon us and slowly kills us.
    Why The Bioweapons Research Industry Is A Danger to Society​ , and what the WHO is doing to protect this grift now that the public is wising up to it.
    ​ The upper class has gradually shifted to controlling the populace through economic enslavement, the fear of an ecological disaster, and the fear of a disastrous pandemic which must be stopped at any costs.
    ​ An immensely profitable industry has been built around these fears. Many notorious career scientists (e.g., Fauci and Hotez) depend upon this grift. Worse still, those fears have been used to create the justification we need to perform an endless amount of bioweapons research to “prevent” the next pandemic.
    ​ That research is extremely dangerous and regularly leads to disastrous lab leaks which sicken and sometimes kill those exposed to the pathogens.

    ​ (Recovering Russian) Sasha Latypova, Audio recording leaked from AstraZeneca: Covid was classified a national security threat by the US Government/DOD on February 4, 2020. Recorded at an internal executive meeting at the end of 2020. This recording has not been published previously anywhere.
    ​ On Feb 4, 2020 – AstraZeneca and other pharma companies participating in the DOD Pandemic Preparedness consortium received a phone call from the DOD saying that “novel covid virus posed national security threat”. This explains why PREP Act declaration in the US was made retroactive to Feb 4. The US Government organized itself for war, but lied to the public that it was a zoonotic virus and a healthcare event. Anyone who suggested otherwise was heavily censored and surveilled online, including me. They continue to pretend it was/is a natural virus evolution to this day. It appears that the DOD initiated the covid plandemic and did not tell Trump until after.​..
    ..The audio confirms that the DOD pandemic pharma consortium was established in 2017 and the DOD, (not pharmas) was, and remains in charge of it. I knew this based on the covid contracts analysis, but it’s good to have a definitive confirmation. The AZ execs are musing that at the time they thought the DOD’s pandemic preparedness plan – from “discovering” new viruses to making new drugs for them in 60 days – sounded like science fiction…

    John Day

    THE ATTACK ON FOOD AND HOW TO FIGHT BACK SYMPOSIUM​ , March 4, 2023 (last year)​ My presentation is “Preparing Your Kitchen Garden”, is found in section 3.

    The Attack On Food and How to Fight back Symposium

    ​Part 1: Deciding Where to Grow Vegetables

    Part 2: Preparing Your Kitchen Garden

    Part 3: Growing Food

    Veracious Poet

    So much fear & loathing, so much EG0ic posturing, rhetoric, malignant narcissist self-worship & biases of all sort, shape & fashion 🙄

    It’s no wonder the 1% Elite crafted their UniParty GlobalCap scheme(s) to lock We The People out of the loop, loading them into apparatuses whereas they only attack each other & voluntarily paying for their own demise ~ It’s about projections of existential threat(s) + survival of the species/earth…

    Although I disagree with the 1% Elite’s solution, I see the need for it as The Sons of Liberty Experiment clearly failed 😐

    Locke = 0

    Hobbes = Game-Set-Match!

    P.S. After beginning to awaken in 1993 to “humanity’s” emotions, thoughts, deeds & self-deluded worldview/politik (in person & online), and as a member of The Sons Of The Revolution (via 5 families), I withdraw my participation, acknowledgement & approval of the nation-state formerly known as The United States of America, which has been poisoned & overthrown by truly evil, degenerate & murderous forces, both known & unknown.

    I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!



    I would’nt worry too much about nukes, EMP’s etc. You in the West are being destroyed from the inside, not the outside. This Tuckerfucker thing is like the last thing or the next thing. Gaslighting and theatrics while you’re being gutted, robbed, mindfucked and skinned alive. All the richboys from all the countries are on the same page. Global NWO, them at the top, you fuckin peons, focusing intently on nonsense , at the bottom. 6.5 billion people now got the jewjab runnin thru their veins. You don’t pull that off without all hands on deck. This is global. A couple African dudes point out the absurdity, the big Lie, bang, they’re fuckin dead. You are witness to a plan 100’s of years in the making. They want you dead and a world for themselves. Ain’t no buildbackbetter till all is destroyed.


    Preempting the Tucker – Putin interview the Mediawhores decided on distraction to lure Duh’merica’s teeny tiny attention span in the most believable direction.

    Hunter used this often and it works!


    Dr. D

    “Netanyahu’s words also be sanctioned?”

    Yes! Or no. PICK ONE. That’s all I say every day. If there are rules: TELL ME. Don’t change them. 10 Minutes ago, DoJ just refused to charge Biden for stealing top secret docs because he can’t remember where he is. Exceptions for all my friends, #Anti exceptions for all my enemies!

    I was going to add that – nice find or knowledge on EMPs – that my guess is that they are really, really uneven and unpredictable. My guess is you could wipe out a whole substation and have a 2010 Zune survive right next to it. That some 1990 Ford would burn out but some 2020 Volt would survive. 10 houses and half a city would work, the other half would be down.

    That is to say: it’s probably wildly, wildly overblown. That it will cause way more trouble than any of us want to see, but probably no more than a dead power outage and a crew of determined saboteurs would. But I can’t prove it, and far as I know, no one else has done tests either. I looked this up +10 years ago, but IIRC, they DID test car computers on this weapon-type and they were unaffected. But that may have been cars from 1995, 2001 and who knows if the test emulates reality. But that’s a lot of reassurance since pretty sure other than long wire grids, those would be the most affected. Let’s build in systems and not find out, right? We’ll have a Carrington anyway, it’s only logical.

    One other thing I noted is although I’m fine with supposing they want us all dead for lols, yet STILL I don’t see them hardening — THEIR stuff, whatever that “stuff” may be. Like paint your houses in Maui blue, sure, but EMP-harden your mansion genset? No. Okay, if this is anywhere real, WHY? You’d see it SOMEWHERE. I see it nowhere: DoD, Billionaires, Senators, Techies, Musk, Russia, Monaco, Ibiza, nowhere.

    Makes me think they DO know. And the answer is: It hardly affects things at all. For some reason we can’t imagine, like the parts are too small (nanometer wire length). Counterintuitively. BUT: then why not let it drop? Because they WANT to be able to take it out if THEY want to, not our enemies. Then they can blame NoKo or some rot. Now THAT would fit the facts far better than that every single rich guy is stupid, the DoD doesn’t know they live on common manufacturing and farming, and that they all just hate money That. Much.

    Which is it?

    Autonomous Unit

    you guys are culturally deprived if you don’t recognize the quote about the man beast

    Veracious Poet

    Tucker is wrong about “Americans have the right to know all they can about a war they are implicated in,”…The truth is every “American” that wanted “to know” already has arrived at the *truth* (small minority), all the rest have decided how to “believe” based on their *chosen* partisan tribal rhetoric, a wholly effective Deep Swamp System in place for decades to Protect & Serve the 1% Elite, their UniParty GlobalCap Imperial legions + a assorted mercenary bankster/apparatchik/MIL elements within UK/EU.

    There’s no turning back for The West now, they made sure of it.

    Do you think the criminal 2020 election event was a fluke?

    How about the legal, political & media *insanity* arrayed against Trump & MAGA?!?

    Nah, if there are any beneficiaries to Tucker’s *brave* journalistic efforts (we need 100s more like him, otherwise *fail*) it will be the BRICS+ in deepening their solidarity, and perhaps a few EU folk that might tune in & learn a thing or two.

    For America, Tucker’s efforts won’t be appreciated until historians review The Rise & Fall of the American Empire…

    That is if there is any academic freedom left to do such endeavors 😐



    BEWARE: Smart money has been selling like never before

    Hahahahahaa! the rats are jumpin’ ship…



    Go get it! Its real.
    The Vladimir Putin Interview
    The Interview

    Published Feb 8, 2024

    127 mins

    Putin gives a history of Russia & Ukraine
    NATO Expansion
    NATO & Bill Clinton
    What triggered this conflict?
    A peaceful solution?
    Who blew up the Nord Stream pipelines?
    Re-establishing communication with the US
    How powerful is Zelensky?
    Elon Musk & AI
    Imprisoned American journalist Evan Gershkovich


    I won’t watch the Carlson interview live, I will catch highlights at some point. Arguably it is one of the biggest news items so far in 2024 for USAians anyway. Media is going bonkers all week. I put a clothespin on my nose and went on NPR to get their take. Nothing at all on their front pages of politics, world, national news. Nothing. I searched “carlson” and NPR came back with:

    – a bio on contributor Rachel Carlson (she!/her!)
    – the physics of the spiral pass (American football) wow!
    – masturbation abstinence and who should be worried
    – nicotine pouches and how republicans are weaponizing them in the election, or something

    and so on. riveting and life-shaping, all of it.

    How far you fell NPR, what a pathetic lot of #***ing losers. It pains me to say it. I’ve sent them a lot of money over the years, as recent as ten years ago. All the good journalists are gone- retired or dead – and they did have some good ones, some formidable askers of questions, not so long ago. All the ones I grew up on. The new ones only know how to emote. They know how to write badly and say the same thing seven times in 8 short paragraphs. Old shrews, mean girls, crayon eaters that can’t identify a logical fallacy if it was glued to their ass.



    @Celticbiker You are spot on as usual.

    Notice how all the false hopes are destroyed, how the emotions are raised then crushed, the demoralisation of the people is happening in parrallel to the destruction of the western economies and cultures.

    TPTB are not looking to build back better, they are destroying the current powerful organisations, they will then establish new powerful organisations reporting to themselves, then they will kill most people – see what’s happening in Gaza, that is a trial run to see whether anybody does anything to stop them or whether we are all talk – stealing their property. It is also part of the conditioning needed to instill fear in the people when they come for you.

    Trump isn’t going to change anything, they have planned for him from way back, he is part of the plan for the destruction of the USA. They have to attack him, to give you false hope, but they will crush that hope. He cannot do anything, we see at the moment how Biden is not doing anything, there is a whole organisation running the USA and EU from behind the scenes.

    Of course they will keep a few to work as slaves in their new world order; enough to man the farms to feed the remaining elites. If AI develops further by 2030 then maybe they won’t need too many humans to keep the elites fed and happy and the AI machines ticking along.

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