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    Heinrich Hofmann Christ and the Rich Young Man 1889   • Is Coincidence Now The Leading Cause Of Death? (Emerald) • The City Of Soledar Has Been L
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    Totally fuckin’ normal!

    They are donating his organs.
    They come with pre-infused toxic spike protein!



    No words 🙁





    We really are living in a parallel universe.

    Mom’s Teen Basketball Player Son Had Blood Clots in Brain, Now There’s Another, And She Blames 1 Thing

    Mom’s Teen Basketball Player Son Had Blood Clots in Brain, Now There’s Another, And She Blames 1 Thing




    Published yesterday –

    “We present a 13-year-old boy who had recurrent chest pain with elevated cardiac enzymes and abnormal ST segments in electrocardiogram 36 hours after the second dose of BNT162b2 vaccination.”



    They are donating his organs.
    They come with pre-infused toxic spike protein!

    Something so far discussed only wrt blood transfusions. But yeah… Clean organs is the future.


    Don’t let anybody get away with telling you that the death-vaxx isn’t gene therapy.

    It most certainly is!



    We Are Seeing An Explosion of Myocarditis In Young People Due to COVID Vaccine



    IVM For The Win!

    MedinCell conducted a randomized controlled trial of their version of Ivermectin and found that it reduces Covid infections by 72%!



    The IgG4 switching following ‘boosting’ with the death-vaxx we’ve been hearing about recently will lead to an explosion of cancers and auto-immune disease.

    Here’s one such:

    Man, 30, died suddenly after catching rare disease ‘nobody has ever survived’

    “Doctors told Dean that they believe the health problems were being caused by his immune system which was attacking his body.”



    This is exactly what you’d expect when you poison a nation – and the healthcare workers serving it.

    A&E patients in England waiting over 12 hours top 50,000 for first time



    ‘My dying husband could not get an ambulance’

    “Ambulance bosses have apologised to the family of a man who died after he had a heart attack but no ambulance came. He didn’t drink. He didn’t smoke. He walked every day. That day, he was out there with a chainsaw, cutting the hedge,” she said.



    The NHS is not just in crisis, it’s in an emergency

    Gosh – what on earth could it be?



    Germ, Mexico looks like a better option right now.
    I think we will see alot of the same here in Oz come winter. Bloody hot here now though. 37c today with 39 on Sat.
    I think Bosco’s advice of looking after one’s health more than usual is on the money.


    In 2002, I was invited to the inaugural meeting of the Health and Wellbeing Council for Wales. At the meeting, two esteemed academics – Peter Townsend and Derek Wanless – presented papers on the future of health and social care in Wales. Their reports were stark. Wales had, for many decades, had some of the worst health outcomes in Europe. Rates of metabolic illnesses like type-2 diabetes and heart disease were high, life expectancy low. And Wales had a particular problem with “disability-free life expectancy” – with too many of its people succumbing to disability and long-term illness at a young age.
    The broad point was this: without a concerted effort, led by the Welsh Government itself – to improve the general health of the Welsh population, then in twenty years’ time – i.e., in 2022 – it would no longer be possible to provide a comprehensive NHS free at the point of delivery. And so, the Health and Wellbeing Council was established in an attempt to secure participation from various “stakeholder groups” – local councils, NHS departments, trade unions and non-profits (I was running a mental health charity at the time).


    People are unaware that the sovereignty of every country over its health practices is about to be turned over to the World Health Organization, an unaccountable bureaucracy. This is the final nail in our coffin. Once this goes through, we are captured in Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab’s net. The WHO alone can declare a pandemic and the protocols.

    There is no longer any doubt that the Covid pandemic was an orchestrated event and that the “Covid vaccine” was known in advance to be neither safe nor effective. Indeed, it is not a vaccine.

    The researcher in the video below, the third item, explains how beginning in 2013 the scheme was set up in secrecy in a way to protect all those involved in the scheme. It shows clearly that there is a conspiracy.

    Meanwhile “vaccinated” people continue to die suddenly.

    See the following articles:

    Explosive Increase in Cardiac Symptoms After Second Injection
    New Analysis Shows Studies of COVID Vaccine-Induced Myocarditis Hid Critical Safety Signal
    Video: Bombshell Docs Reveal COVID-19 Cover-Up Goes Straight to the Top
    The Top 100 Reasons to #StopThePandemicTreaty, #StopTheAmendments, and #ExitTheWHO

    The Health Plot Against the People of the World


    CDC’s VAERS safety signal analysis based on reports from Dec. 14, 2020 – July 29, 2022 for mRNA COVID-19 vaccines shows clear safety signals for death and a range of highly concerning thrombo-embolic, cardiac, neurological, hemorrhagic, hematological, immune-system and menstrual adverse events (AEs) among U.S. adults.
    There were 770 different types of adverse events that showed safety signals in ages 18+, of which over 500 (or 2/3) had a larger safety signal than myocarditis/pericarditis.
    The CDC analysis shows that the number of serious adverse events reported in less than two years for mRNA COVID-19 vaccines is 5.5 times larger than all serious reports for vaccines given to adults in the US since 2009 (~73,000 vs. ~13,000).
    Twice as many mRNA COVID-19 vaccine reports were classified as serious compared to all other vaccines given to adults (11% vs. 5.5%). This meets the CDC definition of a safety signal.
    There are 96 safety signals for 12-17 year-olds, which include: myocarditis, pericarditis, Bell’s Palsy, genital ulcerations, high blood pressure and heartrate, menstrual irregularities, cardiac valve incompetencies, pulmonary embolism, cardiac arrhythmias, thromboses, pericardial and pleural effusion, appendicitis and perforated appendix, immune thrombocytopenia, chest pain, increased troponin levels, being in intensive care, and having anticoagulant therapy.
    There are 66 safety signals for 5-11 year-olds, which include: myocarditis, pericarditis, ventricular dysfunction and cardiac valve incompetencies, pericardial and pleural effusion, chest pain, appendicitis & appendectomies, Kawasaki’s disease, menstrual irregularities, vitiligo, and vaccine breakthrough infection.
    The safety signals cannot be dismissed as due to “stimulated,” exaggerated, fraudulent or otherwise artificially inflated reporting, nor can they be dismissed due to the huge number of COVID vaccines administered. There are several reasons why, but the simplest one is this: the safety signal analysis does not depend on the number of reports, but whether or not some AEs are reported at a higher rate for these vaccines than for other non-COVID vaccines. Other reasons are discussed in the full post below.
    In August, 2022, the CDC told the Epoch Times that the results of their safety signal analysis “were generally consistent with EB [Empirical Bayesian] data mining [conducted by the FDA], revealing no additional unexpected safety signals.” So either the FDA’s data mining was consistent with the CDC’s method—meaning they “generally” found the same large number of highly alarming safety signals—or the signals they did find were expected. Or they were lying. We may never know because the FDA has refused to release their data mining results.

    CDC Finally Released Its VAERS Safety Monitoring Analyses for COVID Vaccines Via FOIA


    “3 Active-Duty Massachusetts Law Enforcement Officers Die “Suddenly” within 7 Days”

    Pop!, Pop!, Pop!.



    Preface. This is a book review of Frank Vogl’s 2021 book “The Enablers: How the West Supports Kleptocrats and Corruption – Endangering Our Democracy”. Of the roughly 300 pages in this book, here are roughly 20 pages of kindle notes about the corruption of governments, banks, corporations, and other businesses and institutions. I grew so weary of highlighting the thousands of examples that what follows is not at all representative of the book. I’ve read many books on corruption since that will play a role in the decline of energy, but none so far match this book in its large overview.

    The staggering level of corruption & kleptocracy in the world

    Dr. D

    Scientist Tells UK MPs Shutting Down “Maverick Thinking” During Pandemic Backfired”

    “Maverick Thinking”? Like scientists providing new data and discussing it? Yeah, totally not like science at all. “Mavericks” like this guy? “Lead Author Of Research On Pfizer And Moderna Trials Warns COVID Vaccinations Must Be Stopped”

    DoD (or let’s say one faction therein) invented and pushed the plan and is therefore legally immune.

    Hahahahahahahhaa! Sure pal. Sure the “Law” will be enforced strictly and correctly after the people are so pissed off they’ll go up there with their 400 million guns and tear the place apart brick by brick. Sure everyone who has nothing to lose and just saw their wife and kids drop dead will just sit around fretting about “the Law”.

    Keep dreaming. “The Law” is whatever We the People SAY it is. It’s generalized custom, like saying hello and shaking hands and even on the best days is barely applied with any uniformity and logic. And you think we’re going to say we have the world’s largest mass-murder, surpassing the gas chambers of Auschwitz, and the People are going to sit around and let them go because of a loophole in “The Law”?

    My God, when did people come to worship the State instead of God? Worship the Law, slimy, rat-faced lawyers instead of Lady Justice? Knock it off. If the people get pissed and want it, there is no law to hide behind, because there is no government or bureaucrat or politician to hide behind.

    In the ultimate extreme, there is direct war where you’ll find nothing to hide behind. That’s what “War” is, if they want it. The law is a fig leaf. A piece of paper. Nobody with enough money to hire a lawyer follows “The Law” and “The Law” hasn’t been in effect for +30 years. There’s nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. “I’m not locked in here with You, You’re locked in here with ME.” – Watchmen

    ”People are unaware that the sovereignty of every country over its health practices is about to be turned over to the World Health Organization,”

    Uh-huh. Come make me. Re-read above on Law. “I AM the Law” – Judge Dredd. And We the People of every nation. Don’t help them or cooperate in any way and we’ll see how long any “Law” lasts.

    “The City of Soledar Has Been Liberated by the Wagner PMC (Saker)”

    My guess is General Armageddon was put in for a specific job like this one. Maybe he will continue his focus in this task. However, if they go international (Belarus, Poland) and therefore Airforce/Spaceforce they may want a different general which is why Putin has swapped them.

    Twitter not loading. WordPress continues its misbehavior:
    “Russian winter”
    , that is:

    OpinaCat from Spain restates the general view that Russia is larger, likely to win, and was instigated into a response. He is forgiven and allowed to say this on TV because he is a Communist. If he were a Capitalist, he’d be banned from the air as we see all over. Just noting: it’s his honest opinion, which I always support.

    “Wagner Comments on Ukrainian Casualties in Soledar (RT)”

    What’s in the tunnels? (“What’s in the box? What’s in the box, man?” –Se7en) How long does it take to clear 120 miles? Faster? Or Slower? Bonus question: are there similar tunnels in the USUK, and what’s in them here?

    “Zelensky Tries to Reassure Hollywood: “There Will Be No Third World War” (ZH)”

    I’m a little lost here: if Russia decides there will be, how will you stop them? “I push rhed booton.” – Vlad The very statement is a non sequitur. But he is a comedian and and actor still, maybe he thought it was funny?

    “Sean Penn introduces Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy at the #GoldenGlobes2023”

    Who and who at what? I only care about important people and things.

    “Last spring, many Western officials and media outlets predicted that the Russian economy would collapse under the pressure of sanctions and military expenditures, only to admit that Moscow managed to defy all of those predictions.”

    The ruble is the strongest currency along with the dollar. “Experts.”

    “Moscow says Washington and its allies are waging a proxy war at the expense of the Ukrainian Polish people.”

    They ran out of Ukrainian slavs, so they had to kill more somewhere else. Slavs are the ultimate Undermensch, the real goal of Mein Kampf and their weirdo occult religion of Nazism, to back-breed the race of fallen white angels. Not kidding, this is actually true. That’s what “Master Race” means. …Aside from being “Master”, while you/everyone else is therefore the “Slave race”. Right?

    And you wonder why Captain America and Wonder Woman, a Russian (“Amazon” was an island near Odessa colonized by Scythians, i.e. Cossacks, i.e. Khazars only originally recorded by the Greeks) had to fight Nazis. No mongrel crew from a melting pot like America would ever be allowed to live along side such purebloods. Half the new kids are half-black in the “White supremacist” areas of America, and nobody notices or remarks on it at all. As such, in WWII it was them or us.

    As it is now, as well. Both to kill us mongrel deplorables, and the slavs. So it’s not like you can hide out from the war and hope it leaves you alone: it won’t. You’re Next. Might as well get started now while you can and still have both the means, and soemthing to protect. (your steaks and the stove to cook them on)

    “Why Biden and Trump Are Treated Differently in Classified Document Cases (ET)”

    Because they’re Nazis and Biden is part of/allied with the Master Race? Because clearly the rest of us are meant to be his Slave Race. I mean, they do attack Thomas and Barrett all day. Explain how this is not near the truth. “Do What You’re Told”. Who are the people who TELL them, and who are the people who OBEY them?

    “Top Dems Fume as Kevin McCarthy Boots Them from Key Committee Positions (AW)”

    I’m sorry: what’s the story here? This is the 118th Congress, so this has happened 118 times. Even the dramatic rule changes forced on McCarthy only returns us within earshot of the ordinary Congressional rules going back 100 years. It was the recent times that are the anomaly: we’re just trying to return to “normal”.

    India refuses price caps. The Master Race wants India to all die like Sri Lanka, and Africa is beneath contempt: unmentionable. We just steal their food and think nothing of it any more than squashing a cockroach. Did I do that?

    ““it’s all part of the plan.”
    WEF Partner Behind Sudden Push to Ban Gas Stoves (GP)”

    “Eet zee (cold) Bugs!” I mean, you are kidding, right?

    This goes with something yesterday, and the FAA said “We inform all “Stakeholders”…” “Stakeholders”? Not pilots, not people, not JetBlue, but “Stakeholders”? It’s always “stakeholders” now. This isn’t the “Government” deciding the stove issue, that would be “Regulation”. It’s not Companies, that would be “Capitalism”. It’s the Merger of Corporation and State. Run by whom? As you can have accountability for both those types, we needed to add a third: NGOs. So Antifa or Extinction Rebellion tells the the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (whoever they are) what to do. Without any Law or act of Congress, they then create the rule that no humans may use gas stoves, and begin bombing countries that do. Companies jump on, as they are the ones lobbying Congress and donating to the NGOs to create this fascist panopticon tyranny in the first place.

    When anyone asks, we just say “The Stakeholders Said!” Um, who? Whut? Dafuq? “Yes, – I – AWFL Karen, am the voice of the dispossessed, the brown people, the poor little jungle children who aren’t smart enough to read, write, or vote. And – I – say, that THEY say, that THEY wanted me to tell you, that YOU shouldn’t use stoves, you f’ing racist.” “Now –I– love you and would never do that to you, but “Some people say” (as opposed to some other people) so my hands are tied.” “Bless your heart, y’all”.

    So WHO is speaking for the Stakeholders again? When someone gets canceled, it’s “Oh it’s not ME, – I – would never censor or ban you, but “THEY”, the Stakeholders don’t like them/it, and THEY said we need to fire you, take $2000 from you for each act of speech, and put you in this tiny box for 2 years without trial, sorry. It’s Democracy, the Will of the People, what can you do?” – Maximilien Robespierre

    It’s a religion. A Theocracy. They authorize themselves to speak for God.

    Speaking of:

    “Lake Mead Is Draining, Not Climate Changing – The American Spectator”

    Lake Mead Is Draining, Not Climate Changing

    As can be seen in the Bureau of Reclamation’s official estimate of the yearly natural water flows into Lake Mead, there has been no long-term trend in water flow into the reservoir.

    It was Science, so it was false. QED. It was Science, so no one bothered to look at the data. The End. They heard the word “Climate Change” and all their brains stopped! So sad.

    The West is so dry that there are floods washing away cars for 1,500 miles. Record snow pack. Now that’s the kind of drought I can get behind!

    How many times can you be wrong? Big stuff, little stuff, middle stuff. At some point don’t you get tired and check your facts first? Not a personal comment, a very general comment about society at large, which we all share the faults of. Wrong on crime, wrong on economics, wrong on finance, wrong on violence, guns, medicine. Wrong everywhere. Don’t people finally say “Gee, I really better get down in there and cross all the I’s and dot the T’s so I don’t look like a fool before that board meeting”? Nope. They do not. I’m sure you know many people like this in every town, grumpy, showing up, hurling accusations, etc. Who knows why? Their own psychology I guess. And the psychology of the victims of such violence, sitting around, not banding together, letting them.

    And that’s a psychology that’s become nationwide right now. No checking, no concessions, no forgiveness. “Deny everything. Admit nothing. Make counter accusations.” –CIA That was supposed to be a joke, not a motto.

    Maybe we could Accept Everything, Consider Everything, and Forgive Everything we can? Please.


    Excuse me while I clean up the vomit on my carpet …..


    Heinrich Hofmann Christ and the Rich Young Man 1889

    Sure looks like Sam Bankman Fried twerking for Jesus in that painting

    SBF was even pitching FTX to Christ

    Well he convinced Tom Brady, how hard could Jesus be to sell on cryptos?



    Took a bit to sift through the “How the West Supports Kleptocrats and Corruption – Endangering Our Democracy.” read. At the end I followed yet another link: upon scrolling through some of the articles presented there I would have to conclude that this site is pro WEF. The angle that was evident in the one I posted from Peak Everything didn’t seem to touch much on the west, only to blame the banking sector as the one of the bad actors and the government institutions struggling to contain it, as if. As such I have to say take the thing with a grain of salt, as we should with most everything anymore. Had I read further through before posting I wouldn’t have bothered. However know thy enemy.


    This week I am attending management training online with 6 other people from various parts of the world (US, Canada,Dubai). Yesterday as we checked in, one of the participants was upset because one of their employees (in his 50s) died suddenly. The whole organization was “in shock”.

    I was talking about it last night with a neighbor and brought up how many relatively young people seem to being dying suddenly. I was assured it’s the time of year.


    It was suggested that the 21 year old Air Force Academy Cadet who suddenly died of a coincidence was “walking to briskly” to class as a ’cause’.

    Total mental meltdown


    Has anyone seen any footage of the miraculously recovered Damar Hamlin? Just wondering what condition he really is in?

    Mr. House

    ““Why Biden and Trump Are Treated Differently in Classified Document Cases (ET)”

    My question: Why is this surprising? The authorities allowed CHOP/CHAZ and riots all summer 2020. They are trying to goad someone to throw a punch, first you had the Whitmer BS where the FBI hatches a plot to kidnap her and stir shit up, and when a punch wasn’t thrown in 2020, well we had Jan 6th. And that still hasn’t gotten the punch thrown they want so bad, so they raid Trumps compound hoping someone will be set off. Still nothing, so you know gotta goad some more.

    The Markster


    Thank you for the links. I boycott YouTube which is very limiting, so the rumble stuff is appreciated.

    Hard to take it all in, even seeing what is happening, the horror is such strange medicine. That Unforgivable video was the only one I could take for now, but will be back. Through terror to the eye of a needle? Gotta go stand barefoot on the earth now in the cold, pray and cry, ask for help.

    Dear God, what have we done?
    XO ☮️

    Mr. House

    Why do CIA and NSA have any information on any American citizens who have committed no crimes? And how did they get it without a FISA warrant?


    I don’t boycot Youtube. I watch it on Brave Browser, which blocks all their ads.

    I take up their bandwidth and they get nothing.

    Back when Youtube existed for small content creators, I would let the ads play. Then they started demonetizing people, so I demonetized them as well.

    If they publicly recant, apologize, and stop, I’ll let their ads play again, otherwise youtube is permanently demonetized as far as I am concerned.


    A career ending move:


    Sweet Kenny

    I grew up in the 70s in Canada and the Muppets were a big part of my childhood – the letter from Jim Henson on some level felt like it was for me too.


    Working together


    I hope that you kept a file of “Medical Coincidence”, “Popcorn Effect”?

    CDC Finally Released Its VAERS Safety Monitoring Analyses for COVID Vaccines Via FOIA

    CDC Finally Released Its VAERS Safety Monitoring Analyses for COVID Vaccines Via FOIA
    And now it’s clear why they tried to hide them.
    By Dr. Josh Guetzkow
    Wake up or die. Go Away. Save Yourself.

    “There can be no word of any humanitarian corridor,” he said, noting that all civilians have already been evacuated from the town.

    “Moscow says Washington and its allies are waging a proxy war at the expense of the Ukrainian people.”
    … regardless of the consequences to the Ukrainian people.”

    • Using Ukraine as a Bloodied Pawn (Antiwar)


    WES in the cold wrassling a washing machine while the women glower…


    “I don’t boycot Youtube. I watch it on Brave Browser, which blocks all their ads.”

    I watch it with the ads. They are like my primary social indicator of Where We’re At. Not good for my sanity, tho. Talk about a freak show…

    Mr. House

    More evidence that this woman believes in nothing except for herself and how wonderful she is

    How a War on Porn Is Endangering US Sex Workers

    She’ll slap down your anecdotal evidence and tell you how immature and amateur you are for providing and then do the same about her “friends” who work in the sex industry and thats considered the gold standard 😉


    Lake Mead

    The CAP (Central Arizona Project) is the local canal system that utilizes the bulk of Arizona’s agreed allotment of water from the Colorado River. I attended a lecture a few months back by a local politician who had been on the CAP board from my county for the past several years. He explained that the data used around a hundred years ago to divvy up the Colorado River water was of relative short duration and there had been some unusually wet years included. Due to this, the water was over-allocated. We now have many more years of data. California’s rights to Colorado River water are older and legally trump Arizona’s rights — he stated that Arizona is willing and capable of reducing its draws on the Colorado River in order to increase the water levels of Lake Mead and Lake Powell, but that unless California agrees to do the same, the water that AZ voluntarily left in the system could be used by California, and Arizona’s purpose of not taking its full water allotment could be frustrated.

    This particular politician has mostly held non-partisan positions (like CAP), however, from his rhetoric I could tell that he leaned left. He, too, placed the primary blame on climate change…but based upon this article shared by Dr. D and how the politician mentioned the original data for the allotments to be insufficient…simple over-use seems to be the explanation more in line with Occam’s Razor.

    This leads me back to humanity’s problem of general mismanagement of the natural resources in the world around us. The climate change hype seems designed to simply get people fearful enough to accept pat, technocratic “solutions” while their thinking minds are partially paralyzed with anxiety, rather than cogitating deeply on the problem and addressing it in a calm, measured fashion. Yes, with such a large human population we need to pay attention and be mindful of how humanity is affecting and interacting with the natural world. In order to do this we likely will need to move beyond capitalism — we need an economic system that takes the natural world into consideration, and that seeks to utilize resources in a measured fashion, rather than prioritizing quick exploitation. Does that mean really existing communism or socialism? No. And I don’t think that technocracy in any form is the answer (despite the Venus Project) — technology and data should be servant, not master. I don’t think any of us know exactly in what way our economy needs to transform so that we retain at least the level of economic freedom that we currently have with really-existing capitalism (but I’d prefer an expansion of this freedom — at the very least we need ideals that champion economic freedom,) and respect the finite capacities of the planet.

    (However, there *is* a problem in the Rocky Mountains generally with pine trees being stressed and succumbing to beetle infestation — I’ve seen this in my travels through Colorado. That issue is not explained by the charts on Colorado River basin rainfall.)


    Regarding Germ’s question/thought about Spike in organ transplants, I’ll point out that World War Z (the novel) as a history of the gradual infection of the planet with the Solanum virus described how rich folk who purchased (legal and illegal) organs became zombies because of those organs. Interesting to me, the story also followed an exponential curve of infections: first a few isolated cases, in rural places or gated communities or blighted sections of cities, for months. But then, more and more began to appear.

    Zombies in contemporary Lore represent many things, different traumas in societies, but more recently the genre has decidedly turned “materialistic” in that zombification results from viruses or bioweapons. One turn I like is Peter Watts in his Blindsight setting in his sequel Echopraxia suggests a logicogrammatical kind of attack, where certain sound and thought patterns distributed through words beget a similar effect.

    Lynch followed this in his new stories added to Twin Peaks, but there’s already lots to study in neurolinguistic programming, especially for machines with ample amounts of time and data to draw from and to synthesize with.

    Bot making bots out of meatware, primed by BB crossing viruses?

    It’s just science fiction.

    D Benton Smith

    Today there are at least half a dozen stunningly huge scandals spreading across the entirety of Western Civilization , any one of which is more than big enough to warrant full scale armed revolution in existential self defense.

    For examples:

    The Central Intelligence Agency murdered a sitting U.S. president, and has successfully evaded any and all justice for that heinous conspiratorial crime for 6 decades.

    The Department of Defense designed and executed the Covid-19 Vaccine mass murder, justifying that democidal treason as a legal “counter measure” of some mysteriously undeclared war with some as yet unnamed entity. Could that unidentified entity be us citizens and ordinary people ? What other possible explanation could there be for NOT publicly naming who the enemy is or how that enemy is SO dangerous to some people that all OTHER people must be secretly killed to defend against?

    The world is being proactively pushed to the brink of global nuclear war (via Ukraine war) by the US Military Industrial Complex so that they can make trillions of dollars in weapon sales and war spending and retain their hegemonic power . . . and the ability to go on making even more trillions by continuing to go on doing the same deadly scam forever.

    Organized serial killer style pedophilia is practiced as standard operating procedure at the highest levels of government, across the world. Evidence clutters the field of view like Fall leaves, despite almost incalculable amounts of lethal censorship of the fact by the perpetrators and their enslaved minions.

    The production of absolutely vital essentials such as food, energy, and medical care are being systematically destroyed on the grand scale by governments and political agencies around the world (but ESPECIALLY in the so-called “West”.)

    The financial system that has glued the Western civilization together has , shall we say, “overborrowed” itself to the tune of hundreds of trillions of dollars that can neither be be honored nor repaid in a thousand years of human work, effort and productivity of real goods and services. When it breaks, hundreds of millions of people alive today will die for the lack of those vital goods and services.

    Elections have become a joke barely worth repeating because the only ones who laugh are the fake “winners” who are playing the joke on us. . . straight into our faces and daring us to make something of it.

    That’s a lot of shitstorms.

    Did you note that every single one of those shitstorms traces back to the SAME criminals. Not one time, or two times, but EVERY time.

    Critical mass is approaching like the explosive wave front of a triggering mechanism.

    Wouldn’t want to be at ground zero when it gets there.

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