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    Edward Hopper Burly Cobb’s House, South Truro 1930-33   • Drone Attacks Continue On Kyiv And Eastern Ukraine (BBC) • Nancy Pelosi Is Stepping Dow
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle January 2 2003]


    Denninger is correct to look back to look forward at the ticking of the markets but I think this ‘ole Vax scene has a few more acts left.

    Also Digital certificates via gov ID will be a big one.

    Any votes on what’s “Yuuuuuge” in 2023?

    Neo Bio-weaponry via neo natality fatality

    China ist ze noo Russia?

    I look forward to your prognostications as always


    I have very, very little respect for Varoufakis

    I followed Max Keiser and Varoufakis debating back when Greece was being gang raped by Germany and the EU commission.

    Varoufakis sold Greece down the river with his limp wristed positions.

    “This will be the year that Europeans realize the designed irrelevance of the European Union. The quagmire in Ukraine’s killing fields will bring on the realization of the need for a diplomatic process to end the war, but also the realization that the EU is radically incapable of playing any significant role in it.”


    Russia will NEVER trust the Collective West again in at least a generation.

    Maybe if the mobs in the various Eurotard ‘countries’ (cough,gag,cough) presented Russia with the severed heads of their respective leaders on pikes, well, maybe the Russians would throw Eurotardistan a glance. But short of that bloody gesture, no, Russia will never ‘negotiate’ with the ‘agreement incapable West.’

    Let them descend into violent feral chaos and a Dark Age for a century or two. That might clear Eurotardistan’s fogged brains and twisted consciences.

    “….Caught up in all this, humanity will be spending another year not investing in the green transition on which our species’ future hinges…”


    Wow, crawl back into your privileged playboy showboat life Yanis and smoke another pipe dream.


    Dr. D

    Truro is dunes at the tip of Cape Cod.

    “’Radicalized’ Times Square Attacker Was on FBI Watchlist”

    Of course he was. And he was a domestic, southern-talking, bible-thumping white supremacist? Nope, a converted Muslim in Maine. Fail. Don’t worry: the narrative won’t notice.

    “Pelosi was one of the most high-profile members of Congress implicated in a five-month corruption investigation by Business Insider.”

    That must be a dog’s age ago. We haven’t had media in years.

    “It’s like her power in Congress directly translates to her own personal wealth accumulation”

    She has $114M (officially) but is 82. What good does the money do her? Here’s the tip: they need the money to defend from attacks on them and their corruption, all the other people they hurt to get there. So it’s a spiral, a death trap. Not to be envied, it demonstrates idiotic strategy and planning. Very stupid, but sometimes you get in before it occurs to you.

    there is no division on policy between us and President Bush, be it on Israel, Palestine or Syria.”

    Pelosi says there’s a uniparty, the Democrats are not different, and Dore has now been 10 years getting anyone to believe it. The Republicans 30 since Gingrich. Do you think she is lying? Or not lying? The answer is the same.

    BTW read a forwarded Hudson Institute review on what do do with Russia after.

    Like to do a review, but it’s the same old. And a word soup. It’s not that they think Russia is the USSR, although they do. It’s not that they intend to get in, cause unrest, kill people, fund wars, break them up and steal everything forever, although they do. It’s that as the Neocon mouthpiece, their paradigm is actually an airtight echo chamber that is richly-created at this point. It’s like Game of Thrones fan fiction where all the questions about Cerce’s childhood, what languages they speak and food they eat have been answered. But answered by being entirely fabricated by the fans themselves. So like fiction, every phrase in their White Paper is “authoritarian” “lack of democracy” “dictator” “Violent”, although obviously Russia is a democracy, perhaps more than ours, and is not violent either compared to our top 20 cities, or our 50-year war record. So they just “make s—t up” but because it’s a fan fiction fantasy that looks vaguely similar to real life, they don’t care/can’t tell. Like how Iraq will greet us with flowers. When they don’t, nothing adjusted, carry on. Psychosis.

    But this is the “No division of policy” between D and R, with 200 of 300 members of Congress participating. There’s only a few rebels and they are censored, even if they’re the last remaining anti-war Left.

    “Twitter’s COVID-19 Censorship Led to Loss of Life – Dr. Scott Atlas (ET)”

    Let’s say this another way: Twitter’s Censorship prevented medicine. And as Musk said yesterday, prevented Science. It was directly #AntiScience. It’s exactly as if Thalidomide was discovered and leaked and all the doctors issuing warnings were silenced. That’s not a metaphor, it’s just replacing the name of one drug scandal with another.

    ““..he threw around so much data confetti”

    My point exactly, like chaff used for aircraft defense. You fill the air with shiny tinfoil to baffle the missiles. It’s meant to confuse and distract. Fauci’s confuse and distract was to say everything and its opposite, one at a time as if he believed them.

    In a flip of Pelosi, he’s 80. So he can’t possibly serve enough jail time to matter and we don’t match up the cumulative annoyance with open torture. Sadly, is it better just to expose them, right the country and carry on? Probably. But who wants that, emotionally? Since WE are the government, and WE blew it, WE approved it, WE stomped around and trampled each other, then should the weight of our ire be only on Fauci?

    Con men know you can’t con someone who doesn’t want to be conned. Who isn’t also guilty and participating. If we’re the government, WE need to go to jail. But it seems we’ve already paid for our crime.

    “The Zhejiang Provincial government recorded one million new COVID cases on Dec. 25, while the Chinese national CDC only reported 2,983 new cases”

    Not to be stupid, but do they finally have working tests? And since everyone “has” Covid, if you “get” it a second time – like a common cold – does it matter? You’re essentially immune. A: Don’t care: we’re the Government. Do What You’re Told.

    “Musk also suggested he could try to buy Wikipedia, but was informed it was not for sale by its founder Jimmy Wales.”

    The other founder said it’s a useless, biased platform now that needs major reform. But Wikipedia has been doing the usual fundraising – fine, no argument – then merely bankrolling the cash. So it’s Wales’ personal multi-million dollar slush fund, money not used to fund Wiki. Why? I guess we don’t know yet, but there’s a similar pattern in Clinton charities, etc. My guess is the “collateral” make him able to borrow “Interest free loans,” both halves of which would be accounting fraud.

    “Fauci authored 2012 paper arguing for gain-of-function research! Obama wisely put this on pause, but Fauci restarted it.”

    Restarted illegally. As a felony. In direct affront and rebellion to Congress.

    “Still amazed at the strength of the USD in the face of so much opposition.”

    It would be interesting if this WAS the US$ blowoff strength. Just being masked by other weaknesses. Seems like something like this doesn’t go out with a whimper, but something we’ll recognize and hasn’t happened yet.

    US$, EUR, Yuan, all going away. Or co-existing with the new. Although each is founded differently, they’re all “national” currencies, and untrustworthy. That’s why you can’t see it on these charts. What if all of the other 100 currencies increase 2% each? China isn’t claiming gold settlement, but if they just HAPPEN to import private-market gold that just HAPPENS to match their import deficit? What can the U.S. say? It’s all a giant coincidence, a thing they like best, as everything in America is a big coincidence.

    “Caught up in all this, humanity will be spending another year not investing in the green transition on which our species’ future hinges.” Really, Varoufakis? After Germany you still say this?

    Be Lyin’ “would be a “true alternative” to China’s Belt and Road Initiative.”

    Where? They can’t even wire up Portugal. And the world has long seen how Europe acts in Africa and Indonesia. They cut down every forest to grow Palm Oil that doesn’t turn the dial on energy use. They’re useless beings. Psychosis. “Shovel Ready”. They think saying the thing IS the thing.

    ““This is a communications exercise.” “A recent gala event held in the metaverse”

    I think that “handful” was less than 50. Like total joke. If they’d held a raffle at the same time they could have given $100K to each guest. (But they probably do anyway.)

    “while the peak shifts a bit off noon its not at 3:00 AM. In winter it is every time”

    Every engineer knew this. Every user knew this. Every Johnny NASCAR told you. They did it anyway.

    What is it that we can’t stop these people and hold them to account? The PMCs are like the House of Lords. BTW there’s no sun in winter even during the day. Because more atmosphere, the angle attenuates the power pretty noticeably.

    Healthiest places: that is quite a grab bag of unrelated factors. Food price x Sunlight chart? Why not add access to Netflix or empanadas? Miles to nearest ski resort? Internet had someone not moving to Maine because of pollution. Okay. But it was the 200-year year pollution? Huh? Back when we used to pollute by dumping fish heads in the Merrimack? There may even be pollution somewhere in Maine, but it’s sparsely populated and shouldn’t be hard to tell. Even in Chernobyl I’m sure there’s a nice little area somewhere. All real estate is local? Your life is specific to you and your habits, where you go, what you like.

    The chart just bashes Russia. And Greenland, I guess. If you’re one of the farms around Amsterdam right now, your life is just like being shelled and forecably removed from Kharkov. You’re arrested for posting online in Stockholm. Shouldn’t that matter?


    Some say things can’t go downhill that long.

    Some say it’s amazing how somethings can continue to go downhill



    “New/True definition of Censorship”

    (read slowly to obtain the full implications/impact
    Read the examples presented by TAE)

    Restrict the access to the truth, information or the opinions, or to confuse and distract, to prevent the exposure or hide the errors, hide the stupid/ignorance, hide the criminal activity, or reduce the influence, or hide the wrongdoing/corruption, or fabricate a scenario, hide the lies of the enforcers, administrators, leaders, and influencers to avoid negative kickbacks/accountability/that would tarnish a reputation and to influence/manipulate/coordinates/control societies response.
    When will censorship/propaganda/lies about the truth, concerning Ukraine’s killing fields, bring on the realization and activate a diplomatic process to end the war and deaths.?

    Figmund Sreud

    Unrestrained Jeffery Sachs:

    Figmund Sreud


    Today’s western ideology was fundamentally cast through the radical shift in the relationship between state and traditional society – first promoted during the French revolutionary era. Rousseau is often taken as the icon of ‘liberty’ and ‘individualism’, and remains widely admired. Yet here we already experience that ‘nuancing’ of language that metamorphoses ‘liberty’ into its converse – an anti-political, totalitarian colouring.

    Systems Dynamics Follow Their Own Rules – and Not Groupthink

    D Benton Smith

    Because we are so utterly reliant on information which can (we believe) only be obtained from others we are extremely vulnerable (and susceptible) to lies and error. Let me repeat that using different words, because the fact is absolutely key to this essay. If you must have some item of information, and that item is only obtainable by accepting it from someone else, then you are extraordinarily vulnerable to that “someone else”. If the data they give you is false, for any reason whatsoever, then YOU are toast.

    Obviously from this, and this fact too is crucial to my argument, the control of that flow of information is DIRECTLY proportionate to the control of the efficacy of those people’s interactions with each other and their environment. In other words, to control others consists of controlling the information that they take in and send out. What do they accept? What do they reject? What do they assert? What do they deny? What should they DO !? What should they abstain?

    All that chitter chatter among our cohort, and then acting (or not!) based on that chitter chatter (plus a smidgen of our own direct observation) is how we get through the day. EVERY day.

    All of us do this because we must (in order to get through the day alive and well). Some of us do it better than others, and skill levels vary. Therefore it can be said with complete certainty that SOME people do it BEST. Those are the people who “control” the world to whatever extent that it is actually controlled. Once again let me say that again in different words. To whatever degree that a thing as messy as the real world can be controlled at all . . . and that topic is an entire other ferocious debate . . . it is controlled by those who are good at controlling others by means of controlling (by fair means or foul) the flow of information TO and FROM those people.

    The disgusting dog’s breakfast that such a state of affairs causes is the reason that MOST people, the vast vast majority, choose to opt out of the lying dog fight just as much as they can. They choose to devote AS LITTLE TIME AND ATTENTION POSSIBLE to the cesspool which develops in and around the control centers of society, the so-called “Halls of Power” and snake pits of crime.

    I understand their attitude . . . BUT! . . . . I feel obligated to inform them that the CONSEQUENCE of opting out of that shit storm is that such an opt-out automatically results in being even more dependent on other people to know what is really going on so that they can report it to you, and thus more vulnerable to them being mistaken or deliberately deceitful.

    Here’s my point: our flow of information is being seriously fucked with by the BEST liars, who have had entire lifetimes devoted to mastering those skills and devising time tested means of collaboration between each other for mutual benefit.

    The task is straightforward. Find them or fail.


    our flow of information
    New years day conversation with two 20 year olds university student

    Q.: Who do you think is winning the war? Ukraine/Russia?
    A.: Dhuuu
    (Note: It’s that age group being killed in Ukraine)

    Q.: What do you think, China, ended Covid zero
    A.: Dhuuu

    Q.: Did you hear about Freedom convoy? Emergency Act?
    A: Yah. That was in Ottawa.

    Q.: What about inflation?
    A.: Hummm. We each got a great new action computer game. What about you?

    Communication failure

    Figmund Sreud

    @D Benton Smith: Find them or fail.

    For the individual, all is dependent on assertion and honest appraisal. Trouble is the assertion comes before discovery for vast! Most assert by innate, immediate feelz!


    When do economists get things right?

    When reporting past events. And then not always so.

    When did The Economist get things right?

    Same answer.

    John Day

    @Dr.D: That Hudson Institute article about the imminent collapse of Russia was included in the latest from The Ethical Skeptic, as an example of the deeply entrenched neocon viewpoint, which seems to be so very distant from the model of reality many of us here have, from the information we see.
    No model is “reality”, of course.


    ‘It comes after Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky wished for victory and a “return to normal” for Ukraine in 2023.’

    I too wish for victory -by the Russian Federation. Like many other people, I am more than thoroughly sick of the fascists of Kiev and their fascists sponsors in London, Washington, Ottawa, Canberra, Wellington and Brussels.

    And a return to normal for Ukraine in 2023 is underway –normal being no access to electricity.

    I don’t wish for that, as such, for the rest of the world, but it is inevitable, so we might as well prepare for it by not buying an electric car or by not upgrading electrical appliances..

    Not that I have sufficient access to digital fiat currency (which is rapidly being devalued by the managers) to upgrade anyway.

    Since ‘the actors’ continue to acquire enormous short-term benefits from their staged performances, they will continue to perform.

    “Show me the money.”

    “How would you like to be paid? Digital fiat currency? Property? Gold?”

    “Yes please.”


    “All of them”

    John Day

    The lady who was arrested for “praying in her head” near a UK abortion clinic, in an “exclusion zone”, created to prevent the intimidation of clinic employees, presents an interesting way to dissect the law.

    The clinic was closed. She was alone and stood silently until questioned by police.
    “Praying” was conceived in one way when it was included among public acts which could intimidate employees, but standing alone silently was not what was envisioned. Standing alone silently, thinking prayerful thoughts, is either standing alone silently, or it is a crime-of-undisclosed-thoughts, which were later disclosed under intimidating police interrogation.

    My fairly brief search reveals that the media has dropped this story. I cannot find the current specifics of the charges. This is really, truly worth following as a “test case”.


    Out of curiosity, I clicked on a weather information website for the place I live and came across the following, under the heading ‘Activities for a cloudy day’:

    ‘The relaxed rural town of Amberley is primarily a service centre for local farms and wine growers, but it’s also home to some of the area’s best cafes and craft shops.

    There are mountain views to the north and south, with Amberley Beach just a minute down the road. The beach has a seemingly endless coastline and is an excellent place for a stroll.

    Visitors also enjoy Amberley for its country pursuits, which include horse riding, wine tasting, surfcasting, fly fishing, farm visits and garden tours. The Amberley Beach golf course delivers sweeping views of the sea.’

    The writers of this neuro-linguistic programming crap neglected to mention that the road to the golf course was washed out a few months ago by a combination of sea level rise and an unprecedented storm, and to get there from Amberley in ‘just a minute’ one would have to travel at around 300 km an hour.

    Nor does the writer of this crap mention that there is often a very strong, cold, easterly wind at Amberly Beach. One has to be inland and protected by trees to not be affected by it. Which I am.

    I mention this because it is the kind of garbage The Empire of Lies churns out on a continuous basis.


    It would be interesting if this WAS the US$ blowoff strength. Just being masked by other weaknesses. Seems like something like this doesn’t go out with a whimper, but something we’ll recognize and hasn’t happened yet.
    Could be:
    •a mechanism, unrecognized now, but that becomes immediately obvious, in a “yeah, duh” moment.
    •a avalanche, where a single grain falling triggers a mass panic, the timing of which is necessarily imprecise or otherwise managed by intentional disturbance.
    The first point interests me… where in theory liquid assets can be protected by calculation. In this Catch 22 world, both points fall to the rule, once generally recognized, it’s priced in. That said, I ask: is there a soul somewhere, watching a line on a graph, that knows when & what to do?


    In Oceania, independent thought is Thoughtcrime. And it is a punishable offence.

    Winston recognised that to keep a diary and record his thoughts was a crime against Ingsoc, punishable by Big Brother. But knowing that, he did it anyway. And was punished.

    Free Julian Assange?

    “Maybe. But only after we have completely broken him.”


    After a period of relative quiet, the war on the actual battle zone and surrounding regions is intensifying. Much will be decided in January 2023.

    Michael Reid

    What is correct and good does not need god or religion, it exists within us. It seems to me that god is truth and truth exists.

    Veracious Poet

    The task is straightforward. Find them or fail.



    Veracious Poet

    It is my assertion (based upon a multitude of factors I won’t dive back into), that the “leaders” that are being cast as movers & shakers (ie villains) within The Empire of Lies are in fact representing a vast swath of humanity that have & will consent to their insane ideological action(s).

    In fact, I’d go so far as to accuse a large portion of the “American” electorate as fully cognizant & approving of fraudulent elections, and worse 😕

    In effect, what normal, sane & spiritually-based (at some level) people are chafing against is nothing short of generations of deluded, uneducated & toxic CULTure, which has propagated “their” “leaders” & global trends, who are *now* in *open* enmity with The Loving, Healing, Creative Power of The Infinite

    When ludicrous agitprop/events happen like RUSSIA! RUSSIA! RUSSIA!, unleashing of bio-attacks, wide open borders, blatant media/social media misinfo campaigns, attacking Russia via Ukraine, 2020/2022 “election” fraud happen et al., on an constant linear basis, one can should not rule-out that a majority of humanity is in approval ~ It can’t be blamed on apathy at this point 😕

    The Master Class’ efforts over the last 30+ years have created the fertile ground of EG0ic perception in The West where up is down, left is right, lies are truth, a scenario that has manifested in widespread CULTure of Collective EG0ic Madness (*neocon* *neolib/woke* et al.), buying even the most farcical of .GOV/.CORPse pronouncements + misdeeds, hook-line-and-sinker!

    No one *knows* how or when the end of current Mass Formation Psychosis will end, perhaps it won’t for decades, but for those that identify with it’s machinations, the investment is almost irreversible…

    The remnant like most of us on TAE & elsewhere (gen boomers or older) want to assign blame to a small cadre of sociopaths & psychopaths, but that *now* has risen to the point of risible thinking & behavior 😕

    2023 will be a continuation of the horrific trends of the last 20+ years, do try to enjoy the ride…

    Veracious Poet

    So, as I went about placing food outside for the local stray/feral felines in my proximity (abandoned by dark, soul dead “people”), a thought occurred to me:

    What if the current batch of demented, no shame & anything goes “leadership” is done with the “useful idiots”, fully conscious of their constituents inability to discern *danger*, thus unleashed the *kill* shots to unburden themselves of the “useless eaters/energy wasters”, cognizant they would follow most any of “their” apparatchiks instructions into the grave?

    And right as I was having that seemingly external malevolent awareness, someone a block or two over started blasting The Purge Siren at such a high volume that only a locomotive horn would suffice 😕

    Case made, sad reality apparent…







    D Benton Smith


    And your point is?


    I think the dead russian oligarch thing is a western media spin because unless they all died on the same day why oh why is the western media – (soooo many articles in every western country on this right now) all commenting on this in unison?

    Not saying people are not dead just had no idea that western journalists had such high levels oh hive mind/esp.
    The timing is total LOCKSTEP and also strangely none of it violating community guidelines of being censored or questioned.

    My bullshit detector is like razor sharp these days


    I’ll wait for germ to comment on Damar Hamlin.

    Dr. D

    I had the same thought: I’m 50-50 that it’s the West killing them. Fill me in on what you think is happening, as it’s inide baseball and no doubt complex. And very certainly Litvinenko was NOT killed by Putin or the KGB. It was the dumbest story anyone had ever heard until the Skripal story came out. Then the Brits swallowed that one too.

    MI6 didn’t even try to make it plausible, nor care. I’m not saying they did it, the top suspect is a different Russian oligarch (exactly the guys Putin is killing) but they didn’t bother with any lipstick on the pig before trotting her out as proof of RussiaRussiaRussia. Because they had already planned the war back then and were setting up the early stage.

    So…who’s killing rich Russians? Any ideas? If it anything like America, and it is, the suspects are absolutely everyone, as everyone hates them, from Madam speaker right down to the janitor, and no one is sorry to see their nation’s oligarchs come to bad ends.

    D Benton Smith

    Four Easy Guidelines For A Longer Life

    Avoid open windows.
    Never work for (or even near) the Clinton’s.
    Make sure your prison cell’s Security Cam is working.
    Don’t commit treason in Russia.


    Look it could be Putin, but everyone knows that at the end of the USSR a lot of ex KGB interests were divided up Ostensibly a dash for cash and assets but American interests don’t penetrate as well into a place with 12 time zones and a language difficult to move through undetected. If it was Putin it is because probably we are entering a hot war now or soon and resources and critical assets that Oligarchs own would be put against the interests of Russian unity so who knows but war creates different rules and an open economy can be dangerous for a short time so there is that.

    I just think unless the Western media have solid evidence of specific stories/actions the SHUT THE FUCK UP.

    You. Are. Boring.
    Because you lie all the time and don’t state your agenda in your articles – you are just an manufacturing consent machine.
    So whatevz


    Sorry about the poor writing skills. I need to work on my punctuation – hard to keep up with the calibre here.


    Not that it matters much but the weather here today was almost the opposite of that of predicted in the forecast.

    They said, mostly cloudy and cool

    Actually, it was mostly clear skies and hot.

    A trivial fact about Airstrip Five. 50 years ago about 20% of the population lived in or near Orcland and there were working farms within 20km of the CBD. Now about 45% of the population on Airstrip Five lives in or near Orcland and all the best potato-growing land has been assigned to housing and shopping malls.

    As far as the actors who pretend to manage the business i.e.. The Scorpion, Fatguts and ‘Sir Ashley’ -are concerned, controlling the mood of populaces of Orcland and Boot-City is the prime concern: hence free fast-food vouchers with every jab of The Scorpion’s stinger.

    Haven’t heard anything from Candy Floss -literally bright pink hair- who recommended that the public not wear masks, and then a month of so recommended that the public do wear masks.

    The script writers must have been having a bad day.

    Now, I suspect the scriptwriters are having a bad year, what with the ‘heroic Ukraine’ narrative falling apart, the ‘safe and effective’ narrative falling apart, and the economy falling apart.

    Last week there were just a few packs of eggs in the local supermarket; this week none.

    “So it goes.”


    Candy Floss -literally bright pink hair- who recommended that the public not wear masks, and then a month or so later recommended that the public do wear masks.

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