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    John Day

    I don’t know who is killing Russian oligarchs, but they have enemies aplenty. If an oligarch is anti-Putin these days, he might be hit by a rival, and it might be overlooked. Alternatively, they could be false-flag killings for show to the west, because Putin won’t be fooled.
    Still, somebody gets the wealth. Who?

    D Benton Smith


    Don’t sweat the punctuation, it’s the thoughts that count, like where you wrote, ” . . . we are entering a hot war now or soon and resources and critical assets that Oligarchs own would be put against the interests of Russian unity so who knows but war creates different rules and an open economy can be dangerous for a short time so there is that.”

    That’s a very good point you just made. Worth careful consideration , especially now that things are really getting down to existential contest.

    those darned kids

    raúl: the year in today’s title and url are incorrect which may cause problems with future referencing..

    and, here’s some isley brothers:

    Sweet Kenny

    @Redneck – I’m not sure who you’re posting those for – I doubt anyone cares other than you. Nothing will ever convince me Russia and Putin are any worse than US – did Putin or Russia turn Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen into ruins killing millions of innocent people? Get you head out of your ass – you are far more likely to die from the actions of someone in your country than actions by Putin or Russia.

    V. Arnold

    Re: Redneck’s posting

    I’d prefer Redneck to keep posting; his POV keeps this place (TAE) viable and real: Not an echo chamber for the MSM.
    Isn’t that what we’re all here for? C’mon…think damnit!


    Assassinations are especially common during war. Power plays galore. Rich bastards die along with poor kids.

    Bang band, you’re dead. Brush your teeth and go to bed.

    The missiles are flying into Ukraine milindustrial infrastructure not into wealthy billionaire palaces. Billionaires not very important; just ticks, after all. I think that maybe by spring people will have figured out that this is a real war not another international military mugging/media snuff flick.

    Real war changes things, and when things change, things change. Houses of cards are especially vulnerable to collapse.


    And so, Xmas proved the only thing capable of saving us from Xmas: Beaver Makes Xmas Dam

    AWOL Elf

Viewing 6 posts - 41 through 46 (of 46 total)
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