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    V. Arnold

    Having read reams of information, both here and many other sources; no vaccine for us.
    My wife doesn’t trust the pharma galoots and I don’t either.
    I will grant that of all of them (vaccines), the Russian Sputnik V is likely the safest. but we’ve elected to stay the course with D3, V-C, diet, excercise, and common sense.
    A friend in Wisconsin got a jab of the Moderna vaccine last Tuesday (second one in 4 weeks) and his Thai wife on Wednesday; so far so good…
    We’ll see…
    My reasoning is quite simply; everything has been too rushed at the cost of good medical practices…


    Are you trading on the stock market?
    Here is where you should go to meet the action figures.


    I count among those clueless and hapless people pretty much everyone of you on this fine blog. To make myself unambiguously clear, yes, I am calling you out as clueless, hapless, self-absorbed idiots. — D Benton Smith

    Ha ha I am quite happy to be called clueless (aren’t we all a bit like that as they say?), hapless bothers me a lot but I can’t think what to do about it, I tried and failed, self-absorbed, hmm, not so much, but that isn’t intresting.

    It is definetly true though that in some spots where ppl see grand plots and very dark conspiracies I sometimes see muddle, discord, in-fighting, hesitations, incompetence, miscalculations, even fear and paranoia, in and amongst those who are in charge, have power, are ruling, sitting on important decision nodes, etc.

    This vision leaves some space for some types of collective action which might be effective and not merely reactive in the lamest way possible. In short, the round 1, 2, etc. that you detail seems to me to not only too schematic (lack of detail etc. isn’t problematic in itself – over-simplificiations can be wonderful ..) but just too organised. Each to his own I guess 🙂


    It seems probable that appropriate use of just aspirin, vit D3, HCQ, ivermectin and zinc tablets in prophylactic and early treatment could reduce the covid threat to a level we could live with and save hundreds of thousands of people from an untimely death in Europe and the Americas. But instead of protesting government failure to provide treatment, mass protests have been about masks and lockdowns. Then there is DBS including Chinese bio-warfare in his latest rant. The corporatocracy is evidently still firmly in control of the narrative, There is no need to rush your prepping.

Viewing 4 posts - 41 through 44 (of 44 total)
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