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    V. Arnold

    You want to know how much in trouble (financially) the U.S. Facist state is in?
    I’m gonna tell you; I’ve been collecting my EARNED SS benefits since 2007; ten fucking years!
    Starting in November of 2017; lo and behold; my clockwork benefit started to fail. Due on the 3rd; it always was available by 4:oo pm on the third here.
    Starting in November, 2017; 4:00 pm became 5:00 pm; then 5:30 pm; and now; not 6:45 pm.
    Something is well amiss; corrupt to the core!
    I’m fine, not that close to the wall (so-to-speak) but many times many are; and cannot afford this delay of payments.
    I’m so fucking pissed off I could barely write this; but be assured; the day of reckoning is close at hand.
    And those of us on SS are no longer assured of a guaranteed payment.
    May the god’s help us one an all…
    My apologies to Dickens…


    Groundhog Day 2018 will be interesting. When Wile E. emerges from his lair and runs off the cliff, will he see his reflection when he looks at the camera?

    Dr. D

    Yes, friends here had SS Disability 1, 2 years ago? Well, the gov’t wrote to say “Gosh, we suddenly realized we’ve made a mistake and have been overpaying you a couple bucks a week. Could you be a dear and just send us a check for a couple thousand dollars to repay that? K thx, bai.”

    Dear Sirs: it may not have come to your attention, but not only is it customary for business or government to eat losses made by idiotic overpayments, however tiny, but the very FACT of being on government assistance means you don’t have any money. …Much less thousands of dollars over thousands of people to bail out the government’s end-of-month shortfall.

    1,001 examples yesterday? Make this 1,002. Even if somehow, through sheer coincidence of the stars money should make it through the dizzying array of 740% wealthy bureaucrats and government actually manages to give money to the needy, and does not ask for a hearing and/or audit and body scan 70 miles away for the legally broke and immobile, they will actually want the money back. P.S., also for no logical reason at all.

    Look out V: if they have greater shortfalls ending the fiscal year, they’ll soon decide you owe THEM. I mean, 406,960 Federal employees make over 6-figures and those yachts aren’t going to buy themselves, are they?

    Dr. D



    OMG people, it’s called winter, you might have heard of it before. This is a normal winter storm in a normal-to-cold winter. Note it only makes the news when it snows on the important people. If snow shut all 10 states starting in Tulsa, we’d cover the Kardashians. amirite?

    V. Arnold

    Dr. D
    Look out V
    Yeah, and thanks, but; here’s the thing; I retired; I’m not on disability; I paid my fucking SS taxes for 40+ fucking years!
    My SS isn’t a entitlement god damn it! I paid hard earned money into a fund that was supposed to be responsibly managed so I had a modicum of guaranteed income!
    The fascisti in Washington have no right to fuck with that EARNED benefit!!!!!
    Man o man; I hope this is a tipping point.
    Realistically; the timid Usian’s haven’t got it in them to stand up and revolt…


    I live in community that depends on the income that the seniors spend to survive.
    Without our senior income, the dependents will die die die …. before the healthy seniors.
    Yes, there are still a few of us that can still forage.
    Yes, A few of us are not over medicate, pain free, and sound of body and mind.

    Kill the pensions and you kill the young ones.
    Cut the pensions and you cut off your economic and social nose.

    Ask the Greeks.
    What are the Greeks doing to put food on the table?

    Biggest fulcrum movers in 2017

    1. Bullies and their victimes – scales from unwanted sexual misconducts to right up to destroying countries and their economic/social structures.
    2. Social media – twitters. facebook, e-mails, WikiLeaks
    3. Bitcoin
    4. Fake news/propaganda
    5. Painkillers – cannabis to fentanyl

    John Day

    All of the resources of the global nuclear-dollar-oil-gas-empire must go into maintaining the structure. When the structure fails, the music stops, and all participants are on their own, feeling hungry, some armed and with nothing to lose.
    It is incumbent upon us, while we have some opportunity, to forge small living/growing/habitation systems, like little right-living lifeboats for the vast systemic reset from a world of growing energy/resource-availability, to a world over Seneca’s Cliff. Save what you can live in/on, but that is hard to steal and transport away. Sweet potatoes are hard to steal. Wheat, rice, corn and beans are easy to steal.


    Your monthly payments are two hours and forty five minutes late, but still coming through, in full, is that correct, V. Arnold? Is it a problem in and by itself, or you are concerned that it’s a sign of things to come?


    ” Brits Spend 5 Times More Of Their Pay On Rail Fares Than EU Commuters (Mirror) ”

    I recently read some American writing about Russia that:

    “A 100km rail journey from Moscow to Kolomna or Volokolamsk on an elektrichka costs no more than $5 (300R); in the UK, a similar journey from London to Portsmouth will cost at least £25. I paid about $75 for a high-speed Sapsan to go from Moscow to Saint-Petersburg, though I could have gotten there for as cheap as $25 on platskart shared accommodation. In contrast, my American round-trip cost me $700 with Amtrak– and I sat the entire route”

    Amazing how the people who invented trains seem to be unable to operate them cheaply any longer.


    Look at how the majority is treated by the rich and powerful.
    The minority are bullies.
    Look at what the bullies are doing.

    economic sanctions, typically a ban on trade, possibly limited to certain sectors (such as armaments), or with certain exceptions (such as food and medicine) like sanctions against Iran

    international sanctions, coercive measures adopted by a country or a group of countries against another state or individual(s) in order to elicit a change in their behavior

    pragmatic sanction, historically, a sovereign’s solemn decree which addresses a matter of primary importance and which has the force of fundamental law

    Failing a military outcome, sieges can often be decided by starvation, thirst, or disease, which can afflict either the attacker or defender. This form of siege, though, can take many months or even years, depending upon the size of the stores of food the fortified position holds.

    There is no universal definition of bullying, however, it is widely agreed upon that bullying is a subcategory of aggressive behavior characterized by the following three minimum criteria: (1) hostile intent, (2) imbalance of power, and (3) repetition over a period of time.[13] Bullying may thus be defined as the activity of repeated, aggressive behavior intended to hurt another individual, physically, mentally or emotionally
    .Bullying is divided into four basic types of abuse – emotional (sometimes called relational), verbal, physical, and cyber.[8] It typically involves subtle methods of coercion, such as intimidation.

    V. Arnold

    Is it a problem in and by itself, or you are concerned that it’s a sign of things to come?

    We’re fine. Very much concerned it’s a trend; I see dead people.
    I see a government corrupt to the core; stealing everything; allowing the infrastructure (all of it) to rot and fail. It is as clear as can be; people are a burden to the government and expendable.
    I see my sister working until she’s 70 (68 now) and maybe then, able to finally retire.


    I see dead people

    You and me both, brother… The only hope is we’ll die of old age before the shit hits the fan.

    V. Arnold

    Yeah, it’s called the death bet; we win if we die before TSHTF.
    LOL, in a perverse sort of way…

    Kirk Waln

    Bizarre weather like the East Coast of the US is experiencing are exactly what climate scientists tell us to expect from global climate change. Yeah, weird weather has always been with us but now we get a steady diet of it – the oddity becomes the norm. Enjoy. ‘Course you can always claim it’s fake like the Donald does. . . but reality bites.


    Kirk Waln,

    There are those who think that once upon a time the weather was dependable and entirely predictable – like a Swiss clock – and those who think otherwise. 🙂

    Climate Explainers: Colder Winters – Because Climate Change

    Niagra Falls frozen 1911

    Niagra Falls partly frozen 1920’s – from Canadian side.


    February 11, 1899: The Worst Cold Snap in North American History

    It’s only early January. When I was in DC, the coldest time of the year was in February and that is when most of the snow fell too. Let’s see if it will be repeat (unlikely)

    V. Arnold

    In the end, SS retirement benefit has effectively been moved forward 1 day, from the 3rd to the 4th.
    As I said already; we’re fine; but many times many are not; and 1 day could mean going hungry(?), late on rent, car payment; the list goes on and on for those on the margines; it’s them I rail for, against the machine…
    That one day delay, is the early stages of the malignancy that eventually kills: Something the U.S. government is very good at; killing…

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