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    killing the embryo
    We do it all the time …. after 18 hr., 18 days, and mostly after 18yrs in mass executions called war.

    Veracious Poet

    TAE Summary

    * J6 Hearings
    – Liz Cheney’s father is proud of her. Nuff said.
    – Pelosi: Permit me to choose the witnesses of a trial, and I care not who judges the case.
    – Lying before Congress is punished, lying for Congress is rewarded

    * Inflation
    – If flour, oil and sugar are rationed how can we eat cake?
    – The poor can no longer afford gas. Let them drive Teslas.

    * Geopolitics
    – That pivotal moment in a game of Risk when you realize that a player has held Asia for 3 turns and is now invincible. Then they take Ukraine, Egypt and Alaska. The rest is just mop-up.
    – You go to war with the propaganda you have, not the propaganda you might want or wish to have at a later time
    – Putin: You say “Can NATO?”, I say “Cannot-O”, let’s call the whole thing off
    – The Minister of Nature and Nitrogen Policy expects about a third of the 18 million Dutch citizens to ‘disappear’ by 2030

    * Abortion laws are like property laws. The woman owns the fetus like she owns a handbag. A handbag has no rights. If she decides to throw it away, that’s her business. But if you threaten it, you’ll suffer the consequences.

    * Elmo get’s vaccinated to encourage children because the vaccine protects a Muppet about as well as it does a child

    * Supreme Court: People should get to decide things democratically through elected representatives
    – Democrats: YOU FASCIST BASTARDS!


    Jay Inslee- Libtard Hypocritical Filth Scum

    issues directive making COVID vaccines a *permanent* condition of employment for state workers in executive and small cabinet agencies. That includes boosters.

    Wa will be an Abortion Sanctuary Come all yee bitches and exercise your body your choice and Murder your child resting in your womb. My Body My Choice huh?

    “Man”-datory vaccines, MAN-datory Boosters. Liberals, such wonderful hypocritical selfish immoral unethical pos.

    There was a time I considered myself very left leaning. I’ve never voted for a Republican in any election. Now? I consider Democrats and Liberals extremely disgusting hate filled trash. The Party of Chaos is leading the Empire of Hate, Lies and War in destruction. They deserve to be eviscerated for so many reasons. How long will it take?

    I have always believed in body autonomy and self determination in ones own health choices. Thank You Liberals and Democrats for opening my eyes and heart to how disgusting your ideology truly is. I now have ZERO compassion for whiny bitches crying about “my Abortion rights” while they inject children with poison, masked children for years, and never said a word these last two years opposing Vax poison mandates. Oh but they want their fucking abortions.


    I quote from an article in RT

    In his opening statement last week, Democrat committee chairman Bennie Thompson alleged that Trump was “at the centre of a sprawling, multi-step conspiracy aimed at overturning the 2020 presidential election.”

    The evidence provided at the public hearings has already gone a long way to confirming the truth of that extraordinary charge – and much more testimony damning of Trump is expected when the hearings resume in mid-July.

    Now I ask myself why RT is pushing out propaganda that purports to take the J6 commitee seriously? Why is Russia supporting the group that is operating Biden? If Russia wants a rational end to the Ukraine conflict, why would they support Biden? The group that is trying to destroy Europe and will create even more instability on Russia’s western border. Why would I believe that Russia and that group are not working together?


    Since 2014 the US/Nato’s military strategy in the Ukraine was to establish fixed lines of fortifications so the Russians would bleed themselves to death attempting a frontal assault. (The French tried that in WW2 too.)

    The Russians responded to this by moving armored forces forward until resistance is encountered, then pulling these forces back out of harms way. Then they proceed to shell the encountered line of resistance until they are satisfied resistance has been largely crushed.

    Then Russian armored forces move forward to take the encountered line of resistance. If resistance is still stiff, the armored forces pull back again and the shelling resumes. If resistance is weak the armored forces move forward mopping up any remaining resistance. There is very little direct soldier to soldier fighting involved.

    This Russian strategy greatly reduces Russian casualties while greatly increasing Ukrainian casualties. The key to using this strategy is to give local Russian commanders all the time they need to fight each battle they face. Notice Russia has set no rigid timelines to achieve their goals. Russia has deliberately choosen to fight each battle slowly.

    If a given battle is deemed too costly to attack directly, then the Russians flow like water toward weaker areas to attack, often leaving strong points to collapse on their own, after being surrounded.

    The strategy around Kiev and particularly Karkow was first move quickly toward these 2 cities, then slowly retreat away from the 2 cities. This has had the affect of drawing Ukrainian forces defending the 2 cities out of the cities into the open countryside and small towns/villages where Ukrainian forces have been very badly mauled by Russian shelling. Expect Russian forces to move forward towards Karkow when the timing is right.

    There certainly seems to be a method to Russia’s madness! However the US/Nato strategy has simply gone up in smoke! What were they thinking? They certainly were not thinking the frontline Ukrainians would be busy selling western military equipment to the Russians for cents on the dollar!

    Michael Reid

    Women don’t just “become pregnant and lose bodily autonomy”, ridiculous.
    The woman makes a decision to try to become pregnant – or to risk getting pregnant – and in doing so she takes on a responsibility.
    She is the most involved at the start of the process, so it appears as if she is losing her autonomy, but the man’s turn will come in time.


    Doc Robinson

    The UN is delivering hot meals to families affected by the conflict in Ukraine, while cutting food rations to African refugees by 50%.

    “Today, ration cuts of up to 50 per cent affect three in four refugees supported by WFP [World Food Program] in East Africa… These painful decisions very often leave refugees without support at a time where food assistance is the difference between life and death, the agency explained.”

    Does this headline make any sense, or is it just doublespeak?
    “UN food agency announces further refugee ration cuts, in quest for #ZeroHunger”
    [That’s the title of the UN’s news article from the UN site.]

    “The World Food Programme (WFP) distributes high energy biscuits to more than 900 Ethiopian refugees in Sudan after fleeing conflict in Basunga village.”

    Doc Robinson

    Link to UN story with the above photograph:

    Michael Reid

    Why is Russia supporting the group that is operating Biden?

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