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    Fred Lyon Golden Gate Bridge painter 1947 • We Have Fixed Issues That Caused Financial Crisis, Says Mark Carney (G.) • David Cameron Says People Who O
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    V. Arnold

    Oh Lordy, Lordy; a slumgullian mix of bullshit and out-right lies; same shit, different day…


    ….hard work and a good education used to be a sure bet for upward mobility in the US….

    I don’t believe it applied to those who were not already in the 10% or should I say, those in the 1%.


    The comments from Carney are, to me, quite concerning. I think that is possible that he means it just not for everyone. He said [1] that the issues are fixed, the markets are simpler and fairer and that the too-big-to-fail banks are now capitalized. This to me could be a message indicating that the central banks will go full steam ahead acquiring real assets in all markets with printed money [2] effectively eliminating any big crash. I don’t know much about the banks capitalization but it could mean that the banks under the FSB and others are now protected so that any other small bank could be allowed to go under.

    This would mean that the people that say that the markets will go to the moon [3] may be right and if your savings are not in the market they’ll be destroyed.

    It’s a scary scenario where the establishment has given up concealing its machinations and it’s all done in the open for the good of us all.

    Ilargi, what’s your view for the US dollar if the central banks will not allow markets to go down by doing QE-to-infinity, buying assets left and right?

    [1] We Have Fixed Issues That Caused Financial Crisis, Says Mark Carney (G.) (See first article above)

    [2] “Nothing Else Matters”: Central Banks Have Bought A Record $1.5 Trillion In Assets In 2017

    [3] X22Report Spotlight: The Economy Is Being Prepped, Everything Is About To Change: V & CJ


    Here are some things the lying mainstream media is not reporting:

    Fatal Courtroom Act Ruins Michael ‘Hockey Stick’ Mann

    it seems that the “Nobel Prize winner”, Michael Mann, chose not to present the data underlying his infamous hockey stick – the one Al Gore made much use off. He is a now a proven liar. It was warmer in the “Medieval Warm Period” – centuries before the Industrial Revolution. The theory that CO2 causes Global Warming was always nonsense, but it is nice to have it confirmed in a Canadian court.

    On Sunday, Goulburn (between Sydney and Canberra) got colder than the Bureau of Meteorology thought was possible (and a raw data record was “adjusted”)

    The interesting thing here is not that the BOM was caught adjusting upwards the temperature in the “raw data” – they never adjust downwards – but it seems that it is being done systematically. In the interests of “science” no doubt. This is a really big deal as they are crippling Australia’s industries and offshoring manufacturing jobs in the name of Global Warming. The wholesale electricity price in Australia more than twice that of the USA – it should be less.

    Wind disappears in South Australia, costing wind-industry millions, BOM blames climate change even though models predicted faster winds

    The BOM claimed that “Global Warming” would lead to more wind and storms. In reality, the wind is much less than was envisaged when they sold the “Renewable Energy” mantra to a gullible public. Now, they are claiming that “Climate Change” is responsible for the the reduction in wind.

    New (German) Study Concludes Europe Will Always Require 100% Back-Up By Conventional Energy

    Anyone who spends any time outdoors should realise that the wind is not always blowing and the sun is not always shining (except on TV). Clearly, the “Greens” don’t go out much. I really don’t know why it took so long for such studies to come out.

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