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    Paper towels work fine if you let them soak soft in the toiler for an houir or two so they don’t clog, and use them sparingly. Hands work too if you wash afterward. Well, it’s twoo!



    Dr. D. Rich:. Good luck! Right now they obviously don’t need doctors! That will change soon! Sometimes stupid just has to do stupid!

    My Father’s older deceased brother was a doctor and I remember all the political shit he had to put up with too! The family will soon be back to two doctors, as the youngest graduates soon.

    I also imagine the US drug industry would dearly like to fire President Trump for bring up the use of John Day’s cheap medicines to fight the virus!

    No doubt the US drug companies were all rubbing their hands with glee on how they were going to fleece and bankrupt more Americans than ever before, with their expensive useless drugs that they had already lined up with their bought and paid for congress critters!


    Dr. D

    Another day, another lie and denial from China, another day the WHO, which gets funding from them, agrees.

    Apparently 8.1 Million Chinese cell phone customers have disappeared from the rolls.

    But don’t worry: I’m sure they all just accidentally cancelled service and there were only 3 thousand people affected. That’s why the factories are still closed 4 months later.

    And there are NO new cases in China! Anywhere. Hallelujah! Except anywhere on social media you can find front-door notices in every town that “Two people in this building were found, the area is quarantined.” I mean except for two new people in every block, no new cases anywhere. WHO applauds! CDC Ignores! Ah, and it seems like only yesterday they were telling us “China’s studies confirm Corona has no human transmission” “China’s efforts have completely contained” and my favorite hit, from January 2020, “Don’t close those airports Mr. Trump, you racist, unscientific hack (the Chinese said so)”.


    Experts who just missed 8 Million empty seats appearing, which I could suspect from my La-Z-boy in my basement 4 months ago, from open news that was sprayed down and censored within an inch of its life. Lucy got some ‘splainin’ to do!

Viewing 3 posts - 41 through 43 (of 43 total)

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