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    About China. This text, from 2017, anticipates much of what is going on today.


    This document, which general Qiao Liang has allowed us to publish, was delivered at the University of Defense, China’s top military school, where the general is in charge of the education curriculum for the officers. The speech therefore must have the endorsement of the leaders of the school and ultimately also of the president of the Military Commission, Mr. Xi Jinping.

    Title: One belt, One Road.


    @DBS and Wes

    I remember being at a friends house after 2nd grade class got out and watching his younger brother, about 3-4 or so grab his mother’s car keys and stick a key into the wall outlet.

    He instantly flew across the dining room and sailed into the opposite wall and landed in a heap at the baseboards. We thought it was so funny, just like in the cartoons, we could stop laughing!

    We went over to see how he was and he didn’t look so hot. Whitish at first, then turning a bit bluish. I told my friend he should probably get his Mom, she was a nurse and would know what to do. The car key was still in the outlet and the leather snap cover on the keys was smoking, never a good sign.

    His mother came flying into the room after he told her and took the brother’s pulse and checked if he could fog a mirror. No go, so she immediately did CPR for a minute or two and baby brother popped up complaining he head hurt.

    His Mom then spent a minute or so yelling at us and saying we should know better and should watch the younger kids better.

    She then asked, I kid you not, whether we wanted lunch yet.

    Yes please

    She told us to wash our hands and make sure the now conscious younger brother did to.

    His little brother later he thought the car keys would ‘start’ the house like they started the car. Little kid logic.

    No running to the emergency room, no doctors, she just got him stated up again and apparently we were good to go.

    Boy, those were the days of rigged individualism.

    I think his younger brother eventually became an actor in the theater. Go figure.

    Maybe it’s a rite of passage.



    Denver is getting scuzzier and scuzzier. Not just the awful, tasteless sprawl from its growth over the past few years. Grimier. Full of homeless encampments, garbage increasingly everywhere – more garbage than perhaps you would imagine. (coincidentally, Denver has gone bluer and bluer over the past 2 decades)

    The park near me is semi-wild. We have muskrats, hawks, night herons, great herons, snowy egrets, occasional deer, foxes, turtles, crayfish, and so on. It’s a glorified drainage/overflow system, but life finds a way, which is cool.

    Starting in 2020, garbage has just absolutely filled the park as if it were intended to be a landfill. Late summer of 2020 I’d had enough and started hauling out the garbage my own damn self, since City of Denver won’t. HAULING because on any given day I went out there, I’d be gathering up 3-12 of those big buckets you can get at home depot. Equivalent to a pickup bed?

    Plenty of alcohol, tobacco, and drug related items. Used condoms, crack pipes, and needles. I want to conduct some sort of Wealth Enhancement Seminar for the local homeless, encouraging them to Invest In Their Futures and buy a fifth of liquor, not these dumb airline bottles. Think of the future! (…of your current evening!) Also the typical wreckage of cardboard boxes, stolen merchandise, and clothing. Whatever drug they’re doing, the current one involves taking all their clothes off and wandering away.

    I approached that with stoic equanimity. This is exactly what I’m here to counteract, so that’s fine.

    Someone threw an orange warning cone into a hard to get to section of the watercourse. Since I bought some high waterproof boots for going down into and clearing the watercourse, I got to it and threw it up to the edge where it was originally placed.

    Someone threw it back down at some point, so on a recent garbage run, I got in there and threw it back up. I went deeper into the park to pick more stuff up. On my way back, someone had thrown it back in along with ANOTHER orange warning cone from somewhere.

    I threw them BOTH back up again and went on my way.

    Today, I checked that gully. Someone threw the orange warning cones down again PLUS a shopping cart. Just to make clear it was no random occurrence, I suppose.

    Throwing shit down there, throwing it down again, adding to it and then doubling down yet again… someone WANTS people using the park to be demoralized. Wants people FIXING it to be demoralized. For nothing. Unless soros or someone is paying people to do it which isn’t completely impossible – ruining wackos are invading everything up to and including grandma’s knitting circle, why not?

    It’s just amazing that their REPEAT turnaround is 1-12 hours. Is this some homeless person sitting in the bushes watching as I fix things and going to the trouble to re-ruin them immediately? Whoever put that cone down there is VERY determined that this area of the park be permanently depressing. Same person who would then point to it and say, “See? Civilization doesn’t work. America doesn’t work. Capitalism doesn’t work”? I understand why I am determined – why would they be?

    But whatever. That’s what I’m here to fix. Tomorrow I’ll fish them out or perhaps call the city to remove the shopping cart.

    It just illustrates how much easier it is to destroy and ruin than it is to create, maintain, or fix/repair/heal.

    Should that demoralize me, to know everything I achieve out there in the park was difficult and everything they did was lazy, easy, worthless?

    It’s just amazing that there’s this fractal pattern to ruining things (usually accompanied by blaming the victim) permeating our age. I want to go somewhere people are still normal, where nihilistic destructive whackos don’t feel they can operate with impunity. Somewhere in middle america like Ohio.


    Hard to make this shit up

    U.S. President Joe Biden given Peace by Chocolate bar during visit to Ottawa


    At that same moment back in the Empire of Lies

    Chocolate Factory In Reading, PA EXPLODES Sky High


    Jb-hb not sure why but your anecdote made me think of Marty Feldman’s words of wisdom when facing adverse events


    the Russian have produced quad copter drones with large explosive payloads and just fly them very accurately into doors and windows

    The new face of war.

    War is turning into Drone Wars


    lol I will try to hear that in my head next time I am wading in the muck fishing out random items like a self important idiot-buffoon “saving” something ahaha awesome.


    “Acclaimed if I do and excused if I don’t. What a racket!”
    Sounds a bit like being rich. : )
    At 68, 75 hardly seems old at all!
    Happy birthday, DBS!


    @aspnaz #132012

    Yep. China and Russia also need to complete the castration exercise by removing the dollar’s reserve currency status. Wealth begets power? – which leads to the bluster, arrogance, even petulance that we’re seeing as it comes under threat. Their God also says ‘Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s goods,’ and, ‘Thou shalt not steal.’ Russia is not theirs, even if they do want/need access to its vast wealth, having blown their own.


    Men with balls refused the death vaxx.

    Testicular Turbo Cancer in Young Athletes? Diagnosis to Death in Days or Weeks. COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Spike Protein Injury to the Testes


    John Day

    My grandmother explained to me how electricity worked and made a circuit between the two sides wher the metal went it, that it was dangerous for it to make a circuit through me.
    I took this thoughtfully and held it in consciousness for a long while. Later, in second grade, I devised my experiment with the uninsulated ends of a coat hanger, putting both into the sides of the socket to make a circuit without me in it.
    It worked. It made big sparks and blew a fuse. I got rid of the evidence and feigned ignorance.

    This is interesting. Seth Rich almost certainly downloaded the ClintonPodesta emails and got killed going home from the party, and Wikileaks got them, and we all figured Seth sent them to Wikileaks, and he miht have.
    Israel had them, too and sent an operative to Roger Stone to try to get some leverage with Trump. Moon of Alabama has the story. Bernard keeps putting “hack” in quotes.
    Now it may make more sense why Biden won’t invite Bibi for a talk, and Bibi says noody else can go before he goes.
    Thanks Christine. I know you read, but don’t comment.


    Double front?


    As a kid our house had the old round fuses you had to screw in like a light bulb.

    I watched my father replace one and he said some people if they didn’t have an extra fuse would put a penny in the socket to make the circuit work.

    He said never do that, you’ll burn the house down.

    He told me that’s why put on the penny, “In God We Trust” for people who use them for fuses.



    Lunatic Luongo Lets Loose:


    Today in London



    WW3 is being ramped up by several participants.

    John Day

    D Benton Smith: Happy late birthday. You’ve been “Geriatric” for a decade already. I’ll get there in a week.
    Here, a song about somebody turning old. 🙂

    John Day

    Good Work, jb-hb!


    DB Smith:

    Happy belated 75th birthday!
    In 10 months, I get old at 70!

    As for the old pin in the electrical outlet, I discovered this trick before I could walk!
    Later I discovered sawing a leg off the dining room table was also not a good idea either! Mom’s have no sense of humor!
    I had first tried sawing one of my Father’s work bench legs off, but since they were made of 4 x 4s, I soon went in search of easier prey! Another of my not so brilliant ideas!

    Dr D Rich

    “Their “leaders” are all on the same team, the one that keeps the masses warring with each other rather than turning their pitchforks and torches against the ruling class.”

    Why the overuse of pronouns without preceding, referenced proper noun? Let me offer an edit since we’re not permited to name the dialectical specialists ((()))).

    Their ((leaders)) are all on the ((same team)) the one that keeps the masses warring with each other rather than turning their pitchforks and torches against the ((ruling class)).

    Well, here’s a revelation for Dr. D and our host.
    The ((((instigators/perpetrators)))) are not the Chinese, Buddhists, Syrians, Quakers, Scots, Branch Davidians, Filipinos, Martians, Klingons, Presbyterians, Lutherans, 7th Day Adventists…so on so forth.
    However I bet quite a few of the former are bribed with money by the (((former))) to carry out these terrible deeds


    @DBS….belated Happy Birthday wishes to you!! 🙏✌️

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