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    Dr D Rich


    You wrote: “Fast forward to this year and he has been arrested again, essentially for the same reasons. Did that bachelor pad shithole have any evidence of the female touch? Children? He has a self funded a safehouse for his family? There was an “obvious table” with Putin books with Putin’s face for the camera to capture. Kinda looks like he needed cover to exit a role scripted for him, CIA perhaps.

    Uncanny that this happens at the same time Ritter on Russian state media, as part of his book tour in Russia telling the Russians that Americans think Russia is winning. More CIA hijinks?”

    I agree and to you like me it’s so transparent as to be self-evident as most everybody pretends.
    Most folks pretend not to notice or deliberately ignore what’s obvious…conditioned responses.

Viewing 41 post (of 41 total)
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