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    NPC Sidney Lust Leader Theater, Washington, DC 1920 • Asian Stocks Sink to Four-Week Low as Yen, Dollar Gain (BBG) • Broker CLSA Sees China Bad-Loan E
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    John Day

    Who is Really Behind Trump?
    He’s “paying for his own campaign”, so nobody can follow the money.
    This makes “vested interests” very nervous, doesn’t it?
    If they are nervous enough, they may swallow the bitter medicine of Bernie Sanders.
    They want the Hillary-heroin bad; real bad, but maybe she would lose.
    Who is behind Trump? Who will take over the casino?
    Sanders will do therapeutic amputations on banks and hedge funds. OUCH!
    Is Trump about complete financial regime-change?
    I don’t know. I’m asking. Some of these folks are sweating. What about this Goldman Alum on Trump’s team? Quiet guy. Doesn’t talk much…


    John Day – Occasionally I think that Trump might be a plant. He seems too off the wall to be, the type that couldn’t be bought, but you never know. If he shoots off his mouth too much, Hillary could easily win. Maybe that’s the plan.

    If he isn’t a plant, then they will work on his ego and they will bait him until he does shoot off his mouth. Obama and Hillary have big egos too, but they know enough to keep their mouths shut. They don’t take the bait.

    Read a good article from I believe Paul Craig Roberts. Whoever it was said that Obama came out of nowhere, and the elite love people who come out of nowhere because they don’t know enough about what goes on in government to get a handle on what’s going on. They can be easily bamboozled. And if they get too inquisitive and start asking too many questions or want to change things, they can easily be taken out by a crazed citizen that the elite can set up (like Oswald).

    Who knows. If Trump is legitimate, sincere about his intentions, he could certainly change things. To me, he really is America’s last hope. Isn’t it interesting that Hillary, from the left, and backed by the elite, is more to the right on many issues than Trump, and Trump, from the right (but who used to be a Democrat), apparently backed by no one, is further to the left (more along the lines of Sanders) than Hillary. It’s sort of upside down.

    Looks like Hillary will escape her email fiasco. The FBI’s investigation hinges on the word “willfully”, that she didn’t “willfully” do anything wrong. Others who have been charged and gone to jail didn’t get to use that special word; they were just fried. From what I’ve read, she was told many times by her underlings that she shouldn’t be doing this, and she just said she didn’t care. I guess they wanted to get that out of the way so that Trump could not smear her with it.

    One sailor, while on board his ship, took a picture of himself to send to his girlfriend. It was an innocent picture, and he didn’t take into consideration the fact that some piece of equipment was behind him while the picture was taken. I believe he was sent to jail, yet Hillary, while maybe not willfully trying to give information away, did in fact “knowingly” (as she was repeatedly warned) ignore people who were telling her to stop what she was doing. One law for us, another for the elite.

    If she gets in, America might as well fold up its tent. It will go from overdone to burnt and beyond repair. Trade deals for the elite, wars, more inequality and lots more corruption.

    Can you just imagine the sweat pouring off the foreheads of the elite when Trump stated the other day that he would get rid of the trade deals, that he would put tariffs on all multinational goods produced for next to nothing overseas and then sold into American markets, that he would make sure that trade is a two-way street, and not just one-way? They must all be in getting their blood pressures checked.

    Of course, even if Trump gets in, how will he get this done? They will kill him if he tries.


    Dr. Diablo – from yesterday: I think I get what you are saying, that it isn’t particular countries, but particular individuals (no matter what country they’re in) who are doing the damage and at fault, making/changing laws or holding steadfastly to laws when it suits them, starting wars in order to get something they want, showing no allegiance to anyone or nation, but only to themselves.

    You are of course correct. It isn’t the average Israeli, American or Brit who has gone rogue; they’re just going about their business. But to my mind, the real movers and shakers appear to be coming from three countries: U.S., U.K. and Israel. The rest (Australia, Canada, Germany, Italy, France, others in Asia and South America) are mere puppets for the elite from the above three countries.

    I just wondered why the Americans pander and suck-up to Israel so much, almost down on bended knee, as if they are puppets for the Jews/Israelis. Are the Israelis the real leaders? I mean, they own almost everything: newspapers, publishing, financial services, television and film, technology. Do the American politicians only bow down because they get such large amounts of campaign contributions from Jewish corporations?

    If true, then you have a group of American politicians who are more worried about offending Israel (who is running roughshod over the Middle East) and American Jews than they are of their own countrymen. This implies that they are the real leaders. They have bought-and-paid-for people in their back pocket. The U.S.A. run by Jews. I mean, the U.S. protects Israel at the U.N. with their veto power, even though Israel is blatantly in the wrong. And potentially four Jewish Supreme Court justices out of nine? What?

    What do you think? As Trivium says, we need to start identifying who is really running the show.


    Trump is no plant or Manchurian candidate. He’s a fruitcake. Just yesterday he said the US should “renegotiate” its debt. Unless some very clever anarchists are pulling Trump’s strings then who could possibly be behind a man that proposes that the US Treasury default? There is no “renegotiation” of stated interest rate non callable bonds. Nobody is going to negotiate with the US Treasury about a haircut. I mean, how silly can a man be? Any haircut imposed by the Treasury, per the orders of a president, would be default. Period.

    So let’s say they decide on a 10% haircut on the principal and interest on all notes and bonds. An impossibility but just for fun consider. Ooops, now there is a bear market in bonds. Interest rates spike. Game over, for the system.

    Occasionally Trump babbles somethings which are common sense but far more often it is common nonsense. Come to think about it Trump is the perfect candidate, to insure Hillary wins and continues to make the world better for neoliberalism and the neocon New American Century crowd.

    John Day

    @Raleigh, Thanks for the thoughts, but I really don’t think Trump is in this game without an invisible power center. Trump has what it takes to potentially win, finally passing Hillary in a poll. I think we should all be nervous about what the powers behind Trump might want to do. All the vested interests seem pretty freaked-out by him. I think he’s got a plan to take their lunch-money, but I don’t really think he’s going to give it to us. Donald isn’t Robin Hood.

    , I wouldn’t be so sure. Trump has thrown up a lot of stuff to see what people would salute, and he has changed tack quickly and with some aplomb whenever it was called for. I think he’s fronting for a cabal, but I don’t know who they are. I think they want to take over the casino.
    We’ll see soon enough. If he’s doing all this on his own, he’s a dead-man.
    He’s been in business in Atlantic City. He knows how that goes.
    I think he’s got some kind of big guns behind him.


    John Day – I can’t really see an invisible power center behind Trump. I mean, who would it be? Certainly not any of the mega-wealthy, corrupt, business slime that are out there. They’ve already got their man, bought and paid for, and that’s Hillary. Why would they deviate from the script?

    If there were a secret consortium backing Trump, it would have to be people who have gotten screwed by the elite and are angry that they can’t succeed because they’re being blocked by one of the various monopolies out there, or maybe they haven’t been asked to join the Council on Foreign Relations. Let’s face it, most everyone in the top 20% are doing just fine with this crooked government, and I can’t really see anyone trying to upset the apple cart. Why would they? Government employees are doing just fine and rooting for Hillary, no doubt.

    If you were in agriculture, would you really want someone to stop illegal immigration so that you could hire someone for a higher hourly wage? Construction, same thing. H-1B program? Trade policies? Okay, maybe we’re talking here. Perhaps there are people who are getting screwed by cheaply-made Chinese steel entering the market. About the only people that might be backing Trump (aside from the millions of middle class that are sliding on down to the lower class) might be small business owners, small manufacturers.

    The multinationals aren’t going to complain about the status quo. They like it. They want Hillary to keep that gravy train going. Chamber of Commerce is laughing. Realtors are laughing. People on social assistance can’t be too upset with what’s been happening; their checks keep coming, along with their housing assistance, free cell phones, SNAP cards, etc. The military-industrial establishment certainly wouldn’t be behind Trump (although he has said he wants to make the military strong, but use it only for defense) as the wars are good for business.

    That’s about all I can think of: regular voters and small business/manufacturers. I think Trump has tapped into what the angry populace are saying, and he’s listening to them. This is a revolution by the people who have suffered the most. That’s what he told the Speaker, Paul Ryan: “This is what the people want.”

    Yes, I believe he had better watch his back. The elite don’t quite know what to do with him yet as they’ve never had to face this problem before. “Hey, we’ve always fooled them, but this time it isn’t working.” This is an uprising by the people and they are mad at what their country has become; they’re tired of not being listened to.

    But the elite might be happy that Trump knows next to nothing about government. If they can work with him and bamboozle him, well then maybe they can make it work, providing he doesn’t ask too many questions and try to change things too much. Otherwise, it’s off to Dallas in a convertible.


    It is hard to cure bad diseases. Zioglobalism is a bad disease. Just because the cure will be dangerous does not mean it should not be attempted. There will be a lot of unpleasant collateral damage to good and relatively innocent people as the vile, central core of Zioglobalism is eradicated. If Trump is snookering us or is not smart enough to protect his back side then conditions are not bad enough yet to activate meaningful change, but they WILL arise. Hate and greed will not be successful long term as the operant objectives of human endeavor.


    rapier – “He’s a fruitcake.” Ah, but he’s a billion dollar fruitcake and a very successful businessman. Fine, he might need a couple of hours education re the bond market (just so he can really see the manipulation) and a couple more to really understand the manipulation of interest rates, a few days on the Federal Reserve and who owns it, who is benefiting from the secretive trade agreements, etc. Hell, give him a week with anyone other than some banker hacks (not Harvard fat man, Larry Summers, or the likes of Timothy Geithner), but people like David Stockman, and he would see the overall ugliness.

    Last week you said something along the lines of, “Why can’t they just keep doing what they’re doing? I mean, who’s it hurting?” Well, it’s hurting a lot of people. This is who Trump is tapping into, and they are angry. Some political pundit on TV said that Hillary wants to maintain what Obama has achieved, she doesn’t want to tarnish his legacy. Ha! Ha! What a complete idiot. These people just do not get it.


    When everything implodes, assuming within the next 4 years, the next president will be blamed whether it be Trump or Hillary. What advantage, if any, would there be for the elites to have Trump or Hillary as the next president?


    You act as if those unaccompanied child refugees were all poor 8-year old orphans and you just take their claim at face value. This is incredibly naiive. Check out:

    The number of children seeking asylum in Sweden has exploded over the last ten years, presumably because children are granted asylum much quicker than adults, and Swedish authorities don’t verify the age of these “children.” Refugees are allowed to bring their entire family to Sweden once they get residency status. It is considered unreasonable for children to wait longer than six months for a decision on whether they get to stay or not, and thus it is a huge advantage, when seeking asylum, to claim that you are under 18

    Norway and Denmark, despicable dastards that they are, seek a medical assessment when a claim is doubtful. Unsurprisingly, 70-90% of the times the claim to be a “child” is a lie and a fraud.

    Meanwhile in Germany,
    “Hamburg is now home to more than 1,000 so-called unaccompanied minor migrants (minderjährige unbegleitete Flüchtlinge, MUFL), most of whom live on the streets and apparently engage in all manner of criminal acts.

    A confidential report, leaked to Die Welt, reveals that Hamburg police have effectively capitulated to the migrant youths:
    “Even the smallest issue can quickly lead to aggressive offensive and defensive behavior. The youths come together in groups to stand up for each other and also to fight each other…” etc etc

    German authorities are reluctant to deport the youths back to their countries of origin because they are minors. As a result, as more unaccompanied minors arrive in Hamburg each day, the crime problem not only persists, but continues to grow.

    For the latest incident involving a “child” refugee in Sweden, see: Another of those angels, this time stabbing a girl who had turned him down in the face.

    You can bet that this girl will support the Sweden Democrats rather than the Social Democrats now. Funny how being stabbed in the face twice by an unaccompanied child refugee will do that to you. Oh the moral values of that wicked girl! The humanity!

    Dr. Diablo

    Trump and debt, what? Even Adam Smith pointed out that governments have never repaid their debt, ever. In 1775. What was the gold swap in 1933 and the great inflation of 1970 except a “restructuring” of government debt? This is exactly what he’s talking about, or if despite spending a career focused on debt and leverage he isn’t that insightful, it’s at least reasonable to consider that nations do this every day, it’s well-known they do it every day, and the consequences for doing it, like Iceland, or Argentina 2001, are virtually nil. You’d be crazy and reckless not to restructure, the opposite of being reckless to speak that-which-cannot-be-named.

    That aside, a $18T – $200T debt (depending on method) cannot be paid. Ever. It was never intended to be paid, according to the white papers that started it in 1971. Which means it will and must default, or more likely restructure. Which is what he’s talking about. The truth. We can’t pay it, and like it or not, it will be written down, with winners and losers.

    Dr. Diablo

    Raleigh, I can’t ascribe to the “Jews” theory for a variety of reasons, but it’s far easier to think of the “national” power blocs as being mafias, not nations. That is, even your classic mafia might be made of entirely Italians or even Sicilians, and they may influence or even outright control Sicily, but you can’t confound that steering minority with the Sicilian people or Italians at large.

    This is no less true in America, where the people of America take great exception with the leaders and their policies, to the extent of having a 15% approval rating that questions whether the elected government is even legitimate. This minority clearly is not from and does not represent the people of America, nor demonstrably even the laws or principles of America. Nevertheless, they’ve been wildly successful at enacting their will domestically and abroad for some 20 years or more.

    I’m proposing that similarly, a minority group within Israel–or for thought-experiment, maybe even before 1945–set up the government and nation more or less as a cover for their power-bloc. Just as the people running America are not “Americans” in that they have wildly different values and refuse to obey American law (i.e. the Constitution, which is the highest and establishing law, mostly unamended, but also security, finance, gun-running, bribery, health, traffic, and virtually every other law), the people running Israel have no real interest in the core values of Judaism or the Jewish God except as it keeps their citizens together and willing to die for the leaders of the power bloc. Personally, I expect that they pretend to be Jewish, or care about such things, but like our own elite, worship nothing but blood, money, and power.

    So in that way they are not “Jewish” at all, just pretend to be, and use the camaraderie of a small group surrounded by the “other” to push forward their power, with the mid and low-level people never realizing they’re often being patently used to their own destruction. But that would be no different than here. So the point is, you can be a parasite, and hide in plain sight, and when pointed out, still denied, because they are “legitimate” under some law or custom they themselves created and paid for, or exists but they refuse to enforce.

    I can’t say that this *is* true, as I’d have to know the hearts and motives of the men involved, but I can say that it absolutely *could* be true, and might help explain what is otherwise inexplicable. In which case Judaism and the Jews would be acquitted, being no more complicit or misled than the people of America, Italy, Russia, or anywhere else in the world where the people’s will is not the will of the small controlling committee at the top.

    For foreign aid and influence, all I can say is that, if I could get Israel or China or Liberia to pay US $6B/year each just for being an “important friend” to their nation, I certainly might. It wouldn’t be illegal, since domestic law doesn’t apply internationally, and it would be both lucrative and prosperous for the people of our own nation. It would be worth kicking back $1B in bribes to those nations just to keep it going.


    In the latest child refugee news this week…

    In Sweden, a family that had opened its doors to child refugees were repaid by having the supposedly 15 years old, but probably adult, sexually assault the family daugther.

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