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    Salvador Dali Nymphs in a romantic garden 1921   • Zelenskyy Urges West To Support Ukraine’s Accession To NATO, EU (Az.) • NATO Assembly Calls On
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    Did you know that UK excess deaths (non-covid), are currently running at about 2000 per WEEK – that’s higher even than during the pandemic ! And not a peep in the media.

    Not too long ago we were bombarded daily with death data on TV – now crickets!
    This guy had better take out some life assurance, he’ll be disappeared.

    36 secs:


    Finally released:

    “World Premiere: Died Suddenly” ☠️☠️☠️

    Almost impossible to watch in full if you’ve been death vaxxed. ☠️☠️☠️


    The demolition of the NZ economy and the impoverishment of the bulk of the population by the corporation that manages the business called New Zealand on behalf of the City of London corporation [that set up the NZ corporation] continues at an accelerating pace:


    Lower export volumes (of dairy products) isn’t helping, but we aren’t yet adjusting to our excessive import appetite. In October 2020, we ran a merchandise trade deficit of -$471 mln. In October 2021, that had jumped to -$1.3 bln. Now in October 2022, that has raced down to a deficit of -$2.1 bln. All this is being driven by surging imports, especially of cars (switching to NEVs comes with Government support via subsidies). Imports are up +24% from the same month a year ago, totaling $8.3 bln in the month, our largest splurge ever. The Government agency that reports this worrying data didn’t even bother to put out a news release about it (just a standard “information release”). But it is a track that really should worry policymakers. For the year to October, our imports were $84 bln, our highest ever, and our imports were $71 bln. At some point our creditors will notice.


    In October, our usual trade surplus with China turned into a big deficit (NEV car imports again, like MGs, Havals, Teslas, etc.). Our surplus with the US turned into a deficit (other Tesla models), and our deficit with Japan swelled further. We are going broke in the ‘energy transition’. Year on year, the China surplus fell from +$3.9 bln to just +$700 mln. Our trade with Australia is going bad too, going from +$100 mln to -$700 mln. Our trade with the US has gone from a surplus of +$870 mln to +$270 mln on that same basis. Our net trade with Japan has gone from -$900 mln to -$1.1 bln in the year to October. These four trading partners are out top four and represent 57% of all merchandise exports. At some point our creditors will notice. The next current account deficit is likely to be a shocker (due out on December 14, 2022 for Q3-2022).’

    The response of the average person to the burgeoning catastrophe known as shopping for groceries is to stop buying certain items altogether, and to reduce the quantity purchased of other items.

    The managers of the business called New Zealand intend to cause more economic pain by raising interest rates at a time when house prices are falling substantially.

    On could be forgiven for thinking that the managers are trying to provoke civil disobedience so that they have a pretext for declaring martial law, or civil war so that they can increase the rate at which they murder people.


    Watching RT news is banned in most western countries, however I’ve been watching all along in Canada at:

    For anyone interested.

    Dr. D

    CME CEO Terry Duffy Recalls First Meeting Sam Bankman-Fried in March 2022:

    “Duffy went to Congress and told them FTX was a bankrupt business model and he was ignored just like he was ignored when he said Corzine knew he had used customer funds and knew where the missing $1.6 billion was.”

    And Harry Markopolis on Madoff. And they investigated all of ’08 and “Subprime was contained”. Seems like every time there’s a multi-billion dollar transparent open fraud, it’s pretty hard to hide. Billionaires aren’t stupid: they know what it takes to get and move a billion dollars. And these guys can’t, which means they just steal it. It’s fraud. And if there’s fraud, there’s just payoffs and fraud payoffs.

    “The US Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York, led by Damian Williams, spent several months poking into FTX’s massive exchange operations. It failed to find any fraud or crime before the exchange collapsed.

    Yup. All clear! Thanks SDNY, the greatest center of fraud outside of Ukraine.

    This is that short clip of SBF calling Elon in the lurch (again, trying to draw more people and money in), and claimed he had billions. Elons says, “$3 Billion – Liquid?” Yes. …And he knew he was a fraud. Only a child would think, or rather answer in that way. NOBODY is $3 Billion “liquid”. If you called the Federal Reserve to transfer the Swiss National Bank they would hold up, delay, cut into tranches your $3 Billion, because movement of that kind of money anywhere would destabilize the system. It has to be done carefully, with warning. That’s why it’s not “liquid” by definition.

    Elon was probably looking for an answer like “Well, not exactly, I can probably raise $1B in 30 days from various sources, and can give you a $1B stock interest in the company, plus a $500M agreement in another company.” Like, easy, fast, pretty equivalent, but you know: realistic. As if the person in question has ever dealt with more than a $500 hotel bill. SBF had not, and he was the supposed front man? Running it? No. This tells you he also didn’t establish it and wasn’t running it. That he was a fraud, exactly as these two said, and directly told Congress.

    “Taliban Quits Twitter to Protest Return of Trump” – BBee

    And from 2018: “Democrats Shudder at Idea of Having to Legislate through Congress Should Supreme Court Lean Right

    Nope, still haven’t. 4 more years. Not looking good for the next two either. It’s so important we won’t do it!

    “AP Fires Reporter Who Risked Triggering WWIII with Polish Missile Misinformation”

    Yes, but the probably fired him for FAILING to trigger WWIII. Just kidding, for a change this is probably right. If so, this marks a watershed where the first time in 50 years America begins to take things seriously.

    “USA Wins,” Morans! Now let’s see who’s bad at math!

    ““the Euro-Atlantic area is no longer at peace and that the global security environment has deteriorated rapidly” …Because of the unprovoked bombing of the NordStream Pipeline. Unfortunately, their Euro-Atlantic enemy is the NeoCons and Brits.

    “Russian leaders “must be judged as terrorists in front of international tribunals.”

    Again, no definition. “Words mean whatever what I wish them to mean” because they decide “Which is to be master”. Terrorists generally by definition cannot be nation states. Nation states make war instead because they’re not useless, pointless, helpless nobodies and have real power. Terrorists don’t or they’d use tactics that function.

    This NATO article is bookmarked by a new and evolving media narrative highlighted by Lira here:

    Official NY Post (!) front page, transparently false propaganda from one end to another. Like wtf is this ygtbfkm false. Key takeaway: NATO is still after Crimea. Because they know they can’t beat Russia without it, why I’m not sure since above-water navies are about as viable as steam dreadnaughts, but hey, they wrote “The Plan” in 1910, and they ain’t gonna alter it now! But since it keeps them preoccupied with an outdated, unworking, losing plan, never change! Your desperate incompetence is probably saving the world.

    “Peace Talks Would Require More Weapons for Ukraine – NATO chief (RT)”

    We’ve done it! War = Peace!

    “UK Bypassing Its Own Sanctions on Russian Oil – Sunday Times (RT)”

    Well of course! Rules for thee but not for me. Signaling. We said it, so it was a lie. All of the above.

    “It will be difficult for the UK to actually stop Russian oil from arriving in the country”

    Yup, the Brits just aren’t that smart! Totally impossible. We can find it with the most illiterate glue-sniffers on the island: reporters, but MI6 and the BoE can’t even. Guess we have no choice to go on being warm and eating then. P.S. If any oligarch crosses them, suddenly they will be TOTALLY able to tell where the oil came from.

    Legal experts have expressed doubt it is possible to unilaterally confiscate another country’s assets under existing international law.”

    But they’re doing it anyway. “Badges? We don’t need no stinkin’ badges!” They’re broke, and need to steal money: your money is here, almost like Fate! This is how they haven’t collapsed yet under Powell’s 400% rate increase. That and Biden’s direct injections to Davos, only some of which circle back to FTX. Any questions?

    Speaking of: “Fed’s Daly: Currently expect fed funds rate to top out around 5%”

    No, Powell already said he’s up to 7%. They’re still ignoring him “Fighting the Fed”, just like ’01, ’08 and every other time. Painful to watch. “BuyBuyBuy” — Jim Cramer.

    Ukrainian Attacks Risk ‘Nuclear Disaster’ – Rosatom (RT)”

    Another day the UN, IAEA, NATO, Biden, and World Bank love it. Along with every Blue-and-Yellow flag in the U.S. and worldwide. Signaling! Signaling that we love to bomb nuclear power plants and cause Chernobyls! That’s Green. Empathy: so caring!

    What did SBF say? “I feel bad for those guys who get f—ed by it, by this dumb game we woke westerners play where we say all the right shibboleths and so everyone likes us.”

    It’s okay to bomb nuclear power plants and irradiate Europe if you’re for the caring free sterilization of children. …Or something.

    “…but the IAEA still claims they can’t figure out who’s doing the shelling, i.e. it could still be the Russians.”
    “We would like these random attacks from somewhere to stop,” Haq added,” as an open letter to the world.

    Note, this is all AFTER Ukraine (Britain) tried to attack and take hostage their own IAEA inspectors en masse. We approve of that too! So sad no one was killed! The IAEA is hiring! Apply today!

    By early 2023 the evidence of excess all-causes deaths and disabilities resulting from Pfizer and Moderna shots will be overwhelming..”

    Hahahaha! He’s kidding right? It’s been overwhelming for two years: Zero. Zip. Nada. They have “American Soccer” levels of bad at math. Again, a fantasy that 1) Americans have the brains of a slug 2) They will do something about it. Clearly neither is true, so adjust your map and trajectory. From here, they could have quadrupled daily deaths from here and no one would notice.

    “Smith faces the unenviable task of investigating a presidential candidate less than two years before the election.”

    I thought that was election interference! Not when WE do it! And Biden was NOT a candidate at all, and they weren’t investigating him but his family, with whom he never once talked about business matters. Right?

    So now being RELATED to anyone in government – or FORMERLY in government, completely retired and too old to run – makes you immune to investigation. …And you wonder how we get titled nobility and an oligarchy. This position of related birth is then a life-long free card.

    Meanwhile, after 6 years of investigations, no discoveries, they are opening ANOTHER investigation because a conspiracy theory that Mueller is a Russian Agent? Whoops: Logic. We don’t do that. It works COMPLETELY and perfectly. No one notices a single one of this long list of things.

    1) He’s guilty.
    2) Of what? Don’t know.
    3) We should open our (first) investigation and,
    4) Impeach
    5) A guy who isn’t in office and
    6) Is a declared candidate which is
    7) Not election tampering when one party arrests all the members of the other party.
    8) This is all laudable and will not have any consequences at all, be it political, legal, financial, or military as our country becomes the laughingstock banana republic of the universe.

    Sounds good to me. Free speech: now we all know who you are. I can’t save you from yourselves. If the country is composed of reckless idiots, then the only thing that can happen is we endure the consequences of our reckless, immoral, idiotic actions. Go forth.

    “If Italy elects the wrong parties during parliamentary elections, the EU “has tools” to coerce them,”

    Submit or die. This is how we’re all together as one thing: You all have the freedom to do exactly what I say. We are all one under my ego.

    World Cup: Qatar, an anti-gay state uses open slavery to build the arenas. (John Oliver) Teams joyfully agree but wear rainbow colors to “signal” while giving FIFA and Qatar 100% of their money. Qatar then double-crosses on both gays AND beer. Teams “Signal” by backing down even this tiny, pointless token of protest. FIFA crows about how much they have caused Qatar to progress in human rights. Next year do it all over again for another $1M/per FIFA board member, choosing China, Russia, and Pinochet’s Argentina.


    ““I feel bad for those guys who get f—ed by it, by this dumb game we woke westerners play where we say all the right shibboleths and so everyone likes us.” –Sam Bankman Fried, biggest con artist in world history.

    Yogurt: To make this clear, they are so removed from food – and reality, especially as an adult human female – that she thinks milk comes from “Cows”. “Cows” itself having already lost all meaning as “Adult FEMALE Bovine”, specifically excluding “bulls”. “Cattle” is the general term, distinguished from “calf”, “heifer” “ox”, etc. That is, Bulls do not give milk. Human males do not give milk. Only adult females give milk, a fact she might be aware of, being an adult female.

    Also, entirely ignored, overlooked, not known, completely forgot: Adult Females cannot give milk unless they recently gave birth. To calves or human babies for instance. Thus formula shortage: you can’t just start up again or hire the local cleaning lady.

    It is unfathomable how detached we have become from basic reality, and how deep into abstractions we are lost. I guess it’s a death sentence and this young girl will die of stupid.

    Adding: if you think being a COW is bad, you should try being a newborn male calf, which has no purpose in life, either in a domestic or a wild herd. But we must not kill them. We must raise them to old age. Which is completely unnatural and never found in the wild.

    Ask questions, you might learn something. But their violence and arrogance prevents it. A violence and arrogance directed at me each day.

    Mister Roboto

    I’ve heard it said that quite a few hospital-nurses have taken to referring to Remdesivir as “rundeathisnear”.


    The Martens at wallstreetonparade have quite a few good articles up about FTX. (I hope this comment goes through. I tried to leave a comment a couple of days ago, and it never appeared.)

    The latest article is very good – and a good warning:

    FTX’s Latest Casualties: Federally Insured Crypto Banks

    FTX’s Latest Casualties: Federally Insured Crypto Banks


    @Germ: “World Premiere: Died Suddenly”

    Thank you for the link. Watched it this morning. Brutal. 🙁

    The Markster


    Thank you for the link to the Died Suddenly video on Rumble. Helluva way to start the day, but a lot better than spinning around in circles during a cardiac arrest that ends your life.

    Puts paying $1800 for a dental crown after losing insurance into perspective. And more kindling for the bonfire that will hopefully result in Nuremberg 2.0.



    The yogurt meme exceeded my ability to extract meaning from absurd yet dire info. Weirdly and worst of all, the silly girl post may be someone trolling for the lolz, sarcasm being the only way we seem able to introduce these topics online lest we be perceived as being one of Them and not one of Us.

    I will be mostly quiet again for some time as my noggin recovers.

    I’ve posted this one numerously before, but it says so much. (The Hillary joke to follow.) It is about 12 years old, btw, from a liberal-oriented political humor sire called the Keyboard Kommandos. The heads of Sifu Tweety FIsh and The Editors (co-writers of The KK) must have exploded by now.

    ‘We were only JOKING, people! Don’t take us seriously!’Hillary Speaks

    ‘After all, denying abortion to gay men is a violation of their non-reproductive rights, right?

    A surefire Karaoke Hit for this weekend’s Thangsgiving revels.

    I will be back when the heavenly messengers tell me to.

    …like a stone…


    Slow and steady
    Don’t rock the boat

    CME Group’s CEO Called FTX’s Sam Bankman-Fried an ‘Absolute Fraud’ When They Met in March

    When a powerful CEO told Sam Bankman-Fried, ‘You’re an absolute fraud’
    FIRST PUBLISHED: NOV 22, 2022 12:49 PM

    “The US Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York, led by Damian Williams, spent several months poking into FTX’s massive exchange operations. It failed to find any fraud or crime before the exchange collapsed.”

    FTX’s Latest Casualties: Federally Insured Crypto Banks
    By Pam Martens and Russ Martens: November 21, 2022 ~

    On August 1 of this year, we penned this headline at Wall Street On Parade: Brace Yourself for Federally-Insured Bank Failures Caused by Crypto. Our research for that article was so stomach-churning and frightening that we emailed the article to key staff for the Senators who sit on the Senate Banking Committee. One of the banks we researched for that article was Silvergate Bank. We wrote:

    FTX’s Latest Casualties: Federally Insured Crypto Banks

    Need electricity to follow the money
    Hunter’s laptop and FTX
    Zelensky told the Bloomberg New Economy Forum – via video link – that he’d basically ended corruption in Ukraine, because all government services had gone electronic.
    • Ukraine Quietly Abolished Corruption Rule (RT)
    The Iranians started it, the Venezuelans perfected it, the Russians picked it up and ran with it,” Michelle Wiese Bockmann.
    • UK Bypassing Its Own Sanctions On Russian Oil – Sunday Times (RT)
    The European Commission is investigating how it might go about confiscating hundreds of billions of dollars in Russian state and private assets, according to a document seen by Politico on Monday. Ukraine, Poland, and the Baltic states have nevertheless continued to push the EC to find a way to seize the frozen funds.
    • EU Struggles To Seize Russian Assets – Politico (RT)

    Found a solution to not enough Russian oil.
    Did you know that UK excess deaths (non-covid), are currently running at about 2000 per WEEK – that’s higher even than during the pandemic ! And not a peep in the media.


    As I watched “Died Suddenly” the number of viewers went from just over 2 million to 2.3 million. In just over one hour.


    *Ukranian fatigue* and *doubting Zelensky,* in the shape of reducing, drawing down, super support for the Zelensky-Kiev Régime, has been growing steadily all around the ‘Collective West.’ (See several articles in top posts.)

    A positive gloss is that the US is seeking an off-ramp, and will come to some kind of “Peace” agreement with Russia, while framing the débacle as the fault of Zelensky, who is crazy, thereby crediting the US-uk with achieving ‘a deal’ in this ‘volatile’ region where ‘oligarchs’ reign.

    Meyssan writes that the US-R are already in secret negotiations. I doubt he would post that if it wasn’t a consistent rumor (so maybe fanciful.)

    The efforts to ‘radicalise’ the neighbors at the ‘W’ border of Russia in an anti-R direction worked fine in the Baltics, Poland (see history..) bombed out (sic) in Serbia (ok, tiny powerless etc.), but the most vital territory was Ukraine: huge geographically, massive agri land, rich in ressources, an important ex-Soviet territory, etc.

    A Color Revolution, Orange, in Ukr. as a first step. took place. Pres. Yuschenko (poisoned with Dioxin, so he made headlines..) after the Fall of the Wall (Berlin) was the ‘supporting figure’ ..

    The efforts didn’t furnish rapid, satisfactory, results. Yanukovitch was legit. elected, then chased out, the ante was upped! Poroshenko and ‘our man Yats’ were installed. Yet, it turned out to be necessary (imho..) to fund and encourage ‘terrorists’ to attack and kill ethnic Russians, R speakers in the Donbass, to impell the Rada to approve stiff anti-Russian legislation, and to ensure that the Minsk accords were not respected.

    Poking the Bear into some kind of radical action in the borderlands, Ukraine, a military one..which worked.

    Potted history, so it goes.

    D Benton Smith

    @DrD you lamented, “It is unfathomable how detached we have become from basic reality, and how deep into abstractions we are lost. I guess it’s a death sentence . . . ”

    I share your angst, but in reality (and I use that particular word very advisably) it is completely and easily fathomable.

    People detach from reality when they choose to, literally, detach themselves from what is real and true and instead choose an alternative attachment to something that is NOT reality. To lies, or fantasy, or hate, or materialism for examples.

    Reality is pretty hard to miss. There it is, and be careful, because hot stoves and sharp edges can hurt incautious fingers. So far so good. Then, since reality does exist, let’s move on to the question of how best to operate within that reality. A sane and logical first step in such operation would be to conclude that things which are the same as reality are true (and are thus workable) and that things which are NOT the same as reality are thereby untrue, and thus NOT workable. Indeed, such error is certain to fail when engaging with reality. No exceptions.

    Those who operate in the belief that reality itself (the Universe Entire) was caused by material energy is pretty damned detached from reality, because that belief is about as opposite to (different from) reality as it’s possible to get. It’s false. Transparently and obviously false. It is, in other words, “detached from reality,” and the behaviors which derive from such idiocy can be expected to be about as crazy as crazy can get.

    Like the idea that for mankind to survive it is necessary to kill as many humans as possible and “trans” the survivors into various types of non-humans, all enslaved to a soulless “artificial intelligence” mechanism bereft of free will of any kind.

    Yep. That’s who’s crazy. Maybe not as humorously entertaining as the reality-detached girl who expects milk from transgendered “cows”, but still the same kind of crazy.

    Those who know there is God are not the quaint (humor their harmless delusion) lunatics. It’s the other way around. The materialists are the ones detached from reality. The implications of these REAL fact could hardly be bigger. They are not inconsequential. They are revolutionary.


    “Associated press fires journalist who claimed russian missiles hit poland”
    Well if this poor guy (lass ?) had always worked diligently, checking everything twice and never quick-shooting click bait, he would have been fired a long time ago, probably never been hired.

    “EU struggles to seize russian assets”
    And another basic principle of justice gets thrown in the rubbish bin: No retroactive punishment (for deeds before the specific law was passed, Nulla poena sine lege). Seems like Ursula von der Leyen morphes into a kind of female ‘Immortan Joe’ (Mad Max Fury Road, 2015), who doesn’t care about laws, because he doesn’t know any beyond The Right of the Strongest¹.

    ¹At least in the EU’s headquarter in Brussels


    Here’s died suddenly and a dose of reality:

    59 years ago today they killed John Kennedy.


    The gig is up. They know.

    “HUGE – Norway does massive U-turn on boosters…”

    Well done to those who held their ground!


    The weirdest thing is how the self-proclaimed “materialists” seem to be the ones who retreat into an irreality of word salad.

    And the ones wanting to “bring justice” and “make things fair” through a cutting-edge, better-reasoned, materialist system are the ones who retreat to the oldest governmental systems — the ones that Sargon, Cyrus, Nebuchadnezzar, Clovis, or Alaric would have no trouble recognizing, understanding, and running. The most unfair, corrupt types of systems, ultimately based almost purely on pecking order and pull. And kickbacks and bribery. And nepotism.

    …justified by, essentially, religious moralistic excuses. At least Odovacer recognized he was taking over useful sophisticated structures. Obvious to an invading barbarian but not a “materialist.”

    It’s almost as if self-proclaimed materialists get frustrated at the nuance and complexity of balance of powers, live and let live, rights… the sophisticated structures, the complexity of interrelation, the constant need to give-and-take, is what “materialists” seem to truly rebel against.

    …which makes things awkward for an atheist such as myself. 2020, more than any previous year, I looked around and thought about who I am definitely NOT with. Apparently that includes people screeching that they are “materialists.”


    EU warned to expect 3 million refugees this winter.
    Class #1 – Expats (rich)
    Class #2 – Tourists (well to do middle class)
    Class #3 – immigrants (poor)

    D Benton Smith


    I think that God and religion are too often erroneously conflated. Not the same things. One of them is the creator of the Universe and the other is a big complicated basket of human endeavor within that Universe, in forms, languages and translations far too numerous to count. The best two thing one can say about religion is that it’s an attempt to connect with God, and that it’s the thought that counts

    Michael Reid

    Health of Pure Bloods Threatened by Shedding of mRNA and Spike Protein

    Why the Unvaccinated are Concerned about Close Contact with COVID-19 Vaccinated

    By Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH


    I am not sure why I feel this way, but I have the feeling that we are being distracted by a “Oh, look there is a bird, squirrel, a shiny object, over there”!

    Meanwhile really important things like; food, fuel, inflation, illness, deaths, corruption, etc. are being totally ignored.

    I guess I will just go bury myself in my latest mini sun room project!

    Michael Reid

    John Whitehead: The Future Is Everything the Science Fiction Writers Have Prophesied

    John Whitehead discusses the Deep State (the 7th Floor Group) and how the future of America and the world will become everything the great science fiction writers have prophesied. The collapse of the United States is akin to the collapse of the Roman Empire where we could very well see people being taken away and put to death. The coming of Singularity in 2029 and takeover of AI is very likely. We are very similar to Nazi Germany, the police state is expanding, and people need to get up and get active in their governments. We only have a small window of time left.

    John Whitehead: The Future Is Everything the Science Fiction Writers Have Prophesied


    WES: “…I have the feeling that we are being distracted by a “Oh, look there is a bird, squirrel, a shiny object, over there”!

    Meanwhile really important things like; food, fuel, inflation, illness, deaths, corruption, etc. are being totally ignored.”

    Agree 100%. Cannot believe we spend time considering what a former comedian, Zelensky, is spouting on any given day. And then add to that the celebrities visiting and spouting about Ukraine on any given day (celebrities have war zone and battle experience?) Wtf is going on? Vacation destination? War zone? [shrugs shoulders]

    Not to mention all the other crap that is *supposedly* important. To Someone. Somewhere. Maybe. If *they* say so.


    Michael Reid
    “We are very similar to Nazi Germany, the police state is expanding, ”
    “We are very similar to the Soviet Union , the police state is expanding,

    Maxwell Quest

    Watched the Died Suddenly documentary last night. I agree, it was brutal. While I continued to cringe from scene to gruesome scene, I wondered, “If it was difficult for me to watch, knowing what I do about the plandemic and its misanthropic backers, having had 2 ½ years to gradually come up to speed with its complexity and goals, what are that chances that the people around me who are fully vaxxed and boosted could watch this and have the media spell broken, or at least challenged?”

    Answer: Maybe one in a thousand. Most don’t have the courage, strength of heart, intellect, or love of truth to endure having their boat capsized and thrown into the icy cold waters of reality. Then, when they turn to friends or family for a life preserver they are smacked in the head with oars and told “go ahead and drown you crazy conspiracy theorist”. Ah, the joys of exiting the Matrix, “why oh why didn’t I take the blue pill?”

    I just finished watching Part 1 of WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT MR GLOBAL that Michael Reid posted the other day. I watched Part 3 yesterday. Anyway, I was always a little leery of Catherine Austin Fitts even though I enjoyed listening to her ideas. Maybe it was because she always seemed to present an air of certainty about topics that were edgy, like she has a crystal ball or high-level access to global plans. Some of her ideas seemed like a bridge too far.

    After watching Part 1, however, in which she talks a bit about her own personal journey and motivations, my trust and comfort level with her took a quantum jump. Now, she seems more like a kindred spirit. I sense that she often dreams, as I do, about how wonderful life could be on this planet if self-interest was supplanted with community interest. And she appears willing to dedicate her life to this aim despite all the forces arrayed against it – all those currently working toward the global centralization of wealth, power, and governance.


    Meanwhile really important things like;…… Biden, TSXare still being ignored by MSM

    Dr. D

    Don’t mean to pick on this guy but “We are very similar to Nazi Germany, We only have a small window of time left.”

    “Canadian Government Literally Proposes State Execution of Living Babies”

    Yeah, if we don’t look out, we could be killing thousands with eugenics and funding/supporting/arming/joining Nazis.

    And also if we don’t look out, we could end up in a Recession where we have 2 quarters of declining growth and the biggest yield curve inversion ever with 100M people out of work, housing stops fastest ever, and even Amazon crash-halts their construction.

    If we don’t look out, snow could be white and water could be wet.

    Will they ever notice “When it happens here”?


    The singularity will need a tremendous amount of electricity which is the “lifeblood” of AI. With the sorry state of our electrical grid and the looming blackouts, I doubt that AI will be safe from repeated “reboots” which will not do well for their consciousness. Ain’t no AI’s in my potato patch. Yet.

    On another note, this continual “excess death” march will slowly reduce the consumption of fossil fuels in a new form of “Demand Destruction”. It looks like everything is going according to their plan.

    My friend has a saying: “I hope the end of the world comes while I am still young enough to enjoy it.”


    I’ve been looking for The Part that’s Not Theater for some time now. As far as I can tell, it’s not reported on this here DarpaNet. Lots of photos of and diktats from comic Zelensky and his ilk, though.

    Ever get the sense that you’re being trolled, and pummeled by nonsense-news?


    In other news, Novak Djokovic d Casper Ruud on Sunday in the final of tennis’s year end Championships in two fairly tight sets, 7-5 6-3. I’ve been reading a biography of Roger Federer lately, and Djoker comes off quite well in it. Ruud we’ll be hearing more of, I think, along with the young Dane, Holger Rune.



    V. Arnold

    “World Premiere: Died Suddenly”

    Brutal describes it; and macabre to say the least…

    Where to go from here?


    Ockeghem’s Requiem bacame a focus after listening to quite a bit of Josquin Desprez, mostly as recorded by A Sei Voci. I wanted to get a little bit in touch with music before Josquin, dipping my toe in, so got the Hilliard Ensemble’s 1985 recording. It seemed like a good place to start, and sometime seems like it will be a good place to finish, too. The sound is deep, blended, with top-notch intonation, and emphasis on the long line. Despite that blending, the voice leading is clear. Who knows what the composer intended, but I got the idea that more was still to be found in this piece.


    Our rulers are driving us quite deliberately into a New Dark Age, with “Wokeness” being quite a useful wedge for that job. They are not, in my estimation, “stupid”, or “incompetent”; to the contrary, I think their plans are
    working well. Those who plan seem to do better than those who don’t.


    “FTX” = “Look Over There!”

    What are we not looking at, while we’re looking at “FTX” ? In other news. Mister Stoltenberg intones that there
    will have to be a “negotiated settlement” regarding The Ukraine (and other places, just watch).

    Gawd, it’s all so predictable- that’s because it was decided long ago. See “script”..

    D Benton Smith

    To err is human
    But to really put an end to that
    You need A.I.


    The next recording I got (I’d love to hear Ockeghem’s Requiem in concert, but have not) was Pro Cantione Antiqua’s from 1973 with Bruno Turner (Archiv). For now it’s my favorite, despite its midrangey sound. Less perfect than the Hilliards by a long way, it has the breath of life, rather than reeking of Heaven. I’m tempted to get some kind of EQ-stuff to try to give it more sound on each end, but probably won’t. It’s good.

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