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    “These have resulted in 266 Yellow Cards at an adverse reaction reporting rate of 1 in 43 children. ”

    “It’s time to open the AstraZeneca files”

    It’s time to open the AstraZeneca files



    (also, thanks for the kind words)


    The gang of totalitarian fascists trading under the false flag of ‘freedom and democracy’ is getting scared and is going for more totalitarianism and fascism instead of less -which is very predictable.

    Alex Christoforou reports that Rumble has cancelled France, seeing the thin end of a wedge being driven by the totalitarian fascists into the reporting of truth that counters their lies. “They’re afraid of dialogue. They’re afraid of discussion…”

    (We see exactly the same things here in NZ: the totalitarians fascists [led by Adern] are afraid of dialogue, afraid of discussion….)

    (Dima reports another 500-1000 Ukrainians and mercenaries lost their lives fighting for the fascists yesterday.)


    The fundamental reason we are in this horrendous mess is fractional reserve banking and the charging of interest on ‘money’ created out of thin air. It’s all Ponzi. And it’s coming to an end quite soon, via catastrophe.

    ‘The era of all-powerful central banks is over for a simple reason: they failed: they failed their citizens, their nations, and they failed the world. Their policies have pushed wealth and income inequality to extremes that have destabilized the planet’s social, political, economic and environmental spheres.

    As I have endeavored to explain for many years, this is the only possible outcome of central bank dominance. Once Finance becomes the primary mover of everything else, then it distorts everything into a skimming machine that benefits the few with access to central bank funding at the expense of everyone else.

    Once finance dominates, then both the “market” and government become servants of finance. I say “markets” because once markets have been financialized, they serve the interests of cartels and monopolies and cease to be markets at all.

    Government, regardless of the advertised “brand”, becomes an auction where the highest bidder gains control of governance and regulation, which are bent to serve the interests of the few with access to central bank largesse.

    As the charts below illustrate, this is the top 0.1%, with a substantial “trickle down” to the top 1% and top 10%. The bottom 90% have lost ground not just economically but also politically and socially.

    The way central banks create and distribute credit/money results in the dominance of Finance and this dominance has led to the distortion and ruination of the economy and society. Vast inequality is the norm everywhere, because the central bank system is everywhere.

    Central banks are the source of destabilizing inequality; they can’t fix inequality. As long as Finance dominates “markets” and governments, they won’t be able to fix inequality, either.

    Central bankers and government authorities are aware that the system is unraveling due to the extremes of inequality they’ve created. They are attempting to to reconcile this contradiction– Finance turns the entire world into a skimming machine that can only exacerbate inequality–with, yes, what else? Finance.

    So central banks are preparing to deposit new “money” directly into checking accounts and governments are pondering windfall taxes, wealth taxes, etc. to claw back some of the wealth that accumulated in the top tier to fund social programs designed to keep the masses compliant.

    Central bank gaming of Finance is the source of instability. Reining in central banks’ free money for financiers and cronies is the necessary first step to unseating Finance as the dominant force in markets, governance and the planetary skimming machine Finance has created.

    Either power is taken from central banks or the vast inequality that is the result of central bank dominance will unravel the entire system. Take your pick, but the distortions are accelerating, and time is running short.’


    The unravelling of the US economy is accelerating, of course, as are most other consumeristic economies, and in a few months (weeks?) we will see the consequences of the failure of central banks (and the governments they control) to address any of the fundamental issues that have been festering for more than two decades.

    Some people say the destruction of economies by banks and governments is all deliberate and is a forerunner to even greater dysfunction and feudal-style chaos.

    Without energy, nothing happens.


    This is really interesting and links back to the original ‘Spartacus’ article published on TEA just over a year ago.


    Key takes from above video. Get outside! Eat healthy food. Avoid junk food. Exercise.


    Pandemic Amnesty

    I might forgive them if they are truly contrite, AND if they make themselves useful. Say for example, their ashes are in my hands being sprinkled around my garden.


    My request for ten words or less was not meant to be mean .Don’t you find that short concise , pointing to the essence only sentences convey the most power?
    All the Mahavakyas , using the term loosly ,are like that eg. “I am that I am.”
    Or “ I am that,I am!”
    When you are on centre , what is the condition of your mind , your thoughts?

    Dr. D
    It is the same old shit as here.
    Russia’s COVID shot collusion with AstraZeneca
    The Kremlin teamed up with Big Pharma to “protect the lives of millions of people”

    Edward Slavsquat
    Apr 14


    “The website announced on its Telegram channel on January 12:
    Yesterday our website host, following a letter from some comrade major [a term typically associated with FSB/secret service-type people], turned off our website
    Do they really think that this is the end of the truth? Yes, we prepared for this three months ago.
    The database continues to be regularly updated and sent out.
    No passaran [“the enemy shall not get past”]!”

    It’s great to see how they , the Russian’s are reacting.

    As for young people and work the vast majority of under thirties that I know love their jobs and never miss a day , my kids are the same.
    Also there are lots of jobs where you can do minimum hours or week on week off rosters.
    I worked week on and off for years , if you take one weeks vacation you get three weeks off and over a hundred grand a year and share options, I loved my work . After I took off my leave and my sickies I only worked four months a year . There are great jobs about if people want to have a go.
    There are still plenty of couch potatoes though , herb removes some people’s motivation I have observed.
    Before I retired I only quit one job because of job dissatisfaction , I stayed two hours.
    Yesterday a mate was trying to tell me that people today who voluntarily take on mortgages are just as much slaves as people in feudal times! The old ’neo feudalism ‘ crap.
    What a crock , he watches way too much propaganda.
    Not sure why the text changed , will sort it later. Oh , so after I cut and pasted here from my notebook app the text repaired itself, the wonders of computerising!
    The Southerly is dying as the low moves East , a Nor’Easter not far away. High low tides. The days are drawing out now.


    @Germ , Comment 120062

    “ implicates all of the jabs, including the non-replicating ones such as NovaVax, and the location of said potential damage is the brain.“

    Germ, couldn’t find this . Particularly interested in NovaVax vulnerability.

    Could you point me to where in the paper you pulled this finding from?


    Myself and my friends are not in a “horrendous mess”. We are living and loving life.
    Is your life , your actual life , not what you have seen in the media , is it “Horrendous”?
    We have electricity , cheap electricity here , we have so much food that many people are grossly overweight, fuel is expensive and the roads are packed , lots of rain , the countryside is green and delicious , I can here beasts lowing and birds singing right now as I type.
    Maybe you need to change your circumstances to one more satisfying ?
    When the thrift shops are empty , when people are walking or hitching, when the “poor” are undernourished and thin , even then the situation will not be horrendous.
    Shit happens , stuff goes up and down , remember back when interest rates were 18%? The recession we had to have? Everybody I know got through , we all survived and thrived. Sheesh!


    Woopsy , one got out of the herd there for a minute! Ride em in Rawhide!


    ‘Myself and my friends are not in a “horrendous mess”. ‘

    The we I referred is humanity as a whole, and the natural world. All is a horrendous mess created by central bankers and their agents over several centuries..

    Just because you have electricity today does not mean you will have it a year or two from now.

    ‘the countryside is green and delicious;

    That may be the case today. But with accelerating Planetary Meltdown underway, are you confident that will be the case once all the sea ice in the Artic has melted? Like five years from now.

    ‘we have so much food that many people are grossly overweight’

    It is interesting that you categorise those who eat junk food and do little or no exercise as ‘people’. I thought they were just victims of corporatism, headed for an early grave. It also interesting that you categorise what they eat as ‘food’.

    My bad.
    ‘Maybe you need to change your circumstances to one more satisfying ?’

    Tricky to do that when one is living in a concentration camp, but I’m working in it. 🙂

    One ray of hope is that the concentration camp guards are sickly and incompetent and psychotic.

    ‘remember back when interest rates were 18%? The recession we had to have? Everybody I know got through , we all survived and thrived.’

    Sure I do. I’ve written about the ultra-rapid devaluation of fake money many times on TAE.

    Anyway, it is abundantly clear that yuou have not been paying attention, since all the tricks used to pull out of previous financial catastrophes have been used up. The magician’s bag is empty.

    Never forget the finals scenes of ‘The Wizard of Oz’.



    L Frank Baum:

    knew it was all fake over 100 years ago.

    Whilst many think The Wizard of Oz was a children’s story, it actually a scathing condemnation of the American establishment of the late 1800s. Allegories everywhere.

    But you ‘have to have a brain’ to see them.

    Bill Still, of ‘The Money Masters’ fame, did a great video on the topic around 20 years ago.

    Look it up if interested. I’ve got masses of work still to do. And little time to do it.


    Who shall one trust?

    In a medium as opaque and image-saturated as the nearly totalizing online one, I think it’s
    a good question.


    John Day

    Thoughtful commentary jb-hb!


    jb-hb said

    So I’ve puzzled over why a small company with a MORE rigorous process and higher standards would be the ONE entity that gives me an interview vs the ginormous corporate entities that just need to shovel humans into multiple open positions like cannon fodder.

    The large companies prioritize compliance and submission, and reward for those aspects, more than so smaller companies that prioritize skills and try to reward on merit. Not getting the jab, or refusing to reveal your jab status, is the same as non-compliance, non-submission and so you will be blacklisted by HR and your application discarded. This is why the majority of senior managers at companies never come out with new ideas and rarely improve anything, they were selected for their obedience and their ability to squash their own desires and prioritise the desires of the company. On a side note, these people will be very easy to replace with AI robots as their actions are so proedictable and most of their effort is put into the politics of pleasing their boss.


    AFKTT said

    We see exactly the same things here in NZ: the totalitarians fascists [led by Adern] are afraid of dialogue, afraid of discussion….

    They are simply following WEF orders. Ardern has no choice other than to follow those orders, if she were to wander away from the orders she woul dbe removed and lose her prestigious job. She probably hasn’t even thought about the pros and cons of her policy as she just has to do it. She will not talk about it as it is not her decision, discussion makes it worse for her, not better, it reveals the badness in what she is doing.


    US biolabs in Ukraine investigation raised at the UN by Russia is shut down before it even gets started by the usual criminals.

    Veracious Poet

    Today’s directive to issued from Opposite-Land TV to correct the fears of “Useless Grubbers”, in furtherance of expanding the “dehumanize yourself” narrative:

    Joy Behar lashed out at Americans worried about inflation on Thursday, suggesting that they were stupid if they were more worried about inflation than they were about the state of democracy (Vote for Democrats!) in the United States.


    No, There Will Not Be Any “Pandemic Amnesty”

    No, There Will Not Be Any “Pandemic Amnesty”


    “Sooner or Later,
    Everyone Sits Down to a Banquet of Consequences”



    Bed Pan Poop Pants Presidementia

    Wait for it…..

    Veracious Poet

    The fundamental reason we are in this horrendous mess is fractional reserve banking and the charging of interest on ‘money’ created out of thin air. It’s all Ponzi. And it’s coming to an end quite soon, via catastrophe.

    Fractional reserve banking is just one of many symptoms of a DEEPER problem (Emergency Powers), which was fomented as the funding arm of the TPTB/TBTF Bankster/.MIL Empire in 1933, spreading like a cancer across Western “civilization” (through all levels of .GOV National > Local), suspending normal constitutional process to confer enough authority to rule the country (nation states) without reference to normal constitutional processes:

    Emergency Powers Statutes: Provisions of Federal Law Now in Effect Delegating to the Executive Extraordinary Authority in Time of National Emergency:

    The “termination” was in name only. The emergency powers are now continued in the U.S. Code as permanent everyday powers. The state of national emergency has become a permanent condition.

    Don’t worry, 99% of “Americans” have no clue or knowledge of how The Elite surreptitiously seized ABSOLUTE control of The West, most are content to graze on pastures of ignorant bliss as their Natural Rights are incrementally suspended under TPTB/TBTF Bankster/.MIL Empire feudalism 😐

    Just because you arrest a few thug collectors, do you really think you can stop organized criminality while the Godfathers are still legally empowered to run amok?

    The unravelling of the US economy is accelerating, of course, as are most other consumeristic economies, and in a few months (weeks?) we will see the consequences of the failure of central banks (and the governments they control) to address any of the fundamental issues that have been festering for more than two decades.

    Some of us have been watching The Great Unravelling nka The Reset for decades now, by the time the froggy constituents realize the water is cooking them, it’ll be too late to jump…

    Germ: It’s great to see you back in full form & posting actual breaking news, instead of the johnny-come-lately noob infestation of opinionated, dogmatic monomaniacal rants 🙂

    TAE has been as of recent mostly about scrolling through non-stop noise, with little to no -0- signal…

    V. Arnold

    Salvador Dali Self portrait (Figueres) 1921

    An outstanding piece by Dali, IMO,,,just love it…


    Orlov said,

    “As for all those assorted media whores who are scaring people with their nuclear nonsense in order to catch some hype—shame on them!”


    Putin explicitly stated that Russia’s nuclear arsenal would play a deterrent role. On Feb. 24th after launching the SMO, he stated.

    “I would now like to say something very important for those who may be tempted to interfere in these developments from the outside. No matter who tries to stand in our way or all the more so create threats for our country and our people, they must know that Russia will respond immediately, and the consequences will be such as you have never seen in your entire history.”

    A clear restatement of this position recently on 14 October at a press conference. Putin was asked a question from a state media journalist, Sergei Dianov:

    ‘NATO officials are saying explicitly that Ukraine’s defeat would mean the alliance’s defeat. Do you think NATO will send troops into Ukraine if the situation on the battlefield becomes disastrous for Kyiv?’

    He replied:

    ‘ ….. in any event, sending troops into direct engagement, a direct clash with the Russian Army is a very dangerous step that could lead to a global catastrophe. I hope those who talk about this will be smart enough not to undertake such dangerous steps.’

    This threat is meant to generate as much anxiety as possible about these weapons being used, which their state media is more than willing to accommodate.

    Olga Skabeyeva grin is priceless.

    This was interesting.


    I for one am impressed- and grateful- that there are so many online experts willing to share their very prolific and no doubt accurate thoughts on What’s Really Happening Now. This site seems to be quite a hub for those various activites.

    In other news, my very small garden is doing quite well, I think. I trust my little garden, and I trust the local ring-necked doves.


    V. Arnold seems real, and I for sure like that.

    Veracious Poet

    How do you end & disband an Empire that’s Too Big To Fail, Too Big To Conquer (from without or within)?

    Well, in a Representative Form Of Government, the “elected” Leadership has to remove the LEGAL imperative supporting The Empire’s continued statutory, ie foundational existence, followed by defunding it…

    Of course, if the constituents of said Representative Form Of Government are too ignorant to perceive the toxicity of said Empire, have become too enamored/empowered/enriched by The Empire’s booty (which is where we are presently), why would said constituents charge, nay DEMAND, their Leadership to unwind the Empirical Juggernaut?

    Especially when said Leadership is part, parcel & complicit in reaping the rewards of said Empire?

    I realize many want to take bite-sized chunks of the PROBLEM, to garrulously fixate upon, but almost EVERYONE that’s SERIOUS about Life, Liberty & The Pursuit Of Happiness is ignoring the elephant in the room:

    You know, the 10 trillion ton pachyderm that’s NOW trampling ALL of humanity whose not protected by Thee O ‘ Deep State from it…

    BTW, one of the malodorous effects that The Empire created IS this: Only Elite members of The West are able to utilize & seek protection via The Justice “System” ~ Unequal criminal/civil justice for rich vs. the poor is NOW a well-known reality in The West.

    In fact, in at least America The Justice “System”has NOW been transformed & bastardized into an open political weapon to prosecute anyone that defies The Empire aka Deep State

    The open legal WARFARE that da Party of Chaos + The NeoCON RINOs have unleashed against Trump, J6 et al. should have by now created an unprecedented chilling effect for all “Freedom” minded humans, a nightmare NOW approaching the psychopathology of Stalin, Mao & the Khmer Rouge.

    Observing (in horror) The “Free” Press coverage aiding & abetting the nightmarish legal travesty illustrates in spades the extent that Collective EG0ic Madness aka Mass Formation Psychosis has supplanted righteous reason, logic & equality in The West

    For a long, LONG time I held out hope that Americans rise up & would chose peace, justice & prosperity, once they became aware of the blatant usurpation of their Natural Rights & the U.S. Constitution (so much for the Internet), but I’ve surrendered to the fact that the majority admire & worship THEIR Empire, as the norm 😐

    There is really no other explanation ~ It’s all Bread & Circuses after all…

    Peace be with you,


    So many Explainers..

    cui bono

    V. Arnold

    V. Arnold seems real, and I for sure like that. #120103

    Thanks…and ditto yourself…


    Brian Berletic got sick of false narratives generated by the US military-industrial-financial-political complex being parroted by ‘true believers and has set the record straight (again).

    Quick summary: If it comes from a NATOstan government, IT’S LIES, DISTORTIONS OR FABRICATIONS.


    Thanks, V. I wonder what flora thinks (one who probably knows more than she says..) oops, did I use a Wrong Pronoun ?


    Veracious Poet
    An example of legally Stealing from the “Freedom Convoy”

    Emergencies Act inquiry: Majority of funds raised for protest were returned or confiscated

    An investigation has found that most of the $25 million raised, ( it was donated by sympathizers), by the “Freedom Convoy” was either returned to donors or ended up in an escrow account awaiting the results of a civil lawsuit.
    Approximately $18 million was refunded to donors, while the rest was confiscated and put into a third-party fund pending civil court cases.

    The $6.2 million that is now in escrow mostly came from online fundraisers by Tamara Lich, one of the protest’s main organizers, and cryptocurrency captured by authorities.
    read more …


    “Hammer Attack”

    “Freedom Convoy”

    “1/6 “Insurrection” ”

    ” “Deadly Pandemic”, including this week’s Latest deadly myootant strain ”

    “Nookyular War Imminent”

    thanks, but feelin’ sleepy..


    ‘Some of us have been watching The Great Unravelling nka The Reset for decades now, by the time the froggy constituents realize the water is cooking them, it’ll be too late to jump…’


    I began to see it around 1980, when the NZ ‘government’ steamrollered over objections to their thieving and lying by introducing ‘fast-track’ legislation, and then poured billions of dollars into the construction of ‘Think Big’ projects that were never economically viable without NZ natural resources being sold at bargain basement prices or given to global corporations for free. Often there were subsidies as well.

    In the mid-1980s, the looters-and-polluters club (also known as the NZ Government) began dismantling the semi-viable economic structures that had been built up over previous decades and began handing over the pieces to their mates.

    So effective was the propaganda of the times that some ordinary folk celebrated the activities of the wrecking gangs and thieves.

    The propaganda of the 1980s was centred on ‘creating jobs and prosperity’.

    The propaganda of the 1990s was centred on ‘creating jobs and prosperity’.

    The propaganda of the 2000s was centred on ‘creating jobs and prosperity’.

    The propaganda of the 2010s centred on ‘creating jobs and prosperity’.

    NZ has slipped from the third highest standard of living in the world (1960s) to around thirty-third in the race to the bottom. 🙁

    What we have witnessed over the past few years of the Scorpion’s reign of terror has not come as a shock to me.

    ‘True believers’ are in for a very rude awakening, quite soon.

    ‘Even as they stood naked in the shower rooms, many has little idea what would happen next. It was only when the cannisters began releasing their poison that they did the fully comprehend the nature of their predicament.

    I wrote that in 2011. Page 16 of the last book I bothered writing.

    One can only bang one’s head against a brick wall for so long. 🙂


    Bukowski and R Crumb- a beautiful match:

    “Ooh, he’s mean and poor and nasty and Wrong!”
    Yes on all counts – and I’d trust him more to do the right thing than any of you, when that time comes.


    sacred duty


    Hey, maybe the one who toots his own horn about his vegetarian soulful sacred goodness is the one to trust.

    Could be, I guess.

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