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    Pablo Picasso Self portrait 1896   • Hamas’ Attack on Israel Is Puzzling (Paul Craig Roberts) • Will The Battle Of Gaza Strip Be Israel’s Iwo Jim
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    V. Arnold

    Dragon fly’s, flitting about in the evening’s coolness and high humidity…….


    Tricky event for the NYT and Haaretz. We have the NYT supporting all things Biden – Israel fight to the end and all that pro Israel stuff – then we have Haaretz, the last left wing newspaper published in the western world, fierce opponents of Netanyahu, they hate the man.

    How can Haaretz and NYT reconcile their views? Listen to the voters, they voted for supporters of Netanyahu, so the NYT wins because democracy.

    Then we have CNN pretending that Palestinians are humans? CNN, bullshitters extraordinaire!!

    Something weird is happening, this is not what we think it is, there is a lot more to this “war” and it seems as though all the media parties have already been briefed, which means they were briefed by Israel.


    Something weird is happening, this is not what we think it is

    Agreed. It feels like a banker-backed inside job using CIA management to play a big move on a chess board. It looks a lot like an attempt to get the US dollar to rise but I am so confused.
    I am sure we will get to the bottom of it in due time while we still have an internet that is not quite criminalised. Just like we did with #Plasmidgate (which took a few years and a bunch of heads in the game).

    I’m going bush…

    Dr. D

    Israel: When seconds count, ain’t nobody coming. Not for your car on fire, not for you.

    From Tucker, Nikki Haley says “Finish them! Attack Iran who should have hell to pay [for attacking Israel]”

    1) That settles any doubt Haley is a core NeoCon more reckless and bloodthirsty than Dick Cheney.
    2) Where do they find women like this? Do they give them brain surgery?
    3) Iran did not, ostensibly, attack anyone.
    4) Do you know where Iran is and how big it is?
    5) Has it come to your attention that we’re out of both weapons and oil thanks to Biden?

    6) My real point. As a Presidential candidate, WTF is she talking to? Because it isn’t us, anywhere across the U.S. There are NO groups whose vote will be won by attacking Iran, and barely any groups to gather from attacking Hamas (Jewish lobby and subset of Jewish vote)

    Doesn’t that suggest to me that we don’t actually have elections anymore, at all? That she is talking to the donor class, who then pays to rig the voting machines? How else could such a thing be said?

    “Hamas’ Attack on Israel Is Puzzling (Paul Craig Roberts)

    The Markets ALSO knew that the war would happen, but I wanted to voice that there are very high-level people who claim it’s true that Mossad really, honestly was taken by surprise. You know my opinion, just wanted to say THEY say it’s true.

    Let me add Mannarino here, for a truly epic meltdown rant, as despite being a ruthless former Bear Sterns trader, does actually care non-stop about these pointless deaths and hardships.

    He’s not blowing smoke, he has actually said this for +10 years. That is, that they will do ANYTHING to keep the system going, to expand money supply infinitely at an infinite rate. That is, things that YOU CAN’T EVEN BELIEVE, being a normal human and not a weasel-squeezing psychopath.

    AND in this, it’s only “For Now”. A whole regional war may only save us for a month. We are running $1B an HOUR now, and HAVE TO, or it all ends. The good guys know it, the bad guys know it. The minute they cut off the Ukraine printing in Congress (suddenly), they HAD TO does something, anything, RIGHT NOW. That’s how fast it’s compounding. The only thing large enough to print enough compounding money, to hide the collapse, is a WAR. And yes, a WORLD war, because “Which war do you mean?” The one in Ukraine? Or Syria? Or Libya? Or Africa? Or Israel? Or Taiwan?

    Just like Sept 2019, “And then a miracle happened” and the bond/debt collapse was all averted for four more years.

    Back at home, we have a three-part system. A World War we will lose plus the Left (Red Bolsheviks) and the Right (White Bolsheviks), and the Federal Government (Ineffectual Tsar Nicolas). Again, the setup is: We “lose” the war as our own hardship and non-support mean we withdraw at a critical point. Then we – both sides – take out the legitimate government, THEN have a civil war among ourselves. …And all hopefully to set up a Socialist totalitarianism for 70 years. Still on plan. Everyone knows everything about Russia, have Putin-Telepathy, but they don’t know this. Okay then.

    Anyway, WHY have a war in Israel? Really? TO STOP THE DEBT COLLAPSE. That’s it. That’s so large that’s what runs the world.

    “There are no nations, there are no peoples, there are no Russians, there are no Arabs, there are no 3rd worlds, there is no West, THERE IS ONLY ONE Holistic System of Systems, One vast interwoven, interacting, multivaried, multinational dominion of DOLLARS.

    Petrodollars, Electrodollars, Eurodollars, Rubles, Pounds, and Shekels.”

    That is, by the way, or best way to describe, the Beast, the Whore of Babylon that rules the earth.

    Anyway, as the White Hats try to cut it off – from its Afghan drug money, from the human trafficking revenue, from it’s Ukraine money laundering – this is the DEFINITE and necessary, required, PREDICTABLE response. White Hats KNOW whacking the hornet’s nest will do this, one reason they can’t admit they’re doing it (to you).

    Okay? Not that Israel doesn’t exist, Hamas doesn’t exist, their issues and misbehavior don’t exist, etc. But this is what is running it all. We’re in a runaway debt compounding vertical spike. $1 BILLION per HOUR, $1 TRILLION a Month.

    Pressures are building exponentially, and spreading through all the pipes in the system. They must have a WAR, a MASS DEATH to hide it, collapse it, and release the pressure to build the machine again. That is the ONLY relevant parameter anymore. That’s it. ALL actions must address this ONE action, be it Congress, or Duma, or Knesset, or the non-democratic dictats of the EU.

    And we’re only getting started.

    (Mega mass- death is the only Deflationary offset, but that was not successful)

    Note: prices, unchanged. No oil, no bonds, no gold, no Dow, nothing. In a world war and debt collapse. So it would seem that’s how it’s going to be, and when it stops, what we’re going to have isn’t HIGH prices for gold after a market halt (as in, one gold coin buys a block in Berlin) but NO prices. No one will KNOW the prices at all. Of anything. Because they will have broken the system that completely, trying to save their skins.

    Got it? Now back to our program:


    “• Hamas’ Attack on Israel Is Puzzling (Paul Craig Roberts)

    He is being lucid and sharp here. Not only what, but when. Both are suspicious or indicative. When everybody is exhausted and busy. When Congress shut them off anyway. When the debt means we’re near the end. Oh and P.S. on the DAY of the 50th anniversary.

    “I believe that Israel is dangerously over confident in its bellicose declarations that it will wipe Hamas off the face of the earth.”

    It’s a big deal and you can see the “Millstone around the world’s neck” of a “Pariah state”. Israel has a tranny army where your Jewish Mom can call your C.O. on the phone and demand you be nicer to her little boy. (Literally: wish I were kidding, it’s embarrassing.) Hamas is in 21st c warfare with dropping a $500 mortar on a $10M tank, and drones don’t have big-scale artillery factories that can be hit. Yet after having been savaged like no army had ever been savaged before Bakhmut, Israel remained supremely overconfident after 2014 and doubled down. On both trannies AND tanks. Then they added AI, so they’re REALLY stupid and losing. On the flip side ENTIRELY THANKS TO ISRAEL, Hamas and all of Gaza has nothing to lose. Really. If I lived there I would jump in front of a bullet too and call it a mercy. That is a SAVAGE fighting force, 4:1, 10:1 vs normal men pride parade metrosexuals who can go home and shop online and play PS2 later.

    can’t recall camera crews ever pursuing any zionist politicians down the street demanding that they use the word “condemn” of the latest Israeli atrocity. The paroxysm of hatred in the political and media class, unleashed by a single day of the boot being on the other foot is instructive.”

    Indeed. Makes me sick. Even Israel just having a war, using law of war, stealing everything and killing them all is better. They not only do this in an even WORSE way, if that is possible, but also try to conscript me in their crimes. I’ll follow General Washington’s example and say no.

    “move would be wise because it “jams the far right”– referring to Republicans who vocally support Israel but are skeptical of continued aid to Ukraine.”

    Forget the nations, it’s a diversion. Like Covid, they need the MONEY to flow. They don’t care who. They don’t care where or why. Israel is as good as Ukraine, doesn’t matter. Anywhere will work. It’s that or Babylon falls in hours.

    “• US Has Enough Weapons For Israel, Ukraine And More – Pentagon (RT)

    I read a very strange prophesy (casual one) where Russia is involved in a sorrowful war that really harms their people. I constantly note how extremely careful Putin is as well, indicating the same caution. Now DO YOU REALLY THINK the U.S. has no weapons? No shells, no guns, no tanks? I don’t. But I think we have them socked away in Salt Mines, DUMBs, like we did in Ukraine. We, London, are trying to SUCKER RUSSIA IN.

    “Oh we’re totally helpless, look at us a helpless, wounded bird, flap flap flap. Not at all like last time, not at all like WWI and II. This time you’re totally winning.” Uh-huh. Sure pal. And what are those Energy Weapons you have tested and are on some ships that don’t NEED ammunition? What are the X-37s and Auroras circling the planet at night? Who’s flying the TicTac UFOs on the Navy official footage? Uh-huh. Suuuuuuuure the U.S. hasn’t invented anything in 50 years. Sure we haven’t. Not. A. Thing.

    So yes, we’re probably “Out” of 777s or whatever, because that’s so last century. “Out” being having enough for ourselves to get started with a factory. But “And then a miracle happened” and we “Just happened to invent” a secret James Bond toy that “Won the war” if WWIII with Russia really got going.

    …And Russia has them too. They’re not using their 6th gen jet, S-600, or their Scalar Tesla Death Ray that cooked the USS Cook.

    So when they say “We’re out of weapons” but “We have more than enough weapons”, you have to understand what they mean.

    What they, we, don’t have is support, intelligence, and will. They are morons, overconfident and hated by the people, who believe all their own bulls—t. Be careful because they WANT you to hate them, erase the government, and let them build the new one with no Bill of Rights. A Bill of Suggestions.

    “RFK Jr Announces Independent Run for President (Sp.)

    Speaking of all that, is RFK the only Peace candidate? Probably.

    “It takes impressive legal gymnastics to accuse a president and leave a vice-president alone for the same thing.”

    This does not bother the Left at all. They are incapable of understanding hypocrisy. The Right is so used to it and inured to lies that they barely notice either. You might have thought in 2000 that this sort of twist would be culture-breaking but turns out it’s a zero. A ripple. There are many lies but only one truth.

    ““The Bidens had only one family business. They did not make furniture or sell groceries. They sold influence”

    Same thing. No one cares, not even the Right, really.

    “our country is as broke as broke can be..”

    What does “Broke” mean? Your money means nothing to me. It’s only what we ACTUALLY are and own, the physical THINGS that create our wealth or poverty. (Including our skills and work ethic) We can default and re-start our currency in hours, having everything we built already. The only thing we would lack is to BORROW to make RUINOUS WARS. …And then owe all that money to a very small subset of people.

    Countries don’t go bankrupt if you can’t invade and occupy them.

    You thinking of invading? Thanks to Obama and Joe they sold another 100 million guns. WE are the country. WE are the government. (Please act like it)

    John Day

    @Curlene 48: I appreciated your description of RFK Jr’s speech, which you attended, your reflection upon how different it was from his militaristic support of Israel which “he” tweeted/”X”d, and your statement that you can’t support him on moral grounds, though his positions are 90% good, except for that.

    Depersonalization of abstracted groups of people is where genocide begins.
    None of us should do that, because it is giving ourselves over to evil.


    • Hamas Using Weapons Given To Ukraine – Medvedev

    Early on in Project Ukronaziland©, Russian agents bought an entire French Caesar self propelled howitzer for pennies on the dollar.


    It demonstrated not only the utter depraved corruption of Ukronaziland©, the most corrupt country in The Garden©, but also showed their was no accounting, no audit trail for the billions in aid flushed down the Ukronazi rat hole.

    So hey, does it come as a shock these weapons are leaking out?

    Wait until Hamas has hundreds of manpads, drones and ATGMs

    Israelis are not Ubermen.

    They can be blown up just like Ukronazis when their opponent has access to equal weapons.

    Gaza will be much, much, much harder to occupy than Bahkmut where the Ukronazis lost 70k+

    These same ‘lost’ weapons from Ukronaziland will also show up in spades in Eurotardistan, just in time for it’s Winter of Discontent.

    A group of Ukro soldiers tired of the utter corruption of their officer class and Nazilensky et al made a video to show their contempt.

    They’ve had it with Kiev.

    Their officer’s remains are being taken home in style


    Can the US Support Two Wars? w/Col Doug Macgregor


    Angelina Mason, representing the Bankers Association, testified during the hearing.

    Mason outlined that while the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) supplied a list of names, banks were also mandated by separate orders to exercise their judgment in identifying account holders for debanking.

    The narrative grew murkier when New Democrat MP Daniel Blaikie queried about the fate of individuals who were debanked but never featured on the list provided to the RCMP.

    Mason’s one-word response was a stark “Yes

    Canada Has ‘Debanked’ Hundreds of Citizens, Report Shows


    This is from “greenalba” over at Kunstler’s clusterfuck nation (comments).
    I don’t know the context of the picture- but I saw what she was hinting at pretty quickly.


    I had to view the photo in Brave, btw. Safari wouldn’t load it.


    Jewish history lessons from citizenx. reply #144488.
    Leadership are not trustworthy and are betraying the people/their followers.

    I must be an introvert.
    I have a low herd motivation to survive.
    I do not feel the need to belong to “clubs, political parties, religious group, or other groups, associations and to be a fanatic sport fan or demonstrator”.

    Hate/fear clubs outnumber peace clubs.
    Trudeau has lost control of the message and is pissed off.
    Trudeau condemns ‘glorification of violence’ in protests after Hamas attacked Israel
    Kyaw Soe Oo and Kanishka Singh
    Mon, October 9, 2023 at 5:44 p.m.

    “I strongly condemn the demonstrations that have taken place, and are taking place, across the country in support of Hamas’ attacks on Israel,” Trudeau said in a post on X, formerly called Twitter.

    “The glorification of violence is never acceptable in Canada,” he added.
    security failures
    • Hamas’ Attack on Israel Is Puzzling (Paul Craig Roberts)

    Hamas’ Attack on Israel Is Puzzling



    Macgregor said an interesting thing.

    He said Russia stopped Iran from sending any game changing weapons into Syria for Hezbollah.

    He said Russia told Iran and Hezbollah if they did they would not have Russia’s protection.

    So Russia is disappointed to say the least that Israeli intelligence is actively assisting the UkroNAZIS on their doorstep.

    (who said Jews don’t identify with Nazis)

    One good deed deserves another?

    Maybe Russia gives the nod to Hezbollah and Iran to start another northern front in Israel.

    Macgregor says Israel will be in dire straits fighting two fronts.

    Just sayin’

    The Markster

    Agreed with John Day on depersonalization and the pre-genocidal comic book binaries that our imperial media and politicians love so much. Bobby Jr. Lost my support yesterday, and the campaign t-shirts and hoodies will to a salvage shop on Saturday.

    The plan for a decade now was to leave the internet and car culture behind effective September 2024. Might need to up the timeline a bit, as engaging in the politics of the sad, dying death cult all around us is looking less and less like civic engagement, education or service and more and more like a wasteful, masturbatory indulgence.

    Mr. House

    “None of us should do that, because it is giving ourselves over to evil.”

    That and many of us have exp. it first hand the past six years or so.


    I had a terrible feeling when Hamas attacked Isr. What good would come of it, the only hope (as I posted before) would be to draw in others (Hezbollah, Iran, possibly Turkey..)

    Paul Craig Roberts (top post) *speculates* that Hamas was spurred – infiltrated – manipulated to attack viciously, thus providing an excuse for Isr. and Net-yahoo to finish off the Pal. problem via whatever means, taking territory, killing off the natives, etc.

    PCR makes an analogy with 9/11 (security services / intell / etc. ‘stood down’, in a typical false flag) but that is not a good comparison. 9/11 was a devastating attack (ppl died, yes, horrible) run by a small-ish Kabal who risked nothing. (Narrativ Kontrol.)

    Hamas fighters – thousands, all motivated, can’t be compared to 19 shadowy mythical figures with box-cutters on hand.

    Note, killing ppl via far-off (as seen on TV) explosion / demolition / air-plane downings, all of which can be ‘manipulated’ in the official accounts and news, is not comparable to going out on the street and murdering civilians, women and children, leaving their bodies on the ground, and taking hostages, threatening to cut their heads off.

    The former is movie-like, meme-prepared since a long time, it is distant, yet horrific it is felt, ppl’s hearts and minds are affected.

    The relatives of the dead… looked insincere to me at the time, but who knows…

    link no. 1 top of Goog ABC news, pay-offs to families of 9/11:

    9/11 Families, Except One, Receive Over $7 Billion

    Aug. 2011.

    PCR (ok! a short post) doesn’t mention that the diversion of attention away from the investment, funding, commitment, etc. to Zelensky as the installed puppet in UKR, by an attack on the Most Holy Israel supported endlessly by the ‘Collective West’ – > is working fine with the MSM in concert…

    Peter 47

    I can not open the rest of the article by Craig Murray


    When I am playing a better chess player – which is not hard to find – rather than responding to threats by putting my pieces in safety, I create a new threat of my own, the object not even being to pursue that specific line of attack, but to build up so many interconnected threats that when the tension breaks and a bloodbath ensues, my opponent (hopefully) cannot think any more moves ahead than I can – too much going on, too many countermoves to make. Then my lesser intellect might catch an opportunity through momentary insight from a menu of 5 or so different options that appear. Maybe.

    Africa and now Israel – is someone widening the war with these? Or was French Africa a move by one side and Israel is the countermove? Was Israel a simultaneous move by BOTH sides, the way Icebreaker asserts that the USSR and Germany were almost simultaneously going to attack each other, their plans perhaps days apart?

    D Benton Smith

    The recently commenced war of attrition against Israel by it’s numerous friends and neighbors is going to play out like the one just field-tested in Ukraine, but maybe a little quicker this iteration because Israel has a much smaller population, far fewer brain-washed shock troops (trained from birth to be IDF in Zionist cult-camps such as Kibbutz Be’eri) . . . . and virtually no way to replace them as they and their formidable weaponry gets attritioned away by never-ending attacks that are too serious to ignore but too small to use nukes on.

    D Benton Smith

    I just hate it when wonderfully eloquent and concise figures of speech get overused so frequently that they’re all worn out by the time that the perfect occasion to use them finally rolls around.
    Example: With friends like the USA, who needs enemies? (or substitute Israel or England in place of the USA). If friends ever deserved each other it would have to be that bunch. Makes me want to take a hot scrubbing shower just to think of the vile things they have each done under the pretense of virtue.


    I can not open the rest of the article by Craig Murray

    There doesn’t appear to be a paywall on his site.

    D Benton Smith

    The best and most truthfully astute rant that I’ve heard so far. Take it away………..Scott Ritter :


    I’ll follow General Washington’s example and say no.
    Be careful because they WANT you to hate them, erase the government, and let them build the new one with no Bill of Rights. A Bill of Suggestions.

    Duly noted. General Washington also raised an army and fought back…along with a new Bill of Rights.
    Difficult to seperate War and Hate when it comes down to it.

    Depersonalization of abstracted groups of people is where genocide begins.
    None of us should do that, because it is giving ourselves over to evil.

    Also duly noted.
    ‘War is Hell’ yes? Essentially War is an act of hatred yes?
    Killing and murder are defined differently. Killing can also be an act of Love if you are ending misery and suffering that cannot be healed. As noted in the broken bone of a human being that was tended to centuries ago- the act of healing, which wounded animals are not privy to of their own devices.

    Israel just declared they are “fighting animals” and have chosen to genocide them. Openly stated.
    Some might say Palestinians are wounded humans (jews call them animals) that deserve humane care and healing.

    Killing as an act of evil, in a war that is hell.
    Does that make you evil at heart to commit an evil act of killing in war, or in self defense?

    Hopefully most of us will never have to kill in war or self defense. Does fighting against those who are committing genocide make you evil too? If you are ‘lucky’ in war or self defense where killing is involved- you can ponder that answer afterward.

    I do not like the idea of killing anything. I catch and release bugs and abhor torture.
    Hear this- I Hate the idea or reality of torturing. Our own Govt took on a torture program-

    So yes I will accept hatred (in myself) and committing evil acts against a group or groups who are responsible for murder, torture, organized crimes against humaity etc….

    If to end these things one must commit evil acts to end evil, then so be it. I don’t pick, start or continue fights of aggression. We all have the right to defend ourselves, and others who cannot defend themselves. The Spiritual Warrior may have to commit evil acts to defend Love.

    A few Waterloo quotes to ponder-

    Our army is composed of the scum of the earth – the mere scum of the earth.

    Duke of Wellington

    You can decide to invade Russia at dinner, pick Waterloo for battle on a whim. It’s the details, the small stuff. Its easy to gamble a million lives. Whats hard is to see how that can hurt one single person. And if you cant keep that straight, hell, you’ll lose your humanity.
    Dwight D. Eisenhower

    Duke of Wellington:

    Next to a battle lost, the saddest thing is a battle won.

    Napoleon Bonaparte:

    Never interrupt your enemy while he’s making a mistake. That’s bad manners.


    They lived their lives so vapidly- and borrowed so much to do it-
    Their debt compounded rapidly, ’til no one could eschew it.
    The only fix was endless war, and all the cash to fund it:
    “It’s all about morality!” said one more brainless pundit.
    So common sense and decency get scuttled by “the brave”
    And all the world gets shoved into a nameless, early grave.

    Michael Reid

    World in chaos w/ Jeffrey Sachs

    space between dot and com

    https://rumble. com/v3o8u41-world-in-chaos-w-jeffrey-sachs-live.html


    We all have an “IMPORTANT/PRIORITY SCALE”.

    1. Life with no pain. (Therefore, you body is working the way it was designed/intended.)
    2. Enough food/water on the table.
    3. Regular bowl movement and urinating.

    …… way down
    …. war of hate in Ukraine and Irael.


    Don’t need to work hard if you work smart.
    Same as in war.
    Get someone else to do it.
    A proxies wars – Mercenaries.
    USA/Iran’s strategy, to win without fighting.

    D Benton Smith


    When you’re not hitting the nail on the head you’re knocking the ball out of the park, and when you’re not doing one or the other you’re doing both at once. Like this time.


    You use a small incursion and kill a few thousand to create your reaction which kills millions. The jews taught us that 22 years ago. and are playin it again, same script. War by deception is their fucking motto. Tamudic satanism runs this world using their money and media. Any questtions about you politicians loyalty should be answered now, they all kiss isrealass. As this hollywood grade spectecle unravlled all i could think about was the USS Liberty, the dead sailors who no one gave a fuck about. We are all Palestinians in a worldwide prison camp.

    Figmund Sreud

    Israeli says to American stopped by Israeli police: “The Godly thing to do is to kill you.”


    John Day

    Broad Appeal Of War

    Simplicius has this broad contextual overview, which is also detailed. I will say that this is looking more and more like Sarajevo 1914, when Archduke Ferdinand was assassinated, and all of the countries used interlocking alliance treaties to willingly enter into what became WW-1, something none of them (except perhaps international bankers) envisioned as being as long, destructive and counterproductive as it was to all of them (except international bankers, including the new Federal Reserve Bank).
    Israeli Flashpoint – Localized Skirmish? Or the Beginning of Major Global Black Swan?

    ​ All Palestinians are faced with Benjamin Netanyahu promoting his “final solution” of eliminating any Palestinian entity from “greater Israel”, including all lands taken by force in the 1967 war, including from Syria, Lebanon, and Palestine. They have daily suffered violence and eviction from their lands, torture and imprisonment without any hope of redress since 1967.
    The well planned and orchestrated attacks of Hamas were known by Egypt, which warned Mossad, and was ignored. Netanyahu would get his “final solution” of complete elimination of Palestine and genocide of Palestinains.
    European Israeli Jews with more liberal and secular politics could blame Netanyahu for things going bad. There are reports that Mossad filtered intelligence it gave to Netanyahu, overplaying advantage and underplaying risk. (Of course the regrettable deaths of some Israeli Jews, especialy those attending a peace-rally near Gaza, might become necessary sacrifices in this Pearl-Harbor-III scenario.)
    ​ Netanyahu’s “New Stage” of “The Long War” against Palestine
    ​ Netanyahu’s stated objective, which constitutes a new stage in the 75 year old war (since Nakba, 1948) against the people of Palestine is no longer predicated on “Apartheid” or “Separation”. This new stage –which is also to directed against Israelis who want peace– consists in “total appropriation” as well as the outright exclusion of the Palestinian people from their homeland:
    ​ “These are the basic lines of the national government headed by me [Netanyahu]: The Jewish people have an exclusive and unquestionable right to all areas of the Land of Israel. The government will promote and develop settlement in all parts of the Land of Israel — in the Galilee, the Negev, the Golan, Judea and Samaria.” (Netanyahu January 2023. emphasis added)
    ​ We bring to the attention of our readers the incisive analysis of Dr. Philip Giraldi pointing to the likelihood of a “False Flag’”.

    Is the Gaza-Israel Fighting “A False Flag”? They Let it Happen? Their Objective Is “to Wipe Gaza Off the Map”?

    Benjamin Netanyahu Blamed by Top Israel Newspaper in Scathing Attack​ (Haaretz blames Netanyahu generally, not specifically, but does not absolve him specifically.)

    There is another report that Mossad relied very heavily upon A.I. monitoring of communications signals and live camera footage of Gaza, and that this was known to Hamas, which was able to keep the camera and cellphone feeds stable, while carrying out actions in preparation for war, which were invisible to A.I. This is intriguing, and would be a part of modern insurgent warfare, a new iteration, but like “spoofing a drane” by altering its GPS communications, and making it land, as Iran did to a US drone over a decade ago.

    SCOTT RITTER: Israel’s Massive Intelligence Failure

    John Day

    Iranian Diplomat denies before-the-fact knowledge of Hamas attack, which is probably true for him. Others in Iran might not have known the specific date and time, but Iran has long supported the Palestinian cause in every way that it could, including military support, and military technical assistance, teaching them how to manufacture artillery rockets mounted on trucks, for instance. Iran does not want to invite American and Israeli joint attacks upon their country, but might see it as inevitable, and be prepared to prevail when the inevitable attacks come. Iran might reasonably presume that the Israeli/US hegemon will not capitulate without expending its arsenal upon Iran.

    Syria has launched missiles into the Golan Heights, occupied by Israel since 1967, but part of Syria, so this is taken as a message that Syria may choose to attack militarily, but it is not an attack upon Israel-proper. Hezbollah made a similar attack yesterday or the day before on Sheba Farms, which is in the Golan heights, and is technically Lebanese, but occupied by Israel since 1967.
    Syria Launches Missiles On Golan Heights As US To Begin ‘Surging’ Defense Aid To Israel

    Egypt has been paid to not attack Israel in various ways since the 1973 Yom Kippur War 50 years ago, and notified Israel that “something big was coming” a couple of weeks ago, which was reportedly ignored. Egypt is not declaring any intention to change that arrangement, but is bound to be considering it. Egypt can’t take 2 million refugees.
    ​ Outrage After Israel Told Gazans To Flee To Egypt, Then Bombed Lone Border Crossing
    ​ On Tuesday morning Israel bombed the Rafah crossing in the Gaza Strip, which is the only border crossing that Palestinians are able to use to flee to Egypt.
    Hamas has claimed that the crossing has now been rendered impassable. “The Israel Defense Forces said Tuesday afternoon that it hit an underground tunnel for smuggling weapons and equipment in the Rafah area, on the Egypt-Gaza border, but did not confirm or deny hitting the crossing itself,” the Times of Israel is reporting.

    ​ There is so much which is broken in government, and there are so many crimes and failures. The financial system is in an exponential phase of monetary expansion, and the end is in sight, which is systemic collapse/default. That has to be managed in a World War. There is not some other system to manage it. Meanwhile, political circus…
    ​ White House hopes to merge Ukraine and Israel aid ​ , The measure could push Republicans to support new assistance for Kiev

    ​Paul Craig Roberts, Can the World Afford the Insane Foreign Policy of America’s Satanic Neoconservatives?​
    We are on the verge of nuclear annihilation. Every agreement made during the 20th century to reduce the risk of nuclear war has been abandoned by Washington…
    ​..In the US the constant propaganda against Russia (and now China) has convinced many Americans that they face the danger of nuclear attack. This is not a situation in which a false alarm is likely to be recognized. The risk of not believing the alarm is much higher in the environment created by the American neoconservatives, who have controlled US foreign policy in the 21st century.
    ​ In US foreign policy and military ranks there are some, especially among the military/security-funded think tanks, who believe, automatically it seems with no evidence required, that the US, being the greatest and most powerful country ever, would win a nuclear war. This belief exists despite the total absence of any US preparation for surviving a nuclear war, assuming such a war is survivable. The most likely outcome would be nuclear winter, a situation in which dust from the massive explosions block the sunlight and the entire world starves to death.
    ​ Ask yourself, just how insane, how Satanic do neoconservatives have to be to think that their totally unrealistic pursuit of US global hegemony is worth such a risk?
    ​ The minute the Soviet Union collapsed politically when hardline communists arrested President Gorbachev, the neoconservatives penned the Wolfowitz Doctrine, which states that the principle goal of US foreign policy is to prevent the rise of any power that could constrain American hegemony. It is this absurdly unrealistic neoconservative doctrine, not Russian or Chinese behavior, that has resurrected the threat of nuclear Armageddon.
    ​ The threat is very real. Those who dismiss it are utter and total fools. They are psychopaths. They are insane. They risk the life of the planet. It is the neoconservatives who are the worst danger to life the world has ever faced. Why does Congress put up with them? Why does the Senate confirm them in office? Why is the American media their propagandist? Why do the UK, European, and Japanese governments tolerate such enormous risks imposed by a handful of insane psychopaths?

    Can the World Afford the Insane Foreign Policy of America’s Satanic Neoconservatives?

    John Day

    Will There Be a 2024 Presidential Election?​ (​I don’t think the current power structure can​ allow Americans to vote for Kennedy or Trump, even with vote-rigging.)

    Will There Be a 2024 Presidential Election?

    ​ Russia has good diplomatic relations with Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Israel. Russia does not want nuclear war to break out.
    The US practices brinkmanship and bombast. And does not want those parties cooperating with each other.
    Moscow blasts US approach to Israel-Palestine violence

    ​Military Summary for yesterday (Gaza): WW3 | Carpet Bombing Of Gaza. Escalation With Hezbollah. Military Summary And Analysis For 2023.10.9

    Military Summary today Gaza): Buildings In Gaza Are Folding Like Houses Of Cards Under Israeli Fire. Military Summary 2023.10.10

    Craig Murray, Now We Have Your Attention
    ​ There have been decades of photos of dead Palestinian women and children, and kids being beaten, humiliated and imprisoned by Israeli soldiers. The historic killing rate in this “conflict” has been fairly consistent at about 40:1.
    ​ None of this ever caused more than a raised eyebrow and a mild tut-tut from the western “liberal” Establishment. I can’t recall camera crews ever pursuing any zionist politicians down the street demanding that they use the word “condemn” of the latest Israeli atrocity.
    ​ The paroxysm of hatred in the political and media class, unleashed by a single day of the boot being on the other foot is instructive. It is particularly instructive in their near complete unanimity – what percentage of the discussion on broadcast TV or radio have you heard this last 48 hours given over to Palestinian or pro-Palestinian voices?

    Now We Have Your Attention

    John Day

    This Greek language military site explains how Iran helped Hamas develop a domestic artillery-rocket manufacturing industry, so that most of the rockets launched into Israeli cities recently have been locally produced.

    John Helmer has important historical context and brings it to bear. There is a precedent.


    Gilbert Doctorow, Russians pound Avdeevka with heavy bombs. Can the awaited Russian offensive be approaching?​ [“FAB” fuel-air bombs are “bigger” per pound.]
    The bombing of Avdeevka today, like the reported destruction of a major Ukrainian command post by 1.5 ton bombs a couple of days ago, would suggest the “softening up” phase before a major ground offensive.
    ​ In any case, with or without a ground offensive, the Russians’ move to aerial bombing with 1.5 ton and possibly soon with 5 ton guided bombs signifies a change which Kiev, London and Washington seem not to have anticipated. It is a campaign that can easily be continued during the rainy season and roadless conditions of late autumn in Ukraine which Western commentators had assumed would force the sides to slow the war effort, giving Washington the opportunity to restock Ukraine with weapons, advisers and so on in preparation of renewed military activity in the spring. The West can now put paid to that scenario, it would seem.

    Russians pound Avdeevka with heavy bombs. Can the awaited Russian offensive be approaching?

    ​Military Summary has details. Russia takes the initiative: The Russians Breakthrough North Of Avdiivka | Wagner Is Back. Military Summary 2023.10.10

    Finland says ‘outside activity’ likely damaged gas pipeline, telecoms cable
    ​ The Balticconnector gas pipeline was shut early on Sunday on concerns that gas was leaking from a hole in the 77-km (48-mile) pipeline. Finnish operator Gasgrid said it could take months or more to repair.
    ​ “It is likely that damage to both the gas pipeline and the communication cable is the result of outside activity. The cause of the damage is not yet clear, the investigation continues in cooperation between Finland and Estonia,” Finnish President Sauli Niinisto said in a statement on Tuesday…
    ​..Finland last year leased a floating storage and regasification unit (FSRU) to receive liquefied natural gas (LNG), replacing supplies from Russia which were cut in the wake of Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine.​..
    ​ Much of Finland’s LNG imports come from the United States, LSEG data shows.
    Situated at Inkoo, the Exemplar FSRU vessel has supplied gas to Estonia via the Balticconnector.
    ​ “(It’s) not a big deal for Estonia and Latvia because a lot of their gas is stored in Latvian storage, but Finns will not be able to get their gas from Latvian storage,” said a source with direct knowledge of Baltic gas supplies.
    ​ Finland has a second LNG import terminal in Hamina, and “the continuity of gas supply is secured in the coming winter season,” national operator Gasgrid said in a statement.,United%20States%2C%20LSEG%20data%20shows


    According to USA.

    We do not have any info that Iran involved in this attack.
    Anyone else thinking to get involved with Amas. DON’T!
    Gaza/Amas did an unprovoked attack on Israel.
    Russia did an unprovoked attacked on Ukraine.

    According to Israel.
    The 2.5 million Citizen of Gaza should leave before the bombs destroy everything.


    There is an EXCELLENT interview with Professor Norman Finkelstein on last night’s Jimmy Dore show. The show of 10/9/23. Not sure how to post a link to the show, but do try to watch it, either on YouTube or Rumble. Finkelstein discusses the reality of the Gaza strip, an open-air prison in which at least half its residents were born. This guy is very knowledgeable about the history of Palestine and Israel. (Jimmy himself doesn’t host this show, guest host is Craig Pasta Jardula.)
    Others who persist in telling the truth about Palestine: Max Blumenthal and his crew at the Gray Zone, and Glenn Greenwald on his System Update show.


    Alarm as Israel again hits Rafah border crossing between Gaza and Egypt
    The third attack on the crossing’s Palestinian side in the last 24 hours consisted of ‘four missiles’, reports say.

    On Monday, Israeli Defence Minister Yoav Gallant ordered a “total blockade” of Gaza, cutting access to water, food, fuel and electricity. Such a siege of Gaza by the Israeli army, with the intent to starve a population, is a war crime under United Nations statutes.

    Figmund Sreud

    Postcards from the End – Linh Dinh

    Still Serene on the Eastern Front

    … loooong snip:

    […]”Minus Israel, Lebanon and Syria can finally heal, and the entire Middle East will breathe easier. Some countries, though, may be beyond salvation. Killing for Jews all these decades, they’ve brought it upon themselves.

    Last month, I emailed Beth in Philly, “You should stop deferring to Jews and their outrageous crimes. By fearing them so much, you are complicit in what they’ve done to Palestinians, other Arabs, Ukrainians, Europeans and Americans. Stop siding with these genocidal criminals. By making excuses for them, if only in your mind, you become a criminal.”

    By Jews, I mean those who embrace and deploy Jewish thinking. It’s an insanely racist, deviously divisive and genocidal ideology. The last is its bedrock. If you’re born Jewish, who cares? If you’re a Jew in spirit or honorary Jew, may God help you.

    Syrian Girl has just posted a video of Jews urinating on Palestinian corpses, whom they had just murdered, then stripped naked. Favored by a most spiteful, genocidal god, they’re free to grab land, massacre, swindle, poison and orchestrate wars, so a bit of corpse abuse is hardly worth noticing. Only hateful anti-Semites niggle.



    Jewish Israeli Nation would not exist were it not for the British Empire and US Govt roles.

    The British Empire created the foundation for the Jewish state. A foundation based on treating Palestinians as human trash, and giving their Land directly to the Jews. The Jews used the protection of the British Empire to steal the land, murder and cruelly subjucate its inhabitants. The US Govt has supported the Jewish theft and genocide fully post WW2. Without the protection of the US Govt and British Empire, the Jew State of Israel would not and could not exist.

    The US Govt post WW2 is responsible for more death and destruction globally than any single genocide in the History of human(kind). The US Govt has killed more humans on the planet with it’s military adventurism than any other Govt or nation on the planet.

    Technically one may claim that the deaths from US wars were not genocidal. Does that matter?
    Those who claim that one cannot single out a particular group, or it’s just some bad apples, or targeting particular communities and speaking poorly of them are the roots of genocide-

    How do you not see that it is the US Govt, British Empire, and the Jewish nation State that are the primary actors of the Gaza genocide that has been going on for decades?

    How can you say with a straight face that the US Govt is not the root of evil that has killed more humans around the planet than any other Nation? That it is not the American people that are behind the US Govt blindly feigning ignorance?

    Are you simply ignorant of US History and its Global wars of aggression to steal and control resources while profiting from those Wars? Are you unwilling to look in the mirror and accept the truth that your own Govt are mass murderers and you are a part of that by ‘going quietly along’ while pointing your fingers at others ?

    D Benton Smith


    Are you unwilling to look in the mirror and accept the truth that your own Govt are mass murderers and you are a part of that by ‘going quietly along’ while pointing your fingers at others ?”

    Are you claiming that murder victims are as guilty as their killer because of their “going quietly along” with their crime by dying?

    By that logic then we are ALL guilty (and evil), equally, because none of us stopped the evil psychopaths from being evil psychopaths, and now here we all are . . . being governed by evil psychopaths. I dunno, maybe you’re right, but answer me this, how do you propose that we stop them from being evil psychopaths? I sure hope it’s not some kind of psychopathically evil method because that just leads back to the problem we started off with in the first place.

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