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    M. C. Escher Drawing hands1948   • Fauci’s NIH Also Funded Medical Experiments on AIDS Orphans in NYC (GP) • Congress Didn’t Give OSHA Authority
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    “In conclusion, the Davos World Economic Forum has indeed been involved in the strategic management of the coronavirus pandemic, with a major emphasis on using the pandemic as a catalyst for digital transformation and the global introduction of digital identity systems.” – It’s got nothing to do with health.

    The WEF and the Pandemic


    Complete vaxxine failure is now here –

    “The spike protein of SARS-CoV-2 variant A.30 is heavily mutated and evades vaccine-induced antibodies with high efficiency

    Natural immunity rules!


    70% of Covid Patients in Flemish Hospitals are now fully “vaccinated” Belgian Health Minister yesterday in Parliament


    Germ you are a legend

    V. Arnold

    M. C. Escher Drawing hands1948

    Likely Escher’s most well known drawing…
    …and possibly his best…

    Polder Dweller

    “Japan Drops Vax Rollout, Goes To Ivermectin, Ends Covid Almost Overnight”

    No country seems to be looking at what the Japanese are getting right. Even if the west is hamstrung by strangulation contracts with Pfizer et al,, why aren’t the Russians or even the Chinese doing what they do in Japan?

    Whatever the actual protocol is, it clearly works, but according to OWID the Japanese did not stop the rollout of the “vaccines”, just Moderna, as numbers of jabbed continued to increase over the last couple of months and they now have one of the most jabbed populations in the world. They would seem to believe in shot plus early treatment.


    It’s got nothing to do with health.

    Jimmy Dore interviews Max Blumenthal from The GrayZone about Gates, digital ids, and more.

    DIABOLICAL: Bill Gates Digital ID Will Control Your Life


    “Chimps that were rescued from this mess and other abuse… are now part of the largest animal testing trial in history at his guidance,” Robison continued.”

    Not true. The largest animal testing trial in history is currently taking place in the human population.

    V. Arnold

    Not true. The largest animal testing trial in history is currently taking place in the human population.

    Spot on…fuck, shit, piss…would’s that it weren’t so…
    ,,,but it is…so buckle up and prepare for the worst…a worst you can not even imagine…
    Hell, I’m not prepared, nobody is…and don’t kid yourself; what’s coming no modern human has ever experienced…


    Raúl is the legend!


    Raul, thanks for the OSHA link. Timely as usual, uncanny in a divine way. I will refuse to be treated like livestock.


    @V. Arnold: “spot on” back at ya. Not sure buckling up will help all that much though … 🙁

    Dr. D

    “The Good Part About ‘Waning’ Immunity” – The Atlantic.

    Failure is good! Failure is how you succeed! …Ah “The Atlantic.” How do you manage to be worse than “The Guardian”? Does it hurt much?

    “ EU Fines Poland €1 Million Per Day Over Judicial Reforms (DW)”

    Wow, that’s quite a grasp. I mean, not like the UK Supreme Court that claimed authority over all time, space, and reality, but the EU is actually attempting to enforce its takeover and conquest. Now why do I think they’ll lose this one, not win? Its very existence is an affront to all Poles, down to a man.

    OZ 2-year bonds blow out. Czech is inverted, calling Recession. Collapse goes from the periphery to the center. Note: monetary velocity continues ever-lower, year after year, which allows the printing of money “without ill side effects.” Until there are.

    Let’s look at it this way: previously, “In our last episode”, Batman got control of a fiat currency, as in Weimar, and thereby end-run around the problems of a gold-paper standard. (Which they’d got around in the previous-previous episode, and so on). Now this required getting massive control of the nation as a unified, trusted structure, and the cultural habits. So that alone was a generational project, but they did it, and could thereby be set up and ready to go for the later ethnic cleansing and genocide.

    Anyway, the money: so Weimar, getting control of their new toy of fiat, ran rampant, very happy being the only nation after WWI that was booming and successful, a Miracle. Probably got on the cover of Time, like Hitler and Stalin. BUT: Oh wait, Mother Nature is NOT mocked? Math and reality DOES exist? Aaaaaand their fiat collapsed when it MET reality, that is, printing money doesn’t print goods. Your money means nothing to me. The money printed worked fine, they even bought some new presses, and handed it out the Unions and other protected classes. Until the money flipped demand and the goods were very suddenly bought up. In like nine months.

    Well! Not to let ANOTHER catastrophe in an unbroken history of miserable catastrophes dissuade them, they came up with a plan to FIX the unavoidable hyperinflation problem. Two plans, actually. One was the Technocratic Elites. On one side, Bernays and running the country with “democracy” while they hollowed out all intelligence with media and national school programs so the people would believe anything they were told like morons. Like a charm! The second was to get control – information really – of ALL things in the whole economy. Every car, bottlecap, every nut and screw AND their location, AND their demand, AND all the energy flows, AND have the power to shut them off at will, like your washing machine if Daddy says you’ve had enough electric today and the wind no blows. Waaay beyond Stalin. That’s what Amazon, Smart Meters, all that pin-headed technofailure is. So if you’ve got a problem on the factory floor, you just shut off Joe Worker’s consumption. Magic! Perfect efficiency for the OCD mentally ill. As today’s article, KEEP Joe’s money and make it vanish at payday at -25% p.a. so he has to can only spend it all exactly as we order him to. OR ELSE!!!

    BUT! It isn’t in place. Even at this level, there is no where near enough monopoly, power, consolidation, and oppression. So when $6T/year + $200B/mo threatens to tip monetary velocity, we can’t shut off Amazon and halt Weimar hyperinflation or not without being really obvious and Amazon going down, Joe’s Bottlecap Co. going up.

    That means the only way to stop Weimar collapse of our power and revelation of our complete, abysmal failure – worse, a minor strike to our Ego – is to SHUT DOWN CONSUMPTION IN THE WHOLE ECONOMY. I don’t care how. Kill a million people; PRETEND to kill a million people so the rest stay home, who cares? All I know is my Ego’s calling and I don’t want to look stupid.

    And that’s where we are with money printing, bond rates, monetary velocity, and inflation.

    I don’t think it’s going very well.


    Good morning (here) all,

    Saw my GP (Ph.D in pharmacology) yesterday for a tick bite that caused great swelling in 24 hours. Big shot of Doxy in my rump reversed that.. )

    Once again I asked about Ivermectin and got:
    (a) straw man argument about ‘cattle-sized’ doses, and (b) “if used prophylactically, it destroys your liver. We’d be facing a wave of liver transplants in the future”.

    I’ve been trying to find out about this claim of ‘liver damage’, with no luck. Anyone else here know about this, true of false?

    Polder Dweller

    Looks like Vanden Bossche called it again:

    The spike protein of SARS-CoV-2 variant A.30 is heavily mutated and evades vaccine-induced antibodies with high efficiency.”

    A.30 Variant of Concern

    John Day

    Blog is up, with picture in replanted Mexican avocado orchard
    Resist extermination. Protect the kids.

    The Age Of Exterminations V: “Suicide As A Weapon Of Mass Destruction”, is really about tricking people into taking poison, but they will do it best, if they do not know they are taking poison. They could just be doing something “good for their health”, or “going to a hospital”, or “taking a shower”.
    Poisoners throughout history have been a devious and cunning lot.
    Sometimes the people who do not take the poison with everybody else get shot. Sometimes they get away.
    Sometimes people do kill themselves and their families, rather than be taken by enemy soldiers.
    I think that is different from being tricked into taking poison…

    COVID Vaccines in teenagers::
    This week’s U.S. data for 12- to 17-year-olds show:
    ​ ​21,921 total adverse events, including 1,325 rated as serious and 25 reported deaths. Two of the 25 deaths were suicides.
    ​ ​The most recent death involves a 12-year-old girl (VAERS I.D. 1784945) who died from a respiratory tract hemorrhage 22 days after receiving her first dose of Pfizer’s vaccine.
    ​ ​Another recent death includes a 15-year-old male who died six days after receiving his first dose of Pfizer’s COVID vaccine. According to his VAERS report (VAERS I.D. 1764974), the previously healthy teen complained of brief unilateral shoulder pain five days after receiving his COVID vaccine.
    ​ ​The next day he played with two friends at a community pond, swung on a rope swing, flipped into the air, and landed in the water feet first. He surfaced, laughed and told his friends “Wow, that hurt!” He then swam toward shore underwater, as was his usual routine, but did not re-emerge.
    ​ ​An autopsy showed no external indication of a head injury, but there was a small subgaleal hemorrhage — a rare, but lethal bleeding disorder — over the left occiput. In addition, the boy had a mildly elevated cardiac mass, increased left ventricular wall thickness and small foci of myocardial inflammation of the lateral wall of the left ventricle with myocyte necrosis (dead heart muscle) consistent with myocardial infarction.​

    17,000+ Deaths Reported After COVID Vaccines, Including New Report of 12-Year-Old Who Died After Pfizer Vaccine

    John Day

    ​ “Original Antigenic Sin” is an off-putting term for a really critical immunologic mechanism, which is well explained and documented here. I’d like to call it something less prone to cause people’s minds to immediately shut off, something like “Immunological Imprinting”​. (Hats off to Konrad Lorenz.)
    Oh, look, that’s what this article in Nature calls it; just what I thought of.
    Here is the article that Marjorie sent me, explaining that the human adaptive immune system creates an antibody response to the first variant of a viral family that it gets infected by. Flu is an example, and coronavirus is a family that keeps mutating and adapting as time goes by, like influenza.
    The memory B cells that are ready to make those antibodies go on vacation until the virus comes back, then pounce into action with the response they know so well. They do that in a couple of days, well before novice immune cells can mount a new response, more specific to this mutated variant.
    That usually works OK, but not always, and sometimes it can be worse than nothing if the new virus has mutated to exploit that fixed antibody response.
    That is called “ADE”, antibody dependent enhancement of viral pathogenicity, and it is one of the banes of vaccine makers. It usually only happens when the vaccine is the first exposure of a naive immune system to a viral family. It happened with a Rotavirus vaccine in the US, and recently with a Dengue vaccine in the tropics. That Dengue vaccine killed a lot of kids when they caught a different strain of Dengue from what they had been vaccinated against. It inhibited one Dengue virus, but enhanced the new improved version.
    It is already apparent how that is working with coronaviruses in general and with COVID vaccines against the January 2020 spike protein in particular. People who have had other coronaviruses in the past mount that response again, early, and it is not specific to SARS-CoV-2, but it is usually good enough to keep the viral load down from the outset and prevent more than mild illness.
    Those same people who had prior coronavirus infection do not make as many specific antibodies to the 2020 spike protein when they get vaccinated, because they mainly trigger the prior learned response.
    People who get the January 2020 spike protein as an imprint are already making antibodies known to enhance certain infectious actions of the Delta variant, helping it to enter human cells more rapidly.
    They do not make any antibodies to the other 84% of a coronavirus, and they might never be any good at doing that for the rest of their lives.
    Any children who have not already caught a coronavirus, who are vaccinated with current products, may be impaired from ever mounting an adequate immune response to any future coronavirus…
    That is precisely a very bad thing to do to each of those children, and to the human herd.



    “Treatment with fluvoxamine (100 mg twice daily for 10 days) among high-risk outpatients with early diagnosed COVID-19 reduced the need for hospitalisation defined as retention in a COVID-19 emergency setting or transfer to a tertiary hospital.”

    John Day

    Ugo Bardi’s “Age of Exterminations” series gives useful perspective on how societies have exterminated members, or classes within a society, for the profit of others, or sometimes because there was not enough food from a bad crop year.
    Let me start with the base case of human society killing some members of an extended family/clan as “witches” when heavy rains or drought have drastically reduced the supply of food. In the area of Tanzania studied, fed by rain-supplied agriculture, there are twice as many witch-killings in years of excessive rainfall, when crops are damaged, as in years of normal rainfall. The victims are typically elderly women, killed by family-members.
    Poverty and Witch Killing, Edward Miguel, U. Cal. Berkeley, 2005

    I would take the above as mostly a case of famine killing poor people. Western witch killings in Europe and North America did come in hard times, bad winters, the Little Ice Age, but also befell those with some property, and little protection. there was profit to be made.
    Killing an elderly great-aunt, when everybody is hungry, seems like a variation on the theme of people starving to death in famine.

    The Age of Exterminations VI: “The Great Famine To Come”, looks at the Irish Potato Famine as a historical example.
    The Irish people were subsisting on potatoes, brought from the new world, and much of the land was owned by others, who produced grain and livestock for export and to feed the troops of the British Empire.
    The Irish peasant farmers had been saddled with all of the risk, and they died when potato blight destroyed their food.
    The crown was “reluctant” to interfere in the economic markets…
    The Irish peasants had “owned nothing and were happy”, until they had no food, having unknowingly assumed all of the economic risk of the system by having no other recourse but to eat potatoes they grew, or to die.
    The lesson here is that having no options, which is to be poor, and not to “own the means of food production” makes one a ready target for extermination through widespread famine. Universal Basic Income would be a chute into this outcome, as would any form of government handout that became an only-means-of-eating.
    So, to kill large numbers of poor people, cut off the food supply. It can look like anything made it happen. It happens periodically.
    Professor Bardi looks at The Limits To Growth graphs and the revision to that. We can expect industrialized food production and delivery to have major problems as industrial economy contracts. (Mr. Gates seems to be well invested in farmland.)
    One might find ways to assure one’s food, water and fuel through a hard spell, but one would not be able to do so in a social vacuum.
    Consider helping feed your community, or being a member of a community that largely feeds itself, if that is possible.

    The Age Of Exterminations IV: “How To Kill The Rich”, looks at the opposite end of the wealth spectrum. Wealth is sustained through force, through threat of violence. The rich who are inadequately protected by private armies, or a government army, are subject to ambush, sudden and overwhelming ambush.
    It’s typically rich and powerful sociopaths that can conspire to do this.
    That could include the king, the pope, the CIA, the FBI, the Mob, or the army, but it has to be people with trained killers who can keep a secret.

    The next two essays seem to share the common thread of killing those who are somewhat gullible, susceptible to propaganda, and crowd mania.

    The Age Of Exterminations III: “How to Exterminate The Young”, is really about exterminating a lot of the young men in a society in WW-1.
    Propagandized young Italian men got whipped into a mass rage and went off to take back pieces of Italy from Austrians who were offering to give it back if Italy remained neutral. Half of them died. People became much more wary after that.
    In the US, it was the Civil War that made Americans wary.
    Mechanized warfare is mass slaughter. The survivors will subsequently understand that.
    It has mostly been wiped from the American memory by having smaller wars in places nobody knows, starting with Grenada.
    Americans could be susceptible again. Vietnam is almost forgotten now, almost…


    this japan thing is totally made up i’m afraid, i live here

    those darned kids

    wowsers, there is a story about fluvoxamine in our local super crappy corporate newspaper.


    Is this democracy!!!!!!!!

    Wait, so we can’t use Ivermectin because “We don’t have enough data,”
    “Let’s vaccinate children to see how safe the vaccine is because we don’t have enough data.”


    NEW DELHI: The sixth serological survey showed that the national capital had a seropositivity rate of 97%, Delhi health minister Satyendar Jain said on Thursday.
    All districts were found to have a seroprevalence of more than 95%, he said.
    • Japan Drops Vax Rollout, Goes To Ivermectin, Ends Covid Almost Overnight (HTRS)
    This is the biggest news story right now Japan has ended COVID. It did it after it stopped the vax rollout and went to Ivermectin.
    The Japanese minister of health announced doctors could prescribe Ivermectin. A month later, the Western press is shocked that COVID has all but disappeared from the island.
    • Pfizer Vaccine To Lower Child Deaths From Almost Zero To Almost Zero (BBee)
    FDA officials praised Pfizer for fighting a virus that is the leading killer of children after cancer, vehicular accidents, suicide, heart disease, drowning, suffocation, the flu, meteors from space, and slipping on a banana peel. Experts say the vaccine will probably kill more kids than it saves, but it’s ok because science.

    When asked about any safety concerns, an FDA official replied, “We’re excited to start giving it to them so we can find out.”
    Stop treating humans worst than dogs
    The largest animal testing trial in history is currently taking place in the human population.
    V. Arnold
    Yes, This community is prepared. However, it does not mean that we will be able to live in an imaginary “company town”, lalaland.


    SNOB ….. Pecking order ……

    The computer allows/accepts your identity and lets you enter the 9.9% social/economic strata.

    The computer denies your identity and prevents you from entering the 9.9% social/economic strata.


    dude i’m telling u japan has definitely not done this

    Viral Video Sparks False Claims that Japan Approved Ivermectin for COVID-19



    I take 30mg IVM prophylactically every week.

    Started with 30mg bi-weekly at the beginning of September, but increased the frequency when friends around me started getting sick. Most of them are double vaxxed!

    At those doses, just until the end of winter, liver issues are of no consequence.

    I have a BSc (Hons) in Pharmacology


    @ adrian144

    Japan …. Ivermectin ….. Fake News …..

    Does this fake news also mean that Ivermectin is useless?
    This fake new was put out to imply that Ivermectin does not help covid patients.
    (This fake news was intended to be discovered as “fake news”)


    Ivermectin is effective, especially when used in combination with Azithromycin, Melatonin and Nitazoxanide.



    @adrian144: a while back you asked for a link to the Israeli video about adverse effects; is this the one you were interested in?

    How Israeli Ministry of Health Deleted Thousands of Testimonies

    Relevant to what you’re saying about Japan, please do elaborate on what it is about that article that doesn’t match what you see: is ivermectin not approved? Not being given out? Not effective? Is the vaccine no longer being promoted as heavily? Does the current approach by the government appear to be working well? Thanks.


    As of October 26, 70% of Japanese are fully vaccinated.

    Russia is imposing reasonably severe measures due to very high covid rates, which are attributed to low vaccination uptake. Danes are seeing a surge and they are also prepared to take draconian measures if needed. China is vaccinating its kids, just like the US.

    What is the take home msg here? Governments of all stripes all around the world, who would arguably not cooperate well with each other, are all doing pretty much the same things. I have serious doubts about the long-term safety and effectiveness of the vax, but the fact that just about every govt is doing the same thing (even govts that would happily blow each other to smithereens) makes me pause.

    Question about ADE: if it is an issue only for those people whose first exposure to a corona virus is the vax, I would guess that ADEb would be a problem for only a very small number of people (especially very young children) who have not already been infected with a corona virus (if you haven’t had any corona viruses I would like to know your secret). Am I missing something?

    Doc Robinson

    boilingfrog: I’ve been trying to find out about this claim of ‘liver damage’

    The FLCCC (Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care alliance) has this in their FAQ on ivermectin:

    “Can ivermectin be given to patients with acute or chronic liver disease?”
    In regards to liver disease, ivermectin is well tolerated, given that there is only a single case of liver injury reported one month after use that rapidly recovered, ivermectin has not been associated with acute liver failure or chronic liver injury. Further, no dose adjustments are required in patients with liver disease.

    The NIH has extensive information on “Clinical and Research Information on Drug-Induced Liver Injury” and the section on ivermectin says there has only been one case of apparent liver injury reported after ivermectin use, and “recovery was rapid and complete.” The NIH concluded that ivermectin is a “possible rare cause of mild clinically apparent liver injury.”

    Single dose therapy with ivermectin has been associated with a low rate of serum aminotransferase elevations. A single case of clinically apparent liver injury has been reported after ivermectin use (Case 1). The onset of injury occurred 1 month after a single dose and was characterized by a hepatocellular pattern of serum enzyme elevations without jaundice. Recovery was rapid and complete. In trials of ivermectin to prevent SARS-CoV-2 infection and to ameliorate the course of early as well as severe COVID-19, serum aminotransferase elevations were not uncommon but were no more frequent among patients receiving ivermectin than among those receiving placebo or a comparator drug.

    Likelihood score: D (possible rare cause of mild clinically apparent liver injury).

    Doc Robinson

    Liver damage is a more of a concern with acetaminophen (aka Tylenol, Paracetamol), “the leading cause of drug-induced acute liver failure in many developed countries.”

    Mechanisms of acetaminophen-induced liver injury and its implications for therapeutic interventions

    Doc Robinson

    The NIH information gives ivermectin a D rating for liver damage (“possible rare cause of mild clinically apparent liver injury”), while acetaminophen (Tylenol, paracetamol) gets an A rating (well established cause of liver injury, but severe cases occur only with high doses”).

    those darned kids

    tylenol, it delivers!

    those darned kids

    take two vioxx and call me in the morning..


    THEY know what we know ….
    Questions you need to answer
    before approving the COVID
    vaccines for any age group
    Steve Kirsch
    Executive Director
    COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund
    Oct 26, 2021


    Time loop – Biden

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