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    TAE Summary

    Ten Depopulation Strategies or How to Make a Society Unfit to Survive
    1. Drive wages so low and prices so high that couples cannot afford to raise many or any children
    2. Normalize sex in relationships not conducive to raising children
    3. Incentivize the young to change their gender to one which their biology doesn’t support
    4. Incentivize the young to prefer relationships that can’t biologically produce children
    5. Teach young women that young men are inherently evil, untrustworthy and ultimately unnecessary and that their best life is competing with men in the marketplace
    6. Put chemicals in a wide range of household products that diminish the ability of men and women to have children
    7. Popularize or even mandate drugs that reduce fertility including but not limited to antibiotics, antidepressants and vaccines, especially those that cause lifelong problems requiring perpetual fertility-diminishing therapies
    8. Prosecute endless wars, killing some out right, physically and emotionally maiming many others
    9. Convince people that the world is doomed, humans are inherently evil and having children is pointless and wicked
    10. All of the above together, synergistically

    Mister Roboto

    I Have Been Through This Before

    Don’t wear a mask; you must wear a mask. Buy a pulse oximeter. Stock up on Tylenol, vitamin D, Pepcid. Whisper so you don’t spit. Stand six feet from others—no, 10. Wear gloves. Wear two masks! Open the windows. Close the schools. The dizzying madness of COVID, and the reliance on gurulike experts, has been eerily familiar.

    Doc Robinson

    Covid-19: UK stockpiles two unapproved antiviral drugs for treatment at home

    The UK has started stockpiling two antiviral drugs as part of a plan to give people who are staying at home with covid-19 a treatment to reduce symptoms and the spread of the virus.

    The government has purchased 480 000 courses of molnupiravir (made by Merck Sharp and Dohme (MSD)) and 250 000 courses of the combination of PF-07321332 and ritonavir (Pfizer), neither of which have been approved by the UK’s regulator of medicines…

    Previous stockpiling: Tamiflu
    The government’s previous record on stockpiling of antivirals had proved controversial, particularly oseltamivir (Tamiflu), stockpiled on a large scale after the 2009 H1N1 “swine” flu pandemic, despite a lack of evidence to support its use
    The 2014 Cochrane review that followed found no compelling evidence to support claims that oseltamivir [Tamiflu] reduced the risk of flu complications, such as pneumonia and hospital admission, which were used to justify international stockpiling.


    Not due to vaccines.
    Not due to covid
    Must be due to old age.
    B.C. premier has growth in throat, undergoing surgery this week
    He said doctors were investigating a benign growth in his neck when the lump was discovered.

    The surgery will “reveal what exactly we’re dealing with,” Horgan said, adding, “You’re not supposed to have growths in your throat. That’s the first order of business.”

    He said he’s been told it appears the growth is treatable. When pathology information is available, he will also get details on a course of treatment.
    It’s not Horgan’s first brush with cancer. He underwent surgery and treatment for bladder cancer in 2008, and was later declared cancer-free.

    Mr. House

    Thanks for the autism mister roboto, a good read.



    Public Health Communications Collaborative (PHCC)
    The Public Health Communications Collaborative (PHCC) was formed in 2020 to coordinate and amplify public health messaging on COVID-19 and increase Americans’ confidence in guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and state and local public health officials.

    F off and go get your 4th booster in your temple… or jugular. Suck CDC/Pharma much?


    The august, objective, rational, unbiased, scientific, apolitical, academic-powered website calling itself “The Conversation today emitted an article entitled “COVID vaccines for 5 to 11 year olds are inching closer. Here’s what we know so far“.

    I thought I’d stir the possum a little by chucking in a comment along these lines:

    I would like your opinion on where we are heading in view of this: ‘70% of Covid Patients in Flemish Hospitals are now fully “vaccinated,” Belgian Health Minister yesterday in Parliament’

    But when I went to post it, oh what a perfect surprise: comments are blocked! Who would ever have guessed that The Conversation would be, could be, one-sided?


    Mr. House

    Just imagine if this level of censorship existed during the vietnam war, we might still be fighting it!


    “A union representing the rights of public-sector workers has called for the suspension of rapid tests for the coronavirus, after media reports showed a swab contained multiple times the permissible trace level of ethylene oxide, a toxic substance.”

    “Use of the substance is banned in food production in the EU. Under EU Regulation No. 2015/868, the maximum residue level for the sum (of ethylene oxide and the conversion product 2-chloroethanol), referred to as ethylene oxide, has been specified at 0.05 mg/kg.

    The Isotita union’s concerns come after a report aired two days ago on media channel Pronews TV, about a rapid test swab found to contain 0.36 mg/kg of ethylene oxide.

    The analysis, done by Larnaca-based Food Allergens Lab, had set the detection limit at 0.025 mg/kg.”

    Union calls for suspension of rapid testing after toxic substance found


    Rui Fonseca E Castro is a (now suspended) portuguese judge. He denounced the President of the Republic, the Prime Minister and the Government for Crimes
    Against Humanity

    He has revealed that the portuguese medical association receives 500,000 euros from vaccine manufacturers and he accuses Ferro Rodrigues of belonging to the “pedophile and now murderous elite” that governs Portugal.

    The Corona Investigative Committee interviewed him on October 1.


    Still looking/writing for some pill better than Ivermectin and HCQ. (Is this another kind of anti-Ivermectin hit piece?) advertisement?

    Inexpensive Antidepressant Slashes COVID-19 Hospitalizations By Over 30%: New Study Finds
    The study noted that 84 participants stopped taking fluvoxamine and 64 participants stopped taking the placebo owing to issues of tolerability. Fluvoxamine can have side effects which include nausea, diarrhea, indigestion, insomnia, and drowsiness, as per NIH. ( You forgot …. mood and emotional effects)


    “Research reveals fully vaccinated people are just as likely to pass virus on to those they share a home with”

    ” …whether an infected individual is themselves fully vaccinated or unvaccinated makes little or no difference to how infectious they are to their household contacts. ”

    Oops. That fucks up the narrative!


    @boiling frog

    I’ve been trying to find out about this claim of ‘liver damage’, with no luck. Anyone else here know about this, true of false?

    Meanwhile, the mindless order follower supports a system that doles out Remdesivir, a known KIDNEY KILLER.


    Get a physician that actually understand how the body actually works, or at least knows that the game, and who understands how to defend themselves from logical fallacies, especially from Empire, Inc.

    those darned kids

    “Just imagine if this level of censorship existed during the vietnam war, we might still be fighting it!”

    sadly, the vietnamese still are.


    if this level of mesmerization had existed, outbreaks of vietcong would have been happening all over america, in places like iron gut, montana or alshonga, mississippi, bright green baseball caps would have been mandatory for safety, and weekly rations of agent orange in our tang would have been necessary to keep us safe.

    Veracious Poet

    Japan …. Ivermectin ….. Fake News …..

    Does this fake news also mean that Ivermectin is useless?
    This fake new was put out to imply that Ivermectin does not help covid patients.
    (This fake news was intended to be discovered as “fake news”)

    Hell Turner is a whack-a-doodle conspir-a-addict carnival barker ~ Don’t believe a word he says or prints.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he was one of TPTB disinfo puppets, makes more sense than anything else, followed closely by mentally deranged…

    I warned you about “shady” source info & posters. One of the tactics THEY use to keep US from congealing as a mass to bring THEM to account.

    Speaking of derangement, where is the Rothschild spam for the day?


    Dr. Martin is somewhat of a carnival barker – but, the content of his presentation is sound.

    “Esteemed COVID pandemic whistleblower, Dr David Martin, gives a shattering public presentation that reveals details of the planning and execution of the fake pandemic from 2015. The audience is shown that the virus is fake but the ‘vaccine’ is really evil.”

    COVID Pandemic Was Planned in 2015 by Gang of RICO Conspirators

    Veracious Poet

    RePTiLian ISLaND…


    @ sumac.carol,
    YES! It’s just those kinds of observations – the consistent behavior of sworn enemies – that also gives me great pause. It just doesn’t fit some of the narratives, and the example you mention is confounding. “Yes, but…”

    So many vacuums in our world today of any thing resembling ‘certainty’. These instances seem to be crying out for an explanation, a story, something to complete the projected pattern.
    I very much appreciate Raul, and this group, and have printed out the publications sourced (thank you).

    As Gibran famously said: Say not ‘I have found the truth,’ but rather, ‘I have found a truth.’ Sadly, we seem to have truths opposing each other at this moment.

    Discernment eludes me


    Boiling Frog – I read a lot of Gibran many years ago and found inspiration in his works too!
    Yes, there seem to be many truths, mixed with other ‘stuff’. What the real picture is, I am going to assume that I don’t know the whole picture and may never know it, and I’ll just learn to accept it. I am not a believer in grand conspiracies, not saying they may not be true but I am invariably drawn to the good old fashioned greed and incompetence.
    On Lyme: here is a link on the latest info on Lyme. Spoiler alerts1)the one shot of doxy is not considered effective; and 2) the issues around counting incidence of Lyme, treatments, and getting tested have remarkable parallels to covid… sigh. I even saw discussions of using ivermectin for Lyme.
    I have had dozens of tick bites over the years (as have my friends and neighbours). They itched and swelled and looked awful for weeks, but so far no disease. Some even left scars visible months later. They say it is a novel illness and there is no immunity, but testing shows almost half the ticks around here carry disease, so either I am incredibly lucky and never got bitten by a diseased tick, or I have developed some level of immunity (as have others around here).


    Sorry forgot to include the link-


    The Japanese story is interesting. Yes, the number of COVID cases there is now running just above the base line with a 7-day average of 283 compared to 71,962 for the USA or 1,555 for South Korea. Australia has jumped to 2,295. New Zealand rose to 79. 73.9% of the Japanese are vaccinated. This is the complete opposite of Israel, UK and Iceland that vaccinated, reopened, and had a spike in the number of COVID cases.

    Japan is doing something right except for around the Olympics. What? Was the spike due to opening up for International Air Travelers? Are the Japanese currently practicing stringent basic public health procedures, the same as China and Taiwan, in order for Japan to stay competitive with their ancient adversary, the Chinese? Is the Japanese healthcare system using unpatentable treatments too?

    Note in passing, the USA has placed trip-wire troops into Taiwan. I am so old I remember Quemoy-Matsu Crisis. History is rhyming once again. After sending Euromaidan cookie dealer, Victoria Nuland, to Moscow, this month, to negotiate a Ukraine peace; it is clear that Joe Biden is no Dwight Eisenhower. Western heads of government, this century, have all been corrupt incompetents e.g. Donald Trump and Boris Johnson.

    My gut feeling is that for economic, political and cultural reasons the West is incapable of practicing basic public health and reopened in the face of an unabated coronavirus pandemic which the mRNA vaccines could not mitigate since they are non-sterilizers. The result is illness, death and shortages across Europe and the Americas.

    absolute galore

    Germ posted this from The Guardian piece he linked to: “Research reveals fully vaccinated people are just as likely to pass virus on to those they share a home with”

    ” …whether an infected individual is themselves fully vaccinated or unvaccinated makes little or no difference to how infectious they are to their household contacts. ”

    Okay! We’re getting somewhere when a MSM shill like this admits the vaccines do not stop the virus, do not even slow it down, lose most effectiveness after 3 MONTHS. So naturally, the most important thing we can do is give it to those who don’t get seriously ill from the virus. Fauci’s ear wax is more intelligent:

    “Prof Rowland Kao, an epidemiologist at the University of Edinburgh, who was not involved in the work, said the estimates of high rates of transmission among household contacts underscored the need to vaccinate teenagers and give boosters to vulnerable people.

    “The vaccinations of younger persons to slow down transmission in the community, and the boosters to directly protect against severe infection and hospitalisation,” he said.”

    And by the way, have they checked the recent vaccine status of those hospitalized with Covid?

    I seriously cannot take much more of this evil stupidity/mass psychosis whatever the fuck it is. I think it’s probably getting unhealthy following all this bullshit and expecting somehow some way people will regain some ability to think. The rollout to the kids shows this is just not going to happen at this point. Logic just rolls off like water on a duck.


    Trivium, thanks for info on Ethylene oxide,

    Anybody, I am looking for a recent link the some data showing vax/unvax viral load comparisons. Both symptomatic and asymptomatic groups compared. Thanks

    those darned kids

    shoot, sumac, my son has had both corona and lyme.

    no joke.


    That the government is not concerned about the public’s health is the only explanation for their continued madness. The gov has a completely different objective in mind.

    Doc Robinson

    chooch: “I am looking for a recent link the some data showing vax/unvax viral load comparisons. Both symptomatic and asymptomatic groups compared.”

    Shedding of Infectious SARS-CoV-2 Despite Vaccination when the Delta Variant is Prevalent – Wisconsin, July 2021

    …these results indicate that some individuals who are infected despite vaccination can have high viral loads and shed infectious virus even while being asymptomatic… . Our detection of infectious virus in 93% of samples with Ct <25 indicates that high viral loads are consistent with the potential to transmit SARS-CoV-2, regardless of the individual’s vaccination status…

    Some more studies related to transmission are listed in this article:

    22 Studies and Reports that Raise Profound Doubts about Vaccine Efficacy for the General Population


    Thanks Doc!


    @ Doc
    22 Studies and Reports that Raise Profound Doubts about Vaccine Efficacy for the General Population

    I don’t know why Fauci etc continue with their lies. The truth is everywhere for everyone to see.

    Dr. D

    Thank you Adrian. What do you think is happening?

    I have heard IVM is not risk-free to take all the time. Like all drugs. Can any doctors here describe the risks?

    “Russia is imposing reasonably severe measures due to very high covid rates, which are attributed to low vaccination uptake.”

    Yes, but as I’ve had to say for 2 years, are the Covid cases dangerous? Is the death rate from them near-zero? If so, then why do I care if they have “cases”? I have coronavirus right now – prove that I don’t – but no symptoms, no injuries. Also have cancer right now, but my body is expelling it. This is probably your “lyme disease” effect: it’s not the disease, but your body, your immune system that matters. That should be the focus.

    In Eastern terms, your Health, not the Disease. Western medicine thinks only disease exists, and “healthy” = “not sick.” Thus we have people tottering around, barely alive, on 40 medications and medicine is happy.

    I appreciate the observation that many nations are acting similarly. That’s the sort of high-level data point that can be traced and confirmed.

    “Joe Biden is no Dwight Eisenhower.”

    Well, the real deciders have arrange for the U.S. to lose the war and collapse, so they have arranged and insured this. There may or may not be a “West”, or a fall of it, but if there is, they’re furiously helping the collapse like the League of Shadows.

    As we see from 100,000 doctors, the U.S. is capable of public health, they are being prevented from doing so in the most violent, furious manner that can dare be attempted.

    Galore: We’re all very tired of it, but I wonder if this sort of mania needs to burn itself out like other mental illness episodes. Like the French Reign of Terror. If so, there is a set time it can exist, as human emotion cannot be at a fever pitch forever, like other natural processes, it must wax and wane. 11 months from the first innoculations?

    This is similar to the constant refrain “they’re panicking”, whichever ‘they’ is being discussed right then. No, they’re not panicking. Words have meanings, “panic” is by definition a short-term event. You can’t “panic” for 2, 5, or 10 years as sometimes claimed. The upside is that you can’t remain violently mentally ill without something resulting from it, either a collapse or a crisis.

    “Let’s Go Brandon” is a good example. Claimed that the 28th would be a clear pivot point, but all we have is “Let’s Go Brandon” being #1, #2, #3 on the iTunes charts. Oh wait, and #8.

    Hold on: I thing that IS a pivot point. In an information war of constant lies, where we fight although we feel outnumbered, we discover…everyone in America is on our side? All the young people, the rappers, the influencers? All the Bill Mehers and Mikki Manaj’s?

    Perhaps this IS the pivot point that everyone can point to as popping all the lies, same as any Woodstock Concert or “I Have a Dream” rally.


    That’s the video, thanks.
    The government here is still encouraging vaccination, though there are no mandates as yet. I asked my doctor about ivermectin a few months ago and he said he wasn’t allowed to prescribe it for covid, though he thought it was probably effective. There’s some group in Tokyo who are very enthusiastic about ivermectin but they’re not in charge of anything as far as I can tell.


    dude that was just the first link i grabbed off google on the subject
    i live in japan, near osaka
    they are not handing out ivermectin
    i would know if they were



    that was just the first link i grabbed off google on the subject

    The only link you shared was from a CDC founded propaganda disinformation organization

    Clueless or intentional ? Psst, word on the street is –
    “The avermectin family of compounds was discovered by Satoshi Ōmura of Kitasato University and William Campbell of Merck.[7] In 1970, Ōmura isolated unusual Streptomyces bacteria from the soil near a golf course along the south east coast of Honshu, Japan.”

    Japanese Dr from a Japanese University on a Japanese golf course…

    Grab some more CDC propaganda to counter inexpensive effective accessible ivermectin treatment…



    dude i feel like i’ve wandered into a zero hedge comment section by mistake
    i would dearly love to be able to get ivermectin, it sounds like it’s the very shiznit
    but it’s not being handed out here





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