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    “very tragic lived experience”

    Appeal to emotion. Sorry, not buying it. Those deaths from the vaccines, however, don’t count as “very tragic lived experiences”? Some animals are more equal than others, eh?

    “don’t care about the greater good”

    Now if we all just wore blue shirts and did what we were told, the world would be a happy place. Because those pink shirts think they look better in pink, they’re evil people who don’t care about the “greater good” of blue shirts.

    “These tables do still clearly show some vaccine effectiveness.” If you call 40-80% of those taking a shot that was passed off as sterilizing getting sick (along with the vaccine injuries) as “effective”, maybe I should up my beer intake.

    My how we can move the goal posts. I’m impressed.


    Oh, and one last “narrative” that I’m not sticking with. They are FLAT OUT doing Phase III trials of a novel experimental vaccine on hundreds of millions of people, including my family and friends. And, further, they are coercing people into that trial group, including children. If you aren’t pissed the f*ck off at this point and are still trying to “make nice” with this narrative, then you aren’t paying attention.

    As Karl D points out, jabbing MORE people doesn’t shorten the time frame needed to undertake rigorous studies and bring a vaccine safely to market. It just screws over more people when it goes bad.


    Also, those damaged by the economic effects of lockdowns, mask mandates, and vaccine mandates are also “very tragic lived experiences.” So how does tens of millions being forced into poverty for a few hundred thousand deaths from COVID (less so than for heart disease, and likely much future damage due to myocarditis in the young from the vaccines) translate into anything resembling utilitarian?


    @ct: “If you call 40-80% of those taking a shot that was passed off as sterilizing getting sick (along with the vaccine injuries) as “effective”, maybe I should up my beer intake.

    My how we can move the goal posts. I’m impressed.”

    Thank you. Raising a beer to toast. 🙂

    Veracious Poet

    Dr. D:

    Big Brother and the <strike>Statist</strike> Imperial cult. Of the UniParty, and the UniParty news. Pravda to shame, they never did it like us! As NYT editor said, “we need to be more like North Korea.” (And why those Deplorables no like us? Must be the sound of how awesome I am! …+ Gender, color, sex-that-doesn’t-exist, or some other checkmark of sectional victimhood for simps.)


    Making this up? Matt continues, “As a student in the Soviet Union I noticed subscribers to what Russians called the sovok mindset” “[they] talked in interminable strings of pogovorki, i.e goofball proverbs or aphorisms”

    The first time I spoke to Matt, as a fellow word monkey (me purely reporting straight facts on my newswire; Matt in the entertainment business), I attempted to engage him re: the fetid corruption of the Imperial bench (aka the black robed cult) that worships wealth & power.

    I spoke of duplicitous nature of the BAR/DOJ covering up .gov/.corp crimes against humanity that I witnessed over my decade embedded. Donziger’s persecution was part of that discussion, among many other debacles…

    Matt = Crickets.

    I soon intuited the info was literally over-his-head, to which he shifted the discussion to his glorious sabbatical in mother Russia 😐

    Not giving up, yet, I tried to illuminate the extrajudicial nature of the BAR/DOJ, driven by peer tribalism, greed, lust for power, with only the occasional scapegoat offered at the alter of USA Inc….

    Again crickets.

    He then tried to impress me with how he was involved in the Occupy farce. I reflexively rolled my eyes…

    A few months later I ran into Matt again, who tried to pretend he didn’t see me. When I said “Hi Matt” I thought he was going to run 😐

    “Fetal tissue”. There is no religious exemption. Eat that fetal tissue you maggot, and like it. 9 out of 10 Vegetarians approve! Human fetal tissue is de-lish!

    Again, the Empire IS the only accepted RELIGION.

    Sadly, USA Inc. is a RELIGION that engages in human sacrifice of the innocent & virgins


    Given the big push to get everyone vaxed (or fired) before Jan 1, 2022, I wonder what they have in store for everyone in 2022? So much for “two weeks to flatten the curve.”


    Anyone who’s not all-in with the [insular, corrupt, self-serving] Ruling Class Narrative that makes 90% of our lives grindingly worse on a daily basis is “a transphobic white-supremacist bigoted racist anti-Pride homophobic anti-semitic all around Bad Person who wants Granny to die!!!”, seems to be the shouted message.

    Check the Canadian politican prettyface on this week’s Required Woke Acronyms, for example (not that *he’s* running the show up there).

    theatre, theatre, theatre.. how long will it last ?


    > @ct: “If you call 40-80% of those taking a shot that was passed off as sterilizing getting sick (along with the vaccine injuries) as “effective”, maybe I should up my beer intake.

    My how we can move the goal posts. I’m impressed.”

    Thank you. Raising a beer to toast. 🙂 <

    Seconded and thirded (Sierra Nevada IPA here, for the toast).


    cosco leaves; ‘ski shows up. ‘ski leaves, …


    I’m partial to Peroni myself now. *raises beer bottle* 😉

    TAE Summary

    * The next propaganda step: Yes, the vaxxed are more likely to get Covid but less likely to die from it so the unvaxxed will not be allowed in society for their own safety; It may kill them but it’s for their own good

    * The final metric will be the passported vs. the unpassported.
    Future Biden Speech: “Get and use your Pfazport. It’s the right thing to do. We’ve tried to convince you with reason and bribery but some still irrationally want freedom. Our patience is wearing thin.”

    * Vaccine: a preparation that is administered to stimulate the body’s immune response against a specific infectious agent or disease; Maybe orange juice fools a PCR test because it’s a vaccine

    * The political party in power: Dementiacrats

    * Moderna: The Once and Future Bankruptcy

    * Merck: Ivermectin doesn’t work, It was Not Invented Here … recently.

    * Big Pharma’s Money Sandwich: Public funding, private profits, public liability

    * Pfizer on the COVID Vax: “We screwed up. We knew the spike protein was a Toxin. But somehow other people found out.”

    * Doctors stick with what they have always used; Intubation is the new blood letting; Ventilator is the new lancet

    * A flea and a fly got the flu
    But unvaxxed, so what could they do?
    Said the fly, “let us flee!”
    “Let us fly!” said the flea.
    They got caught and were flayed ‘fore they flew

    those darned kids

    we sure could have built a lot of hospitals to flatten a lot of curves by now..


    Clueless Honky what you are saying makes total sense to me. When the numbers for the current situation are leaning in a direction opposite to what the numbers are expected to be in the future, it is pretty difficult to make a compelling case, based on my own experience. The fact that your expected future scenario is contrary to the mainstream narrative pretty much buried any chance of convincing anyone.
    We talk about “rubber band” conversations: you provide an evidence-based argument that is contrary to the mainstream narrative, and the listener takes it in, looks like a deer in the headlights, and after leaving the conversation bounces back to the emotional safety of the dominant narrative. This emotional drain of going against the brainwashing is another element that discourages people from incorporating inconvenient truths.



    However, real people are still working in hospitals, and in most places, those real people are still experiencing the % of hospitalization and death being higher in the un-jabbed than the corresponding % within each age bracket. They still see some benefit.. In England over the last 3 months, that benefit has waned considerably. But that particular benefit is still there.

    How is introducing an injection that causes the development of more virulent variants of benefit to these people? Without the faux vaccine the Covid would probably be dead by now, instead all these poor people are going to have to go through another 2020. Encouraging more people to take the injection is just inviting more variants. The injection cannot be seen only in terms of its anti-viral properties, it has to be viewed as a whole: the good as well as the bad.

    Of course, the sensible thing to do right from the start would have been to let the strongest amoung us catch the Covid and with each recovered person the defence of the country would be enhanced. Instead it became a money making exercise and the boosters will keep boosting their income with no benefit to the people you mention or to the rest of us.



    We’re never going to stop the jabs.
    We must stop the Mandates and Passports.

    I think the way to do that is to keep trying to converse with those Pro-Mandate.

    Anybody prepared to mandate a broken vaccine is probably doing it either in an attempt to save face or to make money. No rational person would take the vaccine, my guess is the vast majority who took it did so because they were told to by an organisation that they respect, government or MSM, and could not be bothered put in the hard yards to do their own basic research and analysis. Unfortunately, the fact that they would respect such organisations means they are lost and will eat up whatever those organisations preach from the pulpit. We already know these organisations will preach the sermon of enhance authoritarianism, after all, when did any of these organisations preach the sermon of less regulation, more freedom for the people etc. Never.

    They could learn a lesson from Budda … “Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books. Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it.”



    We have chosen which narrative to believe and are sticking with it.

    Speak for yourself. Your assumption that everybody else on this planet is a moron is quite sad.

    Many of us actually have various plans that will get us through the authoritarian nightmare. For example, my wife and I have agreed that if it comes down to the wire, we will get the Sinovac, but that is based on the results thus far.

    We don’t want to get any injections, but if they are going to start physically restraining people to inject them, then we will get the Sinovac. We don’t care whether the injection works, we don’t care about catching Covid, but we do care about any permanent damage done by the injection. In other words, it is like being told by the state that you have to have a gunshot wound, so you go to the gun range and get someone to shoot you with a .22 in the leg rather than letting the state shoot you in the gut with a .45.

    If people injected with Sinovac start dying in large numbers, then that plan would change.

    As for the mRNA vaccines, it appears that this is one big punt: inject them all, see what happens, at least we will learn something and, more importantly, get ourselves into the list of the top 400 richest people on Earth. As the mRNAs seem to be very dangerous, we would never take those vaccines unless a new improved version was released with enhanced testing. But, to be honest, we all know that the FDA doesn’t do regulation any more, it just takes the money, so I am not sure how they would achieve a form of certification that I could trust. I think that horse has bolted.

    If we were in the USA we would move to a conservative, pro-individual state, one where people were allowed to make private personal decisions regarding vaccinations, and those decisions are respected, like we used to in the past.

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