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    Susmarie pulled together a bunch of concepts and hit it out of the park in one comment, including:

    “Placeholders are not the core IDEA – which is always UNIVERSAL, which is always pure TRUTH. Resonating BEYOND labels. The spark of all sparks. THE POWER IS IN THE PEOPLE.

    Choose. Choose wisely. LOVE to All.

    Well done!!


    For a vaccinated person, if they get Covid (while the vaccine still works and with the right variant) it can multiply in their respiratory lining but once it crosses into the blood stream the spike protein antibodies would keep it from doing major damage. So they would have a sizable viral load and be able to infect others but wouldn’t suffer the worst effects themselves.

    This is possible, but by no means assured. “..while the vaccine still works” is already a slippery slope. It may be more “enlightening” to think back to how the “vaccines” were originally promoted. And still are by many sources. Is it already 2 months ago that Biden and Fauci said: take the jab and you won’t get infected, or is it less than that?

    Saying: “..this will turn you into a potentially huge source of infection for your children, your loved ones and friends, but at least you may get less sick yourself..” is something every second hand car salesman would have stayed away from. Also, once the spikes get into the blood stream, I would think things are pretty much up for grabs. You better hope your T cells are strong enough.


    “Visitors to federal buildings”

    Does that include federal buildings that tourists enter? Include, for example, visitors centers at national parks? Anyone who enters a federal court building?
    Or just visitors who are coming as a part of their job?


    Ok, still entirely flabbergasted that anyone is defending the so-called vaccines that aren’t protecting anyone from getting and spreading a virus. Perhaps the so-called vaccines have a short-term reduction in seriousness of infection. (I personally question that but since numbers are flagrantly fudged, who knows).

    But seriously, WTF are you thinking when you defend these things? Are you thinking of the 10s of thousands of vaxxed dead people? The 100s of thousands who can’t walk without falling over? Can’t talk? Can’t see? Can’t hear? Are stroked out and disabled for life? Dying of cancer prematurely? Miscarried babies? Women who bleed for weeks on end? Have serious heart problems? Life threatening bleeding disorders? Serious question, what are you thinking?

    Darkmatter: please, enlighten those of us who are concerned about people we love who got injected. What is the long-term effect of these so-called vaccines on the human body?

    Thank you.


    7. What is happening Behind the curtain
    People that have herd immunity are getting vaccinated.
    Vaccines not working as advertised, vaxxed are getting sick right and left, some seriously so.
    The “control” group
    If the vaccine only provides protection for two months do the risks from the vaccine go away after two months as well?

    Mandate: get vaccinated or get fired is causing production problems. The workaholic just put on the brakes. Nothing productive will get done. Too many people will be changing their minds and doing, “Not my job. Not my responsibility. Not sticking my neck out”.


    It is interesting, I was listening to a podcast of a Dr. (I believe he was from South Africa) who successfully treated covid patients with combination of steroids, antihistamines and aspirin. His trigger for aggressive treatment was shortness of breath and low oxygen. He was treating on the basis that it was systemic allergic response to the spike protein.

    It reminded me of when my son was young and the Doc told us that we had take him out of school because she was running out of options to control his asthma and chronic infections. I remember reading about JFK health issues and how cortisone negatively impacted his health. I further researched this only to come to the realization that we may have permanently damaged his immune system since prednisone was the go to medication to get the asthma under control. After realizing this we found alternate ways to support his immune system. In high school, he was still missing 30 days a year due to sickness. Finally, it started to taper in college. Its been a long twenty years but his immune system is function normally now.

    So a friend of ours was recently hospitalized with Covid. We offered her IVM, but she was leery about it. She got scared as her symptoms worsened and she went to the ER and was admitted. We told her to ask for antibodies and they said the Biden administration was rationing them and they didn’t have any in the moment. We told her not to go on Remdesivir, she didn’t. Told to ask for D,C, zinc. they did do that and they put her on steroids and oxygen and she is out of the woods and back home.

    As I revisit this, it turns out steroids are able to suppress NK cytotoxicity, which must be suppressing the storm that is associated with a severe case. Things that make you go Hmmmm.

    Clueless Honky

    My best guess, and it’s only a guess, is that we are headed into some very dark times. Much darker than what we’ve experienced so far.

    It would serve us well to maintain as much trust and respect as possible between ourselves and our families, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances (while acknowledging that in some instances, it simply is not possible). Especially considering that we who question the mainstream narrative are seemingly being set up as scapegoats for so much future trouble.

    I’ve read TAE practically every day for the last 1 ½ years. I don’t see how anyone who reads this blog on a regular basis could not be frustrated with the mainstream narrative. We live in absolutely maddening times. Undoubtedly.

    However, just because we are completely justified in being frustrated does not necessarily justify our taking out of that frustration on those around us. But I notice multiple commentators here that:

    1) Cop quite an attitude towards others, even those that mostly agree with them on everything else.
    2) Do not listen to others actual points, but simply respond with their own frustration about everything else.

    If that is how we behave around folks that agree with us most of the time, then I would hate to see how those behaviors are around folks who actually disagree with us most of the time.

    If you’re feeling frustrated now, well, more than likely, the future will give you plenty more opportunities to be so.

    I pray that the following turns out to be an exaggeration: that maintaining such trust and respect with others may be required for our own survival and for the survival of those we love.

    I recognize that many of us feel like it is time to fight. None of what I wrote above is to dissuade someone from that. On the contrary. Finding and maintaining allies has always been part of fighting.

    I am incredibly grateful for TAE and its commentators for offering alternatives to the mainstream narrative these last couple of years.


    @ ctbarnum

    Thanks for the link to ‘The Fear Pandemic and the Crisis of Capitalism.’ What he describes is similar to the way plague laws were used in earlier centuries to consolidate financial and political power in northern Europe’s countries.

    Here’s a book review of “The Edge of the World” by Micheal Pye:

    Book Review: The Edge of the World by Michael Pye

    These two separate paras seems relevant to what we’re experiencing today with our new “plague laws”.

    “Plague justified the rules that kept a person in her place. . . . We’ve seen how plague became the reason, just like terrorism today, for social regulation, for saying how children must behave, for taking a worker’s right to choose what work he wanted, for deciding which of the poor are worthy of help and which are just wastrels. Plague enforced frontiers that were otherwise wonderfully insecure, and made our movements and travels conditional. It helped to make the state a physical reality, and gave it ambitions.”


    The next-to-last chapter in The Edge of the World is about “The Plague Laws,” beginning with the Black Death in the 1300s. Pye writes, “This medieval horror had very long consequences. It is the start of the process we still know of anxious, insistent social controls, of policing lives; and what goes with it, an official suspicion of the poor and the workless, who are never just unfortunate. Our nightmares begin with their nightmares, in the 1340s.” It turns out that plagues helped fuel the rise of a centralized nation-state, and with it the centralized control of labor and taxation, and the concentration of cash flows and capital.


    Here is the spike protein calculation:

    TAE Summary

    I’m not defending the vaccines, just trying to understand what is going on. If there is some short term advantage to some people I want to understand that. Even if there is I don’t think anyone should take them because of the chances for short and long term adverse affects and because there are better treatments available. I fully agree that they are harmful and lethal to a lot of people and that we don’t know the long term effects and they should be banned. But let’s not get to the point where anything that we think smacks or vaccine approval can’t be investigated.


    The Power is in the System, but it is a System of People. 😉

    The system, being the whole, has the biggest mass, thus, the biggest inertia, it takes way more energy to change the trajectory of the system than to change the trajectory of one individual. How many individuals need to change trajectory for the trajectory of the system to change too? I guess that depends on the inner product of their trajectories.



    “23/The question for all that is how an IM injection can lead to LNP/mRNA or spike proteins into the circulatory system. Some Doctors say its not possible, they are too big but don’t mention Transcytosis“

    Sweet. This will be helpful. I believe this to be the orthodoxy/dogma among most scientists and doctors therefore it’s not getting the scrutiny it should. Thanks.


    Or, systems tend to sacrifice the periphery to save the core and the core of this system is rotten. We will learn to live outside the system, it will be harder but relationships with people will be strengthened and we will be happier.


    @ phoenixvoice;

    “Visitors to federal buildings
    Does that include federal buildings that tourists enter? Include, for example, visitors centers at national parks? Anyone who enters a federal court building?
    Or just visitors who are coming as a part of their job?”

    From what I can tell, it all depends on various nitty-gritty details that are written to confuse and bewilder the general public. For instance, the Task Force guidelines about federal and contract employees reads that if there is an event hosted by some federal agency and more than 50 people (even those who are just members of the public) will be there, the event has to be approved by the head of that agency, who can (randomly, I gather) decide what the requirements will be. Regardless of the number of attendees, the basic rule is that everyone attending any meeting, conference or event at a federal building has to provide proof of vaccine or a negative Covid test from within the last 3 days. If they refuse to provide vaccine status or are not fully vaccinated, they have to have the negative Covid test and are also required to wear a face mask and do social distancing.

    Then they also say that in general to visit federal buildings, everyone has to have proof of vaccine or negative Covid test results, but even with a negative Covid test, if you are not vaccinated you’ll have to wear a mask and socially distance.

    That being said, there are still other caveats, such as exactly which agency runs the building you want to visit. National parks have their own thing going on, as do places like the Washington Monument and the Smithsonian. I think most of the public recreation places like museums and parks are not requiring vaccine status right now, but do have masking rules. Also, there are federal buildings that have to follow the guidelines for the state where they are located, which may be slightly different from the federal guidelines.

    But then there is a big carve-out for “members of the public entering a federal building to obtain a public service or benefit”. Who these people might be is not specified. I would guess (this really is just a guess) they mean someone going to apply for SS disability, VA benefits, or the like, and maybe people who are going to a federal courthouse for a court case. They do not have to show vaccine status or a negative Covid test.

    It is really very confusing. But if you want to go to a national park or museum, I guess just look up their rules on the pertinent website beforehand. If you want to tour the CIA headquarters in Langley, I think you can assume you need a vaccine card or a negative Covid test. If your boss is sending you to the “Business Roundtable Forum on Bringing Fun Back into the Workplace Through Pole-dancing” and it’s being held at a federal building, I think you can assume you need a vaccine card or negative test.

    It’s all a mystery.

    Veracious Poet

    It’s all a mystery.

    And so it shall remain, as long as everyone is seperated into CULTS. Left (Obama) vs. Right (Cheeto), BLM vs. Western “civilization”, AGW, Anaarchists, Marxists, Norteños vs. Sureños, psychopath criminals vs. normal society, TPTB vs. reality, U$ Inc. Empire vs. Rule of Law ad infinitum…

    The IDEA can NEVER be realized/reestablished without a unified culture, which was how the IDEA became reality in 1776.

    Multiculturalism has always resulted in the death of nation states/empires, for the entire history of the human existence ~ It is the antithesis of the IDEA, due to the inevitable infection of tribalism/cults.

    I give the odds of the IDEA becoming de facto reality in America at about 1 in a million, which is probably being optimistic…

    Hell, even “medical” professionals can’t do the right thing (i.e. adhering to their Hippocratic Oaths), following orders to kill as many as possible currently, with a handful of holdouts (God bless you Dr. Day et al.).

    Does anyone really expect entranced cultists to abandon their tribe(s), embrace those they hate & choose the IDEA?!?

    From my vantage it looks the same as it has for 25+ years: Everyone fighting for control of totalitarian power, to advance their fantastical/psychopathic cult ideologies.

    You really think anyone with POWER over the sociopath demoRAT/GOPher cults, that actually run the “system” (Obama, Cheeto, Slow Joe, Clintons, Bushes et al.), want the IDEA to return? 😐

    No, given the psyops run since the rise of the Bush/Clinton crime family, THIS is more likely what they’re thinking/planning:

    John Day

    Thanks for the music video, Polder Dweller. “They all wear wanker’s hats.”
    Chooch: Yes, JFK got puffy from steroids to treat his Addison’s disease.
    Corticosteroids, mostly the analogs we use are used to suppress immune response in autoimmune disorders and COVID cytokine storm. It’s a regular thing, but there are so many different little arms and pathways and control loops of immune response that there is always more to learn.
    Dr.D I noticed that you called me “Mr.Day” you wascawy wascaw, so I won’t answer what I’m gonna’ do. Don’t know, anyway. Waiting for the obvious-sign to pop up.

    John Day

    @Clueless Honky:
    I very much like your style. Speaking the truth politely and persistently, without invective, and with some restraint, as you only say what you can fully support.

    It is not hard to make a lot more sense than the current vaccines-for-everybody-is-the-only-solution narrative. It’s good to be seen as reasonable and reliable at the point that a paradigm is breaking.

    Be Walter Cronkite reporting on the Tet offensive , Honky Cat!

    John Day

    Thanks Veracious Poet. Blessings are more like tools than magic-carpets, I think.
    The blessing gives me a lot of work to do, sometimes working all night as I lie awake.
    Thursday night was blessed that way, for instance.
    Jenny and I slept well in Yoakum last night and enjoyed gardening in the cooler 85 degrees and drier 85% humidity today. The sun is milder, too.

    What does a “wanker’s hat” look like, I wonder…

    John Day

    @Teri: Are you a benevolent form of artificial intelligentsia, something like Glenda-the-Good”
    How can you do so much research and organize it so well?
    @ Doc Robinson: Fine form, as usual, Sir, and all from first-principles, too!

    @ Ilargi: I bet your mom is proud of you for hanging out with such a better crowd these days!

    John Day

    @Germ: Yeoman’s work again. Thanks for migrating your comments here and carrying so much of the workload, and for the information about obtaining dangerous livestock deworming agents from The Jewel in the Crown…


    @ VP

    “which was how the IDEA became reality in 1776.”

    Except…the entire populace of the American colonies weren’t enamored of the idea of independence. There was division over it. Many supported their king. Many were scared of destabilizing the then existing system. Many simply supported whoever was locally in power. Many supported whoever they thought was more likely in that moment would win.

    The Declaration of Independence was still just an idea — no reality until years later wen the Brits lost the war. We look back and see something idyllic — but that was not tgeir reality.


    What it seems the powerful and greedy really want, and yes, they will use “plague” laws to get what they want to tame hyperinflation that will be followed closely by deflation. Though it will be difficult with a 99.76% survival rate.


    Ghoul elites.

    Veracious Poet

    Except…the entire populace of the American colonies weren’t enamored of the idea of independence. There was division over it. Many supported their king. Many were scared of destabilizing the then existing system. Many simply supported whoever was locally in power. Many supported whoever they thought was more likely in that moment would win.

    The Declaration of Independence was still just an idea — no reality until years later wen the Brits lost the war. We look back and see something idyllic — but that was not tgeir reality.

    Why of course, but there’s always those that are too lazy/scared to fight the system, those that worship the system, along with those that fear and/or refuse to believe the IDEA is possible.

    Those numbers were small compared to the feral mongrels of 2021 America.

    But, they were still one culture & many switched sides to support the Colonists’ Revolt after publication of the Declaration of Independence.

    President of Congress John Hancock sent a broadside to General George Washington, instructing him to have it proclaimed “at the Head of the Army in the way you shall think it most proper”. Washington had the Declaration read to his troops in New York City on July 9, with thousands of British troops on ships in the harbor. Washington and Congress hoped that the Declaration would inspire the soldiers, and encourage others to join the army. After hearing the Declaration, crowds in many cities tore down and destroyed signs or statues representing royal authority. An equestrian statue of King George in New York City (still British controlled) was pulled down and the lead used to make musket balls…

    The fabric to build a movement like the Colonists’ Natural Law Revolution + a Democratic Republic therein would be clearly an impossibility today. No such agreed upon social norms & core identity could ever be derived from America’s ignorant, divided, disloyal, effeminate, selfish & anti-spiritual multi-culture. Only a fool would believe such a thing…

    The Declaration of Independence was signed by 56 MEN that put their lives on the line, who surely would have been executed for crimes against the crown if they lost. Being drawn & quartered is not a fate I would wish on my worst enemy, not even Islamic terrorists.

    Moreover, the Declaration of Independence is dividing line in history, IMO the most important document in mankind’s history.

    Most sheeple today hardly even know it exists (as the charter of the USofA) & would scoff at the idea that it has any significance today, when it is clearly America’s last best hope…

    Following the miraculous victory at Yorktown, many (most) known Loyalists/Torries were removed from the country, their property seized, along with several losing their lives in the process for turning their backs on their countrymen.

    Nothing short of a defined Us vs. Them mindset gave rise to the formerly greatest nation in history.

    Today if it feelz wrong (uncomfortable) the enemy is able to use that to run roughshod over the peeps, going so far as allowing an invasion of illegal aliens that bring nothing except crime, gangs, dependency, disease & prior established loyalty (Vatican city).

    2020 ~ RIP USofA


    “ Nothing short of a defined Us vs. Them mindset gave rise to the formerly greatest nation in history.”

    God help us all.


    RE: “The IDEA can NEVER be realized/reestablished without a unified culture, which was how the IDEA became reality in 1776.”

    You say a unified culture is required, but that doesn’t mean 100% at the start. How many from “the center” would be needed to unify in the first wave – to initiate the reclamation process?

    You assume that there is only one IDEA? Could it not take a series to get to the ONE?

    What if UNITY (in the first phases) comes through rejection? When we reject the Red or Blue, Left or Right, U$ Inc. Empire or Rule of Law, and the many other things that divide us, we eventually come to learn that we are rejecting the Dividers and not each other. When “the center” comes to this understanding we have UNITY against the Dividers. We have POWER in that fight.

    The IDEA exists/lives in the Soul/Hearts of ALL individuals. Like seeds, that lay dormant until the right conditions present for them to sprout, develop, and grow. In that process an IDEA is realized.

    WE create a unified culture in real time by working TOGETHER to re-form/form a more permanent UNION that serves the needs of WE THE PEOPLE. In this Way WE UNITE in the effort to accomplish our shared goals. Our differences exist but are no longer the overwhelming/overarching, central focus.

    “God help us all.” We ALLready have what we need. Now it’s up to us to step up in any/every way possible.

    There is much to be GRATEFUL for. There are many good people out there. I will remain positive and focused with LOVE as my mantra.

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