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    Irma heads for Florida   • Irma Heads For Florida (R.) • Magnitude 8.4 Earthquake Strikes Off Mexico’s Southern Coast (DW) • Worst US Consumer Da
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    V. Arnold

    Oh dear; Rickards is at it again re: North Korea (NK).
    Rickards’ utterly fails to mention that China clearly stated; they would defend NK if it is preemptively attacked by the U.S..
    It is Rickards’ failing; to understand Kim Jong-Un is an adept student of history; especially the history of Iraq’s and Libya’s destruction after eliminating their nuclear weapons programs. If he considers Kim to be irrational, insane or otherwise disabled; his failing once again. Kim has proven himself rational and well advised. He’s driving this bus…
    The U.S. is a cowardly nation, attacking the weak and vulnerable; but is yet failing to win anything against people who defy their hegemon. The list of losses goes back to the Korean war and proceeds to this very day. And the body count is well into the multi-millions; rivaling the most despotic nations in history.
    The sunset of empire is rarely a pretty sight…

    Dr. Diablo

    In perspective, we had 9 dead for an island of 90,000. While unfortunate, one might call that a win. The population of the Caribbean as a whole is 40M. At the moment, the death toll is 18. Would that many people have died in robberies and car and boating accidents by now? While very serious, the hyperbole and a half isn’t a benefit to anyone but the media.

    Miami is in very serious trouble, but the houses are well-built. The south is very accustomed to hurricanes — very — and most people have been evacuated. So if half the gas stations are empty but only half the people are still there and not driving to work, isn’t that about right? I think they need that gas up-coast, the tanks may flood, and the shop will be closed for few days real soon. Another blogger points out that they cleared out all the expensive bottled water when every house in America has a +30 gallon water tank and a bathtub.

    I only wish we could get real, common sense reporting that accurately communicates the actual risk, actual, non-sales solutions to it, and therefor isn’t turned up to eleven when the risk is 5, thereby having no megaphone left should danger someday actually appear. #Trump #stoplying.

    This unceasing, screaming, 50-year lie is exactly what V. is talking about with NoKo, foreign wars, etc. and U.S. oblivion to it. #stoplying.

    V. Arnold

    Dr. Diablo

    Appreciate your heads up.
    Outlook; stormy weather coming, breakers ahead…
    Too much stupid; intelligence nowhere to be found…

    Dr. Diablo

    Looks like Trump will get his infrastructure spending, eh?


    Looks like Trump will get his infrastructure spending, eh?

    Well, yeah, sort of. But it’ll take a trillion bucks just to repair the damage, and that will do very little towards upgrading infrastructure. And Washington won’t spend that trillion, if only because it doesn’t have it. Individuals and companies will have to spend on repairs, but it won’t be a net positive, it’ll just be shifted from other spending, and they have no spending money available to start with. If Irma hits Florida the way it’s predicted, the cost will be so high they’ll make sure we’ll never hear the number. At SwissRe and Munich Re calculators are doing overtime. They don’t have that kind of money either. But the system needs re-insurers.

    Diogenes Shrugged

    Nine-eleven seventeen, or a similar moniker, promises to enter the lexicon for generations to come. If I understand correctly, this train of storms after years of hurricane quiet is solely attributed to slightly warmer Pacific Ocean water temperatures. To distinguish between 9/11 disasters, maybe “boxcutter 9/11” and “bathwater 9/11” will help with future ambiguity.

    Except that boxcutters had absolutely NOTHING AT ALL to do with dustification of the three WTC skyscrapers.

    Something tells me ocean temperatures only account for a portion of what we’re witnessing now. And the rest is here:

    Are the unelected fascists running this show merely managing their adversaries before financial Ice-9 is triggered?

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