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    John William Godward Dolce Far Niente (Sweet Idleness, or A Pompeian Fishpond) 1904     One year into the continuing COVID emergency, it’s h
    [See the full post at: The One Year Emergency]

    a kullervo


    Only real hunger has real clout over the masses.
    People will only start to move when hunger becomes a real threat to them and/or their children.
    Until then, as noble as they may be, all other efforts will fall on deaf ears.

    John Day

    Thanks Ilargi,
    I have forwarded the link to this post to the C-19-d listserv, which includes Dr McCullough, who you cited above (It’s his list) and Dr Risch, who you had on video a few days ago.
    Dr Risch has intimated to me that almost, or about 50% of people in the USA have or have had COVID-19 now. He is an epidemiologist. This winter surge is also the bum towards “herd immunity”, except that immunity to coronaviruses fades between 6-12 months for most people, u-nless it is restimulated.
    There is crossover immunity or partial resistance between coronavirus strains. We are baout to see how that works for us. We are also about to get sold a new lifesaving vaccine every 6 months to save us from the very latest threat.
    I’d probably take the Sputnik vaccine at this point, but as a political statement, more than anything.
    I have more faith in the interests that birthed it than I do in Pfizer, Moderna and friends.

    John Day

    Tessa Fights Robots:
    The Last Squeeze: Digital Colonization as Manifest Destiny 2.0
    Beware of billionaires bearing gifts of efficient management.

    Indian Farmers Fight Robots, too…
    India Restricts Internet, Twitter Complies With Blockage Request As Farmers Protest Grows
    ​ ​Parts of India are facing extended government-ordered internet blackouts as the Indian farmers protest movement has grown. The farmers allege Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s farming law, which ends the government’s programs to keep commodity prices at fixed levels, therefore allowing free markets to dictate prices, favors large corporations over smaller mom and pop farmers.​ (most Indians)

    Jeremy sent this: The Science is Broken
    ​ ​”If we don’t address gross over-population and the real carrying capacity of the planet, along with unlimited consumption and endless greed, our waste streams (greenhouse gasses and pollution) will continue to accelerate biosphere collapse, leading to our (soon) extinction. It’s just that simple. The civilization that we embraced refused to consider finite limits on any of the Earth systems that sustain life, and we deliberately designed economic models based upon this gross miscalculation.
    ​ ​This is probably one of the biggest mistakes in our entire history, and it is being ignored by scientists, researchers, academics and policy makers. An economic model based upon consumption and endless growth was always destined to destroy Earth’s habitability and human survival. Religions that fail to recognize that the Earth is now way over-full and over-used have violated their core teachings.
    ​ ​Scientists that continue to insist that growth is still desirable are doing the entire world a great disservice. We look to these experts to give us expert guidance, but I’m still not seeing it and have been looking for decades now. If they can’t actually tell us “like it is”, then we need to find those who will and can, fast. Otherwise, you might as well embrace the hopium and the suck that will come with it, because it’s going to really suck to watch your own children die from something that we should have all prevented.”

    The Science Is Broken

    ​I replied:
    ​ Who does this author address? He expresses frustration that human population is not being dealt with and that public statements of the science are sugar-coated, not honest.
    Our owners are well aware of the situation and are already acting to reduce our numbers, especially those of us who live over the cheap oil, like in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Iran, and so on… The rest of us in the “developed” countries are now in draconian lockdowns, promised that some novel vaccines will fix everything. We know that they can’t fix anything that they are supposed to fix, and that there are generic medicines that will do the job, that are doing the job when they are used, so what is the real agenda?
    This author may be unaware of what’s going on. He appears unaware.
    The power structure above industrial society supports the powerful human “owners”. That’s the purpose.
    They are slowly negotiating a transition for their power structure, out of necessity.
    We are not at that table, and that table will have to have some losers, so negotiations are not proceeding well, but we get culled. That’s a given. Be useful…

    Dr. D

    Year one of infinity emergency.

    Some governments do have timeframes: it’s 30 days, although probably also illegal, I don’t think people would personally or legally object. I mean, if you made restitution for things done wrong as you’re legally and Constitutionally required. We passed that so long ago my kids are now picking my nursing home.

    Again, a hospital is now the only place I can REFUSE medical care. Out here, I’d be tracked down and vaxxed. So I have to come up with a plausible reason to remain in the hospital where I can legally refuse medical care. Got it?

    Why? Because we haven’t followed any laws in 100 years and we’re not starting now. Do what I say or else. The purpose of power is power. Submit or die.

    Doc Robinson

    John Day: “…about 50% of people in the USA have or have had COVID-19 now.”

    Back in December, the CDC was estimating that 91 million people in the US were already infected, for the period from February through September. That would mean almost 30% of the population, before the “second wave” hit. The number of official “cases” at the end of September was 7.5 million, so the CDC was estimating 83.5 million more people were infected in the US, beyond the official 7.5 million cases. For every official case, the CDC estimated an additional 11 uncounted infections, to give the total of 91 million infected by the end of September.

    There have been an additional 19 million known cases in the US since the end of September, plus a presumably large number of uncounted infections. This adds up to more than one-third of the population (110 million plus the uncounted).

    However, by January 15 of this year, the CDC estimate for total infections didn’t go up above their previous estimate of 91 million infections (for Feb through Sept), it went down to 83.1 million infections (for Feb through Dec).

    The archived page from January 16, 2021, showing the 91 million infections estimate (Feb-Sept):*/

    The page as it looks today, showing the 83.1 million infections estimate (Feb-Dec):*/

    Along with a new president, the US got a decrease in the number of total Covid infections, which means more people who need to be vaccinated to acquire some immunity?

    Doc Robinson

    TV “experts” are lying by omission.
    Why are all the gov. being blamed for not having enough vaccines by the TV “experts”?
    Bloggers everywhere have been talking about other/better options than vaccines.

    “The drugs that work within the cell and actually reduce viral replication are hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, doxycycline and azithromycin” Have you seen those drugs made available, let alone promoted, where you live?

    The vitamin mfg have got pallets of zinc, Vitamin D3, and C available for sale in every store.
    The vitamin mfg are advertising on TV

    TV “experts” know that they are lying by omission.


    I’m not sure which planet the author lives on but 2 & 5 are patently false. You absolutely can be forced to get vaccinations to attend school or join the military. The later doesn’t even offer a religious belief exemptions and the former it varies from place to place. You can be forced to wear pants, you can be forced to wear a mask.

    At a deeper level I find this particular strain of libertarianism to be pretty bankrupt. Its not as if our leaders were imposing bans on us, or closing down businesses for personal gain or to say punish a religious or ethnic group.

    The one point he makes or question he asks that seems relevant is, how long can an emergency last?

    V. Arnold

    John William Godward Dolce Far Niente (Sweet Idleness, or A Pompeian Fishpond) 1904

    What a gorgeous feast for my eyes…

    Mister Roboto

    Continuing my Ivermectin musings from the previous thread, another thing I simply can’t fathom are the people who continue to struggle with severe symptoms after a bout with Covid. I think it’s war-crime level stuff that we aren’t treating these people with Ivermectin, just letting them suffer and suffer and suffer.

    V. Arnold

    Vietnam Vet: what happened to your post?


    @ V. A.

    I’m not sure. I edited a typo and hit submit, twice, the screen changed but it didn’t post.

    Basically it said that the truth has become a conspiracy theory. The judiciary in the USA is a branch of government in the USA along with executive and legislature. All have been bought. Vaccines alone will not eradicate the virus; it is endemic and mutating. With no functional national public health campaign, barriers to alternative treatments, and a never-ending economic Depression; America could fall apart this year.

    V. Arnold

    With no functional national public health campaign, barriers to alternative treatments, and a never-ending economic Depression; America could fall apart this year.

    Whew, that soon huh? You may well be correct. I hope not, but, the wife and I have been preparing for this year also. Just not really expecting a collapse quite so soon…
    We’ll see…………

    Dr. D

    Brings to mind this: ““Previously, the CDC said that vaccinating only 25% of the population is sufficient to reduce the flu. Now all of a sudden, Fauci claims 85% of the population must be vaccinated but never offers any science just opinion.”

    His imbedded links:

    Hallmark of pathological liars: moving the goalposts. So…we’re saying it’s impossible we’re not at herd immunity? And yet I could have HAD Covid, have natural immunity, but that’s illegal, not allowed? I still have to have the vaccine if I’m immune? Yes. Of course. And if you’re 80 and Norway says it will kill you (says the UK who just demanded it for over 50). Or if you’re 8, and have never seen a child die of it yet. Because…science? Please stop, science, you’re so illogical, without evidence or reason, you’re hurting my brain.

    Is Barnaby sarcasm? They have definitively enacted martial law and house arrest without any due process. (5A, 14A) They have definitively closed businesses without offering required compensation (1A, 5A). Without even offering science, actually, as we keep pointing out. And while not providing science, also lying, lying, lying, lying. Where are my 15 days? Where are all lockdown states not all worse than open states?

    They have definitively profited by this — recent mainstream media reports are $3.7 Trillion while losing $3.9 Trillion from the people (as some value was just destroyed). The people who did this are direct and open donors to the parties, as $500M from Zuck in just one avenue. AOC has been there, what, two years? and she is already a millionaire, so clearly money is transferred briskly on this issue and all others.

    The are CLEARLY targeting religions. (1A) DeBlasio not only targets Jews, but once they didn’t slavishly obey, he closed THEIR public parks in Brooklyn. Parks a block away? Totally open. That’s not science, that’s ethnic targeting. Clearly vaccine-wary people such as Christians — don’t know what you would call them, Christians-slightly-at-all, Christian-home-schoolers? are being specifically targeted for abuse and attack as well. Every casino and liquor store open, every church shut. Even when they used a drive-in movie, where everyone was inside their closed cars. Not science. It’s the front edge of ethnic cleansing. If your religion is arson and abortion rights? The streets are wide open.

    Again, all these things are HIGHLY illegal. They are direct civil rights violations. If you care about muh racism, these are top priority as they once were for the now-Stalin-run ACLU. They are the elimination of human progress since the Enlightenment. And it’s done FOR profit and power, and AGAINST doctors and science. As they were discussing yesterday, how many months of illogical, unsupportable coincidences do you need before it’s not an accident? I said this would happen day 1 because they can never, ever be trusted with a plastic spork without using it to stab the people in the eye, arrest them unjustly, censor them erratically, and trample them endlessly, and never relinquish power without an ugly, ruinous, unnecessary fight? And so they have. Every day since day 1. Wouldn’t it have been easier to say “h-ll no” initially? A year later, on cases NO EFFECT. None. A year later, government oppression of the people now OVERWHELMING, arresting and censoring the President, whole parties, doctors, scientists, EVERYONE.

    You know what has ended Covid? The Inauguration:
    Off a cliff since Jan 15th. Huh. Just like everybody said. What another, another, another, another, another, another, another, another, another, another, another, another, coincidence.

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