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    Griselda DeSaranno

    Dr. D’s excellent treatise shows comparative social impacts of Cryptos vs. current system. For my part, I live in a money system, and Bitcoin is quite profitable, and at present without some of the egregious exploitative properties of the current system. I was particularly taken with D’s deconstruction of the energy inefficiency argument – I’d never seen that before. And thanks to SteveB’s comment “Money systems are part of human culture (this one in particular), not part of human nature. ” Since I happen to be stuck in this culture, and don’t have the wherewithal to make V. Arnold’s escape, I’ll take profit where I can, and sleep easier because of it. Thanks to all for the superb discussion!

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    Griselda DeSaranno

    As usual, Dr. D is spot on.
    To expand the TV meme, just as the current system is Mad Max, Bitcoin is Star Trek.
    Remember – equality, no money, folks pretty much doing what they want?

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    Griselda DeSaranno

    Dr. D’s writing is so exciting, that it makes my non-gender specific nipples hard.
    The current economic system is like prison sex without the romance.
    Bitcoin freed me to back ventures that are socially valuable, and back my own well-being.
    Exodus, the movement of Jah people.

    “I have seen the finest minds of my generation destroyed
    Graduated from colleges of mendacity,
    their angelic dreams of contributing to society
    seduced by the money of apple, microsoft, google, amazon
    into Ad-Sense, HFT and metadata collection.”

    RMS, Nicole and Satoshi have it right.


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    Griselda DeSaranno

    Esteemed V. Arnold, 72 year of age, and a good guy, as well as anyone else reading this:
    Go to, register, and buy .01 BTC.
    I have deeply researched Coinbase, and think it is very legit.
    By 2020 I believe that your .01 BTC (costs $150 about today) will be worth $15,000 or $0.00
    If it’s worth $15K, buy a used car or whatnot, if it’s zero, curse me.
    And for Dr. D, I keep my BTC in a Trezor.
    Since you understand the issue, I suggest you do the same, unless you’re a paper kind of person.

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    Griselda DeSaranno

    The author is brilliant. I was particularly taken with analogy of TARP being a fork, with access to the dev team by the ultrarich. As you may be aware, the Genesis Block, created by Satoshi (Praise His Hallowed Name) has the following string embedded,
    “The Times 03 January 2009 Chancellor: On brink of second bailout for banks”. BTC was created in part as a response to TARP. Bitcoin is your personal Brexit, among many other things. For the curmudgeon who thinks Bitcoin isn’t a thing, all I can say is that in 2017, I stopped working a soul-sucking job I loathed because of BTC. It’s been an economic miracle for me.

    When AutomaticEarth (song reference from Simon &Garfunkle Boy in the Bubble, right?) starts taking donations in BTC, I’ll kick back a few Satoshis. No banks or Peter Theil for me, thanks.

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