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    Re:Vitamin D Meta Studies

    The following Meta Study indicates: That out of 94 studies on Vitamin D; 89 had positive results, 1 had no significant result and 4 had negative results. So, out of the total studies there was a 65% improvement with large doses of Vitamin D. In early stage Covid treatment there was a 90% improvement in outcomes over the control groups.

    Meta Study of Ivermectin had even better results: Out of 40 studies on Ivermectin. The analysis found that 100% of all Ivermectin studies support positive effects as follows: Prophylaxis: 89% improvement; Early treatment, 81% improvement; Late treatment resulted in a 52% improvement in patient outcomes over control groups.

    These results are clear and astounding. The odds of this happening due to chance is 1 in 1 trillion.

    Gideon is cherry picking his results.

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