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Jacob Lawrence Struggle: From the History of the American People, Panel 8 1954



From the Automatic Earth’s most vocal resident physician, Dr. John Day, in Texas. Who thinks Trump’s meeting with COVID should start a change in America (back) towards preventive healthcare. Why is Trump doing so well so fast? Because his treatment started much earlier.



John Day: The Trumpster was never taken out of action by the virus that has been ravaging Big-Mac consumers his age all year. Uh, how come?


After Returning To White House, Trump Implores Americans Not To Let COVID-19 “Dominate Your Life”

Update (1515ET): Dr. Conley has confirmed that although President Trump isn’t out of the woods yet, he has recovered enough to warrant his safe return back to the West Wing, as the president announced via tweet.

Doctors said that Trump has maintained a full work schedule at Walter Reed. He will receive his fourth dose of remdesivir Monday evening, before taking the fifth and final dose on Tuesday. When pressed by a reporter about the safety risks to the Secret Service agents during Trump’s ride outside Walter Reed Sunday evening, Dr. Conley said that the agents wore PPE, as they have in recent days, and that the trip took place over a “very short period of time”.

Circling back to Trump’s mental acuity, reporters asked whether there had been any fogginess as a result of the medication, or the virus, Dr. Conley assured reporters that “he’s back” and that Trump has been a “great” patient.

Looking ahead, Dr. Conley said advanced diagnostic techniques will be used to detect when the last traces of ‘live’ virus have left the president. Dr. Conley said that people are most at risk of shedding the live virus during the first 5 days of infection, but usually by ten days the last traces have left.


Trump got treated with antiviral medicines shortly after he was diagnosed with SARS-CoV-2, based upon a screening test. A super-spreader cluster was identified at the White House, with 29 people now positive, from that event. The unmasking in the Rose Garden for Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination is blamed, but the people who got sick were all inside without masks for the reception afterward.

I think that’s where the viral cloud got ’em.



We have all been told that the only advantage to early and frequent testing is early isolation to reduce spread. All the drugs the Chinese used, and the rest of the world uses, have not been shown to save lives in America, where nobody is allowed to have them until they are almost dying. These antiviral drugs only worked in cell cultures, China which is to blame, and fakes results, and poor countries like India.

Just stay at home until you need a ventilator. Do NOT use drugs from India and Bangladesh! Are you CRAZY?! Trump announced in May that he was taking hydroxychloroquine/zinc prophylaxis, but no mention is made of it now. None. Was it stopped sometime in the summer? Anyway, nobody says he was taking it last week and he’s not taking it now. Hydroxychloroquine/Zn does seem to work as prophylaxis in studies.

There is a progression in the attack of SARS-CoV-2 upon the human body. It’s moderately well understood now, but understandings are broadly misrepresented to the public by the national medical bureaucracy. Many treating physicians have been mocked and belittled in the press for saying that there are treatments to reduce morbidity and mortality from COVID.

Rheumatic fever, from untreated Strep Throat used to be a major cause of death and morbidity in the US. That stopped when strep throat started to be treated promptly with penicillin. Now it’s unheard of. In HIV, we discovered that all the “AIDS-defining-illnesses” like pneumocystis pneumonia, and Kaposis’s Sarcoma would just never happen if viral infection was detected early and antivirals were started before the virus had caused widespread injury. Even Tony Fauci knows that.


Now, with the way Donald Trump is being treated, with antivirals reserved for the hopelessly ill, and getting a rapid recovery from early symptoms, when we know he’s exactly the target this virus likes to find, maybe we can get a national reprieve and Make-America-Average-Intelligent-Again.

What if everybody took a little saliva test every Monday and Thursday? What if people at higher risk or even higher anxiety level, got treated as soon as the test was confirmed, like President Trump did, and some of the other party-goers probably are? Hey, what if all the people who tested positive before elective surgery got treated that way for starters? I bet we could set up a study proposal to do that in about 3 months, and have it reviewed for possible approval by next spring!

To have convincing scientific evidence you have to go through the process. It takes a lot of time. Just treating people, like in the old days, can’t give you convincing evidence that it is better to take ordinary drugs for a life threatening infection, before your life is already threatened. Some people might want to do that if they test positive, of course, but it’s not to be condoned, is it?


What if it was somebody in your family? You know how stressful that can be, right? What if great-aunt, or grandma isolated at home and took some safe, purportedly antiviral combination like ivermectin, zinc and doxycycline, or hydroxychloroquine and zinc if her EKG was ok? Would you go for that? Would it seem OK to you? If auntie-grandma just got a positive screening test after 3 visits to the ER , and couldn’t get the surgery she needed, would you think she should take some treatment, even before she got sick with fever, diarrhea, hurting all over, and gasping for air?

How would you know the medicine really worked if she never got sick enough to be sure? Can’t have that, can you?

Our family is treating Auntie-Grandma. Judge us if you must, but we are weak and subject to temptation. We fear the guilt which would come from inaction if she did get badly sick and suffered, and maybe died. She has started ivermectin, doxycycline, and will get the zinc in a couple of hours when the family-courier gets it to her. We’ll letcha know how it works out. Maybe she can get her surgery without too long of a wait.

We may be on the cusp of paradigm shift. I sure hope we are. Take 5000 units per day of vitamin-D. “Auntie Grandma” is taking 5000 units 3 times a day with her zinc, vitamin-C and NAC 600 mg for the next 10 days.




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    Jacob Lawrence Struggle: From the History of the American People, Panel 8 1954     From the Automatic Earth’s most vocal resident physician,
    [See the full post at: The Early Treatment of Trump]


    A battle cry!
    Don’t let it dominate you. Don’t be afraid of it. You’re gonna beat it.

    It should be good for a few votes from the survivors
    Still discussing transmission, means there is still more to learn. ie. faster that light.
    logic and reason
    Long term effects of C19
    Conspiracy question
    reporters asked whether there had been any fogginess as a result of the medication, or the virus, Dr. Conley assured reporters that “he’s back” and that Trump has been a “great” patient.


    Fogginess is a valid medical term. I’m sure its origin is Latin


    I interpret the question as, ” Is he mentally fit to be president? Can we kick him out as being “mentally unfit”?
    Biden is more “mentally fit” than Trump.

    Doc Robinson

    From a Newsweek headline today:
    People Want to Know Why Trump Took Zinc, Vitamin D, Famotidine, After COVID Diagnosis

    Trump’s early treatment with Vitamin D, zinc, etc., was discussed in this article, below, from STAT. He was also given two unauthorized “monoclonal antibodies” from Rengeneron which only last week presented data about these drugs at a press conference.

    The physicians all said that the treatment plan for the president was basically sound, although many had questions about the drug regimens he is receiving. Bhadelia noted that most of the treatments Trump is getting are not recommended by Covid-19 guidelines released by the National Institutes of Health.

    Treatment guidelines say not to give zinc, which Trump is receiving. He is also receiving vitamin D, the ulcer drug famotidine, melatonin, and a daily aspirin….

    The president is receiving a cocktail of two monoclonal antibodies from Regeneron, which is not authorized by the Food and Drug Administration, and remdesivir, made by Gilead Sciences, which has been granted an emergency authorization for use in hospitalized Covid-19 patients. Bhadelia said obtaining access to unapproved drugs is not unusual with some emerging infectious diseases, and that using the antibodies made sense because, under the limited data released, this was the right time to give it, to keep the illness from getting worse. Adding remdesivir is logical because the two drugs might be synergistic, though that is unproven.

    But both Jha and Narasimhan said they would not have reached for the Regeneron antibody. Data for it was presented at a company press conference only on Tuesday.

    “It hasn’t gone through FDA approval, and it hasn’t gone through any vetting yet,” said Narasimhan. “So we don’t know when to give it or who should get it or what the harm is from it. Now, no one really knows the answer to that.”

    Doc Robinson

    Melatonin- I had forgotten about that stuff until I read about it on the “evolutamente” website back in March. I wonder if Trump is taking it for the reason they cited- which is basically that kids don’t get sick and they have a lot of melatonin compared to oldsters.
    Or it could be they just want him to get some sleep…

    Dr. D

    Both he’s both dying and there’s a cover-up, AND he’s driving around, taking off masks outdoors, and publicly speaking. I read them both on the same CNN front page.

    Steltzer says there’s a 50-person cover up including all the doctors, the WH staff, all the Marine pilots, and the AP. If CNN prints it, that’s good enough for me! Who you gonna believe? Them or Trump standing at the podium endlessly bloviating?

    For response: nothing’s change so far as I can tell. They will kill every man, woman, and child in America before admitting anything. Note zinc isn’t just not recommended, by that statement it’s practically proscribed. All vitamins are kooky theories that have no value, if I remember my media stories over the last 10 years. But Doritos™ are healthy! They’re made of corn! Like ketchup they are practically a vegetable! The U.N. Codex Alimentarius was planning the outlawing, or rather “regulating” of vitamins like Zinc and D to prescription only. Only narrowly escaped, and now we can see why.

    For maximum profit and minimum health, citizen.

    No, they will never, ever, stop killing people with bad lies. Never. But will we ever stop believing the liars? You can remove their power in an instant.

    madamski cafone

    One hopes that Trump’s recovery, presuming it remains a recovery, will increase accurate understanding of covid and suspicion of the CDC/WHO and others. However, this catalysis will work against greater understanding, also. The difference will divide along the usual lines. Maybe the increased understanding will be greater than the increased misunderstanding that Trump’s divisive nature and stature are already increasing.

    For example, this morning I received email from a very smart person I know. Like many of us, she likes to think she is adequately to superiorly informed. She leans to the left. She wrote: “I can barely watch the news, but I heard our brave Commander in Chief personally killed Coronavirus with his bare hands. Huzzah! We shall all rejoice, the plague hath ended.” Meanwhile, I’m sure that many of the other camp will use this as justification to ignore all reasonable precautions against covid.

    This is to be expected from a consumer culture that buys brand name labels more than it buys the stuff it contains. Trump, for most Americans, means either good/true/honest/right/strong or bad/false/dishonest/wrong/weak regardless of Trump’s actions and their known consequences, which are sometimes bad, sometimes good. This is a man who hardly knows the difference except for how it pleases or offends his ego.

    I will stick my neck out onto the chopping block marked You’re Fucking Crazy. I will say that I’m beginning to believe Trump is having greatness thrust upon him. It seems to me that the mess we’re in is giving him something that is for him weird and rare. Despite his insanity, corruption, and cruelty both aggressive and passive. Something like genuine confidence and determination.

    Since all he has to do is say They’re Wrong (CDC/WHO/so forth) I’m RIght, this is right up his alley. These are exemplary “interesting times”: it seems our greatest hope in USA leadership is the megalomaniacal whimsy of a deranged geriatric. If he can manage to not contradict himself enough, he might actually become a leader.

    Not that it will do much good.


    madamski cafone

    @ Dr. D

    “The U.N. Codex Alimentarius was planning the outlawing, or rather “regulating” of vitamins like Zinc and D to prescription only. Only narrowly escaped, and now we can see why.”

    I might believe you if you provide a credible source. snopes is not perfectly reliable but this seems to be:

    Codex Alimentarius Are American consumers at risk of losing their right to purchase and use vitamins, minerals, and dietary supplements?

    “First of all, this is another case of an issue that is now largely moot due to outdated information. Back in 2003, two versions of a bill that proposed the regulation of dietary supplements (S. 722, the “Dietary Supplement Safety Act of 2003,” and H.R. 3377, the “Dietary Supplement Access and Awareness Act”) were introduced to Congress. Neither of these bills was ever voted upon, much less passed. They both expired with the end of the 108th Congress in 2004 and have not been reintroduced to the currently sitting 109th Congress.

    “Moreover, neither of these items of potential legislation was forced on the U.S. by an outside regulatory body, nor did they say anything about restricting the American public’s access to vitamins and minerals. Their sole target was dietary supplements, a class of products that has been unregulated since 1994, when Congress passed legislation that exempted them from federal regulation. Claims that your right to take vitamins and minerals is about to be impaired or that you will require doctors’ prescriptions to obtain such products should be regarded as attempts at rabble-rousing, deliberate moves to spur you into action against one thing by convincing you that something very different and far closer to your heart is at stake.

    “Vitamins and minerals are not under the gun. Dietary supplements are. And no outside regulatory body is behind this move: the proposed legislation is the work of American lawmakers looking to safeguard the public from the unscrupulous and the hazardous. If you take nothing else from this article, take the preceding three sentences.

    “Despite their presence on store shelves, not all dietary supplements are safe for consumers to use, let alone are beneficial to their health. Products can be 100% natural yet deliver a deadly payload, as have some in the past. Lacking regulation of such ingestibles, there is no protection afforded consumers, and
    authoritative-looking labels are no guarantee that what is being vended in those bottles they envelop is not harmful. Under current law, dangerous supplements get onto the market and stay there, with serious physical harm resulting among those who use them, as was the case with ephedra, which caused strokes, heart attacks, and upwards of 150 deaths before the Food and Drug Administration was finally able to get it out of the stores.”

    Your remarks remind me of a president currently in charge. One statement undermines the other. Maybe you need to tighten up your wig:

    Trump Wig

    Dr. D

    So fake and unhinged, I can’t even click “post” without another one appearing.

    “Harvard CNN Analyst Claims “Russian Agents” Were Inside Walter Reed Hospital With Trump”

    Well, they said “Harvard” so I already assumed they were gullible, unthinking idiots. But idiot sons (and daughters!) of idiot sons, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

    So…since Trump calls Putin for orders every day and has been working for Russia since the 80’s, what did they need to send a spy for?

    Nevermind. Facts. Logic.

    Dr. D

    HereLetMeGoogleThatForYou.com : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Codex_Alimentarius

    Clearly a very generous source for information.

    “The 28th Session of the Codex Alimentarius Commission was subsequently held July 4–9, 2005.[9] Among the many issues discussed were the Guidelines for Vitamin and Mineral Food Supplements,[10] which were adopted during the meeting as new global safety guidelines:

    The text does not seek to ban supplements, but subjects them to labeling and packaging requirements, sets criteria for the setting of maximum and minimum dosage levels, and requires that safety and efficacy are considered when determining ingredient sources.

    The United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and World Health Organization (WHO) will implement these criteria …labelling that contains information on maximum consumption levels of vitamin and mineral food supplements.

    So just for a start, all vitamins, minerals, and supplements will require 10-year, multi-million dollar studies only available to extremely large multi-national companies. They have established the legal premise, the regulator, and the enforcement arm. As has been standard, U.S. law will simply “adhere” to the international standard, as has been happening in building codes. As you point out, this was NOT passed, but the law itself shows there was a push to do so, a law which has multi-billion-dollar winners and losers. Are there no lobbyists anymore? No one who would like to lock it up with themselves for profit using a legally-created ‘monopoly’, ‘oligopoly’ run therefore by ‘oligarchs’? Where has that led, with MRIs, hospitals, insurance, pharmaceuticals? It’s cheaper to fly to Japan for an MRI than have one here. It’s getting to 100x cheaper to get glasses online than with hospital eye insurance. Worse, your access to MRIs are thereby cut off. But although that ALREADY happened, that would never happen here with the same laws and conditions, right?

    Okay, next step. Now that the FAO rules are standardized within the FDA, and all supplements are banned without a million-dollar 10-year study, what next? How do those few remaining, litigious mega-corps set the “maximum dose” without suffering lawsuits? Just like now, right? Easy. Except if you have an existing overdose of chromium and take more, you’ll get sick. Unlike Tylenol, because you can’t be getting that accidentally, nor does it persist.

    So if I have Iron surplus and take Iron supplements, you bet your bippy I’m going to sue Pfizer for a million when I end up in the hospital. If they try that now, they’ll laugh them out of court and rightfully so.

    Solution? What will now mega-companies do once under the gun? Make it prescription only. Run a test, problem solved. Profits sharply raised. Except “vitamins” are now de-facto regulated by prescription and unavailable. Thanks to your laws that aren’t laws and rules that aren’t rules.

    If you hadn’t noticed, this is how most laws and regulations are getting “passed” and enforced over the last 40 years. No one’s watching: they handwave and hand it to revolving-door bureaucrats like the SEC and FAA of Madoff and Boeing MAX fame.

    And this is even IF they’re not slowly establishing and spreading U.N. and Codex law and authority with one new rule each year, as we just saw they were in the wiki article, and as bureaucracies do and have all my life.

    Just look at 100 years of history and then try to assume people work only for their own interest, usually with a profit motive. How fast it will go sour will speak for itself.

    madamski cafone

    Regarding a Harvard analyst’s claims that Russia intel is inside Water Reed:

    We view reality through our personal filters. If we remove the usual ad hominem filters that seem mandatory to any non-trivial opinion, we are left with a claim that someone from a mostly bogus news outlet says Russia has intel access to some aspect of a hospital that recently treated our president. This is as likely as not. It’s a US military hospital. Modern international borders are very porous. I have several Russians and former USSR nationals in my neighborhood. Lyft seems to hire only exclusively Ukrainians. A Ukrainian can pass in the US as Russian and vice-versa. “Sigint” is only tangentially ethnic.

    People rise to this bait. They say that either Trump is lax on security (true in some aspects) and Russia is way up into our info stream (also true) or CNN is out to get Trump. The latter is obviously true but hardly news; the former is possible, even likely, but hardly news. Trump can’t keep his mouth shut. Russia/USA/every major power has surveillance in each other’s underwear. Everything else said about what is obviously just an opinion, stated as such, is pro/con spin candy. Security at CNN is probably no better than at Walter Reed, so maybe Russia knows more about our news than we do.

    Zero Hedge is also in the business of news sales. It too enjoys the lucrative power of titillation and tantalizement. The Harvard analyst’s claims do their job of smearing and distracting with help from all sides. I am “very likely” right but I could be wrong. Conclusions are not data. Data are not conclusions.

    madamski cafone

    @ Dr. D

    You’re spinning. Not straw into gold nor gold into straw. Just spinning. Where do we verify this? “So just for a start, all vitamins, minerals, and supplements will require 10-year, multi-million dollar studies only available to extremely large multi-national companies.” Not with “it seems reasonable” extrapolative guesses (“it seems very likely”); actual hard copy confirmation. It’s not like vitamin research hasn’t already been done for over 100 years.

    You should work for CNN. I bet they’re hiring. But you’re sometimes fun to read, so spin on. Just don’t be surprised if we laugh. You are an entertainer, right? Youre sort of fun when you’re ranting. When you get serious: boring. Here we are now, entertain us. I feel stupid and contagious.


    Trump halts negotiation on stimulus bill.
    Markets fall on the news.



    You funny girl! You wrote: ” I feel stupid and contagious”. Hahahaaaaaa! Can irony become hypocrisy or vice versa? I’m not a linguist but you *seem* to be pretty good with meanings of words and stuff so do tell? Seriously.

    madamski cafone

    @ Geppetto

    Phyllis Diller

    madamski cafone

    Trump/stimulus veto threat. He plays to his base by painting the Democrat-contolled Senate as corporate welfare donors. He offends some of his base by not getting stimulus $$ to those in financial need. He scares the stock market silly, well, sillier. I wonder if he isn’t looking to win a “twitter war” with the Dems (and the GOP) in which he lets them bray awhile and then offers to sign a stimulus if it will just go to the little guy. Cross-spectrum populist appeal.

    The sky is almost covered by black swans.

    madamski cafone

    The youngest fruit of my womb sent me this. Hilarious itself. Even more as a metaphor for news/politics/citizen-consumers.



    If only Trump’s recovery would being about a paradigm shift. But I just don’t see it. The situation is too politicized (it involves Trump) and it makes a good chunk of the health bureaucracy look incompetent or worse (intentionally withholding life-saving treatment). Considering all of the lies that our elites of all stripes manage to pass off as truth (for their own benefit), I won’t be surprised if Trump’s recovery story is rewritten (eg he was not really that sick,; naughty fellow took experimental treatments that must undergo full studies before they can safely be provided to the great unwashed general public, etc). No way TPTB will so easily lose control of the narrative.
    A question in mind is why the refusal of health authorities to give any kind of endorsement to these other therapies to begin with? Is it just the legal concerns (risk of liability due to lack of formal complete studies) or is it ensuring the ability to herd people to lucrative treatments provided by cronies)? Not much money in people taking zinc and vitamin D. ‘I’m guessing the latter.


    I just saw a lovely quote attributed to Churchill, but so apropos to this years events:

    “Nothing would be more fatal than for the Government of States to get into the hands of experts. Expert knowledge is limited knowledge and the unlimited ignorance of the plain man, who knows where it hurts, is a safer guide than any rigorous direction of a specialist.”

    *Boom* Churchill was a major b*st*rd, but what a great source of quotes…


    A question in mind is why the refusal of health authorities to give any kind of endorsement to these other therapies to begin with? Is it just the legal concerns (risk of liability due to lack of formal complete studies) or is it ensuring the ability to herd people to lucrative treatments provided by cronies)?

    There’s more money to be made if you let people get real sick first.

    It’s also about control. The institutionalized health care system doesn’t tolerate competition. Same as the education system.

    John Day

    Thanks Ilargi.
    I’m honored again. I was thinking of exactly that picture of people outside in the rose garden, then inside at the party without masks.
    I hope this early treatment thing is a political wasps nest for all of the political elites and financiers.

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