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Two Dr. D pieces in one week. That election stuff must be inspiring! I was wondering, after seeing Sidney Powell claim she has evidence of fraudulent things happening in connection with Dominion software, which would be a weird claim if she didn’t have that evidence, that we need to wonder what the next step(s) would be.

Since 29 states use the software, should they all be recounted by hand? Or perhaps only the swing states? Or should there be a nationwide recount, or even a full (hand-counted) re-election? Here’s that video again of Powell, and then Dr. D’s thoughts on it all:

Sidney Powell: “I’m going to release the Kraken”



Dr. D: Since this was all set up on a White House supercomputer, with many possible branches on the logic tree, but still generally drifting toward some permutation of election fraud and a Legislative fix, I’m hazily seeing a further possibility materializing out there.

This is hard since you have to get wrapped around the well-defined legal Constitutional process preventing election fraud, and promoting fairness between big and small states, by having an election, set and run by sovereign states, who then affirm their process was legal and true in the State Legislatures before referring them to the Federal level via the Electoral College. So this could go strictly popular vote as it usually does, via state legislature, as has happened, or even via Congressional House of Representative at an impasse, which has also happened. Despite media sputtering, none of this is made-up, none of this is new. It is very well-written and well-defined for exactly the reasons the Framers knew well and we have seen this year. They have even just sat down in a smoky room and made it up outside of all Constitutional processes whatsoever, and as no one objected, there was nothing to prevent it. Other than the people, of course, the real masters, maintaining as they do the overwhelmingly large, real armed body.

So let’s suppose, as seems to be happening now, that there is some election fraud. And although given more than a month, as we know the clock unwinds very quickly in legal terms — like lightning. We are already halfway through. If it were only one state, like Pennsylvania, perhaps that state’s Legislature can and should vote in their own electors. And that appears to be happening as they take the first steps of an Legislative audit, going right ‘round the Governor and Courts. Leaving their legal blocks instantly disarmed.

But Michigan is calling for a Legislative audit too, and Wisconsin looks set for a recount. Georgia is already in one, and there are several others.

This is where people lament “No matter what happens, half the nation will think the election is stolen!” Civil war, all that. Which I doubt, given that for four years half the nation ALREADY thought it was stolen by by a Russian caterer with a $10,000 loan (correct me if I’m wrong) and ALREADY are in violent insurrection to burn down, murder, and expel Federal forces from Portland for 200 days, barely making a mark on the nation nor even much impression on their very-large state.

But that’s only if we WANT it to go that way – there’s no special reason we should. America is that land that “Will always do the right thing, having exhausted every alternative” as Churchill would say.

Suppose, seeing 6 states in Legislative stop of Electors, and 29 states in question due to now widely-reported flaws in the Dominion voting system, the Republicans see an easy victory EITHER by state level voting OR by Congressional election, and in a legal, required, “continent election” it is one state, one vote – perhaps 32 v 18. This question then runs to the House of Representatives, where Nancy Pelosi can even attempt to refuse to seat anyone and refuse to hold such a vote.

But what are we really after here? With the States, the House, the Constitution, the Military on one side, and a critical mass of the people duly annoyed, can they really expect to succeed here? We have a nationwide bad election, Republican Legislature and States have all the leverage, and we have no remaining time.

So what CAN happen is that Pelosi can hold a House vote. Trump can call for one. The Courts will demand one – I fail to see how any other option could exist.


Trump, Pelosi, and Biden COULD, if they feel like it, hold it all off and call for a national recount, even a completely new re-election. Now that would not be “Legal” in a certain sense as the President must be un-seated in January, but in a certain sense the law is something we make up in our heads. And they have already “just done it” once previously. Perhaps the House, with a 2/3 vote would make Trump the acting President instead of President Pelosi for the interim months, perhaps until Election #2 + 30 days = March.

Everyone would have the chance to do this again without massive nationwide fraud, and the concession that reveals this and smooths over the “stolen election/civil war” would go towards a quid pro quo of not arresting everyone involved and hanging them down the long boulevard of Pennsylvania Avenue until the U.S. Military runs out of rope. Everyone sunsets and the nation moves on. …With some laws passed on election integrity. And Presidential power, one hopes.

Such are the level of crazy times we are in now. And that’s sensible, since in such crazy, extreme times, unthinkable things happen. Like wars. Or also unthinkable peaces and reconciliations. Which we must have and have had many times before.




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    Pierre Dumonstier II The right hand of Artemisia Gentileschi holding a brush 1625     Two Dr. D pieces in one week. That election stuff must
    [See the full post at: Slouching Out of the Fog Toward Pennsylvania Avenue]


    Michael Flynn attorney Sidney Powell says she has “staggering” statistical evidence and testimony to show Dominion voting machines altered ballots and this deception stems back to Venezuela, Cuba, and China. She’s says “I’m going to release the Kraken.”

    We should never have invented the WEB to be able to communicate fake news.


    As usual, the information is incomplete. This is how conspiracy theories propagate.
    My understanding is that the original Dominion Software fault was because ONE county ignored a required software update.
    No information as to how many copies of the software were not updated. The vendor should have this information automatically.


    We will see, Enginer. The reference to Cuba etc. doesn’t inspire much confidence. I think using software systems to count votes is a lousy idea in principle. Too much can go wrong.

    Maxwell Quest


    “We should never have invented the WEB to be able to communicate fake news.”

    I sure hope that this is sarcasm, otherwise it makes no sense at all. Because some choose to use the internet for nefarious purposes, does not make it inherently evil. That’s humanity’s job, as George Carlin would say. Without the internet I would still be watching the man on TV, reading newspapers, and still living in their Matrix of lies.

    This is much more than Trump vs Biden, or GOP vs DNC if you prefer teams. If we now squander this opportunity to expose the massive election fraud that recently occurred, the informational highway we call the internet may more closely approximate China’s state-filtered version in 4 more years. All indicators point that this is the direction we are currently heading.


    @ Maxwell Quest
    Yes It was /s
    “…. still living in their Matrix of lies.”
    I have meet mentally challenged people who don’t worry , and are not concerned, about what we see happening. (All of my neighbors hehehehe)


    Damned if we do. Damned if we don’t.

    Maxwell Quest

    Thanks, zerosum.

    My experience is similar, but I’m afraid that by labeling them mentally challenged we will miss the mark. Many in my community are very intelligent and caring people, yet they are woefully misinformed by our current system. And it seems, as Dr. D has noted often, that the more educated they are, the greater is their propensity to defer to “authority”.

    Years ago, I learned that it was best to keep controversial ideas to myself, in order maintain harmony with neighbors and friends. Participating in forums such as TAE has made it possible to live a double-life, so to speak, while keeping my sanity. Occasionally, I will tip my hand and ‘test the waters’, but this has to be done delicately, as most are operating on an emotional hair trigger.

    Only yesterday, the election results came up in conversation while walking with a neighbor. When he asked me what I thought, I said that there was a lot of evidence coming forward showing that massive voting fraud occurred. He seemed shocked at this response and asked where I’d heard that. I told him that it was all over the internet, but being censored from mainstream sources like TV news and newspapers. This left him feeling a bit frustrated that he was not internet savvy, and therefore dependent on the legacy media for his world view. We’re talking about a relatively enlightened person, which explains why he did not respond with the usual emotional outburst of denial.

    I thought about it later that day and realized how captive these people are to the spin-masters on TV. And that, even if they could find their way around the internet, occasionally landing on trustworthy sites, many would not know what they were looking at, or how to judge its reality content, since it takes years of work to gain this discrimination. And more so, a dogged determination to ferret out the truth is also required, which few people possess.


    Well, Dr. D, I love your comments and posts, they are an island of sanity in a sea of lies, but… I don’t think it will play out in either of the two ways you outline. Especially not the second one; I like your optimism, but the Deep State looks at the clipboard, and there in capital letters is only one play: DOUBLE DOWN. So I think we will see a vicious media war to continue to push the narrative that Biden won, and President Trump must stop throwing tantrums and concede. For the good of the country, of course.

    I did find it interesting that I was on an email thread where one person had described his anxiety over President Trump replacing top figures in the Pentagon; CNN had apparently told him that was because then President Trump would have sympathetic military leaders at the top who would refuse to throw him out on January 20th. Another hard-left, hard-Democrat, Trump-hating friend of mine replied in what I thought was a curious way: he said, “Don’t worry, I think Biden and the Deep State will prevail.” Even if he was being ironic, I thought it was progress that the notion of a Deep State had permeated the general populace to that degree, even to someone within the Trump-hating MSM echo chamber.

    President Trump really has been the gift that keeps giving: first and foremost he has exposed that yes, Virginia, there is a Deep State that is militaristic and corrupt as all get-out. Then these last few weeks he has completely unmasked the degree to which the Deep State is aided and hidden by main stream media outlets like The NY Times, CNN, MSNBC, as well as Big Tech (Twitter, Facebook and Google) via their censoring of the Hunter Biden laptop story. Now Sidney Powell tells us that President Trump is going to expose the corrupt U.S. voting systems. Bring it, I say! Even if President Trump can’t manage to overcome the chicanery and fraud and legal road blocks to cling to the Presidency, I’ll still count it as a resounding win to get more truth out on these three topics. The only thing that would be a cherry on top would be for Durham to finally deliver some indictments on Brennan, Comey, McCabe, Page, Ohr, Strojk et al.


    @ Maxwell Quest

    Right on.
    Vaccine question
    1. Has anyone hear if a vaccine will help someone who is already in the hospital with the virus?
    2. Is the vaccine only good to keep you from getting the virus?
    3. Is the vaccine going to be available to poor people?
    4. If the vaccine cannot be available for everyone, (to prevent the spread of the virus), how many years will it take to stop the pandemic?


    @zerosum: if someone is already in the hospital it is too late for a vaccine. Vaccines work by triggering your body to gear up its immunity toward a specific virus, and that has to be done in advance. If someone is in the hospital they need effective treatment, as John Day outlines.

    Poor people/poor countries probably will not get the vaccine, at least not at first, so they will serve as reservoirs of infection. I’m not sure that there will ever be a declared end to the pandemic; it’s been an authoritarian’s wet dream, start to finish.


    Mahalo to Dr D. & Raul for this post, after listening to the entire interview, I’m stressed. How do you fix this without purging the DNC, media, CIA, FBI, and Justice Dept?
    I would like to see Tulsi & Jimmy Carter at the White House, speaking the Truth that would never be accepted from Trump. Every other trusted Democrat is compromised.
    Twain: “It is easier to fool people, than to convince them that they’ve been fooled.”
    In some places, Martial law is likely before February. And it will make things worse.
    Silver lining? Might be that best thing that could happen for the Libertarian Party.

    Michael Reid

    This song felt good today


    My apologies.

    A cool new world order was not well received,
    So world trade was relaxed and the worker deceived.
    To lighten the stress there were cheap toys galore-
    You could borrow some money so you could buy more.
    So we printed some money so we could buy more
    And we borrowed more money so we could make war.
    So we printed more money- we were too far in debt-
    Except for the wealthy who won every bet.
    Except for the wealthy who bought up the earth.
    Now they think it’s too crowded: they want a rebirth.
    So you all have to go long before you grow old
    So until then just shut up and do what you’re told!


    Nicely said, @my parents said know. No need for apologies at all!

    Michael Reid

    @ my parents said know

    Well written

    I don’t know what to do

    Dr. D

    Ah the legislative election is on a “Continent” but it would be “Contingent.”

    No, the Dominion election saga has 50 chapters, they have on-camera evidence, the logs of the units, statistical evidence, and more importantly for public consumption, many whistleblowers from the Dominion company with signed affidavits. What we have on the other side is just a media blackout, as long predicted.

    I mean, they’ve been in a total media blackout since Nicaragua in the 80s and it already took a battleship and two icebreakers to break through Iran-Contra, and that was 30 years ago. What do you think it’s like now?

    Look, as the “Judge” of your own news, you certainly should read the media. However, we don’t settle the case without reading from the other side. There are two views in this courtroom, both are published. It’s your job and duty to read what the other guy is saying. And why. I could add that the failure to do this for 20 years is how we got Donald Trump, which is something said by Michael Moore or on Jimmy Dore and Bill Maher every day. No one listens: they just keep doing the same thing, the same outsourcing, the same name-calling, re-running the same ‘16 election again and again. Double Down. Of course. Until you break the house.

    Roto immediately grabs the two key things I don’t have time for, as I’m always too long as it is. If you want to know what’s going on, see what the actions are and the ones they go bananas about. They had all the Pentagon set up to “haul him out of office” …and probably hang him and his whole family within a via a bunch of “accidents” within a few years. Like the Kennedys. That’s why he has moles and traitors like Bolton, Esper there. He can’t expend limited political capital fighting them, and he has to seat somebody, but more importantly, he needs military intel to track everyone they talk to and everything they say.

    At this point in the Podesta War Game, he was calling on the U.S. Military to side with them. Except for the Air Force, the “Military” won’t and never has sided against the people in any U.S. Domestic war game – however the flag officers do. They side with government. 2 days after election, he removed their head, followed by his undersecretary, followed by quite a number this week. Brennan went bananas. Trump responded maybe he should declass the whole government, so they have pointed at their chess pieces for now. But without the military, – which now they don’t have in the troops OR the officers, they can’t have their Antifa troops bum-rush the White House and haul him or OR remove him by gleeful force as Nancy “I go to $800 a plate public parties during a pandemic” Pelosi has said.

    Nancy: don’t telegraph your moves ahead of time. Be like Donnie and Milintel. But narcissistic sociopaths can’t escape the parameters of their own mental illness. They HAVE to be arrogant, overconfident, and tyrannical to everyone.

    The second part is, it took 100 years since Edward Bernays, and his first famous understudy Joseph Goebbels to program the people to, in the words of CIA Director Casey, “Make everything the people believe is a lie.”Mission Accomplished! Sad to say, they DO love authority and will snap to saying there are four fingers instead of five more or less instantly. Like Science, we may have to un-program one funeral at a time. I wonder how Germany has dealt with this over the last decades. But he needed all that time and all that evidence, CNN being wrong hour after hour, day after day, and STILL it wasn’t enough. They haven’t been right once in 1400 days and people still have Gell-Mann Amnesia each morning, then again at 6:01.

    …But as you show, the words, like “Hunter,” like “Deep State,’ HAVE got through on some level. They are still good, happy, our-side words, but they exist. And he needed to do things like have Trump in court for Ukraine to make the media report each thing themselves, but against him. And that is enough out in the main country. It’s only the smart people who can’t learn anything, since “‘It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” And boy will they believe ANYTHING, however stupid and illogical. When NASCAR fans are running logic circles around you, maybe it’s time to pick up your head and wonder.

    Anyway, naturally after being evil and bombing the planet for 50 years, the U.S. won’t just walk away, even if like Jonah and Nineveh we CAN. There is no out but to purge the government of felons, which crimes should be very easy to find on record now – as we saw with Generals openly lying to Trump about Syria, then proudly crowing their murder and treason in the press. And cut it’s size since it’s 5x larger than average and the economy has shrunk as well. You SHOULD purge the Military, FBI, Justice, etc, it’s impossible to reform if the same criminals run it. And As Kennedy vowed, they’re STILL required to shut down the CIA and scatter it to the winds, rolling their functions into the NSA. The media is already dead, HGTV has more pull than CNN, and if exposed, the DNC will cease to exist as a party by 2022 and re-form as a viable and growing “People’s Party”, as is already happening and has happened many times before. Like FDR’s Democrats, the Republicans taking all will ossify and themselves become useless and tone deaf later on.

    But we have other problems. Far bigger ones, if that can be believed. Socialism is collapsing, and the financial reset is right NOW. Past Tense. They already shut down the economy for the upload with endless, transparent lies. Europe is certain to go to tyrannical Soviet Socialism under Klaus “You’ll get nothing and like it!!!” Schwab. However, the U.S. must also financially collapse and reforming and rebuilding internally will be off the world stage for years. However, we have the food, the oil, the land, and the work, so I’d rather be here. But the Presidency, the Federales, will be no help at all, even if they were functional, which they’re not. So much the better. We’re SUPPOSED to regionalize, we’re SUPPOSED to be individual states, with LOCAL focus and solutions. But nobody’s going to invade now, and we’re not going to take colonial orders from Europe and China extracting our wealth and our rights drip by drip.


    This is the way it is

    After a long explanation, and your conclusion, and your crystal ball projection, “But nobody’s going to invade (the USA), now,”will not be a call to action for the enablers, to make a better world for the masses,, because you did not include a new personal motivator. As you observed, “It’s only the smart people who can’t learn anything” because the enablers have got the answer to everything, even if its the wrong answer.


    Interesting post from Dr D. I am not in the US and am not familiar with the ins and outs of the various laws / practices / precedents / that would apply in the present situation re. voter, electoral fraud how they might be implemented / ignored / manipulated, in view of guessing what might transpire on the ground.

    But! A whole new election will not take place. It would appear shameful, it is admitting a kind of defeat (beacon on the hill) it would be hard to spin internationally. OK the perception is the US doesn’t give sh*t, but that isn’t quite true, other topic.

    Voters would not appreciate it either, what is the point of voting if the first vote isn’t taken into account, why will the second vote be, hmm? Are voters being taken for chumps? They are, but a repeat would make it clear..

    In any case, the whole system is extremely shaky and arbitrary (not to say corrupt and beset with fraud, imho from both sides), it is run like a kind of spectacle, to afford legitimacy — or to have a contest that is won by means that aren’t made public — this is not something one organises, does, with bis repetita in mind.

    As Dr D notes, legal time moves forward rapidly in cases like this, ‘normally’ the outcome is set, the future is here, no matter how lousy, deal with it, turning back the clock can’t be done.

    As for the accusations of fraud being looked into thoroughly and systematically (whatever that might look like? Idk..) it won’t happen either. Fraud of various types (maybe just minor, like some dead ppl voting from their tombs, to algo manipulations) is part of the system, how could it be distinguished from the system itself and thus investigated and tabulated by analysts, many of whom are part of the system?


    Rototillerman and Michael Reid: Thanks.


    On my forehead there’s a red dot and it follows me about. I look around and others have one, too.
    I know that they’ve been thinking how to take the surplus out- for the life of me I don’t know what to do!


    Yea! I simply switched the first words around and my unprintable poem has made it to TAE!

    “There’s…dot” switched with “On..forehead”.
    What a puzzle!

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