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Eugene Delacroix Greece expiring on the Ruins of Missolonghi 1826



A little personal thank you note from the Automatic Earth is in order. 2020 has been an annus horribilis across the world, but we have been blessed with lots of attention and comments, as well as great support from our readers throughout the year, both for the Automatic Earth itself and for the Monastiraki social kitchen in Athens. Problem is, I have so many people to say thank you to.

We started covering the coronavirus early on, in January, and never looked back. Many people got their first exposure to the virus through us (pun very much intended). What developed throughout 2020 was not just a solid reader-base, but also a maturing comments section, that taught me as much as it did readers.

Thank you for that. The comments from medical professionals and others became a strong part of the entire story. And it was by no means a one-sided thing; opinions were always all over the place, as they should be.

That’s the big problem in my view that we face these days: our media have become one-dimensional, the exact opposite of what they should be. This became clear through the Trump era, and the incessant hammering of one actor vs the deafening silence about all others in the same theater and on the same stage.


And we see that again today: try, if you can, to find in the MSM a critical opinion about lockdowns, or facemasks, or about the newly-fangled vaccines. It’s very hard if not impossible. This one-dimensionality hides behind “the science”. Which is something that doesn’t really exist, as we know because scientists in different countries contradict each other, as do those in the same country, and scientists even often contradict themselves.

If you want people to “follow the science”, you need to convince them that this is the right thing to do. You can’t just force them to do it. Or, rather, you can try that for a short period of time, and then they will come after you. People don’t live their lives in one dimension; they can’t.

Are facemasks useful? Sure, in crowded indoor spaces. But outdoors? I have yet to see the first evidence of that, and I do read an awful lot. Let’s inject some nuance here: if there is a risk of 1 in 100,000 that someone gets infected outdoors, it that worth forcing 99,999 people to put facemasks on? Or would you rather ask them to wear those where it demonstrably matters?

Are lockdowns useful? Sure, but they can only ever be emergency measures, short and “sweet”. Because they risk destroying entire economies and societies. Lockdowns should only be used when there are no other measures available anymore.

But we haven’t exhausted the scope of all other measures, not at all. There are no governments promoting the large scale use of vitamin D, or the proper use of hydroxychloroquine, and Chris Martenson even sees his videos about ivermectin banned from YouTube. As all three substances show great promise in preventing infections, and/or limiting the consequences of being infected.

We’ve been reduced to one-dimensional lives. By now, politicians and “scientists” would rather see everyone be infected, and then “cured” by a vaccine, then not get infected in the first place. In one dimension, the world easily gets turned upside down. You just wouldn’t be able to see it, because you need three dimensions to recognize what “upside down” looks like.


The Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines may work very well, but we don’t know, because we haven’t researched that. Which, if you want to “follow the science”, is a very strange thing to do. Of course we would all like the virus to be gone, but ignoring the science doesn’t look like the way to achieve that. And that’s what we’re doing: we’re not following the science, we’re ignoring it where that fits our purposes.

We don’t know if the Pfizer vaccine protects you from being infected, we don’t know if it keeps you from infecting others, but we do know governments and airlines are talking about requiring evidence that you’ve received a dose. But for what purpose, then, exactly? Just to let all the MPs and CEOs people claim they did what they could?

-Too- many people have lost their jobs and their businesses without any country seriously having tried to stop people from becoming infected through the use of vit. D, HCQ, ivermectin. Many of these jobs and businesses will never come back. Is this worth it? Maybe if we could say we tried everything we could, but we obviously haven’t.

We sold our souls to the “science” and then to the vaccine. Which are two very very different things.

If there’s ever been a time to ask questions, it must be now. About lockdowns, facemasks and viruses, about people, communities, societies, economies. That we are being pressured into not asking those questions, makes them even more necessary.


Anyway, those are all issues and questions that will need to be addressed in 2021, we’ve run out of 2020 time. It’s just that it wouldn’t have been necessary; we could easily have done much if not most of it this year. But we have become information-poor, and by design to boot. Which is the opposite of what the Automatic Earth wants to be and do. We want to present all the information, and that without paywalls or things like that.

There are too many of those already, and their main effect is to restrict information at a time when people arguably need more of it. Our model of increasingly relying on donations has worked out alright in 2020, and we hope the same will be true in the new year. Thank you again so kindly for making that possible.


A last word, again, about the Monastiraki kitchen: when you see things get harder for yourself, as so many have, it should be a natural reflex to wonder how they are for those less fortunate, because it’s a safe bet they will be hit even harder. It took me way too long to learn that. The team at the kitchen have that down: give, give, and never take. Enormous thanks to all of them.

That you allow me to support them is an honor, and a great responsibility which I take very seriously, both to those who donate and those who receive. Thank you, all of you.

One day when you’re old, and you ask yourself what has been the most important thing you did in your life, the answer will have to be what you did for other people. That is both the only possible outcome, and it’s also at the same time the very thing that is threatened most by the incessant lockdowns and facemask mandates. People need people.

Have a great 2021, stick with the Automatic Earth, and stick with each other.




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    Eugene Delacroix Greece expiring on the Ruins of Missolonghi 1826     A little personal thank you note from the Automatic Earth is in order.
    [See the full post at: Thank You 2020]


    And many thanks to you, Ilargi, for what you do, and all the best to you and the commenters on TAE in the new year!

    Maxwell Quest

    “In one dimension, the world easily gets turned upside down. You just wouldn’t be able to see it, because you need three dimensions to recognize what “upside down” looks like.”

    ******* BRILLIANT!! *******

    Thank you for all you hard work this past year, Ilargi, and for being the grounding rod for the entire TAE commentariat.


    Thank you for all you hard work this past year.
    I’m glad to help you find the news that illuminates the elephant.


    I want to add my thanks to you Ilargi – it has been quite a ride and you’ve helped by holding a light in front of us.

    Mr. House

    Thank you for being one of the best blogs on the web and having the open mind that you do Raul!

    “And we see that again today: try, if you can, to find in the MSM a critical opinion about lockdowns, or facemasks, or about the newly-fangled vaccines. It’s very hard if not impossible. This one-dimensionality hides behind “the science”.”

    First thought that comes to my mind, you better toe the line if you want that bailout. Another negative side effect of the bailout system, who will bite the hand that feeds? The age of fraud with a stunning lack of courage.


    Absolutely gorgeously written. Thought provoking and profound. Just made another donation to TAE. This is always my first stop in the morning, plus I check for comments after work ’cause everyone on here is worth reading and contemplating. Thanks to all. 🙂

    I’ll see what I can do for the Monastiraki kitchen, but my income (self employed) took a nasty hit this year and hasn’t come back.

    Thank you for all that you do, Raul. Thank you for being an always reliable source for information outside mainstream. So appreciated.


    Wonderful, Raul Ilargi Meijer.
    Three Dee REALITY is the way out. Take risks, Be human. Live without observation.
    Turn off the phone.

    Things are moving so fast.

    Happy New Year, all you invisible people I SO look forward to reading everyday.

    V. Arnold

    You’re very welcome Ilargi…
    I wish you the very best for the coming new year; extraordinary times leading us into the future.
    I do hope you are taking good care of yourself as well; keep on keeping on…


    Marvelous writing. It is true. How one dimensional the world has become when the only thing that matters is money, not the pursuit of life, liberty, fraternity and happiness.

    V. Arnold

    An adjunct to Ilargi’s 1 dimensionalism observation;

    The ramifications of this are legion, with profound societal infantilization…
    …ongoing for decades in the west (the U.S. most notably)…


    well said,
    thanks every day


    Like others, thank you Ilargi, for all you do.


    “If you want people to “follow the science”, you need to convince them that this is the right thing to do. You can’t just force them to do it.”

    Really? Strange, what I thought 2020 made clear is that to convince people that something is the right thing to do, the best way with massive difference over all others is to force-feed them the information that the right thing to do is X.

    There is absolutely no way that you get two big groups of people with totally diverging views about the facts surrounding a fact of life that everybody has been affected by, such as the coronavirus, if rationality on average took over emotion. At least one of those groups has had to be completely emotionally hijacked. And frankly, why believe that only one of them was? The most logical conclusion is that the vast majority of people on Earth have been emotionally hijacked and are, generally speaking, entirely incapable of rational thought when it comes on any of the issues that they have been emotionally hijacked about. That obviously includes trifles like death and love.

    In which case, is there any reason to hope that we haven’t emotionally hijacked ourselves out of our own ability to survive as a species? If there is a lesson to 2020, is that humanity is collectively insane. And insanity isn’t good for survival.



    If you follow the science, we would all be outside enjoying our lives. Here’s why.
    1. No SARS-COV2 virus has been isolated and shown to cause the symptoms of covid-19. Instead they took genetic scans of 37 base pairs out of 30,000 and then fed them into computer and let the computer fill in the rest! See this article.
    2. When the CDC took high concentration of samples from covid-19 patients they were unable to infect other human tissue. They were only able to infect mildly animal tissue AFTER it was poisoned.
    2. PCR tests were never meant to be a diagnostic tool and are useless for diagnosing covid-19. The samples are never purified, there is no golden copy of the virus to compare to (see 1.), they use so many amplification cycles that it further increases the number of false positives to well above 97%. This is has been confirmed by the WHO, CDC, Public Health England, Portuguese Appeals Court in Acores and Australian Health Authorities.
    3. Cases (i.e. positive PCR tests) as used by the media are not the same as a case in medical terms (i.e. someone manifesting symptoms of a particular disease. At least 97% of those are false positives not asymptomatic.
    4. A number of studies including in China and Boston, MA have clearly been demonstrated that asymptomatic cases are not main transmitters of covid-19. This was even stated by Maria Van Kerkhove, technical lead on covid-19 who was a day later forced to withdraw her statement. The overwhelming majority of those are people with symptoms of covid-19.
    5. Deaths statistics for covid-19 are wildly inflated by changes in how deaths are being encoded (So a person with stage 4 cancer who has a positive PCR test is classified as a covid-19 death, etc) and $15k incentives to hospitals and clinics to declare patients or death as related to covid-19. Overall deaths are the same as last year. As per a recent John Hopkins study that was pulled due to political pressure, the drop in deaths in other categories correlate well with the increase in so called covid-19 deaths.
    6. Profile of people dying from covid-19 correspond with the profile of people who die from seasonal influenza (i.e. 70% or more above 65 years of age) compared to an actual epidemic where deaths are spread out across the population. This comes from the Centre of Evidence Based Medicine in Oxford.
    7. A recent Danish large randomised study confirmed that masks have no impact on the spread of covid-19. As with any study that is done honestly and doesn’t reach a conclusion consistent with the narrative, the media and many medical journals are refusing to report it. This is logical since it is already known that in each of the elements (air, ground and water) there are at least 10 to the 30th of viruses in each element! You are completely surrounded by viruses the majority far smaller than the orifices in your mask. So how is the mask going to prevent you from being exposed.
    8. As for the vaccines, given that no research lab has actually isolated a SARS-COV2 virus, the question that begs an answer is how are they designing a vaccine? They have used their photographs of what they are calling SARS-COV2 but which look exactly the same as exosomes (see Dr. Andrew Kaufman’s work) and have decided that they way to stop covid-19 is to attack ALL spike proteins because this is what passes for science in the western world. This includes a homologous spike protein, syncytin-1 that plays a very important role in male and female reproductive organs! Don’t be surprised if there is a sudden problem for couples to have children in the not to distant future.

    I would suggest that you look at Sweden, Japan, Vietnam and Switzerland to see what happens to a society that doesn’t follow the narrative of lockdowns and see how they are doing. Of course in places like Switzerland, politicians have no power so they cannot do dumb shit like in the rest of Western Countries. But they are all doing absolutely fine. What the science and data point to is a bad flu (since coronavirus is associated with flu in medical journal). If you want more data on this, look up an excellent study done on the history of epidemics by Dr. Edgar Hope-Simpson, The Transmission of Epidemic Influenza. You will see that the seasonality of deaths and hospitalizations for different countries in the northern and western hemisphere corresponds very well for covid-19 with previous influenza epidemics. We are being lied to on a massive scale to take away our liberties.


    Echoing others above, thank you Ilargi for your significant work here at TAE esp in 2020.
    And a tip-o’-the-hat to the commentariat here at TAE in 2020, for opening my mind up – even when it hurts.

    TAE is a phenomenon I wish I could introduce to my IRL circle in meatspace. Alas, too many of their minds are made up already; they fall for the boolean – the Narrative, Hobson’s choice, or a false dichotomy instead of a whole spectrum of opinion. TL:DR. Thinking and introspection is hard work 😀


    Thurstjo63- a long time since you have posted!
    I just wanted you to know I read your post to this “old” entry.
    I agree.
    What we have is repurposed respiratory viruses. These maladies- ubiquitous in the dark months -have become, via the magic of PCR “testing”, the all-encompassing “Covid19”. [Flu is gone!]. Panic gets those with a cold or flu to rush to the hospital and the rest is …horrifying.
    Without the fraudulent testing, there would be no “pandemic”. Without the phones and the constant updates, no one would know there is a “pandemic”.
    When the smoke clears, someone will make a movie about those cards who perpetrated the greatest scam in history using one of the oldest ploys: patent medicine. (You look a little peak-ed. Buy this and you’ll feel much better!)
    Destroy trust in the PTB. That’s all there is now- I have no idea what comes next.
    They must not be trusted. They are frauds.

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