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Public health experts must check ‘egos at the door’ – Malone (JTN)
Teenage Boys Are 14 Times More Likely To Suffer Rare Heart Complication From Pfizer’s Covid Jab
Pfizer and Moderna Go Head to Head Against Delta (MPT)
Hawaiian Airlines Latest Carrier To Mandate Covid Vaccinations For Staff (CNBC)
3 Major US Airlines Will Not Mandate Shots For Unvaccinated Workers (CNN)
What Would Our Economy Look Like In The Shadow Of Vaccine Passports? (Smith)
Oregon High School Grads Need Not Be Proficient in Reading, Writing, Math (JT)
Cuomo’s Legacy: Normalizing Corruption And Lawlessness (Sirota)
Billionaire-Backed Mining Firm To Seek EV Metals In Greenland (R.)
Assange In Court Today (Rozenberg)





Ducky Bomb



Vaxx the young!



Pr. Raoult: viral loads are not correlated to the symptomatic/asymptomatic condition of the patient.



Sometime I think I have Malone overkill, but kudo’s to him. John Solomon has lots of readers.

Public Health Experts Must Check ‘Egos At The Door’ – Malone (JTN)

Dr. Robert Malone urges public health officials to “check [their] egos at the door” and change their policies with the science regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. Malone, an immunologist and epidemiologist who says he invented the mRNA technology that’s used in the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, explained on the John Solomon Reports podcast on Monday that new mutant variants of COVID-19 “are able to bypass, to a significant extent, the protection afforded by the current vaccines.” With the immune systems of everyone who’s vaccinated trained to fight the virus in the same way, “what that’s going to do is create a setup where once we do have a fully functional viral escape mutant, there will be no barriers to it spreading rapidly through the human population and, basically, completely abrogating any benefits associated with the vaccines,” he warned.

“What we had been told, that these vaccines are protective, they’re going to protect us, they’re going to prevent us from getting infected, they’re going to prevent us from having virus replicate in our bodies, and they’re going to prevent us from infecting other people, those are not true,” Malone said. “And there has been a variety of statements to the effect that those responsible for these effects, this viral evolution, are the unvaccinated. That’s just not true.” Malone, who has received the Moderna vaccine, recommends using therapeutics early on in COVID-19 infections to recover from the virus. He mentioned that the director of the National Center for Advanced Technology at National Institutes of Health (NIH) resigned from his position because he was frustrated when his team identified “repurpose drug candidates” that could be used to fight COVID-19 “but just couldn’t get any capital from NIH to advance them.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci has “two odd, exclusive focuses,” Malone said. One is “only focusing on antivirals when this is a hyperinflammatory disease, and we’ve got a lot of great anti-inflammatories. And the other is the focus on hospitalized, as opposed to early-onset patients, outpatients.” Malone compared the “paradox” of focusing on hospitalized patients, rather than early-onset patients, to someone going to the hospital with COVID-19 symptoms but being turned away because they weren’t sick enough to be hospitalized.

He added that instead of admitting they were wrong with their COVID-19 policies, like scientists do when confronted with a changing reality, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is censoring people by “using these incredibly powerful new tools to suppress any dissent or discussion.” Malone has personally experienced censorship. His LinkedIn account was suspended without explanation over his comments on the COVID-19 vaccines before it was later restored.

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Very small study.

Teenage Boys Are 14 Times More Likely To Suffer Rare Heart Complication From Pfizer’s Covid Jab (DM)

Pfizer’s Covid vaccine may pose more of a risk to boys, a study claimed today amid growing calls for No10 to rethink plans to dish out jabs to children. New research has suggested boys are 14 times more likely to be struck down with a rare heart complication called myocarditis. The data, from the US, will likely fuel an already fierce debate over Britain’s decision to press ahead with inoculating all 16 and 17-year-olds. Last week, the Government’s advisory panel ruled older teenagers should be given their first dose. Ministers plan to invite them before they head back to schools and colleges in September. But health officials have yet to make concrete plans for children to get top-ups. They want to wait for more safety data about myocarditis before pressing ahead.

Real-world data from the US, which has been vaccinating children for months, have shown teenage boys to be at a higher risk. It prompted one member of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation, which green-lighted the move to jab children, to admit different advice for boys was ‘theoretically on the cards’. There is already precedent for just giving vaccinating just one gender, with the HPV jab offered only to girls until 2018. The new research, published in JAMA Cardiology, was based on an analysis of just 15 children struck down with myocarditis after getting Pfizer’s vaccine — which will be given to British children. Only one was a girl.

The findings echo data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which suggests the risk is up to nine times higher among teenage boys. All 15 experienced chest pain, which started a couple of days after being vaccinated and lasted for up to nine days. None were struck down with a serious bout of myocarditis or required intensive care. All were discharged within five days. But doctors at Boston Children’s Hospital cautioned that the long-term risks of post-vaccination myocarditis ‘remain unknown’.

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Pfizer 42% effective in July. Not enough for a EUA.

Pfizer and Moderna Go Head to Head Against Delta (MPT)

Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine appeared to have a higher effectiveness rate compared with the Pfizer vaccine during the period of time when the Delta variant first became predominant, researchers reported. While both vaccines were highly protective against infection from January to July in Minnesota (Moderna 86%, Pfizer 76%), their effectiveness estimates declined during the month of July, with an estimate of 76% for Moderna (95% CI 69-81) and 42% for Pfizer (95% CI 13-62), reported Venky Soundararajan, PhD, of nference, a healthcare research company in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and colleagues.

Moreover, in a matched cohort from multiple states, a two-fold risk reduction against breakthrough infection was seen with Moderna’s vaccine versus Pfizer’s (incidence rate ratio [IRR] 0.50, 95% CI 0.39-0.64), the authors wrote in a study published on the preprint server medRxiv. However, they found no significant differences in the rate of complications in breakthrough cases from either vaccine, with similar rates of 21-day hospitalizations, 21-day ICU admissions, and 28-day mortality. An earlier report of a Cape Cod cluster of breakthrough infections published in Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report late last month did not seem to find an imbalance between the percentage of breakthrough infections and the percentage of Massachusetts residents who received the vaccine (46% and 56% with Pfizer, and 38% and 38% with Moderna, respectively).

In the current study, Soundararajan and co-authors examined adults in the Mayo Clinic Health System or affiliated hospitals in Minnesota, Arizona, Florida, Iowa, and Wisconsin with at least one PCR test for SARS-CoV-2 who received at least one dose of Pfizer or Moderna vaccine after Dec. 1, 2020 but before July 29, 2021, and who did not test positive prior to receiving their first vaccine dose. Overall, 119,463 patients met this criteria for the Pfizer vaccine, and 60,083 met this criteria for Moderna, the authors said. Notably, the prevalence of Delta variant in Minnesota in July was 70% compared with a prevalence of 0.7% in January.

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Oh well. Take a different airline.

Hawaiian Airlines Latest Carrier To Mandate Covid Vaccinations For Staff (CNBC)

Hawaiian Airlines told U.S. staff they will be required to be vaccinated against Covid-19, becoming the third major carrier to issue such a mandate in less than a week. CEO Peter Ingram told employees Monday that they must receive their second shot, if they are getting a two-dose vaccine, by Nov. 1, though there will be exceptions for medical or religious reasons, according to a staff memo reviewed by CNBC. Last week, United Airlines became the country’s first major carrier to mandate vaccines, requiring that its 67,000-person U.S. workforce show proof of inoculation by Oct. 25 at the latest. Frontier Airlines also announced that it will require that its employees be vaccinated against Covid by Oct. 1 or that they are regularly tested.

“It is not a decision I take lightly, and I would acknowledge that my own thinking on this has evolved over the last few months as I have watched this pandemic continue to take its terrible toll,” Ingram said in his note. He said senior leadership “deliberated extensively” and consulted the board of directors. “Safety is the foundation of air travel, and it is ingrained throughout our operation and service. This is no different,” he said. Most other U.S. airlines have encouraged but not mandated that staff get vaccinated. However, Delta Air Lines said in the spring that new hires would need to show proof of vaccination. United had followed suit several weeks later. Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly told employees Monday that United’s announcement last week sparked questions from its own staff about the airline’s stance. “We continue to strongly encourage Employees to get vaccinated,” Kelly said. “We are continually evaluating the effects of the pandemic. Obviously, I am very concerned about the latest Delta variant, and the effect on the health and Safety of our Employees and our operation, but nothing has changed.”

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“We certainly encourage it everywhere we can, encourage it for our customers and our employees, but we’re not putting mandates in place..”

3 Major US Airlines Will Not Mandate Shots For Unvaccinated Workers (CNN)

The CEOs of Southwest Airlines, American Airlines and Delta Air Lines say they are not requiring unvaccinated employees to receive the shot, breaking with United Airlines’ mandate that workers get vaccinated by October 25 or face getting fired. In an internal memo obtained by CNN, Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly said the airline will “continue to strongly encourage” that workers get vaccinated, but the airline’s stance has not shifted. “Obviously, I am very concerned about the latest Delta variant, and the effect on the health and Safety of our Employees and our operation, but nothing has changed,” Kelly said. Delta Air Lines CEO Ed Bastian told Good Day New York on Tuesday that 75% of its workforce has already been vaccinated even without a companywide mandate.

In May, Delta became the first major carrier to require that all new hires be vaccinated. United Airlines made a similar announcement in June. “I think there’s some additional steps and measures we can take to get the vaccine rates even higher, but what we’re seeing is every day is those numbers continue to grow,” Bastian said. Both announcements follow a New York Times podcast interview with American Airlines CEO Doug Parker, who said the airline is giving workers who get vaccinated by the end of this month one extra day of vacation in 2022. “We certainly encourage it everywhere we can, encourage it for our customers and our employees, but we’re not putting mandates in place,” said Parker. In a statement, American Airlines said there was “no update at this time” to its vaccination policy. “We are strongly encouraging our team members to get vaccinated, and we are offering an incentive for those who do.”

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“Simply put, vaccine passports could result in the death of what’s left of the free market as we know it.”

What Would Our Economy Look Like In The Shadow Of Vaccine Passports? (Smith)

The real concern with a vaccine passport has nothing to do with coronavirus, or herd immunity, or saving lives. It’s a tool of control. Like the Soviet Union’s communist party membership card, it’s an official document that demonstrates compliance to authority. It’s a tool to divide the U.S. population. If this autocratic diktat was directed at a tiny minority of people within the population, it might work at frightening them into accepting the vaccinations; to go along to get along. But, with hundreds of millions of people saying “no way,” history tells us the more pressure applied the more rebellion is inspired. Second, we have to consider what the immediate economic and financial effects will be in light of this conflict. For example, look at the amount of relocation and migration that has happened in the U.S. in the past year alone.

Many millions of people have escaped from predominantly blue states based on political and social factors; and the covid mandates and lockdowns are a big part of what inspired most people to leave. As has been well documented, blue states are much slower in recovering economically when compared to red states with less restrictions. Not only that, but money moves with people. This is a hard reality. Conservative states are seeing ample cash inflows from tourism and mass migration while blue states are bleeding tax revenues. In light of this revelation, red states are going to ask themselves this question: “Why would we commit economic suicide like the blue states by following their example? Wouldn’t vaccine passports be the equivalent of blue state covid mandates times a hundred?”

But let’s say for a moment that vaccine passports were somehow implemented everywhere in the country at the same exact time. What would happen then? Well, the amount of bureaucracy that would be added between the average consumer and everyday trade would be immense, and with red tape comes a slowdown in business. Whole new wings of the government would have to be created to track and enforce vaccine passports rules (I say “rules” because none of the mandates have ever been passed into law or voted on by the public). Regular inspections of businesses would have to be enacted, and new taxes would have to be created to pay for the system. The amount of space and employees needed to meet new standards for retailers would increase in order to check every customer that comes through the door for a passport.

Also, let’s not forget that many thousands of people in multiple states have had “breakout” covid infections despite being fully vaccinated, which means rules on social distancing and masking will also still be in place. The amount of capital that a business owner would have to spend to meet the government requirements would continue to rise while their profits would continue to fall. Eventually, the majority of small businesses would close, just as we saw during the first series of lockdowns. Smaller businesses, which represent about half of the U.S. retail economy, would be under so much stress from maintaining the proper restrictions and adding infrastructure that they simply would not be able to compete with major corporations and Big Box stores.

The end result would be the complete disintegration of the small business sector (except perhaps online retailers). Only national and international conglomerates would be left behind to provide brick-and-mortar services to the public, and of course many millions of jobs would be lost in the process. Less competition means ever increasing prices and a lower quality of goods and services. Simply put, vaccine passports could result in the death of what’s left of the free market as we know it. The majors will know they have the public by the scruff of the neck, so why bother trying anymore? They can throw us scraps from the table and we would have to take them and be happy with what we get.

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The pilot story is great: “no one dies on the plane.”

Oregon High School Grads Need Not Be Proficient in Reading, Writing, Math (JT)

I was once told by a pilot that jet bridges are the most dangerous places in aviation because “no one dies on the plane.” When someone has a fatal episode on a plane, the preference is to move the person outside to “call the code” on the bridge rather than require the plane to be held or quarantined due to the death. If you just move them outside, they died somewhere else. The result is that it can be challenging to determine how many people actually die on airplanes. That story came to mind this week as more schools moved to end standardized testing — a move that can guarantee no one fails in their schools. In this case, students who lack proficiency in basic subjects are being sent out into society or even college to fail somewhere else. Anywhere other than the school.

Many of us have long objected to the chronic failure of public schools in major cities like New York, Detroit, Washington, D.C. and Baltimore to achieve bare proficiency for many students in reading, writing, and math. The response in many districts is for some to declare standardized testing or meritocracy as racist while other district eliminate special programs or schools for gifted students. Oregon has found a simpler approach. Gov. Kate Brown (D) just signed a bill last month that drops any proficiency requirement in reading, writing or math, before graduation. Problem solved. The short bill includes this provision: “SECTION 3. Notwithstanding any rules adopted by the State Board of Education, a student may not be required to show proficiency in Essential Learning Skills as a condition of receiving a high school diploma during the 2021-2022, 2022-2023 or 2023-2024 school year.”

The pandemic was the basis for initial suspension of such requirements but now it is being extended. The call for a more “inclusive and equitable review of graduation and proficiency requirements” was supported by Foundations for a Better Oregon to change requirement to “reflect what every student needs to thrive in the 21st century.” That appears not to include proven proficiency in being able to write, read, or do simple math. The supporters insist that it is unfair to require students to show knowledge on tests. Charles Boyle, the deputy communications director from Gov. Brown’s office, is quoted as saying that the new standards for graduation will help benefit the state’s “Black, Latino, Latinx, Indigenous, Asian, Pacific Islander, Tribal, and students of color.” The “benefit” however is more to the school district in getting kids out the door with a diploma without shouldering the burden to get them to a point of bare proficiency.

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He’ll get away with everything.

Cuomo’s Legacy: Normalizing Corruption And Lawlessness (Sirota)

The amazing thing about Andrew Cuomo’s announcement this week that he is stepping down as governor of New York is not that he left office, it is that it took this long for him to resign. And among the most troubling parts of the interminable saga is how many crimes he and New York politicians normalized in the process — because so many of these officials were complicit, too. Cuomo resigned in the wake of Attorney General Tish James’ report detailing his sexual crimes. But here’s the truth that’s hard to say aloud: If the New York governor had not been a sex pest, he likely would have gotten away with hiding thousands of people’s deaths in nursing homes and shielding his health care industry donors from any liability — all while profiting off a $5 million book deal and being venerated by liberals and corporate media outlets as a shining star.

In fact, unless things suddenly change, he will get away with those crimes. With U.S. Attorneys so far declining to prosecute Cuomo on those matters — and with New York’s legislature refusing to begin impeachment proceedings on those issues — the federal and state political systems made sure these crimes weren’t considered transgressions at all. Same goes for many New York Democratic voters — a new poll shows that even now, a plurality of them say they approve of the way Cuomo has done his job. To be sure, Democratic Assemblyman Ron Kim’s nursing home crusade, and his allegations that Cuomo tried to bully him into silence, created a singular political earthquake that shook the New York political system and media into finally scrutinizing the gubernatorial monster that had long been rampaging through Albany.

But the refusal to prosecute or impeach Cuomo over that epic scandal has further normalized that kind of corruption. Indeed, presiding over a massacre of elderly people and shielding the perpetrators all to ingratiate oneself with political financiers is now just regular politics. That’s now what politicians are allowed — and even expected — to do, everywhere. While President Biden’s former top aide lobbies the White House on behalf of the nursing home industry, the Biden Justice Department recently said it will not open an investigation into nursing home negligence and COVID-related deaths in New York and other states. Case closed. The nursing home massacre is just one of many examples of Cuomo lawlessness that should have elicited a law enforcement response — but didn’t.

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Even more reason to promote electric cars. Bill Gates is here to help you. There is still hope.

Billionaire-Backed Mining Firm To Seek EV Metals In Greenland (R.)

Mineral exploration company KoBold Metals, backed by billionaires including Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates, has signed an agreement with London-listed Bluejay Mining to search in Greenland for critical materials used in electric vehicles. KoBold, which uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to hunt for raw materials, will pay $15 million in exploration funding for the Disko-Nuussuaq project on Greenland’s west coast in exchange for a 51% stake in the project, Bluejay said in a statement. Shares in BlueJay traded 26% higher on the news. The license holds metals such as nickel, copper, cobalt and platinum and the funding will cover evaluation and initial drilling.

KoBold is a privately-held company whose principal investors include Breakthrough Energy Ventures, a climate and technology fund backed by Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, Bloomberg founder Michael Bloomberg, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, and Ray Dalio, founder of the world’s largest hedge fund Bridgewater Associates. Other KoBold investors include Silicon Valley venture capital fund Andreessen Horowitz and Norwegian state-controlled energy company Equinor. BlueJay said previous studies found the area in western Greenland has similarities to the geology of Russia’s Norilsk region, a main producer of nickel and palladium. “This agreement is transformative for Bluejay,” said the comany’s CEO Bo Steensgaard. “We are delighted to have a partner at the pinnacle of technical innovation for new exploration methods, backed by some of the most successful investors in the world.”

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La honte.

Assange In Court Today (Rozenberg)

Two judges in the High Court will be dealing with a preliminary issue this morning in the extradition case against Julian Assange. The US government wants the Wikileaks founder to face trial in the US on charges of conspiracy to obtain and disclose national defence information. In January, District Judge Baraitser ruled that it would be oppressive to extradite him. Last month, Mr Justice Swift granted the US permission to appeal to the High Court on three of the five grounds in its application for permission. I explained what we know of Swift’s reasons last week. Today’s hearing is before Lord Justice Holroyde and Mrs Justice Farbey. It starts at 10.30 and is expected to conclude before lunch. The judges will be sitting in the largest courtroom in the Royal Courts of Justice in London with a video link to an adjoining courtroom.

The hearing will take place remotely — which I understand to mean that not everyone involved will be present in court. It’s understood that the US will be renewing its request for permission to appeal on the two grounds dismissed by Swift. These related to the evidence of a defence psychiatrist and the risk that Assange would commit suicide. Swift found that Baraitser’s findings were reasonably open to her and her conclusions on the disputed evidence were also reasonable. He said the matters referred to in the application for permission to appeal — we have no idea what these were — “are no more than an attempt to re-run determination of the evidential disputes reached by the district judge”. It’s not known whether Assange’s lawyers will be challenging the grounds on which Swift granted the US permission to appeal.

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    @ Teri
    Thx for analysis of Pfizer mRNA lucuferase study

    Also, found out today that my client’s GF with blindness suddenly in one eye — her eye is bleeding into her brain. Weird stuff happens to the vaccinated….

    @ TAE Summary

    Nicely done.

    Regarding vaccines…
    The framers weren’t interested in whether or not some died from the vaccines (it just needs to be few enough that it doesn’t up-end the plan of getting all population of developed nations vaxxed,) didn’t care about long term effects. I can imagine the representative of the framers having the conversation with the scientist(s) in charge of the study..

    Well, sure, some will succumb to the vaccine, and you have no idea about the long term effects, but will it show a reduction in disease mortality?
    Yes, it should.
    Ok, good. We’ll move forward with human trials.
    Already? There are some real concerns here….
    I understand. We’ll find out in the human trials if there are any major short term issues, and you say that there shouldn’t be.
    Well, no. In the short term it *should* work, but in the long term….
    You don’t need to worry about the long term. You’ll be paid and living in Cancun or wherever else you want to be, with a nice bank account. It won’t be your problem. Rest easy.


    D Benton: “The biggest Clinical Trials ever, of the most sophisticated genetic experiment ever : Homo Sapiens.”

    Can’t argue with that statement. Depressing. 🙁


    Bwahahaha ….

    “Possible” …. Rare” …..

    “EU looking into new possible side-effects of mRNA COVID-19 shots”

    Polder Dweller

    As more people get vaccinated, then it is expected that the fewer people would get the virus.
    The people that would get the virus would not be the vaccinated people.

    An AI would crash, “data does not compute” with expectations.


    “However, the European regulator and the World Health Organization have stressed that benefits from these vaccines outweigh any risks.” From Germ’s Reuters article.
    Unless you are the person who is totally screwed by the injection. Big numbers. Little people.

    For your reading pleasure, here is “The Last Psychiatrist”‘s most popular post. It is called “The Second Story of Echo and Narcissus.” It’s from Oct 29, 2012- just a couple of months away from the end of the world.


    Modern weapons that the USA left behind, when withdrawing, are being destroy by drones and other air support.
    It’s unfortunate that the Talibans happen to be drivng, and using the equipment.


    Thanks for the analysis

    those darned kids

    susmarie: this is awesome: “The evolution of BMI values of US adults: 1882-1986
    John Komlos, Marek Brabec 31 August 2010”. the gremlins in this machine refuse to allow my posting of links, so just search ‘er up.

    from the above:

    The lifestyle changes of the 20th century affected the four groups under study somewhat differently. Identifying the deep causes of the long-run trends is outside of the scope of this study, but the “creeping” nature of the epidemic, as well as its persistence, does suggest that its roots are embedded deep in the social fabric and are nourished by a network of disparate slowly changing sources as the 20th-century US population responded to a vast array of irresistible and impersonal socio-economic and technological forces.

    The most obviously persistent among these were:

    •the major labour-saving technological changes of the 20th century,
    •the industrial processing of food and with it the spread of fast-food eateries (To illustrate the spread of fast food culture, consider that White Castle, the first drive-in restaurant, was founded in 1921. McDonald started operation in the late 1940s, Kentucky Fried Chicken in 1952, Burger King in 1954, Pizza Hut in 1958, Taco Bell in 1962, and Subway in 1962.),
    •the associated culture of consumption,
    •the rise of an automobile-based way of life,
    •the introduction of radio and television broadcasting,
    •the increasing participation of women in the work force, and
    •the IT revolution.

    These elements – taken together – virtually defined American society in the 20th century

    good, too: “The Average Weight of Men and Women Since the 1970’s
    Hristina Byrnes”


    it seems the destruction of western health began, like so many of our present day ills, before mr. nixon dropped the puck. the fiat system, has allowed for the acceleration of most of these processes, in this case the consolidation of america’s farms into a giant pop-tart plantation.



    Sorry, I’m too stupid to get this to work.

    No, but something is screwing with the code. I see instances were stuff is added to the original OWID code, and others were things are deleted. In comment #83329, everything that’s not green and underlined between the iFrame commands is simply not read.

    Do you use Word or something like that?



    Assuming ADE is here or coming, which I know could be debated (though I tend to think it explains a lot), what are the preventative steps that one can take? Is this something that early treatment of IVM can help with or is that the problem being highlighted with IMATH+.

    I think there have been some answers to this, maybe I’m a bit slow on understanding.

    The other challenge I see, thinking of helping my family if they get hit with an ADE case, is how to convince them to take IVM or similar drugs. They see my stance as uninformed or tinfoil hat…

    those darned kids

    it looks like the palestine cases/deaths are an echo of the israeli situation, lagging by 3 or 4 months.

    i guess we’ll see in ¿october? whether this is happening.

    i sure hope the fears about ade result in nothing. i know of so many…

    madamski cafone

    Moloch: first of the new technogenic viruses

    “Together, the biological virus and memetic virus comprise the first species in a new class of technogenic, or “cyborg”, viruses. The memetic vector causes infected minds to avoid the vaccine and group together, enabling the biological vector to spread through unprotected hosts, and the gathering concentrates memetic signals for propagation through social media coverage. The tight coupling between molecular and memetic propagation conveys evolutionary advantages to both viruses. Defeating one requires defeating both.”

    Or watch the virus defeat the meme.

    Yes, Desdemona Despair carries leftist water overall. Everyone has a bias. Her perspective here is enlightening, for me at least.


    I don’t have a link but several months ago I saw an Indian doctor/researcher on YouTube claim that Ivermectin would be useful against ADE. Since ADE is the virus on overdrive the same mechanism that prevents the worst effects of Covid 19 will also prevent the worst effects of ADE. This makes sense to me, but first you have to believe the Ivermectin is useful against Covid 19 at all which at least some here don’t believe. With people I know their resistance to Ivermectin as a prophylactic will probably prevent them from using it against ADE.
    BTW, my recollection is that he was pro-vaccine (this was before side effects were much known) but gave the Ivermectin for ADE advice just in case.

    Polder Dweller

    “Do you use Word or something like that?”

    No, I write directly into the comment box.


    I challenge you to tune into the My Pillow Guy’s Cyber Symposium that has been airing live on OAN network over the last two days. It is some bizarre attempt by him to present ‘the case’ that the presidency was stolen from Trump.

    For me, this symposium, like much of the commentary here, is a window into how sincere people can be so thoroughly convinced by their narratives and so deluded by their biases. Mike Lindell and his people at this “symposium” are so sure about their message, that they cannot even see how weak their arguments are or how crazy that they all appear. To them, they have uncovered the holy grail of truth. They have mountains of evidence that they are presenting. And as soon as the world watches it, they too will be convinced by this evidence and Trump will be reinstalled in a few days.

    Just keep telling yourselves: You have the truth. Everyone else is being deceived. Trust no one who doesn’t agree with you. Never, ever change your perspective. And always, always go down with the ship.

    Aye, aye captain.


    The telling line of the Mike Lindell conference, directed at networks like CNN, who the speakers regularly complain don’t treat their material seriously:

    “You guys need to start reporting this stuff and stop fact-checking it!”


    Write a book
    ” stop fact-checking”


    Its coming – LA-LA-LAND – corporate welfare – the promised land – 1T, 2T, 3T, 4T and climbing
    (Don’t forget get your shot. We need your money before you get ADE and die.


    @deflat: ” … is a window into how sincere people can be so thoroughly convinced by their narratives and so deluded by their biases.

    So true. 😉

    I don’t find it convincing when the evidence you present supporting your argument that covid vaccines are great and we’re a bunch of deluded idiots is based on … TRUMP? Now I can see why I didn’t know what pillow symposium you were talking about. I didn’t have TDS and don’t have CDS. Just a bit worried about experimental vaccines in children’s arms and vaccine mandates that remove constitutional freedoms. But that’s my delusion – you go ahead and stick with trump.



    IMMUNOCOMPROMISED, having an impaired immune system. People who are immunocompromised have a reduced ability to fight infections and other diseases.

    (I believe, I believe, I’m supplicating, give it to me, give it to me


    The Top 20 Recipients Of Big Pharma Lobbying Money in 2020.

    Can you guess who?


    So do you believe there is no confirmation bias among the pro-vaxx crowd and among the Biden administration? In both politics and the vaxx debate both sides point at the other and say “those poor deluded fools, if only they would set aside their bias and listen to the truth.” How would a completely objective outsider tell who was correct? What is the secret recognizing the truth?


    Giggle, giggle, snort, inhale deeply …….

    “Cannabidiol Inhibits SARS-CoV-2 Replication and Promotes the Host Innate Immune Response”

    -Our results suggest that CBD can block SARS-CoV-2 infection at early stages of infection, and CBD administration is associated with a lower risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection in humans.
    – High dose CBD usage in patients is significantly correlated with a reduction in COVID-19 positivity.
    – CBD inhibits viral replication after SARS-CoV-2 entry into the host cell.
    – Cannabidiol (CBD) is a potent inhibitor of SARS-CoV-2 infection in vitro.


    I’m telling you – it works. I still don’t have covid, outbreak, or ADE.

    ITS HOME MADE. I’ve had it hanging from the mirror for weeks and using it all the time.


    Coded Vaccine passports will work to prevent the rif-raf from joining the elitists and keeping them from pretending that they are as good as us old money and that can joint our exclusive clubs, gathering.
    (Better than a noflylist)


    A face mask hides and absorbs nasal drips


    Play stoopid games, win stoopid prizes.

    Mississippi’s Hospital System Could ‘Fail’ In 10 Days, UMMC Warns As Feds Rush In

    I guess begging the Feds to help is OK now?

    TAE Summary

    * The Modern Delphic Oracle
    – Surety thyself
    – Know excess
    – Nothing brings ruin

    * Joe “No Regrets” Biden on Afghanistan:
    Yes, there were times, I’m sure you knew
    When I bit off more than you could chew
    But through it all, when there was doubt
    It ate you up and spit you out
    You faced it all, while I stood tall, you did it my way

    * Today’s Wisdom
    – Matisse is Truth, Truth Matisse, that’s all ye know on earth and all ye need to know
    – Mankind is evolving to homo experimentus; Sapiens no more
    – When your only tool is mRNA tech every problem looks like a protein
    – The economy is all about energy, not stuff; Energy matters more than matter energizes
    – CDC caught in more lies; Covid stats don’t add up
    – Corporations are designed to maximize profits and don’t care about you in the least though pretending they do helps maximize profits
    – With Ivermectin, earlier is better
    – Biden is invested in big pharma because big pharma invested in him

    * Knock, Knock. Who’s there?
    – NYer. NYer who?
    — N’ why are you getting vaccinated?
    – Dr. D. Dr. D. who?
    — Doctor dee patient, not dee system, OK?
    – Mister House. Mister House who?
    — Missed her house and ended up at yours. Can I come in?
    – Madam. Madam who?
    — Ma damn foot’s caught in the door, open up!
    – Archie. Archie who?
    — Our chi is fantastic. Wanna feng some shui?
    – TIllerman; Tillerman who?
    — Till her man comes home I’m not leaving.
    – Summary. Summary who?
    — Some marry their best friend, some marry their worst enemy.
    – Meier. Meier who?
    — My, you’re commenting a lot lately. Don’t make me have to handle this.

    those darned kids

    germ: i guessed cbd would be good for my wife when she had the thing. it worked well for the pains and stiffness, and allowed for some real sleep (in the sunshine!). great to see it has anti-viral properties. she has continued to take it, and i’ll show her those studies. she’s a scientist. every city park should have fields of cannatonic [insert link explaining cannatonic, a high cbd form of hemp] planted in them.


    Different words same result
    “I guess begging the Feds to help is OK now?”

    Its coming – LA-LA-LAND – corporate welfare – the promised land – 1T, 2T, 3T, 4T and climbing
    (Don’t forget get your shot. We need your money before you get ADE and die.



    I concur with your recommendation. I have my latest cannatonic grow in the basement. Been using it for 3-4 yrs now.


    Apparently Mississippi also has 2000 fewer nurses now than a year ago. I’m sure that hurts.

    The 7 day average for cases (whatever that means considering the CDC is ditching the pcr test) is around 2600 (quite a rise in cases there). The 7 day moving average for deaths is 13.


    @ Deflationista:

    Mississippi is the most obese U.S. state, with an obesity rate of 40.8%. Mississippi also has the lowest life expectancy of 74.5 years.”

    What – 40.8%.

    Obesity is one of the primary Covid comorbidities.
    Those fatties have had an entire year to lose 50lbs.
    Stoopid indeed.

    madamski cafone

    “Just keep telling yourselves: You have the truth. Everyone else is being deceived. Trust no one who doesn’t agree with you. Never, ever change your perspective. And always, always go down with the ship. Aye, aye captain.”

    That sounds like terrible advice. I hope you don’t follow it?



    Cases Jackson, MS


    “How much more useful is today’s bicycle than a bicycle from 100 years ago?”  Absolutely ridiculous. I’ve ridden the Himalayas numerous times, and to think a bicycle from 100 years ago could do that. (I was one of the first to do it in the 80’s because no bikes could do it before then.)  Bikes from 100 years ago were heavy and one speed, it would be very difficult to do the commutes I’ve done over the last 40 years with a bike from that era.  The bicycle is the only viable transportation for an individual for this century and beyond.

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