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Pablo Picasso Tête de femme 1926


Covid-19 Mortality Risk Correlates Inversely With Vitamin D3 Status (medrxiv)
Spike Protein, Dead Cells And Male Fertility (Chesnut)
The Crazy Is Strong In This One… (Denninger)
Pfizer CEO: “Normal Life” Won’t Return Without Regular COVID Vaccinations (SN)
The Big Tell (Kunstler)
Biden Says US Will Have A ‘Problem’ Until 98% Of Americans Are Vaccinated (RT)
Gov. Hochul: New York To Deploy National Guard To Replace Unvaxxed Nurses (RCP)
NY Healthcare Workers Who Refuse Vaccine Get No Unemployment Benefits (JTN)
British Military To Deploy Trucks & Drivers Amid Fuel Supply Shortage (RT)
AZ Audit Could Not Find the Identity of 86,391 Voters (GP)








Aussie Senators



How many lives could have been saved?

Covid-19 Mortality Risk Correlates Inversely With Vitamin D3 Status (medrxiv)

Background Much research shows that blood calcidiol (25(OH)D3) levels correlate strongly with SARS-CoV-2 infection severity. There is open discussion regarding whether low D3 is caused by the infection or if deficiency negatively affects immune defense. The aim of this study was to collect further evidence on this topic.

Methods Systematic literature search was performed to identify retrospective cohort as well as clinical studies on COVID-19 mortality rates versus D3 blood levels. Mortality rates from clinical studies were corrected for age, sex and diabetes. Data were analyzed using correlation and linear regression.

Results One population study and seven clinical studies were identified, which reported D3 blood levels pre-infection or on the day of hospital admission. They independently showed a negative Pearson correlation of D3 levels and mortality risk (r(17)=-.4154, p=.0770/r(13)=-.4886, p=.0646). For the combined data, median (IQR) D3 levels were 23.2 ng/ml (17.4 – 26.8), and a significant Pearson correlation was observed (r(32)=-.3989, p=.0194). Regression suggested a theoretical point of zero mortality at approximately 50 ng/ml D3.

Conclusions The two datasets provide strong evidence that low D3 is a predictor rather than a side effect of the infection. Despite ongoing vaccinations, we recommend raising serum 25(OH)D levels to above 50 ng/ml to prevent or mitigate new outbreaks due to escape mutations or decreasing antibody activity.

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“..the body being unable to clear the massive number of dead cells caused by the spike protein…”

Spike Protein, Dead Cells And Male Fertility (Chesnut)

1) The continuous presence of spike protein will almost certainly cause male sterility via m6A methylation. Metformin suppresses m6A methylation! Covid-19 is not a blood vessel disease. It is a disease of impaired metabolism and autophagy (inducing senescence) caused by the spike protein’s massive upregulation of m6a methylation. The endothelial dysfunction is from the spike protein’s suppression of autophagy and simultaneous attack on ACE2 receptors. Epigenetic changes are reversible. A constant presence of spike protein will maintain the deleterious environment.

Once again, the medical establishment is completely incorrect as to the origins of the bioweapon that is SARS-CoV-2 and the disease that it causes. We are dealing with a VERY sophisticated bioweapon that impairs autophagy, metabolism and ion channels. I believe the hypercoagulation being observed is from the body being unable to clear the massive number of dead cells caused by the spike protein. The spike protein both causes massive damage and prevents its “cleanup. “

It has been determined that SARS-CoV-2 infection triggers a global increase in host m6A methylome, exhibiting altered localization and motifs of m6A methylation in mRNAs. M6A Methylation is also a hallmark of aging and is involved STERILITY. m6A modification could alter testosterone synthesis and develop oligospermia or azoospermia. These findings emphasize the essential role of m6A RNA modification in the regulation of autophagy and testosterone synthesis. THIS MAY RENDER MALES STERILE. As a result of increased m6A, m6A levels are increased on the mRNAs of ATG genes, and the transcripts of these genes became highly susceptible to degradation. Hence autophagy is suppressed. Recent research reveals that both m6A demethylases (FTO and ALKBH5) could positively regulate autophagy and showed that m6A modification is inversely associated with the autophagy process.

Several studies have suggested that there is a correlation between autophagy and the endothelial NO function. It has been shown that autophagy induction is associated with increased eNOS expression, whereas decreased autophagy is accompanied by down-regulation of the eNOS expression. It has been observed that in COVID-19 pathophysiological alterations lead to an imbalance NO production. Also, reduction of eNOS-derived NO production causes endothelial dysfunction, which represents a risk factor for severe COVID-19. It is without a doubt that repeated exposure to the spike protein must be avoided. Period.

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“..every “infection” reported now, over 100,000 a day, is another person who has no reason to ever accept a jab.”

The Crazy Is Strong In This One… (Denninger)

Those who have refused thus far fall into three broad categories:

• They’ve seen others they know get the jab and have a very bad outcome. They’re unwilling because they know damn well its dangerous as they’ve seen it with their own eyes. You cannot bull**** those people with “safe” since they’ve watched a loved one, close associate or someone in their immediate vicinity get hammered after taking it, and they’re not going to put their own ass in that position. No way, no how. They may in fact be willing to kill anyone who tries to enforce such a mandate on them because, as they see it, taking the jab means they’re dead already, so there is no downside to taking you to Hell with them. I cannot argue with that logic. Just last afternoon I saw an ambulance outside a local drugstore that dispenses jabs while waiting for a traffic light; the doors were open and the lights on. That wasn’t a “pleasure call” and the several hundred people who witnessed it while at that intersection knew damn well what probably happened. Nobody who sees a life-threatening or fatal incident associated with these jabs and has more than 2 firing neurons in their head is going to allow you anywhere near them with a needle.

• They’re presumptively immune as they’ve had Covid-19 and recovered. The CDC claims that, as of this point, that’s 41 million Americans. For them there is zero benefit, prospective or otherwise, to taking the jab and they know it. Even Washington’s much-ballyhooed “mandate” to take the smallpox inoculation by his troops (which killed a decent number of them, by the way) is bull**** for those individuals; Washington did not inoculate himself because he previously had smallpox and survived. He wasn’t stupid and neither are these people. This is not a small percentage of the population; by the NEJM numbers about 20% of the US Population as of May had been infected with and recovered from Covid-19. Today, given the “summer surge”, that is very likely to be 25% or better and I would not take a bet it’s less than 1 in 3 since the CDC’s “tested positive” numbers exclude a huge number of people who were never tested but conclusively had Covid-19. Incidentally, I’m among them, as I’ve detailed in these pages yet neither I or two other close associates are in the CDC’s numbers as none of us were ever tested or saw a physician for the disease yet we all, quite-clearly, had it and recovered. Not accounting for that is criminally insane on the part of the Administration and legally, morally and ethically unsupportable. The “mandate” will, I predict, fail for this reason alone in the fullness of time and legal challenge. If I can self-attest to having had chicken pox (and I most-certainly can) then there’s no reason someone can’t in this case.

• They’ve seen others they personally know who got the jab and then got infected and hammered. They know the claim that it “prevents severe disease or death” is bull****. They’ve seen with their own eyes a close associate or family member go from no symptoms to near death in a couple of days or less and know damn well what an unvaccinated person gets when they’re infected and gets hammered as we’ve all seen that on the TeeVee, from the punditry and in the statistics; typically you get the virus, develop symptoms and a week or more later you’re in bad enough shape to go to the ER. When someone they know, who was jabbed, goes down the ****ter in 24 hours that irretrievably blows up any claim of “effective” and raises the specter of the jab making the infection worse. Those people are in the same bucket as the first if you try to force them to take it as they’ve seen what happened to someone else.

Biden’s problem with these “mandates” is that both the second and third group are rapidly growing in size; every “infection” reported now, over 100,000 a day, is another person who has no reason to ever accept a jab. Every ten days 1 million people are added to the group that have every legal, ethical, moral and medical reason to say “**** you!” to any Covid-19 jab mandate; these people got Covid-19 and survived; they have immunity and thus the jab offers them nothing. Push them hard enough and some percentage of them may go medieval on anyone and everyone they assign blame to and no, there aren’t enough cops to stop that (never mind that some cops may be among them since they’ve been exposed and infected as “essential workers” for the last 18 months!) if that happens.

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Pfizer CEO: “Normal Life” Won’t Return Without Regular COVID Vaccinations (SN)

The CEO of the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer says that normal life will return within a year, but not for those who don’t have regular COVID-19 vaccinations. During an appearance on ABC This Week with George Stephanapoulos, Albert Bourla was asked about when he foresaw the end of the pandemic. “Within a year, I think we will be able to come back to normal life,” said Bourla, although he made it very clear that this statement only applies to those who are prepared to take regular coronavirus booster shots. “I don’t think that this means that variants will not be continuing coming,” Bourla added. “And I don’t think that this means that we should be able to live our lives without having vaccinations, basically.” Bourla said that the “most likely scenario” was “annual re-vaccinations” due to the emergence of “new variants.”

The Pfizer’s CEO’s comments on annual vaccinations are interesting given that the FDA has so far only approved booster shots for elderly people and “high risk individuals.” Bourla’s rhetoric is similar to that espoused by Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel, who said last week that even younger people will have to get vaccine booster shots at least once every three years. This once again underscores how a two tier society is being created where only those who submit to regular shots will be able to enjoy a relatively normal lifestyle. For those who continue to refuse to be vaccinated, travel, employment and potentially even basic leisure activities will continue to be curtailed, leaving them in a de facto state of lockdown indefinitely.

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“Is that what a “vaccine” is supposed to do? Enhance disease transmission? If the public is not already bamboozled enough, that one will probably seal the deal.”

The Big Tell (Kunstler)

Meanwhile, New York state’s vax mandate for all health care workers goes into effect today. The order will cripple health care for certain now in a state already suffering crisis-level short-staffing in hospitals — largely due to the years-long effort of for-profit hospitals to shed employees, especially nurses, while padding the multi-million-dollar salaries of executives who run hospital conglomerates. Andrew Cuomo’s replacement, the disastrous new governor Kathy Hochul, declared hilariously last week that health care workers fired for vax refusal can be replaced by workers from foreign lands.

Of course, the US health care establishment was already imploding under the weight of embedded racketeering, and the mandated shots to workers will now deliver the coup-de-grace. This is on top of the fact that the public’s trust and respect for doctors is starting to edge out even its low esteem for the politicians who assist these racketeering operations. The medical profession that took for its motto first do no harm looks increasingly like an accomplice to mass murder — suppressing effective early treatments of Covid, promoting the known iatrogenic fiascos of intubation and Remdesivir, continuing to use the discredited PCR tests, and utilizing a VAERS system with such a defective website that doctors can’t be bothered to even report harmful reactions to vaccines while the medical bureaucrats hide and game whatever data leaks through their mighty filters. Not to mention developing the Covid-19 bioweapon in the first place and then a toxic vaccine to neatly finish the job.

In another pandemic development, CNN’s go-to doctor and vaccine pusher, Leana Wen of George Washington University, declared startlingly that vaccinated people are now a threat to the unvaccinated because the vaxed carry high viral loads, making them efficient Covid-19 spreaders. Is that what a “vaccine” is supposed to do? Enhance disease transmission? If the public is not already bamboozled enough, that one will probably seal the deal.

Which leads the non-bamboozled to suspect that we are in the midst of a monumental two-year psy-op by malevolent political forces bent on the totalistic domination of daily life in order to change it from the top down, mainly against the peoples’ wishes. There are many theories as to why. The most popular one is that the economic elite want to greatly reduce the global population for the good of the planet. That would be a pretty severe project if true. It’s hard to conceive of such megalomania outside a James Bond movie. But otherwise, you’re left with the somewhat unsatisfying conclusion that, as the old political weasel-phrase goes, mistakes were made. Yeah, for sure, but after making the first half-dozen or so mistakes, you’d think that honorable people would just cop to their errors and change course. That this hasn’t happened is the Big Tell.

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Note how the number keeps rising.

Biden Says US Will Have A ‘Problem’ Until 98% Of Americans Are Vaccinated (RT)

US President Joe Biden had his third dose of Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine administered live before the White House press corps, insisting the ‘unvaccinated’ were a problem for America and urging everyone to get their shots. Biden was injected on Monday at a televised event inside the Eisenhower Executive Office building, telling the reporters he was doing so because the regulators had declared the Pfizer-made boosters “safe and effective.” A CNN reporter pointed out that Monday’s booster event was historic – the first time a sitting president was getting the coronavirus vaccine on camera. While Biden took both of his original doses on camera, that was before he was sworn in. His predecessor Donald Trump, who recovered from Covid-19 in October 2020, was reportedly vaccinated before he left the White House, but not publicly.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommended the boosters last week, but rejected the White House’s call to apply them to the general adult population. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) went a step further, expanding the booster advisory to “those in high risk occupational and institutional settings” on Thursday. Biden doubled down on calling the current situation with the coronavirus in the US “a pandemic of the unvaccinated,” and repeated a joke he made on Friday about being over 65 and therefore needing a booster shot. “Please, please do the right thing. Please get the shot,” he said at the event. “It can save your life. It can save the lives of those around you. And it’s easy, accessible, and it’s free.”

Asked how many Americans needed to be vaccinated, he said maybe 98%. “But I’m not the scientist. I think one thing is for certain. A quarter of the country can’t go unvaccinated and us not continue to have a problem,” he added. “About 23% haven’t gotten any shots, and that distinct minority is causing an awful lot of damage for the rest of the country,” he said. While some praised Biden for answering questions “all the way through” and not flinching at the needle, others pointed out that he refused to answer questions about the border crisis. According to the Department of Homeland Security, around 12,000 migrants from Haiti who had come across the US-Mexico border illegally have been released inside the country, though their makeshift camp under a bridge in Del Rio, Texas has been dismantled.

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How cuckoo is this woman really?

Gov. Hochul: New York To Deploy National Guard To Replace Unvaxxed Nurses (RCP)

New York Gov. Hochul said Friday that the state will deploy the National Guard to fill expected staff shortages as unvaccinated nurses and hospital workers are fired effective tonight. “Our top priority remains staying ahead of this constantly changing virus and protecting New Yorkers with effective, long-lasting vaccines,” said Gov. Kathy Hochul. “As we’ve heard from our federal and State medical and health experts, as with many other vaccines, the protection from the COVID-19 vaccine can wane over time. A booster dose of the COVID-19 vaccine will help particularly at-risk New Yorkers stay protected from the virus for longer. While the focus of our vaccination effort remains ensuring all unvaccinated New Yorkers get vaccinated, those who are booster eligible should waste no time receiving maximum protection from COVID-19 as soon as possible.”

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But of course. Worked their asses off for 20 months and here’s the reward.

NY Healthcare Workers Who Refuse Vaccine Get No Unemployment Benefits (JTN)

Health-care employees in New York who are fired for refusing to comply with a state law requiring them to have the COVID-19 vaccine to continue working will not be able to collect unemployment benefits, according to the New York Department of Labor. Starting Monday, hospitals and nursing homes workers across the state must have received at least one dose of the vaccine. And employees working in home care, hospice and adult care facilities must be vaccinated by October 7. The mandate also applies to all out-of-state and contract medical staff who practice in New York, unless they present a doctor-approved request for medical accommodation.

“Workers in a healthcare facility, nursing home, or school who voluntarily quit or are terminated for refusing an employer-mandated vaccination” are not eligible for unemployment insurance because the employer has a “compelling interest” for its employees to be vaccinated, reads the New York Department of Labor website, according to Insider. New York Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul has said she is prepared to call in medically trained National Guard members and workers outside the state to aid with a potential shortage of healthcare workers once the mandate takes effect and some people are no longer eligible to come to work, Insider also reports.

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A winter of disconnect.

British Military To Deploy Trucks & Drivers Amid Fuel Supply Shortage (RT)

The British army could soon deploy its own fuel tankers to fill a major logistics gap caused by a lack of lorries and drivers, with some petrol stations running dry in some areas as deliveries have all but ground to a halt. UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace announced the plans on Monday night, with the government stating that army tanker drivers would receive specialized training to “enable them to seamlessly work with industry to address the supply chain pressures.” “The men and women of our armed forces stand ready to alleviate the transport pressures where they are felt most. That is why I have authorised their increased preparedness so they are ready to respond if needed,” he said, as quoted by Sky News.

The announcement comes after several days of panic-buying across the UK, driven by fears of a possible fuel shortage, leaving some stations out of gasoline due to the sudden surge in demand. British officials, however, insist there is no supply shortage, but rather a lack of delivery trucks and drivers needed to distribute the fuel. Before Wallace’s statement, Environment Secretary George Eustice denied reports of any army involvement, saying that there were “no plans at the moment” to do such a thing, though he did acknowledge that military personnel would remain on “standby.” Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng submitted a Military Aid to the Civil Authorities (MACA) request to the army to secure drivers if needed.

He argued that while “the UK continues to have strong supplies of fuel,” the request was a “sensible, precautionary step,” adding that he expects demand to return to normal levels “in the coming days.” Nonetheless he said that the government is “aware of supply chain issues at fuel station forecourts and are taking steps to ease these as a matter of priority.” If required, the deployment of military personnel will provide the supply chain with additional capacity as a temporary measure to help ease pressures caused by spikes in localised demand for fuel. Echoing Kwarteng, Eustice noted that the spate of panic-buying, which continued through the weekend, was now “calming down” and that consumers were returning to “normal buying habits.”

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“If you can’t be found using these credentials, something is definitely wrong.”

AZ Audit Could Not Find the Identity of 86,391 Voters (GP)

The Arizona audit could not find an identity match on 86,391 people. This is disclosed on Page 56 of the “Results Details” report. These Maricopa voters cast ballots in Nov 2020 and don’t seem to exist. The ones registered as Democrat or selected no party affiliation represent a whopping 73.8% of these unknown voters. That’s 63,757 ballots. Not selecting a party makes monitoring of nefarious registrations much harder as everything not R or D is bulked together as “Other”. Even the new State voter registration form now only has only 3 categories (R, D, Other) and some registration reporting reduced to similar. Cyber Ninja’s used Melissa Personator which is arguably the best commercial service to validate U.S. or Canadian identities.

It scours private and government databases including USPS and Social Security Administration. Cyber Ninja’s oddly concludes most of these “unknowns” might be real people that just have limited public records. Our name, DOB, SS#, and address are in every State and Fed database. If you can’t be found using these credentials, something is definitely wrong. The Ninja’s didn’t consider Maricopa’s history, it’s registration battles, or issues with non-citizen voters. They make no consideration the database might have been manipulated but know it was hacked Nov. 5th 2020. Had the Senate subpoenaed Maricopa’s VRAS servers and tasked CyFIR to investigate, we might know a whole lot more.

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Another day in Australia






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    Because the original has been deleted, I updated the Spartacus article to include all references.


    Interesting piece here around graphene oxide in vaccines:


    For UK readers:

    Published 27/9/21

    “Proposal for mandatory COVID certification in a Plan B scenario”

    This document represents the creep towards taking away every freedom we have, and installing digital technology to monitor our every move. Initially it will JUST be the venues mentioned, then it will expand to NO trains, NO travel, NO restaurants, NO pubs, NO cinema, NO supermarkets and therefore NO more life as we know it without a vax pass.

    You will need a vax pass, to go EVERYWHERE. Therefore you will need to take EVERY jab or EVERY booster they tell you to take, when they tell you to take it, just to live, like Italy, Cyprus and Lithuania.

    This must be resisted at all costs. Our future freedom and the freedom of our children depends on us standing on the front line to say no to this. What this document proposes must never come to pass, otherwise everything our ancestors fought and died for will be lost. Forever.

    We are at the precipice. We must hold the line.

    Ask yourself these simple questions.

    1. If over 80% of the population are already jabbed, and these jabs are so successful, then why on earth would the NHS get overwhelmed? How can that be?
    2. Why would face masks ever need to come back if the jabs have been so successful?
    3. Why would you need to work at home again if the jabs have been so successful?
    4. Why, if as they claimed, 80% of jabbed people means herd immunity, would you ever need any of this?

    Plan B is coming to the UK this winter:


    Argentinian Provincial Ministry of Health, large (n=21,232), observational study of early intervention with high-dose Ivermectin (0.6mg/kg/day for 5 days after meal) provide sound and solid evidence that Ivermectin saves lives amongst those at risk.


    Ankle bracelets for people in self isolation!

    Veracious Poet

    Comirnaty informational insert:

    COMIRNATY has not been evaluated for the potential to cause carcinogenicity, genotoxicity, or impairment of male fertility.


    You can’t make this shit up.

    Veracious Poet

    Getting ready to boil the frog…

    Biden Administration Asks the U.S. Supreme Court to Judicially Nullify the Right to Bear Arms…

    If the starting point for a carry licensing scheme is presumptive denial, then there is no right at all, only a privilege administered to the favored few.


    Pfizer CEO says company will ask for FDA approval of its COVID vaccine for children aged 5-11 ‘in days’

    Veracious Poet

    NY Governor Hochul proclaims, “The vaccine comes from God” and asks those present in the megachurch congregation, “I need you to be my apostles.

    V. Arnold

    V for Vendetta is one of my favorite movies…
    V is successful because he is alone…nobody to betray him…
    We have no V; who is likened to the sacond coming…
    We seem to always be waiting for a savior; a christ figure to save us……..
    Until we realize we are our own savior; we’ll remain lost children in a vast dark forest…


    The CDC reported in Sept 2021 on a prison outbreak of covid-19 in July August 2021.
    I summarize the major findings. Immunization commenced with priority for those >65 or with pre-existing conditions
    Time since Immunization.
    2 weeks to 2 months 2-4 months 4-6 months Unvaccinated Total
    Positive 19/31 61 % 27/61 44% 83/93 89% 39/42 93% 172/233 74%
    I doubt that there is a significant difference between the unvaccinated and those vaccinated for four months or more.
    Hospitalised 4 3 unvacc. Died 1 unvacc
    29 had a prior covid-19 infection. 6 were reinfected, 4/7 unvaccinated and 2 out of 21 fully vaccinated and 1 partly vaccinated.
    Most were vaccinated with Pfizer though others were used later.
    3 had reported symptoms on July 8 but were not tested. 18 reported symptoms and tested positive on July 12. Positive cases were segregated in one unit. 11/18 were fully vaccinated.
    Now comparing those vacc <4 months 46/92 52% positive v >4mths 83/93 89%, unvacc 39/42 93%.
    That does not seem a significant difference.
    Sure it is a confined environment but masking was in place and isolation was attempted.
    Of note is the limited immunity achieved and the short duration of it.
    What was not calculated was the probable infection from a vaccinated person versus from an unvaccinated person.
    Vaccinated total 191 Positive 129
    Unvaccinated total 42 Positive. 39
    Probability contact with a positive case 168/233 = .72
    Probability above contact is vaccinated 129/168 =.77
    Probability above contact unvacc 39/168 = .23
    In other words in a group with close contact, with 82% vaccinated you are 3.3 times more likely to be infected by a vaccinated person than an unvaccinated one.
    Limit flights or restaurants to the vaccinated, and give them passports etc. and still think that will work?


    September 25, 2021 I posted a comment asking for submission to a competition similar to the Word Play Masters Invitational
    A reminder of the rules:
    Submit a real word has been changed by one letter, add, subtract or change ONE letter to form a new word.
    I offered to act as a malevolent dictator and adjudicate the winner, who gets to nominate a sum of Satoshi to donate to our Esteemed Leader, Raul. Unless of course he decides to be the arbiter of all truth and nominate his own prize.

    But of course we don’t like to follow the rules around here so all entries are accepted and will be categorized by:
    1. Explicitly fit the rules of one word, only lettered changed
    2. Multiple words, with one letter at most changed in all or some of the words
    3. Everything else that does not fit the above will be split into special categories. Generally based on how much the entry makes one laugh.
    a. Related to TAE topics
    b. Political figures
    c. Covid specific
    d. whatever else

    As of 8pm 28 Sept NZ time (you work it out) we had entries from:

    NoManIsAnIsland (me): 24 entries
    Doc Robinson: 8 entries
    Those Darn Kids: 19 entries
    Mr Roboto: 1
    a kullervo: 1
    Veracious Poet: 1
    zerosum: 1

    Further comments will have the (formatted to fit the rules) entries without the posters name.
    Feel free to do whatever you want.
    Regardless of the mess I cause there will be satoshi donated to TAE


    I’m not sure how we’ll take the votes, maybe copy the list and highlight your top 5.
    Note any entry that has special merit and someone will collate the results.

    How many Satoshi should be given? Probably depends on the rate at the time and how generous one is feeling (and what is left after spending coin on things one should not purchase at your local store)

    Entries have been formatted:
    Modified Word(s) ( Original Wood(s) ) : Definition

    Entries by Category:
    1. Official Word Play Rules – One Word One Change Only! No exceptions! You must obey the rules!
    Bustralia (Australia) : I’m glad I don’t live in Bustralia, as get off the f…ken bus if you’re not vuxxed
    Capital Wonkeness (Capital Wokeness) : Bad P.R for trying to pass of a corporate activism but failing bigly

    Cask Mandate (Mask Mandate) : Australia specific. The cheap box of wine your bumble date has bought and expects you to drink

    cask mandate (Mask Mandate) : the best way to deliver “NoVaxx” to all.

    CDeceased (Deceased) : deaths resulting from following CDC recommendations.

    Conmirnity (Comirnity) : we all know the effort they are putting in to the “Safe and Effective Vaccine” narrative.

    Croationism (Creationism) : A belief that Nikola Tesla really did achieve wireless power transmission and the Government is holding back free energy for their own nefarious purposes

    FUDA (FAD) : Government agency pushing widespread use of drugs before their safety testing is completed.

    Gult (Guilt) : The emotion when being told you should feel remorse for actions of our predecessors. But I wasn’t even born then!

    Nomirnity (Comirnity) : the ineffective “Safe and Effective Vaccine”

    panti-vaxxer (anti-vaxxer) : a person who is opposed to any sort of sexual connection with vaccinated persons

    Shameh (Shame) : Being told you should feel bad for doing something, but not really caring. Killed a few thousand people by withholding proven medical treatments and getting called out on it in the media, Meh.

    Snotify (Spotify) : having an extreme reaction to unexpected changes in your playlist

    Vis0 (Visa) : maxing out all your cards in Tijuana and having to walk back across the border

    2. Extended Official Word Play Rules – Multiple Words with at most one change per word

    Black Olives Matter (Black Lives Matter) : Black Olives Matter is a decentralized political and social movement protesting against the sale of Green Stuffed Olives on the same shelf

    Blank Lives Matter (Black Lives Matter) : Just because I’m not on social media I’m still a valid person

    Blank Loves Mutter (Black Lives Matter) : Damn, I never seem to get any good matches on plenty of fish, maybe I should finish my profile?

    Cognotive Dissonuance (Cognitive Dissonance) : Just not really getting the mental discomfort that results from holding two conflicting beliefs, values, or attitudes

    Descent poople (decent people) : those who followed the narrative and are now in thorough shit

    Ho Blinden (Jo Biden) : degenerative masacular/visual disease due excessive exposure to “presidential” decrees we must swallow and not spit out

    Fully vuxxed (Fully vaxxed): self-explanatory really

    Vuccine Effuctivity (Vaccine Effectivity) : self explanatory

    Few Zepland (New Zealand) : InFew Zepland there’ll be only a few of us unfuxxed left on this lead balloon of a banana republic

    Resident Xiden (President Biden) : no definition given (or needed?)

    Karmala Harrisment (Kamala Harrasment) : What you end up getting for voting for Resident Xiden and him dragging along that woman

    3. Other entries that don’t meet the highly specific rules above
    3a. TAE Specific

    RIMming (Rimming) : what I do every morning scanning the headlines Raul Ilargi Meyer has generously provided us

    Dr. D+ (Dr. D) : someone who barely passed medical school.

    Doc JoblessOne (Doc Robinson) : someone with too much time on his hands.

    defellationista (Deflationista) : Someone whose BJ money gets returned by a hooker who decided to not do it after all.

    3b. Covid Specific

    Iverectum (Ivermectin) : type of Covid-preventing suppositories

    Mordorna (Moderna) : the vaccine that even ‘The One Ring’ can’t protect you from

    AdVAERS Possession (Adverse Reaction) : long-term medical condition when Covid vaccine side effects continuously occupy someone’s body without their informed consent

    NoVaxx (Novavax) : type of Covid “vaccine” preferred by 9 out of 10 readers of TAE.

    back scene passport (vaccine passprot) : go see where the rich people don’t wear masks and hug each other’s fabulousness.

    Emergency Youth (EUA) : trying to solve a crisis facing the old by using approaches that kill off the young.

    TZars-Cole-V8 : red russian kale soup to help with symptoms.

    Fly, Sir Inc. : ruiners of red russian kale soup.

    PrionTech : uh, oh..

    Mudderna : in every vial.

    Murderna : with BoosterPlus®!

    Dr. Antimony Foundcheese: the one who will (falsely!!!) guide us to the purple rain..

    Ace Receptor: superhero who is gonna swoop in and save us all. no “2” needed, obviously.

    Ace Deceptor: Ace Receptor’s nemesis, a.k.a., Dr. Antimony Foundcheese.

    Corona and Lyme: Wu-Han Eggplant with Plum Island sauce.

    Whore’s Paste: Used to keep News Anchors’ faces fresh.

    Jivermectin: FDA approved.

    Take Air: “take care” wishes in the times of masking.

    Super Spreader: someone addicted to Whore’s Paste.

    3c. Politic

    malevolent dictaker (benevolent dictator) : most current political leaders

    dumbveloped country (developed country) : possibly an unintended entry?

    dicktastership (dictatorship) : a dicktastership of awfulgarchs

    ouchstralia (Australia): gazalite

    3d. Other

    Burn, Loot, Murder (Black Lives Matter) : the hypocrisy never stops.

    zerosum (Zerosum) : democratic math

    3e. Ummmm

    Hide-Embarass: How you feel and what you want to do when you realize what a huge, horrible mistake you made in voting for the current occupant of the Oval Office and their running-mate.

    3f. Fail but keep trying next week

    Dr. D


    Fed head insider trades a career, and when caught, gets retirement. Not in Sing Sing. Powell says they’re going to “think about what they’ve done” with a review, by the same people, of the same rules, who decided it was all-good before.

    As Howard says yesterday, that’s the “Nothing matters and anything goes” of each appalling event going directly to memory hole. To the lesser thinkers, not us perhaps, the very fact of not arresting them on the spot, doing long sentences, and all politicos rapidly distancing themselves is proof itself of the real reality: that it actually does NOT matter, and they proceed accordingly. (“Real Reality”: have we reached a point where we have to say that now?) This is the same lesson given with Assange. Public, on-TV torture of the innocent and good, with public, on-TV rewards for the mass-murderous, rapists, and bad. A weathercock if you will, the size of Bezos giant d—k into the non-space he couldn’t reach.

    Unlike Howard’s statement, it does matter, because the police and military are being politically purged and ethnically cleansed, as per usual. So that you CAN’T sit it out, and you WILL go to prison, AND probably be poisoned there, AND not eat. The law and structures are important. Even in devolution. Ask Fernando Aguirre of Argentina, he’ll fill you in with many books, including ones where his whole country says: “But it’s not that bad. It’ll pass.” “Mama, we’re wearing bulletproof vests to the grocery store.” 20 years ago. They didn’t identify the problem and they didn’t do work. Therefore the problem still exists. Fernando moved to Ireland, then Spain, which although bad now, is a dream compared to his homeland. And owns guns. In Europe. So you can too.

    You notice that from Spartacus, the process from the outside is FeFe. Iron curtail and O2 uptake such that ventilators don’t work. CovFeFe so I guess we know what day the Black Hats chose to release it, or what day the White Hats, or more shade of gray hats, discovered it and started their response plans. Is that bad? If they were willing to do this, against Congressional Law for years, and when discovered get merits and medals, why weren’t they willing to nuke 5 U.S. cities? A: they were. You have to be very careful. Remember that sudden “exercise” in downtown L.A. the night of the Oscars? Where they removed a bioweapon? Remember the offshore undersea missile shot up towards Air Force One returning from Korea? Yeah, whatever happened with that? How about the 1/6 bomber on his cell phone for 500 blocks in downtown D.C. but no one can find him on the cell towers or any cameras?

    FeFe. Iron + O2. But what more that tells you as well. This really could be the BEST of all possible worlds considering the original, + contingency plans A-F, F-X, X-ZZZ, where HRC promised on TV to spark WWIII in Syria, have that mystery missile come from NoKo instead, Who can “Now hit Miami” the entire half-planet away (WTF??), and then imagine releasing this FeFe AFTER, with some background hunger, medical, and radiation. All plausible these many different health symptoms then. And the Vaqq. But not so much now and still you see how far they got.

    There are many more of these plans each day. Right now trying to re-establish NoKo, but they got off China/CIA’s leash and CCP has to break into the open with their ready attack instead of by proxy. Several more layers there, like purging China’s most popular movie stars from all records, show the social preparations for open war.

    Okay, so suppose we – someone, a small cadre in govt – knew all this. Most Federal, Judicial, Regulatory, Corporate, Media, and even military points had been captured, paid and blackmailed, just as we’ve known Prez + Congress have been most of my life. What then? Think of it like “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”. What do you do? Let them roam?

    No: Suppose China had openly taken D.C. set up a boy-king, and ran installations in 10 U.S. cities too, like Sherman’s occupation, what’s your military response? Well, those areas are going to claim legitimacy, of being the REAL legitimate national or regional government. Of course. And the non-CCP/CIA invasion, what they call “Hillbillies”, the “un-cool” the “un-clean” are ALSO going to claim legitimacy. That’s the open path. But what if you just let them? That doesn’t mean you give them the football, but what if you DON’T declare open war, civil war, and oppose them?

    The cultural conflict between the installed culture and the native culture will express, and show itself as being naturally against all things the people want, even in Blue cities. Because if they weren’t antithetical to the people, nation, culture, you wouldn’t be a conquered colony and then who would care right? If Biden/CCP helps the American people be more free and prosperous, I say let them. But they can’t. China will die if they don’t get us.

    So like General Washington, they’re in the same situation. We forget – and I’m amazed by this – that we and Britain were the SAME. It’s a civil war. Of civil government. Who votes, who expresses the laws. Washington was fighting BRITISH citizens. In NJ. HE was a British citizen. Can you see what I’m saying here? WE are fighting OUR citizens in the very same way. We are “fighting”, if it can be called that, in the SAME citizens, which we will choose: Freedom or Fascism. So clearly SHOOTING those citizens is not much of a help to your cause. Nor is arresting them mostly. They’re going into the British legal system, or if not, seems like a battlefield court of rebels, where you could be next for summary justice. You need to CAPTURE those courts.

    Being essentially the same war, how did Gen Geo Wa win it, such as it was even won? A: By not losing. I know that sounds stupid but it isn’t. How about Easy Play:

    I have never seen the General so despondent
    I have taken over writing all his correspondence
    Congress writes, “George, attack the British forces.”
    I shoot back, “We have resorted to eating our horses”
    Local merchants deny us equipment, assistance
    They only take British money, so sing a song of sixpence

    The cavalry’s not coming


    Alex, listen. There’s only one way for us to win this
    Provoke outrage, outright

    That’s right

    Don’t engage, strike by night
    Remain relentless ‘til their troops take flight

    Make it impossible to justify the cost of the fight

    Hit ‘em quick, get out fast

    Stay alive ‘til this horror show is past
    We’re gonna fly a lot of flags half-mast”

    …As we have. Here at least.

    That is, let the British tax, trample, accuse, lie, destroy. Each outrage, overreaction, leads a new Nikki Minaj to say stop, you’ve done lost your d—n minds. So you need to provoke, then rest. Tweet and keep them busy, in their own isolated, narcissistic lather of $30,000 “Tax the Rich” dresses, run by faceless slaves and Avox. Afraid all the time, lashing out. And that’s super-easy when you’re the minority agitators. But you also have to survive.

    Naturally, surviving is going to mean not cooperating with DNC thinker Podesta’s trap of open civil war in the streets, with secession and sale of PNW to China’s support because they want that.

    But what else? Devolution again. What is the “American” plan? What is it to BE, “American”? “We hold these truths to be self-evident” yes, but what’s really in the system? Self-reliance. Self-sufficiency. Self-determination. Self-promotion and opportunity. But also “limited government.” If they win a limited government, not the unlimited one we have now, ruling by endless decree, and if courted down, posting a new decree, then the “American” system will have won. So how does it win? Every minute power is REMOVED from the central, and RESTORED to the people or the States. So if D.C. is captured? A: As if I care. Let it be captured and nuked, nothing could make me happier. If NYC is captured, as it was with 20,000 troops in the harbor? Well, can’t win them all. Maybe don’t cause them to openly burn it? Just burn all business one by one until it’s broke and roaming gangs are in the streets? But so Gen Howe runs NYC, Boston, Yorktown. And? You think you can run a country 1,500 x 2,000 mi from just 10 blesse’d cities? From 50, 100 ships-of-state? Now the “legitimate” government are the people we choose in Lexington, not the so-obviously-captured, puppet organs in NYC, L.A., D.C., extracting the people and shipping cash, jobs, currency back to the home office (Beijing). The more they do it, the more we see it and escape. Now they’ve lost Bill Meher, Nikki Minaj, leftists Tim Pool and Joe Rogan obviously, but how about Wall St, moving to Miami? How about California?

    Can you understand now? You need to “Stay Alive” long enough for people to fully experience British rule and British laws. What being a “Colonist”, a non-human, really means. What they really want, what they have planned, the levels they are willing to execute. Against you, your family, your whole town, burned to the ground in from of you, children murdered, same as always. Submit or die. Unite or Die.

    Each day that reveals them but we still have a place to go to, the American plan gets stronger and restored. But each day that happens, what WE call America, the Federal Government, gets weaker and weaker, because they’re not SUPPOSED to be strong, fat, and happy: YOU are. You the people are supposed to be rich and powerful, not the non-elected, non-legitimate non-leaders. YOU. Work for yourself and your safety, your life, your action, your freedom.

    Devolving goes beyond state, back down to local, school boards, down further past mega-corp, past small business, to YOU, as an individual. YOU are the sovereign. You have sovereignty over your own body, your will, and the ownership of your own life and property. It, Freedom, starts from there. The opposite isn’t worth mentioning, it would be that the STATE, the leader-by-decree owns everything and ALLOWS you to have it, LENDS it back on good behavior as “You own nothing” but they, the actors of the state, Own Everything. Not a minute’s peace can every be had in such a system, nor prosperity. But the devolution goes beyond some Paul, some DeSantis, to an IDEA. America is an IDEA. That “All men are created equal” and the State is NOT superior to them. In fact, the State is decisively Inferior to them, in morality, as well as sovereignty and legality.

    “We the People” create the State, and destroy it if we wish to, not and never the other way around. The “war” if there is one, is for people to understand this, and reclaim their power. And with that power, their responsibility, the self-reliance and independence, the diversity of action and approach that makes us who we are, and strong.

    Win by not losing. Hold Fast. Be who you are, and what is right.

    Here’s Oz’ chance to do or die. Maybe they can show us how it’s done or serve as an example to others.


    The continuous presence of spike protein will almost certainly cause male sterility

    Well I’m glad I was dumb, horny and drunk at 17, impregnated a fertile lass and 9 months later we had twin Boys…

    At 47 should I freeze some of what I have left? Maybe it will be a better investment than money in a bank?


    Just maybe the whole of the narrative has more to do with this:
    #212. Are we nearly there yet?

    At present, the tendency is blame everything – including inflationary pressures, supply-chain disruption and financial stresses – on the after-effects of the coronavirus crisis. As an explanation, this ranks for credibility somewhere between “the dog ate my homework” and “I can’t buy a round of drinks because a spaceman from Mars stole all my money”.
    After all, official figures indicate that global GDP fell by a less-than-catastrophic 3.3% last year. To believe that all of these economic problems only began in 2020 requires extreme myopia, and a very short memory.
    Rather, and as regular readers know, the economy has been deteriorating over a very long period, which we can trace back to the identification of “secular stagnation” back in the 1990s.

    John Day

    COVID v. Spartacus
    Sunday picture @ homestead with Jenny, too (Y’all already have the Spartacus part 🙂

    Thanks to a commenter on the blog for this:
    A Self Fulfilling Prophecy: Systemic Collapse and Pandemic Simulation
    ​ ​The mainstream narrative should therefore be reversed: the stock market did not collapse (in March 2020) because lockdowns had to be imposed; rather, lockdowns had to be imposed because financial markets were collapsing. With lockdowns came the suspension of business transactions, which drained the demand for credit and stopped the contagion. In other words, restructuring the financial architecture through extraordinary monetary policy was contingent on the economy’s engine being turned off. Had the enormous mass of liquidity pumped into the financial sector reached transactions on the ground, a monetary tsunami with catastrophic consequences would have been unleashed.
    ​ ​As claimed by economist Ellen Brown, it was “another bailout”, but this time “under cover of a virus.” Similarly, John Titus and Catherine Austin Fitts noted that the Covid-19 “magic wand” allowed the Fed to execute BlackRock’s “going direct” plan, literally: it carried out an unprecedented purchase of government bonds, while, on an infinitesimally smaller scale, also issuing government backed ‘COVID loans’ to businesses. In brief, only an induced economic coma would provide the Fed with the room to defuse the time-bomb ticking away in the financial sector. Screened by mass-hysteria, the US central bank plugged the holes in the interbank lending market, dodging hyperinflation as well as the ‘Financial Stability Oversight Council’ (the federal agency for monitoring financial risk created after the 2008 collapse), as discussed here. However, the “going direct” blueprint should also be framed as a desperate measure, for it can only prolong the agony of a global economy increasingly hostage to money printing and the artificial inflation of financial assets.
    ​ ​At the heart of our predicament lies an insurmountable structural impasse. Debt-leveraged financialization is contemporary capitalism’s only line of flight, the inevitable forward-escape route for a reproductive model that has reached its historical limit. Capitals head for financial markets because the labour-based economy is increasingly unprofitable. How did we get to this?
    ​ ​The answer can be summarised as follows: 1. The economy’s mission to generate surplus-value is both the drive to exploit the workforce and to expel it from production. This is what Marx called capitalism’s “moving contradiction”.[1] While it constitutes the essence of our mode of production, this contradiction today backfires, turning political economy into a mode of permanent devastation. 2. The reason for this change of fortune is the objective failure of the labour-capital dialectic: the unprecedented acceleration in technological automation since the 1980s causes more labour-power to be ejected from production than (re)absorbed. The contraction of the volume of wages means that the purchasing power of a growing part of the world population is falling, with debt and immiseration as inevitable consequences. 3. As less surplus-value is produced, capital seeks immediate returns in the debt-leveraged financial sector rather than in the real economy or by investing in socially constructive sectors like education, research, and public services.
    ​ ​The bottom line is that the paradigm shift underway is the necessary condition for the (dystopian) survival of capitalism, which is no longer able to reproduce itself through mass wage-labour and the attendant consumerist utopia. The pandemic agenda was dictated, ultimately, by systemic implosion: the profitability downturn of a mode of production which rampant automation is making obsolete. For this immanent reason, capitalism is increasingly dependent on public debt, low wages, centralisation of wealth and power, a permanent state of emergency, and financial acrobatics.

    A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: Systemic Collapse and Pandemic Simulation

    ​ Thanks Marjorie, for this long, informative resource, very well researched and formatted:
    The Snake-Oil Salesmen and the COVID-Zero Con: A Classic Bait-And-Switch for a Lifetime of Booster Shots (Immunity as a Service)
    ​…​But this essay demonstrates that never-ending boosters were the initial motive for this global social-engineering shell game ― the subscription-based business model, adapted for the pharmaceutical industry. “Immunity as a service”.​..
    Don’t…​ ​Compliance is the glue that holds tyranny together. Non-compliance breaks it apart. One person alone cannot stop this. But if millions find the courage to raise their voices and the courage to refuse to participate in the system on these tyrannical medical terms, it will throw the system into such a crisis and create such a tension that the community will be forced to confront the issue. Without enough truckers, no-one eats. Without enough medical staff, hospitals close. Without enough workers, supply chains break. Without enough policemen, laws cannot be enforced. Without enough garbage collectors, cities grind to a halt. Without enough cashiers, box stores cannot stay open. Without enough administrators, institutions cease to function. Without enough staff, corporations lose profits. Without enough servers, restaurants cannot serve their customers. And without enough customers, businesses are brought to their knees.


    The virus war:
    Read the chronicle of the different battles at TAE
    We, all the people of the world, have all been recruited in this world war of the virus

    the current for-profit economic/political system falls apart.


    New US travel rules close door on those fully vaccinated with Russia’s Sputnik V
    The new U.S. plan requires that most noncitizens seeking entry to the United States are vaccinated with shots approved for emergency use either by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration or World Health Organization.

    There is no “American vaccines” in Mexico.
    Huston has a problem.

    Refusing a potential customer, due to a lack of documentation, is worst that “cutting off your nose to spite your face”
    The default response, (even from children), when something goes wrong, or when accused.
    1. It’s not my fault
    2. I didn’t do it
    3. You made me do it.
    4. It’s your fault
    5. Not me, He did it
    We, the unvaccinated, are the survivors of all the previous battles, from all the previous attacks, from all the previous foreign invaders.
    We, the natural immune, have overcome and pacified all foreign invaders.
    We, the 10^13 strong, will overcome the new invader and assimilate it among the conquered and pacified 10^14 previous invaders


    Neil Oliver

    The Smell of Fear


    A Self Fulfilling Prophecy: Systemic Collapse and Pandemic Simulation

    This story provides the motivation to explain the fanatical dogmatic psychopathic hysterical raison d’être of the Plandemic very nicely.

    Tied with a bow.

    It’s not about making money from a vaccine, though that too is happening.

    And it’s not about a power trip per se.

    It’s about completely losing the grip on the entire economic Ponzi of Debt that will detonate like a star going super nova.

    Fear, you can smell it now.


    “Pfizer Launches Final Study For COVID Drug That’s Suspiciously Similar To ‘Horse Paste’
    In other news, Pfizer is testing Ivermectin, now renamed PF-07321332, to help with Covid. They have done this so they can make this drug more expensive than Ivermectin, despite the fact, they are the same drug…..
    Lo and behold, Pfizer’s new drug – which some have jokingly dubbed “Pfizermectin,” is described by the pharmaceutical giant as a “potent protease inhibitor
    And unlike Pfizer’s experimental drug, ivermectin already may have saved hundreds of thousands of lives from India to Brazil..
    But since a large portion of the American market has rejected the vaccines, Pfizer needs another medication that can be used to treat them as well (otherwise, the company is missing out on nearly one-third of the American market).

    According to Reuters, Pfizer said on Monday it has “started a large study testing its investigational oral antiviral drug for the prevention of COVID-19 infection among those who have been exposed to the virus.”

    Pfizer isn’t the only drugmaker hoping to develop a prophylactic treatment for COVID exposure (especially since variants raise the possibility that vaccinations just might not be enough). Merck and Swiss rival Roche have been racing to develop an easy-to-administer antiviral pill of their own – so the clock is ticking for Pfizer.”

    Doc Robinson

    @ Nomanisanisland
    A correction:

    Emergency Youth Amortization (EUA) : trying to solve a crisis facing the old by using approaches that kill off the young.

    absolute galore

    First we put Grandma and Grandpa in mortal danger. Now we are responsible for the health of U.S. livestock.

    From the “50 ways to bash Ivermectin and the horse it rode in on” department, I give you today’s NYT:

    How Covid Misinformation Created a Run on Animal Medicine
    Veterinarians, ranchers and farmers say the surging demand for ivermectin, a deworming drug, has left them struggling for supplies to treat animals.

    Thank god for the press corps of the United States of America or we would all be flying in the dark.

    absolute galore

    I guess they should ask “Joe Biden” to seize control of the horse paste supply and dole it out, a la the drugs he is withholding from some of the southern states.


    A blast from the past!

    In Germany, a Better Vaccine for Politicians?

    ” …the government found itself fending off accusations of favoritism because it was offering one vaccine believed to have fewer side effects to civil servants, politicians and soldiers, and another, potentially riskier vaccine to everyone else.”,8599,1932366,00.html

    Do you really believe that the elites have taken the clot shot?
    Not a chance.



    Built with hypocrisy and horsesh*t


    So if I understand Dr. D correctly, it all comes down to youth in Asia. 😉
    Sorry- I couldn’t resist.

    “I will be signing an executive order to give me the emergency powers…”

    Everlasting pitcher! Everlasting batter!
    Governor Hochul is mad as a hatter!


    “Governor Hochul is mad as a hatter!”

    Someone has stolen my tarts!


    @John Day

    Interesting point about automation cutting out workers leaving no one to buy ‘the Stuff”

    This is what help start WWI

    British, French and German industry producing too much Stuff and not enough customers to go around.

    The colonies weren’t a big enough sink-sop to suck up the excess production.

    Now it’s magnitudes of order worse than that.

    The global economic system is like an animals caught into a trap and chewing it’s foot off.


    View post on


    sorry for the double pic


    @germ: “Do you really believe that the elites have taken the clot shot?”

    Not even slightly.


    Kudos, Raul, for bringing the Chesnut posts to our attention. After Spartacus, who says that “COVID-19 is a blood and blood vessel disease,” we now have researcher Chesnut, who states that:

    IOW, we don’t seem to have scientific consensus yet, and it is good to see and consider the viewpoints striving to best fit and account for the observed phenomena – i.e., “science.” Time (and more data and studies) will tell.

    If Chesnut is correct that constant presence of the spike protein, and Pfizer’s CEO’s wish for annual “vaccines” comes true, we will have depopulation, at least in the West. Also potentially casts the U.S. “gift” of 80 million doses to other countries in a different light, although we don’t know (except for Bill Gates) if population control is really an intentional goal or that our government is just idiotic.

    “The United States will share vaccines in service of ending the pandemic globally. Today, the Administration announced its framework for sharing these 80 million U.S. vaccine doses worldwide. Specifically, the United States will:

    Share 75% of these vaccines through COVAX. The United States will share at least three-quarters of its donated doses through COVAX, supplying U.S. doses to countries in need. This will maximize the number of vaccines available equitably for the greatest number of countries and for those most at-risk within countries. For doses shared through COVAX, the United States will prioritize Latin America and the Caribbean, South and Southeast Asia, and Africa, in coordination with the African Union.”


    “Toronto Public Health gets ready to vaccinate Toronto children 5 to 11 years of age against COVID-19”


    Painful to watch:


    A small bit of good news to report today. I had a meeting with two fully vaxxed professional colleagues. I expected, with trepidation, that “the vaccine” question might come up — and in fact it did. I was determined to stick to my guns, and I did. But instead of focusing on politics, I focused on science. Though my colleagues were initially flabbergasted that I had not received the vaccine yet, when I explained that I am pro-vaccine, and would be first in line to receive the right vaccine at the right time (first choice — lived attenuated vaccine (Covi-Vac); second choice — inactivated virus (Sinovac or Sinopharm); third choice protein subunit (Novovax); fourth choice adenoviral vector (AZ, J&J, Sputnik); fifth choice mRNA (Pfizer or Moderna)), their reaction was “Hmm. I wish that I had talked to you before I got vaccinated.”

    I think this is the way forward. We need to undertand the science, and be better able to engage with the science than the charlatan politicians pretending to rely on the science. This is difficult, very difficult, but worth it. There is great harvest awaiting — people genuinely hungry for the truth, for understanding, not politics. Although we hesitate because we are not sure we fully understand the science, the people we seek to reach are in the a same boat. If you scratch the surface, there are huge numbers of people out there who are consciously aware that the official story does not add up, but who seek to engage and undertand on a scientific level, not an ideological or religious level. We need to reach them where they are, not where we wish they were. Even though we do not understand all the science and we are not experts in the field, I am convinced that this is the only way to reach many of them.


    “Over 1 million Israelis who haven’t had 3rd dose to lose Green Pass on Sunday
    Many won’t be able to access certain public places and gatherings without a negative virus test after policy change requiring booster shot six months after 2nd COVID-19 vaccine”

    Dr. D

    Just realized – because lies are endless – that whats’erface from NY was calling in the Nat’l Guard for hospitals. Okay, yes, expensive, not large, and not for long. But that’s not the problem: Wait — isn’t a State’s National Guard made up of State citizens?

    So literally she’s taking doctors out of private work to be doctors in the National Guard. Okay 1 – 1 + 1 = 1. She needs classes on multiplying workers. ‘Cause this ain’t it.

    Oh they’re also in the wrong, mobile practice instead of the home office which is disruptive, so 20-30% loss.

    I wonder how long it will take her to figure it out. Trick question: clearly never since they’d have already told her if asked.

    So we’ll replace the nurse shortage with a nurse shortage. Think anyone will notice?

    Not from the Governor’s mansion!

    The Dr. D, according to some is from passing as a Dr. D-. Remember kids: “D’s get degrees!”

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