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Thomas Cole The Course of Empire – The Consummation of Empire 1836



First of all, if you live in a place where politicians and experts have, after 20 months into Covid, still not propagated and executed policies aimed at prophylaxis (prevention) and early treatment, get rid of these people ASAP or move away to an area that does have these policies.

Yes, I know, it might be easier to get rid of them, because there are no areas to move to that do early care. Do it. All anyone appears to do is lock people down and put garments in front of their faces. But that has now cost too many lives, and it has to stop. The other thing all of them do, of course, is try to “vaccinate” everyone. That, too, has to stop, and for the same reason: it kills too many people.

After 20 months of reading into the topic for hours every single day, if there’s one thing I’m convinced of, it’s that a simple sufficient daily intake of vitamin D, zinc and ivermectin or chloroquine (and you can “fancy that up”, check the site below) would have stopped, and still can stop, at least 70% of cases. Ergo: no more overwhelmed heath care, no more lockdowns, no more economic damage. We could, should, have done this 20 months ago. get rid of them.

And then if someone does get sick -immune systems can be heavily compromised, for instance in obese people-, there are protocols aplenty for early treatment. There are entire series of them at 90% of deaths have been entirely preventable. And 90% of those in the future, will be, too. But not for the same reason.

The reason these treatments are being kept from you is that they would destroy the legal basis on which the vaccines operate. But that would be a good thing, because these substances have started to make a lot of victims, killing people or maiming them, and it is enough. It is also what I am afraid of, that those numbers will absolutely skyrocket.

Repeat: The vaccines do not protect you from infecting others or being infected, or from severe disease or death (though that last bit takes time to sink in). They MAY have some effect for a few months, but then their effect starts waning, and you will need more of the same. In the meantime, they appear to enhance the infectiousness of the vaccinated. Who are given vaccine passports and QR codes, for heaven’s sake, so they can go infect more people.


The problem is that you are not allowed to know about any of this. But the next problem is they will not be able to hide that fact, for much longer, that the vaccines are killing machines. For now, vaccine deaths are all hidden in Covid death numbers, especially the “Delta cases”, a very convenient grab bag, if not for the fact that Delta was supposed to be a much milder variant than Alpha. And wouldn’t you know, there’s plenty tricks to list vaccinated deaths as unvaccinated.

Was that supposition so far off the mark, or is something else going on? The decrepit adverse reaction tracking systems like VAERS and MHRA already name 10s of 1000s of vaccine deaths and millions of other reactions while tracking 1-10% of cases. We’ve reported numbers into the 100s of 1000s of deaths.


Let’s start with Dr. McCullough: “We are very certain about this, the vaccine is directly killing individuals”.


Then move on to Gato Malo and his graph from Israel booster (third) shots. Still find that graph scary as hell.



And then John Ward, who wrote: “The growing consensus among vaccination researchers is that exposure to 5-8 of these mRNA jabs over a relatively brief period of time will – dependent on the underlying health of the individual – result in death.”

What the graph appears to show is that the third shot -perhaps after some time has passed- has a much more lethal effect than the first two. Which would make sense, since you’re loading up your body with huge amounts of spike proteins -trillions of them-, and at some point your immune system will just give up.

The time between 2nd and 3rd shot may be a factor in that the body has had time to form a lot of antibodies -or the potential to create them fast-, which can then help the spike attack your cells by binding to them. And that in turn is a great recommendation for ivermectin -and probably HCQ-, even that late in the game, because it prevents that binding.

Mind you, the VAERS deaths and paralyzations etc. so far are all after 1 or 2 shots.


It all looks like an inevitable sequence of events to me. We had a Twitter thread from Walter Chesnut yesterday, The Spike Will Not Be Found In The Blood. It Travels “Incognito”, that said “The amount of spike protein in cells continues to increase for up to 30 min..”, which is insanely long in virustime, and “..the S1 unit has been found in monocytes 15 months post infection.., which is even more insane.

Once you have put that stuff in your body, there’s no getting rid of it anymore. The only thing you can do, once the effect starts waning (probably after 2-3 months), is to do more of the same, putting your body under ever more stress and ever more risk. And then by shot 5 or 8 or whatever, depending on your health, your body gives up no matter what. I said yesterday:

“100s of millions have been “vaccinated”. If just 1 in 1000 (0.1%) become victims, that means 100s of 1000s. I think it will be close to if not more than 1%, 10 times more. I’m so scared, I can’t find the words to write about this.”

And that’s how I still feel. The last few days have scared the heebees out of me, even if we knew something like this might start to happen. It’s here, and they’re still trying to force you to take these things. I called it Russian Roulette a while back, but it’s worse than that.

Listen to this undertaker from Milton Keynes, who is sure almost all Covid deaths coming in now are vaccine deaths (disguised as Delta), and then tell me I’m afraid of nothing:





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    Thomas Cole The Course of Empire – The Consummation of Empire 1836     First of all, if you live in a place where politicians and experts ha
    [See the full post at: I Am Afraid]


    Thanks for this post

    Information is scary

    circumference variables – c=2πr
    vaccines Variables – # of cells = 10^13 plus # of bacteria = 10^14

    • Interview with Dr. Vanessa Schmidt-Kruger (Enformt)
    1. the production optimisation is also important,
    2. considerable deficiencies
    3. deficiencies in the consistency
    4. needs to now develop and introduce various analysis processes to ensure that the substrate is free of microbiological contaminants
    5. the integrity of the RNA means of course the RNA quality

    My confidence level – too low

    Incompetent media reporting and dangerously ignorant “expert” pontifications have been an infuriatingly persistent aspect of COVID messaging, with their incoherent ravings becoming increasingly desperate as time wears on.

    On the flip side to inaccurate praise, the incomprehensible inability of experts to get anything right is perhaps best exemplified by Sweden.

    Sweet Kenny

    There’s parts of that video from the funeral director that are arguably extreme – specifically that Covid doesn’t exist. Why all the drama around the lab leak, Fauci and gain of function research if not true? All of it just to support the Pandemic lie? That’s a hell of a lot of a “Big Lie” as Goebbels professed.

    Here is one of the prisons mentioned

    I couldn’t find the other one, I don’t know Great Britain. I have seen videos of such camps in Canada (where I’m from) but I’m just not there yet in accepting it will happen. I suppose if the deaths increase fast enough and people become desperate. I will be more convinced if Canada goes the way of Italy and mandates vaccinations for private business – at that point, gloves are off.


    Equally terrifying – Draghi’s Italy will suspend workers without pay unless they get a jab. How can governments do this?


    whoa, that is the most logical conclusion to this scenario. i just hadn’t imagined it was soooooooo dark. i had assumed they were taking a long path and let it happen over generations. But that was too compassionate i see now. this is pure evil and totally consistent with sociopaths


    On: France suspends 3K med workers. (posted by Ilargi in previous thread.)

    The below fits into the ‘afraid’ context.

    The brave caring med staff we were to clap for, with good reason, though a few echoing sounds don’t make up for poor pay and lousy working conditions, are now becoming, being seen as, for some of them at least, very strange and suspicious ppl.

    As they are on the front line they see the damage of the vaxxes, some of them won’t accept the vax for themselves, their families.(Hopefully they didn’t encourage its use on others, but of course that isn’t so.. Med workers in F, specially Docs. consider themselves above the general populace…For thee but not for mee…other topic.

    F. has been reducing the no. of hospital beds / ICU beds for decades now. Not new, and no changes under any Prez. / Gvmt. can be seen. Nor is it particular to France. See the first chart, comprehensible. (Article is in F, shows no. of hospital beds history for several countries.)

    One of the results of more ‘technologised’ and ‘specialised’ medecine, in which patient triage plays a big role (which ups transport costs, admin costs, middleman costs); “home care” (maybe not bad?) is promoted (see Sweden), purely pharma “cure” is preffered to ‘interactive’ care, and “no care at all” raises its head, as when in F. Covid patients were told to go home, isolate, and take doliprane.

    In F, the top losses in ‘beds’ (all together, i.e. staying in a hospital for days) has been in psychiatric wards / hosps. Over-drugging has become the norm. Zonked out patients don’t incommode anyone by screaming for ex., don’t complain, and die in raspy or feebly self-destructive silence. A big win for Big Pharma.

    To the point. The COV19 pandemic presents an opportunity to fundamentally transform Medical Care and Treatment.

    I have posted about this before, Med. Docs don’t realise what is coming for them. They are replaceable by algos. and directives from the PTB (as we see now with COV19.)

    Only *Medical Technical Workers* are required. They will be the ‘new’ nurses, orderlies, ambulance drivers, cleaners, dispensary workers, etc. They will carry out acts which require physical or personal contact: jab, bandage, stitching, setting a bone, getting machinery in place, collecting samples for testing, providing the pills to be ingested, other therapies, running med. machines, filling in paper work, etc. As well as all the *multiple* tasks of hosp. bed-care. Only top class interventionists ‘on bodies’ will remain, specialised surgeons, for ex.

    This dystopian vision is only intended to present one general direction I have left the two-tier system aside (one system for the rich, another total control system for the poor.)


    “Repeat: The vaccines do not protect you from infecting others or being infected, or from severe disease or death… ”

    Israeli Doctor Kobi Haviv: ‘Fully vaccinated account for 85-90% of hospitalizations’ –


    is there someway to archive this video so it doesn’t get scrubbed?

    i’ve already starting to share with Peak Prosperity and the Duran. 2 of my other go to info sources. And my local non vaxx support group.


    When (not if) violence breaks out worldwide, within the next 12 months, it will not be initiated by the ‘unvaccinated,’ as many people predict.

    Rather, it will be the hundreds of millions who finally realise the true horror of what has been done to them and their children.


    there’re just sooo many reasons to be afraid. actually napkin currently provided by united airlines (courtesy of


    I understand and feel helpless in the face of this too Raul. You have continued to put great effort into providing information for those with eyes to see. You have a platform to publish and reach people still on the fence about this. It is still not enough.

    I wanted to mention, Armstrong puts March 2022 as an important date for when this will begin changing. Far from making one feel better, this indicates that something wicked this way comes. I do not want to see this happen. Too many I love and those innocents are caught in the crossfire (or even directly in the crosshairs)

    Beyond even that, look at what they (the Davos crowd) are upto. Here in the UK they are “easing restrictions” just before an important climate conference is due to be hosted in Scotland. What monsters they are.

    All the best to you and the community here

    D Benton Smith

    I could probably survive their spike protein, at least for a while,  but the vaxxsassins’ IDEAS kill on contact.


    Force and Shame

    Its starting to sink in- pharma/gov/average little societal hitlers- forcing others to get vaxd, forcing children, taking the unvaxd livelihood away, shaming them towards punitive compliance to obey…

    …as a neighbor mentioned the other day- “if these vacs do result in a major die off and/or seriously injure those who have taken their shots, it may be difficult for me to be nice to them, those who have tried to make my life miserable and cause me personal harm…”

    Is this medical rape of children and mass genocide?

    …it is starting to sink in, it may not be long now, they are and will try to force rape vaccinate me…

    What mercy should they be given or allowed? Those that try to force control never learn and always lose.

    Human nature is to be Free, not forced into a box of obedient compliance…

    Resist, by force or gentleness, but resist madness completely.

    Come you masters of war
    You that build the big guns
    You that build the death planes
    You that build all the bombs
    You that hide behind walls
    You that hide behind desks
    I just want you to know
    I can see through your masks

    You that never done nothin’
    But build to destroy
    You play with my world
    Like it’s your little toy
    You put a gun in my hand
    And you hide from my eyes
    And you turn and run farther
    When the fast bullets fly

    Like Judas of old
    You lie and deceive
    A world war can be won
    You want me to believe
    But I see through your eyes
    And I see through your brain
    Like I see through the water
    That runs down my drain

    You fasten all the triggers
    For the others to fire
    Then you set back and watch
    When the death count gets higher
    You hide in your mansion’
    As young people’s blood
    Flows out of their bodies
    And is buried in the mud

    You’ve thrown the worst fear
    That can ever be hurled
    Fear to bring children
    Into the world
    For threatening my baby
    Unborn and unnamed
    You ain’t worth the blood
    That runs in your veins

    How much do I know
    To talk out of turn
    You might say that I’m young
    You might say I’m unlearned
    But there’s one thing I know
    Though I’m younger than you
    That even Jesus would never
    Forgive what you do

    Let me ask you one question
    Is your money that good
    Will it buy you forgiveness
    Do you think that it could
    I think you will find
    When your death takes its toll
    All the money you made
    Will never buy back your soul

    And I hope that you die
    And your death’ll come soon
    I will follow your casket
    In the pale afternoon
    And I’ll watch while you’re lowered
    Down to your deathbed
    And I’ll stand over your grave
    ‘Til I’m sure that you’re dead

    D Benton Smith

    Look at the world situation from a money and power viewpoint. Strictly business. Ignore emotions for a moment.

    Every asset of every kind has been , long ago, vacuumed up and involved in the “Everything Bubble” . . . which is a Ponzi Scheme that has run out of new suckers to swindle with false promises. There is no property, no possession, nor business or powerful institution that is not mortgaged, and “Re-hypothecated” to infinity and beyond. Their exist thousands upon thousands of frothing starving bubbles within bubbles . . . and they have all run out of new victims to bilk . . . without resorting to brute physical force at the point of a gun.

    Because when the money fails it ALL fails, and right now the money people believe that the continued flow of money must flow to them through the needle of a Covid injection.

    The holders of power large and small can hold onto their power ONLY by compelling your continued contribution to the “all-things bubble” that they depend on. . . or else all of those bubbles and sub-bubbles will chain-reaction-collapse . And when the bubbles pop the power will be gone. It shall simply be no more, and its victims will extract a swift and brutal revenge.

    It don’t take no AI or quantum computer to figure that one out. . . and both sides know it.


    “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. “(Ephesians 6:12)

    “I get up every morning, take a deep breath and crack on.” (John the undertaker)

    Ominous interview, thanks for posting Raul. The deluge of misinformation today (sarcasm) is paralyzing and gobsmacking.

    In yesterday’s comments, Doc Robinson posted this article pointing out the virtue signaling from the school superintendent at a School district in San Antonio.

    “This variant is stronger than ever. It is more effective at even breaking through our vaccinations,” Martinez said. “Cases are in our schools, even with vaccinations, and we have students that are unvaccinated. Trustees, that is not a good combination for ensuring the safety of both our staff and our children.”
    “Under our leadership, under our teachers and our principals, we are not going to allow our children and staff to be put at risk. I’m sorry, we’re not,” he added. “This is not about a fight. This is about: we’re seeing what is happening. And so imagine if the staff weren’t vaccinated. Imagine what could happen. Imagine the spread.”

    The only thing this type of irrational magical thinking is propagating is fear. How do we effectively combat this?

    In the 60s, the KGB learned that if you bombard people with fear messages nonstop, in two months or less most of the people are brainwashed to believe the false message. To the point that no amount of clear information they are shown, to the contrary, will change their mind.

    Interestingly, RT offered John the undertaker 85K GBP for his silence.

    Also, John Day weighed in with the following.

    “Thanks for that article, Doc Robinson. They mention escape from the vaccines, but they also describe the super-power of enhanced viral infectivity, and the virus is not about to miss it. I think it is already “enhanced” pretty well. The rapidly rising Delta peak of cases, here in Texas, was supposed to drop just as fast. It’s not. It is sustaining, with a big fat area under the curve. The vaccines have opened up a whole new population to infection, somehow.

    Repeating his observation: “The vaccines have opened up a whole new population to infection, somehow.”

    According to the WHO, the earliest documented samples of the Delta variant were in Oct 2020. The first documented cases first appeared in Maharashtra. It was reported that the last stage of the clinical trails for Covishield began in Sept2020 at the state-run Sassoon General Hospital in Pune Maharashtra.

    So just thinking out loud as I am not sure how to organize my thoughts regarding the origin an transmission of the Delta variant.

    The Covishield is a viral vector injection. The variant shows up in the Maharashtra population shortly after the trial is launched. From there it circles the globe or is it just literally just showing up wherever people are getting jabbed (mRNA or VV) and it is simply being labeled as Delta. Soon to be rinsed an repeated with a new variant.

    If you understand the basics of respiration, getting jabbed and wearing a mask is a sure way move the toxic by products from your blood to your sinuses. So if some mRNA generated spike is spilling into the blood stream then the injected are the problem.

    We will win this.

    “And having disarmed the powers and authorities, he made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them by the cross.” (Colossians 2:15)

    D Benton Smith

    Before calling upon higher ups to smite thine enemies, first consider that such a plea invests them with both the power and the permission to smite people. That might not feel so good if they later decide to use that smiting-power to smite YOU, too.

    Polder Dweller

    If you take the position that the point of the “vaccines” is to kill people off, then everything makes much more sense than if you try to maintain that they’re beneficial and just have a few teething problems. The question I have is: do TPTB have sufficient control over this monster they have unleashed?

    The big push now is to go for 100% vaccination. I get that part of that is to wipe out the control group, but TPTB will still need workers in their depopulated utopia. What if their final solution works just too well and kills too many people, the farmers, the swimming pool cleaners, the Lear Jet mechanics, the computer geeks and the cosmetic surgeons? What if their own resistance isn’t good enough and they get the covid psi variant against which even ivermectin is useless? IOW, do they have the magic key to stop the carnage whenever they want?

    That’s maybe just idle fantasy, even so, the forcing of the dangerous jabs on people and the blocking of early treatments are bound to have unintended consequences. I wonder if anyone in power has thought about what they might be.



    For now I’m still not underestimating the power of stupidity and incompetence. I liked the undertaker’s facts, and stopped the video when his ideas and theories started. I’ll try and watch the rest of it. I guess I’m just not ready to underestimate Schwab’s stupidity and incompetence either.


    To stop this, it will help greatly if we can get the police and military on the side of those opposing vaccination mandates. Without the support of the police and/or military what the parasites want cannot happen — when there is mass civil disobedience we need the police and military to turn and defy orders with us.


    Is there data to support declined efficacy? For example, does data show breakthrough cases in terms of date since second jab? I don’t think so, and data is fairly corrupt anyways, but hopeful someone here might be able to point to studies that show timeline of decreased efficacy, how they can tell, etc.

    Looks like the FDA advisory panel said no to boosters today, which is good, but still goes to a vote within the FDA.


    FDA doesn’t approve boosters for the general population (will probably change after the CDC meeting next week), but does approve for over 65s and immunocompromised. Sigh. This fall is going to be rough for the poked.


    My understanding is that the more people that get any of the varieties of covid then the more people that get immunity, and get saved to survive the die off.


    it will help greatly if we can get the police and military on the side of those opposing vaccination mandates. Without the support of the police and/or military what the parasites want cannot happen

    I linked to just that kind of demonstration planned for Niagara Falls, ON this afternoon. Hopefully, someone here will have attended and can give us a report.


    I too am afraid. Been following our host a very long time. Since the old days when peak oil was the thing. Which was correct and remains background context for what we are seeing. Then he moved to financial shenanigans, Which was also correct. And now our host has percieved the final solution to the peak resource availability crossed with financial overstretch.

    I too am afraid. It all fits. I wish it did not but sorry it does.

    The captains and sergeants (and corporals) are our only hope. No one will listen to XYZ joe blow… it has to be police supers, hospital adminstrators, colonels in the army…. these folks by and large believe the BS. FIne. They also believe the nonsense about how they belong to a democracy with the rule of law. They are blinded by the propaganda for now, but if they ever realize what they are looking at then perhaps they stare into the outer dark for a week or a month of lost sleep and truly comprehend what they are seeing and living through…. could that be a thing?

    I feel the pyschopathy and accountablilty in Canada does not go deep. It is a very thin veneer of control. If the ‘captains’ and ‘sergeants’ of the the official arms of health service police and army start to wake from their trance we may have a chance.

    Luck to all


    A thing I would mention. Do not be comforted by the idea that our billionaire overlords will suffer if there is a problem with ‘money’ or money markets. They could not give a crap about money. The deal has always been about ownership papers. Money is irrelevant. When money is discarded by the overlords the real overlords amongst them will not flicker a reptilian eyelid. How much they own and when they own it is the thing. They will pull the plug on what we call money at their convenience which is soon. As well as the internet as we know it and this site.

    Enyoy the free interchange while it lasts folks. G


    Pertinent question:


    Humans evolved to connect dots. If the old world vision becomes disorganized mess, a new paradigm, a new picture, emerges. TAE is leading the way out of the confusion. This is not easy.

    “COVID vaccines: time to confront anti-vax aggression – Nature”.

    The Military Industrial Complex was identified by President Eisenhower in 1961. The Blob is battered by Donald Trump and the Fall of Kabul but not unbowed. It just screwed France to build Australia’s nuclear submarines which are pointless without nuclear weapons too. The Doomsday Clock just ticked closer to midnight.

    The Medical Pharmaceutical Complex is just as powerful. Newer, it was established with the neoliberal privatization of healthcare in the Americas and Europe in the last three decades. mRNA vaccines are their for-profit weapons system. Like the military, the purpose is extorting money and transferring it to the wealthy. Like the endless wars, the mRNA vaccines don’t work as promised and are deadly.

    Not all humans are psychopaths. Most have empathy and a sense of fairness built in.

    Today this was seen by the FDA panel that put their futures at risk by going against the politicians and the pharmaceutical industry and voted against coronavirus booster shots for younger adults. No wonder, the FDA earlier approved Pfizer’s Comirnaty Vaccine without a public hearing as promised.

    A surefire way to split asunder the United States of America is to force its citizens to be injected with unsafe compounds against their will. The failure to spend the money to fund a functional national public health system to save lives and end the coronavirus pandemic (and future ones too) assures an inevitable collapse.

    Veracious Poet

    Upon awakening, the first thing I thought/said was good morning to my Creator. I then asked where to go, what to say, what to do…

    As usual, this blessed me with a peaceful reset, after which I went about helping those in our home…my wife, mother & extended kitty family (+ two rescues).

    I realize that outside of our sanctuary humankind is under a state of siege, so I pray for strength to prepare for the eventuality when the mass psychosis may force it’s way into our lives ~ I am especially concerned about my furry family, their lives are difficult in the best of times due to the utter selfishness of human selfishness.

    Even though most of my family is jabbed with TPTB’s koolaid & I have accepted that their futures’ are compromised, at best.

    With that said, every so often the reality of Our predicament begins to disturb me, until I remember I’ve already done my part to prevent this eventuality, so I wash my hands of the #antispirit malady spreading its evil wings across the landscape ~ It is no longer my concern, the masses couldn’t fathom the gathering storm, never penetrating their self-centered trances for more than a minute, or two (I spoke with thousands about the People of the Lie)

    Even though EVERY human has innate knowledge of their God-given rights, less than probably 1% could muster a legal argument to defend them.

    Even US “citizens” who take this “right” for granted know not where it really came from, except as partially reflected in the Bill of Rights (which was added to the US Constitution in case future generations forgot)…

    Because of this, TPTB have almost absolute power under emergency powers, established & embedded from MAR 1933 forward, nothing short of a MAJORITY standing on LEGAL grounds, unwilling to back down, will stop them & their minions now.

    It’s a shame that We The Sheeple didn’t wake up sooner (in fact most are still asleep), the solution could have been easily corrected at the ballot box, but now it’s probably too late for any box.

    In case non-Americans think none of this matters to them, you should think again.

    Oh, if anyone is waiting for the military and/or police to save them, you’ll be waiting a LONG time…


    Yes it is undoubtedly a worrisome time. I have found solace in trying to look at the big big picture, in that what our civilisation held so dear, our technological prowess over nature, our myth of progress, was so utterly baseless and ignorant that it’s end is going to go down this way. It has been a shock to see how quickly any ethics have been thrown aside, and it’s almost like the old tales where a hubristic society forgets all its old tales of monsters and evil, and then is whacked upside the head when they come knocking. At this point my feelings are almost good riddance. Those who inherent the earth will be those outside the modern world and its stupidity, and it is nice to see animals enjoying the lack of human encroachment during these last two years. Historians will shake their heads.


    It is said that the Cambodian people had such a beautiful and peaceful country and existence for so long that they had forgotten about what Evil looked like, and that when it knocked on their door one fine day in the form of Pol Pot, they invited him in to dinner.


    Veracious Poet

    Fans of rapper Nicki Minaj protest against vaccine mandates outside the CDC headquarters in Atlanta.


    From teri’s link
    MT: I’d just like to ask a question. You said something was excreted from the body. Is there any danger that people who are vaccinated could be causing as a result of this, or is it excreted and then it’s gone?

    VSK: That wasn’t investigated.

    Dr. H: Oh God –

    VSK: There’s no data on that.

    MT: I reckon we’ll need to be drinking spring water from bottles from now on then …

    I still cling to the thought that about a third of the populace received placebos. I have fancy friends (Pfizer) and I have less fancy friends. (Moderna)- the Moderna group has had side effects; the Pfizer crowd has not. They are tracking this stuff.
    Does this make me feel better? No. It does not.
    My mate and I had an argument about whether or not I should send the funeral director’s video (I was also dismayed when he resorted to memes, but, hey…) on to my nieces and nephews, who seem at this time ready to vaccinate their young kids as soon as it’s okay.
    They will vaccinate them regardless. The FDA is looking at 2 months (!!!) now.

    Every mind control psyop has a “snap the fingers” event.
    If only I could figure out what it is. (I have tried snapping my fingers.)

    And we aren’t even to the financial reset stuff yet.
    The sum of what I read in the outer lands of the internet makes it look like the narrative is crumbling. Something awful must happen to stop that: they cannot let their followers see them for what they are.

    They sweat as they stand there in grim resolution,
    Slinging the mud of their own dissolution.

    They bad guys always have feet of clay, right?


    I do not think the situation is as dark as many are making it out to be. Rather, this is a combination of:

    1. Incompetence
    2. Centralized power
    3. Propaganda
    4. Regulatory capture
    5. Social media echo chambers
    6. Wishful thinking
    7. Hubris
    8. Law of unintended consequences
    9. Debt servitude (intimidating people from speaking out)

    That al adds up to something dark and bleak, but I do not think that anone who knows better is trying to cull 90% of the world’s population. But I have been wrong before . . .


    I am afraid too. They know. The TPTB are putting it all on the line. My wife and I are in our hotel room, watching MSM TV, and we saw an ad with president Clinton, Dubya, and Obama, in there black/grey trench coats, advocating and proselytizing the vaccine. My jaw dropped to the floor. Do you know what this means if they are wrong about the vaccine? It’s game set and match. The presidents of America for the last 30 years have put it all on the line!

    I also noticed, interestingly, Obama, the sly one, said that the vaccine is the “first step” in ending the pandemic. He specifically said “first step”, which to me indicates they know that the vaccine does not stop infection and transmission.. They know. 🙁


    Most here are amazed at the ease TPTB have at getting people to follow their directives. I think it starts at the very early age of learning to speak. In the west it begins with the likes of Santa. It’s a lie. Children are taught very early that responsible adults don’t lie they tell little white lies to enhance the “magic” but would never tell “big” lies that would ultimately hurt you. We are conditioned at a very early age to believe that authority isn’t going to lead us astray in any harmful way. These small lies that seem harmless are in reality conditioning most to never ask the hard questions. The Jesuit priests learned long ago that the teachings drilled into the heads of children will, no matter what life circumstances they find themselves in, will influence their thinking and behaviour in adulthood. Lesson I take from this: don’t tell lies to children no matter how magical it may seem at the time. You reap what you sow!


    why would rt of all people want him to keep quiet about this, it doesn’t make sense

    i couldn’t really handle the level and range of conspiracy he was implying tbh

    yeadon thinks it’s a population reduction thing too, but the number of people who would have to be in on it seems too big to me

    Susan C

    To Archie #87421

    I’m in Canada too and have felt the same way about the need for the police, firefighters, and emt’s to be involved in fighting against the new regulations. I was happy to seethis video made at Queen’s Park a few days ago. We are not alone even though it often feels that way.


    The Great Reset and the Great Awakening

    You should be afraid; The Dark Winter exercise that Biden referred to in his last debate with Trump was from 2002 and was a smallpox release.

    But the depopulation will not come from the vaccines (I think) but the panics of the covid and whatever else and maybe the realization the vaccines are causing illness…it’s the disruption that will cause starvation; the UN says 5 billion are ready to tip into destitution with a push….That’s a long way towards the depopulation goals if they go.

    David Holgrem is right…nuclear war and climate change are the unknowns…

    And from ArmstrongEconomics: Biden will declare war to force the Great Reset on Russia and China…that was one of my questions…what could they do if Russia and China were outside their grasp.

    I started the journey to leave the US when I watched 9/11 and the reaction of the public. It took me almost 15 years of changes to find a place outside, maybe safer, saner, as is possible…I think the globalists war to take over China and Russia will be very dangerous. The arktos interview answers many of what were my final questions…the US military means to be come the globalist’s military…that was a missing piece.

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