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Joaquin Sorolla Passeggiata sulla spiaggia (Walk on the beach) 1909



This is from regular Automatic Earth commenter “chooch”.



chooch: I had to switch from “be the spike” to “be the Lipid Nano Particle” and I now find myself in a vortex of understanding for which there may be no escape velocity. It could be a kool-aid vortex, but we will see. Suffice it to say, though the primary mechanisms are different, the understanding gained on the infection side is still most useful.

The infection gains access to the blood stream (“ARDS” like DAD not a precursor):

1) The virus gains access to an epithelial cell in the air sac of the lungs by attaching to ACE2. It uses this cell to make many copies of itself.

2) Once it breaches the epithelial wall, which is only one cell thick it gains access to an ACE2 receptor on the pericytes, which sit on top of the endothelial cells that make up the nearby capillaries.

3) Many more copies are made, weakening the capillary walls, which again are only one cell thick. The virus now has access to the blood stream.

Here are three interesting articles, starting with the most recent, describing complications related to having a spike coated virus in the blood.

[1] (virus time = Jul 2021)

COVID-19 Changes Properties Blood Cells

“Shortness of breath, fatigue and headaches, some patients still struggle with these long-term effects of a severe infection by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus after six months or more. This post COVID-19 syndrome, also called COVID long-haulers, is still not properly understood. What is clear is that during the course of the disease, often blood circulation is impaired, clotting and dangerous vascular occlusions can occur, and oxygen transport in is limited. These are all phenomena in which the blood cells and their physical properties play a key role.”

“They found that, for example, the size and deformability of the red blood cells of patients with the disease deviated strongly from those of healthy people. This indicates damage to these cells and could explain the increased risk of vascular occlusion and embolisms in the lungs. In addition, the oxygen supply, which is one of the main tasks of the erythrocytes, may be impaired in infected persons.”

Lymphocytes (one type of white blood cell responsible for the acquired immune defense) were in turn significantly softer in COVID-19 patients, which typically indicates a strong immune reaction. The researchers made similar observations for neutrophil granulocytes, another group of white blood cells involved in the innate immune response. These blood cells even remained drastically altered seven months after the acute infection.

[2] (virus time = Feb 2021)

Covid-19 Can Affect The Blood. Its Spike Protein May Be The Culprit.

In this article they refer to RGD, I think they mean RBD (Receptor Binding Domain)

The autopsy reports revealed COVID-19 patients were suffering from huge amounts of thick, coagulated blood, and dysfunctional blood vessels were tearing through body tissue instead of repairing it-highly uncommon side effects of respiratory diseases.

The postmortem evidence plus his own experience with something called “COVID toes”-an odd side effect of the disease that causes heightened blood vessel formation in the toes, turning them bright red-led Makowski to speculate that something about the virus might be causing abnormal blood-related complications.

“One of the most perplexing and devastating effects of this disease is the scenario where three or four weeks after being hospitalized with pneumonia, people under the age of 50 are back home, they feel fine, and then all of a sudden they have a stroke and die,” says Makowski, professor and chair of the bioengineering department at Northeastern.

[3] (virus time = Nov 2020)

Attack on Red Blood Cells a Prime Suspect in COVID’s Debilitating Effects

The oxygen-saturation level of COVID patients, especially those with severe cases, was prone to dropping to dangerous levels, even below 90%. “We asked the question: Can it be due to the cell that transports oxygen?” D’Alessandro said. “Can COVID attack red blood cells – the most abundant cell in the human body – which has evolved specifically to transport oxygen?”

The answer to both questions was “yes.” The study revealed that SARS-CoV-2 damages the membranes of oxygen-carrying red blood cells. The virus didn’t affect the cells’ hemoglobin, which allow the cells to pick up oxygen, but it did damage membrane proteins responsible for blood cell structure, a characteristic that allows these cells to indirectly regulate red cell capacity to release oxygen and, most importantly, to squeeze through narrow capillaries in the periphery of the bloodstream.

“When the red blood cells are damaged, and you’re a COVID patient who is exposed to another stress – pharmacological treatment, high fever or, after recovering from the disease, exercise or something of that nature – then your red blood cell is more likely to hemolyze (rupture),” D’Alessandro said. This explains why D’Alessandro, who jumped back into training for a late-summer marathon, noticed that more than a month after his initial COVID bout – two subsequent tests came out negative – he felt extremely tired just 20 minutes into a run.

“Something was happening in the red blood cells, and it’s why we believe that they are part of the problem in long-term COVID symptoms,” he said. The lingering oxygen-level difficulties are explained by the lifespan of red blood cells. The cells circulate for up to 120 days before the body replaces them. To make room for hemoglobin, red blood cells have evolved to lose nuclei and organelles that allow other cells to replace damaged molecular components. So, if the virus damages red blood cells, it will be up to four months before they are cleared and replaced with cells that do not carry such damage.

Anyway, before addressing the best theory I have come across regarding Covid in the blood I wanted to circle back and highlight the spike proteins RBD affinity to Sialic Acid (SA) and its importance in the human body. Here is the image, showing how this affinity grows from a Corona cold virus thru Sars-Cov2.

Below is from the abstract of the linked paper. (It’s mainly for reference if interested)

[4] (virus time = Jan 2020)

Sialic acid and biology of life: An introduction

Sialic acid play important roles in human physiology of cell-cell interaction, communication, cell-cell signaling, carbohydrate-protein interactions, cellular aggregation, development processes, immune reactions, reproduction, and in neurobiology and human diseases in enabling the infection process by bacteria and virus, tumor growth and metastasis, microbiome biology, and pathology. It enables molecular mimicry in pathogens that allows them to escape host immune responses.

Viral sialic acid-recognizing lectins or HAs can agglutinate RBC. Viruses use sialic acids linked to glycoproteins and gangliosides to attach to host cells, followed by their entry, for example, corona virus, DNA tumor viruses, hepatitis virus, influenza viruses (A, B, and C), mouse polyoma virus, mumps, Newcastle disease virus (NDV), norovirus, parainfluenza viruses, rotavirus, and Sendai virus. HAs from influenza A, C, NDV, and polyoma viruses have been crystallized. Sialic acid-recognizing lectins from adenoviruses and picornaviruses have not been identified.

Some of these viruses carry neuraminidase or sialyl-O-acetyl-esterase that destroys the receptor, promotes virus release from infected cells, and removes sialic acid on host cell affecting cell surface binding of the virus. Influenza A virus enters the host by using host surface sialic acids. Influenza C virus HA-esterase specific for 9-O-acetylated sialic acids can break down 9-O-acetyl ester. HA-esterase from mouse hepatitis virus is specific to sialic acids substituted by O-acetyl group at the C-4 position (Neu4,5Ac2). HA-neuraminidase of NDV84 and parainfluenza viruses perform vital functions in infection biology.

Back in Oct 2020, independent researcher David Scheim, uploaded this paper to SSRN. In virus time it was before the rollout of the jabs and early days of mass IVM awareness. Here is the link to the abstract. From there you can open the pdf.

[5] (virus time = Oct 2020)

From Cold to Killer: How SARS-CoV-2 Evolved without Hemagglutinin Esterase to Agglutinate, Then Clot Blood Cells in Pulmonary and Systemic Microvasculature

The role of vascular occlusion in the morbidities, pulmonary and systemic, of COVID-19 has received increasing focus. Histological studies of lung tissue from COVID-19 patients have found extensively damaged endothelium of capillaries adjoining relatively intact alveoli, corresponding to hypoxemia accompanying normal breathing mechanics in such patients. Advanced image analysis of lung CT scans of COVID-19 patients reveals redistribution of blood flow from smaller to larger diameter blood vessels, this effect correlated with the degree of breathing dysfunction.

Essential to the study of vascular occlusion in COVID-19 are viral properties dating back to studies of Jonas Salk in the 1940s that have been positively established for SARS-CoV-2. First, SARS-CoV-2 binds to red blood cells (RBCs), in vitro and also clinically in COVID-19 patients. Second, although fusion and replication of SARS-CoV-2 occur via ACE2, such hemagglutinating viruses initially attach to infective targets and clump with blood cells via much more abundantly distributed sialic acid (SA) glycoconjugate binding sites. SARS-CoV-2, in particular, attaches to these SA sites. Third, certain enveloped viruses express an enzyme, hemagglutinin esterase (HE), that counteracts viral-RBC clumping. Notably, among betacoronaviruses, the common cold strains express HE while SARS-CoV-2, SARS-CoV-1 and MERS, the virulent strains, do not.

These hemagglutinating properties of SARS-COV-2 establish a framework for “catch and clump” induction of microvascular occlusion proposed here. Ultramicroscopic studies of tissues from COVID-19 patients indicate a key role for hemagglutination early and mid-course in COVID-19, before such clumps harden into clots via the coagulation cascade. Hemagglutination may be reversed by two anti-COVID-19 therapeutics that each competitively bind to SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, blocking such viral attachments.

One therapeutic is antiviral antibodies generated by vaccines, the anti-hemagglutination effect of which is exhibited in Jonas Salk’s hemagglutination inhibition assay. The other therapeutic is ivermectin (IVM), a drug of Nobel Prize honored distinction, distributed in 3.7 billion doses worldwide. In ten clinical trials, three with randomized controls, IVM yielded mortality reductions for COVID-19 of 90% at highest doses. IVM may limit virulence of SARS-CoV-2 by steric interference with multivalent spike protein attachments to SA binding sites, blocking hemagglutination, an effect likely to target mutant viral strains.



NOTE: In regards to IVM studies.

1) There may be little impact in a respiratory only infection, therefore taking it prophylactically may not help much in the respiratory phase if infected.

2) The real impact seems to be for those whose infections have moved into the vascular system.



TAE’s resident doctor John Day added this:

@Chooch: Lots of good work. I can see you are cut out for it. Ivermectin does, tremendously decrease infections when used prophylactically, depending on the dosage regimen. FLCCC increased dose and frequency recently, which should kick viral butt, but it’s a high ivermectin burn rate. Ivermectin has a very long half life intracellularly and you might not come across that. It helps keep COVID inside the cells from replicating, partly by blocking transit within the cell.

COVID in the nasopharynx is no big deal, a cold. When it gets into the lungs it jumps to the bloodstream and becomes a big deal, with micro-clotting. Vitamin-D stablilizes the endothelium. Ivermectin reduces the clot formation and a lot of cross-linking that contributes to it, and also inhibits virus getting into the cells. Once weekly or less ivermectin is mainly protecting inside the cells, whereas the twice weekly prophylaxis FLCCC now recommends is full protection in the bloodstream, too.

The virus takes about 5 days to incubate from inoculation to symptoms, but viral loads get high by day #3 post inoculation. Ivermectin twice per week really breaks that cycle, and prevents even nasopharyngeal viral loads from getting high. Ivermectin, even weekly, vitamin-D, a little zinc and quercetin should really be a giant COVID-Condom of protection.




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    Joaquin Sorolla Passeggiata sulla spiaggia (Walk on the beach) 1909     This is from regular Automatic Earth commenter “chooch”.  
    [See the full post at: Attack on Red Blood Cells]


    A question from the peanut gallery.
    Will a “nasal drip” and/or a “post-nasal drip” reduce the covid viral loan?


    Ok. Nice to have this all together.

    C19 n the blood messes with RBCs. It’s the C19 spikes that enable this.

    The vaccine causes just the spikes to be made. The spikes have no viral payload, can’t “infect,” but they will still bind. I watched part of the stew peters video posted yesterday, where the PhD “natural doctor” who likes squinting at blood through an optical microscope expressed her realization that after vaccination the blood under the microscope looked different. (I also noticed that the woman’s makeup looked like it had been carefully done by a paid makeup artist. She looked like doll. Did she pay someone to do that prior to the interview, or does she do it herself every day? Is she very vain? Or very insecure, needing a makeup mask?). Perhaps there is a relation to what she is seeing and what Chooch is describing here?



    She is not the real deal which is obvious from her website (I commented to michael reid on this last night). I am ok with her being my nurse but definitely not my doctor. When blood is drawn in a test tube, there is always some liquid chemical in the bottom so that it doesn’t clot on way to the lab. I doubt she even knows that. Anyway here is a proper video on what clotting blood looks like.

    Raul, thanks for putting that together. Much appreciated and humbled.

    Michael Reid


    I thought she looked pretty and I don’t think she is blind



    This Denninger piece references a nursing home in Spain where nasal rinse was used as part of their treatment protocol. Hard to tease out what aspects of the treatment contributed most to their success. I have used sinus rinse and don’t see much of a downside to it.


    Sinus rinse kits can be

    John Day

    Thanks Chooch. Good work!

    I’m glad you included my comment for timeline perspective.
    Messing with viral replication is a time-sensitive thing.
    I had a lot of work to do in the Austin vegetable garden this morning.
    It’s transition time, time to clean up browning vines (takes a long time to be careful with tomato vines) and plant fall/winter crops like garlic and sugar snap peas. We are still producing lots of okra and black-eyed “peas”.
    Eating some okra and about to bike to the clinic, here in my last month of service.




    Crazy as it may seem I do this when I get sick. I stumbled across this many years ago and it works well, but seriously make sure you don’t get blow back in the ear tubes if you attempt this. It’s called the flip turn flush. I have only been on oral antibiotics twice in my life (penicillin for kidney infection in grade school and zpak for sinus infection 20 years ago) Not sure how I would incorporate IVM.


    Also, following up with Xlear several times a day. This stuff is amazing in my experience.

    Xlear | Sinus Care


    John, that was Raul’s genius. I have learned much following the daily links, articles and the commentary provided by you and others.


    zero, lime,

    John Day knows which nasal spray is best. Also include regular mouthwash.

    Michael Reid


    The video is from a physician in the USA that ran complete blood work on his patient

    Before Jab (normal)

    After first Jab (immune system activated) killer T cells way up

    After second Jab (immune system exhausted) cells activated to clean up tissue damage, killer T cells way too low


    From the 2011 Rothschild disclosure: “If the OTHER is delegated responsibility to create YOUR reality, and does so…and that reality is in some (or many) ways detrimental to your well-being, or the well-being of your bloodlines, to whom does the “blame” correctly reside? If KARMA is a perfectly objective adjudicator of fact, where would the “blame” lie? Are you responsible for the outcome of your choices?
    Note, as I have stated many times before(!) that there is ALWAYS an “escape” mechanism to any situation, no matter how “impossible” the situation seems! Note also that in some cases and situations, the advancement of one bloodline can be symbiotic and beneficial to the both. Although fair disclosure insists I inform you that ours has a long and distinguished history of taking the “lions share” in any such exchange!
    Laughing out loud!”
    As far as the “end-of-the-line” scenario, our hands are CLEAN. That seems to be the point you are missing. NATURAL LAW operates under the precepts and conditions of NATURAL LAW….NOT what you or others suppose it is…or bad information you may have received along the way! You need to understand the true nature of things to understand how to conduct your “business”. It’s just that simple!
    Take an honest look at your life and choices, and seek to identify how YOU may exploit others to your (or your bloodlines) benefit. As the Bible admonishes, Don’t worry about the fly ash in the eye of your neighbor when you have a post in your own eye.”


    Ignore your debt-based money rulers and their ideology at your own risk!
    “Think upon a few simple facts, easily verifiable!
    1) You have manifest in a human form, with a unique blood “signature”, and there are others with whom this “signature” is shared. For simplicity, I refer to these collectives as “Bloodlines”
    2) Generally speaking, and as per the operation of NATURAL LAW, each of these bloodlines, while sharing certain similarities, also have profoundly unique characteristics.
    3) Each of these bloodlines, currently manifest, have “evolved” (for lack of a better word, and used to convey understanding within the scope of your limited framework) under the stresses and formative pressures as per the operations of NATURAL LAW. Using your incorrect time-frame reference, you think of it as having “descended” from your bloodline elders..that you are the latest in a long line of similarly situated “likes”.
    4) The fact that YOU and YOUR BLOODLINE are presently manifest, would SUGGEST that your BLOODLINE has, generally speaking, demonstrated something close to PARITY in its ability to adapt, as NATURAL LAW demands, with all other bloodlines presently MANIFEST.
    5) In the sense SURVIVAL might be seen as the OBJECTIVE, I would present for your consideration that the element of SURVIVAL is DIGITAL…on or off…one or zero. You have survived, or you haven’t!
    6) Within the definition of SURVIVAL, humans have adopted the convention of RELATIVE COMFORT, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and other such theories and philosophies (which, by the way, are based on commonalities of observation but FAIL to rise to the level of NATURAL LAW). RELATIVE COMFORT, in contrast, would be considered as ANALOG in nature. In that there are infinite points between the extremes of one or zero! Look at TESLA’s A/C sine wave and then observe the numerous CYCLES observable in NATURE. SINE WAVE!
    7) Even the most thick-headed sot can grasp that RELATIVE COMFORT is less relevant that SURVIVAL. Presently, in the secure womb and comfort of your PARENTS BASEMENT, concerns of survival are not in the forefront of your mind! Per Maslow, you thus crave the creature comforts you associate with female companionship…and are not so dimwitted that you don’t understand female companionship, in light of your numerous perceived DEFECTS, requires FIAT as a prerequisite to such companionship! You have been trained, and respond to FIAT like a salivating dog! “If only I had that ILLUSIVE FIAT” zippy thinks! Or does he?
    Think, that is!
    Laughing out Loud!
    8) As I have explained numerous times, and as most now understand, FIAT is illusory! Illusory! It only obtains “VALUE” when the subjugated masses consent (freely, by the way) to its use. Certain of OTHERS (to you) benefit by the use as a fraction of the total usage…that fraction having been determined in harmony with the LAWS OF NATURE!
    Laughing out Loud!
    In the most, and perhaps only, truly important category…which is DIGITAL! YOU are on parity with all other BLOODLINES presently MANIFESTING!
    Although you are too dim-witted to do so, I nevertheless suggest you take a SKILL-SET INVENTORY to determine how you and your similarly dim-witted “ancestors” have managed to survive and adapt to the numerous changes which have transpired! Much as a POLITICIAN must maintain its political BASE, make sure and take care to hone your BLOODLINES particular SURVIVAL SKILL SET (s^3).
    Your perception that you are a LOSER, while perhaps VALID in certain respects…perhaps ALL RESPECTS…should be carefully scrutinized by you. For example, what are the characteristics you so ADMIRE in other bloodlines? And from what traits springs this admiration?
    From what I can decipher from your gibberish, you have a great desire and lust for FIAT!. Of the priceless gifts I have offered you (should you possess sufficient intelligence to warrant such a gift as demonstrated by your ability to ASK the correct question–which, sadly, you have FAILED to do). Concurrently, you understand on some level that FIAT does not exist and, thus, is a FRAUD in the most profound sense of the word.
    You seek the keys to a KINGDOM which does not exist! All the time possessing your own KINGDOM which you are too blind to even see.
    And, ironically, your blindness was self induced!
    But let’s continue on, shall we?
    What have we deduced?
    1) In the traits which matter, you are on equal footing with other bloodlines
    2) You are seeking, chasing, a MIRAGE…thinking if you can only obtain that WHICH DOES NOT EXIST..that you can then begin your QUEST.
    3) Unbeknownst to you, your QUEST is well underway and you are QUESTING in your parents BASEMENT and investing your DROPS in unproductive ventures…creating imaginary windmills with which to tilt!
    4) Your PLAN A is to enlist the uncompensated and asymmetrical SUPPORT of a COMPETING BLOODLINE…your proposal is to have that bloodline disclose the knowledge they possess from timeless effort and using the guile and wit they, themselves, had developed within the SUPPORT OF NATURE!
    Here is what I propose to you (in addition to those suggestions already made!)
    1) Embrace the American (colloquial) expression:
    2) Decide if you intend to end your bloodline. If so, HAVE A NICE DAY. If not, continue on to point #3.
    3) I suspect that you have little respect within your bloodline sphere. I suggest you do an honest assessment of where you are in that regard and begin by re-establishing your non existent credibility with an eye towards growing into a leadership role within your bloodline.
    I suggest you take that inventory and begin by addressing your parents. DO they see you as a loser?
    Perhaps a LETTER? Yes, a LETTER!
    Dear Mom and Dad (you might begin)
    First of all, I would like to express my thanks to you both for all the sacrifices, worry and effort you have invested in my rearing and upbringing. As I have matured, I can see more clearly that the responsibility of raising children is a difficult, and often thankless job. Too often I have taken you both for granted and for that, I am sorry.
    The support you have afforded me has allowed me to reassess my life and to realize that I have much work to do personally to grow into the type of man I want to be. As a result, I have decided to do the following:
    (perhaps list a few goals…education, new job, whatever you visualize your next best move to make)
    (Add if you are fat)
    You have likely noticed that I have gained weight during my tenure in your basement. Effective immediately, I am adopting a new eating regimen which will eliminate all meats and adopt a primarily raw vegan diet. Please be aware, that the time I have been inactive in your basement, I have in fact been researching many things and I now realize that my poor diet has negatively affected my ability to function. As I regain my vigor and life force, I will have the energy and drive I need to accomplish the above goals.
    I am indebted to you both for your help. I would like to begin to repay this debt by doing the following tasks on a weekly basis:
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    As you appear to lack writing skills, I would be happy to assist you in this regard, and also help you set reasonable goals. Other on here will likely have helpful suggestions!
    I will walk with you, zippy, during your transition and assist where appropriate.
    I would further suggest that you pay heed to these.”


    Good but complex stuff, thanks Chooch! Reminds me of a medcram from last year, talking about vitamin D’s role in endothelial function and repair

    I also recall another video (hypothesis) talking about Vitamin D’s mechanism in counter-acting ARS-COV2 neagtive affect on blood pressure regulation (kidney). Either MedCram or Dr Been, but i cannot find it.


    Siliac acid is related to the copper transport protein ceruloplasmin as well. Yes, it translates into “blue blood,” and the Rothschild addressed copper status thusly…
    “Higher copper is relevant and a factor from the environment of early development of the Rh-‘s.”
    ~Rothschild of the blood type A-minus clan (and at the top of it, or so they think)

    I highly recommend anyone who cares about their oxidative stress status (the root cause of inflammation) look into what Morley Robbins has found in the scientific literature. Bio-copper (copper packaged in its transport protein) is CRITICAL, yet never mentioned… even to doctors.
    Cytochrome c oxidase is powered by copper (delivered safely via ceruloplasmin), and Mg-ATP can’t be produced without sufficient copper. If oxygen can’t cleanly be converted into water and ADP, the precursor for ATP (which must be mated with Mg to function!), OXIDANTS ARE PRODUCED, and this drives cellular inflammation, which drives tissue inflammation, which drives organ inflammation, which drives the entire medical industrial complex!
    Copper, if ceruloplasmin-bound copper can deliver it, also activates all your enzymatic anti-oxidants. SOD, glutathione peroxidase, polyphenol oxidase, etc… all require copper delivered by ceruloplasmin-bound copper.
    And, if that wasn’t enough, ceruloplasmin-bound copper also expresses as ferroxidase, which act s a an iron redox agent that regulates iron recycling, which is a big deal because literal metallic iron filings were added to the food supply beginning in 1941. This creates a tsunami of iron against a depleted copper status… oxidative stress increases, inflammation increases, medical industrial complex profits increase…

    And, no, anemia is NOT systemic low iron, it is low iron in the blood. That’s it. Morley believes the data is clear… almost every, if not every, case of anemia is due to chronic inflammation caused by chronic inflammation due to excess oxidative stress caused by too much iron stuck in the tissues because too little ferro-oxidase enzyme is present to facilitate the iron recycling process.

    Now, envision what a macrophage will do when it ts lysosome (stomach) is loaded to the gills with ferrous iron and it is trying to function correctly. Why is it loaded with ferrous iron? Because transferrin, the iron transport protein that recycles iron back to where it can be made into more blood, can’t carry ferrous iron. It has to carry ferric iron. And ceruloplasmin-bound copper expressing as ferro-oxidase enzyme is required to flip ferrous iron into ferric iron.

    Got copper? The BLUE BLOODS do!


    Vitamin D status is a wholly rigged game. They only measure storage D (caclidiol), not active D (calcitriol).
    How do you know low storage D translates into low active D? That’s right, you don’t. You ASSUME it. And you ASSUME WRONG, at least in many cases. Low storage D often correlates to high active D, and active D is high because of an INFLAMMATORY STATE caused by excessive oxidative stress.
    Guess what? The D supplement promotes that increased oxidation!
    Why? There are two main reasons. D supps turbocharge calcium, and calcium is a magnesium antagonist. Do you know what they look for in heart scans? It isn’t saturated fat. It is CALCIUM! It turns out that magnesium regulates every facet of calcium metabolism, but too much calcium BLOCKS MAGNESIUM ABSORPTION. You will get what we are getting. Always ingest more magnesium than calcium away from calcium, and get your calcium from food sources. There may be rare exceptions, but they are outliers. Yes, I’m a type B blood type and a recovering dairy addict.
    Second, nature reveals that for every part D there is 10 parts retinol. Research shows hormone D supps deplete retinol from the blood and the liver.
    Remember ceruloplasmin-bound copper discussed in a prior post? ATP7B is the enzyme that loads copper atoms into ceruloplasmin to fully activate it. ATP7B is energized by two key nutrients — magnesium and retinoic acid. If your retinoic acid levels are low due to D supplements, then your ceruloplasmin-bound copper will be low, oxygen combustion in cytochrome c oxidase will be “dirty,” and iron will go rogue as it builds up in your tissues where doctors ARE NOT TRAINED TO LOOK.

    You either know “natural law,” or you will suffer the consequences of your ignorance. I try to share “natural law,” but very few people seem to be able to discern the value.
    As Rothschild puts it, people love their “beautiful lies.”

    PS — There was a reason your ancestors almost certainly ate organ meats. They are very high in copper and bio-copper because they are very energy intensive (copper top battery, get it… needed for energy production). It is likely those families that rejected such high copper foods simply went extinct due to dirty oxygen combustion and low cellular Mg-ATP production.
    It would be a form of insanity to believe we can do what didn’t work before, and expect different results, right?
    Yes, I have learned to eat nose to tail, and pretty much avoid the muscle meat. Heart is easy — tastes like meat. High in copper. Liver is a bit harder, but I acclimated. It is high in retinol and copper. Goat brain is actually easy to eat when you mix in a bite with some eggs over medium on toast — just get over the Hannibal Lector programming… lol

    TAE Summary

    The Body Politic: Comparing How Covid Has Affected Individuals and the Nation

    * The virus was designed and will make some people very rich
    – Many of our societal problems were designed and are making some people very rich

    * You probably don’t know who you caught Covid from
    – We don’t really know where Covid came from

    * We catch it from others; It is airborne
    – We caught it from abroad; It was air travel

    * You may have it without knowing
    – We had it as early as May 2019 but didn’t know it

    * Underlying health conditions synergistically interact with Covid; They make Covid worse and Covid makes them worse
    – The underlying problems in the US economy have synergistically interacted with Covid; Economic problems have made our Covid response worse and our Covid response has made the economy worse

    * Covid is blamed for many illnesses which are not Covid
    – Covid is blamed for many existing governmental and societal problems which were there before Covid

    * The proper response to Covid would focus on keeping people healthy
    – The proper national response to Covid would include keeping the economy and society healthy

    * Naturally immunity is the best defense against Covid, especially in the young
    – Letting the young develop natural immunity should have been part of our response against Covid

    * The vaccines suppress natural immunity
    – The vaccine rollout suppressed all other possible treatments of Covid

    * The standard of care is that if you get Covid, do little until you are severely ill
    – Our national response was to do little useful until we reached crisis levels

    * If you ignore early treatment and you get Covid and go to the hospital it may bankrupt you
    – Because we have ignored early treatment our Covid response may bankrupt us as a nation

    * Once in the hospital you are stripped of your control and rights and your family is not allowed in
    – Our nation’s Covid response has been to strip us of our control and rights and separate us from our families

    * Covid starts in the lungs but when it crosses to the blood is when it becomes truly dangerous
    – Covid started as a medical problem but when it crossed into politics is when it became truly dangerous

    * There are two stages of Covid; The first is mild but if it progresses to the second you are in trouble
    – Nationally we started with promises that two weeks would flatten the curve, that washing hands and masks would stop the virus, that the vaccine would end it all; We have progressed to stage two: supposed more deadly variants, vaccine mandates, continual booster shots, firings from jobs, military involvement and talk of civil war

    * The vaccines were supposed to be safe and effective with no side effects; Instead they cause autoimmune disorders where your body attacks its own cells
    – The vaccines were supposed to rid us of Covid; Instead they have caused us to attack each other

    * Covid can cause permanent negative side effects
    – Our Covid response will have permanent negative societal side effects

    * As vaccines fail the response is to insist on more of the same as boosters
    – As policies fail the response is to insist on more of the same policies

    * As systems in the body fail, more and more draconian measures are taken the last of which is to put you on a machine which controls how you breathe
    – As systems in society start to fail more and more draconian measure are taken the last of which is to subject you to the machine that controls everything

    * Once you get to being forced to breathe, death soon follows; This can be avoided by intervening and giving the patient treatments that will save their life; Such interventions require immense courage and extraordinary measures
    – Once we are being forced and controlled in everything only an intervention will save us; Such an intervention will require immense courage and extraordinary measures

    Michael Reid


    Thank you for the benefit of eating organ meats. I had moose heart that mom cooked a couple weeks ago that was delicious and makes the best gravy. I enjoy the liver, kidneys and tongue which is my favourite. I also have brains that I have been reserving for hide tanning but I may prepare one into a pate like my grandmother has done in the past. We recently defrosted the freezer and discovered three additional hearts probably because my girlfriend thinks it is disgusting. Now I have reason to make it a more regular part of my diet. My blood is type A


    How to make your own quercetin:

    Find a Sophora Japonica tree, commonly known as Japanese pagoda tree. The Global Biodiversity Information Facility is a useful resource for this, as is an android app called Pl@ntNet.

    Put 0.1g of dried, milled to 1mm size flower buds from the tree in a sealed container with 7ml water, then put that container in a pressure cooker. Cook for one hour, then cool the container under running water to room temperature. Filter the contents. The remaining liquid should contain something like 0.2g of quercetin per gram of liquid. I’m guessing you’ll get something like 1.4g of quercetin total. I don’t see why scaling up to 10g buds and 700ml water wouldn’t work, for 140g quercetin. This is all from a paper titled “Extraction of Rutin and Quercetin Antioxidants from the Buds of Sophora Japonica (Sophora japonica L.) by Subcritical Water”.

    I’ve yet to do this myself, but learnt about it because I’ve been taking quercetin for getting on for a year now, and discovered that it has helped me a lot with an inflammatory gut condition. I didn’t know that inflammation was the cause of my problem until taking the quercetin, so I’m in the odd but happy position of being healthier thanks to covid. I want to start making my own quercetin, as the issue I have has troubled since being a small child, and I notice that if I stop taking quercetin, it begins to return. The tree buds in mid-summer, typically July in a Mediterranean climate.

    Dr. D



    John Day knows which nasal spray is best. Also include regular mouthwash.

    Mouthwash: The FLCCC recommendation is that it should contain cetylpyridinium chloride or chlorhexidine. The former is more common.

    Nasal drops: The FLCCC recommendation is to use 1% povidone-iodine nasal drops if you can find them. They can be hard to find. It is easier to find 10% povidone-iodine solution. You can use this, but you must dilute it down to 1% with distilled or boiled water.

    Michael Reid

    @ Boogaloo

    If everything goes to hell I don’t think we will be worried about nasal spray


    @Michael Reid

    Ha! If everything goes to hell, that might be the only OTC anti-viral product you can buy.

    Seriously, they claim that there is data indicating that using povidone-iodine nasal drops in the nasal passages may reduce the risk of hospitalization. I am not sure how compelling the data is, but a bottle of 10% povidone-iodine where I live costs about a dollar. I have it in my medicine cabinet, and will try that if and when I ever develop symptoms. Can’t hurt.

    Veracious Poet


    As far as the “end-of-the-line” scenario, our hands are CLEAN. That seems to be the point you are missing. NATURAL LAW operates under the precepts and conditions of NATURAL LAW….NOT what you or others suppose it is…or bad information you may have received along the way! You need to understand the true nature of things to understand how to conduct your “business”. It’s just that simple!
    Take an honest look at your life and choices, and seek to identify how YOU may exploit others to your (or your bloodlines) benefit. As the Bible admonishes, Don’t worry about the fly ash in the eye of your neighbor when you have a post in your own eye.

    This is a very different “Natural Law” theorum than what John Locke created & the Sons of Liberty seized to expel King & Parliament & then use to create the ORIGINAL United States of America.

    That entire “2011 Rothschild disclosure” is purely fictitious dreck written by some poseur to mess with weak minds & jerk around conspira-addicts.

    A member of the Rothschild dynasty would NEVER break rank like that ~ Did you know that during WWII neither the Allies or Nazis EVER set foot on the Rothschild’s French country estate?

    In fact, there was a radius of several miles around it for ALL combatants, that is a fact you’ll have a hard time sourcing online, but I saw documentation years ago that confirmed it, from several U$ WWII combat officers.

    Fund both sides of the conflict, always Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner!!!

    That’s how much power the banksters have, especially the Rothschilds.

    But I will say there is a lot of that truth mixed in that fastasical fabrication.

    Natural law requires stict responsibility + liability to function, otherwise it is null & void as soon subverted by sociopaths that lie to the sheeple to monopolize centers or wealth & power…

    The United Sheeple of America have chosen a chicken-in-every-pot that has now transmorgified into a needle-for-every-arm.

    It is inevitable that the wolves would consume the sheep, who rejected the wise counsel & protection of the sheep dogs, that the infinite provided to protect them…

    Misidentifying the threat makes you part of the threat, an unknowing accomplice.


    @Dr. D.
    I saw Fantastic Voyage as a kid at the drive in when it first came out. I always wished I could tear antibodies off Raquel Welch.

    John Day

    OTC COVID Rxs, Azelastin to Zinc
    (Azelastin nasal spray is “approved” for OTC sales. Povidone iodine is cheap and readily available in reality.

    (Astepro).​ I​ admit that I am stretching a bit to include this as OTC, but it is approved as such. I would spray it up both nostrils twice per day​ ASAP.
    ​ ​The 0.15% strength of azelastine nasal spray is now approved for nonprescription treatment of rhinitis – a common allergy to pollens, dust mites, mold and more — in adults and children 6 years of age or older, the agency said. The 0.1% strength remains a prescription product for younger children.

    Azelastin, hydroxyzine and diphenhydramine were found to inhibit SARS-CoV-2 replication in cell cultures. They are available​ antihistamines​.
    Among the three medications, azelastine was found to inhibit the SARS-CoV-2 virus at a dose that was smaller than the amount prescribed as a nasal spray. The other two antihistamines required higher drug concentrations than currently recommended dosing levels to achieve antiviral activity in cells.


    John Day
    OTC COVID Rxs, Azelastin to Zinc just joined my bookmarks


    @ thetrivium
    The writer of those passages sounds like he presents with a cluster b personality disorder….


    @Veracious Poet — The Rothschild character explained exactly WHY they believe such a document HAD to be posted, yet you claim they would never do this. How do you know — precisely? Did they tell you?
    Or are you IMAGINING it for some emotionally satisfying reason?
    Did you read the whole thing? It appears not.
    “He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is folly and shame unto him.”
    ~Proverbs 18:13
    Instead of providing any actual EVIDENCE, you ad hominem attack.
    Why was that? Did you find logical lying to be emotionally satisfying?
    Why would that be?
    Your projection, though, is quite accurate — but I suspect you will never be able to comprehend why — simply because you don’t want to.
    “Real education must ultimately be limited to men who insist on knowing, the rest is mere sheep-herding.”
    ~Ezra Pound
    “There is natural ignorance and there is artificial ignorance. I should say at the present moment the artificial ignorance is about eighty-five per cent.”
    ~Ezra Pound

    Should you actually read the document to discern its authenticity, and would like to debate actual points in the document itself, I’d be happy to do it.
    The guy is right in what in what he says — and that’s ultimately what matters.
    For example, the stock market is designed to eliminate access to fiat money, and YOUR HOME, VEHICLE AND LAND are collateral for $40 trillion in debt, but the Rothschilds and Royals have allodial title for their properties and ARE NOT ON THE PROPERTY TAX ROLLS AT ALL.
    All true!
    Project away if it makes you feel better, but your lack of contract knowledge has enslaved you, and the author of this document believes you to be a CRETIN for such ignorance!

    “Deprogramming is common…the norm. Why do you think so much is invested in the “education” system and media “programming”. Those who are evolving faster are ostracized by their own…held back… instead of being “groomed” to become the teachers and leaders of “their people”. Who among you have not seen THIS dynamic at work…perhaps in your own lives!
    Children, even Rh+, have great powers of perception and much latent “power”. Some are able to “activate” and represent the evolutionary force at work. HOW they activate, and to what end, is cause for great and continuing speculation.
    The evolutionary process is “known”, but also a wildcard. Bloodlines are genetic “purifications” at work and span centuries. As with crops, a wild seed blowing at the wrong time can wreck havoc on the most carefully laid “plans”.
    This is why control is so very necessary.”
    ~A Rothschild

    “Look at the stock market. The objective is to get the worthless fiat out of the serfs hands, not make a profit!
    Why would those who own the fiat creation have to work to get more! Silly!
    The market exists to get worthless fiat out of the hands of the little people, and for no other reason. And it is very easy to do. Think about how the markets work!”

    “I would advise those so inclined to listen that their bloodlines are, today, in great danger of mass extinction! Mass number of bloodlines, that is to say.
    Of course, many would say I was a cocaine addict or highly intelligent neurotic, or some such…
    Laughing out loud!”

    “Public spectacle of the type to which you refer are known as PCE’s…Perception Changing Events! Designed to modify the humans flimsy perceptions of REALITY to realize a specific objective or objectives.

    NOTE THAT ANIMALS COULD CARE LESS ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED, or DIDN’T HAPPEN IN NYC! I have already stated many times the so called financial markets are a complete FABRICATION! So their collapse, or rise, is by definition, STAGED! The creation and dissolution of wealth which never existed in REALITY!
    Laughing out Loud!
    PCE’s don’t work outside of the human circle!
    Laughing out LOUD!
    As the magician “tricks” by telling the audience where to focus attention, and, by extension where NOT to look…so the PCE’s occur for specific reasons and desired outcomes.
    THESE PCE’s are not the issue! It is the “grinding” which is taking place without respite that is causing your inevitable demise! Catherine Austin Fitts describes this “methodology” as the “slow burn”. Her advice, limited as it is, deserves consideration to those mired in the “present” reality.
    You have heard about the frog in the pot as the water is slowly brought to tempest!
    What distracts you are only circuses! The “death” is all around you and never sleeps. You need only open your eyes to see what your fate holds and estimate, with some precision, the exact circumstances of your demise….if that, for some reason is important to you!
    Laughing out Loud!
    Would your efforts not be better spent avoiding such a fate?
    Do you constantly look for exploding airplanes and crashing buildings?
    Sad lot, really!
    Has this been clear enough for you?
    As to the rest, I have challenged the serfs to tell me what the next big thing is…the post FIAT reality coming soon to your domicile!
    Laughing out Loud!
    If you know what is coming, you can properly prepare and…PERHAPS…cheat your fate!
    And I have committed to tell those who correctly answer, if they are, in fact, correct!
    Best deal ever!”

    “Actually, religion has historically served a very useful purpose…very useful indeed!
    However, all good things must come to an end when something more effective is developed!
    Laughing out Loud!
    FIAT has also been a useful religion, but it, too, will shortly be replaced as the PRIMARY method of control.
    You appear to be an enlightened CHAP. What, pray tell, is the NEXT BIG THING in a post-fiat world?
    Laughing out Loud!
    It has been lost on many the significance of the (financial) attack upon GREECE, birthplace of WESTERN CIVILIZATION!
    Laughing out Loud!”

    “Mr Turkey, the International Banking system is a wonder! Study it and learn how its tentacles grow and spread across the earth! Silently and without respite. Whom do you suppose created this? Your local government?
    Laughing out loud!!
    It has created the appearance of wealth for a generation! Many have received benefit and many have suffered. Of course, it is all illusion and based on faith.
    The international monetary system is the one true religion of humanity. No small feat?”
    ~A Rothschild

    @Veracious Poet — go ahead and make an argument that any of what he said is not true, that is, if you can even comprehend what he’s alluding to. If you can’t, I’m here to help, but now that you’ve ad hominemed, your ego almost certainly is stuck in your current ignorant declarations…
    As the Rothschild said…
    “money….MONEY??? There ain’t no stinking money. there is only POWER, and ILLUSION.”

    “Look to the LAWS OF NATURE and your understanding of HUMAN NATURE…and by that I mean how humans ACTUALLY react to various stimuli…not the BEAUTIFUL LIES they tell themselves and others!”

    “There was a Second Revolution in 1871. It was not won through force of arms, but through force of insight into how to control public opinion.”
    ~John Taylor Gatto

    You readily admit that “natural law” isn’t “natural.” Therefore, the name leads to confusion, and YOU are confused because you can’t “name a thing correctly.”
    The Rothschilds are under no such limitation… “Natural law” is what comes “naturally.” Duh!
    “Look to the LAWS OF NATURE and your understanding of HUMAN NATURE…and by that I mean how humans ACTUALLY react to various stimuli…not the BEAUTIFUL LIES they tell themselves and others!”
    The falsely named “natural law,” which is NOT natural, is a BEAUTIFUL LIE… and you are a victim of it. And this person you disparage knows more about this aspect of YOUR mind than YOU DO!
    Why? Because he studies ACTUAL NATURAL LAW — that’s why they control the world, and that’s why you are on the hook for $40 trillion in governmental debt, and your home, land, and vehicles are COLLATERAL.
    But, hey, keep telling yourself your own BEAUTIFUL LIE and keep making decisions, not on logically assembled relevant data, but on EMOTIONS. That’s the TICKET that got us here… might as well ride that EMO-pony all the way!


    The writer of those passages sounds like he presents with a cluster b personality disorder….

    — Understand that the author of this is engaged in financing global genocide, yet believes his family is completely innocent in the eyes of the God!
    Would you expect such a person to be integrated in a healthy way? The subject of narcissism came up, and he did appear a bit sensitive to it. But their narcissism is different — it is BLOODLINE centric, not individual centric like so many people they’ve been able to poison with metallic iron filings added to the food supply since 1941 (and in accordance with the Daniel 2:43 prophecy).
    He’s very clear — there is is THEIR BLOODLINE, and everyone else is COMPETITION TO BE DEFEATED.
    Rothschild == red shield == BLOODLINE DEFENDER

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