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Leonardo da Vinci Lady with an Ermine c. 1489-91



There’s something mightily ironic in me getting sick to my stomach when I read about sadistic experiments on puppies by Fauci et al, while at the same time recognizing it’s the same thing that he – and they- have been doing to the America people for 20 months now. Sadism rules under the guise of The Science, faithfully covered by the media, and spread to 200 million Americans, let alone the much larger numbers worldwide.

I don’t have the stomach for this, really, I’ve been literally sick about it all day, but I can’t not talk about it either.



If it wasn’t yet clear to everyone that the top of the American healthcare system is populated by profoundly sick people, it should be now. First, Anthony Fauci and the NIH have for years been funding experiments, carried out abroad because they are illegal under US law, on making viruses 10,000 times more dangerous.

Turns out, they also fund other experiments in which little beagle puppies are being injected with parasites and/or eaten alive by sandflies. That their vocal chords are cut first so the “scientists” who conduct the experiments don’t have to hear their expressions of pain is a lovely detail. This should make any human sick to their stomachs.


Bipartisan Letter Demands Answers From Fauci On Cruel Puppy Experiments

The White Coat Waste Project, the nonprofit organization that first pointed out that U.S. taxpayers were being used to fund the controversial Wuhan Institute of Virology, have now turned its sights on Anthony Fauci on another animal-testing-related matter — infecting dozens of beagles with disease-causing parasites to test an experimental drug on them. [..] White Coat Waste claims that 44 beagle puppies were used in a Tunisia, North Africa, laboratory, and some of the dogs had their vocal cords removed, allegedly so scientists could work without incessant barking.

“Our investigators show that Fauci’s NIH division shipped part of a $375,800 grant to a lab in Tunisia to drug beagles and lock their heads in mesh cages filled with hungry sand flies so that the insects could eat them alive,” “They also locked beagles alone in cages in the desert overnight for nine consecutive nights to use them as bait to attract infectious sand flies.”


However, while those who are still halfway awake in the Covid propaganda campaign may think these experiments are immoral, unscientific, and should have the perpetrators, including Fauci, fired and prosecuted, that is just half the story.

Some may even wonder what other animals are being tortured by this class of sadists, and why are they not being locked up too? But you would still be missing the point by a mile and a half.

Because there is an experiment just like the one with the puppies going on right now, same sadism, same cruelty, only this time on human beings, and also directed by the same Fauci-led crowd. It’s the Covid vaccine campaign. Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche once again explained (part of) this yesterday:


Why Are The Current Covid-19 Mass Vaccinations To Be Considered A Public Health Experiment

First, there is no precedent to the use of non-replicating viral vaccines in mass vaccination campaigns conducted during a pandemic, or even epidemic, of a highly mutable virus. The challenge of such an undertaking becomes even more difficult as more infectious antigenic variants had already been circulating by the time the first mass vaccination campaigns were initiated (i.e., Alpha, Beta, and Gamma variants). Their spread was featured by distinct temporal and geographic patterns, the underlying mechanism of which was not understood. Prior to the start of this universal vaccination program no single publication existed that came even close to suggesting that mass vaccinations using vaccines that permit transmission could be successful in extinguishing a pandemic of a highly mutable virus.

No such publication exists to this day, and the idea becomes even more preposterous when considering several infectious variants had already expanded in prevalence by the time the vaccines were rolled out. There is ample evidence from similarly highly mutable RNA viruses like Influenza virus and Enterovirus that expansion in prevalence of antigenic variants is driven by selective immune pressure on viral infectiousness exerted by antibodies, and that antigenic variation diminishes or even abolishes the protective neutralization capacity of Influenza virus or Enterovirus vaccines directed at a specific antigenic lineage.

I know that most people will say these things are completely different, but then most people are fully under the spell of the fear narrative, born anew 24/7 every single day in the media, in politics and in the utterly corrupted health care field.

We can know this because Fauci has incessantly lied about funding gain of function research, including to Congress. Which is a crime, by the way. Fauci has just as incessantly lied about the effectiveness of the vaccines, about infectiousness, transmission, protection from severe illness, and, finally, death. All Fauci has ever done is lie. And he’s America’s national doctor!

These UK numbers tell that story loud and clear:



The vaccines don’t protect, they instead spread disease; that’s what those numbers say. A pandemic of the vaccinated. All of the vaccine mandates do that too. Chances are that a few months from now, or maybe a year, who shall say, we will be forced to recognize that the lucky people in this will be the ones who were never jabbed. But today the mandates keep getting stronger and more doctors and nurses and pilots and what have you, are pushed out of their jobs, crippling society ever more.

Because everyone MUST be part of the same (kind of) experiment as the beagle puppies. But it has nothing to do with science. It’s just sadism. It’s Joseph Mengele 2.0. Sure, you can learn something from inhumane experiments on animals and people – Mengele did, after all. But that doesn’t mean such experiments should be conducted.

That the experiments on puppies constitute torture is easier for people today to understand, and to protest against, than that the vaccine campaign does, too, on people. But they are really the same thing. You just have to look at who’s behind each of them, and the so-called science they’re based on.

In the case of the puppies, the sadists feel free to do whatever they wish. Because it’s secret, nobody’s looking. In the case of hundreds of millions of humans, it’s a bit more complicated. But a strong media narrative, as we know now, can work miracles.

You tell people that a substance is safe to inject into their bodies, and they line up to be injected. That there are no safety data anywhere near as “scientific” as anything we used to demand until now, doesn’t matter. You tell them it’s safe, and they believe you. Because they are afraid, of a virus, of lockdowns, of anything that could be added on top of what they already experienced.

Pfizer came out with another report that said their boosters are 95% safe the other day. And nobody asks: for how long? Here’s the thing: you can count that in weeks, maybe -but only maybe- in months. And they will never tell you that your body is becoming more of a spike protein factory with each subsequent booster.

When they call for number 3, they don’t talk about number 4. That comes a few months later. Because you might ask questions if they talk about number 8 right now, just like you might have asked about number 3 when getting number 1.

Meanwhile, the distance between the booster shots narrows, and you’re trapped. Unless maybe when you get vitamin D, zinc, ivermectin, HCQ. But the latter are no longer available in most places. Your only escape has been cut off as well. Drugs that could have saved your life are beyond your reach now.

You are a beagle puppy, drugged and tied down. Prepare to be eaten alive. In your case, by the vaccines.

PS: If Fauci still has a job tomorrow morning, you know it’s you against all of them. They don’t care about you one bit. You’re a puppy, bred to follow your master . What do you mean untested vaccines? We’re testing them as we speak!




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    Leonardo da Vinci Lady with an Ermine c. 1489-91     There’s something mightily ironic in me getting sick to my stomach when I read about sa
    [See the full post at: Puppies, Sadists and Vaccines]


    Fauci is a Mengelemaniac- in case you didn’t see it earlier.
    I mentioned a long time back that Fauci was evil- I remembered his manipulations during the AIDS days. Fear-mongering, pitting one group against another, withholding effective medications to push his own deadly poisons, and promising a “vaccine” that would save us all from “HIV”- a virus we would all catch eventually if we didn’t hurry up and give him gobs of money to fund it.
    I don’t like the death penalty, but for a serial mass murderer, I can make an exception.


    In those mid-eighties, my beagle, Huckleberry, ran out the door on a stormy night. We never found him, but a news story a few days later mentioned that people had been hired by research labs to kidnap “stray” dogs (wearing ID and a red bandana!) for “research” purposes. We lived in a suburb outside of Chicago, but I still blamed Fauci. I really hated the guy. Now more than ever.
    Vivisection sucks.


    Fauci Verdict Guilty- Sentenced to Death by Lethal injection.

    Hilary Clinton, War Criminal, chokes to death on a bag of dicks.

    All Politicians supporting Vax passports prepare to “hangout” together with their families at the Mussolini lamp Post- they are mercifully allowed to choose the piano wire thickness.

    Yes Love is powerful- when it is you getting Raped, and your family and friends raped- and told it is for your own good, safety and protection to be raped and beaten- Responses other than a loving hug come to mind.

    In fact it would be a loving compassionate gesture to rid the planet of the destructive scum ruining life for all-


    What Money Power Puppet Clinton is NOT telling you is that all those unethical people he’s criticizing were promoted, and some probably had lavish jobs while Clinton was President.

    The Money Power just loves to mock the gullible masses!

    Maxwell Quest

    “All Fauci has ever done is lie. And he’s America’s national doctor!”

    This point came up during the Sunday morning call with my parents. “How is he able to keep his job when all his policies have been a disaster, and everything he says is lie?”, was the question they asked. I replied that there are people more powerful than Fauci that want him there. They know all about the failures, deaths, injuries, ruined businesses, suicides, etc., but they just don’t care.

    Why don’t they care? Because their focus is on something much larger than the pandemic. The pandemic is a side-show distraction compared to what they are attempting to accomplish – the complete reorganization of society based on the establishment of a global AI-assisted surveillance technocracy. Did you think that the breakdown of national borders and sovereignty over the past decade was accidental?

    There are a thousand Fauci’s occupying key positions in politics, media, central banks, NGO’s, and so-called billionaire charitable foundations. And all whisper to each other “Hail Hydra” in their secret meetings and halls of power. They’ve all signed up to the same ideology and goals. Convince me that I’m wrong. That these are all just coincidences. That it’s only a pharma money grab. That the BLM movement was grass-roots, and pallets of bricks materialized magically out of the ether, all while law enforcement was told to “stand down”. That a washed-out, senile, unpopular plagiarist won ten million more votes than the silver-tongued saint Obama, without even a platform or campaign?

    Meanwhile, truth and actual science are suppressed, censored, and attacked. And diktats fly from dark towers like the winged monkeys of Oz.

    Sure, it’s only a pandemic and things will return to normal once it’s over.


    When I read this post I though of Jordan B Peterson’s 2nd Rule For Life:

    Rule 2: Take care of yourself, the way you would take care of someone else.

    Many people are better at filling prescriptions for their dogs than themselves.
    Similarly, you may self-sabotage yourself daily – by not taking care of your health, not keeping promises you make to yourself.

    Peterson argues that you do this because of some self-loathing – that you believe you’re not worth helping.
    Instead, you have to believe that you have a vital mission in this world, and you are obliged to take care of yourself.

    Nietzsche: “He whose life has a why can bear almost any how.”

    Maybe those swayed but the propaganda really have some level of self-loathing?

    I wonder if this forced medical treatment would be resisted to a greater degree if it was being imposed on our dogs not us?

    I for one are guilty of treating my dog’s medical issues will greater diligence than my own.
    Our 17 year old Staffi cross died in July at 17 years. For the last two she was on $15 NZ a day for medication. Sums we paid without hesitation.
    Honey had an operation at 3 years old that cost $4500NZ. Without it she would either have been put down or on opiate-based pain medication for her life. Also a sum paid without hesitation.

    Now, do I treat my (fairly non-existent medical concerns) with that level of devotion – hell no.

    And if you tried to force a medical procedure that I did not agree with on my dog I would have resisted because I’m a stubborn b’stard.

    Veracious Poet

    There is no limit to how good a person can be.

    There is no limit to how bad a person can be…

    Choose well.


    @VP “Those who can make people believe absurdities can make them commit atrocities.”

    @NoMansLand Be wary of the “allopathic” medial model. Look up the definition of that word. It means to swap one symptom for a better symptom. ALL the science in that system is about masking symptoms with better symptoms, all while completely ignoring THE ROOT CAUSE OF THE ORIGINAL SYMPTOM.

    I recommend you read Rockefeller Medicine Men, which is free on archive.org. It is an insider’s book, not an outsider’s book. The Rockefeller Foundation helped finance it. “Hidden in plain sight.”

    I also recommend you find a copy of “Drug Muggers,” a book that explains which essential nutrients are systematically depleted from the human body by the allopathic, symptom switching, drugs. Magnesium is a MAJOR victim in this pharmaceutical war on essential nutrients. It only works because the masses lack knowledge. “My people perish due to lack of knowledge,” and all. The Money Power reads that Scripture and perceives it to be a mandate from God Himself, and they consider themselves His loyal servants!

    The absolute best resource for learning how the body really works is Veritas Medical Radio. It is put on by Dr. Ben Edwards, M.D., a doctor who has gone through three iterations in his honest effort to do his best to help out his patients. His main program right now is The Root Cause Protocol, many details of which I have discussed here. He probably has 30 interviews with its creator, Morley Robbins. He has interviewed innumerable other people, and his level of discernment regarding wellness is as good as anyone’s I’ve come across. There is TON of KEY information covered in his interviews, and almost no material lacks value.

    I simply can’t put it any better than this warning from someone whose family set the trap!!!

    “The pharmaceutical industry is very large and powerful, and exists as a middleman of sorts between humans and their natural remedies.
    Unfortunately for humans, these pharma are profit based first and foremost.
    Remedies to every issue facing humans can be found in NATURAL LAW, including health related. It is up to the human to choose direct participation…or farm out these needs to a party with clearly vested interests!
    Another great example of FREE WILL!
    Laughing out Loud!

    No one would say the information isn’t out there to those who seek it out!
    Check and MATE!


    @NoMansLand — 42:30 and on is some of the most powerful video I’ve ever seen on the internet…
    Jordan Peterson’s Philosophy of “How to be in the World” distilled down to its 5 strongest points — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E6qBxn_hFDQ

    The whole interview is well worth the time spent, IMHO…


    I linked to this article on August 4, 2021. Same story, just yesterday’s news.


    @TT4W many thanks for condensed post with health info. A huge amount in recent TAE forums with not enough time to digest.

    My vux hesitant wife is considering succumbing so she can travel to Europe in Feb.

    I’m caught in a conundrum…
    I’m certainly not getting vuxxed.until proven safe and effective to a rigorous scientific standard
    I believe it is personal choice
    I don’t believe the ‘medical treatment’ is safe or effective and likely highly detrimental
    I will only provide information and my analysis of data only if requested (in personal comms, here I can’t rant all I want)
    I will be funding said trip of 6 to 9 months (and possible forced quarantine on return) as she cannot work during our never ending lock down.

    So do I put my money where my mouth is… which would be to not fund it.

    The Joy’s of personal integrity in uncertain times!


    Sadists take pleasure from inflicting pain. Do you have evidence to suggest this, Raúl?

    Are mice lesser beings?

    Veracious Poet


    How morally-acceptable is this?

    In 2021, not at all.

    99% of animal testing is to satiate sadists and/or generate profits, more often than not the torture of the innocent animals is redundant, totally unnecessary.

    Humanities failure to identify the psychopaths & remove them from wantonly destroying life will be it’s undoing.


    In a corrupt world where money is the only thing that matters and there is no such thing as society, it is natural that an immoral uncaring Western Empire came to dominate the world. But the realm is collapsing. All the Imperialists have left is propaganda.

    NBC News had a clip on three workers fired for refusing the vaccine:

    What the corporate/state does not mention is telling. Just like the 20th century Soviet Union and Third Reich, truth has vanished into thin air. The USA is firing trained caring professionals when education and healthcare desperately needs good workers. Many are leaving their occupations due to fear and burn-out. Untrained national guard replacements will make the disaster worse. Public Health is gone. Public Education is being strangled. There is no mention that the fully vaccinated and unvaccinated transmit coronavirus similarly. The mRNA “vaccines” are non-sterilizing. mRNA vaccine mandates and passports — the firings are pointless.

    A fifth coronavirus spike of illness and deaths this winter will splinter the USA. The global jet-set rulers will blame unvaccinated deplorables, not themselves.

    NBC News has also reported that Russia is closing all its workplaces for a week on Oct. 30.

    The one thing in common to all nations unable to control coronavirus is the dominance of the oligarchy over the people.

    The Afghans have removed the shackles of foreign occupiers. They were not the first people to accomplish this, nor will they be the last. Unless democracy and the rule of law are restored, North America is next.


    Truly horrific. I could not believe what I was reading. The pictures add extra gritty realism. What horrors were being perpetrated on those puppies. All in the name of science, eh? Another reminder of how far gone so of us have gone as a species to allow this type of activity to slip through the net in the name of “medical research”. We really do need to lock these psychopaths up.

    I wanted to follow up on what Maxwell Quest has said. Watch the younger people.

    Remember the Hitler Youth.

    I had an experience travelling yesterday where an empowered masked young black girl was very agressive towards me. She seemed very disapproving of my choice to be maskless. If there will be accomplices to loading the box cars, I suspect the youth might well be instrumental in this. I’m thinking the tender age of 16 to 25. They are most naive and easily programned to make mistakes (do you remember those years and what you did? Sorry if I made you blush)


    In case anyone cares to LOOK into the future and SEE what the New World Order may be like:



    @47:18 — “You are a puppet of other motivational forces.”

    “You can be the unconscious actor in a malevolent tragic drama, or you can wake the hell up, and decide to be the hero of, not only your story, but everyone’s story.”

    “And then you can choose — which of those do you want”:

    POWERFUL stuff. It sounds good on paper, but try and expose the moentary god of the masses and see what kind of pariah society makes you… you might be the hero, but you are the like a Biblical or Socratis hero… everyone dislikes you for being the messenger of the Ugly Truth.

    Including Peterson, BTW. He will never come about the money system, and he will never admit is is a debt-based fraud. It won’t happen. Or, I should say, the odds of it happening are well less than 1%. It is trivial to prove beyond any and all doubt…

    $20 lent into existence at 5% means a debt is owed of $21 in a year… $20 can’t pay $21, and the lender has COMPLETE AND TOTAL CONTROL OVER THE BANKRUPTCY OF THE BORROWER. The borrower is hapless and helpless. It is a fraud from the beginning because is IMPOSSIBLE for the borrower to pay the debts UNLESS the lender ZEROES OUT THEIR MONETARY ASSETS, AND DOES SO IN THE EXACT TIME FRAME THE BORROWER NEEDS TO PAY BACK THE LOANS.

    It is theoretically possible, but practically impossible because the whole point of the system is to bankrupt up through fraud. It is like saying that weapon your enemy is pointing at your head could be used to hunt animals and feed everyone… yeah, good luck with that, schmuckster…


    @NoManIsAnIsland — The Money Power have threatened your wife’s life… I would not take that lightly. Their Empire is irrationally pushing this therapy, which has inherent bioweapon capability. Denninger has been all over this, and I recommend she read all the articles, starting with this one…

    BTW, you don’t need to worry about China, although they will probably be blamed in the end. It is the Money Power Monopolists you need to worry about… and they are aligned, East and West, to hurt us, and hurt us badly. It is, believe it or not, Biblically mandated in their view, and they believe they are called of God to manifest the end-time prophecies against humanity. Their current ruling position indicates to them they are absolutely correct in that view, or else they’d be debt-based cretins like us.

    The West’s Obituary — https://market-ticker.org/akcs-www?post=241577

    You can bet dollars to donuts the Money Power already have the bioweapon that will trigger what Denninger is talking about… locked and loaded. All they need to do is maximize, through any means they can, the up take of the first part of the binary weapon system before they engage the second part of it. This is a real life Sword of Damocles…

    BTW, the Money Power Monopolists have done a genius job mitigating the Sword of Damocles over their rule… brilliant! Rule through monetary abstractions (the one ring to rule them all, BTW)… and other people acting as fronts for their behind-the-scenes rulership…


    @NoManIsAnIsland… This man is real… he knows way too much. He knows all the silent weapons for quiet wars pretty much nobody else talks about, let alone all of them. He knows how these silent weapons work. This is what he told your wife over 10 years ago, and anyone else with “ears to hear.” Why? They believe it is “natural law.” They believe it protects them from the guilt associated with global genocide. Chit is real now. Read Daniel 2:43, and note that iron was added to the food supply in 1941. Now read verse 44… you can bet your bottom dollar the recent global shake up has everything to do with their effort to set up THEIR KINGDOM that they believe is God’s Kingdom… They believe they will reign as the Messianic Bloodline purified through the millennia! I couldn’t make this up, but it is true! I just observe what actually exists — AND THERE IT IS!

    The REAL struggle will BEGIN AFTER the “consolidation”…which is coming soon to a theater near you!”
    ~Rothschild, circa 2011

    “I would advise those so inclined to listen that their bloodlines are, today, in great danger of mass extinction! Mass number of bloodlines, that is to say.”

    “ANd for those who are able to make the transition, do not despair for your fallen comrades! They will have had the opportunity and free will to save themselves…and chose not to do so for whatever reason. If you need proof, look no further than this thread for validation.”

    “At some point, the remaining bloodlines will be similar enough in power and stature to know that coexistence is the next logical evolutionary step….referred biblically as the thousand year peace. At that point, there wont be many left, at least relevant to the current population level. 500 million at most.

    “You ARE aware, presumably, that GENETIC ENGINEERING and MODIFICATION could CONCEIVABLY be introduced into his system through this mechanism, causing much mischief and possible havoc! ”
    ~Rothschild about HGH, but it applies to mRNA therapy in spades…
    THEN things get interesting!
    Thanks for playing!”

    “Humans are notorious for making bad choices and blaming others, fate, the government or whomever for the sorry state of their condition. Look at the fast food industry growth and the rise in health care costs. HFCS, Pharma, vaccines and so many others…and yet stupid humans just keep marching to the same tired beat.

    “The pharmaceutical industry is very large and powerful, and exists as a middleman of sorts between humans and their natural remedies.
    Unfortunately for humans, these pharma are profit based first and foremost.
    Remedies to every issue facing humans can be found in NATURAL LAW, including health related. It is up to the human to choose direct participation…or farm out these needs to a party with clearly vested interests!
    Another great example of FREE WILL!
    Laughing out Loud!
    No one would say the information isn’t out there to those who seek it out!
    Check and MATE!”
    “Even if there were men of courage and conviction, the average citizen is to fearful to follow along.
    There will be no change of a positive nature for the immediate future. Things will get MUCH darker and many will lose hope.”
    ” I understand that many are trying to evolve from their present “reality”. Keep in mind that what you are “experiencing” is by design, and that most will perish.”

    “Free Will = the ability of agents to make choices free from certain kinds of constraints which directly or indirectly affect the evolution of the bloodlines and propagation of the species”

    “Illusions upon illusions.
    stupid little children…under the care of the shepherd”

    And Fauci is just one of those “shepherds” he warned against trusting! If you do, he calls you a stupid child!

    “Yes…one will catch more flies with honey than faeces. Construct the cages with some creature comforts, and they will “lock” themselves in.
    And then advance that, rather than a literal “garden of eden”, the planet is a scary, scary place.
    Who doesn’t want someone else to “assure” their safety.
    and so on.”

    “There is only the GRAND SCHEME of the particular bloodline(s). Of course, these directly affect every other bloodline, almost all of which are completely unaware of the realities of their existence.
    Are there more than one bloodline of significance? Of course, but there are precious few.
    YOU are of a bloodline. What is YOUR grand scheme?
    Answer that and you will have YOUR answer.”

    “As to an end game, it is already in play. The slaves are yoked and doing the work they were bred to do. They also lack the intellect to see what is in plain sight, which would remove the yoke. So, the free choice is available, a prerequisite to this form of slavery, and the slaves are fearful.”

    “You may understand the stakes are very high! When you truly understand this aspect, you will understand there can be no “ethics” situational or otherwise. There is only survival which is the true Natural Law.
    Sometimes I am amazed how clueless you all really are!
    Laughing out loud!!”

    “You presume that killing violates the Natural Law. Aside from the Human genus, where do you see indications of this in nature.
    If humans act differently than the majority of the animal kingdom, it is not, by definition a Law.
    Give an example in nature where any species is “safe” in the definitive sense of the word.
    Don’t you understand? It is the ILLUSION of “safety” which provides ultimate control…for only then does “fear” work as a tool of control.
    I think the humans on this site at least understand THIS point.”

    “You are not prepared in any sense of the word. It is something of a standing joke among many enlightened how the simpletons scurry about hoarding tins and small calibre handguns and such. Is it seriously believed that any such preparations would sustain any serious attention from those in power?
    Will a few gold or silver coins matter in the likely scenarios? Think that one through carefully.
    Seriously, how can one hold such deluded viewpoints. If you can find someone who has been through such an ordeal, ask them about it. Likely that you will never find such a person since they DON’T survive the encounter.
    YOU ARE NOT PREPARED. Absorb that fact.
    Now, let’s assume that you live in Los Angeles and get word that a tsunami will take out the city. That information has great value, does it not? You can prepare you and your family by moving to the mountains. Of course, there will be details to work out and plans to make, but humans are adaptable by nature.
    If you lack this vital knowledge, will the provisions and skills you have laid in allow your survival when the city is submerged? What if your tins float away with the debris?
    The point is made eloquently in the bible.
    For want of knowledge, my people are lost.
    Not, for want of creamed corn, my people are lost. Big difference.
    You lack knowledge, and a deluge is coming. My bloodline HAS knowledge, and control is how it has been obtained, and kept.”
    “you don’t understand the NYSE any more than you understand “money”…how can you bring down something you don’t understand?? laugh out loud…
    read sun tzu for a beginners course, then ponder on the fact that you are taking on forces with experience measured in millenia.”

    “Bickle, you have not yet engaged the struggle!
    Only a select few bloodlines will even get to the STARTING GATE!!
    Laughing out loud!!
    YOU are the best YOUR particular bloodline could advance to this point, for reasons which can be well understood. Your bloodlines have given you precious few tools from all outward appearances. This is very unfortunate for you, and suggests the odds are stacked against you!”

    “Carbohydrates are the trojan horse for the pharma industry.”

    ” Fear is a human construct! Think on that. It is within your scope to live without fear. Truly the beginning signs of evolution!”

    “The filters are there for a reason. Figure out the reason and you will have your answer. CLUE: FEAR BASED! Children are programmed from birth to respond to FEAR! Why?”

    “North Korea has already cut a deal under the aegis of China…feit accompli. Cuba has also agreed to the North American integration once Fidel “passes”.
    That leaves IRAN. And biblical prophesy. The fallout from that conflict sets the stage for the true new world order as has been broadcast in the media for the last 13 years or so.
    3) Of course, humans have free will. However, free will without intelligence, imagination and the “will” to evolve is meaningless. Similar to giving an infant the keys to a vehicle…what are they going to do with all that potential?
    Look to the routines in your own life and ask what YOU do with YOUR free will to improve your bloodline…”

    “Money is meaningless. Only power matters.
    And we have all that is needed.
    From where does your POWER come from?”

    “Meat is only used…occasionally…for ritual purposes. Those who have actually read the bible understand on some level the need and significance of “sacrifice” in the cosmic “wheel”.
    Ritual and symbolism are extremely relevant, but generally humans concern themselves with non-sense like comets and old calendars.
    Generally, eat to your blood type. There is no universal diet…no one size fits all.
    The human diet should be primarily fat, plant based is preferable…with proteins next based on the humans “lifestyle”.
    Carbohydrates should be avoided at all costs.
    If one wishes to really stretch the mind, check out that Indian fellow who lives on sunlight alone. He is on a very productive path…and of course being mocked to no end…
    Laughing out loud!!
    If one chooses to pen and slaughter animals, one should consider the longer term ramifications of their actions. It is very simple-minded to think there are no consequences for the wholesale slaughter of “innocents”…particularly with so many better options available.”

    “Pollution of your bloodline is the only relevant issue. As I quoted earlier in another post, the word bloodline is mentioned most frequently after “God” in the bible. There is a reason why.”

    “YOU are a placeholder in time for your bloodline…nothing more or less.
    Make the tough decisions now and do what you can”

    “Very evolved that the trolls and trollops are throwing diversions to distract from things they don’t, or don’t want to, understand!”

    When questioned what the Rothschilds have that other bloodlines do not…

    “Discipline and knowledge for starters.
    Not to mention control of the earth’s assets!”

    ” Are they disinterested in their own genetic bloodlines continuation?”

    “There is only enlightened self-interest. The concept of a person who is so selfless that they put their needs below an unrelated other is absurd on its face. Which is why the story of JESUS was so enduring and polarizing. Of course, another “beautiful lie” is that, by suggestion, our lives are so valuable, so important, that others would willingly sacrifice theirs for ours is silly and simple-minded. You do not find such examples OUTSIDE OF THE FAMILY BLOODLNE…without explanation.
    I am only interested, and charged, with the advancement and well-being of MY bloodline and, quite frankly, could care less about YOURS. If you want to assign a name to that…fine. If you want to operate on a SERVICE TO OTHERS basis…even better. Based on your belief, you should have no problem working to advance the bloodlines of the bankers you claim to fight.”

    “According to American Indian folklore, any poison which occurs in nature, has its remedy within 3 meters.
    You might be surprised to learn that every so called intractable position which one might find themselves, has a “remedy”. Without exception! That is the natural law and it is observed “religiously”…so to speak.
    The keys to YOUR kingdom are within YOUR reach. How could it be otherwise? But continue to blame others and look outside for your “answers” if it makes you feel better.
    For me, I am a man of honor. I have committed to tell the truth and I do. If you can’t formulate a question of importance, how is that MY issue? Keep in mind that there is no universal question for each bloodline has its own unique path and current state of development. How could it be otherwise?”

    “Islam is manifesting its bloodline(s), as one would expect.
    One would do well to study how they integrate and subvert the existing culture. One aspect is the reproductive rates, and their “control” of their own lines. Reminiscent of the Irish long ago, before they “evolved” into the “modern” world.
    It is largely irrelevant. Energy is Energy. Slavery is Slavery.
    Islamic religion forbids usury, so on the surface it would seem to be a conflict…but it isn’t. They are allowed to “rise” only within the constraints of our needs and vision.”

    “Fiat?? I wouldn’t dirty my hands.”

    “Demoralizing and partitioning…controlling the educational system, the media, medicine, law, religion, the “governments” and… almost forgot…that pesky money supply! Yes, that should about do it…leaving only the details to be filled in!
    Glad to hear I received a high score! That fills me with pleasure!”

    “We abide by the “universal” law, but “you” don’t.
    We have no control over “universal/natural” law.
    We obtain our power, in part, by this observation of “universal/natural law”!
    Right Action equals Right Result!”

    “Sad to say, human children are de-learning math! Math understanding and capability are going…going…gone!
    What if MATH is indeed the universal language of nature? Will the next generation of humans be deaf and dumb to the natural order? Apparently so, but they will be proficient text-ers!
    Laughing out loud!
    Is it the fault of anyone but the PARENTS for this being the case? Anything stopping the parents from teaching math to their bloodline?
    But go ahead and blame the “elites” for your own failures and see how that serves you!
    As to the other “questions”…of course there are many species ALIEN to humans…some in your own backyard.
    As I mentioned many times before, their is only your bloodline and OTHERS. How much clearer could this be? Does the form they take make any difference whatsoever?”

    “Usury, or interest, is charged along the way. The owners of the Fed receive a cut of this interest. What is represented, of course, is the blood, sweat and energy of those so yoked. Which would be you, of course.
    3) Thus, there is no issue with deficits and deficit spending, as your Mr. Cheney pronounced to great dismay. Of what difference if the debt is 15 trillion or 150 trillion…only the interest has to be paid…not the principal…
    It could not, by definition EVER be repaid…by design.
    Laughing out loud!

    Keep repaying the interest…keep toiling…and all will be well.”

    “Those who hold the power shun the public view with all their collective might. NO ONE wants attention when they are holding the strings”

    “I have been consistent in stating that I would answer questions truthfully, which I have. I did NOT agree to lead you by the nose down the merry path.
    Any of you who have children know they learn best when forced to confront difficulties head-on. YOU must struggle a bit for the revelations to have any value. The depth of laziness and lack of intellectual curiosity should be of genuine concern to your future well-being.”

    “As the Book so succinctly stated…
    “For want of knowledge, MY PEOPLE are LOST”
    MY PEOPLE = My Progeny/Bloodline
    How much clearer could it be??”
    ~Rothschild, quoting the Bible

    “The sheep will NEVER raise up…never!
    That’s why they are SHEEP!”

    “2) There will be NO jubilee…count on it!”
    ~Rothschild… Steve Keen is a waste of energy… he has NO POWER! He ought to be exposing the debt-based money fraud as I exposed it to him, but he ran off and avoided the very real issues…

    “You have never owned anything, because you have never paid for your “purchases”. Using the private credit notes does not extinguish a debt.
    Easy come, easy go.
    Ever wonder why the life lived in the US is so “easy” compared to the rest of the planet?
    Oh yes, I nearly forgot…you are God’s “chosen” people…not like those nasty black children in Africa who deserve what they have.
    Laughing out loud!”

    “1) One does not “deal” with competition. It is the natural state of humanity. One cannot opt out, take a rest, or hit the pause button.
    Of course, one can do ALL of those things, but at a great cost!
    2) Yes. All bloodlines coexist in a concurrent timeline/spatial sense. Intersections and near misses…
    Laughing out loud!”

    ” SECRETS, in the correct context, means hard-won family knowledge passed from worthy generation to worthy generation. NOT the embarrassing incidents of shame of your family’s history.”

    “Are you acquainted with the scientific process? Did you take any science classes in your secondary education?
    Hypotheses, test, evaluate, conclude.
    Rinse and repeat!
    Ever hear the term “follow the money”?
    Do you understand human nature?
    If you provoke a mother bear with cubs, what will be the probable outcome? Why would you provoke a bear instead of taking an alternate route?
    If you wanted to kill the mother bear, you might threaten the cubs KNOWING how she will react. Knowing in advance how she will REACT, allows one to plan her demise, does it not?
    If you insult a fellow traveler…provoke him or her without cause, what reaction can you expect?
    If you place Na in water what happens? Does it happen sometimes or EVERY time?
    Bickle, think man! Where is the puzzlement you express.
    This is clockwork! Time pieces doesn’t go from 12:03 to 13:13…they go to 12:04.”


    @ nomanisanisland
    Don’t know if it helps your wife to know that she has company, but my parents who have enjoyed cruising and travel since my father’s retirement 5 years ago have missed one cruise, and have given up on cruising and travel until they do not need to be vaxxed. Last June they were going to get jabbed in order to cruise. They are Covid survivors, I begged them not to get jabbed…I couldn’t bear the thought of them risking themselves that way. I plied them with informative articles. My youngest sister importuned them as well. They are choosing to remain unvaccinated. They thanked me for pointing out to them the follies of vaccination,



    Dr D Rich

    Read my posts again from early last year.

    For 36 years I shared my firsthand observations about Fauci. Those observations turned out to be predictive, prescriptive and absolutely diagnostic.
    Worse yet, I watched this physically diminutive, monumentally Machiavellian ass traipse about an international stage while emulated by a horde of fellow physicians, “aspiring authoritarians”, thoroughly disinterested in any patient care or well-being.
    There is no room for polity and patience with these pricks. They never rest for a moment.
    Personal journey of self-discovery and all that


    Experimenting on humans is sick but we have a choice in our rate of participation. Killing beagles for pleasure? that is simply evil. The difference is they do not disguise when they experiment on animals. With humans and society they mask themselves behind ideas called “science” and use institutions like FDA and NIH to railroad through treatments that would typically require years of research and analysis.
    The penalty for torture of Beagles should be severe. The penalty for experimentation on the human race should be greater. You can fill in the blanks.

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