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Clinical Outcomes Among Patients Infected With Omicron (medRxiv)
Omicron 91% Less Likely To Be Fatal Compared To Delta: CDC Study (NYP)
Supreme Court Blocks Biden’s OSHA Vaxx Mandate (ZH)
Not Surprising, And Deserved By All (Denninger)
Rand Paul Labels Fauci ‘Juvenile Political Creature’ For Playing The Victim (SN)
Dr. Oz Calls Fauci A ‘Petty Tyrant,’ Challenges Him To Debate (Hill)
Florida Family Fighting for Ivermectin: Appeals Court Expedites Case (ET)
Do Antigen Tests Work If You Are Asymptomatic? (Kirsch)
Why DID The Science Establishment Try So Hard To Silence Lab Leak Theory? (DM)
Dems’ Voting Bill Is ‘Crass Power Grab’ By ‘Clown Car’ Running DC (JTN)
“Mother Of All” Supply Chain Shocks Looms As China Locks Down Ports (ZH)
What The West Gets Wrong About Putin (Malmgren)
US Envoy In Europe Says ‘Drumbeat Of War Is Sounding Loud’ (Hill)



The most vaccinated state in the Union:


NHS nurse



Lord Frost



First time (?!) I see a science report claim deaths from Omicron. Well, sort of:

“Rates of ICU admission and mortality after an outpatient positive test were 0.26 (0.10-0.73) and 0.09 (0.01-0.75) fold as high among cases with Omicron variant infection ..”

We now have 1 case reported in UK, 1 case US (debunked), 1 case Israel (no evidence), and yesterday 1 case in Greece, “with” Omicron.

As case numbers have gone up 5 fold everywhere. If Omicron is at all capable of killing people, we should have seen a lot more reports like these. We do not.

Clinical Outcomes Among Patients Infected With Omicron (medRxiv)

Background: The Omicron (B.1.1.529) variant of SARS-CoV-2 has rapidly achieved global dissemination, accounting for most infections in the United States by December 2021. Risk of severe outcomes associated with Omicron infections, as compared to earlier SARS-CoV-2 variants, remains unclear.

Methods: We analyzed clinical and epidemiologic data from cases testing positive for SARS-CoV-2 infection within the Kaiser Permanente Southern California healthcare system from November 30, 2021 to January 1, 2022, using S gene target failure (SGTF) as assessed by the ThermoFisher TaqPath ComboKit assay as a proxy for Omicron infection. We fit Cox proportional hazards models to compare time to any hospital admission and hospital admissions associated with new-onset respiratory symptoms, intensive care unit (ICU) admission, mechanical ventilation, and mortality among cases with Omicron and Delta (non-SGTF) variant infections. We fit parametric competing risk models to compare lengths of hospital stay among admitted cases with Omicron and Delta variant infections.

Results: Our analyses included 52,297 cases with SGTF (Omicron) and 16,982 cases with non-SGTF (Delta [B.1.617.2]) infections, respectively. Hospital admissions occurred among 235 (0.5%) and 222 (1.3%) of cases with Omicron and Delta variant infections, respectively. Among cases first tested in outpatient settings, the adjusted hazard ratios for any subsequent hospital admission and symptomatic hospital admission associated with Omicron variant infection were 0.48 (0.36-0.64) and 0.47 (0.35-0.62), respectively. Rates of ICU admission and mortality after an outpatient positive test were 0.26 (0.10-0.73) and 0.09 (0.01-0.75) fold as high among cases with Omicron variant infection as compared to cases with Delta variant infection. Zero cases with Omicron variant infection received mechanical ventilation, as compared to 11 cases with Delta variant infections throughout the period of follow-up (two-sided p<0.001). Median duration of hospital stay was 3.4 (2.8-4.1) days shorter for hospitalized cases with Omicron variant infections as compared to hospitalized patients with Delta variant infections, reflecting a 69.6% (64.0-74.5%) reduction in hospital length of stay.

Conclusions: During a period with mixed Delta and Omicron variant circulation, SARS-CoV-2 infections with presumed Omicron variant infection were associated with substantially reduced risk of severe clinical endpoints and shorter durations of hospital stay.

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There we go again: “..just one of the 52,297 people infected with Omicron died..”.

Really? Where is the case description? Where are the details? It would be so unique that surely it would make headlines.

Walensky gives it away:

“We MAY see deaths from Omicron but I suspect that the deaths that we’re seeing now are still from Delta. ”

Omicron 91% Less Likely To Be Fatal Compared To Delta: CDC Study (NYP)

Omicron poses a “substantially reduced risk” of serious illness compared to Delta — and is more than 90 percent less likely to kill those infected, according to a federally funded study. The study, released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Wednesday, said it proved “compelling evidence of an intrinsically less severe infection” from the variant that currently accounts for 90 percent of cases in the US. The evaluation of more than 70,000 infected Californians saw those with Omicron less than half as likely to need hospitalization as those with Delta — and about 75 percent less likely to need intensive care. Those hospitalized also needed to stay approximately 70 percent less time, with a median treatment time of 1.5 days compared to five days for those with the previous dominant variant.

Even though the study looked at three times as many people with Omicron, none of them needed to go on a ventilator in the hospital — compared to 11 in the far smaller group with Delta. Most encouragingly, just one of the 52,297 people infected with Omicron died — a reduction of 91 percent compared to 14 deaths in the 16,982 studied with Delta. It did not say how old those who died were, or if they were vaccinated. CDC director Rochelle Walensky told reporters that it likely means the recent increase in deaths is a lagging effect of the Delta variant, not the one rapidly replacing it. “We may see deaths from Omicron but I suspect that the deaths that we’re seeing now are still from Delta,” Walensky revealed.

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Threatening people’s lives and livelihoods over taking medicines, experimental or not, has always been a no-go. SCOTUS should not be needed for that. And they still leave the mandate for healthcare workers in place.

Supreme Court Blocks Biden’s OSHA Vaxx Mandate (ZH)

Despite the misinformation spewed forth by Justice Sotomayor, The US Supreme Court has blocked the Biden administration’s vaccine-or-test rule for US businesses, but allows vaccine mandate for most health care workers. The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) argue against the Department of Labor, in the Court’s first hearing, that: “OSHA’s sweeping regulatory dictate,” will “irreparably injure the very businesses that Americans have counted on to widely distribute COVID-19 vaccines and protective equipment to save lives—and to keep them fed, clothed, and sustained during this now two-year-long pandemic.” The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) rule would have required 80 million workers to get shots or periodic tests. The OSHA ruling vote was 6-3 with Breyer, Sotomayor, and Kagan in dissent.

“Permitting OSHA to regulate the hazards of daily life – simply because most Americans have jobs and face those same risks while on the clock – would significantly expand OSHA’s regulatory authority without clear congressional authorization.” Chief Justice John Roberts, who was appointed by President George W. Bush, said during arguments that he thinks it’s hard to argue that the 1970 law governing OSHA “gives free reign to the agencies to enact such broad regulation.” The court allowed a separate rule to take effect requiring shots for workers in nursing homes, hospitals and other facilities that receive Medicare and Medicaid payments from the federal government (which will be interesting given that California just allowed COVID positive healthcare workers to go back to work).

The vaccine mandate for healthcare workers vote was 5-4 with Thomas, Alito, Gorsuch, and Barrett in dissent, which means Roberts and Kavanaugh joined liberal justices in allowing the HHS mandate on healthcare workers to stand. So with over 1 million COVID cases per day, record high inflation, Sinema blew out the filibuster, record low approval rating, and now his vaxx mandate in tatters, this seems to sum things up rather well… “This must be Biden’s worst day in office.”

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Karl is overdoing the I told you so. At some point, it gets ugly.

Not Surprising, And Deserved By All (Denninger)

The OSHA ruling got blown up by the Supremes, 6-3 as I expected. This leaves all the private-sector employers who issued mandates in front of it fully exposed for any and all bad side effects. I expect the lawsuits to start imminently and they will bankrupt plenty of people. Good. I hope every single virtue-signaling CEO and HR Karen gets in the ass. They deserve it. “OSHA has never before imposed such a mandate. Nor has Congress. Indeed, although Congress has enacted significant legislation addressing the *****–19 pandemic, it has declined to enact any measure similar to what OSHA has promulgated here.” Exactly and as I noted the Senate explicitly declined to approve such a measure in the last couple of months and in fact explicitly disapproved it.

Yes, it went nowhere in the House as expected but you need both houses of Congress to concur when it comes to an authority. I said this would get official notice by The Supremes and it did. “In fact, the most noteworthy action concerning the ******* mandate by either House of Congress has been a majority vote of the Senate disapproving the regulation on December 8, 2021. S. J. Res. 29, 117th Cong., 1st Sess. (2021).” With the Senate explicitly disavowing same and nothing in the Congressional Record nor acts over the last two years this was clearly doomed and died a well-deserved death. Now onto CMS. Here I predicted the most-likely outcome was a split decision upholding the mandate in nursing homes and other non-consensual situations.

What we got was a 5-4 upholding it on technical grounds and, having read the opinion, you won’t like why it happened. Let’s be blunt: You ****ed yourself, America, and you deserve this outcome. You put the Federal Government in charge of what it pays for when it comes to medical care. You let them, not you or your doctor, make those decisions. You have in fact cheered this on and allowed it. You even allowed it when Trump promised to stop it during the campaign, along with all of its corruption, and then on election night all three planks dealing with the medical monopolies, which were a mere start, disappeared and yet fully half the nation continued to suck his dick.

[..] Actions — and deliberate inactions — have consequences. I don’t like the outcome but it wasn’t illogical considering what was argued and what we, the people have permitted and set in motion over the last three decades. The solicitors on the State side failed to argue that (1) these are experimental injections and (2) as of now they don’t even ****ing work and even Pfizer’s CEO admits it.

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“Does he not realise I have people arrested once every month or two who have threatened to attack me, plus I have been attacked, and he’s going to come and blame his attacks on me?”

Rand Paul Labels Fauci ‘Juvenile Political Creature’ For Playing The Victim (SN)

Following the explosive latest exchange between Rand Paul and Anthony Fauci Tuesday, Fauci ran to CNN and MSNBC to complain more about how the Senator is attacking him for his own political gain, prompting Paul to label the NIAID head “juvenile”. On Chris Hayes’ show Fauci, stated “What you saw at the hearing today was pure ad hominem. And I called him [Paul] out because that’s exactly what he’s doing: he’s raising money.” Note that during the hearing Fauci did not present any evidence to counter Paul’s claims that the NIAID Director has continually lied under oath and has actively attempted to shut down scientists and doctors who disagree with him. Fauci attempted to shift the narrative to personal attacks against him.

Appearing on Fox News, Paul shot back, claiming that Fauci is now going even beyond saying he ‘is science’ and cannot be questioned, by suggesting that questioning him is encouraging violence. “It was a cheap shot by a politician, not a scientist,” Paul said, further noting “he’s blaming me for a death threat, but when [Republican members of Congress] were shot at by a Bernie Sanders supporter [in 2017], not one Republican stood up and said, oh, this is Bernie Sanders’s fault”. “We were not juvenile enough to do that,” Paul continued, adding “But he [Fauci] came to the hearing today and accused me of somehow inciting some lunatic person.” Paul further urged, “Does he not realise I have people arrested once every month or two who have threatened to attack me, plus I have been attacked, and he’s going to come and blame his attacks on me?”

“I think he has lied to the American public. I think that he funded the lab in Wuhan that in all likelihood this virus came from. I think he as ignored natural immunity. I think he has told people to wear a cloth mask when they don’t work,” Paul emphasised. In a further appearance, Paul said of Fauci “He didn’t answer the question why is he smearing these three doctors? I’m proud of the fact people go to RandPaul.com raising money to fire Fauci because he is a menace.” “Everything he said has been incorrect. And I think he is part of the problem, Paul continued, adding “Even from the very beginning the fact that this virus came from a lab in Wuhan he has denied it and worked to cover it up and denigrated anybody who raises this question as a conspiracy theorist.”

Read more …

I wouldn’t trust Oz at the far end of a ten foot pole, and this makes me think his campaign team is looking for -cheap- publicity, whether over the back of Fauci, or that of Rand Paul.

Dr. Oz Calls Fauci A ‘Petty Tyrant,’ Challenges Him To Debate (Hill)

GOP Pennsylvania Senate candidate Mehmet Oz, more commonly known as “Dr. Oz” from his TV program “The Dr. Oz Show,” called infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci a “petty tyrant” and challenged him to a debate on COVID-19. “It’s past time Fauci faces the fact that he got COVID wrong. So, doctor to doctor – let’s debate. This Doctor is in, are you?” Oz said in a tweet Thursday while posting a campaign ad attacking Fauci. “Let’s get the facts straight here. You and me. Let’s have a debate, doctor to doctor, and give the American people the truth about COVID-19. I’m game. Anytime. Anywhere. Dr. Fauci, are you in?” Oz said in the campaign video.

Fauci has been under attack by Republicans throughout the pandemic, as many in the party disagree with how the country’s leading infectious diseases expert has guided the U.S. through the coronavirus. Oz said on Newsmax on Thursday that he wants to debate Fauci on vaccine mandates, natural immunity from COVID-19 infections and delays with drugs such as monoclonal antibodies. “He is a petty tyrant. He got COVID wrong. He continues to get it wrong,” Oz told the outlet, noting that “doctors like me” think Fauci has not managed the pandemic correctly.

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Mayo Clinic would rather have people die than give in. That redefines “shameless”.

Florida Family Fighting for Ivermectin: Appeals Court Expedites Case (ET)

Florida’s First District Court of Appeal has expedited the process to decide a lawsuit filed by the family of a COVID-19 patient on a ventilator at a Jacksonville hospital. Attorneys for Mayo Clinic Florida have until 10 a.m. Jan. 13 to respond to the appeal filed by the family of 70-year-old Daniel Pisano. Then the family’s attorneys will have until Jan. 14 to file additional arguments. At that time, a three-panel judge could be appointed to decide the case. Mayo Clinic has said Pisano, who has been on a ventilator 22 days, has a slim chance of survival. But an outside doctor, who is not affiliated with Mayo Clinic, testified in an emergency hearing Dec. 30 that there’s still a good chance to save him—although there’s no time to delay, the physician said.

In a desperate attempt to save their loved one, the Pisano family has begged Mayo Clinic to try a protocol widely used by independent physicians around the country and developed by the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance. Mayo Clinic officials have refused and attorneys have fought the family’s wishes vigorously in court. Claudia Pisano, Daniel Pisano’s wife of 51 years, and their son, Chris, have power of attorney and legally have the right to ask for the treatment of their choice, their attorneys have argued. But Daniel Pisano is declining fast and running out of time, they say. The family’s trusted doctor, Dr. Eduardo Balbona of Jacksonville, testified that in order to save him the hospital must quickly allow treatment—with ivermectin and other drugs and supplements—he’s used to help dozens of critically ill COVID-19 patients recover.

Being on the ventilator is doing harm to Pisano and other patients fighting COVID-19, Balbona testified. After considering the testimony in the three-hour hearing, Judge Marianne Aho, of Florida’s Fourth Judicial Circuit, denied the family’s plea to force Mayo Clinic doctors to step aside and let Balbona treat their dying loved one. Aho wrote, “An individual’s right to privacy is one of self-determination, the right to accept or refuse. It is not a right to demand a particular treatment. It is not a right to substitute one’s judgment as to which treatments must be made available by others. There is no right, constitutional or otherwise, of a patient to substitute one’s judgment for a medical professional.” The family disagrees saying the Florida Patient’s Bill of Rights gives them the right to choose between treatment options and they’ve offered to release Mayo Clinic from all liability in following through with that care. They filed an appeal Jan. 9.

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Stop testing healthy people.

Do Antigen Tests Work If You Are Asymptomatic? (Kirsch)

Here’s what you need to know about antigen rapid tests: 1/ In general, each test brand will test for a specific antigen. They may or may not tell you which antigen they detect. 2/ Each brand has a different sensitivity. For low sensitivity tests, it will be fruitless to test if you are not symptomatic because it will almost certainly be negative. It would be nice if they correlated the results with PCR cycle thresholds, but those are non-standard as well. Unfortunately, as far as I know, there are no standards to inform you on 1 and 2 above. There is no “reference standard” that they compare to.

This of course means that you can be wasting serious money taking tests when you are asymptomatic because the certain brands will never be positive if you are asymptomatic. I want to thank Dr. Byram Bridle for pointing this out to me. They really should tell you, “Hey, if you aren’t symptomatic, don’t bother to take our test.” The manufacturers are never going to tell you that (since they aren’t required to), but I thought you should know.

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How about a Special Counsel?

Why DID The Science Establishment Try So Hard To Silence Lab Leak Theory? (DM)

There are now two core questions over the birth of this pandemic: did Covid emerge through some kind of scientific mishap or through natural transmission from animals? And why did the science establishment work so hard to silence dissident voices? Indeed, it seems incredible that not only does Farrar remain in a job in which he directs so much crucial medical research, but even saw his annual salary rise by £28,000 to £512,000 last year, according to latest accounts. For Sir Jeremy is a pivotal figure in the sequence of secretive events that followed the emergence of a new disease in Wuhan in late 2019. Many of the growing concerns revolve around a secretive teleconference Farrar led on February 1 2020, as fears over the emerging pandemic exploded.

And the more we learn through leaks, freedom of information requests, interviews and tenacious investigations, the more it smacks of an establishment conspiracy to stifle debate over high-risk science – ironically by accusing those who challenge the consensus of being conspiracy theorists. The call involved the two most influential scientists in America – controversial presidential adviser Dr Anthony Fauci and Dr Francis Collins, then head of the US major funding body financially supporting high-risk research into bat coronaviruses conducted in Wuhan – plus 11 experts including Sir Patrick Vallance, our government’s chief scientific adviser. We know from Farrar’s book and previous email disclosures that several key participants, including Farrar, were concerned the deadly new virus was linked to research in Wuhan, home to several labs carrying out research into bat coronaviruses.

One Australian-based virologist said he was ‘80 per cent sure this thing had come out of a lab’ while another key participant was ‘60 to 70 per cent’ convinced. After their hour-long discussion, Farrar remained uncertain, saying ‘this will remain grey unless there is access to the Wuhan lab’. Yet, following that call and the airing of those views, the scientists’ public stance changed with bizarre speed for such a vexatious scientific conundrum – especially given the lack of data from Wuhan or any assistance from Beijing. They began publishing punchy statements dismissing lab leaks in the most prestigious science journals, some of which have extensive commercial ties to China. And they were backed by patsy politicians and supine journalists, whose hostility was inflamed by then President Donald Trump’s allegations about the ‘China virus’.

The result was this vital debate was set back at least a year. Farrar and two other Wellcome Trust experts signed a key statement in the Lancet medical journal praising Chinese efforts to tackle the disease while saying they ‘strongly condemn conspiracy theories suggesting that Covid does not have a natural origin’. It later emerged the article was covertly organised within days of the call by Peter Daszak, a British scientist whose New York organisation funnelled US funds to research partners at Wuhan Institute of Virology, China’s top biosafety lab. Farrar also quietly assisted five scientists, four of whom were on that call, to write a commentary in Nature Medicine that firmly stated the authors ‘do not believe that any type of laboratory-based scenario is plausible’. This hugely-influential statement has been accessed 5.62 million times and cited by more than 2,000 academic papers.

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Come for the headline, stay for the content.

Dems’ Voting Bill Is ‘Crass Power Grab’ By ‘Clown Car’ Running DC (JTN)

Former Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell, a proponent of election integrity reform, said Wednesday that the bills currently making their way through Congress that are designed to federalize elections are part of “the same clown car that has driven this constitutional republic to a disastrous edge.” He made the comments following President Joe Biden’s and Vice President Kamala Harris’ speeches on Tuesday in Georgia regarding Democrats’ voting legislation. Blackwell, former mayor of Cincinnati, told the John Solomon Reports podcast Wednesday that the Democrats’ election bills are “a crass power grab by the … clown car that is now running Washington, D.C.”

After listing the Biden administration’s unpopular policies and political failures, such as “soaring inflation” and the supply chain crisis, Blackwell explained how the Democrats want to unconstitutionally federalize elections. “[E]lections take place at the local level, in a decentralized way, because, one, that is where you have transparency, that’s where you have familiarity, that’s where you have buy-in,” he said. “And if you start to take it away from states and localities, you run the risk of the same clown car that has driven this constitutional republic to a disastrous edge taking control of our elections. It won’t stand.”

Blackwell criticized Democrats for their inconsistency on showing ID to vote versus providing proof of vaccination as Washington, D.C.’s vaccine mandate — which includes showing a vaccine card and photo ID at venues such as restaurants and gyms — goes into effect Saturday. Regarding voter ID, he said, “To equate these common-sense reforms that states are putting in place to ensure the integrity of the election system as being a throwback to Jim Crow is an insult to all Americans, especially those in the African-American community.”

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Zero covid will mean zero supplies.

“Mother Of All” Supply Chain Shocks Looms As China Locks Down Ports (ZH)

Over the past month, as Wall Street turned increasingly optimistic on US growth alongside the Fed, with consensus (shaped by the Fed’s leaks and jawboning) now virtually certain of a March rate hike, we have been repeatedly warning that after a huge policy error in 2021 when the Fed erroneously said that inflation is “transitory” (it wasn’t), the central bank is on pace to make another just as big policy mistake in 2022 by hiking as many as 4 times and also running off its massive balance sheet… right into a global growth slowdown.

And, as we have also discussed in recent weeks, one place where this growth slowdown is emerging – besides the upcoming deterioration in US consumption where spending is now being funded to record rates by credit cards before it encounters a troubling air pocket – is China and its “covid-zero” policy in general, and its covid-locked down ports in particular. But what until recently was a minority view confined to our modest website, has since expanded and as Bloomberg writes overnight, the effects of restrictions in China as the country maintains its Covid-zero policy “are starting to hit supply chains in the region.” As a result of the slow movement of goods through some of the country’s busiest and most important ports means shippers are now diverting to Shanghai, causing the types of knock-on delays at the world’s biggest container port that led to massive congestion bottlnecks last summer that eventually translated into a record number of container ships waiting off the coast of California, a glut that hasn’t been cleared to this day.

With sailing schedules already facing delays of about a week, freight forwarders warn of the impact on already back-logged gateways in Europe and the US and is also why HSBC economists are warning that the world economy could be headed for the “mother of all” supply chain shocks if the highly infectious omicron variant which is already swamping much of the global economy spreads across Asia, especially China, at which point disruption to manufacturing will be inevitable. “Temporary, one would hope, but hugely disruptive all the same” in the next few months, they wrote in a research note this week first noted by Bloomberg. For those who have forgotten last year’s global shockwave when China locked down its ports for several days, a quick reminder: it led to an unprecedented hiccup in global logistics and shipping which hasn’t been resolved to this day. That’s because China is the world’s biggest trading nation and its ability to keep its factories humming through the pandemic has been crucial for global supply chains.

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Disappointing. Advisor to 3 different presidents, Malmgren, tells me nothing I don’t already know about Putin. And he doesn’t appear to say what it is the west gets wrong.

What The West Gets Wrong About Putin (Malmgren)

In 1999, Vladimir Putin suddenly sprang from bureaucratic obscurity to the office of Prime Minister. When, a few months later, Yeltsin unexpectedly resigned and Putin was voted in as President, governments around the world were taken by surprise yet again. How could this unknown figure have amassed national voter support with so little media attention? I had first met Putin seven years before and was not surprised by his rapid domination of the new Russia. We were introduced by Yevgeny Primakov, widely known as “Russia’s Kissinger”, who I had met in Moscow multiple times during the Cold War years when I advised Presidents Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon and Ford. Primakov was a no-nonsense thinker and writer. He was also a special emissary for the Kremlin in conducting secret discussions with national leaders around the world.

When Yeltsin tasked his advisor Anatoly Sobchak with identifying and recruiting Russia’s best and brightest, Putin, then a local politician in his hometown of St Petersburg, was top of his list — so Primakov took Putin under his wing to tutor him in global power and security issues. Eventually, Primakov introduced Kissinger to Putin, and they became close. That both Primakov and Kissinger took time to coach Putin on geopolitics and geosecurity was a clear demonstration that they saw in him the characteristics of a powerful leader. It also showed Putin’s capacity for listening to lengthy lessons on geopolitics — as I was soon to learn.

In 1992, I received a call from a meeting organiser at the CSIS think tank inviting me to join a US-Russia St Petersburg Commission to be chaired by Kissinger and Sobchak. The purpose would be to help the new Russian leadership in opening channels of business and banking with the West. Most of the Western members would be CEOs of major US and European companies, as well as key officials of the new Russian government. I would attend as an expert. I was told that a “Mr Primakov” had personally asked if I could make time to participate. I could hardly refuse such a request, and I was intensely curious about the emerging Russian leadership, especially about Putin.

Arriving at the first meeting, I saw several people gathered around Kissinger and a man I was told was Putin. An official identified himself to me and said he had been asked by Primakov to introduce me to Putin. He interrupted the conversation with Kissinger to announce my arrival; Putin warmly responded that he was looking forward to chatting with me about how I see the world from inside Washington. We spoke on several occasions between meetings, and he arranged to sit next to me at a dinner, accompanied by his interpreter. At that dinner, he asked me: “What is the single most important obstacle between your Western businessmen and my fellow Russians in starting up business connections?”

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The neocons are with Biden now.

US Envoy In Europe Says ‘Drumbeat Of War Is Sounding Loud’ (Hill)

Washington’s envoy in Europe on Thursday issued a stark warning of war in Eastern Europe amid Russia’s military buildup on Ukraine’s border but said the U.S. and the majority of its allies support ongoing dialogue to tamp down tensions. “We’re facing a crisis in European security. The drumbeat of war is sounding loud, and the rhetoric has gotten rather shrill,” said Michael Carpenter, the U.S. ambassador to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE). Carpenter spoke with reporters following a meeting of the OSCE focused on advancing diplomacy between the U.S., Europe and Russia, the conclusion of an extraordinary session of three diplomatic meetings on the continent this week and in response to Russian military provocations.

“There’s close to 100,000 troops on the Russian side of its border with Ukraine. Their presence and the live fire measures being carried out are raising many questions about Moscow’s intention,” Carpenter said. The OSCE meeting, which took place in Vienna on Thursday, was the first inaugural permanent council meeting of 2022 but was overtaken by discussions surrounding Russia’s military buildup on Ukraine’s border. Both nations are members of the security group. It was the first time Russian and Ukrainian officials met in person to discuss what Moscow calls its security concerns and followed bilateral talks between the U.S. and Russia in Geneva on Monday and between Russia and NATO on Wednesday in Brussels.

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Aftter an 8-hour shift wearing a properly fittted N95 mask:




The only half mask that works, according to Steve Kirsch.









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    19 nucleotide long sequence coding in Sars-Cov-2 found in a raft of Moderna patents from 2015

    “Moderna patented a genome sequence in 2015. That patented sequence has been identified in the Wuhan strain of COVID-19 by a very smart Geneticist. It’s statistically impossible for that patented Moderna sequence to have naturally found its way into the Wuhan strain of COVID-19 through natural mutations. It does not exist in any other recorded virus historically.”

    this is all way over my pay grade, but given that chris martenson of peak prosperity takes it seriously enough to tweet about it (and he’s got a phd in a related subject), i’m hoping some people here can take a look and see if there’s anything to it.



    sorry, forgot the link for martenson’s tweet:


    In Reiner Fuellmich’s interview with Maria Zeee, Reiner reviewed the fact that most adverse reactions come from certain batches of ClotShot.


    Dr Malone just told his personal experience with the vax and that the second shot almost killed him.


    Interesting share.

    He looked at adverse reaction by batch number and discovered his second shot was from a lethal batch.

    Reiner said the pattern was that the deadly batches would run for a certain amount of time, stop, then resume with a harmless saline batch, then cycling back to a lethal batch. He also said the the lethal batches were rotated through all the manufacturers. Moderna first, then Pfizer, then Jansen. Repeat and rinse.

    So the lethal batches are being released rhythmically and intentionally and with malice aforethought.

    He guessed because the Pharmafia was ‘bracketing’ the dose to establish the lethal perimeters. Like calling in an artillery barge, a couple of rounds the the far left, then the far right of the target, then dial in the difference on the nose.

    They are calibrating the dose to know exactly how high it can go to arrive at the Kill Dose.

    Very valuable info. Priceless in fact, how often do you get to kill this many people with impunity and make a shittonofmoney in the bargain.

    Life is Sweet.


    “..19 nucleotide long sequence coding in Sars-Cov-2 found in a raft of Moderna patents from 2015>>”

    This is OLD news, Dr David Martin covered this subject many months ag, there was hardly a peep and comment here at TAE about it.

    It should have been earth shaking but got crickets.

    What’s the odds, if you were a bookie or a casino, that the exact genetic sequence for the furin cleavage was patented by one of the principle vax players 7 years ago?

    A million to one?

    A billion to one?

    A trillion to one?

    Monkeys pounding on type writers, yeh, that’s the ticket!

    John Day

    “Troubling Dream” noce picture at homestead…

    I awoke troubled by a dream early yesterday morning, and puzzled by it. I have just read a compilation of articles about “human machine hybrids” which is evoking the same feelings that I had in the dream, and which remain with me…
    Chris sent this link to 10 articles, including “Privacy and the Connected Mind”, and “The internet of Bodies”.
    Part 2 is perhaps more chilling than part 1, perhaps. These white-papers by governmental, military and corporate “stakeholders” in artificial intelligence and brain-computer-interfaces already have machines with biological computers, and sharks controlled remotely by hardwired computer interfaces. It’s presented in the most pleasant light possible. Everybody being connected to an artificially-intelligent brain internet “could potentially increase diversity”, for instance.
    One recurring argument is that this is coming, so either embrace it and “win” or spurn it and “lose”, especially militarily. This argument assumes some fixed role of the status-quo, at least the worst forms of oppression, in the face of fundamental changes in biological existence, and advises choosing the lesser evil of becoming a cyborg to “your own side” proactively.
    Missing from all of this is any consideration of the spiritual nature, the “meaning” of life as an intelligent, empathic and emotional being, with profound experiences of reality. It’s easy to see how that is completely invisible to this approach, to these sterile explorations, selling the nicest points of what inherently extends the internet into human brains and bodies. Shall I have my thoughts censored? Shall I experience pain or hunger if I do not do as I am directed. Will I get a little burst of pleasure each time I comply? Will I really have a choice in what my body does? What will become of my body when it is old, sluggish and creaky?
    This is the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” plan for western industrial society. We need not be concerned for any of our needs, as that is well above our pay grade. We can find “meaning” in any of thousands of virtual-reality worlds, which we can share with other minds through the world-interfaces. This will be our new home. Our bodies can be nourished and made comfortable quite cheaply and easily, as we rest and enjoy it.

    The dream I awoke from was that I was somehow in a series of hotels, and I could not find a way out. They were not uncomfortable except for my pervasive sense of uneasiness about what was going on. I felt somewhat hesitant to ask others, to show that I had no idea how or why I was there, or where I was. Others also seemed reserved, timid and uncertain in their actions, not speaking much or confiding to each other. There was nothing green, nothing alive, nothing natural.
    I seemed to find myself in several of these settings, and felt they were different, and in different places. There were few men, mostly women, and nobody was aggressive, all very muted and tentative in movements and conversation with each other.
    In the last of these venues, maybe “Hotel California”, by the feeling, there was a coloration of darkness and reddish light.
    I found my way outside into the night, into a vast and empty parking lot, with rain, but warm rain, and another guy looking around in the warm rain.
    It was on a vast and empty plateau, with the lights of some city (LA?) in the distance. I noticed that I was wet, but not cold, and wondered about it.
    There seemed to be no answer for me out there in the darkness. When I went inside a group of five or six women was standing together, trying to communicate with each other. One of the ladies turned to the others and spoke as I drew near to them. She gestured towards me and said, “he saved my life”.
    I was included in that group, my first feeling of connection in that world of lonely mingling.
    What I felt was the sudden responsibility to find the way, the way to meaning, to answers, to connection with the outside, connection to life, connection to reality.
    I was elected to serve, to find the way.
    I was entrusted with that responsibility. I could not fail them.

    As I drove down to Yoakum yesterday morning, to put insulation in the attic, I repeatedly felt emotion well up in me, nearly to tears, as I re-experienced the woman in my dream telling the other souls, “he saved my life”.
    The time for us to learn in spirit, to develop our awareness of our connectedness, and our ability to serve love, compassion, wisdom and cooperation, is now. We may do so now. We may feel our connectedness now, feel others gently touch our souls now. Ask for wisdom and guidance now. The artificial world of the hard-wired hive mind of human bodies has no love, no compassion, and is designed to serve selfish corporate power interests, while the physical world of industrial capitalism relentlessly declines.
    The alternative world which we can nurture is the world of life, the world of complex ecosystems, of complexity which harmonizes at every level. We have the ability in our own nature to be the stewards of nature, not the overlords of nature.
    A one time discovery of energy in coal and oil, of machines to build and transport and travel, of electricity and instantaneous communication across the world, has brought us each to a decision point.
    We can join in loving spirit, or be starved and coerced into submission to the Borg, to becoming meat-robots in an interactive computer simulation with goggles, a comfortable cocoon and little wires and chips in our brains. I have felt that emptiness in a dream.
    The way that I must serve those souls who I met in the dream is to serve now, earlier in time, to find a path for all of us, which does not lead to the places of that dream. I pray that we can do this together.

    John Day

    Oops, “nice picture at homestead”

    John Day

    ​Pepe Escobar has Kazakhstan-failed-hybrid-war-color-revolution wrap-up.
    The US, UK, Israel and Turkey had a command and control center. Their jihadi-mercenaries captured the airport, but could not hold it.
    In this “center,” there were 22 Americans, 16 Turks and 6 Israelis coordinating sabotage gangs – trained in West Asia by the Turks – and then rat-lined to Almaty.
    ​ ​The op started to unravel for good when Kazakh forces – with the help of Russian/CSTO intel – retook control of the vandalized Almaty airport, which was supposed to be turned into a hub for receiving foreign military supplies…
    ​ ​It didn’t take long for Tokayev to understand the merits of immediately calling the CSTO to the rescue: Kazakhstan signed the treaty way back in 1994. After all, Tokayev was fighting a foreign-led coup against his government.
    ​ ​Putin, among others, has stressed how an official Kazakh investigation is the only one entitled to get to the heart of the matter.
    ​ ​It’s still unclear exactly who – and to what extent – sponsored the rioting mobs. Motives abound: to sabotage a pro-Russia/China government, to provoke Russia, to sabotage BRI, to plunder mineral resources, to turbo-charge a House of Saud-style ‘Islamization’.
    ​ ​Rushed to only a few days before the start of the Russia-US ‘security guarantees’ in Geneva, this color revolution represented a sort of counter-ultimatum – in desperation – by the NATO establishment.
    ​ ​Central Asia, West Asia, and the overwhelming majority of the Global South have witnessed the lightning fast Eurasian response by the CSTO troops – who, having now done their job, are set to leave Kazakhstan in a couple of days – and how this color revolution has failed, miserably.
    ​ ​It might as well be the last. Beware the rage of a humiliated Empire.

    ​A broad-spectrum antiviral against influenza and coronaviruses from edible beans?​
    That’s horse and pig food! Don’t take that!
    A Carbohydrate-Binding Protein from the Edible Lablab Beans Effectively Blocks the Infections of Influenza Viruses and SARS-CoV-2

    ​Two friends sent this, and it reminded me of the Peter Tosh song, “Bush Doctor” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yzTz0sCtkCQ
    Cannabinoids Block Cellular Entry of SARS-CoV-2 and the Emerging Variants
    ​…​Cannabinoid acids from hemp (Cannabis sativa) were found to be allosteric as well as orthosteric ligands with micromolar affinity for the spike protein. In follow-up virus neutralization assays, cannabigerolic acid and cannabidiolic acid prevented infection of human epithelial cells by a pseudovirus expressing the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein and prevented entry of live SARS-CoV-2 into cells. Importantly, cannabigerolic acid and cannabidiolic acid were equally effective against the SARS-CoV-2 alpha variant B.1.1.7 and the beta variant B.1.351. Orally bioavailable and with a long history of safe human use, these cannabinoids, isolated or in hemp extracts, have the potential to prevent as well as treat infection by SARS-CoV-2.

    John Day

    Adding a “Furin cleavagesite” is a functional weaponization of a virus, one of many in SARS-CoV-2.


    One of my social circle is a retired theatre nurse. She told us that in her experience masks should (ideally) be changed every 20 minutes because they get soggy from breath. Also one should never touch the outside while wearing them.

    So, if there are an estimated 1.5 billion of these things littering the environment, and assuming that these are discards from a day’s wearing, then 8 hours @ 1 mask per 20 minutes = 8 hours @ 3 masks/hour = 24 masks per day, times 1.5 billion = 36 billion discards.

    I wonder what 36 billion look like in one place?

    those darned kids

    doc day: how the faucivirus battle? be mindful – my wife went through 4 different (perhaps 5) bouts before the thing seemed (we hope, seemed) to finally go away. she would feel like, “yep, it’s done” only to have it come back.

    she had the original wuhan© strain in march 2020.

    ©all rights reserved, baric inc. 2020

    Veracious Poet

    Another day in the new “normal”:

    Looters raiding LA cargo trains of Amazon, UPS shipments



    Veracious Poet

    More from the new feudal-normal-ism:

    President Joe Biden gave an “update on the whole-of-government COVID-19 surge response on Thursday morning.” Biden begged Americans to wear masks, stating that free masks would soon be available. He pressed vaccines on the unvaccinated, boosters on the vaccinated, and asked social media and media companies not to run stories or allow posts that run counter to government narratives on COVID.

    “I make a special appeal to social media companies and media outlets,” he said, please deal with the misinformation and disinformation that’s on your shows, it has to stop.” He shook his head in dismay. He said further that COVID-19 is one of the most formidable enemies America has ever faced, and “we’ve got to work together.”


    House Distributes KN95 Masks Stamped ‘MADE IN CHINA’ ~ There are a lot of deficiencies with the Democrats in power in Washington. Perhaps one of the worst is the failure to even care enough to fully pursue the origins of the pandemic and hold China accountable for its actions.

    But at least you would think they wouldn’t advertise how completely in the pocket of China they are with their actions.

    According to Fox, the House of Representatives were given KN95 masks to wear on the House floor that have stamped “MADE IN CHINA” on them. The House is now requiring KN95 or N95 to be worn while on the floor. Most KN95 masks are made in China although there are some made in the U.S.


    those darned kids

    the only white supremacists i’m worried about have names like biden, harris, trudeau, macron, morrison, and whatshisface in germany..


    Bully trying to start a new fight is being ignored …. Iran, China, N. Korea, Russia, ….


    If trains are being looted in LA, they’re being looted in every major Blue City that has rail heads and switching yards. Trains have to slow down to switch loads. The video of the third-worldish LA looting is a how-to manual for the rest of the country to copycat. Monkey see, monkey do.

    Take the bling and run

    In San Francisco I believe you can shoplift up to $900+ dollars and not be charged.

    I imagine Big Shitty Democrats will pass the same ordinance for train looting.

    The fish rots from the head down, as Gerald Celente says, the Bigs are looting the Smalls 24/7

    Why not spread the Joy.

    John Day

    TDK asked: “doc day: how the faucivirus battle?”

    I’ve really been done with it this week, and am getting things done. Riding my bike seems like more work. Putting in attic insulation seems like a lot of work, but I do it. My body seems a bit weaker and more easily fatigued, but I do the stuff.


    Russia has no desire to end up with the Donbass region of Ukraine. It is a black hole where money disappears.

    Russia already has the most valuable part of the Donbass. Namely all of it’s young people. Only the old remain in the Donbass region. The young depart Donbass because there are no economic opportunities. The young head to Russia to further their education and to find jobs. Most will never return.

    Washington really likes the Ukraine because it serves as a very convenient laundry mat for DC’s uniparty politicians to launder their dirty money stolen from US taxpayers.

    I guess color revolutions are so old hat by now. But it won’t st9op the deep state from trying to start more color revolutions. They never seem to have any skin in the game. It is like operating drones. Always sitting safely in another spot, while doing everything by remote control. It is always someone else that dies, not them.



    Maybe we would be happier with a lower IQ


    Now that joe has publically issued orders to the MSM to eliminate anything he considers mis or dis-information, I suspect we will see a whole bunch of new people being “cancelled”.

    I wonder who died today? Who is going to die tomorrow?

    There will certainly be a lot more excess deaths in the alternate world.


    Federal Covid 19 Reporting Form for Hospitals and Labs

    Fields now inactive
    – Num hospital beds
    – Ventilators available and usage
    – ED overflow
    – Covid 19 Deaths
    – Remdesivir inventory and usage
    – Critical staffing shortages
    – PPE supplies

    New fields
    – Pediatric beds and occupancy
    – Pediatric ICU beds and occupancy
    – Pediatric admissions

    Newly required fields
    – Influenza admissions and lab confirmations


    Dr. Oz vs Fauci: that would be a good show. Oz wearing a mascara and Fauci a a facemask diaper.



    Yeah, maybe not knowing would be so much better. Sadly once you have seen the brick wall behind the theatre curtains, you can never unsee it.

    Sort of reminds me of what John Wayne once said. Life is hard, but it is even harder if you are stupid.

    I remember my Dad once complaining how stupid government people were, but then quickly reversing himself by saying maybe we should be grateful that they are so stupid!



    Nice find! Re-Hospital forms turned off!

    Sort of reminds me of how Ontario suddenly cured covid cases. No new cases of covid have been reported for over a week now! The Canadian msm just all of a sudden stopped reporting the number of new cases. So easy when you own the media!

    Veracious Poet

    DeSantis says Roberts and Kavanaugh lacked ‘backbone’ in ruling on vaccine mandate for health care workers


    Mister Roboto

    Mister Roboto

    those darned kids

    american hero, jonathan isaac (starts around minute 12:30)


    those darned kids
    TAE Summary

    The Supremes disappointed Pres. Biden
    “No mandate is what we’re decidin’ ”
    So Joe’s asking bosses
    To bail out his losses
    “The divide is to small, it must widen”

    “I told you so” taunts Karl D.
    “You perps should have listened to me.
    And now it’s my hope
    You’ll swing from a rope
    You think that I jest? Wait and see.”

    Says Rand (the Senate’s true teacher)
    “The Fauci’s a juvenile creature
    He’s concocted a virus
    But now he’s desirous
    To claim it’s a bug, not a feature”

    Dr. D

    ‘Mass Formation Psychosis’ Deployed on You after Over 200 Years of Study”

    Yeah, we know. American Edward Bernays was a favorite and wrote the book for Goebbels.

    Dr. Oz Slams “Petty Tyrant” Fauci, Challenges Him to Debate on COVID”

    More WWF. If anyone were actually doing anything, you’d hear the screaming from space. Like HCQ.

    “Virus rule” vs “Mandate” they’re so grasping at straws – and written in – that they now use specific psychological words like good little minions. i.e. “Lying”: not being direct and telling the truth. If they said “The mandate got shot down” like a normal human would, it would imply Biden lost. So they’re still taking the loss, but trying to avert the blow and appear in charge. Okay, but how long do you think that will save you?

    Bring it up because I see the same thing, all ad campaigns now, all companies, have are suddenly “Let’s Go”. Like Hertz,e.g. but even more local companies. That’s to divert the mind from from the joy and amusement of “Let’s Go Brandon”. Probably no one but a few Madison Avenue companies are in on this sudden initiative. Because having all companies nationwide with the same corporate slogan is NOT good advertising. They’re up to something. Also that tells you it’s not about money. It’s a religion to them, things more important than money.

    From what I can tell, Moronic is dangerous, and they are mostly in the hospital for cause, not just from a test, but it’s just not deadly. Remember everyone is deathly ill and sucking sodas walking around thanks to HFCS and Roundup being safe as water. Kids are not allowed outside as they’ll be murdered. Where you gonna get exercise and be healthy? Where you gonna be a human?

    But yes, thanks to closing beds and gutting hospitals for decades, since they first started “helping” in 1991, hospitals are always running at crushing capacity. Cuomo closing 1/3 of beds in 10 years or Illinois dropping 1,000 ICUs this year being top examples. Now they COULD have more beds, more capacity in a few weeks, there are closed hospitals sitting around, Army tents, Sanatorium Care, nurses and doctors leaving for abuse or being fired with CEOs making $10mil or 150 nurses worth of overpay…yeah, if to CLOSE ALL THE BEDS whaddya THINK the hospital system will be? Overcapacity. That happens when you close the beds on purpose to kill people.

    …If it wasn’t on purpose, then after the first 5 years it didn’t work, the first 20,000 beds dropped, wouldn’t they stop and turn around? Nope. They got bonuses. Because they like it and approve.

    Next problem: ICU “At capacity”. Yes, and if there were no pressure at all, ICU doctors would drag their feet forever on releasing patients to lower care. If there IS pressure, they try aggressively to push anyone they can to lower care. It’s call “Triage”, so you’re going to have such a squishy scale as to mean nearly nothing. Imagine no one needed ICU beds, would they leave them empty? Probably not, they would seat average patients there.

    Since the media is too arrogant, ignorant, self-absorbed and self-congratulating to ask basic questions, and too busy lying for sensationalism, they will never ask. Clearly.

    Supreme Court: Proving themselves to be ignorant orangutans again, with both “Conservative” justices, Roberts and Kavanaugh being Liberal again, natural make the legally sound judicial case that “Some animals are more equal than others”. That’s Justice! So as “All men are created equal” (under the law), if you’re a health care worker, you’re – spitballing here – not a human? Or not a citizen? Or not protected? Or the only way to get universal human rights is to quit and scrub bathrooms at WalMart, or be a 7-time stabby-guy with a new heart. So yeah, another stellar day in the world’s dumbest, most illiterate court. …And you should read Dred Scot!

    Man I am so looking forward to the Anglos’ false flag on Russia in their own backyard, where Russia can b—h slap the U.S. senseless and make them look like the brainless fools they are, Winkin’, Blinken, and Nod. Prediction: if they try it, Russia will know everything about it long before hand and divert it effortlessly, leaving them nothing to take Delores Umbridge to. Then they can call in Blinken and make him stand there while they read him the riot act FOR AN HOUR, like China did.

    Kazakh, I wonder, since a number of points make no sense, if there was a CIA and I dunno, let’s say Biden back-line to do this. This sub-group of Black Hats go the the CIA heads who says it will fail and they won’t back it. This sub-cabal tries it anyway because they have to, but don’t have the power anymore, and that’s why they were lacking the CIA/CNN PR department. Why? They’re bankrupt, even with the new multi-billion $$ crooked-money source from their drug-selling side. Like Ukraine, they have embarrassing files with people’s idiot sons taking payoffs on camera that might come out. That sort of thing. It’s a theory. If so they have just revealed to the world how weak they are, and dying. No one will take that mafia seriously anymore. But they’re still dangerous so just sit by and watch them fall.

    “Looters raiding LA cargo trains of Amazon, UPS shipments”

    …”Where there is no rule of law”. Preppers have an acronym for this I forget. WoL? It’s what happens when you don’t enforce the law. So we wonder “why they come down on Jimmy for a 50c pack of gum? Where’s the Justice?” Like this. If you allow the small – which they have for some years now – crimes gradually become larger and bolder and more violent until it’s the law of the jungle, warlords. Justice = Power. And violence. Who wants that? Everywhere men go they work hard to reverse that and re-establish social norms and rules. Only maniacs like the present ones, attempting to undermine and topple the U.S. on behalf of, e.g. China, want such things. But it doesn’t do them any good either. No rest. But they are the mentally ill but don’t know that.

    Another day, another ad homeniem. Because lacking data. There’s some person on earth who doesn’t like this doctor, therefore their argument is false! Because we all know that hard ideas are always very, very popular. Look at politics!

    “Ad homeniem”, definition: “Fallacy”, meaning “An argument with no merit.” Please provide data, not popularity, so people can take you seriously and you can persuade them.

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