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Caravaggio St. John the Baptist in the wilderness 1604


Omicron Breaks Through Immunity in a Battle Against Delta (McCullough)
Omicron Offers an Off-Ramp From Our Failed Pandemic Policy (ET)
Stop Letting Them Test You: Breaking The COVID Construct (Fed.)
My Secret Plan To End The Vaccine Madness (Kirsch)
The Psychological Cruelty of Denying Natural immunity (Tucker)
Not Vaccinating Kids ‘Doesn’t Make Any Sense’ – Fauci (RT)
“Omicron DEATH!” (Taibbi)
When Covid Vaccine With Lifelong Protection Might Be Available (RT)
Forecast 2022 — Dumpster Fire Blazing on the Frontier of a Dark Age (Kunstler)
2021 Year in Review: Crisis of Authority and the Age of Narratives (Collum)



YouTube has now removed the Joe Rogan interviews of both Dr Robert Malone as well as Dr Peter McCullough.



The most heavily vaccinated large US county




With 92% of adults fully vaccinated and 67% boosted, cases in Iceland have skyrocketed to new highs — up 4,564% since they were credited with “hammering COVID with science”






“..Omicron appears to generate immunity not only against itself, but also against Delta..”

Omicron Breaks Through Immunity in a Battle Against Delta (McCullough)

From an evolutionary biology perspective, we are witnessing the full range of ways a virus works to survive and propagate the species relying on hosts for replication and spreading to more hosts. As we were coming down from the formidable Delta outbreak curve, there was hope that natural immunity and whatever meager herd immunity that could have been building from mass vaccination would bring the COVID-19 pandemic to a low simmer.Instead, we have witnessed two months of building and now explosive epidemic curves all around the world with Omicron, the most highly mutated form of SARS-CoV-2. It is now clear that Omicron can infect those with previous COVID-19 infection and natural immunity, as well as those fully vaccinated, and of course, the smaller fraction of individuals who are COVID-19 naive.

While we have a mix of prolonged Delta cases and in many cases with moderate to severe symptoms, Omicron syndrome has been characterized as mild and brief with a notable absence of pulmonary symptoms. How did Omicron secure this large and growing ecological niche? We have learned that Omicron replicates at a 70-fold increased rate over Delta. Additionally, Omicron appears to generate immunity not only against itself, but also against Delta, the prior dominant variant. So as Omicron moves through the population rapidly, it is providing a larger immunologic barrier to further Delta expansion and will likely work to bring down the Delta curve as the same time the Omicron peak continues to build in a sharply upward, and hopefully brief spike in cases.

There are modeling studies suggesting that the dual Lilly (bamlanivimab and etesevimab) and Regeneron (casirivimab and imdevimab) monoclonal antibody products are unlikely to neutralize Omicron, leaving only sotrovimab by GSK as the remaining monoclonal antibody in our armamentarium for high-risk seniors who develop severe symptoms with Omicron. While many have said Omicron is “mother nature’s booster,” it will be some time before we can celebrate as the blend of Delta and Omicron, which present with similar features but take two separate clinical courses, is bound to confuse both the patients and the doctors trying to grapple with this new clinical reality.

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“..an opportunity for leaders to use the novel Omicron variant to save face..”

Omicron Offers an Off-Ramp From Our Failed Pandemic Policy (ET)

IGiven the magnitude of our failure as a society in dealing with COVID, and the cardinal rule that human beings (but especially politicians) will go to gargantuan lengths to avoid responsibility, I posit that Omicron provides an off-ramp that doesn’t require admission of guilt. We need to halt the highly objectionable COVID policies being employed today, while giving up, for now, the assigning of blame. Omicron has changed the game. With the preliminary research in, the data appears to show several things:
• Omicron is more contagious than Delta and other variants
• COVID vaccines seem to do little to stop Omicron infection
• Remarkably, there is some evidence that Omicron is breaking through natural immunity from previous variants
• Omicron is much less severe than other variants, with many scientists comparing its symptoms to the common cold
• Omicron is unexpected—its high level of mutation leaves scientists asking questions

Whatever the past reality, the difference in risk from COVID infection between the vaccinated and unvaccinated now appears to be lower than it was with previous variants. Whatever the past reality, the unvaccinated are not more a danger to society than the vaccinated. As the infection goes endemic, many people will get the virus, irrespective of vaccination status or past inflection. The obsession with asymptomatic testing for COVID can be left behind with heads held high, as can masks. Ignorance of the past power of natural immunity vs. the virus becomes a non-issue at present. And, unlike past variants, Omicron is indeed a bit of an enigma in terms of both its genetics and of how it functions.

In other words, a perfect opportunity to effect a dramatic shift in pandemic policy, for example to policies laid out in the Great Barrington Declaration and past pandemic public health standards. Vaccine mandates can be dropped in an instant, policy can indeed be “left to the states” as President Biden has suggested, and state leaders can also follow in kind. It’s an opportunity for leaders to use the novel Omicron variant to save face, as an “off ramp” off the current authoritarian and unpopular policy track, enacting policies that will have them celebrated and also work well, helping us start to heal our society. The sooner, the better.

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“Have local health care “experts” done anything to gain my trust? Or have they done everything they possibly can to betray it?”

Stop Letting Them Test You: Breaking The COVID Construct (Fed.)

DC Health is giving out “Home COVID-19 Testing Kits” at libraries across the capital city. At the majority of these sites, you’ll be handed two plastic, red, white, and blue envelopes per person. “Muriel Bowser, Mayor,” they read at the bottom. “Testyourselfdc.com.” “Isn’t that wonderful!” you might be thinking, as you tear open the seal. “I want to be sure these winter sniffles aren’t COVID before I see my mother, or visit grandpa, or go away with some friends.” Inside the envelopes, you’ll find a one-ended Q-tip (a “Nasal Self Swab”), wrapped in plastic; an official-looking LabCorp test tube, wrapped in plastic; and instructions to report your name, race, age, and sex to the city government, stick the Q-tip up your nose, deposit it in the test tube, put the “specimen bag” in the return envelope and drop it off at “one of the District’s specimen collection boxes by 8 p.m. the same day.”

Staring at this kit Wednesday morning, sniffling, I thought, “Why would I do that?” Seriously, why the hell would I do that? Do I live in Florida, where if seriously ill, I’ll be given access to monoclonal antibody treatments while family, friends, and neighbors go about their lives? Do I live in Georgia or Texas, where I’d receive the same? Or Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, or Louisiana? Or do I live in a city where the numbers will be rushed to the press, schools will be shuttered, mask mandates will be extended, new restrictions on the eternally wicked “unvaccinated” will be rolled out, and if I have a bad case I’ll have to drive hours to find a pharmacy willing to fill a doctor’s prescription? Have local health care “experts” done anything to gain my trust? Or have they done everything they possibly can to betray it?

By and large, Omicron is the sniffles. A cold; maybe some aches, and the sniffles. If you live on the East Coast, you might already know more than a dozen people with Omicron and aside from an occasional fever, every one of them is fine. “But don’t forget,” the headlines blare – “a man died in Texas last week.” Don’t you dare believe your lying eyes. “Just because the per-individual risk of severe illness may be lower,” CNN’s resident doctor politician warns, “that doesn’t mean on a societal level Omicron doesn’t pose a real risk.” “Omicron’s cold-like symptoms mean UK guidance ‘needs urgent update,’” The Guardian newspaper screams.

“You’re looking,” the president of the United States threatened, “at a winter of severe illness and death for yourselves, your families, and the hospitals you may soon overwhelm.” It’s like we’re not experiencing this bug ourselves; like we’re incapable of observing it in our friends and families, and seeing what it does. It’s like we trust the “experts” more than we trust ourselves; damn our eyes. But if we dare take a step back and process the very thing we’re told we’re living through, we might recognize – more than ever – the increasingly obvious truth that COVID is a construct: a word we’ve been trained to fear more than the disease itself. COVID means fear, control, and lockdowns because we’ve allowed people to make it mean fear, control, and lockdowns.

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“Find a way to discredit the “authorities” in a way that the “blue pill” public can relate to..”

My Secret Plan To End The Vaccine Madness (Kirsch)

There is no one thing that ends the madness. Each activity contributes to moving the ball forward. The good news is that people in healthcare are getting really upset now and many are sacrificing their jobs to speak out. So I think this will end sooner than later. As always, our biggest “convincer” is the vaccine itself. Sooner or later doctors and nurses are going to have to stop ignoring the side effects and speak out just as occurred here. I’m currently of the belief that there are only two basic ways to victory: 1/ End the censorship of doctors. Enable the 30% of “red pill” healthcare providers to speak out without fear of retribution 2/ Discredit the authorities. Find a way to discredit the “authorities” in a way that the “blue pill” public can relate to, e.g., a debate, show “hidden camera footage,” get The New York Times to run a whistleblower story, etc.

Here are some of the activities I’m involved in now (in my copious free time while not writing Substack articles):

  1. Enable doctors to speak the truth without fear of retribution from medical boards and hospitals. Stopping the censorship of doctors either in a single state, or across the country with a coordinated day where 100,000 healthcare providers speak out at the same time. This includes activities such as suing state medical boards for violating the free speech rights of doctors and creating a special substack to coordinate action
  2. Get RFK Jr. on Rogan
  3. Publicizing the actual rates of child injury from school medical officials and making this public with names of the institutions
  4. Discredit the ringleaders (Fauci, CDC) with evidence that they can’t defend. This is harder than it sounds. For example, Malone mentioned the Biden / Modi call. Professor Peter Schirmacher who is beyond reproach showed at least 30% of the deaths post-vaccine were caused by the vaccine, but the CDC was able to get the story quashed and the mainstream media refused to acknowledge it.
  5. Survey of the public on vaccine side effects using professional polling organizations to show the CDC has been lying the American people
  6. University study of vaccine side effects so that the survey can be published in peer-reviewed medical journals making it hard to challenge
  7. Showing people what is in the vials (analysis done by a very trusted actor). Multiple brands, multiple batches, multiple labs. Just to remove all doubt. This one thing alone can end it instantly depending on what they find.
  8. Debate with prominent pro-vaxxer(s). This is a low probability event. Nobody on their side wants a fair debate. We couldn’t even get pond scum like @ZdoggMD to the debate table. Even very low-profile people like “Your local epidemiologist” wouldn’t debate. Apparently, all these “experts” are deathly afraid of being challenged publicly.
  9. Careful athlete/pilot adverse event analysis that survives every fact checker showing comparison with previous years.
  10. Expose Gavin Newsom as lying about his vaccine injury (requires a relative to permanently end his Newsom relationship so that is hard).
  11. Using humor to educate people on what is going on (similar to JP Sears videos). I’m talking with comedian Tyler Fisher about this (he does a great Fauci impersonation).
  12. Convince some prominent narrative supporters to switch sides, e.g., imagine if Sanjay Gupta told the truth about the vaccines and then was fired from CNN. Or a prominent writer for the New York Times to blow the whistle. These acts of courage will start to wake people up.
  13. Creating mass awareness, e.g., I’m funding the Jan 23 Defeat the Mandates March on Washington event and follow @dchomecoming on Twitter.
  14. Continue to educate people on the evidence in plain sight. Sadly, this moves the needle very slowly. For example, it’s crystal clear from the data that masks do nothing, but people can’t read science so they keep their masks on.
  15. Get people like Robert Malone, Peter McCullough, Brian Tyson, etc. back on Twitter so that their voices can be heard and not silenced.
  16. Organize volunteers. We have hundreds of volunteers. If you want to help, register your skills here on the resource registration form.
  17. Encourage all my followers to do something to advance the ball on a daily basis. Can you convince one person a week to switch? Can you share your success with others?

If you have other ideas that you think will help move the needle, let me know in the comments. There are many approaches, but convincing the public is the hardest since they trust their doctors. The fastest way to win this is either: 1/ Get lots of doctors to convince their peers/speak out in unison and/or 2/ Thoroughly discredit Fauci/CDC in a way the public will embrace. By discrediting the top authority figures, the entire narrative topples.

Read more …

“You promote despair. You create a permanent state of fear. You rob people of optimism. You create dependency and promote sadness. No one can live this way. And we do not have to.”

The Psychological Cruelty of Denying Natural immunity (Tucker)

Covid’s coverage of the country is so broad now that everyone knows one or many people who have had it. They share stories. Some are short bouts. Others last a week or longer. Nearly everyone shakes it off. Some people die from it, particularly the elderly and infirm. And this universal tactile experience has also given rise not so much to another round of panic – that is certainly there – but exhaustion and the great question: when will all this end? It ends, as the authors of the Great Barrington Declaration said, with the arrival of population immunity. In this sense, it is like every pandemic that has come before. They swept through the population and those who recover have lasting immunity to the pathogen and probably others in the same family.

This happens with or without a vaccine. It is this upgrade of the immune system that provides the way out. And yet even now, millions of people have not been made aware of the payoff to confronting the virus. They have been denied hope that it ever will end. They simply do not know. The authorities have not told them. Yes, you can find out if you are curious and read competent opinion on the topic. Maybe your doctor has shared that view. But when you have the leading voices in public health seeming to go out of their way to pretend that natural immunity does not exist, you are going to throttle that knowledge in the general population. The immunity passports do not recognize it. The people who are fired despite having demonstrated robust immunities know this all-too-well.

Of all the scandals and outrages of the last two years – the incredible failings of public officials and the silence of so many people who should have known better – the strange silence on acquired immunity is among the worst. It has a medical cost but also a huge cultural and psychological one. This is not just an arcane matter of science. It is a main means by which the population can see the other side of the pandemic. For all the fear, suffering, and death, there is still hope on the other side, and we can know this because of our awareness of how the immune system works.

Take that away and you take away the possibility of the human mind to imagine a bright future. You promote despair. You create a permanent state of fear. You rob people of optimism. You create dependency and promote sadness. No one can live this way. And we do not have to. If we know for sure that all this suffering was not for naught, the universe and its functioning seem a bit less chaotic and appears to make a greater degree of sense. We cannot live in a pathogen-free world but we can confront this world with intelligence, courage, and conviction that we can get to the other side and live even better than we did before. We do not need to give up freedom.

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It’s all about Pfizer’s immunity.

Not Vaccinating Kids ‘Doesn’t Make Any Sense’ – Fauci (RT)

White House health adviser Anthony Fauci has pushed back on parents who refuse to vaccinate their children based on the low number of serious cases among minors, insisting their arguments don’t make sense. During an appearance on NewsNation’s ‘Morning in America’ on Thursday, he took a blunt approach with those hesitant to vaccinate their offspring. After host Adrienne Bankert observed that only zero to four children per 1.1 million in the US had required hospitalization due to Covid-19 last week, despite a general surge in cases, Fauci said the rationale of parents who refer to such statistics to justify declining to immunize their kids “doesn’t make any sense.” “We vaccinate children for any number of childhood diseases when the mortality of those diseases is far less than the mortality and the morbidity of Covid-19 in children,” Fauci said.

With a rising number of child hospitalizations, it was the “responsibility” of parents to vaccinate their children, he went on. He acknowledged that children were at “less” risk of experiencing severe outcomes from Covid than those in other age groups, however. “It’s true that when you compare hospitalizations and severe illness in young children compared to adults, particularly the elderly, there’s no doubt that the likelihood of getting seriously ill for a child is less than for an adult when you’re dealing with Covid-19,” Fauci said, though he added that this did not mean “children don’t get seriously ill.” They are “suffering” and “dying,” Fauci noted, adding that this would be “avoidable” if their parents simply vaccinated them. Children aged five and up have been eligible to receive a Covid-19 vaccine in the US since November. As cases surge across the county, significantly increased by the Omicron variant, so have the number of minors admitted to hospital.

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“..an address urging calm from President Mumbles..”

“Omicron DEATH!” (Taibbi)

It was the world’s loudest record-scratch when the WHO in the first week of December said the ominous “Omicron variant” of Covid-19 had been detected in 38 countries, but without any known deaths.No deaths? How could that be? In the United States in late November, we’d already skipped past the stunned-curiosity phase and moved straight into active mass panic, with “fallout from the Omicron variant” causing the Dow to fall 652 points in a day when news of the mutant contagion arrived. Right away, we had a travel ban from southern Africa, an address urging calm from President Mumbles, and a declaration of a “Variant of Concern” from the CDC, as “scientists raced” to learn more about this “almost Frankensteinish” new strain of Covid-19.

The next month of Omicron coverage offered a fascinating window into our Covid-fixated future. For most of December, we were presented with an unbroken string of scare stories that in many cases actively buried the lede on the most important question: is this thing going to kill me? The Washington Post on December 14th, for instance, ran a story about how the “CDC warns” that a “punishing wave” could be coming as soon as January. The piece noted Omicron was “dramatically more transmissible” and “a more slippery foe when encountered by neutralizing antibodies,” but ignored the issue of lethality altogether, which would seem impossible to do by accident. “How deadly is the Omicron variant? WHO releases death report,” wrote the Express U.K. earlier this week, with the following sub-headline:

OMICRON cases have increased more than tenfold since authorities identified the first UK infections in November, but scientists’ knowledge of the variant has increased in kind. The World Health Organization (WHO) released its first death report this weekend, outlining how dangerous it really is. Reading that headline hits your fear center, making you anxious to know just exactly “how dangerous it really is.” What does that mean? Scrolling down, you first read that Omicron mutations “allow it to escape immunity provided by both vaccine doses,” that “it reduces two doses of Pfizer to 30 percent effectiveness, with AstraZeneca potentially down to zero,” and that while boosters can restore effectiveness to 75 percent, “many are at Omicron’s mercy.” Not good! Only far down the piece do you read that since the WHO’s “no deaths” report in early December, the disease has “spread rapidly, and one person in the UK has died with the new variant… Recent data suggests the disease Omicron causes is milder than its predecessors…”

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Why the obsession with vaccines?

When Covid Vaccine With Lifelong Protection Might Be Available (RT)

A Covid-19 vaccine potentially able to give lifelong protection has proved effective on mice and primates and is set for clinical trials. Production is planned for 2024, Japanese scientist Michinori Kohara told the Japan Times. With all the existing Covid-19 vaccines requiring booster shots to remain effective, the emeritus investigator at the Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science decided to create one based on the 18th-century smallpox vaccine, which is credited with the elimination of the deadly disease. “I have worked on various vaccine technologies such as the adenovirus and messenger RNA, but the vaccine using the vaccinia virus vector is the most powerful of all with few side effects,” Kohara said, adding that the vaccine “can induce antibodies and lifelong immunity.”

According to the researcher, one shot of a recombinant vaccinia virus containing the spike protein of the SARS-CoV-2 virus remains effective for more than 20 months, and “there is no other vaccine that can achieve these effects.” Two shots taken three weeks apart increase neutralizing antibodies tenfold, he said. Testing the vaccine on avian flu-infected mice and coronavirus-infected macaques proved to be effective. Clinical trials are set to start in the first half of 2023 with the participation of 150 to 200 volunteers. If the trials, which will be conducted by Japanese pharmaceutical company Nobelpharma Co., turn out to be a success, the final phase will be launched. Mass production is planned for 2024 at the earliest.

Meanwhile, a number of new vaccines are being developed around the world. Cambridge University professor Jonathan Heeney recently announced trials of a new needle-free Covid-19 jab that he hopes will be able to give broader protection against Covid variants and other coronaviruses. A new Russian vaccine against the coronavirus, called Convasel and created by the St. Petersburg Research Institute of Vaccines and Serums, is set to be registered before the end of the first quarter of 2022, the head of the Russian Federal Medical-Biological Agency Veronika Skvortsova, said on Friday.

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“Dr. Anthony Fauci’s treasonous public health empire, the murderous pharmaceutical companies, the recklessly dishonest news media, and a demonic host of federal agencies..”

Forecast 2022 — Dumpster Fire Blazing on the Frontier of a Dark Age (Kunstler)

The American people have been played backwards and forwards, inside and out, through and through, and up and down; driven to the very edge of national suicide by a combine of enemies within and without. If China’s CCP wanted to take maximum advantage of a weakened, confused USA, they couldn’t have found more zealous help-mates than the seditious Democratic Party, along with Dr. Anthony Fauci’s treasonous public health empire, the murderous pharmaceutical companies, the recklessly dishonest news media, and a demonic host of federal agencies, especially the three-stooge “Intel Community” — the CIA (Moe), DOJ (Larry), FBI (Curley) — plus the many secret horror chambers in the Pentagon. Throw in the Big Tech tyrants, the Marxist mandarins on campus, and the satanic narcissists of Hollywood. Oh, and let’s not forget the evil principality of grift and swindling that is Wall Street.

We still don’t know exactly what role the CCP and its Peoples’ Liberation Army played in the origins of Covid-19, and we don’t know because the US government doesn’t want us to know — because they had a role in it — and the news media won’t lift a finger to find out, either, because they are the propaganda arm of the regime in power. We do know an awful lot about the operations of Dr. Fauci and his colleagues in funding the development of the virus in Wuhan for the purpose of introducing a wildly profitable set of “vaccines” which, if anything, prolonged and exacerbated the pandemic, and harmed or killed millions all over the world.

We also know that this same set of players in public health and Big Pharma gamed the clinical trials that preceded the emergency use authorizations that loosed the “vaccines” on the people, and that they deliberately obstructed and suppressed proven treatments with inexpensive off-patent drugs that would have saved many hundreds of thousands of lives if they had been allowed within so-called standards-of-practice that rule medicine these days. The same gang fudged their statistical reporting wherever possible, especially by failing to fix the kludgy CDC VAERS website for listing adverse reactions to the “vaccines,” but also in creating conditions that made it impossible to discern actual Covid deaths from “vaccine” deaths, and deaths either caused by co-morbidities or extraneous occurrences such as highway accidents or gunshot killings.

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One can be forgiven for thinking that the years are getting longer, because Dave Collum’s review does all the time. It now takes as long for you to read as it takes him to write. That is, a whole year.

Well, at least he has one reliable source left:

2021 Year in Review: Crisis of Authority and the Age of Narratives (Collum)

I am an openly white, right-leaning, closeted hand-sexual male with audacious opinions. I promise, however, that I will sling barbs without regard to race, creed, or color. If I think you are a douche bag, I will say so. When anger consumes me, however, it gives way to angst because somebody may have suckered me into playing a role in some higher authority’s master plan to disrupt the American Dream. As we are being dazzled by the Harlem Globe Trotters, recognize that we are the Washington Generals. Remember the olden days when the wealthy and powerful nefariously assaulted the unsuspecting populace? If caught, scandal followed, heads rolled, and we moved on, leaving us plebes with the sense that justice was served. Since the government was small relative to GDP, the systemic corruption represented a few percent of the system. It’s now growing like a tumor and devoid of consequences for the powerful. In the Age of Narratives, we snarf down platters of propaganda served by powerful media empires. This bread and circuses is free but leaves us marinating in ignorance.

It’s a trap Mickey: the cheese is not free! The Western media is now the arm of the State, no better than Pravda. Failed business model led the media into the oldest profession. How many narratives have we fallen for? How many have you fallen for? I think you owe it to yourselves to replay the tape from years past and ask whether you were duped. Malcolm Gladwell’s latest (see Books) suggests we are hard-wired to trust. As social animals, we cannot function if we don’t. It’s difficult to push back but push back we must. The more highly politicized the topic—climate change, pandemics, vaccines, elections, central banking, foreign wars—the greater the urgency to repel. I offer up one of several quotes from Gore Vidal, a thought-leader canted profoundly left whom I have come to view as the intellectuals’ George Carlin: “Our rulers for more than half a century have made sure that we are never to be told the truth about anything that our government has done to other people, not to mention our own.” ~ Gore Vidal

Sources and Social Media. I am a Twitter long hauler with 70,000 followers but haven’t yet figured out how to monetize the micro-fame enough to buy a mocha Frappuccino. I do, however, find it a useful sounding board. One tweeter—probably a Twitter bot—captured the essence: “If you need something researched for free and you don’t feel like doing it just post a tweet about it that’s mildly incorrect and wait.”~ @InternetHippo

My Twitter long hauling has occasionally been interrupted by Twitter time-outs. They range from 12 hours to ponder the err in my ways for posting an inappropriate link to Bichute or The Lancet, to a full week for calling Tony Fauci “a skanky whore.” A permanent ban would (will) be painful because I have old and new friends there—Rudy: I love ya man!—who enrich my life with their wisdom. New posse members joining the already eclectic mix include @JonNajarian (getting me closer to winning CNBC Twitter Bingo), scholar and author @BretWeinstein (see Books), actor @AdamBaldwin, polymath rapper @ZubyMusic, and waves of bitcoin hodlers. Favorite news sources include podcasts—I am an audiophile—as well as blogs and newsletters by Tony Greer, James Grant, Jesse Felder, Bill Fleckenstein, Automatic Earth, Grant Williams, Ron Griess of The Chart Store, Chris Martenson, emails from a woman named Denise, and the 500 lb. gorilla of the internet—Zerohedge. I know I’ve missed many more. Apologies.

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    I feel like one of those creeps watching a car crash and not really helping when it comes to COVID. I really should just work on self-sufficiency and be with my kids more and rehab my old injured body and just meditate but I can’t turn away and I am dissappointed in myself.
    2022 is gunna be very interesting. Waiting on those supply chain issues and currency bizness. Just came in from outside in the dark chasing a fox away from the chook house with sticks and stones. While in a the forest a huge branch crashed to the ground 30 metres from me for water conservation purposes. The Box species don’t do it all that often but a wet spring and early summer is over and the 4 or 5 days of HOT weather created the need I guess.


    Really appreciated the Malone interview. My only concern about it – and hopefully someone can straighten this out – was his inability, with all of his contacts, to know what was in the packages sent to the Indian residents of Utter Pradash. I have no contacts and found images of what appeared to be the (yellow) packaging, and it did contain ivermectin.

    On the economic front, I have flying analogy I have been using fr years. When the Fed rescued “the system” with more fiat, they flew themselves into the proverbial “box canyon”.

    It’s too narrow for turning around, and they don’t have enough power to climb out going forward.

    So, options are (a) full power (print! print! print!) and try to climb out, only to hit the end wall at speed, OR (b) slow way, way down by raising rates and stopping QE, etc (risking a stall and spin to the canyon floor) and try a u-turn, only to find it’s to narrow, and you hit the side wall.

    Kunstler predicts they’ll attempt (b), and revert to (a). Clearly, we find ourselves in a predicament, not a problem. Timing, as always, the unknown.


    Never thought about trees dropping branches for self-preservation. Still dark as I read on the other side of the globe, waiting to let my “chooks” out for the day in the fenced yard. It’s the coyotes that worry me with regard to rhe goats. In the dry they sleep on the roof, but it’s raining… be safe.

    Formerly T-Bear

    A thought occurs that the state of current medical practice, the economics of which does not allow much in the way of private or small group practice given both the costs of personnel and equipments needed and the prohibitive costs of insurance against mishap. Only established specialists may have the patients to support such practice but must still, like their more generalist practitioners, depend upon the aggregate provisions and protections of organisations of large numbers: the large clinics and hospitals.

    Any threat to expel most practitioners from their medical practice places enormous pressures to conform to administrative determined policies, not necessarily medically desirable, thus the enormous silence of most medical practitioners concerning the narrow approaches used in the Covid-19 epidemic.

    Nonetheless, most medical practitioners must endure a review of their accreditation to practice medicine to continue their careers, paying the price for their professional silence to authoritarian policies inimical to their patients best interests. Those refusing to take responsibility for their failures as providers of medical services should lose their accreditation to practice.

    Those driven from provision of medical services conflicting with authoritarian policies demanded must be restored to their positions with damages to reputation and incomes fully restored. The primacy of the Dr./patient must be restored regardless of cost and the relationship between Dr. and organisation made subsidiary to the former. Administrative power must be curtailed, limited to organisational needs only and made responsible for misprision. If the public interest is to be served, such review is required.


    Dr D Rich

    “Nonetheless, most medical practitioners must endure a review of their accreditation to practice medicine to continue their careers, paying the price for their professional silence to authoritarian policies inimical to their patients best interests. Those refusing to take responsibility for their failures as providers of medical services should lose their accreditation to practice.

    Those driven from provision of medical services conflicting with authoritarian policies demanded must be restored to their positions with damages to reputation and incomes fully restored. The primacy of the Dr./patient must be restored regardless of cost and the relationship between Dr. and organisation made subsidiary to the former. Administrative power must be curtailed, limited to organisational needs only and made responsible for misprision. If the public interest is to be served, such review is required.”

    Care to opinionate on similar “ethics” being applied to the lawyers, “administrators”, businessmen and nurses who sit in judgment of we doctors who refuse to play along with these schemes?
    You must know the physicians who conform with “admin”, indeed are said to play well in the sandbox in an all frequent bursts of absurd reductionism, never lose their office, title or land apportionment.


    One physician friend held out as long as he could from having his individual practice absorbed by the local healthcare system, which he referred to as “the devil”.

    It was only when the insurance companies strung his repayments out to months and months – choked off his cash flow, house on the line – that he relinquished. This was years ago and it seemed to break the wave of holdouts…everyone got in line and he was rewarded well for being first in line. The younger physicians nowadays don’t know a different way.

    Now office managers knock on the door if they spend too much time with a patient, they earn bonuses for “productivity”, and the corporate focus is “no leaks” to a specialist (for example) from another healthcare system.

    those darned kids
    Formerly T-Bear

    Dr. D Rich at # 96740
    There are more than this sandbox that need cleansing of cat droppings. Only accredited medical practitioners are qualified to have a medical opinion or are competent to pass a medical judgment. No judge, administrator, politician or any other in an authoritative position has any competence to make such findings; at best an informed opinion of a medical opinion can be generated. Medical practitioners have their own sandbox to play in. The problem is a systemic one, nothing personal, that must be addressed if the practitioner/patient relationship is to survive against the immense powers of the forces arrayed against that primal relationship. Failure to rout and defeat those powers will change medical practice into an inconceivable monstrosity beyond all ability to control. Not my choice to make, this time must be different. Again YMMV

    those darned kids

    speaking of which: https://boriquagato.substack.com/p/incipient-canadian-fascism-as-harbinger

    demagogues do not make people evil, they reveal the evil that was there all along.

    they give those in which it is resident license to not only express but to revel in their basest desires.

    they are catalysts by which the worst aspects of humanity are elevated to false civic virtue.

    this is why they cannot be tolerated.


    Future Shock—the struggle to adapt to an abruptly changing world.
    2. The pandemic is over
    3. Omicron ended the pandemic and brought herd immunity
    The news media are the propaganda arm of the regime in power. ( Are not your elected representatives)
    While your attention was diverted ….
    the gov. was overthrown, it was a revolution, it was a coup, it was sedition, A palace coup, It was NOT Trump
    2021 Year in Review: Crisis of Authority and the Age of Narratives
    by David Collum
    Saturday, January 1, 2022, 8:58 AM
    The pandemic is over
    Ontario to stop collecting COVID-19 numbers from school boards, suspend reporting of cases
    Bryann Aguilar

    Published Friday, December 31, 2021 7:04PM EST

    Also, in the memo, the ministry said the dismissal classes and cohorts may no longer be needed even after a positive case is confirmed. Students and staff experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or are confirmed cases are still expected to self-isolate regardless of vaccination status.

    D Benton Smith

    Betty White’s cause of death is being side-stepped, evaded, euphamised and covered up. . . and there is now only one possible conclusion as to why. She died from the vaccine, and to let that extremely high profile fact become a topic of public discussion is absolutely forbidden.


    I pinched these notables from a Twitter feed of Covid experts over the past few days.

    “Science deniers are the worst, but some of the most damaging takes on the pandemic have come from those who *understand* science and data, but don’t understand inequity and injustice.”

    “We are a few mutations away from full immune escape.”

    “None of us signed up for forced infection as a condition of employment.”

    “essentially everyone will get” and “its just postponing the inevitable” are two of the most meaningless turns of phrase when applied to a public health problem.”

    “When the antivaccine disinformation crowd declares twisted martyrdom when bumped from social media or condemned publicly: they contributed to the tragic and needless loss of 200,000 unvaccinated Americans since June who believed their antiscience gibberish. They’re the aggressors.”

    D Benton Smith

    Regarding “risis In Authority” :

    Authorities attain the status of being “authorities” by virtue of us . . . the hoi paloi (the unwashed masses, the lazy ignorant, etc.) turning to them for vital information and answers to important or even vital questions that we are unable or unwilling to figure out for ourselves. Thus it is in the interests of those “authorities” that we NOT be able to figure things out for ourselves, and towards that purpose these same “authorities” are rather prone to hiding facts, outright lying, and stirring up crises of fear and uncertainty to compell us to turn to them for answers and salvation. Occasionally this shit-show of self-serving-evil-masters leading wilfully ignorant lazy slaves really gets out of hand. It is especially likely to get out of hand when too many smart slaves start to wake up and talk about all of the lies that the “authorities” are showerig us with. When that gets going then the authorities really open the spigots (and mann up the gas chambers) and dump AMAZINGLY false and COPIOUSLY numerous lies down upon us. The message is simple : “Acknowledge our authority or you will die.”
    This works remarkably well even when it is patently obvious that it is the authorities themselves who are creating the mortally existential threat that might kill us ! They don’t care. All that THEY care about is that we turn to their authority for the solution.
    Well, duh ! Don’t do that ! Do NOT turn to collective authority or irreparably corrupted institutions for the power to protect yourself. Just protect yourself. As for them ? Fuck ’em. They are NOTHING except YOUR stupid acknowledgement of their illusory power. They get it all from you. When you stop giving it , they stop having it.
    For example : Fauci is nothing more than the squinty little mobster that he looks like. Awaken to that fact and that little nightmare sleeps with the fishes faster than you can say Mac the knife.

    absolute galore

    boilingfrog wrote: My only concern about it – and hopefully someone can straighten this out – was his inability, with all of his contacts, to know what was in the packages sent to the Indian residents of Utter Pradash.

    I watched the whole interview (over the course of a day) and that bit jumped out at me as well. The only answer I can come up with is that he was careful throughout to try to avoid conjecture or stating anything that he did not have solid evidence to support. He probably knows there was ivermectin in the packages, but lacking absolute proof, stayed away from a declarative. Still, a little odd.

    D Benton Smith wrote: Betty White’s cause of death is being side-stepped, evaded, euphamised and covered up. . . and there is now only one possible conclusion as to why. She died from the vaccine,..

    Or maybe she died from… being 99? Did she just recently get a booster shot? Otherwise, as someone in her late 90s,I assume she was vaccinated and boostered as soon as those options became available. Certainly conceivable that at some point, you get to be too old, and the risk/benefit analysis for taking the vaccine again goes against taking it. So there might be a sweet spot (60-80? 65-75? 71-72.5?) where it makes sense. But even if a booster shot contributed to her demise, whatever a 99 year old died from is never going to be a big news story, even if they are a “celebrity.” May she rest in peace.

    Mister Roboto

    absolute galore

    The days of just yelling antivaxxer, conspiracy theorists and labeling everybody asking questions as Trumpers or anti science aren’t going to work anymore.

    The lies are falling apart, the money connections are being made and the questions are gonna keep coming.

    Hope springs eternal. But, reminder: That’s what we thought about the 2008 Great Recession (bankers will be jailed!), Russiagate (Maddow makes a comeback as Mandate Maddow!) Afghanistan withdrawl (remember Afghanistan? So last year.), Hunter Biden’s laptop (hey look, I’m a successful artist now!), Jeffrey Epstein client list (such irresponsible guards.! Let’s put Maxine on suicide watch, too!) etc. etc. etc. Many of the same people involved in earlier debacles are back at the helm, zero consequences. With Big Phat Pharma, Mega-Tentacled Tech, Omnipotent Government, and a kowtowing, lying media to spin the games, this will end with a whimper not a bang. The next bang you hear will be the next global crisis, likely centered around money or (very very big) guns.

    absolute galore

    Ghislaine, not Maxine.


    Same with cruise ships.



    Pandemic wave modelers are are throwing in towel on this one.

    Have no fear and I’m willing to forgo any jabs until at least everybody on the planet has received at least one dose.

    Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.

    Aren’t I the virtuous one. Anyway,

    New [Hmmm, it has been around for awhile] research suggests that exposure to other coronaviruses that cause the common cold could help develop antibodies against the SARS-CoV-2 virus

    When there is an infection from a virus of the same family there could be a cross-reaction and the immune system could develop antibodies similar to the ones that neutralized the other virus.

    Although Omicron is very capable of evading antibodies and causing reinfections/breakthroughs, it barely evades T-cells at all, meaning vaxxed or recovered people are likely to retain very good protection against severe disease.

    D Benton Smith

    @absolute galore

    I agree with everything you said , and may that sweet funny and humane lady continue to experience the best that the Universe has to offfer . . . but those things are not related to the point I was trying to make. My point is that the topic is verboten because everybody in the world was rooting for her to joyously cross that century mark in style. They are not happy that the goddamned vax tripped her just short of the line. Everybody knows it, but no one is allowed to talk about it.


    ‘Reflections on Another Year of Covidian Lies and How the Truth Will Ultimately Prevail’
    December 31, 2021, by Rob Slane:

    “..One of the exasperating things in dealing with this is that whilst there are an endless potential number of lies that can be told, there is only one truth. And what the Government and media are very skillful at doing is layering lies upon lies upon lies, such that whilst the critical thinkers and data analysts are busy trying to debunk lie number one, lies number two, three, four and following are already being laid on that foundation so that by the time the original lie has been shown to be false, things have moved on and hardly anyone can remember, let alone care about the original claim..”

    Reflections on Another Year of Covidian Lies and How the Truth Will Ultimately Prevail


    Interesting vid. segment from Dr. J. Abramson, on what goes on behind big Pharma. (Top post.)

    He states openly that “he knows” but “can’t say”, because…contracts (and in other cases, orders, etc.) -> He can go on TV and do interviews and whatever, but can’t address xyz, or communicate some abc knowledge he has.

    A great example of totalitarian control that stretches to what one voice can transmit to others… in some areas… Not flash news of course (secrets and hidden plots are, well, just human..) but the modern twist is that ppl admit publicly their communications are controlled by outside, supra-ordinate force and this is accepted! Audience Nods! (say.) (Functionaries, spokes-persons etc. have existed since forever, but their role is circumscribed, and transparent.)

    Let’s not forget, one Big Pharma Co. Violation Tracker Parent Company Summary

    Parent Company Name:  Pfizer


    Look at the incredible sums, just for what they have been convicted of, forced to pay. I.e. their profits allow such pay-outs.

    Another consideration is that Big Pharma has been in trouble for some time. This article and chart is from 2017 (many others exist, just one ex.) shows a long term trend, which imho has gotten worse, leading to ‘desperate measures..’

    Will Pharma Reach a Negative Return on its R&D Investments?

    Maxwell Quest

    “Really appreciated the Malone interview. My only concern about it – and hopefully someone can straighten this out – was his inability, with all of his contacts, to know what was in the packages sent to the Indian residents of Utter Pradash.”

    Yes, this was a strange segment of the interview. On the other hand, anyone who is familiar with Dr. Malone knows that at this point in the pandemic he is very well informed, and savvy to most treatment protocols as well as the nefarious actors running the show.

    The way I understood his side-stepping the India ivermectin story was that he was advised by legal counsel to steer clear of it. Dr. Malone is a very “high value” target in this war and knows it. The enemy is just waiting for him to make a mistake of any sort that might put him in legal jeopardy so they can attack, disable, bankrupt, and discredit him. I trust his judgement on this, and accept his unwillingness to discuss all that he knows as a necessary precaution in the battle.

    those darned kids

    50 Jabs to Make a Trillion

    “The problem is all inside your veins”
    They said to me
    “The answer is easy if you
    Take it quarterly
    We’d like to help you in your struggle
    But it ain’t free
    There’s just one way
    To have your life back”

    They said, “It’s really just our habit to intrude
    Furthermore, we hope our meanness
    Will be lost or misconstrued
    But we’ll repeat ourselves
    Without the risk of being sued
    There’s just one way
    To have your life back
    Just one way to have your life back

    You just roll up your sleeve, Steve
    Make no new plan, Stan
    You don’t need that heart, Art
    Just get the damn shot
    We’re comin’ for you, Drew
    You just need to obey us!
    Just drop off your kid, Sid
    And get the damn shot

    They said, “It suits me so
    To see you in such pain
    We know there’s something we could do
    To make you writhe again”
    I said, “I can see that
    But would you please explain
    some other way?”

    They said, “Why don’t we all
    Just sleep on it tonight
    And we believe in the morning
    You’ll not wake to see the light”
    And then they jabbed me
    And I realized something was not right
    There’s just one way
    To have your life back
    Just one way to have your life back

    You just roll up your sleeve, Steve
    Make no new plan, Stan
    You don’t need that heart, Art
    Just get the damn shot
    We’re comin’ for you, Drew
    You just need to obey us!
    Just drop off your kid, Sid
    And get the damn shot
    And get the damn shot

    [all apologies, mr. simon]

    D Benton Smith

    The purpose of authority is to keep you so ill-formed and confused by shit -that-don’t -make -no -sense . . . that you are emotionally (and or physicaally) compelled turn to authorities to give you answers or save your ass from some really scary thing or aanother.

    The profound implications of this obvious truth cannot be overstated.

    To authority the sin of all sins is the relay of true information which enables people to reach their own satisfactory conclusions without the need for turning to authoritarians for salvation.

    This the very heart of the Mass Formation Psychosis mechanism.

    Tat mechaanism is also the most vicious “feedback loop” one can imagine.

    Periods of history in which large numbers of people escape from the phenomenon are called “Awakenings”.

    We are presently in the opening stages, first highly visible stages, of just such a time period . . . and I, for one, am just fascinated by how interesting, fun and exciting it is to be alive to experience at least part of it. ( to be fully honest, I think we will all experience all of it, because we are essentially immortally conscious beings.)

    2022 gonna be a rip snorter.


    From 15 days to 5 to stop the spread.


    I watched “Bye Bye 2021” on the French side of Canada’s public broadcasting station. (See link) What was striking, aside from the cutting political and social satire the likes of which I have never observed from the more controlled English side of our public broadcaster, was the number of skits poking fun at covid – the vaccination process, the crazy policies, and the ways in which people gleefully ignore the policies. There was almost no mocking of anti-vaxers. Very fun watch and top quality.
    Enjoy https://ici.radio-canada.ca/tele/bye-bye/2021?mediaId=8546264


    The purpose of authoritySNOBS is to make you feel inferior.

    D Benton Smith

    The reason (i.e. the motive) that the eltes are trying to kill off a big chunk of the human race is not hard to understand. Hell, you yourself might feel the same way if roles were somehow reversed.

    Basically it’s this : when the bulk of humanity remembers, figures out and/or simply understands what the authorities and institutions and “owners” class have done to them . . . and why . . . they will rise up and execute those responsible. They will HAVE TO , in order to survive. It’s a no brainer sort of computation.

    Well, the elite know this , too, since it is so patently obvious. Therefore they (correctly) identify that faceless mass of downtrodden desperados as a serious existential threat. The authorities view their victims as a real and present danger of extreme significance. They see us as THE ENEMY , and mean to kill us before we kill them. The world is racing toward that inevitable confrotation at accelerating speed.

    Don’t worry about it TOO much, because the institutions which enable that sort of power will themselves collapse and lose much of their effectiveness as the showdown approaches. There will be casualties on both sides , of course. There may be a LOT of casualties (there have been quite a few millions already) but humankind will live through it, and we as individuals and as a culture will be a whole lot wiser and thus better able to survive even longer.

    Do your part. Save some lives. Enjoy the excitement. LEARN from what you’re experiencing.


    Must watch:

    You too, Deflationista.


    A review of what you know
    Do Not Take Part in the Lie
    Good news from South Africa!
    Robert W Malone MD, MS
    Dec 31, 2021


    This is from Willem over at Off-G. It just made me so happy!
    The good people of Amsterdam.


    The gem I got from reading today’s TAE articles, is learning that even if you had immunity from catching an earlier version of covid, like Delta, you can still catch omicron! Conversely, if you catch omicron, you likely won’t catch arlier versions like Delta. Nice to know.

    Dr. John Day comes to mind. He saw hundreds of covid cases but never caught covid. Then recently caught omicron! Case closed!


    @ oxymoron
    My Jewish domestic partner is (ironically) fond of the Christian aphorism: Do not cast your pearls before swine.

    I share my knowledge of Covid, the inoculations, and the psyop with my children, close family, close friends, and a few random strangers when it has made sense to do so. My behavior generally conforms with my views. My partner, parents, children, one sister + spouse are on board with me and listen. I have a couple close friends who respect me enough to occasionally listen, however, all friends that I have shared the information with, and two of my siblings, have rejected it.

    Sometimes, it is difficult to discern who the swine are. Once I figure out who they are, I stop casting my pearls before them, as it is a waste of precious resources.

    Dr. D

    More hours, more virus talk. Not like before when it didn’t kill anyone*, now when it really, really, really doesn’t kill anyone.

    *0.03%. Statistical zero. Since they’re struggling to find anyone planetwide dying with Moronic, we now have literal zero. Which is really saying something when the common cold killed almost as many as C-19.

    Boy is everyone going to be surprised when we look up from our “All Covid, All the Time” newspaper focus and realize the whole rest of the world is still going on out there. Like, geez, I don’t know, since Saudi became a Russian protectorate last fall, Biden just surrendered Brzezinski’s war plan policy to Russia. This was reported both ways, “Fightin’ Joe Was Tough!” and “Mild phone call concedes to Russia.”

    But if we want to, let’s report that Covid is now fully endemic. Like the CDC said, always said, said now and Jimmy Dore reported they said two months ago. That means “Everybody’s going to get it, there’s nothing you can do.” There’s not the slightest reason to bother.

    Just like I said in Feb 2020.

    Too contagious, too endemic already, past the CDC +1%. You can kill more people – and we have – but you can’t kill less.

    And happily, that turned out to be wrong. I don’t know how many people we would have saved, but unbelievably simple things like going outside to get vitamin D (forbidden), going to the gym (illegally shut down), getting HCQ and IVM (outlawed), and using Monoclonal Antibodies (blockaded in an act of aggressive war) and we could have saved quite a number after the first few months discovering them. Like the whole 2nd year? 99% of all deaths under Joe Biden?

    Oh well. I’ll tell you not to commit suicide, but ultimately I can’t stop you; it’s your free choice. As a worldwide fear and death cult, they chose death. What did you think they would do?


    Well here’s a picture of the covid kit that I believe was distributed in Utter Pradash. (hopefully I managed to post it correctly) It does indeed contain ivermectin.


    Sorry. Still can’t figure out how to post pictures, oh well, trust me it’s there.
    The Ziverdo Kit contains zinc acetate, doxycycline and ivermectin.

    Let’s try this..


    or this…

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