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Arnold Böcklin The Isle of Life 1888



Happy New Year every single one of you!

If you have three hours, do look and listen to this. So will I. Though there are some other things as well that I want to do today at the Automatic Earth. We’ll see. No Debt Rattle today I think. Tried to make the video bigger, and center it, to no avail, but this should do fine too. This one is about the words, not the looks.



Dr. Robert Malone on Joe Rogan

Dr. Robert Malone is the inventor of the nine original mRNA vaccine patents, which were originally filed in 1989 (including both the idea of mRNA vaccines and the original proof of principle experiments) and RNA transfection. Dr. Malone, has close to 100 peer-reviewed publications which have been cited over 12,000 times. Since January 2020, Dr. Malone has been leading a large team focused on clinical research design, drug development, computer modeling and mechanisms of action of repurposed drugs for the treatment of COVID-19. Dr. Malone is the Medical Director of The Unity Project, a group of 300 organizations across the US standing against mandated COVID vaccines for children. He is also the President of the Global Covid Summit, an organization of over 16,000 doctors and scientists committed to speaking truth to power about COVID pandemic research and treatment.



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    Arnold Böcklin The Isle of Life 1888     Happy New Year every single one of you! If you have three hours, do look and listen to this. So wil
    [See the full post at: Dr. Robert Malone on Joe Rogan]

    V. Arnold

    Arnold Böcklin The Isle of Life 1888
    Arnold Böcklin The Isle of the Dead III 1883

    They’re both stunners…
    I love them both…
    Much to be found in a careful exploration…

    Dr. D

    Can I get a high-resolution of that painting? It’s a tease: I can’t see anything.

    We know a lot of Malone, so can add here for the New Year.

    4th default of Evergrande. Missed 4th payment window, way past the 30-day grace. As the NY Times (lover of N. Korea, as well as China) gleefully reported: Everybody’s back to work! Evergrande got new materials and is making new houses! (That will also be empty, then fall over. Go Green!)

    Paying CHINESE workers that is, paying CHINESE materials suppliers. As they screw Americans and American bondholders and pension funds the NY Times could not possibly be happier. Anyone but America, you filthy capitalist pig-dogs. So as Nuland so memorably said: “F—k the EU!” And China says to us, “F Joe Biden.” We ain’t paying. Ever. Not bond holders, not nobody. Come make us if you have the b—s.

    Bondholders worldwide dutifully shut up and are taking in the pooper. Over and over since November. For now. Ratings agencies, true to MERS, to MBS, to Cyprus and Greece, have done nothing at all. No ratings, no downgrades, no mentions, nothing. A default is not a default if we all close our eyes and wish to Jimminy Cricket. CNBC never heard of it. CNN is too busy cruising the school playground with candy.

    No surprise anywhere. China attacking the U.S., Wall Street lying, zero regulators worldwide doing their jobs, 2022 is identical to 2021 and 2001 and 1991. Just thought you’d like to know.

    Hey, be sure to fill up that IRA and 401k for the ‘21 tax year, right? And since nothing bad will ever happen again, don’t buy any hedges like oil, Gold, Bitcoin, or good anti-communist American water.

    P.S. “Not paying” is “Defaulting.” “Defaulting” is “Deflationary.” Everyone goes poof. Money go poof. No buy no mo’.

    Since that’s all a given, the only question now is, “How do I make YOU take the blame?”

    I guess a corollary to that is Turkey. The “Sick Man of Europe”, it’s generally the weakest given that Greece is too small (and was overrun with a pinky finger in 08) and Italy has lying, cheating, and hiding down to a science. So Turkey, the key to the Syrian pipeline and all European energy, largest army, large economy, doorway to the East, nexus to Islam, it is a microcosm of the stresses on the rest of our economies. For example, with Inflation, central banks, Bitcoin, military, subcultures, rural unrest, attempted coups, decisions between two forms: real and fake. But Turkey can and will crack and it will give the West a hard time. New runs in Europe’s bond markets will eventually crack the American system again, the Core. The Borg ship, the Preeminent Liar. Thin wedge. But they know all that too and clearly will to anything, within the force of hundred-trillion dollars and exterminating wars to prevent it.

    So still, just sitting around waiting as these plans can’t go into action until something happens. Since in a war of symbols, ammunition is unlimited, if they know that’s the attack, they can join forces and stop it. So generally the problem comes from places not enough people are looking. Other sense: they may be creating a “Bad bank” system in the U.S., possibly with Bank of America. When it goes down…after forcing all the bad stuff down it’s gullet…it will be “Just one bad actor”, “Just one bailout”, and “Subprime is contained.”

    Dr. D

    Since Nancy Pelosi is the best stock trader in America, but for some reason gives her life to public service instead, what does this have to do with her recent purchases of Disney, Salesforce, Micron, and Roblox.

    In other news, maybe Nancy hasn’t heard the latest IRS release saying you must claim and pay taxes on stolen funds and drug deals. However, since looting is honest work now, you can writeoff expenses like bats, bricks, crowbars, or in her case, 5-star maskless lunches with Chinese billionaire lobbyists.

    My point yesterday wasn’t to make fun of Canada. This sort of thing was apparent in Canadian history, which comes to a head from time to time, and their textbooks frame it as “all in the past” like Bernanke “we’ve learned our lesson” and are “all part of a community now.” …That locks your kids in Scarberia while they lunch maskless in Banff. Yet the Canadian Junior miners are the greatest hive of scum and villainy you will find, with all the legal forthrightness of Africa, the casting-place for bad scions and the training ground for Armani-scum like carnival-barker Mark Carney.

    The point was that, just like America, they all know each other, all come from the same few families, all go to the same few private schools, and like in America, they always have. This is no different than Sweden e.g., but like Carney they are more likely to cross in and out of their borders for other teams. They sell out their country for profit regularly, whenever asked in the slightest, like all the tar sands promised to America First, all fishing ruined in James Bay to give free electric to New York, free lumber to the ‘States and China, 100% liquidated Canadian gold reserves outpacing “Brown’s Bottom”, the Grand Banks as I said, and all the missing/stolen gold in the Canadian Mint.

    So unlike America, in Canada, “It’s a SMALL club, and you ain’t in it.”

    Am I kidding? We all know Justin had a long and storied list of hard-won qualifications to be Prime Minister.

    Veracious Poet

    When it goes down…after forcing all the bad stuff down it’s gullet…it will be “Just one bad actor”, “Just one bailout”, and “Subprime is contained.”

    Peace in our time?


    Dr D your description of Canada losing stuff to US directly parallels Aus to US and now Aus to China. Citizens don’t have access to the abundance of their homelands unless that abundance is sufficient to overflow. It is hard to steal lakes and soil and coastlines but they are working on it right now.

    Thank you Raul. I will listen to the cast tomorrow while working on my drystone retaining wall.
    Will attempt some pics at some stage. 40 yesterday and 38 today that is two days back to back over 100 F.

    Formerly T-Bear

    About the only NY wish I can think of is directed to Dr. Antony Fauci of the medical pharmafia, that he encounter a street light pole with his name on it this year. Other than that ill, the NY is a wait and see.

    Took an antigen test: a head cold is just a head cold, no lasting immunity involved. Bother!


    Welcome 2022 and peace
    Interference is disturbing the peace
    Minding your own business will give you peace.
    A drippy nose will earn 5 days of peace.
    After wind, fire, and water comes peace.
    Snobs want Inflation because it raises GDP and gives peace
    You better be good because “James Webb Space Telescope” will see what has happened since the beginning of light and the beginning of the expansion of space.

    those darned kids

    i wonder if joe rogan could arrange a cage fight between mr. fauci and dr. malone.

    “two desks, two competitors, no papers, no teams, no limits”

    maybe then, my family would listen..

    Doc Robinson

    Headline from yesterday:
    • Justin Trudeau Calls Unvaccinated ‘Racist and Misogynistic Extremists’

    That nonsense would mean that unvaxxed women are misogynistic extremists, and unvaxxed Blacks are racist extremists.

    In Florida, for example, 58% of the White population got a vaxx dose, while 38% of the Black population got a vaxx dose, according to the Latest Data on COVID-19 Vaccinations by Race/Ethnicity (Published: Dec 15, 2021).

    Thus, in Florida, 42% of the White population is unvaxxed, while 62% of the Black population is unvaxxed.


    those darned kids

    some things do change, however. all around the world, all at the same time and all in the same way:



    sport leagues to drop Ct for PCR positives to 30



    Yes will watch the Rogan show. Happy New Year to Everyone 🙂


    On: Justin Trudeau Calls the Unvaccinated ‘Racist and Misogynistic Extremists’ prev. thread. See Doc Robinson above who also commented.

    Not random. One wide view:

    Two MAIN socio-political-economic-ideological forces in the West (5 eyes, EU, hangers-on..) are confronting each other.

    The first, its principles, ideology, and just ‘general attitude’ is prevalent, maybe even dominant in some places, though everywhere there exists some, very varied, resistance.

    Its basic pillars.

    Inclusiveness (extreme form, ’Wokeism.’) All ppl are ‘equal’ and divisions according to race, gender, sex pref, color, etc. are ‘wrong.’ Hard to argue against! 🙂

    Such principles have often been espoused by conquerors, while varying in application. See for ex. the French in N. Africa in colonialist times who imposed a ‘French’ culture: gvmt. org, language, respected authors, pundits, education, manners, dress, etc., and continue to do so today there and at home, to ‘include’ aka, assimilate, the ‘others’ ..there are no distinctions made amongst the ‘others’…

    The principles can veer into ‘perversion’, be instrumentalised. For ex. *Secularism* in France is a National quasi-Religion which allows the hatred, fear, and criminalisation of Muslims, based on religion, which is in the mind, while damning the violent Israeli Gvmt is seen as ‘racist’ (jewish = ethnicity) and may lead to a prison sentence. In the US, ‘wokeness’ via a ‘diversity’ agenda has been exploited by a class of bureaucrats / managers for their own benefit, by distributing posts and favors to yes-men-n-women while managing and skimming off the top.

    A drive for a One-World (or one-pan-something-large areas) of Totalitarian control. All can join together and be subjects of a Mega-Region, which adopts the ‘right, moral’ principles at its core. De facto, run by Corporations as they have more power, of the *economic* type, than the ‘Nations’ today. They run the pipelines, make the bombs, deliver the fertilizer, hire the workers, charge the Gvmts, control the MSM, etc.

    On board are the WEF, the UN (thru creeping corruption), the WHO (taken over by private interests), Banks, Finance (yes), various regulatory and other bodies all over, Many Gvmts (Canada..), ‘blocs’ e.g. the EU, above the Nations, as well as many others, e.g. Corps who fear cancelling for not championing.. (ex. Airlines)

    Other strands embraced.

    — Big Tech, techno-keen, a future ruled by ‘innovation’…(AI, etc.) See the Digital Vax passes, the test and trace, following the whole population, social credit systems, Build Back Better, etc. Innovation, Modernity, a better life for All! COV-19 exploited to the hilt, including killing off elderly / dependent ppl. The unvaxxed become the new outcasts, the new category that can be condemned (not racist, ageist, sexist..)

    — Pacifism, against outright murderous agression, which is unecessary and wasteful (once one has control.) Wars are out the door if everyone adopts ‘the right way.’

    — Green agenda; sunshine + wind will bless us with all we need. (?!) Long story.

    — Politically-economically, the idea (Kalergi Plan..an omni-present pre-cursor, wiki) was:

    …Individualism and socialism would cooperate instead of compete, and urged that capitalism and communism cross-fertilize each other.. -> see China.

    Opponents, the other side, are fractured and disorganised.



    That anyone can trot out the false hope that we are ever going to “get back to normal” at this point beggars belief. Go ask Ireland, Gibraltar, Canada, or practically any country without a Second Amendment what their compliance has bought them. Fuck off, @deflationista.


    Every blog needs a limp deflated-member


    A very happy new year to all at TAE. A hearty thanks to Raul and the commentariat at TAE for keeping me informed and helping fend off personal insanity (or mere complacency) for another year 😀

    US Supreme Court takes on the president’s vaxx mandate this month. The clear overreach, the illegality of the mandate is obvi. The absurdity of it in the face of recent events make it nonsensical. Constitutional and legal precedent should have made it a nonstarter months ago. But I don’t hold out high hopes of them doing the right thing. It’s a tight spot the USSC is in – uphold something from an unpopular el presidente and a key portion of his shredded credibility – and a divisive action they know will break the country. Or reject the mandate – and collapse a large chunk of the narrative, make the el presidente and his party even more feckless, expose the colossal shitshow of corporate Science™ suborned by politics. There’s a lot at stake; this ruling will trickle down to other countries and echo through the legal system for years.

    I can see them picking a middle ground to save face for the belligerents, in a way which will make no one happy, the MaJoriTy OpiNioN reading something like “struck down, buuuuuut…OSHA shall rename itself ÖSHÄ and require employers over 112.7 people must be vaxxed, unless they have a darn good reason, and wear a scarlet letter on their sleeve and eVeRyBoDy gets anal-swabbed for the coof on odd-numbered Thursdays with a made-in-china test, unless they have a hyphenated name.” [unicorn emojis, cue the photo-op and the book deals]
    Thanks, USSC, you are shining light unto the world.

    I sense that if the USSC upholds it, it will accelerate the in-progress disintegration of the USA considerably. I would call it “functional secession” – states or groups of states simply ignore what the diktats of the federal government. Kuntsler says that governments will become more impotent as peak oil/peak resources/the long descent starts to bite. Which I think is true in the long term. The feds can back up their diktats with force or financial incentives if they want to, and I’m sure they will. And they can sure make us more miserable in the process, but there will come a point where the wheels just come off and their power bubble shrinks until it doesn’t cross outside the border of DC itself.

    Wishing a healthy and prosperous 2022 to all
    – HW


    Human ‘civil-lie-says-on’ started when a small group of thugs and thieves locked up the food and made everyone else do as were told. End of story.

    For the last 10,000 years or so, same play book.

    Not very imaginative, but it’s worked like a charm for ten millennia.

    Sheeple gotta do what sheeple were bred to do, obey and STFU.

    Nothing has changed, the biblical BS about “forgive them for they know not what they do…”

    Makes me throw up in my mouth every time I hear that lying swill.

    Humans have perfected Willful Ignorance to such an art form it’s now completely irredeemable and unforgivable.

    Pro Tip: you can’t wake someone up who’s always been pretending to sleep.

    Humanity in a nut shell, same as 10,000 years ago.

    “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”

    ~Upton Sinclair

    Robert Malone hits it out-of-the-park on Joe Rogan.

    Joe is very well prepared and is a great match to interview Malone.

    However Malone freely admits that he has no vested financial stake to “The Narrative” so it’s not hard for him to connect the dots, because it’s not the case that “..his salary depends on his not understanding it.”

    Same with Rogan.

    If anything Rogan’s appeal depends on him ‘understanding it’.

    Malone says the attacks on himself and many other doctors are coming from hospital administrators or in-house ‘cotton picking on the corporate plantation doctors’ who view ANY early treatments of covid as cutting into their bottom line of gravy train covid hospitalization bennies.

    Follow the money

    cui bono
    kwē′ bō′nō

    ~Utility, advantage, or self-interest considered as the determinant of value or motivation.For whose benefit?

    ~Popularly, but incorrectly, for what use or end?

    ~The principle that the ultimate initiator of an action is likely he who stands to gain from the action.

    Medical Industrial Complex thieves and thugs.


    They need to be identify personally, who, what and where and when

    X+Y+Z + time.

    The web is the perfect tool to do that.


    So, I was wondering whether to share this or not – but I shall.

    My 88 year-old father passed away last week.
    I was fortunate enough to spend the last three days of his life right next to him, with my brother, holding his hands and stroking his head until he took his very last breath.

    He had tested C-19 +ve at his care home a few days before having to go to the hospital, so he ended up on a Covid ward. However, he didn’t have C-19 symptoms, and it wasn’t C-19 that killed him.
    He was suffering from kidney failure, had a major colon blockage, and he had stopped eating some days previously.

    But here’s the thing – I spent over 25 hours over those three days with him on a Covid ward surrounded by other coughing and spluttering C-19 patients.
    I wore no mask, no gloves or any other protective equipment.

    I had been taking IVM weekly for a few months previously, along with daily Vit D, zinc, etc ..
    When going to the hospital I started taking the IVM daily and added HCQ daily.

    My vaxxed, boosted and fully-masked and gloved brother was terrified, and he sterilized his hands every hour.

    Every time the doctors or nurses came by they would say – “you really should be wearing a mask”, and I would tell them that I have an immune system.
    My brother was convinced that we would both be sick in bed within a week.

    But, here I am – doing just fine.
    Now, back to IVM just weekly and have stopped the HCQ.
    No jab for me – NEVER!

    Happy New Year to all the good folk here.
    Good luck in 2022 – it’s gonna wild.



    Sorry for your loss.

    Thanks for sharing the story.

    You are a poster child for the use of ‘early treatments’.

    The hospital racks up more money for each ‘covid’ casualty.

    Car accidents, gunshot wounds and natural causes are all tallied as covid deaths, cha-ching.

    Any adverse reaction after being vaxxed is never attributed to the vax, the double standard is there for all to see, unless your salary depends on you not seeing.

    Good luck in 2022, we’ll all need some.


    According to the news from S. Africa, the Omicron pandemic is over.
    I did not hear that anyone died from Omicron.
    I did not hear that anybody got Omicron more than once.
    I hear that Omicron gives Herd Immunity.
    Para phrasing, covering your ass, is rampant among the prophets.

    those darned kids

    my condolences, germ.


    With great LOVE and APPRECIATION to Ilargi and all who are inspired to post here. Your valuable and authentic contributions form an island of potentiality, prosperity, practicality, and Peace – a place I choose to visit every day.

    Arnold Böcklin’s, The Isle of Life 1888 is an fitting visual for launching 2022. Beauty, tranquility, imagination, contrast, color, and drama are present. This painting captures a perfect moment in time perfectly – it is an “arrival”. It reminds me to recognize perfectly aligned moments as they PRESENT themselves, to experience them “in full color” while they are here.

    After spending a week on the SoCA “isle of life” with a curious 8-year old girl and a bright-lighted 8th grade pre-teen young man – I am seeing the world through new eyes. More to share later…

    May Happiness BE with you in 2022. LOVE to All.


    Sorry for your loss, Germ. Glad that you are well. I wish all here a healthy mind and body in 2022.

    Deflat – a modest suggestion for 2022 – ease off the Twitters. Twitter is mind-rot writ large. Twitter serves up the very worst of human nature and the worst algorithmic mind-polluting nudging confirmation-biasing AI – all in one platform served up in tiny snarky bits, calibrated precisely to trigger the amygdala into a torrent of rage or into cruel, self-satisfied (and false) superiority. And that is true irregardlessfully of one’s political leanings or beliefs – by its very design it trains the brain to react with hate or love and not think.

    If I can offer another modest suggestion – read one of the English-language treatises on the Spanish Flu (Barry or Crosby, I’m partial to Barry tho it does start off dull) The parallels between 1918 and 202x are striking. NOTHING is new in human behaviour. Nothing.

    It’s all there – the Great Mask Debate (never resolved to anyone’s satisfaction) Honest scientists toiling on the fringes with an ageless disease that no microscope could see. Incomplete knowledge. In the newly hatched fields of epidemiology, models that don’t fit – fit 20 year olds that die while the old and the young survive. False starts, false hopes (treatments, “vaccines” that did nothing against a virus) Authoritarianism and suppression run rampant. Science used as a tool for discovery and healing, Science™ used as a tool to bludgeon newspapermen and citizens into submission. Tragic figures like president Woodrow Wilson that span the whole of human experience from the purest of intent (a war-less future for Europe) to the totalitarian policies, misinformation and propaganda lodged against his own citizens.

    And in the end, there was virtually nothing mankind could do to alter the course of the Spanish Flu. Virus gonna virus, unfortunately. Just. like. now. with 100 additional years of knowledge of virology and medicine and Science™ But there were certainly things leaders could do to make things worse. Just like now. The course of the disease back then – and now – is shaped as much by our response to it as anything in its little bags of RNA. A course shaped by foibles and triumphs of humanity and only slightly influenced by facts on the ground.

    The Bene Gesserit litany against Twitter
    I must not Twitter.
    Twitter is the mind-killer.
    Twitter is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
    I will face my Twitter.
    I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
    And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
    Where the Twitter has gone there will be nothing.
    Only I will remain.

    Maxwell Quest

    Thanks for sharing, Germ, and my condolences for the loss of your father. Mine will be 93 this month, and I know that fateful day will be arriving soon for me as well, unless my own ticket gets punched first.

    I call him every Sunday morning and we talk and laugh for over an hour, much of this laughter due to the three-ring circus that is western civilization. It’s hard for me to believe that he’s been able to resist the global pandemic psyop, despite all the pressure that has been applied by doctors, close friends, and family. He’s still unvaxxed, and has a supply of off-patent drugs if the need arises.

    We’ve had some frank conversations over the past year, especially during those times when the pressure from his circle was the most intense and they straddled the fence. I confessed then that my thinking could be wrong, and that it’s important for each person to do their own homework and come to their own decision on what was best for them. That if he decided he wanted to get the jab, because he was in the high-risk group, it was OK with me, and wouldn’t make any difference on how I felt about him. Those doubtful times ended months ago, and since then he has been firmly in the no-covid-vax-for-me camp.

    Because of his advanced age, their calendar is always peppered with medical appointments for this, that, and the other. What I found interesting is that early on, he received a lot of pressure by doctors and other specialists to get the jab. A few months back this started to change. Now, they quietly tell him that he’s better off not getting jabbed. However, close friends that still rely on TV media for the pandemic gospel message still beat the vax drum relentlessly. The same story we all know so well.

    My best to Ilargi and all the fantastic TAE commentariat for the New Year!

    Doc Robinson

    Maxwell Quest: “…close friends that still rely on TV media for the pandemic gospel message still beat the vax drum relentlessly.”

    That reminds me of something from an article I stumbled upon today:
    “In terms of news consumption, only MSNBC and broadcast television act as positive predictors that someone is vaccinated.”

    Who are the vaccine holdouts? America’s real COVID divide might not be what you think
    Are the unvaccinated mostly Republicans, evangelicals and Fox News viewers? I crunched the data: The answer is no



    Oh wait, ZeroHedge has its most popular articles for 2021, and there’s one missing. Not sure why. My Spartacus article would have been 2d or 3rd at over 1.8 million views there, and almost 200k here.




    Sorry to hear you lost your Father. Your comments remind me of losing my Father.

    Now you are thrust to the top of your family pyramid even if you don’t feel ready for the role.


    Ontario’s reported covid cases continue to soar exponentially along with the rest of Canada. Today over 18,400. Yesterday over 17,400. Day before over 16,700.

    However the rate of exponental increase appears to be slowing. Is there a corner just around the corner?

    The good news is hospitalizations and deaths are not growing exponentially.

    Doc Robinson

    A study on daily Zinc supplements found that those who didn’t take the Zinc were “7.38 times more likely to develop symptomatic COVID-19 infection as compared with individuals in the treatment group.” This is “equivalent” to having received a vaccine that is 86% effective, according to these calculations:

    1 – (1 / 7.38) = 0.86 = 86% effective

    Results: Symptomatic COVID-19 infection was significantly higher among the control group participants (N = 9, 10.4%) than the treatment participants (N = 2, 1.9%), p = 0.015. The unadjusted odds ratio indicates that symptomatic COVID-19 infection was 5.93 [95% CI: 1.51, 39.26] higher in the control group, p < 0.01. Controlling for co-morbidities, individuals in the control group were 7.38 (95% CI: 1.80, 50.28) times more likely to develop symptomatic COVID-19 infection as compared with individuals in the treatment group (p < 0.01)

    The findings from our study suggest that zinc supplementation in all three doses (10, 25, and 50 mg) may be an effective prophylaxis of symptomatic COVID-19 and may mitigate the severity of COVID-19 infection.

    A Case-Control Study for the Effectiveness of Oral Zinc in the Prevention and Mitigation of COVID-19




    Go to Gettr

    A new alternative in social media devoted to NOT censoring content.

    It’s trying to be a Twitter Killer

    Stop using Twatter

    Stop posting on Twatter, it’s all lies, all the time.

    Starve Twitter to Death

    Unless of course you’re a bah bah bah Sheeple



    Veracious Poet

    You can lead the people to the Truth, but you can’t make them want to believe it…


    The other observation I and several friends have come to regarding MSMediaWhores in general is that the number of people actually watching them is so low that they are in fact no longer going financial concerns.

    They are in fact actual bankrupt.

    The Presstitutes like MSNBC and CNN are hemorrhaging money and cutting back on actual reporters and reporting so dramatically that the only way to explain their continued presence is that money is being shoveled into them through the back door by the government and treasury department directly from the printing press.

    All price signals about any and all companies in general has been totally destroyed by stock buy back.

    Max Keiser once described stock buy backs, which were always totally illegal not that long ago, as a dog eating it’s own vomit and thinking it was a great second helping.

    That’s Wall St today.

    A dog eating it’s own barf and then declaring to the Presstitutes how delicious and nutritious it is.


    The MSMediaWhores are directly funded by the Ministry of Truth at this point in history.

    They’ll never go bust because they aren’t solvent to begin with.

    Potemkin Media

    We’re all in the Truman Show y’all!


    Veracious Poet

    Be careful what you wish for…

    The wish persists that we can run the complex systems of modern life on alternative energy sources, but that wish is just not panning out. The realization that this is so will spread through western civ in 2022 and create more anxiety, more disordered thinking, cultish behavior, and breakdown of social norms. For now, the public arena is entirely occupied by the mass formation psychosis that first erupted around Donald Trump and then shifted to Covid-19. The stresses and tension of these demoralizing dynamics may lead in 2022 to the outbreak of political violence that will make it even harder to reach consensus on a way through our economic quandaries.

    Forecast 2022 — Dumpster Fire Blazing on the Frontier of a Dark Age

    Fair winds & following seas in 2022,




    What I find so striking is the telephone booth! They no longer exist!

    I can still remember my Mother taking me to a coin pay phone to learn how to make a phone call, as part of earning a Cub Scout badge!

    My how times have changed!


    Doc Robinson:

    It is very reassuring to know that zinc, one of the cornerstone of our covid prevention efforts, is so effective.

    I am always amazed at your abilities to find such informative information!

    Happy 2022!

    those darned kids

    Premier League clash between Watford and Tottenham is halted after ANOTHER medical emergency in the crowd, with physios rushing to give treatment to the stricken supporter… the second incident inside a month at Vicarage Road

    i was watching the game, and waited to see what the coverage would be. the all-caps “ANOTHER” is the daily mail’s, not mine. the comments are a useful read – people seem to be catching on.

    John Day

    @Germ: You are a complete human, my friend.
    Your father passed as a human, attended by his human son.

    , from last night. The first chore I can do myself is to put in a whole lot of fiberglass insulation in walls and rafters.

    @TAE Summary: I think I’m turning racist/misogynist, I really think so…


    those darned kids

    the not so friendly skies (of course this happens “all the time”, but c’mon):

    WestJet flight diverted back to Calgary after pilot medical emergency
    Dec 7

    Holiday flight diverts to Cork Airport over medical emergency
    15 hours ago

    CAL flight diverted to Puerto Rico after medical emergency
    Dec 14

    Off-Duty Pilot Comes to the Rescue After Captain is Incapacitated On International Westjet Flight
    Dec 15

    Air France flight diverted to Halifax after medical emergency
    Apr 5, 2021

    Brussels Airlines flight to Kigali diverts to Dubrovnik for sick passenger
    4 hours ago

    Air India Flight To Newark Returns To Delhi After Passenger Dies Onboard
    Dec 5

    EasyJet flight diverted back to Glasgow following medical emergency
    Oct 21

    KLM airliner ‘declares emergency’ while flying off East Yorkshire coast
    Dec 24

    Lucknow-bound IndiGo flight diverted to Karachi following medical emergency
    Mar 2, 2021

    American Airlines flight from D.C. diverted to Charleston due to medical emergency
    Mar 7, 2021

    Jet diverts to Shannon with medical emergency
    Nov 21

    SIA flight from Copenhagen to S’pore diverted to Moscow after medical emergency involving flight attendant
    Jul 5

    Medical emergency forces Ryanair flight to divert from Manchester to Bristol
    Aug 21

    British Airways flight diverts to Uzbekistan after medical emergency onboard
    Sept 23

    Loganair flight from Inverness to Birmingham declares an emergency mid-air
    Jul 7

    JetBlue flight out of Jamaica diverts to Charleston Intl. for medical emergency
    Apr 14, 2021

    Passenger Dies After IndiGo Flight Diverts Over Medical Emergency
    Mar 15, 2021

    Indigo flight from Kolkata to Hyderabad emergency landing Bhubaneswar medical emergency
    Sept 30

    Delhi-bound flight makes landing in Indore for medical emergency; passenger declared dead at hospital
    Oct 22

    Biman Bangladesh Pilot Dies After Inflight Medical Emergency
    Sept 5

    Delhi-Bengaluru flight diverted to Indore after passenger falls sick mid-air
    Nov 23

    Arizona lawmaker saves woman who suffered medical emergency on plane
    Oct 28

    Two separate transatlantic flights made emergency stops in Ireland today
    Nov 19

    Prime Minister’s flight from Auckland to Nelson diverted due to medical emergency
    May 27, 2021

    High Drama: Weill Cornell Medicine Physician Assistant Saves Passenger on Airplane
    Oct 6

    Emirates flight bound for United States diverted to Dublin Airport after emergency on board
    Aug 24

    Transatlantic Turkish Airlines flight diverts to Shannon Airport after emergency on board
    Oct 21

    Delta Plane Diverts over California after Passenger Dies Mid-flight
    Mar 5, 2021

    Midair medical emergency sees minister return to doctor’s role
    Nov 17

    Two planes diverted to Sacramento International Airport for emergency landings
    Mar 14, 2021

    Ryanair passenger dies on flight to Malaga in front of his grandchildren
    Jul 20

    Sharjah-Lucknow IndiGo flight diverted due to medical emergency
    Mar 2, 2021

    Midair stroke lands Rajkot couple in Sweden, locals take over with kindness
    Nov 16

    Passenger Dies On Seattle-Bound Delta Air Lines Flight
    Mar 6, 2021

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