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I have a pinched nerve or muscle in my lower back, which means I can hardly sit, stand or walk. The only thing I can do is lie down. Did sleep 23 hours out of 24.

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    I have a pinched nerve or muscle in my lower back, which means I can hardly sit, stand or walk. The only thing I can do is lie down. Did sleep 23 hour
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    Mister Roboto

    I’m sorry to hear this and wish you a speedy and full recovery.

    V. Arnold

    Wow! A first in many, many years…
    You earned a rest Ilargi; take lots of care and all the time you need…
    Cheers and good health to you…


    All the best Raul. I have an overly active sciatic nerve on the right side. I affectionately call my psychotic nerve. Perhaps some of the regulars will put up a bit of stuff! This is kinda fun:

    “We must recommit ourselves to the work of strengthening our democracies, and demonstrate the principled leadership people are looking for,” said Trudeau at the European Parliament.

    See what happened after Trudeau’s historic failed address to the European Parliament. (Scroll down)

    No analysis by Canada’s mainstream media.


    Yuck! I know what that feels like. I’m sure the comment section will cover for you until you’ve recovered. Get well soon!


    Alright then. To allow for as much peace in rest as possible – I post this news article for the commentariat to peruse about food crisis on the rise from our friends at Doomberg. We need our news Raul. I truly hope you recover well but do not rush.


    Food for thought?

    Canada’s farmers may face another drought this year, just as the world counts on the breadbasket nation to grow bigger wheat and canola crops to ease food inflation fuelled by the Russia-Ukraine war.

    Dry conditions shrank last year’s Canadian harvest, and wheat crops in the United States and China are now struggling. In 2020, prior to the drought, Canada’s wheat exports accounted for 13% of globally traded wheat, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

    Canadian farmers face drought threat as global wheat, canola prices soar

    Veracious Poet

    I’m sorry Raul for your injury, I know all too well how painful & difficult it is to deal with…

    I find at those times that Baclofen + Naproxen every 12 hours until symptoms subside to be helpful, along with Hydrocodone during the worst of it ~ I cut off the Baclofen + Naproxen as soon as the inflammation & muscle spasms have quieted down, not good to use them indefinitely.

    Also cold packs if the area is generalized, hope the storm passes soon without lasting effect…

    COVID cases increases at Highly Vaccinated Cornell University

    Cornell University has re-heightened its campus alert level to “yellow,” indicating “campus transmission rising and prevalence above predicted levels,” according to the school’s COVID tracking page.

    COVID-19 had been relatively, perhaps deceptively, quiet for the last few months, particularly after the mid-December outbreak of the Omicron variant on Cornell’s campus just before the Fall semester ended.

    Yet cases are back on a steep rise over the last few days, with fears that the BA.2 variant has arrived on campus.

    Cornell heightens COVID alert level as cases increase beyond model predictions

    Hydropower Untapped Domestic Energy — only 2,500 of 90,000 U.S. Dams Are Generating Electricity

    Environmentalists long ago declared war on dams, claiming that they harm fish and contribute to so-called climate change.

    But according to a report on the oil price dot com website, dams also store water, prevent floods, and provide renewable energy that is even cheaper than solar.


    Red – I like this one – Russia’s sun is rising perhaps in the hands of the Gods
    Weather favours Russia’s winter grain sowings so far, signalling good prospects for the 2022 crop, state weather forecaster Hydrometcentre said on Wednesday. Russia is one of the world’s largest exporters of wheat, supplying it to Egypt and Turkey among other countries. It sows winter grains in the autumn, plants spring grains in spring and then harvests both of them in summer. “The forecast for the harvest of winter crops is good,” Roman Vilfand, head of science at Hydrometcentre, told an online briefing


    Wishing you some well-deserved rest and healing

    Doc Robinson

    Hoping that you get well soon, Ilargi.

    A detailed account from Craig Murray about Julian Assange’s wedding, which goes against the efforts to dehumanise Julian:

    The dishonesty of complaining that wedding photos would be a security risk, is a callous and arrogant act by authorities who expect that they can never be held to account.

    The truth is that the Establishment has put in years of consistent effort to dehumanise Julian in the public mind. That includes false allegations, ridiculous media stories about him not flushing the toilet, and fake claims that his journalism endangered lives. They simply wish to avoid any public exposure of Julian, the real man, that may challenge their drive to demonise. Wedding photos would never be a danger to the prison, but would be a danger to the state narrative.

    This is of course the same reason that Pullitzer prize winning journalist Chris Hedges and I were vetoed by the Ministry of Justice from the original guest list. They did not want words or pictures to convey the love of the occasion or the joy of the family. They could not, however, prevent me from speaking to Stella and to all the guests who were there, and giving you this portrait in words…

    Free, Enduring Love

    Michael Reid

    With respect to the back, everything is good until it is not, kind of like the currency system.

    This is a must listen podcast Tom Luongo on KunstlerCast from March 23

    KunstlerCast 356 — Tom Luongo Lays It All Out

    Russia has since moved to have unfriendly nations pay for gas in its currency which may collapse the Western banking system and send Europe back to the middle ages.


    @oxymoron This sanctions thing seems to be against the less well off in the west more so than anything. Russia has a lot of natural resources that are scarce in the industrial west , if we’re even “still industrial”. The financial elites of this world seem to think money or financialization of everything is the dominant strategy and will prevail over the reality of actually owning three dimensional things like food and minerals not to mention fertilizers.

    Veracious Poet

    Veracious Poet


    Legends in their own minds.

    “As for the war’s impact on Russia’s grain exports, wheat shipments in March have held at a near-normal pace, but analysts recently toldBloomberg that few new deals are being signed as severe economic sanctions levied against Russia by the United States and its NATO allies are starting to have an impact.”


    Good one Veracious Poet. Now we need a piece of good art V. Arnold?

    Doc Robinson

    If medical journals were totally independent from drug companies, with no advertising and no sponsorship, then what would the articles look like?

    The publication Med Check (from Japan) is produced by MDs and pharmacists, and is financed by its subscribers. It provides “rigorously independent and reliable Information for informed decision-making on treatment and healthcare.” Their latest issue (in English) has an article about Merck’s covid drug Molnupiravir. It concludes, “Don’t use molnupiravir.”

    Conclusion: The efficacy of molnupiravir on COVId-19 has not been proven. There is also a risk of mutation of virus and of toxicity to the bone marrow (blood cells) in humans. Don’t use molnupiravir.

    tony smyth

    Sorry about your back. I’ve had really bad leg pains for 8 months and what finally cured it – Western doctors were useless- was a really good seitai practitioner. Maybe might work for you too?

    On another note: food shortages coming.


    Sorry about your back, I hate it when that happens to me, an inevitable part of being active on occasion.

    Some Russian humor from Andrei Martyanov;

    Madeleine Albright gets to the Charon the Ferryman at the river Styx and offers him a coin (one sixth of a Drachma) for crossing the river.

    Charon shakes his head in disagreement and replies to her, “I accept only Rubles”.



    Sorry to hear about the sciatic attack. Long time sufferer. (30 yrs)
    Some tips: Lift Nothing!!! Almost impossible for a male sapien…but you have to, until you can exercise your core to help support the L4, L5 discs with muscles strength.
    Lie flat when you can.
    It can get much worse. To the point that you will not be able to wipe your own butt. (experience speaking….its about that time I began to take it serious)
    It will take time to heal.
    Medical prodession offers no help but surgery…avoid at all cost. Its about this time I started to distrust those quacks. And helped me avoid the clot shot this round.
    It will get better, and there are things to help..exercise.
    It can knock you out for months if you don’t help it now…. Lift nothing!

    I wish you a quick recovey and appreciate all you do Illargi.

    May I suggest this as the art-o-the-day?


    blue whale

    Lets see if this works…..


    Please allow me to add this, a short but sweet wrap up of the Russia/Rubble/ new order by Michael Hudson and the Sakir,


    Average price for a gallon of gas in Russia: $1.66


    Doc Robinson

    A 1939 painting from Edward Hopper, with perhaps some present-day symbolism?

    Edward Hopper
    Cape Cod Evening, 1939

    Doc Robinson

    Some detail from Hopper’s Cape Cod Evening:

    John Day

    @Ilargi: I blew out my L4-5 disc while working my way through college, and have lived with sequelae, including back lock-up and sciatica, since then.

    Things that help long term:
    1) Stretching back and hamstrings gently after daily walking, for 100 count each side (ballet barre style), then 100 count bent forward and resting hands on low stool or step (no bounce stretching).
    2) Glucosamine 1500-2000 mg/day to support cartilage and reduce (somehow) inflammation.
    Calcium + magnesium supplement twice per day with food (and vitamin-D to increase calcium absorption) to reduce muscle spasm.

    Short term: Hot shower, naproxen sodium or ibuprofen or magnesium salicylate (Doan’s Pills)
    which can be taken at full doses with acetaminophen/Tylenol/paracetamol at full daily dose, since they work differently.

    John Day

    @Michael Reid: Nice homestead pictures and milling explanation, Amigo!


    All the best Raul.
    My wife has had moving pain and moving intensity.
    Some 1/2 dozen of her friend have had similar problems.
    As a result, “the vaccine” is suspected to be the cause.

    If all analysist fails, blame old age. 😉


    My sympathies, Raul. Went through the same thing myself about a month ago. Don’t worry about TAE – we’ll miss you but muddle through until you feel up to returning.

    In the meantime, commenters here ROCK! Thank you for the links. 🙂

    I’ll once again recommend Brownstone. The essays on it are thoughtful and intelligent. I don’t agree with all, but isn’t that the point?

    Doc Robinson

    Jessica Rose did the math, comparing flu shots to covid shots:

    “Let’s put the ‘it’s cuz there are so many COVID shots doled out’ argument to bed.”

    1. We have twice as many COVID shots than flu shots [during the same period].

    2. We have 6.2 times as many types of adverse event types reported in the context of the COVID shots

    3. We have 117.6 times as many reports of adverse events in the context on the COVID shots.


    The hands that offer food and space and love
    Are smiled upon and blest by gods above.
    The hands- attached to bodies oft obsessed,
    Are urged to take time off and get some rest.

    Unsolicited advice: I lay down inclined with my head below my feet to take the pressure off my spine.
    I hope you feel better soon.


    Here is a link from fox news.
    Russia-Ukraine war: Russian forces appear to be shifting focus to Donbas region
    By Associated PressPublished March 26, 2022 8:51AM
    Russia to Focus on Taking Donbass after Month-long War with Ukraine
    he Russian Ministry of Defense (MoD) has asserted that the main tasks of the first stage of the combat operation in Ukraine have been completed.

    The first stage involved weakening the combat potential of the Ukrainian Army. The next stage will focus on the “liberation of Donbass.”

    On Friday, state-controlled media quoted Sergei Rudskoy, head of the Main Operational Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Federation as saying: “In general, the main tasks of the first stage of the operation have been completed. The combat potential of the armed forces of Ukraine has been significantly reduced, which allows, I emphasize once again, to focus the main efforts on achieving the main goal – the liberation of Donbass.”

    Ukrainian MoD reported little or no Russian ground activity since Thursday around the capital, Kyiv, though several airstrikes took place. In addition, A Ukrainian MoD claim of destroying a Russian Landing Ship Tank (LST) in the port of Berdyansk on the Sea of Azov Thursday was confirmed by the Pentagon.


    Get well soon, take it easy, prior advice given above is correct, DON’T push yourself.

    Mind you our resident algo bot @deflate may be confused on what is going on.

    Don’t blame old age, the new trend is to blame Putin.

    Maxwell Quest

    So sorry to hear about you back, Raúl. Mine has been a nemesis ever since I fell off the garage as a kid and landed on a fence post. Was in pain the whole summer but never said a word to my parents. A bit like Calvin, why would I want to pay twice for the same mistake?

    Eventually had surgery in my late 30’s, which provided me about 20 good years before I did something stupid again. How’s one supposed to know the limits unless you put yourself to the test now and then? Now in my late 60’s it’s a balancing act as to whether a sneeze or wrong move will send me to the floor. Seems to happen at least once or twice a year. Luckily, I keep a prescription of prednisone close at hand, as it’s the only thing that will get me back on my feet.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery.

    Oh, one last thing. Back then, I had to crawl around on all fours for three weeks like an animal before my surgical day arrived. As I was lying in the hospital room waiting for surgery, a nurse handed me a pamphlet outlining the 10 top causes of back trouble. Guess what was at the top of the list?

    #1 STRESS

    Ding! Ding! Ding! Tell ‘em what he’s won, Bob! A beautiful new laminectomy!

    Dr D Rich

    For the back.
    Every…single…day…whether you hurt or not.
    And to compliment JDay’s et al advisories.

    1. Piriformis stretch, (passive lying flat)
    2. Hamstring stretch, (passive lying flat)
    – 1. and 2. duration count at least to 40
    3. Neural flossing (look it up. It works)
    4. Planks, forward (on forearms 40 count)
    5. Planks, sides both (on forearms 40 count)
    -3. 4. 5. repeat to your heart’s desire
    6. Apply heat or cold whichever feels better
    7. Acetaminophen 1000mg or Ibuprofen 800mg or in combo whichever feels better 2 or 3 times a day
    8. Consider Acupressure, Chinese style (might provide immediate relief)

    If you experience bowel/bladder dysfunction and/or loss of nerve function in the lower extremities then to the doctor you go.

    Dr D Rich

    9. Inversion table to passively stretch the spine


    “Piriformis” stretches if it’s sciatica. For future reference, stops it in its tracks.
    Welcome back, b.


    have also suffered low back pain. Sometimes the my lower back muscles will spasm and seem to be in perpetual contraction. Besides the other things mentioned already, you might ask your doctor or consider a muscle “relaxant” medication. There is no doubt that the relaxants have been key to getting me out of bed to start a healing cycle. Was last prescribed Cyclobenzaprine. Have only needed one dose.

    Don’t know anything about safety, just throwing it out there for consideration.

    Best Wishes

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