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Pablo Picasso Houses 1937


Kiev Threatens To Attack Russian Territory (RT)
Former Russian President Presents Future Map Of Ukraine (RT)
Flaws in EU Gas Rationing Plan Revealed (RT)
German Mayors Want Nord Stream 2 Opened (RT)
The National Tragedy of Hunter Biden’s Laptop (Lee Smith)
New Dutch Minister No Longer Rules Out Compulsory Buy-out Of Farmers (AD)
A Recession by Any Other Name (Magness)
No, The Economy Will NOT Be OK (Denninger)
The Small Print That Destroyed America (Tucker)
Inventing Diagnoses to Cover Up Vaccine Injury (CHD)
How the CDC Coordinated With Big Tech To Censor Americans (WFB)





Stephen F. Cohen and John Mearsheimer





Neom is being built in Saudi Arabia.





“..Moscow might respond with a “massive strike” targeting the Ukrainian leadership if that happened..”

Kiev Threatens To Attack Russian Territory (RT)

Kiev will not hesitate to strike Russian territories if it deems it necessary, Aleksey Danilov, the head of Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council, said during a live broadcast on Wednesday. The security council closely follows all the missile and air strikes Russia launches against Ukraine, Danilov said, adding that Ukrainian authorities are well aware of all the locations in Russia from which the attacks have been carried out. Kiev possesses “enough political will” to order a strike against these targets if such a need arises, he added. “If needed … anyone [in the government] will act without hesitation and sign anything that needs to be signed to destroy these objects,”Danilov said.

The security council head also stated that Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky’s words about Ukraine retaliating against the locations from which the strikes are launched serves as “proof” of Kiev’s determination. Earlier, some Ukrainian officials said that Kiev forces may hit targets on the Crimean Peninsula or the Crimean Bridge, which they consider to be a key supply route for Russian forces. Ukraine’s military intelligence spokesman, Vadim Skibitskiy, claimed that Crimea could be targeted by US-supplied M142 HIMARS and M270 MLRS multiple launch rocket systems. Moscow responded by saying that Ukraine would pay a heavy price if it decided to strike Crimea. Russia’s former president, Dmitry Medvedev, said in mid-July that Moscow might respond with a “massive strike” targeting the Ukrainian leadership if that happened.

The US and its allies previously appeared to be reluctant to supply Ukraine with longer-range weapons capable of striking targets deep inside Russia as they were concerned about a potential escalation of the conflict. Washington has not yet agreed to send tactical ballistic missiles with a distance of up to 300 kilometers to Ukraine. Such missiles can be used by the US-made HIMARS multiple rocket launchers the US handed over to Kiev. However, according to the spokesman for the army of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), Eduard Basurin, Ukrainian forces may have already received 300km-range HIMARS missiles. DPR troops have found pieces of munitions with a range of 110 kilometers to 120 kilometers, which meant that Kiev could have the 300km-missiles as well, Basurin told the Russian media last week.

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“Seven regions in the West have been annexed by Poland, and three in the southwest by Hungary and Romania, respectively. Everything else is marked “Russia.”

Former Russian President Presents Future Map Of Ukraine (RT)

Ukraine is more likely to be reduced to Kiev and its surroundings than to ever encompass Crimea and the Donbass republics, former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev said Wednesday on his Telegram channel. The one-time president and long-time prime minister who now heads the national security council also posted two maps helpfully illustrating his argument. The first map showed Ukraine in borders prior to the US-backed coup in 2014, including Crimea and the two eastern regions of Donetsk and Lugansk. A month after the militants backed by Washington seized power in Kiev, Crimea voted to rejoin Russia, while the two Donbass regions declared independence. “In the mind of the president of Ukraine, damaged by psychotropic substances, this is what the map of his country’s bright future will look like,” Medvedev wrote on Telegram.

“Western analysts believe it will look like this, actually,” he said, posting a second map. On it, “Ukraine” is reduced to Kiev and its surroundings. Seven regions in the West have been annexed by Poland, and three in the southwest by Hungary and Romania, respectively. Everything else is marked “Russia.” He did not specify which Western experts may have envisioned such a partition.

The Ukrainian government has repeatedly rejected any possibility of territorial concessions, insisting that Kiev’s objectives were a “capitulation” of Russia and “reintegration” of Donbass and Crimea. Medvedev served as president of Russia between 2008 and 2012, and then as prime minister until 2020, when he was put in charge of the national security council. Over the course of the conflict in Ukraine, he has made a name for himself with colorful Telegram posts. Just this month, he warned Kiev of “Judgment Day”if they attacked Crimea and offered a list of “Russian sins,” followed up by those of the West.

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Lip service solidarity.

Flaws in EU Gas Rationing Plan Revealed (RT)

The EU’s gas rationing plan approved on Tuesday may not stand the test of a cold winter, The Economist wrote on Wednesday. A “meagre” cut to gas consumption will not solve the continent’s problems, the publication wrote, referring to the plan that will see most EU nations voluntarily reduce their use of natural gas by 15% between August 1 and March 31 next year. The deal was struck as fears grow over a possible halt of Russian gas supplies. At the moment the Nord Stream 1 pipeline, a key artery that carries natural gas from Russia to Germany, is operating at 20% capacity. Russian energy giant Gazprom cites technical issues with turbines as the reason for the reduced flow. However, the EU believes that Moscow is using gas to exert political pressure on the bloc. An alternative route via Ukraine has been restricted by Kiev.

The main reason for the rationing is to “ensure that a shortfall of Russian gas does not leave homes unheated or factories shuttered”, The Economist writes, but according to the publication, its success largely depends on the weather. “If the coming winter is mild, the EU may scrape by. But if it is cold the bloc will have to prove that it can hold together when times are hard. Germany in particular will need to show solidarity with other member countries. It sits at the center of Europe’s network of gas pipelines. Will it, for instance, allow gas to flow to the Czech Republic to keep people from freezing there if that means its factories have to go on furlough?” the publication writes, adding that at the start of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020 some European countries, including Germany, imposed bans on exports of protective gear to avoid shortages at home.

The plan has several other weaknesses, The Economist notes, such as different levels of exposure to Russian gas among the nations. Before its approval, a number of countries including Italy, Hungary, Poland, Portugal and Spain voiced their concerns, saying that they had already cut consumption, citing a lack of connection to Europe’s gas pipeline network and the fact that decisions on energy are usually a national issue, Bloomberg wrote earlier. The approved plan came with some exemptions, with Spain and Portugal reportedly allowed to use just 7% less gas. Other concessions were made too but proved not enough to get the plan unanimous approval, with Hungary voting against it.

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“NS2 does not use Siemens turbines, and can be maintained regardless of the sanctions.”

German Mayors Want Nord Stream 2 Opened (RT)

Berlin’s policy of trying to give up imports of Russian natural gas is likely to create hardship and spark unrest, seven mayors from the German island of Ruegen wrote in a letter sent to the regional and federal governments on Wednesday. They also urged the federal government to allow gas imports via the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, given the current technical difficulties with Nord Stream 1 – something Berlin has steadfastly rejected. In the letter addressed to federal economy minister Robert Habeck and Manuela Schwesig, prime minister of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, the mayors “strongly condemn” the current conflict in Ukraine but urge the government to consider the damage its policy could do to the German population and the economy, according to the news agency DPA.

“We are of the opinion that the path taken by the federal government to disconnect from Russian energy sources is not the right one,” the seven mayors wrote. Initially drafted by the leaders of Bergen, Binz and Sassnitz, the letter was later signed by four more jurisdictions on Ruegen, Germany’s largest island and a popular tourist destination. Giving up gas imports from Russia would mean an explosion in the cost of living, which would lead to social instability and unrest that could get out of control, the mayors wrote, according to German media. Calls from the federal government to save energy – such as showering less and foregoing hot water – “defy understanding,” they added.

“As the mayors of this island, we don’t want to have to accept any further restrictions,” Sassnitz city manager Frank Kracht told the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern affiliate of the TV station NDR. Rejecting the proposals to expand the number of wind turbines near residential areas, calling them a health hazard, the mayors advocated “a general rethinking of the solution to the current problems in relations with Russia.” Among their suggestions was to get additional natural gas via the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. Finished in late 2021, the pipeline from Russia to Germany under the Baltic Sea was just waiting for the operating permit from Berlin – which was suspended indefinitely on February 22, two days before Russia sent troops into Ukraine.

NS2 was supposed to double the volume of Russian gas exports, but was delayed by US sanctions seeking to protect Ukraine’s gas transit earnings. Nord Stream 1, which continues to supply Germany with gas, is currently operating at only 20% capacity, due to maintenance requirements. Its operator, Gazprom, says several turbines at the Portovaya compressor station need servicing to maintain certification. The first one was held up by Canada, citing anti-Russian sanctions over the conflict in Ukraine, until Berlin intervened seeking an exemption. NS2 does not use Siemens turbines, and can be maintained regardless of the sanctions.

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Deep dive.

The National Tragedy of Hunter Biden’s Laptop (Lee Smith)

In September 2020, the repairman gave a copy of the hard drive to Rudolph Giuliani’s lawyer. The former New York City mayor had been investigating the Bidens’ work in Ukraine for nearly two years at that point after receiving a tip from a former federal prosecutor. Giuliani helped disseminate copies of the hard drive, one of which Maxey took to The Washington Post. Nine months after Maxey sat with Post reporters to explain the contents of the hard drive, the paper reported its own independent authentication of 22,000 emails in March of 2022. These included communications regarding a deal with a Chinese energy company that earned Hunter $5 million, and his work with Burisma, the Ukrainian energy firm that paid him $83,333 per month to sit on its board.

His father later boasted in public that he’d threatened to withhold a $1 billion loan guarantee to Ukraine unless the central government in Kyiv fired the prosecutor investigating Burisma. At roughly the same time The Washington Post authenticated these emails, The New York Times also verified communications found on Hunter Biden’s computer. So, have America’s two most prestigious newsprint organizations at last acknowledged that they were wrong to believe former intelligence officials who claimed the New York Post’s October 2020 reporting on the Biden laptop was Russian disinformation? Of course not. They were and remain proud of their role in helping push Trump out of Washington. According to one survey, one out of six Biden voters said that had they known about Hunter’s laptop in time, they wouldn’t have voted for his father.

What concerned the prestige press wasn’t that they’d missed a big story—or that they’d participated in a campaign run by U.S. intelligence services to prevent American voters from learning about the extent of the Bidens’ political and moral corruption. Rather, they were worried that an even bigger story about the Bidens might be coming down the road. Maxey says he called the Post in March to say he was taking the hard drive to Switzerland to meet with a cyber expert named Vincent Kaufmann who told him he thought he could retrieve material deleted from the laptop. The Times published its story two days after Maxey landed in Zurich, and the Post published its own “investigation” two weeks later, pronouncing some of the emails genuine while claiming it was hard to tell with others. As a longtime platform for U.S. intelligence operations—and owned by the same man, Jeff Bezos, who owns the cloud computing technology that Amazon Web Services uses to store the CIA’s information—the Post wanted to help the White House get ahead of potential problems.

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Google translate. Rutte is blowing up his own country.

New Dutch Minister No Longer Rules Out Compulsory Buy-out Of Farmers (AD)

Where the cabinet previously spoke of ‘starting a conversation on the farm about new possibilities’, there is now a completely different tone. The new minister Christianne van der Wal no longer excludes compulsory buy-out of farmers. It still sounded friendly in the coalition agreement. “We will start a conversation on the farm to look for the possibilities together,” the cabinet said in a sweet note in mid-December. When Van der Wal is asked in a debate with the House of Representatives on Thursday what she actually means by that sentence, she says that it will certainly be difficult for farmers who run a business from generation to generation, who just want to continue with their business. . But she also emphasizes: ,,I want to tell the honest story. And that is that this is not feasible in every area.”

The government wants to encourage as many farmers as possible to participate voluntarily in reducing nitrogen emissions. But meanwhile, heavier terms are also sounding, such as ‘expropriation’ and ‘not escaping’ from forced sale. The new VVD minister takes a harder tone. The Minister for Nature and Nitrogen expects that compulsory buy-out of farmers cannot be avoided in several cases. “It’s a last resort, but at the same time it’s a realism that we can’t always avoid it. I really can’t rule it out,” she admits. The liberal politician wants to work with a reward system in 2022 and 2023. The sooner you decide to stop, the higher the compensation. After that period it becomes less friendly. “The honest story is that you cannot escape expropriation, if the voluntariness is not there.”

Within a few weeks she will send a plan to the House, stating how she wants to tackle the nitrogen problem. Maybe she will peek at the neighbors for that. Two weeks ago, the Flemish government declared that the most polluting livestock farms must close by 2025. That is about sixty companies. More than a hundred other livestock farms have to significantly reduce their nitrogen emissions. Nitrogen is a major problem in both the Netherlands and Flanders, following a court ruling. Only in the Netherlands this is a multiple of the number of farmers in Flanders.

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All they have is wordgames. AKA You’re on your own.

A Recession by Any Other Name (Magness)

The Biden administration appears to be preparing for a recession—or rather, for news of one. Rather than tackling the underlying economic problems, the White House is playing word games. Economists have long defined a recession as “a period in which real GDP declines for at least two consecutive quarters,” to quote the popular economics textbook by Nobel laureates Paul Samuelson and William Nordhaus. This definition isn’t perfect, but it describes almost every downturn since World War II. With expectations of low or even negative growth for the first two quarters of 2022, President Biden’s Council of Economic Advisers has been trying to blunt the news by disavowing this textbook definition. It is “neither the official definition nor the way economists evaluate the state of the business cycle,” reads a post on the White House website.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen endorsed the claim on NBC over the weekend. In place of the standard economic definition of a recession, administration officials point to the business-cycle dating committee of the National Bureau of Economic Research as the “official recession scorekeeper.” It’s a highly convenient move for them. While the nonpartisan NBER employs a robust set of indicators to pinpoint recessions, it does so retrospectively. The great recession of 2007-09, for example, had already been under way for a year before the NBER released its determination. Sometimes recessions end by the time NBER classifies them, and this built-in delay limits the utility of NBER scorekeeping for real-time policy decisions.

The White House’s attempt to wordsmith its way around a recession shows the dangers of politicizing economic terms. Mr. Biden’s economic advisers are trying to buy time by exploiting NBER’s otherwise defensible methodology. They hope doing so will insulate the administration from the electoral backlash in the event of a downturn. There is no federal statute that appoints the NBER as the official arbiter of recessions. Quite the contrary, the federal government has historically followed the conventional textbook definition. The Gramm-Rudman-Hollings Act of 1985, which attempted to rein in the deficit by triggering mandatory sequestrations in federal agencies, introduced a recessionary escape clause for tough economic times. If the Congressional Budget Office projected a recession, Congress could fast-track a vote to suspend the sequestrations. The law defined a recession as a period when “real economic growth is projected or estimated to be less than zero with respect to each of any two consecutive quarters.”

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“Since nobody can ever consume more than 100% of anything this means that all such attempts, unless abandoned and reversed lead to economic disaster.”

No, The Economy Will NOT Be OK (Denninger)

No, this is not transitory. And since we’re headed for political season let me remind you of the sordid tale that led us here. We elected Donald Trump as President. Donald Trump deliberately, from his first day, pushed “easy money” policies that were in fact how he levered his real estate empire to “success.” Easy money policies are a scam, but a very easy to run scam that appears to be “great” for a while. The reason is simple. Take a “model economy” with, for example, GDP of $100,000. Presume 10% of the GDP is out in debt ($10,000) and further presume that the rate of interest, on average, is 2%. At the same time presume the nominal (that is, “in dollars”) growth rate of GDP is 3%. This looks “safe”, right? Well, it is if the amount of debt remains the same.

But it won’t because the rate of interest is less than the growth rate, that is, you’re paying people to borrow into existence credit that has nothing behind it “on the come” that the economy will expand, and they will do exactly that. sIf the amount of debt expands at 4% while the economy expands at 3% no matter the rate of interest above zero interest expense will eventually consume all economic output. Since nobody can ever consume more than 100% of anything this means that all such attempts, unless abandoned and reversed lead to economic disaster. This is not a matter of policy or debate it is mathematical fact and cannot be changed any more than 2 + 2 can made equal to anything other than 4. Now there is an argument for this sort of policy during recessions; in fact this was Keynes’ argument for attempting to level economic conditions: You spend in excess (that is, in deficit) during recessions, and you tax in excess during good times. This retards the economy during good times and boosts it during bad.

The problem: During good times nobody will do the necessary thing to balance the system; Keynes was a fool in that he believed in that which was impossible, which is to expect politicians to voluntarily screw themselves out of a job. Trump knew all of this and that borrowing at below the rate of economic expansion, whatever it is, screws someone. He knew it because he nearly blew his nascent empire up early in his career getting levered up into the maw of a recession, which came within an inch of destroying him economically. He was bailed out, which informed his future actions decades later when he had the power to bail himself and his political friends out as President. It is a fact that Trump ran record deficits during an economic expansion and he did it on purpose with the full consent and in fact authorship of Congress. That’s because under our Constitution Congress must do that in that all spending bills must originate in the US House.

That is, it’s not Bidenflation to start — it was Trumpflation. Biden and the Democrats, emboldened with what Trump got away with and the public clamor for more, piled it on even deeper once he got into office. But this time, as with all other times, it takes time for that to filter through to prices. Nixon created the conditions under which Ford and then Carter (and all of us) suffered; it was Nixon’s wage and price controls, along with his (according to historians) literal assault on Burns, the chair of The Fed at the time, that led to ruinous stagflation under Ford and Carter’s Presidency.

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” It’s not entirely clear, to me in any case, that Trump knew what was happening even then. He had a sense that he was doing something to stop the spread but he didn’t know entirely what.”

The Small Print That Destroyed America (Tucker)

In a maddening interview yesterday, Anthony Fauci performed his usual song and dance when faced with even the most mild questioning. He stonewalled in his trademarked way. He spoke in long, drawn-out sentences, emphasizing the word consonants, punctuated by pauses and silences that convey the sense of precision without the reality. He strung together terms that seem vaguely scientific which intimidated his interviewers into an overly cautious pose. “Oh wow, I’m interviewing a very powerful person,” the interviewer thinks, “so I had better not say anything wrong!” He’s been pulling this trick for 40 years. He is very good at it.

In this interview, several messages stands out: 1) in retrospect, we should have locked down even more, 2) he never pushed lockdowns; he was only passing on CDC guidance, and 3) he is utterly and completely blameless for all things, particularly in funding gain-of-function research which, in any case, is not responsible for the creation of the virus in Wuhan. The first part is startling because many of us have had the sense that lockdowns are in disrepute. Far from it: Fauci’s message is that next time, the lockdowns will be harder and longer. And there certainly will be more. The third part I feel sure will be revealed in time. The fear that the virus escaped from the lab is likely what drove the lockdowns agenda. What intrigues me the most is the second part, the claim that he never ordered lockdowns. This was the CDC and he only served as messenger. Everyone else is to blame for anything that went wrong.

In a second interview the same day, Fauci says this explicitly: “All I have ever done, if you go back and look at everything I’ve ever done, was to recommend common-sense, good CDC-recommended public health policies that have saved millions of lives. If you want to investigate me for that, go ahead.” I’m going back to the March 16, 2020, press conference at which Fauci, Deborah Birx, and Donald Trump are announcing a fundamental change of life in the United States, one that would disregard all normal rights and liberties. It’s not entirely clear, to me in any case, that Trump knew what was happening even then. He had a sense that he was doing something to stop the spread but he didn’t know entirely what.

This has always puzzled me. It’s one thing for him to be hornswoggled into greenlighting the destruction of the economy that was booming and roaring under his administration. That’s bad enough. But to be confused even about the details of what he was ordering that day is next-level stuff. The following exchange occurred that day. Trump is asked whether restaurants and other venues should close. Trump responds: “Right now we don’t have an order one way or the other. We don’t have an order, but I think it’s probably better that you don’t [go to restaurants].” From that, I gather that Trump believed that he was not forcing anything on anyone. A reporter asks for a clarification: “Telling people to avoid restaurants and bars is a different thing than saying that bars and restaurants should shut down over the next 15 days.

So why was it seen as being imprudent or not necessarily to take that additional step offered at additional guidance?” At this point, Trump demurs and turns over the microphone to Deborah Birx, who must not have been paying attention and says something vague about the virus living on hard surfaces. At this point, Fauci interrupts and says: “I just want, there’s an answer to this.” Fauci says the following: “The small print here. It’s really small print. ‘In states with evidence of community transmission, bars, restaurants, food courts, gyms and other indoor and outdoor venues where groups of people congregate should be closed.’”

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Inventing Diagnoses to Cover Up Vaccine Injury (CHD)

So-called “fact-checkers” are having to work double-time to come up with ways to deny the undeniable fact that COVID-19 vaccines are causing injuries and deaths on a massive scale. The shot pushers and their media enablers have taken cover-up tactics to absurd new heights by, for example, chalking up the rash of fatal heart attacks and overnight deaths in athletes and young adults to a fluky condition referred to variously as “sudden adult death syndrome” or “sudden arrhythmic death syndrome” (SADS). What the COVID-19 vaccine-injured do not necessarily recognize, however, is the pretense that post-vaccination injuries and deaths are just “sad coincidences” — far from being unique to the pandemic jabs — is a trick as old as vaccination itself.

Facilitated by well-honed semantic and statistical flimflam, public health officials’ core strategy for perpetuating their fiction is to profess innocence — making unabashedly unsubstantiated pronouncements about vaccine safety, on the one hand, while on the other hand, declaring themselves “baffled” by ailments that emerge in the aftermath of a given vaccine’s rollout. In an astonishingly frank and prescient book, “The Fallacy of Vaccination,” published in 1899, Dr. Alexander Wilder called attention to the “growing conviction” among “profounder thinkers and observers” that vaccination was not only “utterly useless as a preventive” but “actually the means of disseminating disease afresh where it is performed.” Wilder noted, “whenever a vaccinator or corps of vaccinators set out upon a vaccinating crusade, there follows very generally a number of deaths from … maladies which have been induced by the operation. …”

Wilder also blew the whistle on the suppression and concealment of vaccine adverse events and deaths, describing a fellow physician’s urging of his “professional brethren to be slow to publish fatal cases of smallpox after vaccination” and outlining other shenanigans that sound all too familiar today: “Occasionally … a death by vaccination is published, and immediately the effort is put forth assiduously to make it to be believed that it was from some other cause. The statistics of smallpox, purporting to distinguish between vaccinated and unvaccinated persons, are too often not quite trustworthy. Many persons who have been vaccinated are falsely reported as unvaccinated. “Even when death occurs as the result of vaccination, the truth is concealed and the case represented as scarlet fever, measles, erysipelas [bacterial skin infection], or some ‘masked’ disease, in order to prevent too close questioning.”

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It’s all for your own good.

How the CDC Coordinated With Big Tech To Censor Americans (WFB)

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention coordinated with social media companies and Google to censor users who expressed skepticism or criticism of COVID-19 vaccines, according to a trove of internal communications obtained by America First Legal and shared exclusively with the Washington Free Beacon. Over the course of at least six months, starting in December 2020, CDC officials regularly communicated with personnel at Twitter, Facebook, and Google over “vaccine misinformation.” At various times, CDC officials would flag specific posts by users on social media platforms such as Twitter as “example posts.” In one email to a CDC staffer, a Twitter employee said he is “looking forward to setting up regular chats” with the agency.

Other emails show the scheduling of meetings with the CDC over how to best police alleged misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines. Although many of the posts flagged by the CDC contained false information about the COVID-19 vaccines, the efforts to police misinformation also resulted in mistaken acts of censorship. An April 2021 email from a CDC staffer to Facebook states that the “algorithms that Facebook and other social media networks are apparently using to screen out posting by sources of vaccine misinformation are also apparently screening out valid public health messaging, including [Wyoming] Health communications.” The communications reveal a high level of coordination between the government and tech industry during the pandemic and raise questions about the extent to which other private companies are working with the federal government to censor the public.

The Biden administration has faced criticism for engaging in what some have called “Orwellian” practices, such as the establishment of the Department of Homeland Security Disinformation Governance Board. The Free Beacon reported that the now-shuttered disinformation board arranged a meeting with a Twitter executive who blocked users from sharing stories about Hunter Biden’s laptop. The CDC’s effort to police alleged disinformation expanded to other federal agencies as well. An internal March 2021 email from a senior CDC staffer states “we are working on [sic] project with Census to leverage their infrastructure to identify and monitor social media for vaccine misinformation.”

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Gonzalo : The Persecution of Alina Lipp and Graham Phillips





Wonderful dog life



Old dogs






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    Pablo Picasso Houses 1937   • Kiev Threatens To Attack Russian Territory (RT) • Former Russian President Presents Future Map Of Ukraine (RT) • Fl
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle July 28 2022]


    Foodbanks are classic charity insofar as they involve better off people and companies donating food which is then distributed to those in need. And as with all such charitable models, they fail at precisely the point when they are most needed because inflation and recession result in far fewer well-off individuals and companies donating far less food. As Dan Whitworth and Rob England at the BBC reported this weekend:

    “UK food banks have seen a rise in demand since the start of the year coupled with a drop in food donations… More than 100 organisations that run 203 food banks from the anti-poverty campaign group Independent Food Aid Network (IFAN) were contacted. Almost all said more people were coming to them for help, while more than half reported fewer food donations. Organisers said the trend was ‘unsustainable.’”

    In Brief: The peak of the economic roller coaster.  A return to soup kitchens.  Britain to be a third rate 1980s tribute act.  Starmer the real loser.  


    “Vaccidents” being disguised by MSM and government agencies as people functioning more haphazardly on pothole-ridden roads
    Is this the “black swan” event that independent media has been warning about since the gain-of-function Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) mass vaccination campaign began? Should we blame road rage and potholes instead for the mass increase of vehicle-related deaths? What about all these pilots, athletes and military members dying suddenly out of the blue, shortly after they get injected with billions of spike proteins or mRNA “technology?”

    Maybe it’s time to do autopsies on all these suspected “accidents” happening all over the roads of America, and see if the drivers have mysterious blood clots that don’t contain much blood at all, but rather rubbery, elastic materials and heavy metals that gather together in the vascular system, causing sudden adult death syndrome. Maybe next they’ll just blame global warming.


    John Day

    @Maxwell Quest: Regarding yesterday’s tale of challenging the mainstream media Russian-evilnarrative at the older-guys coffee klatch— Good On Ya, Mate!

    V. Arnold

    Pablo Picasso Houses 1937

    Ilargi makes good on his threat to flood us with Picasso’s…
    Keep ’em coming…I dare ya…. 😉


    I do like this particular Picasso and some of his sun-drenched cheerful Mediterranean paintings. However what’s often passed off as great art (particularly Picasso’s portraiture) reminds me of Johnny Rotten’s famous quote, “Ha ha, ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?”

    John Day

    That second map of tiny=Ukraine, put frard by Medvedev(with a wry smile) looks like Russia’s opening offer in negotiations, from which Russia has lots of room to back down, in return for enforceable assurances of various sorts.



    John Day

    We have seen the talent of young Picasso, and wonder how he was fu***ing with people’s senses/minds later, which was always opaque, yet trendy.

    Today’s Picasso is nice-decoration.

    Veracious Poet

    US Military To Prep For War If Pelosi Goes To Taiwan: REPORT


    Biden Regime Readies to Declare Public Health Emergency Due to Monkeypox – HHS Sec Says “Concern Level is 10/10”

    As Monkeypox cases continue to rise in the United States, totaling nearly 3,500 to date, the Biden Regime is readying to follow in the footsteps of the World Health Organization (WHO) and declare a public health emergency due to the ongoing outbreak of the shingles-like disease.

    A declaration could come from Biden as soon as this week. All that’s holding things up is finding the right individuals to lead the charge. According to administration sources who spoke with CNN, the White House is actively searching for a coordinator to lead the national monkeypox taskforce.

    Biden Regime Readies to Declare Public Health Emergency Due to Monkeypox – HHS Sec Says “Concern Level is 10/10”

    Cass County and Alcona County GOP in Michigan voted this week to reject and rescind the 2020 presidential election.

    The two Michigan counties joined the Texas GOP, the Maricopa County GOP, Arizona GOP, Montana GOP and several Wisconsin counties in recognizing the 2020 presidential election was fraudulent and stolen.

    Recently Landglade, Winnebego, Iowa and Calument Counties in Wisconsin voted to the desertification of the 2020 presidential election.

    Republicans in Ravalli and Lewis and Clark Counties in Montana rejected the 2020 election results earlier this month.

    IT’S SPREADING: Cass and Alcona County GOP in Michigan Vote to Rescind 2020 Presidential Election, Joining Texas GOP, Maricopa County, AZ GOP, MT GOP, Wisconsin Counties…

    Veracious Poet


    The Dutch farmers have been back at protesting the past 2 days. I love how they are unpredictable in timing, locations, etc. The current actions are mostly in the middle of the country, they are dumping manure, tyres etc. on highways.

    In Dutch politics, a brand new party (2019), the BBB, BoerBurgerBeweging, or FarmerCitizenMovement, is close to being the largest party. That grabs the attention of people like Rutte, that’s their own turf. The leader of that party announced yesterday she won’t do any public engagements for now because of serious threats being made to her. Rutte, from his holiday address, hasn’t condemned those threats yet. But he did condemn the farmers for that their “reckless” actions.

    These WEF people really believe they rule the world. This is because they only communicate with their own ilk. Hey, Micron and Trudy think the same as me! And Klaus! I must be right!

    Dr. D

    Don’t care for Picasso. And that’s his paintings. As a man I hate him, although I don’t have to work with him, so no business of mine. Still: funny it’s his and not his girlfriends’ fault fro staying with him. I guess they aren’t real people and have no responsibility, no will, or free agency of their own. But they’re women: that’s how it goes right? They’re not people, right, but little children?

    That’s alright: I hear that every day. It’s the (brown, Spanish) man’s fault.

    From what rock in the sewer did they ever find Ursula Van der Leyden?”

    My assumption was she’s the bastard daughter of some dimwit who’s actually in charge. Certainly she has no talent of her own. Or AntiTalent. The type that says too much and pisses off the masses like me while not doing accomplishing anything.

    Endless hellscape of Saudi. Well they’ve made their country hell in every other way, this is what’s left. And every planned city in history has utterly failed and collapsed into expensive, immovable, unlivable ruins. This will be no different. The Brooklyn Heights Projects were the progressive, livable monuments of their day.

    They never learn though. Why should they? They get paid for putting it up, not for it working. There’s no responsibility, no feedback, and no “or else.” That’s what Capitalism would have: if no one lives in it, YOU go down in flames. Not the taxpayers.

    “Kiev Threatens to Attack Russian Territory (RT)”

    They’ve been doing this for 20 years, and at least since 2014. This is news? So the HIMAR plan isn’t to stop the Russian army (duh) since it can’t do that. The plan is to escalate the war. And thereby synthesize more cause to vilify Russia. (For being bombed by NATO: such is logic right now.)

    “The EU’s gas rationing plan approved on Tuesday may not stand the test of a cold winter, The Economist wrote on Wednesday.”

    No kidding. So. Shocked. So dropping 15% – Like Dr. Birx, already 20% the next day – doesn’t fill the hole when they have no gas, no energy, and no LNG ports?

    “rationing is to “ensure that a shortfall of Russian gas does not leave homes unheated or factories shuttered”

    Um, that word do not mean what you think it mean. Translation: “You can’t have gas to insure you can still have gas.” Huh? Off = On. Yes = No. “The plan has several weaknesses.”

    “New Dutch Minister No Longer Rules Out Compulsory Buy-out of Farmers (AD)”

    Oh, so they’re going to steal the land but give them MONEY now. Well, in that case, everything’s great! And the price for each farm is the full hundred-millions it will be worth when you’re done building the beach condos for your brother, right?

    The rest of Holland will get paid for all the food they won’t eat?

    “Rather than tackling the underlying economic problems, the White House is playing word games.

    Reality is in my ego, therefore when I THINK something, and rename it, it becomes reality. I mean: I can’t tell the difference, I’m still eating steak and driving my Bugatti, flying the private jet to Thanksgiving dinner on the beach.

    We elected Donald Trump as President. Donald Trump deliberately, from his first day, pushed “easy money” policies”

    Denninger is entirely correct. Great! So what would have happened if he would have done the opposite? Would that have succeeded? Been met with agreement? We would have balanced the budget and paid off the national debt?

    Um, yeah. Strategy, sir. It can’t be paid back ever. Therefore it will and must be be defaulted on. So when and how, under what conditions would you prefer to default on everyone, young and old, domestic and worldwide, and seize up the worldwide financial system? Go ahead: answer. I’ll wait.

    (Pull out 5 more Jenga pieces and hand it to Biden. Who claims he won the election and was waiting for you to have a coup and a call to revolution)

    “It’s not entirely clear, to me in any case, that Trump knew what was happening”

    He knew. Not even Biden is that dumb. But as above, what are your choices? 1) Yes. 2) No. Morton’s Fork. That’s the plan. If he had said no, every death would be billed his fault in the media, even though 2) turns out all the lockdowns don’t work at all and killed significantly more people than not bothering. Therefore 3) his approach makes it all voluntary. Which it is, because it was not legal. So Choice #3) adds this annoying little thing called the “Truth” and the “Rule of Law.” He did not call for lockdowns. He did not approve of lockdowns. But “he cannot stop the governors from acting illegally” either. This continued, critically, in mandatory vaccines, which he remained firm were voluntary, although some people had to go to court, as no one in the Federal Government from the Janitor to General Milley (but I repeat myself) obeyed any law, any Human Rights, or anything President Trump ordered either. But that was his official position.

    Do you have a better answer? I’m all ears. If a journalist can’t see something this obvious, does he also still believe in the Tooth Fairy? Does he think Mr. Capone is just an honest citizen?

    “So-called “fact-checkers” are having to work double-time to come up with ways to deny the undeniable fact that COVID-19 vaccines are causing injuries and deaths on a massive scale”

    This is easy and doesn’t take any time or work at all. “No it isn’t!” See how easy that was? Add the requisite “And you’re crazy for asking” and your medical/social/media workday is done. All it takes is lies, and people who love and worship lies more than the lives of their own children. Sea to Shining Sea.

    “ How the CDC Coordinated with Big Tech to Censor Americans (WFB) “

    The CDC et co. can now decide if they’re government agencies or not. If they are the government, then it’s a civil rights violation. If not, why are we listening to an industry spokespeople and how can they have any legal authority? If industry (75% of funding) and government (25% of funding) have merged into one unity, isn’t that fascism?

    Movie is Goats. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1577052/ It’s interesting. Not the same old thing, with David Duchovny.

    John Day

    Hunter Biden Feared to be at Increased Monkeypox Risk

    (my fake headline)

    John Day

    Dr. D sussed-out: “Kiev Threatens to Attack Russian Territory (RT)”
    They’ve been doing this for 20 years, and at least since 2014. This is news? So the HIMAR plan isn’t to stop the Russian army (duh) since it can’t do that. The plan is to escalate the war.

    Yes, that seems about right. Good thing Russia hasn’t figured it out and will be caught unawares…


    Zelensky, his supposed wife and Piers Morgan …. all on CNN …. all shown on Taiwan state TV because they cannot afford their own news service. Three total turds together, still convincing the rest of the believer scum that surrounds us – and suffocates us – that they should be supporting Ukraine, that the USA is Jesus in corporate form and … I can’t be bothered with the rest.

    It is very interesting to see that the media is still taking the least credible people – Morgan, Zelensky, the bird they say is his wife – and throws money at them, promotes them, until they have some gravitas, it is also amazing how these people are so willing to do anything for fame and glory, it is mental illness …. that is illness in the traditional sense, not illness in the Covid scam sense.

    Of course, we all know that Piers Morgan would murder his children to gain another minute on TV, he is another “nutsack Pelosi”, he will be working until he dies, desperately trying to fill the vacuum in his inner self, doing anything for himself regardless of the collateral damage.

    John Day

    Boris will get ‘er done:

    Could Boris Johnson be tagged as the next Secretary General of NATO? That’s what a somewhat surprising new report in The Telegraph suggests, indicating that “Ukrainian and Tory MPs support idea of PM being a possible candidate, though sceptics suggest he would likely be greeted with a French veto.”

    Formerly T-Bear

    What gives with the fools leading Holland? Most of the nitrogen pollution they want to reduce comes from the diesel engines powering their autos; ban diesel cars altogether. Then see if further reduction is needed , if so ban light vans and trucks that are diesel powered. Only after those items are eliminated and there is still need for reduction, then engage with talks with the farming sector and explore more efficient ways of utilising products releasing unwanted nitrogen and nitrogen compounds. Only then should any consideration to interfere with the farming community be entertained. But before all that, remove, eliminate, disempower, exile or politically liquidate the current leadership of the Netherlands.

    Although today’s farmer has historical roots in yeoman, serfdom, peonage, peasantry and slavery of feudal economics; today’s tiller of soil and practitioner of animal husbandry needs for expertise to conduct their affairs successfully far exceed that required for doctors, lawyers, academic professions by many orders of magnitude. Destroy the passing of information from one generation to the next in any farming protocol and that ability will be destroyed forever, it cannot be replaced with any university education. Far better to destroy politicians and political parties and the governments that house them; think of what food they have added to your table today.

    Michael Reid

    Doug Casey on How COVID Lockdowns Will Become Climate Lockdowns

    Doug Casey on How COVID Lockdowns Will Become Climate Lockdowns


    You know people may think me unkind but pets are often the cherry on top of disposable income so I don’t like their prospects going forward unless we get em on the canned insect food with mining and cobalt dye for the can and Gates’ cockroach pie inside – ‘now with beef flavour”
    Probably why rich dudes food donations are down to keep humans alive – they prefer Rover.


    Dr D wrote Oh, so they’re going to steal the land but give them MONEY now. Well, in that case, everything’s great! And the price for each farm is the full hundred-millions it will be worth when you’re done building the beach condos for your brother, right?
    Because MONEY is the real store of wealth right about the time we all switch to UBI on a government server based on Social Credit scores where ex-farmers do POORLY.
    Sounds like a sweet deal


    Auction off by the bankers to the highest bidder – territorial concessions,
    Place your bets – 20% means a choice – homes unheated or factories shuttered
    New game – Place your bets
    • German Mayors Want Nord Stream 2 Opened (RT)

    Did you know
    1. …. NS2 was supposed to double the volume of Russian gas exports, but was delayed by US sanctions seeking to protect Ukraine’s gas transit earnings.

    2. …..a campaign run by U.S. intelligence services to prevent American voters from learning about the extent of the Bidens’ political and moral corruption.

    3. …….. 2 + 2 = 4 does not work if you consider inflation

    4. …… the result of vaccination, the truth is concealed

    Fact check – Nasal drip
    1. Nasal drip is a response of your immune system trying to get rid of foreign invaders

    The nose, throat, and sinuses continually produce mucus, a thick, slippery substance that helps prevent the airways from drying. Mucus protects the body from germs, pollen, and other environmental pollutants in the air. These particles can create problems in the body if they are not filtered out as a person breathes. Mucus traps these foreign bodies and helps eliminate them.

    Mucus usually does its job unnoticed. It harmlessly mixes with saliva throughout the day, and a person either swallows it or blows it out the nose. However, if the body produces too much or too thick mucus, it becomes much more apparent. When this occurs, a person may feel the substance dripping down the back of their throat. Doctors call this postnasal drip.

    2. ……. it is mental illness – A microphone and a camera make intelligent people blabbing idiots


    Dead birds. “Hey, I wanna get to the other side!” I don’t see the airport. Gangs have taken over the railway on top. “You don’t wanna stop in unit 17!” “How come that family gets all of unit 33?” Where’s the delivery door? How come the groceries always go to units 1,2,3, and 33 first? “I wanna a corner unit!” Does anyone work here? Who cleans up the splats at the base of the thing?
    Somebody get me outta here!


    I keep chuckling at that rescue dog with horns and hooves.


    (shell game)
    Who will pay the minimum 15% corporate tax and save the gov.?

    D Benton Smith

    Boris heard there was an unexpected opening as Executive Officer of the good ship RMS NATOianic and rushed right over to be first in line for the job.

    Apparently the previous guy ran ran into something that was bigger and harder to run over than predicted, that ripped its hull below water line stem to stern. The guy was an idiot but at least has the good sense to jump ship before heading to Davey Jones locker. Not so Boris the Buffoon Johnson.


    Do the US mainstream and social media know what they are doing when they dismiss genuine concerns about the safety of Covid vaccines, particularly mRNA. It maximises the death of Americans, most likely more Democrats than Republicans! Is this what they want?

    One claim in this column was over 100 million deaths due to the suppression of the immune system, sometimes called VAIDS.

    Also of note is the reduction of the birth rate in many Western countries, I think by around 15%.

    One astonishing clip from a few days ago was a woman saying EVERYONE who has had the mRNA vaccine will be dead within 5 years. I do not know who she was or what evidence she had but she said it as a statement of fact. Also, it is credible! As I understand it all previous uses of mRNA has resulted in the deaths of the subjects, ALL of them. Why is the Covid vaccine different?

    If the latter claim is correct it will change the world forever. It would destroy the West, particularly the US and Israel. Europe may fare better as a lot of people received the AstraZeneca vaccine. On the plus side it would massively reduce the global requirements for food and energy.

    I think the canary in the coal mine will be insurance companies. They are not infinitely wealthy so will need to reduce the current excessive claims. If they refuse to give life or health insurance to anyone who has been vaccinated it will be impossible for the media to ignore!



    As we have seen the media can ignore anything!

    They are already ignoring insurance companies!

    If Raul didn’t tell us the Dutch farmers are protesting, we would never know since the Dutch media are ignoring the farmers. There are no reports on Dutch farmers protesting, so obviously the Dutch farmers are not protesting.


    But what if most of the history about the role vaccines played in declining mortality isn’t even true?
    In his famous speech, Dr. Kass took his infectious disease colleagues to task, warning them that drawing false conclusions about WHY mortality rates had declined so much could cause them to focus on the wrong things. As he explained:

    “…we had accepted some half truths and had stopped searching for the whole truths. The principal half truths were that medical research had stamped out the great killers of the past —tuberculosis, diphtheria, pneumonia, puerperal sepsis, etc. —and that medical research and our superior system of medical care were major factors extending life expectancy, thus providing the American people with the highest level of health available in the world. That these are half truths is known but is perhaps not as well known as it should be.”

    Dr. Kass then shared some eye-opening charts with his colleagues. I’m trying to imagine a President of the Infectious Diseases Society of America sharing one of these charts today at a meeting of public health officials. I picture someone turning the power off for the room where he’s presenting and then he gets tackled and carried off the stage…here’s the first example of a chart Dr. Kass shared in 1970:

    But wait a minute, Dr. Kass’ chart doesn’t even include the measles vaccine…what gives? Well, in 1970, the measles vaccine was just beginning to be rolled out, and as you can clearly see, measles had long since experienced a dramatic decline in mortality. With Pertussis (Whooping Cough), he produced a similar chart:

    In this case, you can actually see when the Pertussis vaccine was introduced. He also showed a chart for Scarlett Fever, which furthers the confusion about the role of vaccines, because there’s never been a Scarlett Fever vaccine, and yet the chart of a huge decline in mortality from Scarlett Fever looks very similar to measles and pertussis:

    What’s the point?
    Dr. Kass was trying to make a simple point to his colleagues, but one with profound implications for public health. His point was so important, I’m going to quote him in really big font to try and drive it home:

    “This decline in rates of certain disorders, correlated roughly with socioeconomic circumstances, is merely the most important happening in the history of the health of man, yet we have only the vaguest and most general notions about how it happened and by what mechanisms socioeconomic improvement and decreased rates of certain diseases run in parallel.”
    Dr. Kass pled with his colleagues to be open to understanding WHY infectious diseases had declined so dramatically in the U.S. (as well as other first world countries). Was it nutrition? Sanitary methods? A reduction in home crowding? (We’ve since learned the answer to all three questions is, “Yes.”) He encouraged his colleagues to be careful not to jump to conclusions prematurely and to maintain objectivity and “devote ourselves to new possibilities.”

    Luckily for us, Dr. Kass’ speech that day has been saved for posterity, as it was printed in its entirety in a medical journal. In fact, it’s a journal that Dr. Kass himself founded, The Journal of Infectious Diseases, and his speech is called, “Infectious Disease and Social Change.” There are a number of things about Dr. Kass’ speech that I found breathtaking, especially given that he was the President of the Infectious Diseases Society of America. Namely:

    He never referred to vaccines as “mankind’s greatest invention” or one of the other many hyperbolic ways vaccines are described all the time by vaccine promoters in the press today. Vaccines weren’t responsible for saving “millions of lives” in the United States, as Dr. Kass well knew.
    In fact, he never gave vaccines much credit AT ALL for the developed world’s dramatic mortality decline. Which makes sense, because none of the data he had would have supported that view. Which made me wonder, “has anyone tried to put the contribution of vaccines to the decline in human mortality in the 20th century in context?” Said differently, is there any data that measures exactly how much impact vaccines had in saving humanity? Yes, indeed there is. Read on.



    Dr. Philippe Van Welbergen, one of the original experts to find damage from the blood due to the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines, found that unvaccinated individuals have graphene and self-assembling nanoparticles in their blood – a manifestation of shedding from those who took the shots.

    Van Welbergen is a specialist in biomedicine who deals with chronic cases. He has postgrad work in women’s health in pharmacology, bio-pharmacology, advanced pain management and aesthetic medicine, which is why he was able to detect developments of patients that were seemingly out of character or did not make sense in terms of the patients’ diagnostic history.

    “One of the tests that we run routinely as a diagnostic support tool is red blood cell morphology – it means that certain conditions can change the shape of a perfectly good red blood cell from a lovely little donut with a dimple to very strange shapes,” he explained during a recent appearance on the “Dr. Jane Ruby Show.”

    The host, Dr. Jane Ruby, pointed out that there are two main ways the injections – whatever is in them – can be transferred to another person who is not vaccinated. This could be through inhalation or skin-to-skin contact.

    Van Welberger said that in looking at the pure blood smears, which he took straight from an individual to the microscope, he noticed that the unstained blood “started picking up unusual, tiny structures” that he has never seen before.

    He then presented data showing that red blood cells – which are usually round and doughnut-shaped – have been damaged by the spike protein. Those cells have become quadrangles or octagon-shaped instead of round. They have become messed up due to the spike protein damage and cannot be restored. (Related: Is graphene oxide what caused Japanese authorities to suspend Moderna’s “contaminated” covid vaccines?)

    “You can’t repair red blood cells,” Van Welverger explained. “So these things are basically lost to us.”

    Moreover, because these cells have lost their shape, they cannot move through the macro circulatory system. Instead, they just bunch together and block things.

    The unvaccinated somehow ended up full of graphene and self-assembling nanoparticles in their blood, which is the manifestation of shedding of those who took the vaccines themselves. This is often seen in unvaccinated children with vaccinated parents.

    Children who had been infected with graphene oxide in their bodies, have seen different effects, although gastrointestinal complaints are the most common. This is because the cells are associated with ulcers, bleeding and even some forms of cancer.



    Prior to the Industrial Revolution, most humans were engaged in agriculture. Our relationship with nature was immediate. Within just a few generations, however, for many people across the world, their link with the land has been severed.

    Food now arrives pre-packaged (often precooked), preserved with chemicals and contains harmful pesticides, micro-plastics, hormones and/or various other contaminants. We are also being served a narrower menu of high-calorie food with lower nutrient content.

    It is clear that there is something fundamentally wrong with how modern food is produced.

    Although, there are various stages between farm and fork, not least modern food processing practices, which is a story in itself, a key part of the problem lies with agriculture.

    Today, many farmers are trapped on chemical and biotech treadmills. They have been encouraged and coerced into using a range of costly off-farm inputs, from synthetic fertilisers and corporate-manufactured seeds to a wide array of weedicides and pesticides.

    With the industrialisation of agriculture, many poor, smallholder farmers have been deskilled and placed into vulnerable positions. Traditional knowledge has been undermined, overwhelmed or has survived only in fragments.

    Writing in the Journal of South Asian Studies in 2017, Marika Vicziany and Jagjit Plahein state that farmers have for millennia taken measures to manage drought, grow cereals with long stalks that can be used as fodder, engage in cropping practices that promote biodiversity, ethno-engineer soil and water conservation and make use of collective sharing systems.

    Farmers knew their micro-environment, so they could plant crops that mature at different times, thereby facilitating more rapid crop rotation without exhausting the soil.

    Experimentation and innovation were key. Two terms modern agritech/agribusiness corporations lay claim to, but something farmers have been doing for generations.

    Many farmers also used ‘insect equilibrium’ and their knowledge of which insects kill crop-predator pests. Food and policy analyst Devinder Sharma says he has met women in India who can identify 110 non-vegetarian and 60 vegetarian insects.

    Complex, highly beneficial traditional knowledge systems and on-farm ecological practices are being eroded as farmers lose control over their productive means and become dependent on proprietary products, including commodified corporate knowledge.

    Farmers in places like the Netherlands are now being blamed for harming the environment due to carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide emissions. Although Dutch farmers are taking flak, what we are also seeing is an attack on large feed and meat producers. There are not many small farms left in the Netherlands and most animal farms are concentrated feeding operations.

    The Netherlands’ farming sector is highly livestock intensive and there seems to be a policy to reduce the size of the meat industry in that country. Farmers have been told to get out of farming or shift to growing crops.

    Instead of the authorities facilitating a gradual shift towards organic, agroecological agriculture and attract a new generation to the sector, farmers are in danger of being displaced.

    But Dutch farmers are not the only ones in the firing line. Farmers in other European nations are also protesting because various policies make it increasingly difficult for them to make a living.

    There seems to be a concerted effort to make farming financially non-viable for many farmers and remove them from their land. The farmer protests in Europe follow in the wake of massive resistance by Indian farmers against corporate-backed legislation that would have seen an accelerated drive to push many already financially distressed farmers out of farming.



    Look at the positive ….
    concerns about the safety of Covid vaccines, particularly mRNA…..
    How to avoid the pain and suffering coming with the collapse of our social/economic systems

    1. It maximises the death of Americans, most likely more Democrats than Republicans! Is this what they want?

    2. One claim in this column was over 100 million deaths due to the suppression of the immune system, sometimes called VAIDS.

    3. Also of note is the reduction of the birth rate in many Western countries, I think by around 15%.

    4. Euthanasia – is the practice of intentionally ending life to relieve pain and suffering.


    Dr. Day wrote:
    Hunter Biden Feared to be at Increased Monkeypox Risk

    Made me laugh. That other coke-head, Z, might also be worried, playing the piano with one’s penis is not “SAFE” behavior, ha! hah!

    The Vogue display of fashion in war time is not just utterly repulsive, it is degenerate.


    Though mind you it echoes many Hollywood visual tropes. We can remember the Heroine (sometimes with a babbo, or a small child) walking through bombed streets looking determined and not obviously underfed or tattered looking, surely too well dressed. Or the young man be he spiffy soldier, or fakely ragged survivor, whatever, playing some glorious role in a effed up war torn landscape. The difference is that these past images are of valiant ppl caught up in war and catastrophes, against their will, and doing their best in dire conditions. The instigators, commanders, organisors are not ever pictured in this way. (At worst they have a super staff in a super bunker which can look a little primitive..)

    So, Z and his wife are pictured in Vogue as Valiant Victims, not as a Head of State and a Pretty Wife (who prefers to stay home with the kiddos.) Some time ago, I already thought, the visual clue for a Z-is-a-victim is the sandbag. The sandbags (supposed to give the thrill or feel of defense against an attack) are the photographic meme.

    Victims. In charge of nothing.


    “From what rock in the sewer did they ever find Ursula Van der Leyden?”

    Ursula Van der Lyin is a spoiled rich girl with a horse fetish. Thick as a brick.


    I always thought that Picasso’s art was a bit of a film flam and everyone was being taken for a ride like “the Emperor has no clothes”. However, to me, Art’s main purpose is to evoke something in the viewer, some feeling or memory. If the Art succeeds in this, then I believe that it has accomplished the artist’s task. We are on this earth to feel.

    A dear friend, now departed, told me he had discovered how Picasso had “discovered” his art form. He said he simply kissed his girl with his eyes open and observant, and then painted what he saw. He was correct. Try it. Picasso then ran with it to form his own genera and made his millions.



    Even the Real Nazis® in the ’45 only conscripted 16 to 60 for the Volkssturm

    I’m honestly surprise Nazilensky didn’t hit the lower end to and go for the 12 year olds too.

    Twelve to seventy

    The bottom of the barrel

    I’m sure the Chechens will be quaking in their combat boots.

    And the Wagner Group.

    I’m sure they will be intimidated by 70 year old Ukrainians kidnapped out of bars.



    Personal note:
    Look it up.

    The inflation, troubles, raising a family, jobs, wages, etc. were worst in the ’70’s than now
    We made decisions.
    We survived.
    We are still here.
    The “baton” has been passed on to the next generation/our kids.
    As a grandparent, I can only send my love and hope that they chose wisely, (even if I don’t agree).


    The Wagner Group portrait


    The mention earlier about red blood cells being “permanently” damaged seems to ignore the fact that your body constantly regenerates these. The red cells lost in a blood donation are replaced by your body’s blood-forming organs (bone marrow) in a couple of weeks.

    BTW, if we’re going with fake headlines today, here’s my nomination:

    – Found dead in her cell
    – Due to risk of infection, body is immediately cremated out of an abundance of caution


    Need a realistic picture …. alcoholics, walkers, pot bellies, lost of hearing, eyesight, diabetic, high blood pressure, on ventilators
    ….. 70 year old Ukrainians kidnapped out of bars.

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