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Russo-Ukrainian War: The World Blood Pump (Big Serge)
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Men Live Longer (Happier?) Lives Taking Viagra; New Study Finds (ZH)
Medical Board Takes Action Against Misinformation Doc (MPT)





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From yesterday: “United States advises Ukraine to withdraw its forces from Artemovsk (Bakhmut),” Agence France-Presse reports, citing a senior American official.

Russo-Ukrainian War: The World Blood Pump (Big Serge)

At the present moment, the Ukrainians are not encircled, but the continued creep of Russian positions ever closer to the remaining highways is easily discernable. At the present moment, Russian forces have positions within two miles of all the remaining highways. Even more importantly, Russia now controls the high ground to both the north and south of Bakhmut (the city itself sits in a depression surrounded by hills) giving Russia fire control over much of the battle space. I am currently anticipating that Russia will clear the Bakhmut-Siversk defensive line by late March. Meanwhile, the denuding of Ukrainian forces on other axes raises the prospect of decisive Russian offensives elsewhere.

At the moment, the front roughly consists of four main axes (the plural of axis, not the bladed implement), with substantial agglomerations of Ukrainian troops. These consist, from north to south, of the Zaporozhia, Donetsk, Bakhmut, and Svatove Axis (see map below). The effort to reinforce the Bakhmut sector has noticeably diluted Ukranian strength on these other axes. On the Zaporozhia front, for example, there are potentially as few as five Ukrainian brigades on the line at the moment. At the moment, the majority of Russian combat power is uncommitted, and both western and Ukrainian sources are (belatedly) becoming increasingly alarmed about the prospect for a Russian offensive in the comin weeks. Currently, the entire Ukrainian position in the east is vulnerable because it is, in effect, an enormous salient, vulnerable to attack from three directions.

Two operational depth objectives in particular have the potential to shatter Ukrainian logistics and sustainment. These are, respectively, Izyum in the north and Pavlograd in the South. A Russian thrust down the west bank of the Oskil river towards Izyum would simultaneously threaten to cut off and destroy the Ukrainian grouping on the Svatove axis (S on the map) and sever the vital M03 highway from Kharkov. Reaching Pavlograd, on the other hand, would completely isolate the Ukrainian forces around Donetsk and sever much of Ukraine’s transit across the Dneiper.

The bird’s eye view of this conflict reveals a fascinating meta-structure to the war. In the above section, I argue for a view of the front structured around Russia progressively breaking through sequential Ukrainian defensive belts. I think that a similar sort of progressive narrative structure applies to the force generation aspect of this war, with Russia destroying a sequence of Ukrainian armies. Let me be a bit more concrete. While the Ukrainian military exists at least partially as a continuous institution, its combat power has been destroyed and rebuilt multiple times at this point through western assistance. Multiple phases – life cycles, if you will – can be identified:

In the opening months of the war, the extant Ukrainian army was mostly wiped out. The Russians destroyed much of Ukraine’s indigenous supplies of heavy weaponry and shattered many cadres at the core of Ukraine’s professional army. In the wake of this initial shattering, Ukrainian combat strength was shored up by transferring virtually all of the Soviet vintage weaponry in the stockpiles of former Warsaw Pact countries. This transferred Soviet vehicles and ammunition, compatible with existing Ukrainian capabilities, from countries like Poland and the Czech Republic, and was mostly complete by the end of spring, 2022. In early June, for example, western sources were admitting that Soviet stockpiles were drained.

With Warsaw Pact stockpiles exhausted, NATO began replacing destroyed Ukrainian capabilities with western equivalents in a process that began during the summer. Of particular note were howitzers like the American M777 and the French Caesar. Russia has essentially fought multiple iterations of the Ukrainian Army – destroying the pre-war force in the opening months, then fighting units that were refilled from Warsaw Pact stockpiles, and is now degrading a force which is largely reliant on western systems. This led to General Zaluzhny’s now-famous interview with the economist in which he asked for many hundreds of Main Battle Tanks, Infantry Fighting Vehicles, and artillery pieces. In effect, he asked for yet another army, as the Russians seem to keep destroying the ones he has.

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“It would be absurd to think that Russia has lost the war or that its military is incompetent..”

Ergo: Double down on Hitler and Napoleon’s errors.

Russia ‘Fights To The End’ – Borrell (RT)

EU foreign policy commissioner Josep Borrell said on Friday that the West must keep sending weapons to Kiev, warning those who think Russia has lost or is doing poorly that Moscow has a history of winning long wars. “Russia is a great country, a great nation that is used to fighting to the end, almost losing and then recovering,” Borrell said in a speech in Madrid, bringing up the 1812 invasion by Napoleon Bonaparte’s French empire and the 1941 invasion by Adolf Hitler’s Germany as historical examples of this. “It would be absurd to think that Russia has lost the war or that its military is incompetent,” Borrell added. He claimed that so far Moscow “has been losing the war but it still has enormous strength and capacity to continue [fighting].” Because of this, he said, “now is the time to continue arming Ukraine with the necessary material and military means to wage the kind of war it has to wage.”

He described this as “not only a defensive war but one that allows it to take the initiative and break fronts and prevent Russia from launching a new, very powerful and bloody offensive in a few months.” Borrell’s invocation of Napoleon and Hitler was unusual, as Moscow has repeatedly compared the current efforts by the collective West with the two invasions, known as the Patriotic War and the Great Patriotic War, respectively. Napoleon led a multinational army recruited from all across French-dominated Europe and reached Moscow, but failed to compel Russia’s surrender. The war ended with Russian cavalry on the streets of Paris two years later. Hitler’s effort, also aided by numerous continental allies and vassals, fell just short of Moscow. The Axis armies were savaged at Stalingrad and turned back at Kursk, with Russian soldiers taking Berlin in 1945.

According to Russian estimates, the US and its allies funneled almost $100 billion worth of weapons, ammunition and supplies to the Ukrainian military in 2022. Despite this unprecedented effort, Borrell on Friday continued to insist the West was not a party to the conflict, and that the EU did everything it could to avoid it. Former leaders of Germany and France, however, publicly admitted that the European-mediated Minsk agreements had been a ploy to buy Ukraine time to prepare for war. The EU’s high commissioner for foreign affairs spoke at Madrid’s Teatro Real, where he was presented with the New Economy Forum 2022 Award. One of the presenters was Javier Solana, Borrell’s predecessor at the EU post and NATO’s secretary general in 1999, when the US-led bloc launched an unprovoked war against Yugoslavia.

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“..we have to be careful because we have a duty to look carefully and intensively at what might be the consequences for anybody in that conflict.”

Germany Says ‘Nein’ On Tanks At Allies’ Big Ramstein Meeting (ZH)

Is that a definitive nein on tanks? New German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius in fresh statements has confirmed that defense leaders gathered for a much anticipated meeting in Ramstein failed to achieve consensus on tanks for Ukraine. US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin was present for the meeting which reportedly involved top military officials from some 50 nations, most of them NATO, who met to coordinate the path forward in arming Ukraine. There’s been intense, uneasy back-and-forth this week between Berlin and Washington on the question of supplying Western-manufactured heavy tanks to Kiev, namely the Leopard as well as M1 Abrams. Hawks among the alliance have seen Berlin as essentially standing in the way.

“Today, we can all not yet say when a decision will be made about Leopard and what this decision will look like,” German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius said at the end of the Ramstein Air Base meeting. Amid accusations that Germany is waffling and thus weakening Western allies’ resolve, Pistorius continued, “We are not really hesitating we are just very carefully balancing all the pros and contra [cons] — we are not talking just about delivering anything to anybody, this is a new kind of measure we would choose, so we have to be careful because we have a duty to look carefully and intensively at what might be the consequences for anybody in that conflict.” While there was agreement to boost military aid to Ukraine among the allies gathered for the meeting, CNBC underscores that “Germany wavered on further EU tank deliveries despite mounting calls from Kyiv and fellow allies.”

The German defense minister continued, according to the remarks translated by CNBC: “I must say there is very clearly no unanimous opinion. The impression that has occasionally been made that there is a closed coalition and Germany stands in the way of this is wrong. There are many allies who say we share the opinion that I explained here today again, there are good reasons for the delivery and there are good reasons against it.” Going into the meeting it was widely reported days ago that Berlin has told European allies that it will authorize Leopard tanks only if Washington first leads the way with supply its own Abrams tanks. But the Biden administration has shut the door on these heavy, advanced tanks for the time being.

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Abrams tanks: “..three gallons to the mile with jet fuel..”

And then you have to supply that fuel. To battle theaters. And Abrams are prone to breaking down. Get real.

Poland Could Send Leopard Tanks To Ukraine Without German Approval (G.)

The Polish prime minister has said his country would be willing to send Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine without securing Germany’s approval if Berlin does not agree to their re-export at Friday’s meeting of western defence ministers at Ramstein airbase. Mateusz Morawiecki said in a radio interview on Thursday that “consent was of secondary importance” when it came to German-made tanks, because the key issue was to get military aid to Ukraine urgently. “We will either obtain this consent quickly, or we will do it ourselves,” Morawiecki added, heaping further pressure on Berlin to allow German made Leopard 2s to be sent to Ukraine in preparation for a spring offensive.

His comments came as the US Defense Department formally announced new military assistance for Ukraine valued at up to $2.5bn, including armoured vehicles and support for Ukraine’s air defence. The aid includes 59 Bradley fighting vehicles and 90 Stryker armoured personnel carriers, but not Abrams tanks. Poland, along with Finland, has said it wants to give 14 Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine, which would normally require German approval, but it is one of a number of countries trying to force the pace at a time when Berlin is still negotiating. Arvydas Anusauskas, Lithuania’s defence minister, said others could follow suit at the Ramstein meeting on Friday. “Some of the countries will definitely send Leopard tanks to Ukraine, that is for sure,” he said.

Lloyd Austin, the US defence secretary, met his newly appointed German counterpart, Boris Pistorius, in Berlin on Thursday, but neither mentioned the Leopard standoff in brief commentsbefore their meeting. Previously, German officials signalled Berlin was willing to break the logjam if the US would also agree to send over some of its own Abrams tanks to Ukraine. But the US said on Wednesday it did not want to do that, because the Abrams, which has a jet turbine engine, is fuel inefficient and so requires complex logistics support. Colin Kahl, the US undersecretary of defence for policy, said: “The Abrams tank is a very complicated piece of equipment. It’s expensive, it’s hard to train on, it has a jet engine – I think it’s about three gallons to the mile with jet fuel. It is not the easiest system to maintain.”

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Maybe they can empty our bank accounts?!

Pentagon Wants Kiev’s Backers To ‘Dig Deeper’ (RT)

Nations providing weapons to Ukraine need to double down on their effort because the country is facing a make-or-break moment, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said on Friday ahead of a key meeting of military donors in Germany. “We need to keep up our momentum and our resolve, and we need to dig even deeper,” the Pentagon chief said in his opening remarks before a meeting of the Ukraine Defense Contact Group at the US Ramstein air base. He described this as “a decisive moment for Ukraine and a decisive decade for the world.” Austin touted the latest military assistance package announced by the Pentagon this week as an example of Washington’s leadership. The $2.5 billion commitment boosted total US military aid to Ukraine since hostilities with Russia broke out last February to over $26.7 billion, the US official noted.

He praised a number of NATO partners, including Poland, Canada, Germany, France, for their lethal aid to Kiev and urged further arming of the Ukrainian forces. “The Ukrainian people are watching us. The Kremlin is watching us. And history is watching us,” Austin declared. Ukrainian Defense Minister Aleksey Reznikov will ask donors at the Ramstein meeting for more anti-aircraft systems, offensive weapons, including tanks, and “systematic ammo supplies,” his department said in a tweet. Whether or not Kiev will be given Western-made tanks has been a point of contention among NATO members. Poland and several other nations have said they were willing to provide German-made Leopard 2 main battle tanks from their fleets, pending Berlin’s consent. The German government has reportedly conditioned its permission on the US leading by example.

The Pentagon declined to include M1 Abrams tanks in its latest package to Ukraine, citing “sustainment issues.” The tank requires jet fuel to operate and is difficult to maintain, so it “just doesn’t make sense to provide that to the Ukrainians at this moment,” Deputy Pentagon Press Secretary Sabrina Singh told journalists on Thursday. Moscow has accused the US and its allies of prolonging the conflict in Ukraine by forcing Kiev to eschew the pursuit of peace and also pumping it with weapons. It has pledged to achieve its security goals in the conflict regardless of how much support its adversary receives.

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“I am super pro Ukraine, but relentless escalation is very risky for Ukraine and the world.”

Elon Musk Warns Against ‘Relentless Escalation’ In Ukraine (RT)

Billionaire Elon Musk urged caution on Friday following reports that the US is changing its stance on whether it should assist Ukraine in attacking Russia’s Crimean Peninsula. Earlier this week, the New York Times reported, citing sources, that Washington is starting to concede that Kiev needs to have the ability to strike deep into Russian territory, even if this entails the risk of escalation. US officials are said to be “discussing with their Ukrainian counterparts the use of American-supplied weapons, from HIMARS rocket systems to Bradley fighting vehicles, to possibly target … Crimea.” The peninsula overwhelmingly voted to join Russia in 2014 following the Maidan coup in Kiev. Musk responded to a Twitter user who posted a link to the Times article by saying: “I am super pro Ukraine, but relentless escalation is very risky for Ukraine and the world.”

This is not the first time the tycoon has weighed in on the Ukraine conflict. In October, Musk came up with a peace plan to end the hostilities between Moscow and Kiev. According to his proposal, Russia should “redo elections of annexed regions under UN supervision,” with Moscow withdrawing from these areas if this is what the people want. He was referring to the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics, as well as Kherson and Zaporozhye Regions, which overwhelmingly voted to join Russia last year. However, the Twitter CEO also suggested that Crimea should remain part of Russia, sparking outrage in Kiev. Ukraine’s former ambassador to Berlin, Andrey Melnik, told him to “f**k off.” Later, Musk noted that Russia views Crimea as an integral part of its territory, and attempts to seize it by a foreign power could trigger a nuclear war. “If Russia is faced with the choice of losing Crimea or using battlefield nukes, they will choose the latter,” he wrote at the time.

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“Negotiations regarding further sanctions on Russia with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky are becoming increasingly complicated with each new round..”

Top EU Official Comments On Sanctions ‘Debate’ With Kiev (RT)

Negotiations regarding further sanctions on Russia with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky are becoming increasingly complicated with each new round, European Council President Charles Michel said during a trip to Kiev on Thursday. The statement came after Zelensky urged the EU to impose even tighter restrictions on Moscow. “Each debate on sanctions is much more difficult than the previous one,” Michel told reporters, as quoted by Bloomberg. “We have good debates with President Zelensky, and I will brief my colleagues on what are the Ukrainian proposals and we will consult. I’m confident we will be able to strengthen the pressure on the Kremlin.” Michel added that the EU will adopt a tenth sanctions package on Moscow. “We have to see which additional sectors can be targeted in the future,” he said.

The EU imposed sweeping restrictions on Russia after Moscow launched its military operation in Ukraine in late February. Zelensky called on Brussels on Thursday to target Russia’s nuclear industry, including “all entities involved in the Russian missile program.” He also asked for a full ban on Russian energy exports. The bloc’s efforts to completely relinquish Russian oil and gas have been met with resistance from countries such as Hungary, whose economy is heavily dependent on Russian energy. Budapest has managed to gain several carve-outs that allow it to continue receiving supplies from Moscow. “Russian [energy] accounts for 85% of Hungary’s gas consumption and 65% of oil demand. This cannot be changed overnight,” Tamas Menczer, the state secretary for foreign affairs, explained last week.

The Hungarian government shared survey results this month indicating that “97% of Hungarians reject sanctions that cause serious damage.” It added that “the message is clear: the Brussels sanctions policy must be reviewed.” The Kremlin stated last month that the Russian economy has adapted to the sanctions and that it is impossible to deny that the restrictions are hurting the EU countries as well. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov accused the West on Wednesday of trying to use sanctions to incite “a revolution” in Russia and assert “the dominance of the US by all means.”

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“Germany, France and Ukraine were playing a swindle game with the Minsk agreements. Now is payback time..”

Moscow Outlines What West Can Do To Resolve Ukraine Crisis (RT)

US-Russia relations are at their lowest point ever amid the crisis in Ukraine, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Friday. As the conflict deteriorates, the only way to reverse it is for Western nations to acknowledge their mistakes and change their policies, he added. Despite initial hopes that under President Joe Biden the US would engage Russia diplomatically, the last two years “have been very bad for our bilateral relations,” the official told journalists. They are now “probably at their lowest point, historically” he added, and “there is no hope for improvement anytime soon.” The Ukraine hostilities – the focus of the confrontation between Russia and Western nations – are in “an upward spiral” according to Peskov.

“We can see a growing indirect, and sometimes direct involvement of NATO nations in this conflict,” he stated. The nations that back Kiev are acting under “a delusion that Ukraine has any chance to win on the battlefield,” he explained. Asked how the vicious circle could be broken, Peskov suggested that the US and its allies had to mentally turn the clock back to the end of 2021, “when Russia was suggesting a discussion of its concerns at the negotiations table” only to be dismissed. Western repentance for its “cynicism” was also in order, he added. “Germany, France and Ukraine were playing a swindle game with the Minsk agreements. Now is payback time,” he said, referring to the roadmap for Ukraine reconciliation, which the three nations signed with Russia in 2015.

Angela Merkel, Francois Hollande and Pyotr Poroshenko, the leaders at the time of Germany, France and Ukraine respectively, have since stated that the deal they negotiated with Russia was meant to give Kiev time to rebuild its military. Moscow considers these admissions to be evidence that the negotiations were conducted in bad faith and that the Ukrainian government and its backers had always intended for the Minsk agreements to fail and for the Donbass standoff to be resolved by military means. Russia claimed that its military campaign in Ukraine launched last February preempted an offensive planned by Kiev with NATO’s help. Ukraine, Germany, and France “lied to the people of Donbass, as they had a terrible fate planned for them, which Russia prevented,” Peskov explained.

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I see the name Singapore pop up in these schemes, not just India.

UK Finds Loophole To Buy Russian Oil – Media (RT)

British consumers are indirectly buying Russian oil and petroleum products despite a Western embargo on crude exports from the sanctioned country, OilPrice reported on Monday, suggesting that the bulk of it may come from India. A ban on Russian seaborne oil exports, along with a price cap of $60 per barrel, was introduced by the EU, G7 nations and Australia on December 5. Another embargo banning almost all imports of Russian oil products kicks in on February 5. The UK, which has been among the most vocal advocates of abandoning Russian energy imports, has claimed to be one of the most successful countries in achieving this target. London committed to phasing out Russian oil by the end of 2022, slashing down imports to £2 million ($2.45 million) in October.

However, diesel accounted for 18% of its total demand last year, according to OilPrice, and a number of UK consumers may have replaced direct Russian imports with supplies from Russian-fed refineries. The outlet suggests that the UK has been using India as a “back door,” given a sharp increase in the country’s imports of Russian oil, which hit a record high of 1.2 million barrels per day in December. Prior to last year, India’s imports of Russian crude were insignificant, due to high freight costs. However, the volumes that New Delhi is now buying and re-exporting suggest that some of the refined crude from the sanctions-hit country may ultimately be pumped in UK filling stations.

High diesel prices in Europe and steep discounts on Russian crude offer “a window of opportunity” for Indian refiners, the outlet said. According to tracking data from Kpler, in 2022 the Jamnagar refinery on India’s west coast boosted, by a factor of four, its imports of oil and fuel oil from Russia compared to 2021. Meanwhile, the UK has purchased a total of 10 million barrels of diesel and other refined products from Jamnagar since the beginning of 2022.

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“..We do understand how “Joe Biden” won the 2020 election: via massive fraud engineered by fraud-master Marc Elias, king of the Lawfare trolls..”

A Page Turns (Jim Kunstler)

I’ll never understand — and neither will you — how “Joe Biden” got propelled out of ignominious defeat in the earliest presidential primaries, to sweep the field on Super Tuesday, March 3, 2020. Around the same time, all his rivals magically dropped out of the race for the nomination. Some kind of message must have gone out from Deep State Central. Who wanted this licentious old grifter in White House? Well, probably his old boss, Barack Obama, and just about everyone in officialdom connected to the shenanigans in Ukraine dating back to 2014, and then the RussiaGate illegalities that ensued from it, especially former CIA boss John Brennan and his cronies. Under Mr. Obama, the whole US government had become something like a rotten log infested with sowbugs of grift, deceit, and malfeasance. Installing the dotty old bird in the White House would give Mr. Obama a stealth third term. Mostly, it would prevent the dreaded Golden Golem of populism, Donald Trump, from bringing any harm to that cabal and its, ahem, interests.

We do understand how “Joe Biden” won the 2020 election: via massive fraud engineered by fraud-master Marc Elias, king of the Lawfare trolls, who fine-tuned the mail-in ballot operation during the likewise engineered Covid-19 public health ruse. That wicked election business, of course, is just another grave matter requiring the utmost protection to prevent any inquiry from ever gaining traction. And yet all of it, the monumental government crime spree of recent years is all unraveling before our eyes — even before Jim Jordan or anyone else has even said boo from a House committee chair.

It’s all falling apart — along with America’s economy, our institutions, and our culture. The Biden family’s cover stories are collapsing, the government’s censorship and propaganda machine has thrown a rod, the Covid-19 story looks day-by-day like organized mass murder, election fraud issues still stalk the land despite every effort to squash them — and the grim reality coalesces that Russia is going to clean up the mess we made in Ukraine, and, in the aftermath, probably produce a shit-ton of evidence of American corruption and villainy there.

“Joe Biden,” the phantom president, has entered the air-lock, waiting to be jettisoned into the deep space of ignominy, chocolate mint chip ice cream cone in hand. Kamala Harris watches the action offstage in a fugue of anxiety and depression. She does not want to become president — and, guess what, nobody really wants her to be, either. She won’t even have to be induced to step aside. Her hysteria will be so great that not even the hypnotists of the Intel Community will be able to calm her down. She’ll run shrieking from it back to California. The levers of control finally fail. By a caprice of history, and the genius of the founding fathers, Kevin McCarthy lands in the White House. A page turns. The coup is finally over. That’s my fantasy du jour.

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“..authoritarian catnip to the dingleberries that assemble at the World Economic Forum every year..”

World Economic Fuck’em (QTR)

[..] the “Forum” is harboring incredible influence, mostly with “useful” bureaucratic idiots on the left who are happy to take their cues on how to napalm individual rights for betterment of advancing their agendas from anyone who will help, regardless of their motivation. That’s right: gone are the days of joking about The Great Reset, owning nothing and liking it and shifting to a diet of mealworms and crickets.I’ve arrived at a point past that – a point of being sickened by watching people that in no way, shape or form represent me or the people in my life, yammer on about what my future will or won’t look like and what things I stand for are “right” or “wrong”.

It’s right in the WEF’s mission statement: “The World Economic Forum is an independent international organization committed to improving the state of the world by engaging business, political, academic and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas.” The truth is no matter how much each narcissistic and likely psychotic guest would love to speak on behalf of millions, or even billions of people, they simply don’t. I don’t expect these people to understand the consequences of painting with a broad brush, nor do I think they care about them. Take the Covid vaccines as an example. Isn’t the idea of jabbing every single person on Earth, regardless of age, health status and lifestyle (lest we forget whether or not they consent to it reckless? Of course it is. But it doesn’t matter – because someone wanted it to be done…and, with that, it was put into action.

Wild, right? This unilateral implementation of mandates during Covid, regardless of what the individual may want for themselves and their families, was authoritarian catnip to the dingleberries that assemble at the World Economic Forum every year. I’m certain it has enabled many participants to think: we did it with vaccines – we cut them off from travel, we put their jobs and their livelihoods on the line and we even arrested and jailed them – now we can do it with anything else. I don’t need to be in Davos this week to understand how little I have in common with the people of the World Economic Forum. I know this because I was recently in Washington DC during the International Monetary Fund’s most recent circle jerk world conference.

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“Maria Zakharova: [..] Should it be proven that the leading US media outlets “received money for adjusting their coverage, all US democracy could be wrapped up in their Constitution and thrown out into the garbage heap of history..”

Investigation Pulls Back Veil On Soros’ ‘Indoctrination’ Efforts (RT)

Billionaire George Soros has links to dozens of prominent media figures in the US and beyond via organizations he funded, a conservative US watchdog claims. In the last report of a three-part investigation, published on Tuesday, MRC Business examined the ties of the Budapest-born liberal mogul, coming to the conclusion that he “cemented himself as one of the most powerful influencers in global politics through his incredible influence in the media.” MRC Business said that it had uncovered at least “54 major figures in journalism and activist media who are connected to Soros-funded organizations.” The list includes CNN’s chief international anchor Christiane Amanpour, NBC News anchor Lester Holt, and Cesar Conde, the NBCUniversal News Group chairman, who oversees the outlets NBC News, MSNBC, and CNBC.

Many of the 54 individuals play prominent roles in institutions funded by Soros. For instance, Amanpour is a senior adviser at the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), which received $2.75 million from the mogul between 2018 and 2020, while Holt is listed as a board member in the same organization. Conde is a trustee at the Aspen Institute, which received over $1 million from the billionaire between 2016 and 2020. According to MRC, in total Soros has funneled over $32 billion into his organizations in a bid “to spread his radical ‘open society’ agenda on abortion, Marxist economics, anti-Americanism, defunding the police, environmental extremism and LGBT fanaticism.” These efforts have paid off, allowing him to “help indoctrinate millions with his views on a day-to-day basis”, the group claims.

MRC has previously claimed that Soros has financial ties to at least 253 media organizations globally, funding them through his non-profit groups and enabling him to reach viewers and listeners in virtually every corner of the world. Commenting on the report, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova noted on Thursday that such revelations could be compared to a “nuclear bombshell.” Should it be proven that the leading US media outlets “received money for adjusting their coverage, all US democracy could be wrapped up in their Constitution and thrown out into the garbage heap of history,” she said.

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If his own party goes after him, this is probably how.

I Have No Regrets: Biden Breaks Long Silence With Shattering Admission (Turley)

President Joe Biden has something that he wants the public to know. After the discovery of highly classified material in Biden’s former office, his garage and library, the President wanted to make one thing (and only one thing) perfectly clear: “I have no regrets.” It was a moment that rivaled his disastrous observation that, while classified material was found in his garage, it is a locked garage that also housed his beloved 1967 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray. While Biden’s “corvette standard” for storing classified documents was baffling, his declaration of “no regrets” is downright infuriating. It is also remarkably moronic with a special counsel in the field. Either the President believes that Special Counsel Robert K. Hur will paper over the entire affair or he is doing his best to force his hand with a criminal charge.

Biden was miffed to be even asked about the matter after stonewalling the press for days. He ventured out of his White House bunker to tour storm damage in California and used the victims as a virtual human shield: “You know what, quite frankly, bugs me is that we have a serious problem here we’re talking about. We’re talking about what’s going on. And the American people don’t quite understand why you don’t ask me questions about that.” The problem is that recent polls show that, while the President has no regrets, the public overwhelmingly does. Most citizens view his conduct as negligent. Roughly two-thirds believe that Congress should investigate the President, including a majority of Democrats. Sixty percent believe that he acted inappropriately with classified material.

Nevertheless, after days to hunkering down with this aides and polls, Biden decided to stick with total and absolute denial of regret or responsibility. It was not a surprise for many of us who have following Biden and his family through the years. I wrote at the start of this scandal that Biden’s ” silence is hardly surprising. Biden has always been better at expressing revulsion than responsibility. Time and again, he has literally rushed before cameras to denounce others, often without basis, for alleged crimes. He has not waited for investigations, let alone trials.” When it has come to his own alleged misconduct, Biden will deflect, deny, but rarely declare responsibility.”

The comments on Thursday were classic Biden. He first deflected by using the California victims. He then denied any real responsibility. Despite the appointment of a special counsel to investigate his conduct, he shrugged off the entire matter as something akin to finding a neighbor’s borrowed hammer from 2017 in his garage: “We found a handful of documents were filed in the wrong place. We immediately turned them over to the Archives and the Justice Department …I think you’re going to find there’s nothing there. I have no regrets. I’m following what the lawyers have told me they want me to do. It’s exactly what we’re doing. There’s no there there.”

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Hey, it makes the blood flow!

Men Live Longer (Happier?) Lives Taking Viagra; New Study Finds (ZH)

The second study in two years shows Viagra might reduce the risk of heart disease in men. Researchers from the University of Southern California (USC) found that men who took the little blue pill experienced a 39% reduction in heart disease. USC researchers gathered data from 70,000 men with an average age of 52 who were diagnosed with erectile dysfunction within the last decade. They believe Viagra increases blood flow and oxygen into the heart and throughout the body. Viagra users also were 17% less likely to suffer heart failure and had a 22% reduction in developing unstable angina. All of those conditions are fatal if untreated. Men who used the drug achieved longer life and decreased the risk of early death by 25%.

“Viagra was associated with lower incidence of [heart complications], cardiovascular death, and overall mortality risk compared to non-exposure,” the researchers wrote. The last study, published in the American College journal of Cardiology and titled “Association of Phosphodiesterase-5 Inhibitors Versus Alprostadil With Survival in Men With Coronary Artery Disease,” showed older men with cardiovascular disease who took the erectile dysfunction pill lived a healthier life. According to the American Heart Association, erectile dysfunction could be an early warning sign of heart disease in otherwise healthy men.

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Straight from the Middle Ages.

Medical Board Takes Action Against Misinformation Doc (MPT)

An Idaho pathologist who previously came under fireopens in a new tab or window for prescribing ivermectin to COVID-19 patients and spreading falsities about vaccines, is facing disciplinary actionopens in a new tab or window by the Medical Commission in Washington state, where he is also licensed to practice. Ryan Cole, MD, is said to have made “numerous false and misleading statements” during public presentations on the pandemic, COVID vaccines, the use of ivermectin to treat COVID, and the effectiveness of masks, according to a statement of chargesopens in a new tab or window issued by the Washington Medical Commission earlier this month. He also allegedly provided negligent care to a number of patients in the prevention or treatment of COVID.

“Due to their specialized knowledge and training, licensed physicians possess a high degree of public trust,” the commission wrote in the statement. “That public trust is essential to effective delivery of medical care. Knowingly false statements or those made in reckless disregard for the truth, such as the medical disinformation statements by respondent … erode the public’s trust in physicians and their medical treatment and advice, and thereby injure public health.” Specifically, at all times relevant to the case, Cole, an anatomical and clinical pathologist, ran an independent medical laboratory that he owns, provided direct care to patients via telemedicine through the website MyFreeDoctor.com, and spoke at public and private forums, as well as on news shows and podcasts, the statement noted.

According to the commission, since March 2021, Cole is said to have made false and misleading comments during his presentations, including, “Children survive [COVID-19] at a hundred percent,” and “A hundred percent of world [ivermectin] trials have shown benefit.” Other public statements Cole is said to have made include that the COVID vaccine is “an experimental biological gene therapy immune-modulatory injection,” in addition to “a fake vaccine … the clot shot, needle rape.”

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Percentage of new bonds that mature in one year.














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    Edward Hopper Night in the park 1921   • Russo-Ukrainian War: The World Blood Pump (Big Serge) • Russia ‘Fights To The End’ – Borrell (RT) • Germ
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle January 21 2023]


    For Citizenx TVASF


    H.R.185 – To terminate the requirement imposed by the Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for proof of COVID-19 vaccination for foreign travelers, and for other purposes.
    118th Congress (2023-2024)



    Longtime Fox News Channel executive Alan Komissaroff dead at 47


    VAF (Vaxxed and Fucked)


    Get Vaxxed – Get Covid!

    Recent Studies Suggest mRNA Vaccinations Reduce Body’s Immune Response to COVID-19





    “The quality of data linking harm from sugar to the body is inferior to the evidence of harm of mRNA jab to the heart” –”It’s overwhelming,”

    Dr. Aseem Malhotra https://twitter.com/DrAseemMalhotra/status/1615780682021715968


    Evidence of vaccine deaths is ever stronger yet officials look the other way

    Evidence of vaccine deaths is ever stronger yet officials look the other way




    EU foreign policy commissioner Josep Borrell said on Friday that the West must keep sending weapons to Kiev, warning those who think Russia has lost or is doing poorly that Moscow has a history of winning long wars.

    Very interesting as Macron has also been sending underhand compliments to Russia, same as this Borrell idiot. It looks as though some in Europe are trying the sychophant approach to charm Russia and tell it how great it is with the intention of trying to get them to make the mistake of trusting the EU. Not a chance in hell that it will work, but they are desperate, they may as well give it a go.


    Germ et al,

    If you post a Rumble video here, click “Embed” under the video, and under Embeddable Player, find IFRAME (not Embed IFRAME URL). In the code you get under IFRAME, change 640 to 480, and 360 to 270.


    The catastrophe of the coronavirus pandemic is that the lives of the under-castes are of no concern for the Elite. This was first shown by the declining life expectancy in the USA starting in the inflection year of 2014. Propaganda and gene therapy are being used to make the wealthy richer plus avoiding spending tax money on public health. A handful of nations successfully stayed mostly COVID free for a year and China for three years. But, in the end, all the nations across the globe let the virus rip through their populations to keep their economies growing.

    The excess deaths are real. But the exact causes are hidden in order to keep accumulating wealth.

    The US/UK led Western Empire is splintering apart. It is questionable if Russia can keep pounding through the Ukraine trench lines one after another beyond next summer. Without the industry to make artillery shells and armored vehicles, the West cannot resupply Ukraine beyond this year. The 1917 Russian Revolution was caused by three years of trench warfare. All of these deaths are futile. Another lost generation is being created. If either side breaks through into the rear of the other, tactical nuclear weapons will be used to halt the advance of Ukraine into Crimea or Russia invading into any NATO nation. This would likely trigger a global nuclear war.

    Instead the UN and Russia could sign an armistice like the 1953 one in Korea and start a second decades long Cold War. If democratic republics were restored that worked for the good of the people and human beings started to live within their means and cooperate to control pollution, we could continue to inhabit the earth for the foreseeable future.


    I want to be clear that it was not me who shredded the social contract. It was my government – directed by US hegemony (owned by Aristocrats and Bankers).

    They broke promises, lied, tried to force me to be injected with a bio-weapon. Tracked my movements from satellites, tracked my purchases with QR codes. Used A.I. to spy on me and openly targeted my children with disrupted social bonds, masking, false information, lack of consistency.

    They psychologically manipulated my countrymen and fed them shit and then filled the waste steam with masks, hand sanitisers and fake pcr and rapid antigen tests.

    I turn my back on them and plant trees and ignore their media.

    They are worse than useless to me now.


    Happy Chinese New Year, year number 112 in the Taiwanese calendar.

    Dr. D

    Long theory insert:

    Biden is done. Right on schedule. Has to go out after the 20th to allow 2 ½ terms. So who authorized the hit? Everyone’s on board, and it’s his own lawyers who are doing it.

    “Weapons are the way to peace.”

    “Submit or die”. Only if everyone does exactly what I say before I say it can there be peace. Only if they completely surrender their individuality forever there can be peace, as HRC said. No need to do an article review, but everyone recognize what I’ve been saying for two years on Narcissists? https://preprod.stylist.co.uk/relationships/how-to-identify-narcissistic-relationships/611159
    They lack empathy and work and need to both steal them from you and destroy them for hate of what they hunger for but can’t have.

    The Tucker video follows all of Ford, Nixon, Woodward, etc as well, worth a listen. Note: this is what the White Hat collective had to parry when they once again attempted to get a popular President into power again and stop the planned world war and genocide. “When people you don’t elect decide everything, you are not living in a free country.” –Carlson

    “(BARDA) took over the entire US pharmaceutical industry’.”

    I think we can now see why Trump backed down and let the whole Covid/Vax thing go: he was fighting a sizable part of the Pentagon. Since the White Hat military tapped him, installed him and was nearly his only power base, he can’t have a war break out with a “minority” (that is, active players inside military) against the other active minority of Davos men, who ran and controlled the human-species-ending biolabs. So, smart guys: what would you do? Start that open shooting war inside the Pentagon on principle and have your first Battle of Bull Run? Chop chop, clock’s a-ticking. Oh, and by amazing coincidence today you’re being impeached as well.

    Let’s go out into conspiracy land, better phrased as things-we-can’t-confirm. There is suggested to be a program called “Looking Glass” which peers your Max Headroom, “20 minutes into the future.” Time travel of a sort. Let’s dispense with that and just say it’s an AI supercomputer they can put all political and social events into – like Armstrong or Nenner’s teeny-tiny public-power versions of – and run scenarios as to the outcomes. So knowing all these people, players, their relative power, — decades of intel in the discovering — you then tell it Covid has begun, what’s the best possible outcome given the “Massive Attack” as the music people say? How do you withstand the world’s largest, most encompassing, worldwide, all nations’ power-directed at you (sum total banking of Europe, sum total Intel of MI6 and Mossad, sum total propaganda of Madison Avenue, sum total of all BlackRock’s interlocking corporations) 5 generational pan-warfare Blitzkreig of secret, embedded mass-murdering Nazis? And win without losing your own soul? Looking into the abyss and becoming the monster? The Constitution and Rights of Man you are supposedly defending?

    That’s my theory, because: what would you do? Are you saying the White Hats DON’T have a supercomputer to run scenarios when one amateur programmer with a TRS-80 can create one in 1990 on Wall Street? No. They DO have one. And so do the Black Hats. In one way it’s the first battle of AI’s.

    So their AI churned away for the week on the Blue Chessgame, and said of Covid: “Let it happen.” One twist: LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE. No legal mandates. Covid’s not that dangerous and that’s all the leverage we can give right now. If the people won’t rise up and sue them 250 million times, what do you expect from us? YOU are the army. YOU are the government. Yet you want US to do all the fighting for you while you sit on the couch in ignorance? Not happening. That scenario of only the minority good Pentagon exposing themselves leads to eventual defeat. Imagine if Trump had bucked and fought Fauci every day on national TV as they expected, demanded; and indeed, fabricated and reported when it didn’t happen.

    What next? Running scenarios they can see to allow the other side to take all they want, like Davos, and thereby reveal themselves. If their Black Forest army gets all the way across in the Battle of the Bulge, but fails at the high water mark, can’t quite make it far enough, they are actually very few, the balloon collapses and deflates. As it has in Davos now. Or with new attempts at MoneyPox. Or war-criminal Blair’s vax pass even in ultra-compliant UK. They people are sick of them. Sick even when looking at their faces.

    And yes, you sacrificed a queen like Trump ultimately, but who cares? You don’t play chess to win the queen, you play chess to win the game. Maybe he even knows it. Yes 500,000 or 1M Americans probably died, but THIS IS A WAR. You thought no one would die? Ever? Someone was going to die to extract the world’s best-organized, most-hidden, world-wide mass murderers from the world’s deadliest biolabs and nuclear codes. Take your pick. This way it was also “voluntary” to a great degree. You COULD always flee the war, say no, and live in a box. Many men, going AWOL, do because, who cares WHAT becomes of you, better than getting shot for nothing like in “Sun Also Rises.”

    So here we are. The other side did a Massive Attack™. They reached their high-water mark and we withstood it. They are now discredited and attacked in public, looking like the irrelevant clowns they always were. If more of us had mobilized, there might have been fewer casualties, but what of it? That’s our fault and the army we had to work with. We also still have years of war to get to Berlin and a lot of good men die after the war is “over” and it’s only cleaning up.

    Anyway, that’s what the BARDA means. The Covid/world death/Tyrannical takeover was run a lot out of the Pentagon itself and it was not advisable to commit to a full-frontal attack of their stronghold. Better to do as Americans do, spread out and harass the lines, snipe their support until they are besieged and weakened, put in the cauldron and unable to operate with freedom of motion. It is working, although no one likes it and I don’t either. It’s a war, a f—k up. “Working” is all that matters.

    …Well that and “voluntary” which suits me fine, but that’s just an accident of my character and no help to many good men and women lost.

    Russian forces have positions within two miles of all the remaining highways.”

    That is: “within shelling distance.” Noting “And then a miracle happened” (again) and it was warm in Europe all winter, while the cold that should be there was somehow doubled up in Siberia (-80). Funny old world. Golly gee.

    “General Zaluzhny’s … asked for yet another army,”

    What did you do with the 500 tanks and the 200,000 man army you just HAD? Like 4 months ago? “Russia blew it up already.” Then why won’t they blow up another 500 tanks and another 200,000 men just as quickly? Has anything changed? A: No. And that’s why no one will send them. The Mass-murderers didn’t care since they intended to escalate into WWIII from the get-go. Russia’s slow and ponderous attack – and full air superiority – has put them off justifying the planned escalation into nukes. As they have total lack of everything else, especially “Escalation dominance” of the mid-level, they’re flailing around trying to find a way to either win or escalate into the human-ending war they’ve planned for 60 years. Russia know becasue these morons publish their war plans online and that’s WHY they have escalated so slowly. To the open demands and mockery of reporters, politicians, and commenters here.

    They got nothin’. ‘Cause: Ya Basic.

    Again, you thought limp-wristed, cross-dressing sissy-men were going to defeat a totally masculine, hard-times, hard-body people? That is the underlying motif of this war and the larger one that encompasses Trump. Trump is the “Daddy”, the hateful male. As fat and feminized as he is, barely male at all, that’s what he represents to them, and they HATE him. The whole Western culture is feminized, repressing its male expression. So to some extent we have Feminine (Left) vs Cheeto (Right) even though Cheeto is a pro-gay marriage, gun-control, pro-choice, moderate DEMOCRAT with Bill Clinton’s platform. That’s not the part they hate. If he acted like Bill and raped women, he’d be fine.

    Same with Russia. The West’s prosecution of the war is like infantile, feminine, passive-aggressive psychotic ex-girlfriend stuff. “I’ll hate you forever!” “Uh” “I’ll tell the world’s craziest lies about you, and they’ll believe me!” “Uh…” “I am gonna tell lies and have my brother beat you up!” “Uh… Your brother is no bigger than you are?” “I am gonna attack you so bad!” “Uh…with what? Your stick-like 12-year-old arms? Are you on drugs?”

    (–Note here the West’s “Feminine” seems to express the worst aspect of that side, just as lately, excluding Russia, the Western Masculine has also been expressing that gender’s worst side. –)

    Anyway, the Feminine way of fighting works great: guilt, shame, manipulation, weaponizing sympathy and compassion, lies, tears, endless argument…until the point where the Masculine stops entertaining it. Stops caring. Stops co-depending and shuts them out. And DEFINITELY if it comes to punches. What was it, the 700th ranked man in swimming was the transgender woman’s champion? Like 12-year-old boys can beat up grown women? It’s bad. (far more unequal than I ever dreamed before this, and like gay rights, is almost certain to create such backlash as shall set back true equality by generations. Whyyy?)

    That’s where we are now. The West is still pursuing every weak, ill-thought feminine trait: Talking at them, calling them names, threatening, tattling on them to larger bullies to beat up. But almost zero fighting on the field nor any likelihood of any, unless crazy-ex tries a dramatic suicide attempt. Russia is playing the man’s side, stopped talking, ignores them, braces down, endures all attacks because he’s merely so very much stronger and there’s no question who will eventually win. As a good man, he is trying his best to minimize losses and to retain his reputation and honor.

    This is to say, again, that the West can’t win. They are women, and barely that, far below the sense and strength of a fully-actualized woman in her own power. It’s like watching Muhammad Ali take on Ronda Rousey or Megan Rapinoe. It’s sickening to watch. You just shout in the stands for it to stop but no one can hear you. The outcome is known before the names are listed on the board.

    That’s not to say the West can’t win. However, they won’t do it with the ethos and manpower of high-heel, blue haired, transgender, 109-pound woman Navy Seals, even $100B worth of them. That’s how the world still works. And why would they? Men already have the man thing covered, war and all that. Do the woman thing. Clearly the world needs that right now, and men are no good at it at all. Nobody is doing the woman thing a bit. All children are ignored, abandoned, all love is gone from the West. Surely that needs some attending to?

    “Poland Could Send Leopard Tanks to Ukraine without German Approval (G.)”

    They sure can. But 500 of them? And what happened to the LAST 500 tanks NATO paid for after the 2014 coup? “Where’s my money, Brian? Where is it?” And you dream the Abrams is going to hang around changing anything while the Russians still have total air superiority? The Abrams “Burns the same” as Russia just publicly said.

    “Pentagon Wants Kiev’s Backers to ‘Dig Deeper’ (RT)”

    Where’s your “digging deeper”? You sent $100B to be money-laundered via FTX and returned it all to Delaware. But zero tanks, jets, missiles, men? Do you want this war or don’t you? Because when you Yanks send zero official men, zero official tanks, and zero air cover, it’s a lot like you surrendered and are just trying to get Slavs killed. You first, Mr. Austin.

    “Washington is starting to concede that Kiev needs to have the ability to strike deep into Russian territory,

    Directly attack Russia, with our men and equipment. They are now hinting the West will more or less openly declare war next month at Munich – as much as feminized, pathological liars are capable of admitting or “declaring” anything. Kiev is the homeland, and the entire world must burn to win it for us. I don’t know if that will happen, but why not? As the article above, narcissists are mentally ill and have no reverse gear. It’s destroy everything because better everyone dies than I lose.

    “Negotiations regarding further sanctions on Russia”

    They haven’t sanctioned them the first time: USuk and EU are still buying all the Russian oil, but giving them far more money for it. Tricky! They are doing this by enriching Russia’s allies China and India and making them stronger too.

    “Moscow Outlines What West Can Do to Resolve Ukraine Crisis (RT)”

    Nothing. There is nothing they can do. They cannot even unconditionally surrender since no one will believe them.

    Dr. D

    Noting that the last two(?) shootings – perhaps not mass shootings? – were on the Right. (Failed GOP candidate shoots rivals) Does that make it 25 of 29 mass shootings now were from Leftists? It’s not fair if I don’t keep tally of the Right, even if I have to bend the rules on this one. On the other hand, shootings not in the news – of course – crazed Lefties have seceded from the nation in Atlanta. Again. And no one takes them seriously as they are a joke again. But bused-in trust-fund protesters not from Georgia have set up an “Autonomous Zone”. Why? Was there another George Floyd? Nah – the police are just setting up improved police training. To genocide black and brown people? Nah – so they can be adequately trained and NOT do that. So they set up a perimeter ON THE POLICE, so they can’t build it, train, and get less violent. Been there for weeks and weeks.

    Why do I bring it up? Because they SHOT THE POLICE. Put him in the hospital. And some random guy driving his pickup by them. Lit him on fire. Seceded from the nation. These rich outside tourists from the North are costing taxpayers money. And STILL the police are being generous and haven’t cleared the area. That is essentially the “Police Station.” Like when they tried to weld the doors shut of the Federal building and light it on fire with everyone inside back in Seattle. For WEEKS.

    And just as then, the Media says “Police attack peaceful protestors” finishing the sentences with “Peaceful except charged as domestic terrorists for shooting policemen.” One of these things is not like the others, Mr. Media Reporter from Atlanta. And J6, where the #Opposite happened — police shot protestor — is “violent” but protesters shooting police is “Peaceful”. Why have words?

    So with Canadian Prepper: “It’s about to get violent!” Violent like randos who descend on your town, secede from the nation, crap on the people, shoot up the police, light on fire any citizens nearby, and prevent all government business for months? That kind of “Violent”? Yeah, that’s like a Harper’s Ferry every day. Ah, Leftists! True to their creed every time. They really missed it on this one. They’ve spend 30 years trying to get the Right to be violent and take these exact actions, but here at the deadline when they wouldn’t, they needed someone to shoot white people and burn down black neighborhoods coast to coast, asked the Left and Boom! Police-shooting Riots a day later and going on for years.

    …So how do I calculate and include that in my Mass-shooting by political orientation Tally? And how do I include them when an open rebellion isn’t reported?

    “Tell me …..What do you call the gov. system that takes care of the needs of the people?

    A: Fantasy.

    The naming of Captialism and Communism is as confusing as it sounds. As are the dual enforcements of our standards on one or the other. Certainly Communism isn’t what the CCP is, but they’ll shoot you if you were to say otherwise. Capitalism may be “uncoerced trade” but similarly, there wasn’t pure “Capitalism” which no one can define the complex form of, or “pure feudalism” for that matter. They are all hybrids. I have no idea what “Capitalism” Marx was critiquing since was equally messy, equally not Captialism, and in fact there was no “Capitalism” until he distinguished the word from an alternative form; it was just “the way things are-ism”.

    If so, then we merely take the most un-generous view of the other guy’s position and the most inclusive view of our own, and ultimately say and learn nothing. Nor can we define terms as there is no “pure” example to point at. It takes too long to insert, each and every time, that AOC herself (and who is she?) names her plan “Socialism” and China names their plan “Communism” even though it isn’t. Or is it? Who gets to define the words? You? Her? Webster who re-defines words according to political winds daily?

    AsIfTruth, If things were done correctly, wouldn’t CVS or whoever have your medical record? I would be shocked if they did it wrong if they keep such records at all as they believe and trust their actions. they have nothing to hide and it would probably be a crime. But I don’t know if they keep the records.

    I look at the “Climate Medical” (whut?) agencies, digital IDs and say to myself “This is what it took.” This is what it took to make people take warnings seriously enough, get sick of it, and act. And barely yet. Well if this is what it took, perhaps the 500 million deaths will be worth it. Who could calculate such a thing? Like all wars, if it had to be done, it did. And if this is what it took to win, it did. That’s on us. This is who we are.


    Never settled. Nor should it be.


    One of the biggest surprises of the current war, is simply the lack of preparedness on part of the US. One would assume that if the foreign policy mandarins decided to “lock horns” with the world’s biggest nuclear superpower, they would have done the necessary planning and preparation to ensure success. Clearly, that hasn’t happened. US policymakers seem surprised by the fact that the economic sanctions backfired and actually strengthened Russia’s economic situation. They also failed to anticipate that the vast majority of countries would not only ignore the sanctions but proactively explore options for “ditching the dollar” in their business transactions and in the sale of critical resources.

    We see the same incompetence in the provision of lethal weapons to Ukraine. How do we explain the fact that the NATO nations have been frantically scraping the bottom of the barrel to find weapons for Ukraine? Did our leaders really start a war with Russia not knowing whether they had sufficient supplies of weapons and ammo to fight the enemy? That appears to be the case.

    And were our leaders so sure that the conflict would be a low-intensity insurgency that they never planned for a full-blown, combined-arms, ground war? Once again, this appears to be true.

    These aren’t trivial mistakes. The level of incompetence in the planning of this war is beyond anything we’ve ever seen before. It appears that all the preparation was focused on provoking a Russian invasion, not on the developments that would happen soon afterwards. What’s clear, is that the Pentagon never “gamed out” the actual war itself or the conflict as it is presently unfolding. Otherwise, how does one explain these glaring errors in judgement:

    They never thought the sanctions would backfire
    They never thought they’d run out of weapons and ammo
    They never thought Russia’s oil receipts would skyrocket
    They never thought that the majority of countries would maintain normal relations with Russia
    They never figured they’d actually need a coherent military strategy for fighting a ground war in eastern Europe.

    Ukraine: Is the Hammer About to Fall?


    Tilting at windmills is an English idiom that means attacking imaginary enemies. The expression is derived from Don Quixote, and the word “tilt” in this context refers to jousting.
    The phrase is sometimes used to describe confrontations where adversaries are incorrectly perceived,

    Is TAE alone?
    Does it matter/make a difference?
    Why do it?
    TAE is showing you how to follow the bouncing ball (truth). Read more …

    The enablers, the influencers, are con artists.
    The WEF’s mission statement: “The World Economic Forum is an independent international organization committed to improving the state of the world by engaging business, political, academic and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas.”

    Humanity is being misdirected/fooled.

    Population reduction
    Disarmament/destruction of military inventory
    Misallocation of Energy/resources
    Destruction of infrastructures

    First prize – Volodymyr Zelenskiy – a con artist – a person who cheats or tricks others by persuading them to believe something that is not true:

    Read more, read A Page Turns

    A Page Turns

    After the bonfire, joe said:
    I think you’re going to find there’s nothing there. I have no regrets. I’m following what the lawyers have told me they want me to do. It’s exactly what we’re doing. There’s no there there.”
    Medical Board Takes Action Against Misinformation Doc
    — Pathologist Ryan Cole, MD, is facing discipline for negligence, spreading false statements
    by Jennifer Henderson, Enterprise & Investigative Writer, MedPage Today
    January 19, 2023

    According to the commission, since March 2021, Cole is said to have made false and misleading comments during his presentations, including, “Children survive [COVID-19] at a hundred percent,” and “A hundred percent of world [ivermectin] trials have shown benefit.” Other public statements Cole is said to have made include that the COVID vaccine is “an experimental biological gene therapy immune-modulatory injection,” in addition to “a fake vaccine … the clot shot, needle rape.”

    “What About The Sudden Deaths?”: Pfizer CEO Confronted At Davos Over COVID-19 Vaccine

    Every question we asked Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla at the World Economic Forum
    Nearly 30 important questions were asked by Ezra Levant and Avi Yemini, but the Pfizer head had no answers for the public.


    Communism, capitalism
    The head coach of my daughter’s high school wrestling team spoke at a “Wrestling 101” event in December. (It was to educate family and friends so we would understand what our wrestlers were doing.) He explained to us his philosophy of coaching — encourage each wrestler to do what is individually best for each one, and by doing this the team is strengthened and will do well. I thought about this in reference to the team-building activities my daughter has told me about (the overnight lock-in, floor hockey, car wash fund raiser, etc.,) and what the coach shared that night about his experience as a youth in wrestling (pressured to lose/gain weight, matches above one’s own weight class “for the team.”)

    The answer is neither pure communism nor pure capitalism — neither of which actually exist. To build healthy individuals and communities we need elements of both. When we adopt one as our mantra (I.e. capitalism), and then, when there are problems use our powerful minds to frame every problem as a manifestation of the evil of its (perceived) opposite (I.e. communism), our vision is so clouded by the frame we are utilizing that it is akin to the short New Testament parable of the speck and the beam in the eyes of two individuals. Uncoerced trade is important. It isn’t the only value in human economic interactions and it isn’t a pinnacle value to rule all other values. Taking other’s needs into consideration during an economic transaction is also a value to be considered — when I provide computer assistance to someone that I know cannot afford my rates but truly needs the help, I lower my rates — even though I need the money. I once traded piano lessons for the students’ mom coming twice monthly to clean my bathroom. Outcomes of human effort need to show up in the results…but that doesn’t mean that the individual’s effort is undermined by help. (Pulling oneself up by ones own bootstraps is excellent — but there is no problem with the community providing the proverbial boots and straps to someone who lacks them. Likewise, there is no problem in giving a fishing pole and lessons to the hungry man — and giving him a meal first so that he can focus on the lessons.)


    I doubt that any incompetence was exhibited where matters of money flow is concerned.

    John Day

    @Dr.D : I enjoyed your essays again, but I disagree upon the nature of the American resistance. It has not really been irregulars sniping from the swamp at the assault.
    The resistance which I and many others, Like Ryan Cole MD have sustained has just been to keep doing what we usually do, and let the fecal tide wash over us as we still stand.
    I lost my job, but I am still standing, still communicating the truth to the best of my ability.
    The fecal tide has already turned, but it has not yet swept back out.

    That is probably enough of that analogy.
    There were just enough people, maybe 20%, who said “No, this is wrong”, and stuck to their guns, and are still sticking to their guns, and they are being seen as more correct, as well as obviously more principled, by the many people who were never firmly members of any camp of belief, but tried to do what everybody seemed to be doing, and keep their jobs and apartments.


    “Due to their specialized knowledge and training, licensed physicians possess a high degree of public trust,”

    That may have been the case before the Covid scam. But it surely is not now. Medical centres and hospitals are increasingly seen as places to be avoided because the people who inhabit them don’t know what they are doing and are seen as blind followers of religious practices promoted by big pharma.

    As for the Scorpion cartoon: Brilliant; even has the dangling scrotum and the piranha teeth.

    The Monster of Mount Albert -Mt Albert being its fake electoral seat- may have run from office but it still has its snout in the public feeding trough. The damage The Scorpion did it while it was acting as psychotic dictator of Airstrip Five is irreparable.

    One has to wonder whether it was worth it, the pact with the Devil that Adern signed up for; a few years of being media darling and a mountain of cash by way of insider trading versus the rest of its life despised as the sociopathic liar who murdered tens of thousands of Kiwis and impoverished most of those it didn’t murder.

    Here is a likely reason The Scorpion ran when it did.



    US dollar hegemony?

    John Day

    Red said:
    “These aren’t trivial mistakes. The level of incompetence in the planning of this war is beyond anything we’ve ever seen before. It appears that all the preparation was focused on provoking a Russian invasion, not on the developments that would happen soon afterwards. What’s clear, is that the Pentagon never “gamed out” the actual war itself or the conflict as it is presently unfolding. Otherwise, how does one explain these glaring errors in judgement?”

    I think the Pentagon DID game it out, but that the Russians head-faked them successfully several times. The trap was laid for the Russians with all of the deeply set fortifications in the Donbass, set up to bleed them and bleed them to death. The Russians could see that, and they arrayed their forces as if to walk into that trap, exactly as intended. Appearing to do exactly what they were expected to do was particularly crafty.
    The Pentagon knew that the Russian forces arrayed in Russia, across from the Donbass, were less than 1/8 of what would be allocated to an invasion, greatly outnumbered by the entrenched Ukrainian “defenders”, who were about to invade Donbass if not pre-empted.
    That’s why the Pentagon/O’Biden could be so confident that “Russia would invade Ukraine”.
    They were equally confident that it would be a limited action, only to protect the Donbass, because there were just not enough Russian troops to do a real invasion, there just were not. Never been done.
    Russia had not mobilized for war, either, and internal chatter was almost certainly suggestive of a limited action, which Russia had already done in 2014.
    Russia was looking predictable on purpose, and it worked.

    Russia did an invasion with 1/3 of the force of the defenders instead of 3X. It did not work as anticipated by anybody, because they did not have the full invasion force to sweep across Ukraine, which some assumed, nor did they stay-put as the Pentagon/NATO appears to have assumed, based on the allocation of forces.
    Russia did a new kind of under-manned slow offensive warfare, with feints and repositionings, responding to changes on the battlefield promptly and sensibly, a marathon war, not a blitzkrieg.

    Russia has now established Unpredictability as a form of weaponized threat. Russia building up forces for a real massed-assault invasion, and still just grinding away patiently in Bakhmut is bound to be anxiety-provoking, because it’s winter, the ground is frozen and they could strike decisively.

    How long can NATO/US live with this sword-of-Damocles? It has got to be maddening. The urge to “do something” must be hard to resist. All that they really can do is keep feeding the Russian grinder and telling the folks at home that Russia-is-losing.
    Ukraine is running out of war-slaves and the west is running out of expensive weapons. The west would send tanks if Ukraine could advance with them, which would be good for PR, but they know that would not be what the world would see of those tanks, which would be bad for business.

    Has some kind of new crisis been worked out to supplant this one, but not the $US crisis, not that one?
    Is it time to put in new Washington courtiers? It will need to be more different than Kamala Harris, to do the pivot in foreign policy which the situation urgently demands.
    Russians are being patient for this, also. They appear to be willing to allow some preservation-of-face to the west, if there is actual, verifiable, enforceable compromise.
    That’s not a lot, really, unless you have painted a world where this is not a thing that could ever even exist.
    New Team, Please!


    There are various battle fronts in the various wars:

    1. Between the corporations (plus opportunists) that run Oceania against the majority of the people that live in Oceania.

    2. Between the corporations and Nature.

    3. Between Oceania and Euraisa.

    On #3:


    Decent rant.


    Elizabeth Nickson had a good rant today about the US Department of Defense. https://elizabethnickson.substack.com/p/the-us-department-of-defence-declares
    And today Red referred to a Global Research article about the failure of — what — the DOD?
    “The level of incompetence in the planning of this war is beyond anything we’ve ever seen before.”

    I would like to speculate (and hope that the TAE commenters can follow up on it) that the problem is something as banal as type of organization that has swept the world and that appears invisible. There is a large body of research on what happens to people who function in a bureaucracy. These are two examples of the manifest failure of such a structure.
    It is up to us to cobble together another way of managing complexity Or is that (managing) the problem, and acceptance of complexity another way.


    So Ukraine isn’t just sucking up cash (where is it going?), it’s also sucking all the (old) weapons out of NATO nations. Impoverishing and disarming…sounds like a covert plan for takeover by somebody. Many of the weapons are being siphoned off to…whom? Where will they show up in the future?

    If they run out of weapons do they “have to” use nukes?
    On that topic: where and how are nukes tested? I see earthquakes in non-seismic nowheres, and fracking doesn’t account for it. How small have they made them? Do private people or institutions have them? What do a couple of them cost? Can they be used for extortion? If you were Zelensky wouldn’t you spend some of that cash on a few?
    I’m sure the tracking institutions are on top of all this. /s


    maryballon Absurdistan apt name really.

    “Congress willfully castrated itself and the judicial branch, and most of the members probably did not even read the legislation that made it possible.

    Brook Jackson, whistleblower, filing a claim against Pfizer for fraud during clinical trials, under the False Claims Act, discovered there was a carve out in the act that said you can investigate and pursue anyone EXCEPT FOR federal judges, Congress, state judges and Sr. Executive Service members. This includes Fauci and all his people.

    Further, the defence in Brook Jackson’s case pointed out that the government was aware of the fraud that Jackson alleged, and yet continued to do business with Pfizer. A big shrug followed, since the legislation protecting Pfizer and the DOD was already in place.”

    Pretty much shows the road ahead isn’t through any government controlled department.


    The Ukronazi Interior Minister was essentially assassinated along with over a dozen of his top staff in a helicopter crash into a kindergarden in Kyiv.

    The Ukronazi Interior Ministry (Secret Police) was collecting dirt on the Ukronazi military command and was shaking the military down for a cut of the weapons money laundering Grift.

    They gave him and his asslicking goons a couple of grift payments, but then decided it looks like, that just killing the Interior Minister and his top lackeys outright was a far better solution.

    Mission Accomplished, all done!


    Here’s a website on submarine volcanoes. I haven’t looked at it much but it has a lot of references.


    New Team, Please!
    Stop the killing/fighting
    Peacekeepers occupy/invade/enforce.
    (the Russo-Polish War (1654–67), which led to the incorporation of left-bank Ukraine, and the Russian conquest of Siberia. Poland was partitioned by its three neighbours in the 1772–1815 era, with much of its land and population being taken under Russian rule. Most of the empire’s growth in the 19th-century came from gaining territory in central and eastern Asia south of Siberia.[15] By 1795, after the Partitions of Poland, Russia became the most populous state in Europe, ahead of France)


    Can anyone point me to how all this Joe Biden document scandal stuff started? I’ve been dealing with a local horrific crime that’s turned into an international sensation for the last couple months, and I’m semi close to what happened (very small community, where I work is now all over the news) so I confess I have not kept up with the Biden drama…but how did “we” suddenly find classified documents at private residences overnight? How does that happen? Why were they found in a random garage? Who was looking?

    I did watch the Tucker Nixon Watergate video that was posted and, well, things that make you go hmmmmm….. How does this stuff happen?

    I have officially entered the realm of not believing a damn thing anymore.

    I do have to admit, I was wondering if our local news would ever get a mention on TAE. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) not a peep has been uttered about it. Another thing that makes you go hmmmm….

    Dr. D

    Three parts: Yes, the Pentagon is filled with suck-up, incompetent, yes men and toadies. Don’t know why, but it always goes that way if there’s no active war on. Pre-WWII is a great example, having to go 10 rounds and a dozen ruined careers to stop the U.S. from ordering coal dreadnoughts instead of oil Carriers, and even so have a mostly useless Army on day 1.

    Those useless toadies are like the Infograhics site I made such fun of last month: they literally believe Russia is the communist, evil empire, USSR of 1980. Every paper, every politician, every position, every decision reflect this, it couldn’t be hidden this well if this weren’t their honest belief.

    The White Hats, being a minority, have very few choices in strategy about it: Davos has the gold, the Congress, they set the tone. So what can we do, being productive and outnumbered? Well, like Judo, like Lao Tzu, if they believe something wrong, help them. Reinforce it. YOU know Russia will tear the U.S. Army to pieces (overseas) but that only means if the Black Hats demand engagement, THEY will get torn to pieces and lose. Lose power, lose face, while your very mundane and level-headed warnings make you correct and win.

    This is all the better if you LET them get neck-deep in Russia, lure them in – and you don’t have to actively send emails to Putin, you both have an understanding of what’s going on and can test it – and then as the Black Hats run their “Plan” to Russia to do what they told Russia to, fall into the trap, Ooops! Pentagon backs out and doesn’t – quite – adequately support you at critical junctions. Why? Are they Russia bots? “Oh heavens no,” the Pentagon says, “We just got spooked by the complete, catastrophic obliteration of Lviv base with hypersonic missiles and are going slowly: still behind you 200%, sir!” When of course they KNEW, any idiot with an IQ over 80 KNOWS that Russia would do that, so YOU could therefore say that, and plan it years beforehand. And then totally restrain all Pentagon involvement just enough to throw the fight to Putin and away from the WEF, which is what they did do. Not every General, but juuuuuust enough to tip the balance back from the brink so Russia wins and all Nazis are systematically eradicated. Awwww. That’s all the power they have.

    Now there’s something you CAN do as a minority, without revealing yourself too much. “Me? Heavens no, I’m not a Trumpeteer! I’m not one of those dirty Constitutionalists. I totally believe in the WEF and the NWO, sir, yes sir! But you have to understand that tactically – for the good of the U.S. NOT to embarrass and totally destroy Lockheed’s, Raytheon’s reputation, NOT to destroy the impression of your wonderful war machines like the beautiful, totally-working F35 and the unparalleled Abrams, well you can see I only have your best interests and profits in mind, don’t you CEO – I mean, General – Austin?” He’s doing every single thing you say. Agreeing on all points. Yet the war didn’t happen, the field was not filled, NATO did not take the field and escalate. And Raytheon doesn’t WANT them to, lest their terrible, terrible failures be exposed and arms sales collapse.

    THAT is the strategy, and that is working perfectly. Btw, that is Ayn Rand’s plan they started back in 1950 when Eisenhower first identified them. They tried 100 plans but this is the only one that works. DO EXACTLY WHAT THEY SAY. Do NOT save them from themselves. As jb-hb says, allow no middle management, no lower minions make any decisions, no! Far above my pay grade, sir! YOU are the smart people, You tell me, Sec. Austin, do I, Pvt 1st Class, move this broom left or right? I do only what you desire, your wish is my command. They misunderstand the book: THAT, is how “Atlas Shrugged.”

    And I think they did this. How else can they pre-train, pre-position, be on the ground, ready and foaming, then suddenly, the minute the balloon goes up, totally forget to fight? Even non-enlisted idiots like me is obvious from mere wikipedia. Knowing that is a definite, 100% loss? Total collapse of NATO as Jens says, likely collapse the U.S. $ Empire, yet the Pentagon won’t move, adding only enough material to lose, never to even remotely win? Yes. It’s that. It’s the only possible strategy.

    Phoenix: yes, what you’re describing in wrestling and school is “Capitalism.” I can phrase it in a Randian, self-serving way, but Capitalism up until the 2000’s total narcissistic psychopathy has never, ever been this way, so why would we propose it now, when our country is presently the least Capitalistic in its whole history? Capitalism always had small communities, gathered around their families and churches, with small businesses or even large ones doing exactly the kind of sliding-scale friends and family horse trading you say isn’t Capitalism. But wait: this always happened through the whole 400 years of the Capital period. Capitalism never was meant to be, said to be, or actually used as a means of all society but only the economic part, and here when we become post-Capitalist, NOW it has become the definition of Capitalism-that-never-was? Capitalism only NOW, for 20 years, supposed to be a religion and family and government too? Who changed the rules?

    I grew up and lived under Capitalism by those rules and I never acted that way and you don’t either. Nor has anybody else for 250 years. Ah, about those ungenerous definitions.

    Anyway, much as I carp on Socialism, its only problem is accountability and scalability. It’s perfectly adequate for a book loan or group of friends. Families also have hierarchy (parents are not the children) and are therefore totally NOT Communism, but mostly there too. Get out above even 50 people though and I’ve never seen anyone pay the rent, but screw their own best friends and family instead. That’s not a good recommendation. And I lived that, came from there, just as jb-hb did.

    No. It’s Capitalism. That’s what Capitalism means, or is to us. We’re the ones who get to define it, don’t we? We who claim to support it? Or do our enemies always get to define us and change definitions at will? We say AOC, Democrats, China are “Socialist” because THEY say they are. I know they’re not, or merely incline that way. I’ve let THEM define themselves and play along as a favor to them, I don’t decide who people are for them, that’s what they do to us.



    DO EXACTLY WHAT THEY SAY. Do NOT save them from themselves.
    Work to rule
    Quiet Quitting
    Don’t sweat it
    Above my pay grade


    Why has USA-NATO gone to war against Russia
    Russia is going to clean up the mess we made in Ukraine, and, in the aftermath, probably produce a shit-ton of evidence of American corruption and villainy there.


    Attention comrades! Attention!!

    Great news from the Donbas front! Forces led by Big Brother himself have liberated Soledar from the evil forces of Eurasia and are about to liberate Bakhmut. More than 60,000 Eurasian soldiers have been killed by our glorious forces, and more than 120,000 prisoners have been taken, with no losses of our forces, due to the wonderful tactics worked out by Big Brther himself. The prisoners will be transported to Airstrip One where these war criminals will be put on trial for their crimes before being hung.

    By way of celebration of this magnificent victory over the forces of evil, the chocolate ration will be increased from 30 grams per week to 15 grams per week, and the price will be reduced from $1 to $2.

    In other news, the production of Invincible Tanks has reached a record high of 20,000 per month, and replacement razor blades will be available 3 months from now.



    How does it feel to be a virtue signalling Vaxxine Apologist?
    Does your virtue boasting make you feel better?

    Be sure to watch the “children of covid” and Jacinda compilation videos that germ linked above.
    Who’s doing the boasting asshole?

    “You can trust us as a source of information…dismiss everything else…we will continue to be your single source of truth…” Adern

    You are a Vax apologist for these scum? Carry on, baaaa baaaa.

    D Benton Smith


    You asked, “I would like to speculate (and hope that the TAE commenters can follow up on it) that the problem is something as banal as type of organization that has swept the world and that appears invisible.”

    That postulated organization is banal alright, but it’s not invisible. Quite the opposite. It has been in plain sight for so long that nearly everyone thinks that it’s just the way things ought to look and how they are meant to run. For the past 80 years the world has been organized as a single hierarchical structure in which everything was answerable to whoever was at the top. For the past 30 years the USA thought it was them. The only argument was about who was going to be King.

    Those birds were (and still are) DEAD serious about ruling the world. But suddenly that Hegemonic ideal does not seem to be making sense any more. To anyone still sane enough to notice, the guys who believe they run the world are doing the craziest damn things!

    It would be completely excusable for an objective outside observer to conclude that the so-called Western Empire could not possibly be serious about ruling the world, because literally everything they do is designed and successfully working to stupendously fail and thereby lose the world and everything in it. Maybe there is some other plan.

    The list of errors is long, bloody, and totally implausible that if it weren’t for the mistakes being so well documented, they would not be believable. For example, the US department of Defense did indeed plan and execute the ENTIRE Covid-19 mRNA genocidal attack on the nearly entire population of the world (poisoning everyone that they could manage to stick a needle into, other than themselves.)

    Ukraine? Lost before it started. Destruction and plundering of Russia ? Russia is getting stronger by the minute. The Dollar? In the world’s longest tail spin toward an imminent face plant. NATO Supremacy? The NATO network is disarming itself as fast as it can manage to ship its arsenal to the Front for Russia to blow it up. Subjugation of the population? Uncontrollable revenge based riot & mayhem is bubbling to the surface of every continent on the planet. If ya think million men marches are impressive, just wait until you see a spontaneous ten million man leaderless riot, and no one there to stop it.

    How is it even possible to be SO wrong So consistently? Surely there must be some underlying, diabolically clever and unrevealed secret “Master Plan” that makes the whole thing make sense? Even if only from an “evil genius” point of view.

    The answer is yes, it most definitely is possible to be that wrong, that consistently. It’s called “evil”, and the reason that it is evil is that it is always wrong. Evil is as wrong as it gets, and always is very consistent.

    I’m aware that sane people find it very difficult to conceive of a state of idiocy so profoundly complete that it is literally ALWAYS wrong. But that is, in fact, the defining characteristic nature of the beast.

    It’s hard to be patient, but we ARE defeating the evil guys . . . in much the same way that Russia is methodically defeating NATO. As the Russian diplomat Lavrov recently commented, this process must be handled very carefully, like escorting a mad dog to its grave.

    My point is that the evil (in other words: maximally stupid) ones are defeating themselves and we should not interrupt them while they are so busy making their next big mistake.

    That nest big mistake (understatement of the millennium) will be the attempted implementation of their announced plan to roll out a Central Bank Digital Currency. It will swiftly and stupendously fail because international trade (and especially the insurance underwriting that enables such high risk large investments to be risked) is utterly and completely dependent upon the existence of a TRUSTED and TRUSTWORTHY currency which shipper, receiver, investor and insurer can all agree upon. These transactions are huge (typically hundreds of millions each, done hundreds of time per day) and astronomically complicated. For a 120 million dollar oil tanker with a 140 million dollar cargo to travel half way around the world requires the timely, swift and extremely complex exchange of half of a billion dollars worth of currency between tens of thousands of concerned parties. No one budges and nothing moves until everyone knows that their money is safe.

    It is literally impossible for a hastily improvised, half-baked and proven untrustworthy CBDC to do that job. Therefore the shipping that is dependent upon it will simply, immediately and disastrously halt.

    The effect of that upon the world’s mainstream commerce is a very easy calculation. I can’t predict how many days from now until that dumb ass CBDC is put into serious play, but I can easily calculate how long it will take after the event for international shipping slams to a dead stop. It will be overnight.

    The day money died.

    And the Cabal with it.

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