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Egon Schiele Self-Portrait with Lowered Head 1912



I’ve slept for 24 hours straight and still have the energy level of a slug, so no post today. Food, virus? I don’t know.





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    Egon Schiele Self-Portrait with Lowered Head 1912     I’ve slept for 24 hours straight and still have the energy level of a slug, so no post
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    Formerly T-Bear

    Watch out for dancing elephants. Quick recovery from metamorphosis. Feel better soon.


    Take care of yourself for sure! You deserve a day off as much as anyone, too bad it has to be a sick day! All the best.


    more good health wishes, Raul. i mostly just lurk here, but you’re 1 of a very small handful of sites i visit these days. got natto??


    For those interested the full interview below:
    Seymour Hersh on Why US Blew Up the Nordstreams, Compares His Source to Edward Snowden!


    Shit! Forgot to remove the dot between Rumble and com so copy paste to your browser and add the dot again the link:



    This is a great, somewhat technical, summary from Spartacus:

    PSA – Why You Shouldn’t Take the Vaccine




    Basseterre Kitona

    Thank you Illargi !

    You’ve done great work and deserve the rest. In fact, don’t hesitate to take an occasional vacation once you are feeling better.

    Dr. D

    “Forgiveness,” like NewSpeak, we water down the words so they have no meaning, just a mush and can’t think straight. “Sin” is to be “off the path”. Like Tao, the “Way”. It is to be mis-aligned with God and #Logos, Physics. We come back from “Sin” via “Repentance”, that is, to state of being “penitent,” having “sorrow and contrition for sin or wrongdoing resulting in vigorous abandonment of it in one’s life,” In Hebrew: תשובה, literally, “return”, pronounced teshuv.

    So you REALIZE you are off the Way and in error, are SAD you have left God, an internal emotional state, and therefore wish INTERNALLY to RETURN to God, “The Way” and good sense, then admit, apologize, make amends, and take action to do so.

    None of these things are occurring in the Vaxxed/Unvaxxed. THEY need to apologize, not us. THEY need to return to the Truth and the Way, not us. And when they do, great! However, they are not immediately trustworthy and bosom buddies, given the keys to the store. They demonstrated dangerous bad judgment, deadly to those around them, need to be put on probation, light duty, to repair.

    I can “forgive” them for being what they are, deadly weapons aimed at my life because I don’t need to haul the psychological weight around. Wolves are wolves: they kill things. It’s what they do and who they are. Same with people either careless, cowardice, or driven by childish emotion. But my “forgiving” them does nothing: it doesn’t change my action of complete non-trust and removal from my life, any more than I would invite a wolf – or a rapist – in because I have nothing against them personally. It’s not personal, it’s factual.

    To get the OTHER kind of forgiveness, they need to “repent”, or whatever non-defined, NewSpeak word they’re using for it today. Contrition. Until then, as many here say, they can f—k right off! Because until they have this INTERNAL change of HEART, of emotion, of mind, they will do it again. In a heartbeat. Double cross me, throw me in a camp and sleep like a baby doing God’s work. They must Re-turn, Turn back, Re-Pair, that is both to join with God and (God’s) men, and to Repair, FIX what they did wrong, pay restitution, make amends. Which is just simple common law, actually.

    Don’t know why I’m so hard on AFKTT, a good man doing his best. I think because we’re too much alike. For years I was run around with their fake data and fake arguments believing all this rot about AGW which is a scam and and extraction while the real dangers lay elsewhere nearby, biting me and my land daily. THAT was years ago, growing up an environmentalist, and especially bad in the Peak Oil / Al Gore era where they REALLY got some good false data out there. Bought the whole science industry, soup to nuts in a trial run of the sort of thing they’d do later in buying all medicine to kill everyone for a 0.03% chest cold. And there wasn’t anybody back then to break out if it. I just had an open mind, listening to everyone’s arguments as always, challenging them, integrating them, cross-checking the data. Same with the Canadian Prepper types, good meaning smart people, doing good things, gold bugs, but it’s all going to crash tomorrow.

    So what did I get for it? 30 years later, still no “crash” or not that we’d recognize. None of their predictions were useful in the least. The Dow is from 10,000 to 36,000 and my money could have tripled. Ye olde freeze dried foods are still unopened. The daily challenges turn out to be almost entirely economic, where being rural, self-sufficient is the LEAST safe, as it is reliably the poorest and most pressured. Most exposed also in a certain sense. Whether by taxes, Ohio, or government demanding you kill your birds and not burn wood.

    How and why did they do this? It’s hazy but alarming people into a survival state leads them to react out of fear, their brains shut down, and they become ineffective in a sense. Effective in storing their own, perhaps, but not measured, thoughtful chess players, not allied with other humans as a threat to the social order. And in that state the stuff they stocked is easy to take away. I only need them sidelined, not on the playing field, who cares what next. They are immune to data as they gravitate back to alarm and emotion like a needle on a compass.

    Having done that, and having lost the most valuable thing: time, and that other most valuable thing: peace of mind, it sets off my own mental immune system to see it in others. Even as my father tried to reach me about the same thing. NOT that it’s “wrong”, that’s what’s so alluring about it, but that the emphasis both plays badly and destroys lives, one’s experience in life that a calm and able mind is required for a man to have, both to be effective in himself, but also to uphold his duties, and that includes yes even the environment. But others will not ally with the shill, upset, and thrashing, but ally with calm, strong men, and only those that are listening. Listening to the neighbors, understanding them, working with them in compassion.

    But there’s time left. As nothing they’ve said has happened in 30 years, we can clearly set that aside and focus and prepare against the 30 years of things that DID happen. Those things were all political, intentional, and even economic. But that also means that, unlike seas rising, they can be defended against as they are no more than men, also corrupt, small, and in error, against all things The People would support. It can’t be that hard to defeat a tiny, extractive minority that is diametrically opposed to every value humans hold dear. Just need to take a deep breath let go of a ball of emotion, and begin.


    I very much appreciate the community here. Even the discord is conducive to sharpening intellectual appreciation for diverging perspectives and spiritual praxis towards openness to the very Other in our fellows, our selves.

    I notice too what the D notices: calm but steadily acting people get things done (Slow is Smooth and Smooth is Fast) and others find comfort in them, come to them, learn or benefit from them. Raúl, thank you for doing the daily work and keeping this forum sustained, and blessings and recovery for your health, your endeavors, your care.

    Girlfriend’s birthweekend, so we’re tripping in her favorite creek on a rainy day then exploring the woo side of Nashville. So far, so peaceful. The Snuggle is feel.

    D Benton Smith

    Sure hope you’re feeling at 100% energy soon, Illargi. The next time you are, and the day is bright and beautiful, take a “Well Day” off , too. Post us a note that says you’re feeling so great and the day is so wonderful that it is just too good to waste so you’re spending it on the best stuff.

    John Day

    @Ilargi: I wish you well in your convalescence. I’ll repeat what others havesaid about your remarkable steadiness in this endeavor, for so long, since 2008, without Nicole/Stoneleigh, without Ashvin… Just You, Horatius At The Bridge.

    John Day

    Horatius 2

    those darned kids

    • Zelenskyyyy demands U.S. payments in Rubles – “We need fiat that has cojones”

    • Netanyahoo plans to divert Israeli dangerous goods trains through West East Palestine – “We usually show the Americans what to do, but this time…”

    • Moe Biden set to name Albert Bourla as new Secretary of Defence – “Hunter’s pick”

    • EU set to become 51st American Franchisee – “We feel the benefits outweigh the threats”

    • Canada still unknowingly irrelevant – “We try”

    • Kevin McCarthy announces plan to pretend better – “We’ll get them one day!”

    • Raúl Ilargi Meijer details illness; well-wishers abound – “Get well soon, Captain”

    John Day

    @Dr D Rich: Thank you for considering:
    “As if on cue “…despise her.”
    Strong word, despise, but nauseating is how I describe the feeling to my mom. Tulsi is hot….like Kamala was, is beguiling.
    “She is a Lt. Colonel who served 2 tours of duty in a medical unit in (undeclared) war zones.”
    I get it. She commands the respect of an internalized object state, perhaps.
    What do those things mean to you?
    LtCol? A: Rose to significant responsibility over a long time, a military career. I grew up in USMC world.
    2 tours? A: Lots of tie there. Few get more than 2 tours in war znes. Lots of “reality”.
    War zones? A: Dirty Iraq/Kuwait war.
    Medical unit?” A: Sees the damage, hears how it happens. Knows the human cost.

    Gabbard joined up after 9/11, because the “New Pearl Harbor” show worked. Then “2 tours”.
    Gabbard repeatedly did difficult things as a Congresswoman because they were the right thing for other humans. She visited Assad and declared that “we” should negotiate peace for the benefit of the humans getting killed and hurt.
    She resigned from the DNC over the disenfranchisement of Sander primary-vters.

    Aspnaz wrote:
    “What is it with you Americans. You seem to think that because some over-ambitious woman has helped your armed forces to murder millions of foreigners in illegal wars, all pushed through by neo-cons, the aim being to steal their resources and terrorise the world, that she is some sort of angel.
    How does that work?
    Why is killing foreigners a worthy persuit in your eyes while telling lies to voters is forgiveable?
    You then go and resign your job because the government told you to get an injection.”
    A: I got fired for refusing to agree with the creation of an underclass of unvaccinated/untermenschen, and for my stated position to “stand naked with the Jews”. The sneak-firing was 2 weeks before the planned firing for vaccine-refusal, because Tx. Governor Abbot had just declared vaccine-mandates illegal in Texas, so the reason was changed to “Bad for 2 months after good for 18 years”. They likely felt that firing me sooner would be more consistent with that new reason.

    Do you have the hots for this political shit or what?
    Your logic is bordering on insane.”

    A: Please examine your own arguments, commpadre. Mine are above.
    I don’t have a sexual attaction to Tulsi Gabbard, since you ask.
    She is apparently a principled, intelligent and physically healthy woman, who can actualy surf.
    I like that she has been able to change her views, based n new information and life experience. She entered the military believing the lies, and clearly, by her actions, realized the lies, and is working against them.
    Tulsi & John


    My wish.
    Return to normal operation. Be pain free. Enjoy life.


    Having resolves this morning to completely sever myself from news media other than weather forecasts, I’ll wish our renewed and vigorous health and ask the question we all face:

    Will the Wolf Survive?

    “Standing in the pouring rain
    All alone in a world that’s changed
    Running scared now forced to hide
    In a land where he once stood with pride
    But he’ll find his way by the morning light”

    Take courage, give heart, keep faith, share hope, make love, nurture babies into people.

    P.S. Polemos, feeler of the Snuggle: the video points, at the very end, to how the wolf survives, but doesn’t actually show it, since it is a music video not pornography; besides, making love is not something you can show in a vid. Mere virtual representation cannot reveal what it shows. It can be told or sung or, sometimes, very rarely, captured in an image — not of the living but of the dead, who cannot lie and therefore reveal the truth even as silent dust:

    P.P.S. From what I’ve seen over 67 years, we’re ALL wolves, and we all need to repent. Maybe if we spent as much time doing that as ranting against the Bad Guys (meaning ‘more bad than we are’, since we’re hardly what you’d call good), we might find our way to peace and maybe even a touch of victory.

    P.P.P.S. AFKTT: don’t let the knockers knock you down. Any climate argument that ends (as 99% do) with ‘cuz Al Gore lied’ is not a scientific dialog but just another me right/you wrong discussion. I’m not saying you’re right or wrong. Just saying that your knockers have yet to make a case that logically factually moved me toward conviction.

    I have a personal opinion on that: global warming lacks the satisfying evasion of Blaming the Bad Guys (for climate issues, Peak Oil, vakzine madness, wars, the shoddy state of the once plush velvet interior of Pandora’s Box…). We the people are the ones who giddily burn all the fossil fuels we can as fast as the market will sell it to us. It’s no fun if you can’t blame someone else.

    I’d say goodbye but you wouldn’t believe me. So, instead (cntd):

    John Day

    Note: Lots of typos.
    Old keypad misses if tapped lightly and sometimes doubles if tapped harder.


    Wishing you a speedy recovery,
    Meanwhile, go slow and enjoy.

    D Benton Smith

    don’t let the knockers knock you down

    But if you have to be knocked down being knocked down by knockers isn’t the worst way to go.


    Rose colored glasses
    (a view of life that is not realistic.)
    Fareed Zakaria – who believe that the war can end with a total Ukrainian victory.
    More than 13 million people are displaced, about 8 million of them abroad. The war is taking place on Ukrainian soil, with its cities being bombarded to rubble, its factories razed, its people turned destitute. If the war grinds on like this for years, it will be worth asking – are we letting Ukraine get destroyed in order to save it? (Ukraine has already been destroyed)


    All the best Illargi. Get well soon


    The intense fatigue is your immune system kicking into overdrive to fight a virus that it already knows. My theory is that you went somewhere on Thursday. Somehow on Thursday you go hit with a load of SARS-CoV-2. But it was a variant to which you have already been exposed. That would explain the fatigue without other symptoms. If it were XBB.1.5, and if you had not already been exposed to it, you would have a runny nose and a brutal sore throat. You’ll be fine tomorrow.


    Ilargi. Sending LOVE and light your Way. Rest brings RE-NEWal.

    Dr. D in a sweet spot today. Am with you. Won’t you join us?

    Time is NOW. Cultivating PEACE in thought, word, and deed is the practice. We All Shine on!

    The inner light is LOVE.

    Happy Birthday George Harrison. Thank you for sharing your HEART. Guitars wail, whisper, and weep in your honor.

    LOVE to ALL. My sweet Lord. Hallelujah!


    museum piece reported destroyed
    Losing a total of 362 major artillery pieces as Ukraine has done in a month is a lot, much more than the ‘west’ is able to replace. The current lack of ammunition that Ukraine claims to have will soon change into an oversupply simply because Ukraine will lack the guns and MLRS to fire it.
    Weapons of Ukraine
    Your essential guide
    by Connor James Ibbetson, Louis Emanuel, Arthur Scott-Geddes & Dominic Nicholls, Defence Editor
    Since the outbreak of war in February 2022, The Telegraph has been tracking donations and deliveries of weapons to Ukraine. Our correspondents have reported on their use on the battlefield and our experts have analysed their effectiveness. Many of the resources we have produced can now be found here, along with details of other key weapons. This is not a comprehensive list of all weapons in Ukraine.


    How bad are our social/economic/political systems?

    People try to leave a bad place and try to go towards something better.
    Millions, and millions of “illegal immigrants” needs help and must be feed.


    May you have a good and tranquil recovery in your convalescence 🙏✌️🌄


    RIM The body has superb mechanisms for dealing with invaders and repairing itself. Hoping that yours is up to full strength. I suspect it is, since you haven’t taken any clot shot, death vax, cell biloogy modifiers.

    Curiously, I had a text message telling me that my son was very ill with ‘Covid’ and that I should go to a medical centre and get antivirals, having been close to him a few days before.

    I thought my son’s phone had been hacked and that it was a scam.

    Ot turned out to be a genuine text, and he was out of action and concerned he may have passed something on to me. He was out of action for a day or two.

    In the past such infections were called ‘flu.

    That said, back in 1997 I did get infected with a very nasty virus that attacked my upper respiratory system and hung around for 6 weeks. I heard of a case of someone ending up in hospital unable to breathe without assistance.

    Currently I have no symptoms of anything except old age, plus the post-herpetic pain from shingles that has been with me since 2015. Shingles is a really nasty condition that can develop from a very common virus lurking in one’s nervous system for decades.

    So the body’s defences, though good, are not infallible and sometimes need help. Appropriate help. Not sabotage by messenger RNA.



    Don’t know why I’m so hard on AFKTT, a good man doing his best

    The answer IS the 2nd half of the statement. Same motivation as my own.

    The obvious main effect is to demoralize, take away peace of mind, waste years or decades of life. And at some point, with persistent and obviously non-pragmatic application of these ideas in the public space, the end result must eventually be assumed to be the goal.

    Same exact entities that broadly promoted various awful things and silenced/de-personed people ALSO promote the Climate Extinction concept. Which preaches that we must Tear It All Down while we see, just as that messaging goes into overdrive, 100+ food plants, distribution, transportation, energy, etc all being torn down (often in ways that are toxic to the environment…) WHILE obvious and sensible measures are left not adopted, prevented even.

    So all those entities, which utterly silence and destroy so many for about 5 or so different types of messaging that one CAN acknowledge as destructive, evil, dishonest, what, just OVERLOOK the Climate stuff? Or the Marxist stuff? It just happens to exist – overbearingly – through all these same platforms that utterly crush competing ideas? It takes up bandwidth, breathes oxygen in the room that could be used by something else being pushed by COINCIDENCE?

    AFKTT – just take some time to reflect that these various channels do not merely brook no opposition but no NEUTRALITY. Even neutrality takes up space the way real grass takes up space you could be filling with more astroturf.

    If you reflect that the entire basket of concepts are ALL there to demoralize you, waste your time, then maybe, as a thought experiment, try believing for 5 minutes that it is ok, GOOD even for your civilization, your country, your culture, your people, your family, YOU to exist, that your species is NOT a virus, NOT merely destructive.

    Try taking a break just for 5 minutes believing the existence of humanity on this earth is GOOD. If complexity, sophistication, and diversity within nature is good, then reflect that there’s more connections in a human brain than there are stars in the sky – each human a consciousness, each consciousness a universe. So the universe found a way to multiply itself many times. Clearly it wanted to, or it wouldn’t have. Try for 5 minutes believing that this is a beautiful thing that makes human civilization worth it.

    It’s quite, QUITE clear now that there is NOT a swirling ecosystem of separate grassroots ideas circulating around MSM and big tech. (and we know astroturf engagement on the internet is a fully mature thing now as well…) There is just ONE thing and it is completely intolerant of neutrality, moderation, or even disinterest.

    If you can see the horrible Wrong in one or more things in the basket, you should be able to see that EVERYTHING in that basket was supposed to be bad for you. And certainly the 2020’s have taught us they DO want to squash every insignificant little guy. Nobody IS too small for them. 500 meter tall godzilla really DOES obsess over pulling the wings off of individual flies for fun. You and me.

    You can see that they’re likely lies because they’re part of a basket of concepts clearly intended to do harm as their primary – perhaps only – goal. And the ones financing the ideas are total hypocrites often doing the exact opposite of their preaching. Another sign of dishonesty. And all the censorship and depersoning – why would they need that to maintain their messaging? Can’t it stand up to questions? Scientific challenges? And why the faked data and skewed models over the years – always coincidentally going one direction? Why would they need that if they have conclusive scientific studies?

    Take a weight off your own shoulders, man. I was there too. Would have been better to just believe in Original Sin and the option to Repent if I was going to take something on faith. At least that was a system that is pro human consciousness and not anti human consciousness. At least it had some concept of loving humans rather than thinking of them as vermin best exterminated. It’s BAD FOR YOU to think and feel that way and that was the whole POINT of it all along.

    In various tales, there’s a principle that if you address demons, they must answer. Who are you? What do you want? Address this one – what’s in it for me? This is good for me how? This is good for people I know, how? You’re doing a favor for me how, exactly?

    I’m not the biggest fan of Ayn Rand, but there is one exchange that sticks with me, where a character is chastised for thinking there should be something in it for them in a relationship. (you should be selfless!) And the character replies they’d be mortified, ashamed if someone were in a relationship with them that they did not earn by bringing value to the table.

    You CAN actually interrogate the demon – what, if anything, are you bringing to the table? (“I AM the table” – you’re fired)


    Best wishes to our gracious host.






    Illargi, all the best for a speedy recovery, don’t hesitate to ask for help if needed, best, Noirette.

    John Day

    Arkansa Department of Coincidences: (“Big Boom” , “no survvivors”)
    Arkansas plane crash outside of Clinton Airport connected to Bedford explosion AND East Palestine




    Dr D wrote:

    ‘So what did I get for it? 30 years later, still no “crash” or not that we’d recognize. None of their predictions were useful in the least. The Dow is from 10,000 to 36,000 and my money could have tripled.’

    Yes, I got ridiculed for believing it would all crash around 2007, as a result of believing Matt Simmons declarations that Saudi Arabia had peaked in oil extraction in 2005 and Matt Savinar running round in 2004 with his hair on fire telling us it would all crash ‘in a matter of months. Mike Ruppert also ran around with his hair on fire after Fukushima, telling everyone that ‘it would be impossible to even grow vegetables in California as a consequence of the cloud of deadly radiation headed their way’.

    Few, if anyone, anticipated the short-term US fracking boom that would hold it all together for another decade or so via ultra-low interest rates and outrageous levels of local pollution.

    The scumbags at the top of the financial-economic-power pyramid were able to keep kicking the can down the road for another 15 years. But in 2019 it did all start to ‘blow up’…the ‘repo market meltdown and all that, and the fracking boom turning into a bust, as horrific depletion rates kicked in.

    .As for Al Gore, well he did correctly highlight the overheating predicament humanity was facing more than 20 years ago: his crime was to promote completely fake strategies that failed to address the fundamental issues -of burning way too much fossil fuels to support outlandish levels of consumption and population growth and the money-lenders Ponzi scams predicated on continuous growth- and to promote strategies that made fiat wealth for him and his associates whilst exacerbating every aspect of the multi-faceted predicament.

    There are numerous advantages to having walked the path I have:

    I have zero faith in any politician or bureaucrat and can see quite clearly that they are either fuckwits or are professional liars and paid saboteurs, acting against everyone’s interest (other than the very short-term interests of moneylenders and corporations).

    I know there is no point in sacrificing any of my time and energy or money to attempting to halt the ‘steamroller’ of corporate dysfunction.

    I know what to expect -as oposed to the 99% who are clueless and think it’s all going to carry on much as before.

    I know what preparations I need to make for the various meltdowns.

    That said, no one can survive [in the long term] the environmental meltdown the totalitarian fascists have orchestrated over the past several decades. I knew that 25 years ago, which was why I embarked on my futile campaigns to wake people up and to change the system.

    So now, 25 years later it is all crashing -the energy supply, the economy, the housing market, the ‘health’ system, the ‘education’ system, the environment…..

    I don’t how bad it is where you are but on Airstrip Five the numbers get worse by the month: each set is ‘the worst ever’. And most of the numbers are on the back of previous economic-social activity. Just wait till the effects of the multiple storms start to be revealed in a month or two.

    Of course, Ukraine will be a total basket case by then and all sorts of desperation measures will be announced by the scumbags at the top of the [fake] power-control pyramid.

    ‘He who laughs last, laughs best.’

    P.S. I see that China has unofficially declared war on the US. That’ll be very ‘interesting’.




    ‘How bad are our social/economic/political systems?

    People try to leave a bad place and try to go towards something better.’

    I tried that 50 years ago. Got out of one concentration camp and into another concentration camp that was less densely populated and a bit warmer. 🙂

    The managers of the less densely populated, warmer concentration camp were the same.


    Plane Crashes

    Gonzalo was speaking recently about all the western arms sent to Ukronaziland and how the Ukronazis are such heinous thugs and hoodlums they have sold train loads at a time of these ‘freedom arms” on to the Black Market, which by the by Ukronaziland is the undisputed grift capital of Eastern & Western Eurotardistan.

    He said rumor has it you could score a ‘manpad’ shoulder launched anti-aircraft missile for $5-20 grand each.

    Hey, what a phucking bargain!

    Gonzalo theorizes that drug gangs will be the first to buy and use these manpads to shoot down full airliners on the takeoff and approach to Eurotardistan’s major airports, all to kill off one competing drug kingpin onboard who is in competition.

    In fact, there have already been cases of this exact scenario.

    Until now, manpads were a bit pricey to knock off one individual by blowing up the whole planeload of people but at 5-20K, it’s less the a good hitman!

    Helicopters of the rich and famous can also be targeted with ease now!

    Also private jets, Gates & Gore come to mind.

    “Hey Bill & Al, nice jet you got there, to bad if it ‘accidentally fell out of the sky ”


    Name a oligarch hypocrite and their private jet who is not vulnerable too an offer like that.

    Headline: Gore Snuffed in His Jet Hit by Stinger Manpad While Landing to Save Planet!




    Raúl Ilargi Meijer-
    Sleep is the best healer. I’d recommend this really great blog while you convalesce, but the author is currently down with something.


    The Russian meatgrinder has moved forward substantially in the last few days.


    Test for dioxins? Why would we do that when we know the levels are outrageously high!

    Love Canal mark II on steroids.

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