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Constantin Brancusi Portrait of George 1911


China Unveils Roadmap To End Ukraine Conflict (RT)
China Publishes Its Proposals On Ukrainian Crisis Settlement (Az.)
Elon Musk Accuses Victoria Nuland Of ‘Pushing War’ In Ukraine (RT)
US Seeks To Discuss New START Implementation With Russia – Nuland (TASS)
19% Of Americans Have Confidence In Biden’s Handling Of Ukraine Conflict (SN)
Russia-EU Relations ‘No Longer Exist’ – Moscow (RT)
Moscow Analyzes Brazil’s Peace Initiatives On Ukraine (TASS)
Seymour Hersh Explains Why US Blew Up Nord Stream (RT)
Why Putin Went to War — One Year Later (Lauria)
Google Accused Of Destroying Evidence In Antitrust Suit (RT)
Hunter Biden’s Latest Rebrand Is Just Smoke And Errors (Turley)
The Immediate Need To Screen Blood For mRNA And Spike Protein (Horowitz)





















Short version…

China Unveils Roadmap To End Ukraine Conflict (RT)

The international community should encourage all efforts to end the Ukraine conflict peacefully, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said in a 12-point political roadmap published on Friday. In a statement on its website, the ministry urged each side to “stay rational and exercise restraint.” “All parties should support Russia and Ukraine in working in the same direction and resuming direct dialogue as quickly as possible, so as to gradually deescalate the situation and ultimately reach a comprehensive ceasefire,” the document said. “All efforts conducive to the peaceful settlement of the crisis must be encouraged and supported,” the plan stressed, adding that Beijing would “continue to play a constructive role” in the matter.

China called for abandoning “the Cold War mentality,” arguing that “the security of a region should not be achieved by strengthening or expanding military blocs.” There is “no simple solution to a complex issue,” the proposal said, and countries should “prevent bloc confrontation” and work towards building “a balanced, effective and sustainable European security architecture.” Beijing warned against “armed attacks” on nuclear power plants and called on the parties to “resolutely avoid man-made nuclear accidents.” China also said it opposes sanctions that are not approved by the UN Security Council. “Unilateral sanctions and maximum pressure cannot solve the issue; they only create new problems.”

Unlike many Western countries, ChinaA has refused to condemn Russia’s military operation in Ukraine and has not imposed economic restrictions on Moscow. Chinese officials have stressed that Beijing wants to find a peaceful solution rather than fuel the conflict by sending weapons to Kiev. Russia sent troops to Ukraine exactly a year ago, citing the need to protect the people of Donbass and Kiev’s failure to implement the 2014-2015 Minsk peace accords. Ukraine, meanwhile, accused Moscow of unprovoked aggression. Ceasefire negotiations effectively broke down by April 2022. Chinese State Councilor Wang Yi traveled to Moscow this week, where he met with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Putin later said that he was expecting Chinese President Xi Jinping to visit Russia sometime in the future.

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… and long version…

Pepe Escobar: “On the Chinese peace proposal. A post-mod epigone of Diogenes, the Cynic would say, with a nod and a wink: The ONLY thing that really matters for Beijing are the New Silk Road corridors across Eurasia. This war is bad for business. Over and out.”

China Publishes Its Proposals On Ukrainian Crisis Settlement (Az.)

The foreign ministry of China published its proposals for a political settlement of the crisis in Ukraine on its website on February 24, Report informs referring to TASS. The 12-point settlement plan, put forward by the Chinese side, includes a call for de-escalation and ceasefire. “All sides should show rationality and restraint, avoid fueling tensions or taking steps to aggravate the conflict, avert further escalation and prevent the situation from spinning out of control, assist contacts between Russia and Ukraine and resumption of direct dialogue, promote gradual de-escalation and detente until the fire and hostilities cease completely,” the document says. “Peace negotiations should begin. Dialogue and negotiations are the only way to settle the crisis in Ukraine. All efforts aimed at resolving the crisis peacefully need to be encouraged and supported.”

Besides, China urges to pay attention to, and ease in a proper way legitimate security interests and concerns of all countries. “Cold War mentality should be abandoned. Security of one country should not be ensured through harming the security of other states, and regional security cannot be maintained through strengthening and expansion of military blocs,” the Chinese foreign ministry said. “Legitimate security interests and concerns of all countries should be taken into account, and properly eased.” Also, Beijing urges to resolve the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine and prevent it from spreading. “The humanitarian crisis needs to be resolved. All measures that help to mitigate the humanitarian crisis need to be encouraged and supported. Humanitarian missions should be conducted in accordance with the principle of neutrality and impartiality, in order not to politicize humanitarian issues,” the document says, adding that safety of civilians needs to be properly ensured.

“It is necessary to increase humanitarian aid to relevant areas, improve the humanitarian situation, ensure prompt, safe and unhindered humanitarian access and prevent the crisis from spreading,” the Chinese foreign ministry said. Besides, China supports the prisoner swap between Russia and Ukraine and calls for creating favorable conditions for that. “The protection of civilians and prisoners of war needs to be ensured,” the ministry said. “China supports a prisoner swap between Russia and Ukraine, all sides should create more favorable conditions for that.” The document emphasized that all parties to the conflict should adhere to the international humanitarian law, avoid attacks on civilians and civilian facilities, protect women and children and defend the basic rights of prisoners of war.

It also calls for ensuring that grain exports to the global market continue: “All sides must honor the agreement on grain transportation via the Black Sea – signed by Russia, Türkiye, Ukraine and the United Nations – in a balanced, all-encompassing and effective form.” The document also urges to prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons and avoid a nuclear crisis, and calls to maintain security of nuclear power plants. “Strategic risks need to be reduced. Nuclear weapons must never be used, a nuclear war must never be unleashed. It is necessary to resist the use of nuclear weapons and threats to use it, to prevent nuclear proliferation and to avert a nuclear crisis,” the document says. “China strongly opposes attacks on nuclear power plants and other civilian nuclear facilities. We call upon all sides to respect the international law, including the Convention on nuclear safety.”

On top of that, “China opposes development and use of biological and chemical weapons by any country, under any circumstances.” Also, the foreign ministry of China opposes any unilateral sanctions over the crisis in Ukraine, imposed without a relevant decision of the UN Security Council. “Unilateral sanctions [should be] stopped,” the document says. “We oppose introducing any unilateral sanctions without the UN Security Council’s decision. “Stability of supply and delivery chains needs to be ensured. All sides should duly protect the existing system of the global economy, oppose attempts to politicize, instrumentalize and weaponize it,” the statement continues. It also calls for a joint effort to mitigate the crisis and its effects on global cooperation in the sectors of energy, finance, food trade and transport.

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“.. Trump called Nuland and “others like her” in the Biden administration “warmongers and ‘America Last’ globalists.”

Elon Musk Accuses Victoria Nuland Of ‘Pushing War’ In Ukraine (RT)

“Nobody is pushing” the conflict in Ukraine more than US State Department official Victoria Nuland, Twitter CEO Elon Musk said on Wednesday. Nuland, who largely orchestrated the pro-Western coup in Kiev in 2014, is now backing military strikes on the Russian territory of Crimea. Nuland’s declaration last Thursday that Russian military bases in Crimea are “legitimate targets” for Ukrainian forces was received by the Kremlin as proof of “US involvement in the Ukraine conflict.” In a post on Telegram, former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev warned that Moscow would respond to such attacks “using weapons of any kind.” “Nobody is pushing this war more than Nuland,” wrote Musk, who has previously warned that nuclear war could break out unless Ukraine abandons its claims to Crimea and both sides agree to peace talks.

Nuland’s involvement in the Ukraine conflict predates Russia’s military operation, ordered one year ago on Friday by President Vladimir Putin. As assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian Affairs in 2014, Nuland helped organize the coup that saw Ukraine’s democratically-elected president, Viktor Yanukovich, replaced with the pro-Western Pyotr Poroshenko, who then began a campaign of military repression against the people of Donetsk and Lugansk.= During the coup, Nuland handed out cookies to protesters in Kiev and promised pro-Western politicians military aid and a billion-dollar loan guarantee program. In an infamous leaked call between Nuland and then-US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt, the two discussed which person should replace Yanukovich from a list of opposition politicians.

After leaving the State Department during Donald Trump’s presidency, Nuland is now serving as President Joe Biden’s deputy secretary of state for political affairs. In recent months, she has endorsed regime change in Russia, celebrated the US’ alleged destruction of the Nord Stream pipelines, and called for the indefinite flow of arms into Ukraine. sMusk is not the only prominent American to condemn Nuland’s role in instigating the conflict in recent days. In a campaign video released on Tuesday, former President Donald Trump called Nuland and “others like her” in the Biden administration “warmongers and ‘America Last’ globalists.” Nuland was “obsessed with pushing Ukraine towards NATO,” he declared, claiming that the conflict would have “never happened if I was your president.”

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Washing her hands.

US Seeks To Discuss New START Implementation With Russia – Nuland (TASS)

The US authorities would like to get back to inspections as part of the New START nuclear arms control treaty and have a chance to discuss with Russia the implementation of this agreement, US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland said in an interview with Washington Post. When asked if Russia’s suspension of the treaty would make any difference for the US in terms of behavior, the top State Department official said: “We will not [do this] and we’ve made that clear to the Russians.”

According to Nuland, Washington has “no intention or need” to resume testing. “We would like to get back into mutual inspections. We would like to get back to a place where we can sit at a table and talk about implementation [of the treaty],” she said. Nuland also assured that the US is not interested in rebuilding its nuclear weapons. The top State Department official said the US is trying to understand what Russia’s decision on suspending its participation in New START would mean in practical terms.

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Can’t enter a war with those numbers.

19% Of Americans Have Confidence In Biden’s Handling Of Ukraine Conflict (SN)

An Associated Press and NORC poll has found that fewer than 20 percent of Americans have a “great deal” of confidence in the way Joe Biden is involving the U.S. in the Ukraine conflict. The survey reveals that only 19 percent of the public have a “great deal” of confidence in Biden’s ability, while 37 percent say they have “only some” confidence,” and 43 percent have “hardly any” confidence.

The poll also found that only 42 percent approve of the way Biden is handling the U.S.’ relationship with Russia, while 54 percent disapprove. The poll also found that a quarter of respondents believe the U.S. shouldn’t be playing any role in the war, with a further 49 percent saying that the U.S. should only have minor role. Just 26 percent believe the U.S. should be playing a major role.

The poll also found that while 59 percent of Democrats said they were in favour of sending government funds directly to Ukraine, just 21 percent of Republicans concur. The figures represent a decrease in support among both groups, as last year 63 percent of Democrats and 28 percent of Republicans said they were in favour. The findings come after Biden’s probable 2024 opponent Donald Trump declared that he would negotiate a peace deal and end the conflict within 24 hours, as well as ousting all the “demented warmongers and globalists” currently occupying the U.S. National Security establishment.

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“..Never in the history of Europe has the continent been so “subservient” to the US..”

Russia-EU Relations ‘No Longer Exist’ – Moscow (RT)

Relations between the European Union and Russia are practically nonexistent, consumed by the abyss of EU subservience to the US, the Russian Permanent Representative to the UN Vassily Nebenzia told the Security Council on Thursday. Moscow had said in June 2022 that the “bottom had fallen out” when it came to relations with Brussels, Nebenzia said in his speech at the UN. “It turns out there was an entire abyss below still, that swallowed up not only our relations – which are basically nonexistent now – but also the EU itself,” he said. “A year after completely severing ties with our country, the GDP growth of the EU has stuck near zero. At the same time, record inflation rates are measured by double-digit indicators. Rejoicing that it jumped off the ‘Russian gas needle,’ the EU got hooked on ‘hard drugs’ – expensive American liquefied natural gas,” the Russian diplomat added.

Nebenzia also accused the EU of openly discussing how to dismember and destroy Russia. Earlier this week, the Estonian prime minister suggested Russian history needs to be rewritten and its population re-educated, to protect Europe from “Russian imperialist dreams.” Never in the history of Europe has the continent been so “subservient” to the US, Nebenzia argued, pointing to last September’s sabotage of Nord Stream. “Things have come to the point where Brussels has silently swallowed that its closest ally blew up the main gas pipeline, which was also paid for by European investors,” he said, adding that EU members are even covering up inconvenient truths in order to shield the US.

The twin pipelines running under the Baltic Sea were built to supply the continent with Russian natural gas via Germany. Denmark, Sweden and Germany have refused Russian requests for information about their investigation into the blasts. In an article published earlier this month, American investigative journalist Seymour Hersh claimed the US and Norway had conspired to destroy the pipelines and described how they carried it out. Russia has called for a UN investigation into the sabotage. The US has denied any responsibility for the Nord Stream bombing.

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BRICS. India next.

Moscow Analyzes Brazil’s Peace Initiatives On Ukraine (TASS)

Moscow is studying Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva’s peace proposals for Ukraine, but it is taking into account the evolving situation “on the ground”, Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Galuzin said in an interview with TASS. “We took note of the President of Brazil’s statements on the subject of possible mediation in order to find political ways to prevent escalation in Ukraine, correcting miscalculations in the field of international security on the basis of multilateralism, and considering the interests of all players. We are examining initiatives, mainly from the standpoint of Brazil’s balanced policy, and, of course, taking into consideration the situation ‘on the ground’,” he said. Galuzin emphasized the importance of Brazil’s view, which is Moscow’s strategic partner both bilaterally and globally.

“We are interacting constructively in the BRICS, G20, UN and its Security Council, where this nation is now represented as a non-permanent member,” he added. Russia appreciates Brazil not supplying weapons to Kiev despite US pressure, Deputy Foreign Minister emphasized. “I would like to emphasize that Russia values Brazil’s balanced position in the current international situation, its rejection of unilateral coercive measures taken by the US and its satellites against our country, and the refusal of our Brazilian partners to supply arms, military equipment, and ammunition to the Kiev regime,” he said. “At the same time, we can see how Washington is putting pressure on Brazil. Such sovereign stance deserves respect,” Galuzin added. Earlier, Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva stated that the country’s officials had no intention of transferring weapons and ammunition to third countries to be used in the Ukrainian conflict.

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“It’s not going to help the war. What he was doing it for, was to prevent Germany and Western Europe, in case the winter came quickly, from opening up the pipeline..”

Seymour Hersh Explains Why US Blew Up Nord Stream (RT)

US President Joe Biden ordered the destruction of the Nord Stream pipelines in order to make sure Germany could not change its mind about sanctions against Russia and weapons shipments to Ukraine, investigative journalist Seymour Hersh said in an interview with ‘Going Underground’. Earlier this month, Hersh published an article that blamed the US and Norway for the series of explosions that disabled both Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2, the pipelines under the Baltic Sea built to supply Western Europe with Russian natural gas. In an interview with Afshin Rattansi this week, Hersh said the US intelligence community hatched the plan “in late 2021,” before the escalation of hostilities in Ukraine.

When Biden and Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland both publicly spoke about “stopping” and “ending” Nord Stream 2, however, Hersh claimed the spies were upset, “because it was supposed to be a covert operation.” “The people who did this thing in the intelligence community, they initially thought it was a great idea,” Hersh told Rattansi. According to his story, the bombs were planted in June, during the scheduled BALTOPS 2022 naval exercise off the Danish island of Bornholm. The bombs went off in late September, as Ukraine was facing “a serious issue” on the battlefield. “It’s not going to help the war. What he was doing it for, was to prevent Germany and Western Europe, in case the winter came quickly, from opening up the pipeline,” Hersh said.

The rationale for the mission was “to make sure that Europe keeps on supporting NATO and keeps funneling arms into what is clearly a proxy war against Russia that’s being fought right now,” he added. Asked whether Moscow had somehow missed the American involvement, and focused on the UK instead, Hersh said he had not spoken to anyone in Russia. One thing he could say is that it would be “absolutely insane” for Russia to blow up its own pipeline. Just about everyone in the pipeline business agrees with that assessment, he added. The White House, the Pentagon and the State Department have all disavowed Hersh’s article as “fiction” and denied all accusations of US involvement in the attack on Nord Stream. Russia has called for an independent UN investigation into what it described as an act of international terrorism.

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“It is the start of the final collapse of Western colonialism.”

Why Putin Went to War — One Year Later (Lauria)

It is instructive to compare Russia’s war aims expressed on Feb. 24, 2022 to the state of the conflict today — a year long war of attrition that Russia is slowing winning on the ground. But what was unleashed a year ago today is far from settled and is fraught with supreme danger for all of humanity. The West’s economic war, intended to spur Russians to overthrow their government, has failed spectacularly. The ruble did not collapse despite sanctions on the Russian central bank. Nor has the economy. Instead an alternative economic, commercial and financial system that excludes the West is rising with China, India and Russia in the lead, and most of Asia, Africa and Latin America taking part. It is the start of the final collapse of Western colonialism.

The sanctions instead backfired on the West, especially in Europe. The West is on the outside looking in. The information war has failed across the world. Only the United States and Europe, which consider itself “the world,” believe their own “information.” Even The New York Times on Thursday recognized this. Washington itself is split between realists who want a diplomatic solution and neoconservatives who keep “doubling down” on supporting Ukraine in the slim hope that it can win on the battlefield, without sparking a direct NATO-Russia war. There will either be a negotiated settlement in which Ukraine loses territory; a total Russian victory; or a third world war, potentially the final war.

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“Google systematically destroyed an entire category of written communications every 24 hours.”

Google Accused Of Destroying Evidence In Antitrust Suit (RT)

The US Department of Justice has accused Google of “systematically” destroying records linked to ongoing antitrust litigation, saying the company failed to preserve its internal communications despite a previous order to do so. In a legal filing issued in a Washington, DC federal court on Thursday, DOJ officials said Google has refused to change a feature on its company chat which automatically deletes employees’ logs, adding that it “falsely” claimed to have ended the practice back in 2019. “Google’s daily destruction of written records prejudiced the United States by depriving it of a rich source of candid discussions between Google’s executives, including likely trial witnesses,” said DOJ attorney Kenneth Dintzer.

While the government said Google was required to end the auto-delete function under the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, the company did not “preserve potentially relevant chats,” meaning that for nearly four years since the antitrust case was launched, “Google systematically destroyed an entire category of written communications every 24 hours.” The DOJ has asked the court to rule that the tech giant violated a civil procedure guideline, and requested a hearing to determine how to penalize Google and demand more information about its internal communications.

In a statement issued on Thursday, Google said it “strongly” rejected the allegations, with a spokesperson arguing its teams have “conscientiously worked for years to respond to inquiries and litigation.” They added that the company has “produced over 4 million documents in this case alone, and millions more to regulators around the world.” The antitrust case against Google was opened in 2020, when the Justice Department said the company is a “monopoly under traditional antitrust principles” in the search engine industry and “must be stopped.” While the government argued the firm has used its market power to disadvantage smaller competitors, Google later slammed the suit as “deeply flawed,” insisting it would “do nothing to help consumers.”

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“..as Joker stated in The Dark Knight, Madness … is a lot like gravity. All it takes is a little push.”

Hunter Biden’s Latest Rebrand Is Just Smoke And Errors (Turley)

Welcome to the latest Hunter Biden reboot. Call it Dark Biden rises. Hunter has long been a reclamation project for the media and the Biden team. Despite ample evidence that he and his family may have engaged in one of the largest influence-peddling operations in history, the media have struggled to find a redeeming image for someone who’s committed his life to a toxic mix of nepotism, narcissism and narcotics. First there was “Hunter: the wrongly accused international businessman.” This blanket denial of wrongdoing was maintained by his father and dutifully repeated by the media. Hunter Biden did “nothing wrong,” and reporters pressing questions of corruption were immediately attacked. Then came “Hunter Biden: victim of Russian disinformation.”

Before the 2020 election, the media repeated the false claim that the Hunter laptop was likely “Russian disinformation.” Despite the denial of American intelligence and self-verifying emails on the laptop, the media accepted without question the dubious claims of former intelligence figures pushed by longtime Democratic operatives. Then it was “Hunter Biden: heroic recovering addict.” As the media denials became more difficult to maintain, Biden released a book that detailed his struggle with drugs and debauchery. The media again launched into the same fawning, unquestioning mode. Now we have the Dark Biden. Hunter’s handlers are reinventing Hunter in a more menacing image. He is an edgy and aggressive antagonist ready to fight fire with fire against Republicans.

A team was assembled to reportedly attack potential witnesses and critics. With a possible criminal indictment and congressional investigations looming, Hunter the wronged businessman or Russian victim or recovering addict will not do. Hunter appears to have acquired lawyers by the gross, including high-profile lawyer Abbe Lowell. Lowell recently sent out a letter that caused a stir by not only confirming the authenticity of the laptop but threatening a host of critics. Lowell categorically refused to turn over a single document to House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-Ky.), saying there was no “legitimate legislative purpose” for the investigation. He left open the possibility the House might convince Hunter to cooperate.

It’s all bravado and the posturing will be even less credible in the future when he backs down. Congress clearly has a legitimate interest in investigating whether millions of dollars from foreign interests, including some connected to foreign intelligence, were funneled to the Biden family to influence President Biden. [..] Despite the considerable risk, Hunter is keeping to his new character. He has not shared information on his art sales. Now his art dealer, Georges Berges, has also reportedly refused to provide the House Oversight Committee with identities of the buyers. It won t work. Indeed, it is a strategy that could lead to a criminal charge entirely separate from the underlying allegations. It just shows, as Joker stated in The Dark Knight, Madness … is a lot like gravity. All it takes is a little push.

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This issue will explode.

The Immediate Need To Screen Blood For mRNA And Spike Protein (Horowitz)

You might be part of that small percentage of adults who were smart enough to avoid the COVID gene therapy and lucky enough not to have it forced upon you to keep your job. But what happens if you ever need blood in the hospital? Or what about those who got the jabs but were lucky enough to have the spike protein leave their systems without much harm? What if you were forced to accept more spike protein through blood transfusions due to a medical emergency? New research points to the imperative for state lawmakers to pass laws requiring that blood banks screen out spike protein from the blood supply. Danish microbiologists published a shocking finding this week in the Journal of Pathology, Microbiology, and Immunology.

They took samples of blood from 108 hepatitis C patients, and one of the discoveries was that “full-length or traces of SARS-CoV-2 spike mRNA vaccine sequences were found in blood up to 28 days after COVID-19 vaccination.” Lest you think that they were picking up on spike protein from natural infection still lingering in the blood, the researchers meticulously distinguished not just between infection- and vaccine-induced spike protein, but even between the genetic codes of Pfizer and Moderna. It turns out five of those detected were positive for the Pfizer nucleotides and five had the Moderna ones. “To our knowledge, our study is the first to detect Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna COVID-19 mRNA vaccine sequences in blood after vaccination, and therefore provides new knowledge regarding the timeframe in which the mRNA can be detected,” observed the authors.

One the one hand, we should be thankful that most did not have detectable spike protein circulating in the blood plasma. But the fact that they found it in 10% of the samples (and contrasted to a control group) raisess the obvious question: How many blood supplies in the blood banks from the general population have spike protein, and if this sample detected spike protein up to 28 days (the extent of the study period), how much longer can it potentially last? Remember, the bombshell study from Stanford last year found spike antigen remaining in germinal cells up to 60 days after injection, and researchers did not study beyond that time frame. Even more disturbing, a study by St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center in Phoenix found exosomes containing spike protein were detectable for up to four months after vaccination. Another paper in Frontiers in Immunology revealed the detection of some spike in monocytes for 15 months!

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Elephant throws a 500 kg buffalo into the air like a rag doll – Kim Maurer



Horse chicken





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    In case you missed it.

    Death Vaxx Protest – London



    Dr. D

    Snowing in L.A. Global Warming!

    Okay, that’s over Eight THOUSAND feet elevation. I guess! Wonder why it doesn’t blizzard a lot more often. But now that we have snow in Saudi Arabia, L.A. is clearly fair game.

    P.S. “Winter Weather Event!!! We’re all gonna diiiieeee!!!” …It’s snowing in the upper West. In Montana. In February. Uh…yes? You had me at “February” where even Texas and Florida are fair game and always were. Average elevation? 5,000ft. Uh, yeah, Montana could be in Florida and it would still snow at that height.

    “[Trump said] that the conflict would have “never happened if I was your president.”

    Yes, but the People LIKE the conflict. Or the Democrats do at least. They fly the flags above/instead of their own.

    So NOT being in a nuclear-armed genocidal world war is a BAD thing to a unified 30% of the people. That’s too high and we need those people to STOP before we can do things without a civil war breaking out. They LOVE AND SUPPORT BUSH NEOCONS. With their blood and treasure. What can I say if Democrats love George Bush and war that much?

    Nuland’s declaration last Thursday that Russian military bases in Crimea are “legitimate targets” for Ukrainian forces was received by the Kremlin as proof of “US involvement”

    This is the “Who’s zoomin’ who” question yesterday. Tulsi has the problem that Everything said is a lie. She sounds like a moron because she’s cooperating with lies and talking to morons: the Democratic base. (no offense, but they cannot seem to internalize very obvious, logical, inevitable, repeated, NY Times-approved information). This is why you can’t tolerate lies or liars: you can’t even discuss what MIGHT be done, because no one is even up to speed on what actually IS. Like: do we have money in the treasury or not? Are we under attack or not? That may account for the unusually dim success of her approach while being a capable person who has all the right elements to be a successful legacy Democrat. I fear that may mean there is or can not be any Democratic party going forward, But I said that already. Too bad because I like Tulsi, think she has good intentions, loves America and its values, and would otherwise be capable of succeeding and making history. Is it a sign this is no time for compromise that at any other time would be acceptable and in fact laudible? Probably.

    But yeah, Politicians speak. How is she going to speak straight, to a narrative, when everything her people believe is already a lie? Politicians lie, but that part makes her lies sound dumb to them AND us. There’s not enough remaining Democrats in the midpoint: the ones who love America and hate war.

    “Can’t enter a war with those numbers.”

    We can and did. They want the U.S. to be in a war as WWI Russia: we fail internally and have a Bolshevik Civil War. This has been engineered since the 90s but some half of their plans don’t get traction, specifically the “Far Right” won’t bite at anything, but quite a number of other chess pieces are screwed up and won’t move either.

    Somebody said that’s because in Russia – or at that time – the “ethnic” groups were well-defined. They also had zero middle class so most of the people were essentially serfs who had literally nothing to lose. They had never known prosperity, which although we all lack it now we we have it, they had no prospects, and Marx had not yet failed everywhere, planetwide.

    All those things are not the mostest, however, it puts like a 20% drag on every element they’re attempting to mobilize and the overall effect is near-total failure. They’re getting too much rejection of antifa and “democratic socialism” too much rejection of authoritarianism, too much rejection to join the designated enemy: a racial Christian Right, no one is running to their banner, and they have to pay every rioter, there is hardly any organic trouble even with opening every prison and shutting down every D.A. We don’t even have common shootings of burglars and other felons yet, as Americans keep their hearts and don’t wish to shoot. (Note they fabricate such things on command like the 70yo border rancher last week or the FBI substation shooting, because they cannot find them organically Se “J6”) America is just too large and diverse. It’s caused brush fires everywhere, but no forest fire anywhere to – as Podesta openly planned – have the Northwest secede (so he could give it to China).

    Where are we going? Well people like Armstrong say “we’ll have a war” and “the U.S. will break up.” Okay, that sounds bad. But is it really just that the States take preeminence again? That’s literally not breaking up, that’s re-instating actual Federal law. 10A for instance. You can see how the models might interpret it that way – and it is – but it’s like the SPIN of the facts, not the facts themselves. It’s what STORY we tell. An optimistic or pessimistic one, one colored by 1990 or by 1790.

    Again: they are losing. They have lost. They lost like years back and none of their plans are working, although they have binders full of them yet to try. They are powerful and are able to make quite a mess for quite a while here, and it doesn’t matter if you get shot after Hitler “loses” in 1944, that’s still no good for you. Britain was on rations until 1954, still no good for you. Plan accordingly.

    “Russia-EU Relations ‘No Longer Exist’ – Moscow (RT) “

    Moving on to their Plans™, the EU will very likely install a Digital ID, CBDC and every other form of totalitarian oppression, some we can’t even dream of. And they won’t be stopped quickly, as they can slowly fail for 3 ½ years like in “Revelations.” “Revelations” is what? Don’t use it as a catchphrase: Think. It’s when the “Hidden”, literally the same word as “Occult”, the hidden. The “Occult is revealed.” It comes when? The “hidden is revealed” when there is a great explosion of knowledge, duh. As prophesied. That is also not the bull, not the fish, but the “water bearer” the air sign and mark of man and knowledge. Right on schedule.

    So when human knowledge is freed – as by the internet – the hidden people of the occult will no longer be able to hide and remain secret and hidden. They will be “revealed” to the light and to the People. And so for 3 ½ years Europe might be able to pull off a fascist clampdown, but the People won’t obey and overrun then, albeit with great hardship and losses.

    But to Russia’s point above, because Europe has had some sort of “hidden”, “occult” players position them against every will of the People, is going to be destitute and desperate and capable of anything, making such fascist lockdowns possible for a short while. In a way, they’ll really “have to”. Not kidding. They screwed it all up decades ago and when there’s no food in the pantry and wolves at the door what CAN you do but the wrong thing to survive until you can re-establish order again?

    Here in America too, as the children of Europe, but less so. Which we’ve already seen almost completely.

    So key point: How are you going to fall for the scam when we reveal the existence of the Con Man? Everything he says falls flat. America may be a 55% uptake of that. Europe maybe only 35% now. Or 45% but no action, no guns.

    ‘The US Department of Justice has accused Google of “systematically” destroying records linked to ongoing antitrust litigation,”

    Oh, so you’re going to ARREST them all, then? Zzzzzzzzz. Wake me when you do something. Google is essentially the front office of the CIA, “Alphabet” agencies. How did they do that? Erase everything while you were watching? “Justice delayed is justice denied”. They started a lawsuit, dragged their feet and gave them time to destroy it. Hmmm, would that be during the TRUMP administration?

    Hunter appears to have acquired lawyers by the gross, including high-profile lawyer Abbe Lowell.”

    Golly that must be expensive. Good thing he’s the world’s most famous painter! And his emails say he hasn’t got a dime, which he told his ex in court, yet here he is with multi-million per year lawyers! A packet of them with a hundred $90/hr paralegals in tow!

    I do not find this suspicious at all. Money always just appears out of thin air like “The Matrix” by the millions or billions, right FTX? Half a BILLION for bail? Hahahaha! No problem pal, there’s not a PhD at Stanford who can’t roll that kind of dough.

    I mean: isn’t that true at your local college? Every professor is a mega-millionaire, rolling a Bentley and drinking champers?

    Democratic Base: We will support Hunter abandoning his daughter and all child support TO THE DEATH. You can’t judge me! Why you pickin’ on Hunter, you fiend? That’s what we have the Welfare and WIC programs for: she should get an abortion or go on those and leave Hunter Alone.


    Yay abandoned fathers and serial, life-long sexual predators like Clinton and Joe! 100% support, 5 out of 5 YES, would vote again.

    Again: Schrodinger’s reality: Hunter has billions to spend. Hunter also is completely broke. Nobody bats an eye; both and neither a true. And you wonder why I had to leave the party: I’m trying desperately to maintain my sanity over here, perhaps starting with declaring what’s TRUE.

    Elephant throws buffalo. Yes, and that buffalo can throw YOU like a rag doll.

    Yesterday: (81 comments)

    “the hopelessness of young adults who cannot get ahead, despite hard work, and become exhausted and disheartened. This reminds me of the analysis from Surplus Energy Economics last week, that America already has declining prosperity-per-capita.”

    Or not find a very common job like at a call center? In what is reported as the lowest unemployment ever, with a “red-hot economy, Jack”? Yeah, I’m guessing a middle class wage is now $35/hr. What do you think is listed in that range? How about 1) Government 2) Social Services, i.e. government 3) Construction, I.e roads for government. 4) Health Care, i.e. government. So who has the money? Who controls the economy? Well outside of that look at the TV commercials. Who’s there? Pharma, a monopoly. Cell phones, a monopoly. Automobiles, a monopoly. Insurance, a monopoly. Stocks and banking, a monopoly.

    I’m getting the feeling we’re not a free market system.

    In contradiction to the beliefs of today’s Cult of Progress, Minoan was a high culture. Very high, as seen in yesterday’s mural. Like landing on an alien Sci-Fi planet high, no doubt with antikytheria machines. Now mostly on the mainland that was run over and can’t be found, take Naples for instance, where there is city still 40 feet below the surface, whole streets, malls, intact below. So it belies that we were “primitive” before. That we had “Evolution”, culturally. Not that those things don’t exist, but cultures are not some straight line from neanderthals to Millennials, with Millennials being the highest culture and brains ever, burn superior to all humans who ever were, which it is clear they believe.

    Bill Maher https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=schuzjknjYE
    On slavery and rewriting history. 8 min, 5 months ago.

    If Minoan culture was Sci-Fi level, as other stories of Daedalus and weapons we still don’t understand are true – and every day archaeology demonstrates this – then we are just another bunch of dumb jerks, goofing off, going nowhere, and not special at all. Our culture, our government, has no special authority or value. We are in the middle of “oh no, not another learning experience” civilization that is cyclical, due to fall while some other rises. So we cannot, it is pointless to project our culture on others, as it is falling and not the Apex of human thought, your “White Man’s Burden” they complain bitterly about while “we” (translation: “they”) are doing it more than a 200-year fleet of missionaries and slave traders ever did.

    Yet the “earth” as it were, didn’t blink when the High Bronze Age and Minoan culture fell. Humans had no trouble surviving and multiplying again. The “World” didn’t end, although I’m sure it felt like it. They cycled from concentrated, centralized culture to dispersed, agrarian culture and back again, just as now. And? So? So why worry now? Except for your own specific needs and that of your family – noting we’re all going to die anyway – who cares about the fate of the “West” or what-not? Better it does end, since it went ‘round the bend more than 50 years ago with car culture. It needs to stop doing what it’s doing like a mentally-ill obsessive. It can’t, so there’s a crisis, like other mental illness. Totally predictable.

    “As the Sun God progressed towards Pisces, Bull Worship had to be discouraged and replaced with Fish Worship.”

    This is strangely true, but WHY? The “Stars” are not made of bulls or fish so why the extremely widespread drive to enforce some random symbols? The period is too long for a single people to be doing it, and starts right on time the 3 times we have historical records for it. Is there fish worship in China? And bull worship before? Or Mexico?

    Anyway, this is what the ancients called “The Golden Age” that we couldn’t even aspire to. And it appears there may have been one even higher before that, before the asteroid/cataclysm/flood 12,000 years ago. But the earth was so shattered then not even the cities remain, and most of those 80’ underwater. You can find it everywhere if like a real scientist you look at evidence. If that’s too hard all of India wrote it down and you can read libraries of it for therest of your life. (but unfortunately in Sanskrit). Cult of Progress, Cult of Evolution stuff, where “the Garden Fell” with the invention of agriculture, in a straight like progress to you personally: Now you’re the smartest, mostest bestest, enlightened, moral person who ever lived, siting on your couch eating cheetos so long as you own an iPhone and a Tesla and use DoorDash rather than go out. See? Isn’t perfect morality so easy a cave man can do it?

    Dr. D

    How about those spelling errors. Grrr.


    Earlier, Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva stated that the country’s officials had no intention of transferring weapons and ammunition to third countries to be used in the Ukrainian conflict.

    I like the way Russia is playing Brazil, pretending to believe Lula’s statements while secretly knowing that the reason Lula is not giving away weapons is that the military would very rapidly remove him in a coup if he tried to take away their weapons. Lula is pretending to be principled and strong but is actually just weak and pathetic, like all the other WEF puppets.



    Ed Dowd – Full Interview On ‘Tucker Carlson Today’

    Ed and Tucker wrap it up in a bow, well worth the time


    Birth Rates Plunge in Heavily Vaccinated Countries

    Imagine the millions of sterile and infertile 20 and 30 something young men and women out there now because of the Death Vax

    No new families for you, an entire generation

    They might not understand how lonely old age can be now but wait thirty or forty years.

    Holidays without the sound of children’s laughter.

    Gonna be psychologically devastating for entire swaths of the culture.

    Painting by Aron Wiesenfeld







    In this fourth instalment of The Surplus Energy Economy, we turn to perhaps the most complex part of the equation, which is the financial system. The connections between energy and material prosperity, though largely disregarded and dismissed by orthodox economics, are nevertheless comparatively straightforward, at least in principle.

    The nearest approach to the straightforward in finance is the concept of money as claim. Once we recognize that money has no intrinsic worth – but commands value only as a ‘claim’ on the output of the material economy – two things become apparent.

    The first is that the financial system consists of an aggregate ‘body of claims’ on the material economy of products and services. The second is that the viability and sustainability of the system depends on the extent to which these claims can be honoured ‘for value’ by the real economy. To be a little more specific, the system is viable as long as participants believe that these claims can be honoured.

    #249: The Surplus Energy Economy, part 4



    “They might not understand how lonely old age can be now but wait thirty or forty years.

    Holidays without the sound of children’s laughter.”

    It may lead back to, “it takes a village to raise a child” and to bury the elderly.

    All be it a long and painful way round. Everything old is new again.


    Mathew Crawford of roundingtheearth.substack.com has claimed in his comments to articles that the medical freedom movement(s) (he abbreviates as MFM) have within it a controlled team organized around one or a few billionaires (whose influences upon the MFM remain for now hidden by design). The occulted money works through major figures who get much press time as leading figures in the antimaxxine movement, and the longer term goal is to create a parallel medical industry profiting the occulted money and the leading figures, not just through selling a new product and new therapies to the corralled antimaxxers —whose opposition lead them to trust what they thought were an opposing side— but also to bring them into their greater influence.

    You can see his articles here:
    “Such an Easy Test of Veracity” is where he makes the case that major figures are compromised, and defines an “easy test” to see if those figures are not compromised.

    “Distinguishing Between Infighting and Controlled Opposition” is where he responds to the criticism that he’s infighting rather than pointing out compromised people.

    “Keep It Simple: What Do You See?” is where he makes more pointed criticisms of Steve Kirsch and his role in disrupting MFM collaboration, along with Stew Peters.

    “DMED Timeout: Reportable Events Shenanigans, Part 3” is a more detailed explanation for why Died Suddenly, Theresa Long, Renz, and even Sen. Johnson are going the wrong way with the data as well as how to resituate one’s path with the DMED data to better assess who is accurate and who is misleading and who is ignoring better available paths towards truth.

    I had linked to the articles so you could access them directly, but the spam filter appears to catch multiple links to the same site when above a certain number, encouraging either creativity or persistence in the linker.

    Once you have this kind of new perspective on the parallel alternative being set up, you can better understand why Robert Malone, who gets much press in the counterpoising communities, wants to tell you about new and effective treatments, why Steve Kirsch wants you to participate in his new hedge fund of funds (see the article “Kirsch Capital Equities Fund: Buyer Beware, Part 2” about why this is a bad idea), and why Elon Musk sets himself up to be a “voice for freedom” for people against mandatory participation.

    One of Crawford’s longer points is one I already have learned and which several of you already practice: be your own guide, your own leader, your own role model. Kirsch, Malone, &c: they demonstrate inevitably how they are not acting towards enabling people to become free of even their own influence.

    I have had many students over the years thank me for changing how they read books, watched movies, or understood their experiences, going on to living enriched lives and never coming back for answers. They find their own. Every time a kid came into the library to ask me about a book or author, I showed them how to use the catalog. Confirming with them they started learning how, I left them to it. I too laugh with Brother Mouzone at his own joke:

    Also, regarding Dr D’s point about the prior “lost” civilizations that vanish in worldwide flood/fires, put me down on the side of Yes, it’s true. The knowledge is still here, amongst us. Forming a praxis with it, that’s much harder. But, as the Lore indicates, it was not knowledge and skill together that prevent such advanced people from corruption, decadence, brutality and cruelty, for they were. Neither is it cultivated ignorance and pulling away from the machines. To be genuinely compassionate and serve others is a different kind of path open to any technology, any society, any strategy, any achievement, any loser, any threatened, any dying. The Lore shows this, time and again, that we’re here to learn something about learning and to either die to remember or live to forget.


    The ‘Not Vaxed” dating services are going to be a vital cultural necessity in order to salvage something towards having a ‘next’ generation of relatively healthy children.

    The Vaxed will be the outcasts

    Frankly I don’t see the purpose of a dating service for the vaxed other than for people who don’t want children, just a hook up.

    Painting by Aron Wiesenfeld again, he nails it

    My title for the no family people,

    “Pie for No One”



    Who will listen/act …..

    There is a saying about where fool go/walk/tread.
    The world noticed, when the giants are battling, to avoid getting hurt, stay off the battlefield.
    The 12-point settlement plan, put forward by the Chinese side, includes a call for de-escalation and ceasefire.
    TASS lists the main provisions of the document.

    The 12-point plan, which was issued at 9 a.m. Friday local time, comes after nearly a year of China serving as one of Moscow’s closest allies while attempting to play neutral in the Russia-Ukraine war. Chinese President Xi Jinping also plans to deliver a “peace speech” before the United Nations on Friday, marking the one-year anniversary of Russia’s invasion.

    China’s Position on the Political Settlement of the Ukraine Crisis
    2023-02-24 09:00

    Go read more …


    The Immediate Need to Screen Blood for mRNA and Spike Protein

    A redux from the AIDS playbook by the Phucktards® at the American Red Cross

    You can get a big load of Spike Protein having sex with a vaxed person, even more with a vaxed blood transfusion.

    Gotta tell ya, this is going to be a growth industry, avoiding the contamination of the Vaxed

    They are going to be perceived in public life as a slug’s slime trail of Typhoid Marys



    I’m going to ask you something that may strike you as a little bit strange. What is an internal organ? The textbook answer is something along the lines of specialized tissue in the body that performs a specific function. But what if I told you that an internal organ can be whatever the heck we want it to be?

    Still not convinced? If you go on the Government of Canada’s website, right now, this is one of the articles they have up. I recommend archiving it.

    Policy Horizons Canada – Exploring Biodigital Convergence



    Anti-American Race Baiter Angela Davis Learns Of Her Patriotic White Ancestry

    from burning platform

    “It’s mind boggling how all these light skinned race baiters never seem to realize they have white ancestry.

    It should be obvious by looking in the mirror.

    But what makes this the feel good story of the day is Anti-American Angela Davis had an ancestor on the Mayflower AND a Revolutionary war veteran.

    She also hails from slave owners. It’s too perfect.”

    Toot Sweet


    Doc Robinson

    What could possibly go wrong?

    Toxic Wastewater From Ohio Train Derailment Headed to Texas
    Texas company injects hazardous waste into the ground for disposal

    Toxic wastewater used to extinguish a fire following a train derailment in Ohio is headed to a Houston suburb for disposal… The wastewater will be sent to Texas Molecular, which injects hazardous waste into the ground for disposal…

    “It’s … very, very toxic,” Dr. George Guillen, the executive director of the Environmental Institute of Houston, said, but the risk to the public is minimal.

    “This injection, in some cases, is usually 4,000 or 5,000 feet down below any kind of drinking water aquifer,” said Guillen, who is also a professor of biology and environmental science at the University of Houston-Clear Lake.

    Both Guillen and Deer Park resident Tammy Baxter said their greatest concerns are transporting the chemicals more than 1,300 miles (2,090 kilometers) from East Palestine, Ohio; to Deer Park, Texas.

    “There has to be a closer deep well injection,” Baxter told KTRK. “It’s foolish to put it on the roadway. We have accidents on a regular basis … It is silly to move it that far.”


    Figmund Sreud

    Millions of barrels of Russian crude and fuels have been switched between tankers just a few miles off the coast of Greece, one of a series of workarounds that traders have used to overcome European Union sanctions against Moscow.

    At least 23 million barrels of Russian crude and additional volumes of refined fuels have been transfered from one tanker to another in the Bay of Lakonikos since the start of this year, according to tanker tracking by Bloomberg. Greek authorities say their scope to intervene is limited because the activity is happening outside of a six-mile limit to the country’s territorial waters in the area.


    … fwiw,




    You forgot to include the part where the Russian crude gets “marked up a bit” off shore in the ‘tranfer’ and some of that vig goes to Greek politicians ;>)

    Transfers don’t always go smoothly



    Oroboros You can get a big load of Spike Protein having sex with a vaxed person
    Try: “…having sex with a vaxxed male.” The “big” transfer is highly unlikely to occur from a woman.

    John Day

    “There, fixed it for you…”

    Mark Middleton, who was discovered hanging from a tree at the Heifer Ranch last May with his chest blasted out, a report seen by the Daily Mail on Thursday claims. This contradicts an earlier report seen by the paper which said no firearm was found at the scene.

    According to the Mail, Perry County Sergeant Keenan Carter, said a Stoeger 12-gauge coach shotgun, was discovered 30 feet from Middleton’s body. They also say that the former Clinton aide had texted his wife Rhea shortly before pulling the trigger to say he had found “the perfect place for a nap in the sun” and reassure her she was “a great Mom and wife.”

    Alexander Carpenter

    Turn OFF spelling and grammar auto-correct, but leave ON the alerts when the OS doesn’t recognize something. That way YOU are the authoritative editor, instead of some idiot AI.

    John Day

    @Polemos: That “most dangerous thing in America” joke is really, really old, and I don’t think it has been “true” for most of my adult life (Jerry Ford presidency).

    John Day

    @Red: I have that Surplus Energy Economics in my inbox, too. That “Claims on wealth” statement sounds like Nicole Foss, and Gail Tverberg, which it should, of course.

    John Day

    @Oroboros: Can you remove that “pie for no one” picture?
    It is deeply disturbing; tearing my heart out.


    John Day

    @Dr. D, who wrote: “But yeah, Politicians speak. How is she going to speak straight, to a narrative, when everything her people believe is already a lie? Politicians lie, but that part makes her lies sound dumb to them AND us. There’s not enough remaining Democrats in the midpoint: the ones who love America and hate war.”

    I had this kind of experience yesterday at the invisible peace rally I attended, except none of the speakers was nearly as bright as Tulsi. They just didn’t even “know”.

    John Day

    …and furthermore: So the internet is saving us?
    I’m open to that. I hope it works better than telephony and radio did.
    (Keep talking and listening to God, but don’t let people see you.)


    TAE knows that the MSM expect that if they don’t talk about, (whatever), they expect that the subject will disappear.
    ie. Ukraine


    24 Feb, 2023 11:58

    Russia warns US, NATO, and Ukraine over Transnistria
    Moscow says it will respond to any “provocation” by Kiev against Russian peacekeepers in the Moldovan breakaway region

    n a statement released on Friday, Russian diplomats cited data from the country’s Defense Ministry, according to which Ukraine has amassed considerable numbers of military personnel, as well as hardware and artillery on its border with Transnistria. In light of this, Moscow warned the “US, NATO member states and their Ukrainian underlings against any further adventurous steps.”

    While Russia favors “political-diplomatic” ways of resolving issues, “no one should have any doubt that the Russian armed forces will react appropriately to any provocation by the Kiev regime,” the statement reads.

    D Benton Smith

    Seen this one yet? https://www.youtube.com/live/q9mFc4_5S0A?feature=share

    Things are popping so fast now that I can barely keep up with even the abbreviated summary of what is going on. However, the basic message (from almost innumerable sources) is pretty much the same, even though their styles and details are wildly various. Here it is:

    The exponentially expanding revelation of new information about the nature and details of the war against the common population has finally hit the stage of automatically amplifying cacophony that it can only be described as explosive. BUT DON”T BE AFRAID ! That chain reaction explosion is not us common folk being blown up. It’s the BAD GUYS BEING BLOWN UP ! Annihilated by their own bomb.


    “The greatest violation of medical ethics in the history of medicine”
    Yes, indeed.




    Yes, Dr D, if you overheat the oceans and melt the ice cover via outrageous levels of fossil fuel use that cause the atmospheric CO2 concentration to skyrocket, you will wreck the thermal gradient that contained the Jet Streams and you will get wild swings of air temperature that result in snow in locations that hadn’t seen snow since the last Ice Age.

    What is more, with the Jet Stream so messed up as a consequence of the overheating (Planetary Meltdown), the uncontained Jet Streams could swing wildly in the other direction and deliver baking heat soon after the snow.

    We have been experiencing such wild swings here on Airstrip Five. On Tuesday (Mercury Day) it was over 30oC and people were trying to keep cool. On Friday (Venus Day) it was around 10oC, with precipitation, and people were complaining about the cold or not complaining so much because they had heaters turned on and electric blankets turned on and log fires lit.

    Just a reminder, it is February, which is the Southern Hemisphere equivalent of August in the Northern Hemisphere, which normally delivers the hottest weather around the first or second week.

    Here we are in the third week of February, either baking or freezing, and not knowing which will come next. I was told by someone who I will not identify that she had the air conditioner running continuously during the hot spell. Undoubtedly she had the heaters on 3 days later. As Kunstler pointed out 20 years ago, any society that puts comfort and convenience above all else has no future.

    Another rather dramatic effect of superheated oceans [due to atmospheric CO2 being more than 50% higher than any previous peak in the 800,000-year record, i.e. 420 ppm versus 260 ppm, or 420 ppm versus 280 ppm if you want to take it from the somewhat higher pre-industrial level of 280 ppm ] is the increase in moisture-carrying capacity of the air, which results in the torrents of water smashing or inundating infrastructure stupid apes construct on hillsides and in low-lying areas.

    The complete destruction of industrial civilisation is inevitable because industrial civilisation is its own worst enemy and the fuckwits who are in control only know manipulation, lies and ‘development’.

    Put simply, Homo fuckwit is using fossil fuels to destroy Homo fuckwit in order to keep Ponzi schemes running a little longer.

    As for the wild swings in temperature, I went from wearing practically nothing to needing five layers, including a waterproof layer.

    I am quite convinced that misinformation and denial will continue: they are much more ‘fun’ than reality -until reality hits.

    Anyway, isn’t there a piece of paper that declares that the purfuit of happineff is a God-given right?


    Go shopping. Don’t buy anything useful. Don’t use cash; use a high-interest credit card. Everything is under control and everything will turn out fine.


    “Quiet minds cannot be perplexed or frightened, but go on in Fortune or Misfortune at their own private pace, like a clock during a thunderstorm.” -Robert Louis Stevenson

    John Day

    My account of the “Invisible Peace Rally” I attended yesterday: https://drjohnsblog.substack.com/p/invisible-peace-rally

    I attended the invisible peace rally yesterday afternoon at the Texas Capital. Don’t bother to Google it. It’s not there. It wasn’t there yesterday when I Googled it. I rode my bike 15 miles as sort of an act of faith. There were about 35 people, counting the band and speakers. They were playing “We Can Work It Out” by the Beatles when I rode up. I leaned my bike on a lamp post and started smiling and shooting peace signs at drivers coming from laft and right on 11th St. and straight up Congress avenue to turn either way, and all the pedestrians and bicyclists. I did get eye contact with a few pedestrians, and a few honks from passing drivers.
    My friend, Phil recruited me the night before last; said he would likely go to it, sponsored by the Texas Libertarian Party, but even the state information on such events had nothing. Maybe that’s the Libertarian way, but Phil couldn’t locate the original announcement he had seen, and it did not exist on the non-Google search engine he tried, either. There was no media, none at all, not a one, not a camera.
    I think I recognized some of the other participants from decades past. I’ve been going to these things since the 1970s. So have they. I talked to a couple of participants who looked familiar. The guy said he’d been coming since about 1965. He was my senior. The oldish lady (ack, My Age!) had a tie-dye tank top and started shooting peace signs when she saw me doing it. I like her. She’s OK. My friend, Phil introduced me to a couple of friends of his, clearlyy also “boomers”. The lady got me to man the big sign after about an hour, so I did the “attract attention” thing with it as the lanes of oncoming traffic changed, smiling, moving it up and down, and side to side.
    The speakers sounded like they were from the 1970s, too. I did not get the impression that any of them saw our current situation as different. They advocated voting and making government listen to the people, listen to the majority, when we got to be the majority again… One guy was a classic Mexican-American Marxist, a chip off that old block. He had been Jill Stein’s schedule guy in 2016 until they parted ways. She wanted to cancle a rally in Georgia to be on CNN. She was “letting the people down after they had worked hard for the event”.
    How could I not like this guy? However, when I talked about the class war against the people of the world, through the slow poisoning with COVID-“vaccines” and the massive increase in excess deaths, he came back with, “we don’t even need to talk about that, look at the massive underfunding of public health”.
    I persisted. He quickly walked away. “Daddy is bad, but Daddy isn’t That Bad.”
    So I was manning the sign and eye-contacting motorists and pedestrians when Jenny called, about 4:30 PM, saying she was done at her school library for the day. That was my cue to find somebody else to hold or prop up the big sign I spotted a guy in his early 40s, the youngest guy there, and asked him to man the sign, as I had to ride over and meet my wife, who was finishing work.. He somewhat reluctantly accepted the honor (seeming uncertain of protest-etiquette expectations, perhaps) and asked if I was coming back. “No”, I said, but explained how somebody had handed the sign to me and I passed it to him, “It’s not that complicated”. I let the lady who handed me the sign know. She called it “her sign”, after all.
    I rode 3 miles through the UT campus, where I had once been a student in the 1970s and early 80s. A lot of it looks kind of the same, but the vibe is really diifferent, corporate-globalist. Peace protesters are few, old, and invisible now.

    The defeat of Ukraine does not mean the end of the war​ , ​by Thierry Meyssan​ ​Thanks Eleni.​
    In the face of the resistance that Moscow has encountered in enforcing Security Council Resolution 2202 (Implementation of Mi​n​sk Agreements), President Putin has declared that he still has to liberate Odessa and join Transnistria. This is precisely what the Pentagon is looking for since 2019. Already, it is preparing a second round in Moldova. Not because it wants to defend the Ukrainians, then the Moldovans, but because it intends to strip its own allies.​

    World War III Appears Imminent as the Establishment Attempts to Sweep Vaccine Genocide Under the Rug​
    ​“Why is our administration insanely running into a World War III situation?” ​(Financial market expert, Ed) ​Dowd asked. He answered, “And I suspect — I’m a cynical guy — that World War III solves a lot of issues: solves the sovereign debt crisis and solves the vaccine murder that’s gone on — wipes a bunch of stuff off the map — and directs everyone’s attention to a world war.”
    ​ ​Edward expressed that he hopes he’s wrong, but that scenario is “definitely in play. And the capital markets may be starting to sniff this out.”
    ​ ​He elaborates. “The U.S. Dollar in a World War III situation would go up quite a bit. And the dollar, the DXY, the basket of currencies, bottomed about two weeks ago and is starting to go up. We think it put in a very significant bottom.”

    World War III Appears Imminent as the Establishment Attempts to Sweep Vaccine Genocide Under the Rug

    ​ Remember when we all said, “naw, I’ve already had that”?
    CDC funded study showed that natural immunity was tremendously better at avoiding Omicron infection last year than any of the “vaccines”.​
    Protection from COVID-19 mRNA vaccination and prior SARS-CoV-2 infection against COVID-19–associated encounters in adults during Delta and Omicron predominance

    John Day

    Contrary to what it claims, US massively imports Russian oil​
    ​Washington is fully aware that Moscow has not invaded Ukraine, but is there chiefly to enforce Security Council resolution 2202. All the Atlanticist propaganda accusing Russia of the most egregious crimes is, therefore, not aimed at mobilizing Western forces against it, but at manipulating the Europeans into accepting an economic recession imposed in the spirit of the 1992 Pentagon policy paper masterminded by Paul Wolfowitz (photo) [2]. Secretary of State Antony Blinken and his deputy Victoria Nuland belong to the same ideological group as Paul Wolfowitz [3].
    ​ ​At the time, he wrote: “Although the United States supports the project of European integration, we must seek to prevent the emergence of European-only security arrangements which would undermine NATO, and in particular its military integrated command structure.” For the Pentagon, the main enemy is not Russia, but an independent Europe.​ [But Russia can be an an emy, too, of course. Thanks again, Eleni]​

    ​ The biggest arms cache in Europe is in Transnistria, a semi-autonomous part of Moldova, bordering Ukraine, left over from the USSR, the kind of ammo that eastern Europe knows how to use.​ There are about 1000 Russian soldiers guarding the base. Russia has no land or sea supply route to Moldova.
    ​ ​Ukraine now a ‘battle of logistics’ – NATO chief​ Russia is currently winning the race for ammunition, Jens Stoltenberg has said
    ​Stoltenberg has repeatedly called on NATO members to step up their ammunition production to close the gap, as have other Western leaders. The EU’s top diplomat, Josep Borrell, said on Sunday that Ukraine’s backers need to resolve the ammunition shortage within “a matter of weeks” if Kiev is to have any chance of success on the battlefield.
    ​ ​Since last fall, the conflict in Ukraine has “moved into a war of attrition,” Stoltenberg said, adding that a “war of attrition is a battle of logistics; as in how do you get enough stuff – materiel, spare parts, ammunition, fuel – to the front lines.”
    ​ ​While Stoltenberg was clear about the need for NATO to step up arms production, he was vague about how the US-led alliance wants the conflict to end. He told Amanpour that “nobody knows how and when this war will end,” and that it will “maybe” be resolved at the negotiating table.

    What is up Nuland’s sleeve, or is this just a propaganda statement for the folks back home?
    The US stopped allowing Russian inspections in 2020, and Russia has followed suit. The New START treaty is unmonitored, hence unenforceable, and “on hold”.
    ​ ​The United States is ready to start talks with Russia on the New START nuclear arms control treaty “tomorrow” if Moscow is prepared for this, US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland said in an interview with TASS.
    ​ ​”We’re ready to do it tomorrow if the Russian Federation is ready. And we’re also ready to allow inspections,” the diplomat said, answering a question if Washington is prepared for talks without preconditions and accusations.
    ​ ​Nuland once again stated that the US views the treaty’s suspension as an irresponsible move. “The US and Moscow have responsibilities to the world to keep our nuclear arsenal safe and secure, and we should do our jobs,” Nuland said.

    ​This essay is unduly long, but the conclusion will do. I don’t think it answers the question in the title. I think we must open to spirit, and be guided that way, in alliance with all of the other people guided by spirit.​ I went to the invisible peace rally yesterday, and I saw what I saw.
    We Are Being Smashed Politically, Economically, Medically and Technologically by the Elite’s ‘Great Reset’: Why? How Do We Fight Back Effectively?
    ​ Conclusion: We are currently living in the final phase of a 5,000 year effort to impose total control over the human population. There are many reasons why it has reached this point. Some key reasons are explained above. And despite the comfortable delusion that the most obvious and onerous restrictions that we have experienced over the past three years have temporarily receded, the fact remains that a vast range of political, economic, medical and technological measures are being implemented as you read these words and we have only just ended the first round of what must be, if we are to be successful, a protracted fight.
    In essence, what we do between now and 2030 will determine the fate of humanity. If we can mobilize enough people to resist strategically, we will succeed. But there is little sign of that so far.
    Understanding how power works in the world system as well as who, precisely, is driving what is happening, what they are doing, why, and how they are doing it are crucial prerequisites for developing an effective strategy to resist the current Elite program to kill off a substantial proportion of humanity, enslave those left alive in a technocratic prison, enclose the Commons forever and consolidate all wealth in Elite hands.
    It is the failure to understand these crucial points that accounts for the ineffective ‘resistance’ that has characterized the past three years.
    And this is complicated by the fact that fear makes most people unable to learn either from their own failed experience or to seriously investigate what is happening and how to resist it most effectively. So they fearfully repeat what is familiar, without even asking if it has worked in the past.
    So each passing day we still witness fruitless attempts to convince one elite agent or another – a politician, a judge, a corporate media executive… – to take action that will turn the tide in our favour. But none of these individuals can help us.

    We Are Being Smashed Politically, Economically, Medically and Technologically by the Elite’s ‘Great Reset’: Why? How Do We Fight Back Effectively?


    re: Dr. D

    Okay, that’s over Eight THOUSAND feet elevation. I guess! Wonder why it doesn’t blizzard a lot more often. But now that we have snow in Saudi Arabia, L.A. is clearly fair game.

    We get snow at low elevs about once in 30 years, has happened 3-4x in my lifetime. I’m at 300m elev one valley in from the coast. It was snowing down to about 400m, hitting all the ‘ticky tacky’ that clings to the hills on the edge of the valley. We had graupel (tiny snowballs) where I’m at, but it did not stick. Many of the major highways have low-elev segments closed, including US-395, CA-58, US-101.

    From my perspective, life-long resident of this same valley, this is pretty much ‘back to normal’ in terms of this type of storm. In this cycle, we should see similar storms into mid April, with snow down to 800m elevation.


    The water level of Lake Mead has almost certainly peaked at around 20 feet below what it was this time last year and set a new record low for the time of year.


    I guess it’s not going to matter too much if the managers of Airstrip Two intend to demolish the economy and kill-off most of the population this year.


    @Dr. D again re: the revelations stuff

    Yes, brilliant! I don’t believe in sky fairies, but I can get behind this kind of thinking.

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