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Jasper Johns Three flags 1958


Andrew Korybko:

The US-led West’s Mainstream Media (MSM) began reporting more accurately on the military-strategic dynamics of the NATO-Russian proxy war in Ukraine since the start of the year, but the true test of their comparatively improved integrity will be whether they raise awareness about Zelensky’s latest damning admission. In an interview with Japanese newspaper Yomiuri Shimbun, he candidly told his interlocutors that “We do not have ammunition. For us the situation in the East is not good.”

This is a major revelation for several reasons. First, it proves that Russia is winning NATO’s self-declared “race of logistics” in the sense that its armed forces still have ammo to continue fighting while the West’s Ukrainian proxies already ran out of that which their patrons provided over the past year. Second, the aforesaid aid that was already extended to this crumbling former Soviet Republic exceeds $100 billion, which makes Russia’s leading position in this “race of logistics” all the more impressive.

Third, Zelensky’s admission adds credence to what the Washington Post recently reported regarding how poorly Kiev’s forces are faring in this conflict, especially its “severe ammunition shortages” that one of its sources spoke about. Fourth, the preceding points drastically decrease the chances that Kiev’s upcoming counteroffensive will achieve much of anything and actually make it increasingly likely that such a move would be an epic mistake that could ultimately lead to a decisive Russian breakthrough.

And finally, it can therefore be expected that Zelensky and his agents of influence across the West will beg for even more aid, arguing that the failure to pay up would risking making their prior investments in this proxy war all for naught if Kiev ends up losing to Russia. The problem, however, is that no amount of money can make ammunition appear out of thin air since it requires a lot of time to scale production accordingly to meet these newfound exorbitant needs.

The very fact that Ukraine is out of ammunition proves that the West’s defeat in its self-declared “race of logistics” with Russia might already be a fait accompli by this point since it’s clear that Kiev can’t keep pace with its opponent despite being backed by all of NATO’s military-industrial capacity. Zelensky almost certainly didn’t realize that his candid admission essentially amounted to this, but it’s presently unclear whether the MSM will inform their audience about this or not.

On the one hand, doing so could contribute to his forthcoming begging campaign, but it could also backfire if taxpayers start asking whether it’s worth ponying up even more money if Ukraine already ran out of ammo despite the over $100 billion in aid that it’s received thus far. After all, if that astronomical sum wasn’t enough to keep their guns firing, then there’s no telling how much will be needed for Kiev to reconquer more of its lost territory like it intends to do.

Not only that, but as was earlier explained, no amount of money can make ammunition appear out of thin air. Quite clearly, fundamental changes in the Ukrainian Armed Forces are needed in order to indefinitely perpetuate this conflict like the US is plotting to do, but its fighters can’t immediately transition to using exclusively Western equipment when they’re used to operating Soviet-era wares. This poses a dilemma since Russia keeps moving further ahead in this “race of logistics” as each day goes by.

Objectively speaking, the military-strategic dynamics are trending in the Kremlin’s favor, which would ordinarily compel Kiev to seriously consider China’s peace plan if it wasn’t for its American overlords preventing it from doing so. The longer that Zelensky remains resistant to the very thought of a ceasefire, the greater the chances are that Russia will transform its growing advantage in its “race of logistics” with NATO into a decisive victory that could result in Ukraine losing even more territory.



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    Jasper Johns Three flags 1958   Andrew Korybko: The US-led West’s Mainstream Media (MSM) began reporting more accurately on the military-strategi
    [See the full post at: Zelensky Admits Ukraine Already Ran Out Of Ammo]

    Abner Doon

    What’s at stake for the United States;

    If the US dollar were no longer the world’s reserve currency, demand for it would likely decrease, leading to a devaluation of the currency. This could lead to higher inflation in the United States, as imports become more expensive, and the cost of borrowing money increases.

    If the US dollar were no longer the world’s reserve currency, the United States may have to pay higher interest rates on its debt, as investors may be less willing to lend to a country whose currency is not widely accepted as a store of value.

    Losing reserve currency status could make it more difficult for the US to compete with other countries in global trade, as the cost of imports would increase, and exports could become less competitive if the US dollar depreciates.

    The United States would likely experience a decline in its global influence, as the US dollar’s dominance has played a key role in maintaining its status as a superpower. Other countries may be less willing to follow US policies or take US leadership seriously if the US is not the world’s reserve currency.

    Losing the world’s reserve currency status would likely have far-reaching consequences for the United States, both economically and geopolitically.


    What do you do in a battle in which you die if you don’t fight or lose?

    Should you do to others what you would want them to do to you,
    unless you need not to?

    If nothing doesn’t change, you can’t start over.

    Alexander Carpenter

    Just a side-note here: recognize that at least one reason that the Russians (not “Putin”) haven’t launched their famous “spring offensive” is that they know full well that the UAF is out of ammo and they consider attacking and killing unarmed men (and children and women) to be dishonorable.
    Perhaps killing unarmed Nazis might be considered a semi-legitimate exception, but how to sort them out from afar?

    Alexander Carpenter

    Also consider the dynamics of territorial disposition: if the Russians really do recover the entirety of Ukrania, do they officially grant the territories of the “Trans….” districts to their neighboring countries, or do they maintain the present borders and demonstrate their moral rectitude by treating the Ethnic citizens as well as the ethnic Russians in those districts and encouraging trans-border integration?
    Simply being a “good guy” and doing a “good deed” can be its own reward, but in our world these days it is advantageous to provide active ongoing evidence (and dispel historical grievances).
    Interesting decisions to be made about appearances — of empire-building versus regional, mutually beneficial integration of peers.

    D Benton Smith

    The correct disposition of the Ukrainian territories (which I’m certain Russia understands very clearly) will be to incorporate back into Russia all of those areas in which the majority consider themselves to be citizens of the Nation that calls itself Russia. All of the “non-Russian” areas, populated by people with a strong sense of identification as Ukrainians, would then become Ukraine. This “new” Ukraine would then be an actual nation, and as such it would have to conduct itself in a manner which its neighbors could tolerate and/or deal with appropriately . . . . just like every other nation on the frigging planet has to do all of the time, including now.

    My prediction is that this is precisely what’s going to happen, too. Russia will win the war and proceed to do what is in their best interests. A Ukraine with which Russia can do ordinary mutually beneficial business IS in the best interests of Russia. And it’s in the best interests of Ukraine, and the rest of the world, too, for that matter. Nationhood is a big deal. It exists inside of people whether other people like it or not, and for that reason SHALL be respected or there will be Hell to pay until such time as it is.


    John Day posted:

    This is interesting. Seth Rich almost certainly downloaded the Clinton Podesta emails and got killed going home from the party, and Wikileaks got them, and we all figured Seth sent them to Wikileaks, and he miht have.
Israel had them, too and sent an operative to Roger Stone to try to get some leverage with Trump. Moon of Alabama has the story. Bernard keeps putting “hack” in quotes.

    The spin about Russian / Slav hackers, Russian interference in US elections, was blatantly nonsense right from the start. IIRC, there were computer nerds, experts, many commentators, I recall even Sy Hersch chiming in this story was BS… Blaming Russia was a clumsy cover-up, the question was, a cover-up for what?

    It was clearly a US – USA internal affair, and as I posted insistently at the time, it was a “Leak” and not a “Hack..”

    Julian Assange and Craig Murray hinted heavily that Seth Rich was the leaker.

    Btw, Assange offered to testify about this matter in exchange for immunity, to the US. He was refused. (No link sorry.)

    ok I found the Hersch tape,

    quote from the descr.…”The FBI found that Seth Rich had submitted a series of documents & emails from the DNC to a protected drop box of which wikileaks was able to access before he was killed.”

    Imho he (Sy) knew some stuff but not too much…

    The interview of Ed Butowsky is important:

    Stated: The Rich parents knew that Seth (and bro, extra add-ons to the story) had downloaded the e-mails from the DNC server and sold them to Wikileaks. (Me: Wikileaks doesn’t pay and refused to pay.)

    The interview of Rod Wheeler (Fox News)

    is another essential piece. Seth was having problems the DNC…

    Kim Dotcom claimed he helped Seth get in touch with Wikileaks.

    His statement I couldn’t find, Newsweek has a blurb,

    To wrap this up, Seth (+ Aaron..) were the leakers, why, how, etc. I won’t say.

    Imho on the night of the attack, Seth had been identified (thru computer examination) as a leaker, and was hastily, clumsily aggressed, in a panic. Seth was alive when he arrived at the hospital.. whole other story… He probably had another thumb drive on him which was taken, the aggressors (2 men, white imho) had no interest in his phone, wallet, etc. Follows the ‘botched robbery’ story.

    // Analyzing one event / case / etc. as far as one can is often very rewarding and informative. I learnt so much..//

    The MSM news, the day-to-day panic, the hype, stops ppl from remembering pasts events, analyzing them, drawing conclusions, taking relevant actions, moving forward…

    D Benton Smith

    There’s a consequence to the withdrawal of power back towards its central hub(s) that had completely escaped my notice until very recently, and it is this :

    As the diverse power centers attempt to consolidate their power they go to war with each other to establish Top Dog of the dynamically re-adjusting new system. Things can happen like the Supreme Court goes to War with the Department of Justice. They were pals back when they were lorded over by the same tyrant, but now that the King is dead there is no one to keep the peace.

    Previously I had been long aware that such jockeying around between Nations and blocks of nations was just a normal thing. Pax Romana, and all that. But I had never carefully considered what happens INSIDE a single nation when the center is not held by an overarching force. What happens, observably, is that the inter-agency jealousies and turf wars turn into REAL wars (with deaths, imprisonments and everything).

    There are early signs of this happening right now in Israel, France, Germany and the United States. Heretofore collaborative institutions are becoming more openly hostile to each other, an there have been barely camouflaged shows of physical force either threatened or in some cases actually done.

    It is unavoidable, I think, because we are talking about real and serious POWER here, not just some little intramural squabble between amateurs.


    Don’t forget that a large portion of the so-called financial aid never got anywhere near the battle zone, much of it disappearing into the bank accounts of politicians, middlemen and bonuses to the executives of arms manufacturing companies, and that kit that actually arrived in Ukraine was sold off on the black market to pay for drugs, prostitutes, luxury goods and overseas property deals.

    Russia was supposed to keel over and submit to being looted after a few weeks of being subjected to economic sanctions. The current debacle is what happens when you have fuckwits, thieves and liars in charge.

    I really cannot think of anything significant that the NATOtan nations have got right over the past 75 years.

    With their own energy supplies and resource bases squandered in a multi-decade orgy of overconsumption and their plans for looting Russia in tatters, NATOstan nations find themselves well and truly up a creek without a paddle.

    And the ‘African Queen’ solution for getting rid of the swamp leeches that infest western ‘governments’ certainly won’t work.

    So, I guess it’s crash and burn at an ever-increasing rate for most of the western world -just as we are witnessing.


    The US only wants Zelensky to bargain from a position of strength. So that Russia will have to give up something Russia conquered.
    How much of future conquest of Ukraine will Russia give up for a cease fire from Ukraine?

    D Benton Smith


    How much of future conquest of Ukraine will Russia give up for a cease fire from Ukraine?”

    That’s an intriguing question. Maybe Russia should look around the remainder of Ukraine to find something that the West really wants to keep, and then take THAT thing . . . . . with a view toward trading it back later during the Peace Talks as a face-saving (for the West) “compromise”. The West get’s to look like tough negotiators and Russia is able to get rid of something that they really didn’t want in the first place.

    Alexander Carpenter

    DBS: The correct disposition of the Ukrainian territories (which I’m certain Russia understands very clearly) will be to incorporate back into Russia all of those areas in which the majority consider themselves to be citizens of the Nation that calls itself Russia. All of the “non-Russian” areas, populated by people with a strong sense of identification as Ukrainians, would then become Ukraine. This “new” Ukraine would then be an actual nation, and as such it would have to conduct itself in a manner which its neighbors could tolerate and/or deal with appropriately . . . . just like every other nation on the frigging planet has to do all of the time, including now.

    The trouble comes from all those significant regions where a majority of the people identify as neither Russian nor Ukrainian: the Poles around Lviv, the Hungarians in the Trans…whatever, the Romanians in another Trans.., the Moldavians in yet another Trans.., and the Byelorussians in the north. And maybe others…
    When these have all met their fate, who knows what might remain and what should be done with it.
    I am certain that there is a faction in the Kremlin that would like to see “The Ukraine” entirely disappear off the face of the earth, as a suitable fate and just karma for its wicked past.
    And never forget that “the Ukrainians” are about as Russian as anyone, in terms of ethnicity, language, culture, and subtextual essences, with only relative minor tribal differences, so returning them back within “Mother Russia” would have historical resonances and anchors and could become the least of their concerns.
    Again, we foresee some delicate balancing-acts.

    Dr. D

    He’s far, far too generous. Not only do they not have anything, any shells, guns, tanks, trucks, bullets, or planes,

    They don’t have any men.

    The End. That’s all Folks! Game Over, Player One.

    Okay, they HAD the combined might of NATO, they HAD Europe’s largest army (almost). They HAD all the training and all the weapons in the world stashed in Azov Port and the Salt Mines. They already defeated all NATO combined. What, now, with no running start, they’re going to get weapons off the end of an assembly line? I guess it’s possible but Moses could return again too.

    Okay, THAT part is toast. The other part, suppose they HAD any shells, guns, tanks, trucks, bullets, or planes, they’d need MEN to operate them. Suppose that they were all trained — another whole problem, let’s just magic that away — WHO would operate all of NATO’s gear?

    Okay, let’s mobilize: France, Germany, Belgium, Poland, UK, Boom, you’re in. UK has a smaller army than I dunno, Nevada. Germany has no tanks. France won’t go. There are no men. So you’ve got Poland and like 20k x 5? You can’t get them to the front, it will take months or a year (there are no trucks, transportation, or supplies) so Russia can either pick off each 10k as they trickle in, or watch with perfect certainty as you amass them, then mobilize themselves equally.

    So whatever. Get tired of saying it. Europe might. Why not? Haven’t shown sense in 25 years, why start now?


    I think that the hardest part for everyone is to wait and see how things go.

    Both sides are lying constantly. Zelensky stating to a reporter that they are out of ammo is coming out of the same mouth that says that the AFU has killed hundreds of thousands of Russians.

    We are probably in for a long war and several boatloads more lies to sustain that war.

    Lies in war are a form of ammo.

    Just wait and see. My bet is on the Rooskies, but I have been wrong before.


    @ Abner Doon

    Truer word were never written. This has been in the minds of everyone who reads this blog. It is especially poignant for those of us who reside in the US. We are facing the consequences of evil power brokers who have run away with all the marbles long ago. The usual progression of an organism that has been hooked on an addictive drug for decades is not pretty. As the US and it’s vile handlers lose their grip on the addictive drug of “World Reserve Currency” the DT’s and withdrawal symptoms will commence in earnest. Crashing banks are one of the first symptoms. Dying dinosaurs can cause a lot of damage and no one is safe. This is why I promote planting. And for those of us in the Northern hemisphere, that time is arriving. I hope you use this window of opportunity well. Ten years ago I could buy 20 pounds of potatoes for one dollar. Now they are $1.50 per pound around here. Except the ones I grow.

    The consequences of the “Riders of the Apocalypse” can be mitigated greatly by having a good garden.

    Maxwell Quest


    Like most of your posts here, you are right on target again with your Seth Rich / Wikileaks analysis. I could not have summarized it better. And you also touched on another point, that a deeper dive is really needed to get a truer, more accurate, understanding of facts on the ground. This is difficult for most, for multiple reasons, not least of which is the 24-hour news cycle that has them chasing that fascinating laser dot on the wall, moving from one ‘bombshell’ story to the next, never going back to connect any dots, no historical context, no follow-ups, no corrections, no mea culpas, no falling on swords, no curiosity about who’s holding the laser pointer and why.

    Not that long ago I also relied on traditional media sources with the expectation that I was investing the time to gain awareness about world events. That all changed with the 2008 financial crisis. I was attending school again after an early retirement to restart that half of my brain which had atrophied during my career in high tech. While writing an ECON term paper I discovered that the talking heads on all the news channels were a bunch of bald-faced, lying liars who told lies, to which everyone clapped their hands and bobbed heads up and down.

    That’s when I started questioning everything else. And of course, everywhere I looked it was all fake news. Even so, it still hadn’t sunk in that the whole media kit and caboodle was rotten from top to bottom. A part of me was still looking outside myself for an authority figure whom I could trust… a side effect, no doubt, of being raised in an authoritarian home, school, and religion.

    Then, while helping to set up the local Occupy camp back in 2011 I ventured to ask one of the other participants which news channel she watched. “I don’t watch any of them!” she shot back without a moment’s hesitation. Her response hit me like a cold bucket of water. “Yes, she’s right!”, I thought, “What the hell am I doing?” Old habits die hard, they say.

    Maxwell Quest

    Don’t even get me started on the load of crap that they teach you at the university level. What an eye opener that was!

    Stone Lodge

    “…doing so could contribute to his forthcoming begging campaign, but it could also backfire if taxpayers start asking whether it’s worth ponying up even more money…”

    Taxpayers? When were any of the “taxpayers” ever asked whether we wanted to send the cocaine comedian even one dollar? When were we consulted on the manifestly predictable self-destructive sanctions? When has there been public debate and informed consent for the provocation of this war, or of any of the other illegal wars over the last 70 years? Or for funding the military-industrial complex to the tune of at least a trillion $/year?

    Russia has done what she had to do. The SMO was a rational culmination to decades of salacious, flat-out evil actions by the likes of Kissinger, Cheney, Bolton & Pompeo, traitors and demons all. The Russian SMO is rational and has been waged as justly as any war can be. The next just and rational war the U.S. will fight will be within its own borders, among its own people. This is our trajectory, and the collapse of the U.S.G. is imminent. The mass formation psychosis gripping our nation and our government must and will be undone, and as our economy collapses, our energy grid winds down, and as we return – following much suffering – to a simpler way of life, the challenge for any remaining historians will be to attempt to explain the absurdities in which we are presently immersed.

    Mr. Korybko, with much respect, this “taxpayer” has already rejected not simply our “support” for this banal evil, but ALL that our government does and is. (Not that they asked me.) I am not alone, and our numbers are growing rapidly. Watch for sparks, my friends.

    John Day

    Nice intro and good advice, Bishko.

    “Addictive durg of global reserve currency” feathers into a link that Noirette put up yesterday:
    (Noirette: thank you for fleshing out the Seth Rich story details up to the present, with the MoA story about Mossad having the Podesta-Clinton emails, too.)

    I fell asleep trying to read tha 2017 Chinese military analysis of the way the imperial dollar is used t pump and bleed global economies with 10 years of easy-dollars, followed by 6 years of high-interest, tight dollars and a local crisis, like the Mexican debt crisis, or the Asian economic crisis, wherein the booming industries can’t make payments during the crisis, and are bought out for pennies on the dollar, or repossessed by the lenders.
    We’ve seen that, and he said it was pulled on Europe with the war on Serbia, right after the Euro went live, and suddenly the Euro was worth less, and there was dollar extraction.
    That is happening with the ukraine crisis, and also happened in 2014, as he observed in 2017.

    The General, who is the head of the Chinese War College, so an official voice, observed that the free-trade agreement between China, Japan and South Korea was thwarted by the US, by creating crisis in those South China Sea islands, so it never happened. It would have rapidly been a threateningly large economic bloc, and would have peeled Japan and South Korea away from faelty to the US…

    Here is the punchline. He goes on to describe what might have been and how it would/could have grown form there, to be bigger than the US 7 EU combined, and says that it would have to use the Chinese Renminbi as its currency. He says that it would be possible to make some trade currency, just for trade in this large union, but that the only practical thing to do would be to use the Renminbi.

    In the recent interview of Sergey Glazyev by Pepe Escobar, Glazyev was disheartened about ever getting the BRICS currency off the ground. “This is going to take a long time; everybody has to agree”, he said , as I recall. He didn’t say WHO didn’t agree, but recently Russia said the Yuan/Renminbi could be used for trades with Africa and South America, for instance, pending some other, better solutiion.

    China has said officially, that it does not want the Renminbi to be a global trade currency (well, a little bit is ok), but this paper lays out the defensive maneuvers China has long employed against $US extraction of wealth/assets. In this 2017 paper, in Italian, which must be Google translated, the clear projection into the future, a future where China succeeds, is that China will have the global reserve currency. We all know, now, how poisoned that chalice is, but it is slow poison, and it’s lovely to drink from for 15-20 years, right?


    When this war is over, how long will it take for the Russians and Ukrainians to forgive each other? And how will they do so?


    The low on ammunition narrative is just a narrative. Currently there is no shortage of ammunition. NATO still has plenty of ammunition stockpiles. The US has big stockpiles in Israel too. They have huge stockpiles in Nevada too.

    This is likely just an effort to lull Russia into a false sense of security. However, Russia isn’t buying this narrative as there have been signs Russia is now rationing ammunition usage, while building up stockpiles.

    The same narrative about the Ukraine running out of manpower is also a fake narrative. (Training/logistics is a separate issue.) The Ukraine would have to lose another 3 to 4 million men before it runs out of future dead bodies. So far they have probably only used up the best part of a million.

    There are comments saying truckers are hauling hundreds if not thousands of US tanks andmilitary vehicles on the US interstate highways to coastal shipping ports. More comments have been made about numerous highway billboards advertising for experienced tank mechanics and F-16 pilots, ground crew, and mechanics too. I don’t think this is going to be a short war.

    When it comes to the future of Ukraine, Russia knows there is nobody available that is agreement capable. So there will be no negotiations as there is nobody to negotiate with!



    I suspect Russia will actively encourage any remaining “Ukrainians” to leave for the EU.
    It won’t be very hard. Are you a Nazi?


    The many iterations of the East India Company Flag.

    Dr D Rich



    Are Europeans as beguiled by Obama’s “lit state” as Americans ignorant to Biden’s senility?
    Can delirium, alcohol intoxication, alcoholism, and dementia (any subtype) be a continuum the recognition of which rests upon an observer’s position? That in America from my mountain, Obama is abhorred not adored for a degree of self-possession that exceeds general measures of malignant narcissism. Yet, few recognize the public Obama smirk as the result of drugs, albeit the drug alcohol, by which he ties one on to relax any manifestation of social anxiety (stuttering).
    Most Americans feel genuinely sorry, compassionate for dementia patients just not as a qualification for President. As Eric Berne opined long ago, The Alcoholic Game is so prevalent as to be ignored in general and violently removed if you happen to be that rare Antithesis.

    Vis a vis Charles Lieber and pumpkins

    “] In a taped interview, Lieber admitted traveling from Wuhan to Boston with bags of cash containing between $50,000 and $100,000, which he said he never disclosed to the IRS.[13] He faces up to 26 years in prison and $1.2 million in fines. He will be sentenced in March 2023″

    ” His 1,870-lb pumpkin in 2014 was named the largest pumpkin in Massachusetts and ranked 17th largest in the world that year.[95][96] In 2020, the year of his arrest, he grew a 2,276-lb pumpkin that currently holds the record for the largest ever grown in Massachusetts.[97″


    Re Seth Rich. Maxwell Q, happy you appreciate. (> for me it was 9/11.) Dr. John Day, yes, I wonder if we will ever know the full story, I doubt it somehow.

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