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Giuseppe Sanmartino The veiled Christ (Christo velato) 1753


Joe: Pardon Hunter And Withdraw From The 2024 Election (Turley)
No, The Truth About Biden Is Not Democratic (Lawrence)
Joe Biden Openly Acknowledges His Seventh Grandchild For The First Time (AP)
No Way Out (Kunstler)
Ukraine Counteroffensive Keeps Repeating Same Insane Mistakes (Scott Ritter)
Western Money Keeps Ukraine Alive – Orban (RT)
US’ Colonies In Europe Are Called NATO – Zakharova (RT)
West No Longer Has Charismatic Leaders – Zakharova (RT)
Neutral Status For Ukraine ‘Fundamental’ To Russia – Putin (RT)
BRICS Payment System Will Replace SWIFT In New ‘Non-Western World’ (RT)















Break the glass option. Sounds like a plan.

Joe: Pardon Hunter And Withdraw From The 2024 Election (Turley)

The collapse of the Hunter Biden plea bargain has left many in Washington shocked. After all, this is a city that knows how to fix a fight. After five years, the Biden corruption scandal was supposed to die with a vacuous plea bargain and no jail time. Most everyone was in on the fix, from members of Congress to the media to the prosecutors. The problem was the one notable omission: Judge Maryellen Noreika of the U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware. The sentencing hearing was a moment that made the Hindenburg disaster look like a seamless landing. Noreika asked a basic question on the implications of the agreement, and the entire deal immediately collapsed.

Now the Justice Department is in a bind. It could not admit in the hearing that Hunter Biden could escape future liability for a host of uncharged crimes. Yet, when a defendant backs out of a generous plea deal, federal prosecutors ordinarily will pursue all of the available charges — and jail time. While President Joe Biden once declared, in more colorful terms, that no one messes with a Biden, the Justice Department may now find it has no choice. It could be forced to actually treat Hunter like an ordinary citizen. The debacle in Delaware still could result in a plea deal. The parties have a month to “work things out,” and most judges sign off on deals, given the discretion afforded to the executive branch on criminal charging decisions.

They just need to be clear about the terms, and clarity is something neither side seemed eager to establish publicly during Wednesday’s hearing. However, an agreement would require prosecutors either to fight to preserve a sweetheart deal — one without additional future charges — or to proceed, as they would in most cases, with a full prosecution. That would include obvious potential charges under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA). Noreika forced the Justice Department to admit that it still could charge Biden as an unregistered foreign agent. That was the charge used against onetime Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and the similarities between the cases are striking. It took little time for the Justice Department to use the charge against Manafort. Yet, in the Hunter Biden investigation, five years have passed, and the Justice Department seemed mired in doubt over applying the same standard to the president’s son.

A FARA charge could further expose Hunter’s alleged influence-peddling operations, with what House GOP investigators say were millions in foreign payments from a virtual rogue’s gallery of foreign officials. The Justice Department also would face pressure to seek the same long jail sentence given to Manafort; he was sentenced to 73 months of imprisonment, which included the statutory maximum 60 months for a conspiracy to violate FARA. [..] If the Justice Department were to show the same aggressive effort toward Hunter Biden that was shown to figures like Manafort, Hunter could be looking at a real possibility of years in jail. There is, however, the ultimate “break-the-glass” option that I raised previously if the Bidens and their supporters could not rig the process: Joe Biden could pardon his son and then announce that he will not run for reelection.

Facing an impeachment inquiry, low public support, and a son in the legal dock, Biden could use the case to close out his political career. Of course, a pardon would be what I consider another abuse of the pardon power for personal benefit. President Bill Clinton waited until the end of his second term to pardon his half-brother. Biden could do the same by acknowledging that the pardoning of his son is a form of raw self-dealing. However, as he has said throughout the scandal, he loves his son and blames his crimes on his struggle with addiction and grieving.

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Empower Oversight

No, The Truth About Biden Is Not Democratic (Lawrence)

All this is as bread for the sandwich. In the 29th paragraph of this story The Times reports on FD–1023–the New York Post having forced its hand. Referring to Grassley, Luke Broadwater writes, “On Thursday, he released a document obtained from a whistleblower containing unverified allegations that both Hunter and President Biden had accepted bribes. The F.B.I. accused Mr. Grassley of risking “the safety of a confidential source” by releasing the document.” That is it, readers. You will read no more of what is in FD–1023 unless and until The Times is forced—by new revelations, the findings of a House investigation, or another New York Post story—to indulge in another round of obfuscation. There are occasions when The Times delights, even when it is at its worst. These occur when the facts do not fit the thesis, and its reporters are left swinging in the wind as they report sheer nonsense.

So it is with this piece, as Broadwater tells his readers Empower Oversight is a cabal of Republicans ideologically driven to sabotage innocent Democrats, and then: Empower Oversight rejects the suggestion its work is partisan in nature. While its leaders are Republicans, they say their job is to offer legal advice and support to whistle-blowers who approach them. Tristan Leavitt, the group’s president and a former aide to Mr. Grassley and other Hill Republicans, said his organization’s “nonpartisan work stands for itself.” Mr. Leavitt has worked… under a Democratic staff member, given presentations to left-leaning groups, and earned praise from other whistle-blower rights advocates. Empower Oversight is also a member of the Make It Safe Coalition, a group of organizations representing whistle-blowers across the political spectrum.

One of the I.R.S. whistle-blowers the group represents said he is a Democrat. After this extraordinary passage, our Luke returns without pause to the theme that Empower Oversight is a cabal of Republicans driven by ideology to sabotage innocent Democrats. Luke, Luke, tell us what it is. You cannot report the case being “A,” then the case being “not–A,” and then return to reporting “A.” It causes us to wonder about the qualifications of your assignment editor—apart from your own, of course. Miranda Devine, a divinely dogged New York post columnist, published a commentary after the paper’s piece on the revelations in FD–1023 headlined, “The Joe Biden bribe allegations need a special counsel, now.” I’ll say.

“The story of the Biden family’s corrupt influence-peddling scheme, which netted tens of millions of dollars from Ukraine, China, Russia and beyond, is scandal enough,” Devine writes. “But the coverup—from Big Tech’s censorship of the Post’s reporting from Hunter’s abandoned laptop, and CIA lies that it was Russian disinformation, to the burying of this FD–1023—is bigger than Watergate.” Indeed, Miranda. Now tell me, does this seem to you a truth like any other—with no brand, no ideology attaching to it, being neither Republican nor Democratic?

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Joe Biden Openly Acknowledges His Seventh Grandchild For The First Time (AP)

The US president, Joe Biden, has for the first time publicly acknowledged his seventh grandchild, a four-year-old girl, Navy, fathered by his son Hunter with Arkansas woman Lunden Roberts in 2018. “Our son Hunter and Navy’s mother, Lunden, are working together to foster a relationship that is in the best interests of their daughter, preserving her privacy as much as possible going forward,” Biden said in a statement that was first reported by People magazine. “This is not a political issue, it’s a family matter,” he said. “Jill and I only want what is best for all of our grandchildren, including Navy.” Hunter Biden’s paternity was established by DNA testing after Roberts sued for child support. The two parties recently resolved outstanding child support issues.

The president’s son wrote about his encounter with Roberts in his 2021 memoir, saying it came while he was deep in addiction to alcohol and drugs, including crack cocaine. “I had no recollection of our encounter,” he wrote. “That’s how little connection I had with anyone. I was a mess, but a mess I’ve taken responsibility for.” An attorney for Roberts did not immediately respond to a request for comment from the Associated Press. The president, who has made a commitment to family central to his public persona, has faced increasing criticism from political rivals and pundits for failing to acknowledge the granddaughter.

Hunter Biden has four other children, including a son, Beau, born by his wife, Melissa Cohen, in 2020. He was named after the president’s late son who died of cancer in 2015, leaving behind two children. Biden’s grandchildren have played a distinct role in his presidency, often accompanying the president or first lady on trips and making regular visits to the White House. The president has also credited his grandchildren with persuading him to challenge the then president Donald Trump for the White House in 2020.

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“Monday is also the last day before the legislature’s summer recess, which means not much of anything may happen to advance any of these matters until early September..”

No Way Out (Kunstler)

Anyway, after the Delaware courtroom fracas Wednesday, Hunter had to fall back on pleading not guilty as a place-holder while his lawyers and the Feds go back to square one negotiating something Judge Noreika might accept, which, conceivably, might be no plea deal at all, considering the insults already proffered to her by both sides in the case. In the meantime, would it amuse you to learn that part of Hunter Biden’s pretrial release agreement stipulates that the First Son must make an earnest effort to search for employment? Do you know of some position in the real world (assuming there is a real world) where a person can show up for work with six secret service agents in tow? I didn’t think so. He’ll also be subject to periodic drug tests and is forbidden to indulge in alcohol. Good luck with that!

The chance that Hunter would actually go to trial, even on these rinky-dink tax and firearm charges, is about equal to the chance that Xi Jinping will serve a dim sum breakfast to the Biden family at Rehobeth Beach on Labor Day morning. But its looking like Judge Noreika will not let Hunter off-the-hook on the gargantuan hairball of potential influence peddling matters, which are the actual meat of the Biden family’s legal problems — and that means “Joe Biden” is not off-the-hook either. Which means he might have to resort to pardoning Hunter and possibly himself for as-yet-unfiled charges of bribery, money-laundering and other extremely serious violations. If that happens, it is the end of the pretense that “Joe Biden” is a reelection candidate.

But, while all this melodrama unspools, there is also the creeping hazard of impeachment ahead. The Speaker of the House himself suggested it days ago. Rep. James Comer’s House Oversight Committee has already assembled an impressive stack of bank records tracing the journeys of various multi-million-dollar payments — for no particular services rendered — through an unholy host of shell companies and is now rumored to be compiling records of previously hidden Biden family offshore bank accounts in places such as the Cayman Islands and Panama.

Biden Family foot-soldier Devon Archer is scheduled for a deposition this coming Monday, and since he was thrown under the bus by Hunter on a federal bond fraud rap a few years back, there is every expectation that he will unload a dumpster of ripe trouble on his former intimates. However, Monday is also the last day before the legislature’s summer recess, which means not much of anything may happen to advance any of these matters until early September — and then it is possible that all hell busts loose for the republic as we enter the traditional season of hurricanes and financial fiascos, not to mention what looks like a mounting acknowledgement that our Ukraine proxy war project has utterly failed… and this overhanging threat of impeachment hearings.

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It’s all they have…

Ukraine Counteroffensive Keeps Repeating Same Insane Mistakes (Scott Ritter)

When the current Ukrainian counteroffensive was first conceived, back in the fall of 2022, Ukraine was coming off a case study in persistence that had, in fact, paid off—a successful counteroffensive that had succeeded in pushing Russian forces out of the Kharkov region, and which recaptured the right bank of Kherson Oblast, including the city of Kherson. This success was facilitated by the provision by NATO of tens of billions of dollars’ worth of military equipment and training, along with operational planning support informed by NATO intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance resources. When the fall counteroffensive ran its course, the Ukrainian’s and their NATO masters turned to the task of building a new Ukrainian army to replace the one that had shed its blood in Kharkov and Kherson, a new Ukrainian army which would seek to resume offensive operations in the spring of 2023.

zone of operations and advance 84 kilometers to the city of Melitopol, control of which, Zaluzhny stated, “would give us a full fire control of the land corridor [connecting the Crimean peninsula to the Donbass and Russia], because from Melitopol we can already fire at the Crimean Isthmus.” Zaluzhny, expressing confidence derived from recent battlefield success, declared “I know that I can beat this enemy,” before adding a caveat: “But I need resources.” Zaluzhny said that “I can calculate, based on the task at hand, what kind of resource is needed to build combat capability,” before citing numbers: “I need 300 tanks, 600-700 infantry fighting vehicles, 500 Howitzers.” Zaluzhny was quick to note, “I’m not talking about F-16s right now.” But he did say he needed artillery ammunition—lots of it. And he stated that NATO was unable to meet this need.

Zaluzhny got the equipment he was looking for. His forces were dispatched to NATO nations for training, while his battleplans were closely coordinated with Ukraine’s NATO partners. Select Ukrainian units were dispatched to Grafenwoehr, Germany, where they were provided with a five-week course taught by US instructors that focused on how to effectively conduct company- and battalion-size combined-arms operations integrating artillery, armor and infantry forces.Zaluzhny’s objective was the city of Melitopol. To get there, the Ukrainian army needed to breach Russian defenses which had been prepared for months. Ukrainian commanders and their NATO partners believed that they key to victory was to pit well-trained, well-equipped, and highly motivated Ukrainian forces up against Russian troops whose training and moral were deemed inferior and who, it subjected to the full weight of the Ukrainian attack, would break and run.

In January 2023, Ukrainian forces began probing the Russian defenses, looking for the weakest point that would then be turned into the focal point of their assault. Near the village of Robotino, in Zaporozhye, they believed they found it—a seam between the 291stMotorized Rifle Regiment (MRR) and the 70th MRR of the 42ndGuard Motorized Rifle Division. NATO picked its two best-trained and best equipped Ukrainian brigades—the 33rd, which operated the US-made M-2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicle, and the 47th, which was equipped with German-made Leopard main battle tanks. Both brigades had been trained by the US in combined arms tactics, which they were tasked with employing with full force along the seam between the 291st MRR and the 70th MRR. The Ukrainian soldiers were led to believe that the Russian troops assigned to these tow units would run away or surrender at the first sign of serious fighting.

The Ukrainian attack began on June 8, 2023, striking towards the Russian defenses in and around the village of Robotino. Within hours it was clear to all involved that the expectations of the Ukrainian and NATO commanders did not match the reality on the ground—the Russian soldiers manning the Robotino defenses held fast, a by-product of good training, outstanding leadership, sound tactics, and adequate equipment.

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Well, “alive”…

Western Money Keeps Ukraine Alive – Orban (RT)

Ukraine is not a fully sovereign country, since it depends on Western donations to fund government spending, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has argued. And it’s the US that determines whether that aid will continue, he believes. “The Americans can pull out a lot of money with all sorts of financial manipulations, but the euro is a different story, it’s not suited for that,” Orban said on Friday, in an interview with Kossuth radio. While it is true that Ukrainians have suffered most from the hostilities, the premier added, the country’s dependence means that the conflict cannot be called Ukrainian. A nation that cannot pay its expenses cedes sovereignty to donors, he stated. “The Ukrainians have run out of strength. The only thing keeping Ukraine alive is Western money,” the PM stated.

Brussels now cannot deliver on its obligations to its member states, including Hungary, the country’s leader claimed, calling the bloc’s support of Kiev one of the factors behind the financial shortfall. Orban expects that a shift in Washington may occur next year, amid the upcoming presidential election. In Europe, public opinion is putting pressure on politicians to seek peace, because “in a democracy the will of the people and the policies of the leadership cannot be that much at odds with each other in the long term.” He reiterated Budapest’s support for peace talks. The EU had lost an opportunity to “localize” the ongoing conflict the way former German Chancellor Angela Merkel did with the previous crisis in 2014, he claimed.

Members of the 27-nation bloc suffered economically after going along with the US-led campaign to punish Russia with sanctions over the Ukraine conflict, a fact that Budapest consistently raises. In 2014, a Western-backed armed coup in Kiev deposed Ukraine’s democratically elected government and empowered nationalist forces. People in Crimea then voted in a referendum to break away from Ukraine and rejoin Russia, while those living in Donbass demanded significant autonomy. Kiev reacted by sending its military to quash what it saw as a rebellion in the east, but failed. Merkel helped negotiate the so-called Minsk Agreements, which proposed a road to peaceful reintegration of Donbass into Ukraine. She has since admitted that the never-implemented deal was, in reality, meant to buy time for Ukraine to build up its armed forces with Western help.

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“community of colonies.”

US’ Colonies In Europe Are Called NATO – Zakharova (RT)

European nations used to be colonial overlords but now they’ve become colonial underlings of the US, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has claimed. The senior diplomat brought up Europe’s colonialist past, speaking exclusively to RT on Friday on the sidelines of the Russia-Africa summit in St. Petersburg. Colonialism, she stated, is in the bones of Western civilization. “For centuries the Western world formed around one simple and terrifying thought: that they are exceptional because they are strong,” she said. “They have no need to justify anything, they must simply reap the benefits of aggressive exploitation of the planet. That is their collective reasoning.” The US subjugation of North America and other lands followed the same colonialist pattern, the Russian official added.

However, the decolonization process has significantly progressed and now former European colonies in Africa, Asia and Latin America not only have formal attributes of statehood, but also have the strength and courage to pursue sovereign policies, Zakharova said. And African leaders came to the forum in Russia in defiance of Western pressure and threats, she pointed out. While former colonies are defending their independence, some of their former European overlords went in the opposite direction, Zakharova claimed. Members of the EU “have lost their sovereignty and subjected themselves to the will of Washington and, to some extent … London.”

“They truly became colonies, colonies of the US. This community of colonies is named NATO,” she said. And, according to Zakharova, the US is now willing to drive even more nations into this “community of colonies.” Western Europe is no longer enough for Washington, “they have already set their sights on Asia and other regions,” the diplomat added. “Everyone understands this very well.” Moscow has long perceived the bloc’s eastward expansion as a major threat to its national security. Senior officials, including President Vladimir Putin, have repeatedly cited Ukraine’s NATO aspirations as one of the factors that led to Russia’s escalation of a years-long conflict to military action against its neighbor.

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Not sure “charismatic” is the best translation.

West No Longer Has Charismatic Leaders – Zakharova (RT)

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has claimed Western powers are seeing a decline in leadership standards, with politicians following selfish motives rather than serving the public good. “There are no more charismatic politicians who can lead the people and rally for creative goals, help them overcome difficulties and reach new levels,” the diplomat said in an exclusive interview with RT on Friday, referring to EU countries and the West in general. “Clowns” who impress the public with “eccentric, shocking, outrageous” acts have taken the place of the true leaders of the past, she argued, describing others as spokespeople for bureaucracies, with a low level of competence.

Modern Western politicians are propped up by media craftsmen, who promote an “image, that one puts on like a fancy costume” instead of highlighting a politician’s nature, while many elected officials have become pure lobbyists for the elites, with nothing to offer their people, she claimed. Zakharova believes that governance problems in the West are down to the selfish motives of those going into politics. “A person obsessed with becoming richer, more famous and powerful… loses what was given to them,” she argued.

Meanwhile in the East and the Global South, there are leaders with more selfless motivations, who are given more power as their nations grow stronger, Zakharova noted. She was speaking on the sidelines of the Russia-Africa Summit in St. Petersburg. “One man from the Global South changed the course of the history of the entire world. His name was Jesus Christ,” Zakharova said, calling Jesus “the example one should follow, a man who was ready to totally change the world for the sake of creation, not destruction.” The Foreign Ministry spokewoman went on to predict that the ideology dominating the West will crumble, as selfish individuals can only enjoy temporary success.

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They know.

Neutral Status For Ukraine ‘Fundamental’ To Russia – Putin (RT)

Kiev becoming a member of NATO is an existential threat to Russian national security and will not be tolerated, Russian President Vladimir Putin told representatives of several African countries on Friday. In the document that ushered in Ukraine’s independence from the Soviet Union, “it is written in black and white that Ukraine is a neutral state,” Putin reminded the visiting African leaders, during the public part of their meeting in St. Petersburg. The president was referring to the 1990 declaration proclaiming Soviet Ukraine a sovereign state that would strive to become “a permanently neutral country.” “This is of fundamental importance. Why the West began to drag Ukraine into NATO is not very clear to us. But this created, in our opinion, a fundamental threat to our security,” Putin added.

“We cannot accept the advance towards our borders of military infrastructure of a bloc that is de facto hostile to us.” Putin and several members of the African Union peace mission met to discuss the Ukraine conflict, after the two-day Russia-Africa summit attended by representatives of 49 states from the continent. While Russia has always said it is ready to negotiate an end to hostilities, Kiev has passed a law prohibiting talks with Moscow and reneged on the agreement negotiated in March 2022 in Istanbul, Putin stated. According to Putin, during last year’s meeting in Türkiye, the Ukrainian delegation initially agreed to sign a neutrality pact that would also cap Ukraine’s heavy weapons and hardware. However, the preliminary deal had been “thrown out” shortly afterward, the Russian leader said earlier this year.

Ukrainian officials walked away from negotiations after accusing the Russian military of atrocities in Bucha and other areas around the country’s capital. Moscow had denied that its troops were killing civilians. Kiev later argued that meaningful negotiations cannot commence until Moscow surrenders Crimea and four other territories that voted to leave Ukraine and become parts of Russia. Moscow repeatedly stressed that it was impossible.Speaking on Friday, the Russian president repeated his long-standing position that the current crisis was caused by the 2014 “anti-constitutional, armed, bloody coup” in Kiev, carried out with “active support” of the US and other Western governments. Following the coup, Crimea organized a referendum to join Russia. Kiev sent the military and nationalist militias to crush dissent in Odessa and Kharkov regions, but ran into resistance in Donetsk and Lugansk, which would declare independence later that year.

The 2015 Minsk Agreements envisioned a process by which the two regions could return to Ukraine with guarantees of autonomy, but Kiev never implemented it. Former German leader Angela Merkel claimed last December that the Minsk process was only a play for time by the West to arm Ukraine for a war against Russia. Former president of France, Francois Hollande, seconded Merkel’s interpretation. As part of the African Peace Initiative, leaders of seven countries from the continent visited Ukraine and Russia in mid-June. Though Moscow expressed interest in exploring the African proposal further, Kiev has insisted that only its “peace formula” – a ten-point plan amounting to Russia’s unconditional surrender – would be acceptable to Ukraine.

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BRICS Payment System Will Replace SWIFT In New ‘Non-Western World’ (RT)

The unipolar world is collapsing and a multipolar world is being formed with the participation of Africa, where a newly-minted middle-class will drive consumer demand in the near future, the head of the Coordinating Committee for Economic Cooperation with African Countries (AFROCOM), Igor Morozov told RT on Friday. Last year alone, 19 African countries applied for BRICS membership because they wanted completely new economic relations, Morozov revealed on the sidelines of the Russia-Africa summit. After the US and the EU seized Russia’s forex reserves, the world realized that it is not only a “political weapon,” but an instrument of financial pressure on the external and internal policy of any country and any continent, according to Morozov. The US dollar has been weaponized, which is why nations will gradually move away from using it in trade and the BRICS payment system will replace the SWIFT financial messaging network in a “new non-Western world.”

“African leaders are also concerned about further use of the dollar and euro. In this regard, the number of countries wishing to join BRICS is growing rapidly, because this is an alternative payment system that is due to emerge within half a year,” he said. BRICS is pushing towards trade in national currencies and has begun efforts to establish a joint payment network to cut off reliance on the Western financial system, particularly the dollar. Russian trade ties with African countries have been strengthening in recent years and there’s more room for growth, including through free-trade zones that are actively developing in African countries, Morozov noted.

“We are ready and we will supply annually through humanitarian aid everything that we have in the agro-industrial complex. Our tractors, aggregates, mineral fertilizers and technologies. We’ve achieved amazing results in ten years and we want to share this experience with our African partners,” he stated.He added that Russia would “do everything” to ensure the African economy has a future with access to innovative technologies.

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    Giuseppe Sanmartino The veiled Christ (Christo velato) 1753   • Joe: Pardon Hunter And Withdraw From The 2024 Election (Turley) • No, The Truth A
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    I wish people would stop talking about Biden’s reelection chances. How can he be reelected when he wasn’t elected the first time? He was installed. And he can be reinstalled because these people have no shame. In fact, the more blatant they can be about their crimes, the more empowered they feel to get away with even more.

    If Biden does get replaced, will it be with Federman or can they find a good horse?

    Dr. D

    “”We Shouldn’t Have Done It”: Facebook Exec Admitted They Censored For Biden Regime

    I’m sorry your Honor: I FORGOT, destroying all human rights, was illegal. What? The fascism was illegal too??

    Aw, man what is my wife going to say except “Honey, I’m so proud”?

    “Pentagon Approves Hazard Pay For US Troops In Ukraine,

    Constant escalation. We have troops in Ukraine. But they’re watching the cluster bombs I guess? Which are a war crime. And you know what they calls those tanks, right? “It’s called WWIII, people” – Joe Biden.

    “Ex-Mossad Chief: Netanyahu Government Worse Than Ku Klux Klan

    They are a violent, genocidal, apartheid state after all. And Saudi and Jordan like it that way! They could also help the Palestinians for the last 80 years, but won’t.

    “That the F-35 has been under development since 1994”

    So not only does it not work, it’s a Gen3 plane when Russia is releasing Gen6? Can’t let it go.

    “Exploding E-Bikes: Lithium Battery Fires Spread In New York And California
    As of this week, there have been 131 fires, 76 injuries, and 13 deaths caused by these Lithium-ion batteries…”

    Not breaking gracefully. Imagine if there had been 131 shootings, 76 injuries, and 13 deaths… The only thing that comes close that that number of deaths is Doctors.

    “Luke, Luke, tell us what it is. You cannot report the case being “A,” then the case being “not–A,” and then return to reporting “A.”

    I say every day, so clearly they can. Orwell told us they could, in 1946. No one here in America believed them, so we had to try it ourselves. “It CAN happen here” — Lewis Sinclair

    More to the point of Biden, these guys live in an air tight fart bubble. But that has other consequences. THEY have rules, and we don’t even comprehend what t.f. those rules are since they defy all evidence and logic. Therefore, CBS airs the Biden whistleblower. Whut? TheGuardian reveals Navy Biden (meta-context: don’t talk about this anymore) the POST reveals the docs, the same docs WE HAD ALREADY. Along with the Epstein flight list. Meanwhile The View denies all.

    See what I mean? According to THEIR, fake, made-up rules, “We” can’t “know” or discuss unless one of “We” publishes something for “Us” (in D.C.). It’s not “real” until then. And “We” can’t “Impeach” unless “We” go through a tedious process of counting heads and deciding amongst ourselves if “Reality” is “Real” today. On this subject.

    Meanwhile, the usual spin, that is, limited hangouts, diversions, Rah-rah candidate kisses babies (on the mouth, with tongue) all come out in THEIR circle-jerk of unreality.

    We all just watch it in jaw-dropping disbelief like Caesar Flickerman.


    • Ukraine Counteroffensive Keeps Repeating Same Insane Mistakes (Scott Ritter)

    Ve have ze plan. Ve vill follow ze Plan…

    Ukraine is not no longer a fully sovereign country, since it depends on Western donations to fund government spending,” Since the accepted an illegal interanational coup for $6B dollars. Wot a surprise! Nations that are publicly toppled by other nations aren’t independent? When did this start? Apparently no one notices and does their job for them: Abercayan24 puts “Toppled in coup” in quotes. No, really: they said it. With their mouths. On camera. No need for quotes. Illegal. Coup. UN. Warcrime.

    “In Europe, public opinion is putting pressure on politicians to seek peace, because “in a democracy the will of the people and the policies of the leadership cannot be that much at odds with each other in the long term.”

    Hearty har har. However, the “peace” is NATO’s unconditional surrender and the loss of $100B in IMF loans not repaid. Why should the Russians do less? To give NATO time to get another army, army #4? #FailArmy

    “The unipolar world is collapsing and a multipolar world is being formed with the participation of Africa, where a newly-minted middle-class will drive consumer demand”

    Think of it as a “wealth pump”. If they shut off the wealth pump, or if Africa uses that wealth themselves first, then roughly speaking, the West will NOT receive the wealth pump, and THEY will not use that wealth first. (Noting that Capitalism allows BOTH parties to be wealthy, but this is not allowed under our present system that believes 200-year discredited pin-headed non-science like Malthus)

    So it’s an existential threat to the West, and one they’ve already prepared for (eet ze bugs) via a social credit score. All the GOOD people (my lying, cheating friends) will be allowed their usual standard of living while BlackRock will look at the rental records and evict BAD Twitter-posters out on the streets. Brooklyn will have currency that functions, but Gary will have a currency that expires into perfect inflation every 6 months if you don’t spend it LIKE YOU’RE TOLD. …For the greater good of all, of course.

    It’s a war, but as they can’t admit the open, offensive war, they can’t admit the worldwide, extensive rationing. Because they’re lying weasels who want everything for themselves, this doesn’t bother them at all and they just Make s—t Up to justify it. Whatever dumb s—t the people will believe, they’ll just say. So “Climate” it is, I guess.

    Funny story: Same nation who release the most CO2/Methane in the history of the Universe — Germany — also passed a law to outlaw furnaces. Like NY, who is the other epicenter of active, offensive war and invasion of Russia in search of their natural gas, they outlawed gas appliances. Yes, the cleanest, most efficient fuel ever found. Cleaner than solar, obviously, which is the most energy-intensive, pollutive, rare-earth, unrecyclable industry on the planet.

    Anyhoo, Germany was all required to put in heat pumps instead. You know, running on all that nuclear energy they don’t have and shut down bc they pre-planned a shooting war with Russia and didn’t want them lit up at the time. But like all environmentalists, and indeed all mandates, it does the exact #Opposite of environment and efficiency. And even war, oddly.

    HEAT PUMPS ARE AIR CONDITIONERS, you fools, and therefore forcing them to be installed would cause Germany to use MORE energy than ever, as right now Germany basically doesn’t have any air conditioning. And A/C is el mas grande, le plus maximum energy use in e.g. the United States, taking down the (failing, intentionally-unrepaired) grid regularly.

    Go Germany! Go Green! That’s the kind of engineering prowess they were made famous for! Must be all the Gender studies companies aren’t hiring so they went into Industry.

    #AntiEnvornomental #AntiLife to the Core. And! Didn’t notice! Yet. Like NY, they’re still at it! Can’t stop/won’t stop. (Until everyone is DEAD).

    I guess that actually does lead into the next article: not “Intelligence”, SUPER Intelligence!

    Essay, “Superintelligence: The Idea That Eats Smart People” https://idlewords.com/talks/superintelligence.htm

    Extensive run down on why AI is stupid, no one’s even bothering to think about it clearly, and why all the lecturers and thinkers on it seem to be that way. As I said, they can’t even define “Intelligence” much less “Artificial Intelligence”. Short case: It’s somehow a religion to people who are opposed to religion, and these are the Angels of their Rapture. (Singularity). They will be lifted to heaven (Mars) and become Immortal in their super bodies. Same serpent’s promise as the last 6,000 years. Come with me and “Ye surely shall not die”.

    Obviously the dumbest, least-intelligent, least Scientific thing ever thought of. They’re going to issue tomes of research into how non-intelligent, non-scientific the “Modern” West was, eclipsing Aztecs ripping hearts so the sun will rise, and the Dark Ages of Superstition, sacrificing to a pantheon of invisible gods, such that even Cave Men will be considered wildly smarter and more practical engineers and biologists than we are. …At least they knew was a woman was. And for.




    The Key in Life

    Amen brother



    “For centuries the Western world formed around one simple and terrifying thought: that they are exceptional because they are strong,” – “They have no need to justify anything, they must simply reap the benefits of aggressive exploitation of the planet. That is their collective reasoning.” Zakharova

    who is winning the media war? Hearts and Minds?
    Coalition of the Willing – remember that gem?
    Looking at things from a certain frame of reference the schismatics and heretics are the western Christian denominations. Flip Wilson had it right years ago, “The devil made me do it”.

    Mister Roboto

    I just posted a link on Facebook to the Patrick Lawrence article with the comment, “A lot of people aren’t going to like what will happen on November 5, 2024 if Joe Biden remains as the Democratic nominee.”


    TAE is telling everyone.
    I’m sure that the following info, (who is the good guys and the bad guys), is known by NATO and USA

    Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks with African leaders in St. Petersburg, July 28, 2023.

    “… meaningful negotiations cannot commence until Moscow surrenders Crimea and four other territories that voted to leave Ukraine and become parts of Russia. Moscow repeatedly stressed that it was impossible. Speaking on Friday, the Russian president repeated his long-standing position that the current crisis was caused by the 2014 “anti-constitutional, armed, bloody coup” in Kiev, carried out with “active support” of the US and other Western governments. Following the coup, Crimea organized a referendum to join Russia. Kiev sent the military and nationalist militias to crush dissent in Odessa and Kharkov regions, but ran into resistance in Donetsk and Lugansk, which would declare independence later that year.

    The 2015 Minsk Agreements envisioned a process by which the two regions could return to Ukraine with guarantees of autonomy, but Kiev never implemented it. “

    D Benton Smith


    “Airtight fart bubble”

    That gets the Golden Buzzer. All other contestants can go home. The English language has been enriched, and just in the nick of time.

    D Benton Smith

    About this UFO/UAP thing.

    If the object in question is actually KNOWN then the person who calls it a UFO is not a lunatic. They’re a liar.

    And that lie (not the object) is the more important of the two topics and should therefore be the focus of any investigation.

    People deliberately LYING about the existence, or the non existence, of extraterrestrial intelligence’s interaction with humans, is absolutely more of a clear and present danger to our collective welfare than any so-called “aliens”.

    We’re talking about persons entrusted and empowered with life & death authority over OUR life & death. If any of them are LYING about matters that directly determine our ability to live, then it’s pretty damned obvious that it is THEM who pose the greater and more immediate risk to life and limb than mere topics of speculation.

    In other words, aliens on Earth (if such exist) , at the very worst, MIGHT get us killed, but self-serving LIARS in charge of our life will CERTAINLY get us killed (or worse.)

    Post Script: Has anyone notice any of the “usual suspects” showing their ugly mugs in this matter, and if so what sort of position and purpose are they taking? Yeah, exactly. Enrichment, empowerment, and maliciously authoritarian violent intent. About what one would expect.

    It’s high time we held their feet to the fire, and if that don’t work just keep sliding.

    D Benton Smith

    This world has been called a cesspool of lies, and there is ample justification for such a condemnation, but in fact it is not a cesspool of lies. It is a MARKETPLACE of lies.

    It’s an open bazar in which absolutely anything everything , both fair and foul can be bought, sold, swapped and negotiated into contractual arrangements of Byzantine complexity.

    It’s all up for grabs. Lies & Truths, Loyalties and Betrayals, Good Deeds and Dirty. You name it, and there’s some hustler or saint out there who you can cut the deal with.

    Being prosecuted for high crimes and some false testimony and lapsed memory to get off the hook? No problem. Tell ya what, cough up some some loyalty, a charitable donation and throw in a trafficked human to sweeten the deal and I’ll swear on a stack of Bibles to any damned lie or memory lapse that you want!

    Here’s what I mean to say, in no cute or uncertain terms. All that damned LYING has got to stop. That Marketplace of Lies has to be cleaned up, pronto, or we’re goners.

    Lies and deceptions of all kinds are far far FAR more destructive than is being admitted.

    We have given TONS of power, and authority, and guns, missiles and bombs to folks who MAKE THEIR LIVING by lying to us and keeping secrets. How does that seem to be working out?

    There is no such thing as a good lie. It’s just a lie. Simple. And it’s a bad thing. Period. There is no such thing as an honest secret. It is just a hidden truth. Simple. And it’s a bad thing, too, full stop.

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. It’s another one of those damn “balancing acts”. What I’m SAYING is that it STOPS being a “balancing act” when the intention of the act is to do away with all possibility of balance and go full scale evil, and that STARTS with a lie, white as the driven snow of course.


    On Safari, for TAE one gets scuzzy ads, and *worse* after clicking on say about half the links, I didn’t try to figure it out, I’m not that internet savvy. On Firefox with ++ ad blockers, OK, but for me the site doesn’t work well. Long load…some pix don’t show… who knows…


    what’s happened to TAE? Has it been hacked by ad garbage? almost impossible to read now without offensive ads.


    If ole Joe meets with Navy, I hope her mom doesn’t let her get close to him.


    Oroboros yesterday:
    “Received this from a source in Washington. This pediatric clinic revokes parents’ access to their kid’s medical records when the kid turns 13, and says kids can make their own medical decisions.”

    Yes, this has been going on for quite some time — at least 5 years or more. I lost access to my son’s portal with the children’s hospital when he was 13. He has behavioral problems and despite his raw intelligence, which is solid, he is immature in many other areas. At age 13 I was of the opinion that it not beneficial for him to understand that he needed to grant his parent access to his online medical records. It would not have helped his overall demeanor. Therefore, we have not used the portal since then.

    When the boys were 13, the medical items that teens could restrict parents from knowing about were minimal. However, it appears that this is expanding: https://az.childrenshealthdefense.org/healthcare/child-health/parental-access-to-medical-records-for-children-12-and-older/

    Last month at the annual exam for my 15 year old daughter, the provider had me leave for a few minutes so that she could talk to my daughter alone. This bothered me….but I was in the hall and the insulation wasn’t acoustically sound—With little effort I could follow the conversation. And, because my daughter is who she is, later in the car my daughter complained about the confidential bit, reporting to me about the questions, and explained that she didn’t like the provider at all—the provider had failed to earn my daughter’s trust and therefore my daughter would tell her nothing. Unsurprising…the provider tried early in the visit to guilt my daughter for not being vigilant enough in her tooth care, and from that moment on the provider had burned all bridges with my daughter, lol. So they want to treat teens as adults when it comes to confidentiality, but at the same time treating them as little children when it comes to dental care — quixotic.

    I’d switch providers for that and other issues…but that would involve agreement with my ex, and these annoyances do not negatively affect the children and aren’t worth the effort of wrangling with their father.

    Also…these changes seem to be on unsteady legal ground. Although teens have to grant electronic portal access to parents, legally parents have access to medical records with the same very few exceptions…which is why my daughter cannot obtain psychotherapy, as her father would have to agree to it and would have access to the records. (Teens Psychotherapy records are not able to be shielded from parents in AZ.)

    In Arizona, a minor is not considered the client; the parent(s) is/ are. -https://eastvalleytraumacounseling.com/treating-adolescents/treating-a-minor-in-arizona/

    D Benton Smith

    I’m pretty sure TAE is being proactively hacked in real time. It has blocked TWO of my posts for no good reason other than verboten content.

    D Benton Smith

    I’ll give it one more try before flipping over into Full Paranoia Mode.

    Maybe the problem is too many links. I was pasted 10 links. This time I’ll try cutting it back to 2 at a time.

    Here is some of the most recent best stuff of Dr. Steven Greer, who is sort of the de facto lead man on the “UFO Disclosure” thing. It’s listed below in the form of 10 short video clips, listed out 2 at a time.

    So who is this guy Greer? That’s a good question. Here is the answer. Listen to all 10 of the clips (they’re all very short) if you’re interested in knowing whether he is trustworthy or not.

    On the other hand, if you believe that the UFO Disclosure thing is so pure hokum that you don’t even need to check it out, then so be it. I wish you the best of luck because, brother, you’re going to need it.

    Very easy listening, and an EXCELLENT interviewer. here is clip 1 & 2 (out of 10 total)

    part 1) https://youtu.be/pSV3Xo5kVA4

    part 2) https://youtu.be/PocUwtPdroo

    D Benton Smith

    More Greer clips, #3 & #4 (out of 10).

    part 3) https://youtu.be/3Xv_7Qo4pYE

    part 4) https://youtu.be/ywwmFB126iI

    D Benton Smith

    And Greer interview short clips #5 and 6, out of 10 total

    D Benton Smith

    and Greer interview clip 7 & 8

    D Benton Smith

    And finally clips 9 and 10.

    part 9) https://youtu.be/yQIyqhqpNAs

    part 10) https://youtu.be/KcLkZ9RFKAw

    Well, there. That seemed to work good enough. I will notify my psychiatrist immediately to cancel that 5150 he called in, or at least take it off the hot list.

    D Benton Smith

    Or maybe not. I notice that clips 5,6,7 & 8 got excised. No bother, you’ve got enough good URL’s and can now find the others if you want them.

    D Benton Smith

    Here’s a bonus. Part 11 just got posted half an hour ago. Already a few thousand views (djvlad channel has 5.5 million subscribers). Enjoy :


    I still have this issue of parents not having access to teen’s medical portals rolling around in my head.

    • This is not being driven by state law. This is state law:
    Appendix B: Arizona Revised Statute 26-2272
    36-2272. Consent of parent required for mental health screening or treatment of minors; exception; violation; classification;
    A. Except as otherwise provided by law or a court order, no person, corporation, association, organization or state-supported
    institution, or any individual employed by any of these entities, may procure, solicit to perform, arrange for the performance
    of or perform mental health screening in a nonclinical setting or mental health treatment on a minor without first obtaining the
    written or oral consent of a parent or a legal custodian of the minor child. If the parental consent is given through telemedicine,
    the health professional must verify the parent’s identity at the site where the consent is given.
    B. This section does not apply when an emergency exists that requires a person to perform mental health screening or
    provide mental health treatment to prevent serious injury to or save the life of a minor child.
    C. A person who violates this section is guilty of a class 1 misdemeanor.
    D. For the purposes of this section, “parent” means the parent or legal guardian of a minor child.

    • The pamphlet is put out by the Arizona Medical Association. After the covid issues, we know that these medical associations all appear to be in the pocket of some sort of superior force of will, some sort of totalitarian-flavored dystopic mythos.
    • The pamphlet was put out in 2018 – before the gender hysteria reached its current heights, suggesting that this has been in the works for quite some time.

    Here’s the thing:
    Teens, although often very competent in some areas of life (with a great deal of individual variation), are not typically sufficiently competent in our complex societies to avoid being hoodwinked and manipulated by those who wish to do so. (For that matter, they are not magically able to do this well at age 18, however, that is the legal age of adulthood.) Parents are by virtue of the law and by tradition obligated to look out for the welfare and well-being of their children, including teens up to age 18. While there are some parents who don’t do this well, and others who neglect this duty or violate it, abusing their children, there is no natural surrogate for this responsibility. Also, in the case of children whose parents are neglectful or abusive, they have already had one (or two) of the natural authoritative figures in their lives violate their duty, which means that such children often fixate on authority figures either too easily or with great reluctance. Children that fixate on authority figures too easily are easily manipulated; children who respect authorities with great reluctance often avoid sources where otherwise they might have obtained aid. Teens whose parents are problematic may seek out other trustworthy adults – but doing so must be on the teen’s own terms, who is trustes cannot be mandated by law nor by the Arizona Medical Association.

    In the case of my own daughter, her father destroyed her trust in authorities at a very young age, and once the court mandated that the kids spend more than six hours a week with their father, he denigrated me in front of the children with his expanded access, causing her to sabotage her relationship with me as well. I have regained her trust, but it took years before she and I rebuilt that trust relationship. The idea that my daughter – or any child who has responded to a mis-behaving parent as she has – would suddenly trust some sort of medical or behavioral health professional proffering “confidential” services is ridiculous. It’s even more ridiculous in light of Arizona law that says that a teen cannot receive “confidential” care without parental consent! And Arizona law says that parents can pull the records for such care.

    Teens are open to manipulation, due to their lack of maturity. Parents are a bulwark to block and prevent others from manipulating their teens. Removing parents from the equation opens up all teens to manipulation by other adults and other entities and social forces.

    Hm. My daughter will be getting two more annual exams before she is 18. My sons will be getting one each. The next time I go to one of these exams I’m going to bring a copy of the relevant Arizona statute and decline the confidential interview. (The provider was asking about my teen’s sexual orientation for goodness sakes!) It is my legal right to do so and there is no reason to subject my teens to this intrusive interview. (And, okay, I’m going to enjoy declining it—very politely.)

    D Benton Smith


    I enjoyed and admire the reasoning and conclusions expressed in your comment #140209. It should be made a part of a Parent’s Duties Manual. And there’s no reason to abandon those duties after age 18, either. I learned plenty of important things from my parents and grand parents up to and beyond their passing.



    Thanks for the update on juvenile medical records land.

    I am not exposed to this world at this point in life.

    I know 18 is an age number, set many moons ago, where juveniles turn into ‘adults and it’s debateable what the number should be.

    18 is when you can be a soldier and go to war. Same age for voting now and jury duty

    Oddly enough you are not eligible to serve as a juror in Mississippi and SC if you are over 65

    In Hawaii, Maine and S Dakota, you can be called up to 80!

    So on the upper end, there is a 15 year spread on considering you an ‘adult’

    The lower end seems to be 18 years old pretty universally for ‘adulthood’.

    How about a ‘situational awareness test’, better than an IQ test to weed the wheat from the chaff ;>)



    Marxist Kitties

    “From each according to their ability, to each according to their needs”

    D Benton Smith

    I was Cat #3 for most of my life, and have only lately (very late, it seems) moved up to cat #2. My goal is to become Cat #1 before check-out time.


    NOTE: I had successfully posted this, saw it show up in the thread, edited it to add a link, and it deleted my post, retroactively blocking me. HAHAHA!!!!

    Following is a CalTrans CHP report. There are a few of these (full burn) per day. IIRC, the unibody of these BMWs is aluminum. So the lithium burns, then ignites the aluminum?

    Bold is mine, order is date descending (new at top).

    CHP Incident 230729FR00206

    Jul 29 2023 10:58AM
    1179-Trfc Collision-1141 Enrt
    I5 S / KK LINE

    Jul 29 2023 12:55PM [79] [CHP] has closed their incident [230729BF00128]
    Jul 29 2023 12:31PM [78] [Rotation Request Comment] 1039 JandD TOWING KETTLEMAN **(XXX) XXX-XXXX** [Shared]
    Jul 29 2023 12:29PM [76] A88-003 40-50FT OFF RDWY FOR 1185 [Shared]
    Jul 29 2023 12:29PM [75] A88-003 START 1185 FB FOR COMPLETE BURN [Shared]
    Jul 29 2023 12:24PM [72] 88-S3 ADV CT LANES OPEN [Shared]
    Jul 29 2023 12:22PM [71] 88-S3 SMOKE NEG 1125 REOPENING #2 LN [Shared]
    Jul 29 2023 11:50AM [63] 88-3 ADVSD WAS #2 LANE AND THEY ARE 97 [Shared]
    Jul 29 2023 11:48AM [62] [Notification] [CHP]-CAN UNIT ADVISED IF #2 LANE IS CLOSED OR SHOULDER, THERE IS NOT A #3 LANE AT THIS SECTION [Shared]
    Jul 29 2023 11:36AM [61] A88-003 SHUTTING DOWN 3 LANE [Shared]
    Jul 29 2023 11:11AM [45] [Appended, 11:17:01] [19] KINGS CO FIRE IS ENRT
    Jul 29 2023 11:09AM [22] 1039 KINGS CO FIRE [Shared]
    Jul 29 2023 11:09AM [21] VEH IS FULLY ENGULFED [Shared]
    Jul 29 2023 11:08AM [20] BFCC PLZ BOL FOR WHI BMW SUV / CAUSED TC DUE TO HV AND 23103 / LS SB I5 JSO UTICA / NEG DMG [Shared]

    Jul 29 2023 11:08AM [35] [Appended, 11:17:01] [8] [Appended, 11:10:38] [1] ALL OCCUPS ARE OO THE VEH
    Jul 29 2023 11:06AM [18] RP STATES THET ARE OFF THE RHS
    Jul 29 2023 11:04AM [15] ALL SUBJS OO VEH
    Jul 29 2023 11:03AM [13] [Appended, 11:03:52] [1] BLK GMC TER VS BLU MAZ
    Jul 29 2023 11:01AM [7] NEG 1125
    Jul 29 2023 11:00AM [3] DRK SUV IS ON FIRE
    Jul 29 2023 11:00AM [2] WHI BMW SUV VS GRY MAZDA 3 VS DRK SUV
    Jul 29 2023 10:59AM [1] 3 VEHS INVLD

    Information courtesy of

    Last updated: 07/29/2023 1:22pm


    …and to supply the juice…

    Antelope Valley, west tip of Mojave Desert. Dry lake at right of image is Edwards AFB.

    Solar farms in Antelope Valley

    Full size image

    John Day

    Watching This Space https://drjohnsblog.substack.com/p/watching-this-space

    NASA-Founder and former WW-2 German Rocketry Chief, Wernher von Braun, with terminal cancer, spoke repeatedly in his final years, to Carol Rosin, who assisted him at work, about progressive justifications which the US government would present to the American people, to further the militarization of space.
    ​ Below is an excerpt from a video interview of Carol Rosin speaking about her mentor, Dr Wernher Von Braun. (See the full 33:53 minute video from the Sirius Disclosure YouTube channel below.)
    o “I met the late Dr Wernher Von Braun in early ’74, at that time Von Braun was dying of cancer, but he assured me that he would live a few more years in order to tell me about the game that was being played, that game being the effort to weaponize space, to control Earth from space and space itself.”
    o “What was most interesting to me was a repetitive sentence that he said to me over and over again… that was, the strategy that was being used to educate the public and decision makers, and the scare tactics, the spin that was being put on (as justification for our advanced) weapons system… (was based upon) …how we identify an enemy.”
    o “The enemy at first, (Von Braun) said, (to justify our) …space based weapons system… first the Russians are going to be considered the enemy… then terrorists would be identified… then we were going to identify third world crazies… The next enemy was asteroids… [and] against asteroids we’re going to build space based weapons.”
    o “And the funniest one of all was against what he called aliens, extraterrestrials. That would be the final card. And over, and over, and over during the four years that I knew him and was giving his speeches for him, he would bring up that last card. ‘And remember Carol, the last card is the alien card. We’re going to have to build space based weapons against aliens.’ And all of it, he said, is a lie.”

    Wilileaks Document Suggest That Wernher Von Braun Tried to Warn Us About a Fake Alien Invasion

    ​ In the advertising Hall of Fame, three of the all-time winning slogans are “Just do it”; “Where’s the beef?”; and “Good to the last drop”.
    ​ Three Ukrainian army soldiers and a military press officer from Kiev have pressed all three on the Financial Times of London, and they just hit the money, so to speak.
    ​ “Rather than dart across Russian minefields aiming to punch through enemy lines with Nato armour,” the newspaper is reporting, “Ukrainian forces have moved their focus to pounding Russian defensive positions with heavy artillery fire. Artillery gunners operating multiple-launch rocket systems and howitzers, some loaded with US-supplied cluster munitions, aim to clear pathways for small teams of sappers and infantry units. These troops then attempt to advance methodically on foot, moving forward one narrow tree line at a time in a select few spots along the 1,000-kilometre front line… The painstaking strategy has raised questions in western capitals about whether Ukraine will be able to maintain it for long, or produce the kind of military breakthrough that would bring Moscow to the negotiating table… But in the short term, the tactic has reduced Ukrainian losses. Casualties and the number of prized western battle tanks and infantry fighting vehicles lost in battle are down compared with the first two weeks of the counteroffensive, while Ukraine has made small but steady gains.” President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on Wednesday night praised ‘very good results’ on the frontline”, the newspaper added.
    ​ This is the advertising to keep the US, the NATO allies, and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) just doing it — continuing the $41.3 billion in military beef and $115 billion in cash to the last drop.


    Both Russians And Ukrainians Tried To Destroy The Command Centers. Military Summary For 2023.07.29​ (Less than10 minutes. Lots of information)

    John Day

    Attempting post with Russian links deactivated, already rejected, logged back in:

    ​Gilbert Doctorow, On the visit to North Korea of an RF Ministry of Defense delegation headed by Minister Shoigu.
    The Russian visit comes at the same time as a visiting delegation from the People’s Republic of China, all for the purpose of participating in the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the signing of the armistice that ended the Korean War. Both Russia and China had provided essential support to the North Korean side in that war…​
    ​..The Chinese are understandably shy about publicly restoring full-scale relations with North Korea lest they come in for punishing sanctions from the United States. However, Russia has nothing to lose and the visit was openly described by the Russian Foreign Ministry as seeking to raise the level of military and general cooperation.
    ​ Yes, no doubt there will be talks about Russian purchases of various weapons systems from North Korea that can be useful in pursuing the war in Ukraine. Among these systems identified by Russian analysts is a world-class air defense missile with 300 km range. But the real significance of the talks lies elsewhere: in adding North Korea to the strategic partnership that Russia already has with China and Iran for mutual security.

    Talking to Press TV (Iran) about Sergei Shoigu’s ongoing visit to North Korea

    ​Simplicius, Rumors of a New Russian Mobilization, and Other Interesting Things
    ​ To summarize, there is support in Russia for a larger mobilization to win the war in Ukraine, especially among Russian men. The draft age is extended from 18-27 to 18-30 years of age. The one year of military service & training is for everybody without an exemption, which remains the same.​ Those who have been called up are mainly specialists with years of military service and training Additionally 40,000 per month are walking-in to volunteer, mostly those with prior mandatory service-training, a “stealth mobilization”.
    One factor limiting mobilization has been the ability to equip and arm another army. This precondition is now satisfied, raising the question of yet another army, to allow conclusion of the war on Russian terms, while also deterring NATO from something like a Polish incursion to take Galicia, western Ukraine.
    North Korea may be willing and able to carry out a vast barter-trade with Russia, since North Korean munitions factories are capable of very high output of things like artillery shells. This would benefit North Korea and Russia. (Big smiles in pictures)

    ​ Poland intends to double the size of its army from three to six divisions in response to the deployment of Wagner troops in Belarus, Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak announced on Friday. His statement was also backed by Deputy Prime Minister Yaroslav Kaczynski.
    ​ Blaszczak said he had already signed a document increasing the number of active service members in the Polish Army from 172,000 to 300,000, and noted that the government was “consistently implementing this goal.”
    ​ He added that Warsaw also had plans to increase its defense spending to 4% of GDP.
    https://www.rt. com/news/580476-poland-double-army-wagner/

    ​ A transition to national currencies in bilateral trade between Africa and Russia would further boost cooperation between the two, which has seen rapid growth despite outside pressure, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Friday.​..
    ​..Speaking at a plenary session of the 2023 Russia-Africa Summit in St. Petersburg, Putin pointed to a “quite modest” current volume of trade and called for a “more energetic transition to settlements in national currencies” in a bid to boost both trade turnover and its diversification.
    ​ Russia and its trade partners among developing nations, including fellow BRICS members Brazil, China, India, and South Africa, have started to switch to alternative currencies in mutual trade, after sanctions effectively cut Moscow off from the Western financial system. A growing number of nations are expressing their support for the trend.
    https://www.rt. com/business/580446-national-currencies-russia-africa-putin/

    ​ The unipolar world is collapsing and a multipolar world is being formed with the participation of Africa, where a newly-minted middle-class will drive consumer demand in the near future, the head of the Coordinating Committee for Economic Cooperation with African Countries (AFROCOM), Igor Morozov told RT on Friday.
    ​ Last year alone, 19 African countries applied for BRICS membership because they wanted completely new economic relations, Morozov revealed on the sidelines of the Russia-Africa summit.
    ​ After the US and the EU seized Russia’s forex reserves, the world realized that it is not only a “political weapon,” but an instrument of financial pressure on the external and internal policy of any country and any continent, according to Morozov. The US dollar has been weaponized, which is why nations will gradually move away from using it in trade and the BRICS payment system will replace the SWIFT financial messaging network in a “new non-Western world.”
    ​ “African leaders are also concerned about further use of the dollar and euro. In this regard, the number of countries wishing to join BRICS is growing rapidly, because this is an alternative payment system that is due to emerge within half a year,” he said.
    https://www.rt. com/business/580405-africa-russia-brics-payment-system/

    John Day

    Failing to get links to upload.
    Pleaase look at the blog https://drjohnsblog.substack.com/p/watching-this-space

    John Day

    ​ According to Putin, Russia plans to increase exports of food and fertilizers, vehicles and industrial machinery to Africa. These commercial transactions will be increasingly settled in national currencies, including the ruble.
    ​ Moscow intends to send both commercial and humanitarian shipments of grain to “African friends,” the Russian president said. Moreover, Russia will assist in developing the energy industry to meet Africa’s growing demand. This will go beyond “traditional sources of energy” and into “innovative ones, implemented through our Rosatom,” the Russian nuclear energy corporation.
    ​ Last but not least, Russia will invest 1.2 billion rubles (around $13 million) through 2026 on a “large-scale program of assistance” to healthcare systems across Africa.
    https://www.rt. com/africa/580478-putin-russia-africa-summit-results/

    ​ Speaking at the Russia-Africa Summit in St. Petersburg, Putin said that the Russian government wrote off $23 billion in debt to African countries, and that Moscow is going to provide around $90 million as debt relief to these nations.​ [That would sure convince ME.]
    ​ Commenting on this event, Russian political scientist and HSE professor Dmitry Evstafiev told Sputnik that the colossal collective external debt of African countries ultimately does not impact the continent’s development, since most of these nations simply do not pay their debts….it seems unlikely that African countries were ever going to repay the debt that Russia ultimately decided to write off.
    “But we should shift towards financial-investment relations with African states, which would fit into the ‘investments and loans in exchange for permission to conduct economic activity’ formula,” Evstafiev suggested.
    ​ Washington’s Africa policy always relied on the presence of transnational companies whose focus on making a profit does not bode well for the social and economic development of African countries.
    ​ While China’s approach is “more democratic” than the one adopted by the US, it relies on “exterritorial economic activity” in African countries, with the areas where Chinese economic projects on the African continent are being conducted, for the lack of a better term, end up “removed from national sovereignty,” argued Evstafied.
    ​ Meanwhile, the approach announced by Vladimir Putin at the Russia-Africa Summit essentially amounts to Russia treating African countries as sovereign states.
    “It is about their development as the integrity of social-economic, social-political systems,” Evstafiev said, referring to the African countries Russia works with. “And in that regard, we have a serious competitive advantage over others.”
    https://sputnikglobe. com/20230728/why-forgiving-african-debts-could-be-positive-payoff-for-russia-1112228049.html

    Veracious Poet

    Hello fellow tax farm slaves!

    Are You Not Entertained? Are You Not Entertained? Is This Not Why You Are Here?

    Another day, another sortie of half-witted rhetoric spewed by duh! AGW religious faithful, who continue their twisted quest to proselytize TAE readers (now with AI malware chaos fomented to disarm Ad Blocker)!

    What fun!!!

    Veracious Poet

    Have you viewed your mandatory broadcast dose of Global Warming, LBGTQxyz, Russia! Russia! Russia! Trump!, white fascist privilege crimes, doublethink/doublestandard et al. presented by The Experts aka The Science?!?

    How’s your *evolved* newspeak aka woke-speak progressing?…

    Ready to surrender *all* fantastical claims of individual needs, thoughts, reproductive rights & sovereignty yet?

    C’mon man! You know you want to 😉

    Ave Caesar(s)!


    Have you noticed once jews start getting mentioned, your site gets fucked up? Just proves my point, does it not?


    I will be glad when Dan “The Man” gets here and finally slays the evil spirits plaguing TAE!


    Test number 93.

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