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Man Ray Le Violon d’Ingres 1924


No Peace Possible Where NATO Extends ‘Diabolical Paws’ – Chinese Envoy (RT)
Gonzalo Lira Missing After Attempt To Flee Ukraine (RT)
New Trump Charges Not ‘Solid’, Criminalize Constitutional Free Speech Right (Sp.)
Tucker’s Explosive Devon Archer Interview (ZH)
Calls Between Joe, Hunter Biden ‘Abuse of Soft Power’ – Devon Archer (Sp.)
Grain Deal Meaningless Without Fulfilling Obligations to Russia – Putin (Sp.)
EU: Russia Aims To Create New Dependencies With Cheap Grain (RT)
Reading the Mess the Democrats Have Made (Patrick Lawrence)
‘Special Services’ Control Western Media – Kremlin (RT)












“ continues to thrive, sustaining itself by constantly instigating warfare and conflicts..”

No Peace Possible Where NATO Extends ‘Diabolical Paws’ – Chinese Envoy (RT)

NATO expansion in Europe has eroded the continent’s security and was the key reason for the Ukraine conflict, Zhang Hanhui, China’s ambassador to Moscow, said in an interview released on Thursday. Speaking to the TASS, Zhang stated that the US-led military bloc had been “fanning the flames everywhere, destroying stability and engaging in separatism,” with turmoil in Kosovo, Libya, and Afghanistan being prime examples. “The five [NATO] expansions to the east seriously affected the post-Cold War order and security in Europe and became the main reason for the escalation in the Ukraine crisis,” he said.The envoy went on to describe NATO “as a relic of the Cold War” which should have ceased to exist when it ended. “However, it continues to thrive, sustaining itself by constantly instigating warfare and conflicts… Wherever NATO stretches its diabolical paws, people will die and there will be no peace.”

Zhang stated that in recent years the alliance had set its sights on expansion in the Asia-Pacific under the guise of helping countries exercise their right to collective defense, a strategy that he said “causes great concern and strong objections from the regional countries.” He claimed that NATO “has long turned into a geopolitical tool of the US”, and that the bloc’s expansion to the east and into the Asia-Pacific, “is meant to support American hegemony.” Washington, according to Zhang, wants NATO to have more clout in the Asia-Pacific so that it “could suppress and deter China and Russia.” “The Cold War mentality and confrontation between the camps have long run counter to the demands of modern times,” he added, saying that NATO’s regional expansion “will only increase regional tensions, widen the trust gap… provoke a stand-off between different camps and even a new Cold War.”

Moscow has for many years viewed NATO’s creeping expansion as a threat to its national security while Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that the possibility of Ukraine eventually joining the bloc was one of the key reasons for the military campaign in the neighboring country. Kiev formally outlined its NATO ambitions several years ago and applied to join the bloc last autumn after four of its regions overwhelmingly voted to join Russia in public referendums. However, the alliance has been reluctant to approve the application or set a timetable for Ukraine’s accession, citing the ongoing hostilities.

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Say a prayer. Call Washington.

Gonzalo Lira Missing After Attempt To Flee Ukraine (RT)

Chilean-American reporter Gonzalo Lira, who claimed he would attempt to flee Ukraine after being subjected to physical abuse and extortion in custody, has gone missing, a source has confirmed to RT. Lira, a vocal critic of the Ukrainian government, resurfaced this week, months after being arrested by the nation’s security service, the SBU. In a series of posts on Twitter and YouTube, he stated his intention to cross the border into Hungary and apply for political asylum. In a series of tweets yesterday he claimed he had been kept incommunicado in pre-trial detention since early May. He also claimed he had been deprived of sleep, beaten and tortured by other inmates, on instructions from prison authorities.

Lira apparently never made it across the border. Mark Sleboda, a political analyst and frequent guest on RT, confirmed to the channel that Lira was stopped by Ukrainian border guards and has not been heard from since. Lira had previously claimed that he had been released on bail after months in detention and ordered not to leave the city of Kharkov. However he added that he had his passport and was not wearing an electronic shackle, contrary to the terms of his release. “Maybe I’m being set up by them so they can justify putting me away in a labor camp – so no one will ever know about their sordid extortion scheme,” he said. “I simply don’t know.”

In the event that he would cross the border in to Hungary, Lira expected Ukraine to issue an international arrest warrant for him for skipping bail. He added that he hoped Hungary would be willing to defy Kiev and not hand him over, unlike other EU nations. “If you don’t hear from me in the next 12 hours—whelp! I’m on my way to a labor camp!” he concluded. There have been no further updates on his social media since. Lira has been accused by Ukraine of “publicly justifying” the Russian military operation and “disseminating fakes [false stories] about the war in Ukraine”.He claims the charges were bogus and that he did nothing but explain his opinions about Kiev’s policies and report what was happening in the country.

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“Whether his [Trump’s] belief in fraud was right or wrong, whether the legal theory of sending this back to the states was right or wrong, he had the right under our First Amendment to believe and advocate those positions..”

New Trump Charges Not ‘Solid’, Criminalize Constitutional Free Speech Right (Sp.)

Former US Justice Department prosecutor Ronald Sievert told Sputnik that the new indictment against former President Donald Trump is not solid and criminalizes his constitutional right of free speech. On Tuesday, a federal grand jury returned an indictment charging Trump with four criminal counts in connection to special counsel Jack Smith’s probe into his alleged role in trying to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election. “As a DOJ [Justice Department] prosecutor for 25 years, I am very disturbed by this indictment,” Sievert said. “I thought there would be something solid in there, but as I read it, all I saw was that they were indicting Trump for taking a position in the election with which they, the prosecutor and Ds [Democrats], disagreed.”

Trump faces one count of conspiracy to defraud the United States, one count of conspiracy to obstruct an official proceeding, one count of obstruction of and attempt to obstruct an official proceeding and one count of conspiracy against rights”. Despite having lost, the Defendant was determined to remain in power. So for more than two months following Election Day on November 3, 2020, the Defendant spread lies that there had been outcome-determinative fraud in the election and that he had actually won. These claims were false, and the Defendant knew that they were false,” the indictment stated. However, Sievert, who noted he has not supported Trump for the Republican nomination, said the new indictment appears to be criminalizing free speech.

“Whether his [Trump’s] belief in fraud was right or wrong, whether the legal theory of sending this back to the states was right or wrong, he had the right under our First Amendment to believe and advocate those positions,” Sievert said.
The former prosecutor said he would expect an “objective” judge or judges would throw the case out. Federal judge Tanya Chutkan, who was nominated by then-President Barack Obama, is assigned to oversee Trump’s case. Chutkan is the only federal judge in Washington to issue sentences to convicted January 6 rioters that were longer than what prosecutors had requested, according to media reports. Trump is summoned to appear in federal court in the US capital on Thursday to face the new charges.

Trump has argued that the newly unveiled indictment against him is the latest attempt by the “Biden crime family” and the weaponized US Justice Department to interfere in the 2024 presidential election. The new indictment comes amid a number of other probes into potential misconduct by Trump, including his alleged mishandling of classified documents, which are all taking place in the middle of his presidential campaign for the 2024 presidential election. sTrump is by far the Republican Party’s leading candidate, according to the latest poll data from Real Clear Politics.

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“..Hunter’s ability to reach out during business meetings to the then-VP was the “pinnacle of power in DC”.

Tucker’s Explosive Devon Archer Interview (ZH)

Tucker Carlson dropped a shocking interview on Wednesday with Devon Archer, two days after the former Hunter Biden associate testified before Congress, where he admitted that he and Hunter Biden essentially traded on the Biden name, but also claimed that ‘the big guy’ wasn’t involved. Tucker begins by asking Archer if he thinks Hunter could have succeeded as well in his business endeavors if he was not the son of the vice president. Archer trod a little carefully at first, reflecting on Hunter’s law school background but then admitted: “The brand of Biden adds a lot of power when your dad’s the Vice President.”

Archer also confirmed “yes, I can definitely say that” then vice-president Biden knew there were officials in the room when he got on the speakerphone with Hunter Biden – the 20 or so times that Archer recalls. “So Joe Biden, who is very much a product of Washington, of course must have known that he was calling into effectively a business meeting,” Carlson said. “Something’s happening. He must have understood that that was kind of what his son was selling.” “Well that’s hard for me to speculate,” Archer answered. ” “But like, just to keep it to the facts, Joe Biden, then the sitting Vice President knew that there were Hunter’s business associates in the room,” Carlson pressed.

“Yeah, I think I can definitively say at particular dinners and meetings, he knew there were business associates and he, or if I was there, I was a business associate too. So I think, you know, any of the other colleagues from the DC office or New York were there,” Archer said. He also said that Hunter’s ability to reach out during business meetings to the then-VP was the “pinnacle of power in DC”. Understanding a regulatory environment means selling access… most people interpret it that way. …the power to have that access in that conversation, and it’s not in a scheduled conference call and it’s a part of your family, that’s like the Pinnacle of power in DC. -Devon Archer

“…if you’re sitting with a business associate and hear the vice president’s voice, that’s prize enough…that’s pretty impactful stuff,” Archer continued, adding that it was “an abuse of soft power.” Archer also admitted that he “flew too close to the sun” and “got burned” by the Biden family – and that it’s “disingenuous” to act unsure as to why Ukrainian energy giant Burisma hired Hunter, who served on its board from 2014 – 2019.

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“There is no way to know if the calls were orchestrated, but they were “powerful..”

Calls Between Joe, Hunter Biden ‘Abuse of Soft Power’ – Devon Archer (Sp.)

Devon Archer, a former associate of Hunter Biden, said on Wednesday that the calls between then-Vice President Joe Biden and his son during the latter’s foreign business calls constitute an “abuse of soft power.” Earlier this week, Archer provided testimony to lawmakers on Joe Biden’s connection to his son’s foreign business deals. Lawmakers provided split opinions on Archer’s testimony, with some claiming it exonerated Joe Biden while others claimed it was further evidence of wrongdoing. Archer testified that Joe Biden joined Hunter and his business associates at least 20 times either in person or via speakerphone.

“In the rearview, it’s an abuse of soft power,” Archer said during an interview with Tucker Carlson. Biden knew there were business associates at certain dinners and meetings, Archer said. Congressman Dan Goldman said following Archer’s testimony that Biden often did not know who was present during the interactions. There is no way to know if the calls were orchestrated, but they were “powerful,” Archer said. Archer’s testimony comes amid investigations by lawmakers into potential criminal activity by the Biden family, including bribery and influence peddling. Joe Biden has repeatedly denied discussing foreign business deals with his son.

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No deal.

Grain Deal Meaningless Without Fulfilling Obligations to Russia – Putin (Sp.)

Russian President Vladimir Putin told Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan during a phone conversation on Wednesday that the Black Sea Grain Initiative lost its meaning due to a complete absence of progress on implementation of the agreement’s part that concerned Russia, the Kremlin said “Vladimir Putin outlined Russia’s principled position in connection with the termination of the ‘package’ agreements on the export of Ukrainian grain from the Black Sea ports and the unblocking of supplies of Russian food and fertilizers. It was noted that the agreement’s extension has lost its meaning in the conditions of a complete lack of progress in the implementation of the Russian part of the grain deal. The readiness to return to the Istanbul agreements was confirmed as soon as the West actually fulfills all the deal’s obligations towards Russia,” the Kremlin said in a statement.

The Russian president also told his Turkish counterpart that options for the supply of grain to countries in need are being worked out. “It was emphasized that, taking into account the needs of the countries most in need of food, reliable options for the supply of Russian grain, including on a free-of-charge basis, are being worked out. This issue was substantively discussed at the second Russia-Africa summit recently held in St. Petersburg. The readiness for cooperation in this area with Turkey and other interested states was expressed,” the Kremlin said. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Vershinin said in late June that the United Nations admitted it can do nothing regarding three of the five key issues Russia wants resolved in order to extend the grain deal, including reconnecting the Rosselkhozbank to the SWIFT payment system.

On July 22, 2022, the United Nations and Turkey brokered the agreement with Russia and Ukraine to establish a humanitarian maritime corridor to transport grain and fertilizer from the Ukrainian Black Sea ports. Moscow has since agreed to extend the agreement several times despite criticizing the non-implementation of the portions of the agreement pertaining to Russia, but it then decided to let it expire on July 17.

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Saving lives with bad intentions.

EU: Russia Aims To Create New Dependencies With Cheap Grain (RT)

The European Union has warned developing countries that Russia is offering cheap grain “to create new dependencies by exacerbating economic vulnerabilities and global food insecurity,” according to a letter seen by Reuters on Wednesday, Report informs. EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell wrote to developing and Group of 20 countries on Monday to urge them to speak “with a clear and unified voice” to push Moscow to return to a deal that allowed the safe Black Sea export of Ukraine grain and to stop targeting Ukraine’s agricultural infrastructure.

“As the world deals with disrupted supplies and higher prices, Russia is now approaching vulnerable countries with bilateral offers of grain shipments at discounted prices, pretending to solve a problem it created itself,” Borrell said. “This is a cynical policy of deliberately using food as a weapon to create new dependencies by exacerbating economic vulnerabilities and global food insecurity,” he added.

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“..the administration is a behind-closed-doors madhouse..”

Reading the Mess the Democrats Have Made (Patrick Lawrence)

At writing, we are 16 months and five days from the 2024 presidential election. If a week is a long time in politics, there is too strong a chance that the interim upon us will prove one of awful eventfulness. In my read, the risk of brazen lawlessness in the upper reaches of power and, in consequence, a constitutional crisis, is now greater than at any point in the postwar period. It is time to brace ourselves against this eventuality. Is there any other plausible conclusion as things now stand? I do not see one. Two reasons: One, the Democrats have emerged since Hillary Clinton’s defeat in 2016 as a party of liberal authoritarians intent on imposing their political hegemony on our republic by whatever means this project requires. Nothing is out of bounds, as these people have already demonstrated. Two, in what looks like one of the great political miscalculations in my lifetime, the Democrats are determined to stand a candidate in 2024 whose senility has been publicly on display for the past two years and change.

This is a combustible pair of realities. The second of these, President Biden’s failing mental condition, makes the first of these, the culture of authoritarian righteousness in the Democratic mainstream, very perilous. The party hierarchy has already declared Biden will not face any challenger in a primary debate—an openly antidemocratic regression without precedent since televised debates became essential to the political process during the Kennedy–Nixon contest in 1960. What else will come in this line, we have to ask. In my judgment, the Democrats’ willingness to let Biden run again is all too suggestive of what dangers and disorders may come between now and Tuesday, November 5, 2024. They appear determined, one way or another, to keep this man in the White House. This is not a thought with which one rests easily.

Things have gone very poorly for Joe Biden since he moved into the White House two and a half years ago. Yes, he continues to hide behind that carnival barker’s smile he plastered on as political equipment 50–odd years ago. But if the president and all the president’s men and women are not in the way of desperate at this point, they are in the way of insentient. In his Substack newsletter a few weeks ago, Seymour Hersh quoted one of his inside sources saying the administration is a behind-closed-doors madhouse. I see no reason to doubt this.

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Packaged media.

‘Special Services’ Control Western Media – Kremlin (RT)

The US and its allies have mobilized their media for a war with Russia and operate them under de-facto military censorship, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Wednesday. “There are a lot of serious media outlets [in the West], a lot of talented journalists, smart, professional, but now, since they unleashed this war against us, they absolutely live in a state of military censorship,” Peskov said. President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman was part of a panel discussion dubbed ‘Elements of social engineering’ at a youth forum in Solnechnogorsk, a town about 45 kilometers northwest of Moscow. According to Peskov, Western outlets “receive instructions and manuals from their special services, they get leaks of information – which are mostly, very often, specially and professionally prepared falsehoods – and do this round the clock.”

The most influential media outlets in the world are “unfortunately the Anglo-Saxon media, American and British,” Peskov said. Russia has set out to compete with them “very gingerly, but quite successfully,” he added.Peskov said something similar in May, telling a Bosnian Serb TV station that the West “immediately became hysterical” and shredded their official commitment to freedom of speech when Russia tried to compete with their media monopoly. “They tore off all masks right away and showed there is no freedom of the press over there,” he told ATV at the time. “The moment any outlets became ‘uncomfortable’ to them, the moment they started presenting viewpoints different from their mainstream, they were banned.”

He also noted that the Kremlin has refused to give interviews to any Western media since early 2022, considering it pointless until those outlets start showing “at least some interest in the truth. The EU and Canada have outright banned all branches of RT and Sputnik as “Kremlin propaganda” shortly after the Ukraine conflict escalated. Several US-based social media platforms have followed suit. At last year’s World Economic Forum in Davos, then-YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki argued that “information can be weaponized,” so her company decided to extend the EU ban on RT and Sputnik globally, while continuing to operate in Russia so that Russians can get “independent news” from the West.

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    Something in the Lira story doesn’t add up.

    Imagine Snowden announcing on Twitter that he plans to flee to Hong Kong or to Equator to apply for asylum.

    Dr. D

    One of the most famous photos(shops). I think it just sold for millions.

    Wars come and go in general, but we’re at a point where Offense is ridiculously out of line with Defense. Those are not bad tanks, bunkers, etc, but the offense is just so VERY powerful, at such incredible distances (over the horizon), that what can stop them? So the response would/should be, more offense. Hit the factories, etc. That’s also not a great thing, as we can bomb everything, worldwide, no good for humans anywhere. Wery Scary.

    As we see with Biden/Obama in Africa. “Bomb ‘em all, they’re Black!”

    “Since 9/11 the fabric of western civ has been unraveling at a growing pace,”

    …Has been attacked and forced to unravel unnaturally, using near-limitless power and money. Hundreds, thousands or more people brought it up and stood in the way and were directly killed. Millions were economically siphoned because of non-support. It’s not an asteroid, it’s a crime, that was planned and executed by criminals.

    Why is it “madness”? Because as you can tell from the sentence above, the criminals are mad, that is, insane. And since they have the power, it is used to advance their egos, beliefs, and desires in life, which are ipso fact, “mad.” We’re just along for the ride, that is, unless you want to point it out and do something about it. Like non-participation in parallel systems for instance.

    “Lira perhaps detained on Ukrainian side”

    Yes, and perhaps we can put an end to “He’s simply the enemy” talk when they haul him to court and shoot him? Will everyone be happy then? As Ritter, I wish him well, even if I don’t believe everything he says about his situation. There are lies by omission, but unlike the Cartoon People, as RFK says, I understand how rapidly and irreversibly things can get “complicated” when you’re in a 1,000-mile area with nothing but violent criminals and mafias with nothing to do all day but express their crooked criminality and desperation.

    Just like Baltimore.

    Somebody posted “The cheese is free” on a college wall? Sounds like they need some “worker solidarity” with a sock and a bar of soap. They will find you and show you their true values for “tolerance” and “the little guy.”

    “Will NATO intervene?”

    Eventually, yes. Apparently next summer, because otherwise, they will all die. But since they were sniffing their own farts, they LITERALLY THOUGHT Russia was the USSR, circa 1979 – STILL. They LITERALLY THOUGHT Western equipment could shoot and blow things up, at all. They LITERALLY THOUGHT the counter-attack would work and bring Russia to heel in Crimea, even though Russia already blew up their LAST two Armies like paper dolls.

    So my point is, this is a biiiiiiiiig surprise to them. Since they never ask anybody nothin’, nor go get “Data” – just like Climate. “Asking” means you’d have to get within 30 feet of a “Deplorable”, that is, a man who does “work”. Brrrr. Inconceivable! If anyone DOES tell them anything, they’re fired on the spot, if not shot, from Yale 101 courses straight up to DoD and State Department.

    THE PURPOSE OF MIDDLE MANAGEMENT IS TO PREVENT INFORMATION. Right, Jb? ALL these bureaucracies, are dedicated, to the death, to PREVENT the air-tight fart bubble from knowing anything, getting ANY real information, EVER.

    And it worked great! This structure they painfully and laboriously built works perfectly. There was no dissent anywhere; all the data was entirely and perfectly censored.

    …Such that not a single man, anywhere in NATO, had the slightest clue they weren’t on the eve of Total Victory and Unconditional Surrender. But now that they’re not, they need TIME – a thing they don’t have – to make a what, people? That’s right, “The Plan”. They love their Plans, because “Plans” always follow their rules in the script. And “Plans” never, ever allow the little people to do or decide anything. Or indeed matter at all.

    Meanwhile, on the battlefield, Plans will get you killed. You need skills, alternatives, and a free range of weapons and techniques to throw at them hopefully from a bottomless bag of holding. That means there are no “Plans” except in the roughest parameters, and The People, the Deplorables, Violent Convicted Criminals from Tolyatti, with one ear and their teeth punched out, are deciding and running things. On the battlefield at least.

    Chronic disease, RFK points out the Data is a big, fat beacon you can see from Mars. All chronic disease, diabetes, autism, neurological disorders, allergies, immune conditions, went four-fold the day after 1989. Hmm. Now what could POSSIBLY have happened in just 1-12 months, in THAT particular year? I just can’t figure it out. And no one noticed. No medical curiosity at all as to why the U.S. is 4 times sicker than the sickest, poorest countries on the planet (for chronic diseases). NOPE! All good here the CDC says! All good here, the FDA says! All good here, the AMA says! Carry on, fellows, you’re doing God’s work being worst in the world where a hundred million lives are ruined daily.

    Think of the COST of it, the IMMEASURABLE WEALTH freed up for the Middle Class – for nothing! — if we just cut chronic disease and its costs by 25%. Medicare for all? In a heartbeat. Because then it’d cost half as much.

    N. O. P. E. Not gonna do it! Wouldn’t be prudent. We’re not even gonna look. So WHY did they get away with Covid? Well s—t man, they did it every day of your lives and no one cared, why WOULDN’T they do it? Just like they locked down the Indians on the Rez, fed them trash until they were all sick and died, crime rates 10x normal, AND YOU LIKED IT, so they expanded the “Federal Help” programs to YOU.

    If you think it’s wrong, stop it. Whether one man or a thousand. Whether you like that guy and his race or ideas, or not. That is, have morals, have values.

    Luongo said the same thing for other Regulators, “Helpers”, in this case in automobiles. The CAFE and safety standards require no cars can be built. At all, but also at a reasonable price. That’s not enough either, so they’re already saying “No cars unless they get 1,000mpg!!!” or something. Actually, that’s why American pickups are “Idiocracy” large. Nobody WANTS them. They’re REQUIRED to be that large, by law, as they are considered delivery trucks, semis, etc by category and therefore outside the “automobile” and “driver” category. Then, of course, they then make fun of what they themselves did, and required. And also at that size cost $40,000. Same with small cars. There are fine small, efficient cars worldwide, cheap. YOU CAN’T HAVE THEM. Government says, and they’re here to help.

    Now that modest car from Tata might not have 10,000 extra expensive, complex, fragile parts that allow it to meet the extra-new emissions, or 20 air bags (and sensors) for safety, being both safer and cleaner than any car ever made before 2005, but YOU CAN’T HAVE IT. …And therefore drive a 18mpg, 8 x 20 foot long double-wide $40,000 pickup instead of this 40mpg modest, reasonable car, made for $14,000. Save the Planet!!! Helping!!!

    So imagine the IMMEASURABLE wealth freed up for the middle class if they STOP HELPING and let them sell cars people WANT for a change, cars at $14,000, a little lighter, tinnier, simpler, more efficient, that let them get to work that they can afford on their wages. …But that would be like Disney making movies people WANT instead of movies WE FORCE YOU TO WATCH. That is, that would be “Capitalism”, voluntary free exchange, and we can’t have that. We need to burn down the earth “helping” instead. “You’ll Get Nothing And Like It!!!!!!!!”

    So there are TRILLIONS of dollars (i.e. ‘effort’) waiting to be freed to make us all rich, peaceful, and happy, if only you let people behave “normally”, make affordable cars, cure diseases, and it costs TRILLIONS to prevent doing this, each year.

    So can RFK do this? Sure. It pays for itself instantly.

    “ [NATO] continues to thrive, sustaining itself by constantly instigating warfare and conflicts..”

    China agrees. It, ie NATO for instance, makes money by COSTING money. That’s not a good plan. It collapses, like all fascisms do. Like any disease, they only live by expanding. If they stop killing healthy tissue, they die. If they don’t stop, we all die. THEY are the bacteria in a vat they claim WE are.

    “• New Trump Charges Not ‘Solid’, Criminalize Constitutional Free Speech Right (Sp.)”

    Yes, it’s a crime to even ASK about whether the election was good, and whether he should call for a recount. That is, following the process of law is now an arrestable crime. Of course! What Blue city or state ISN’T already like that? Steal all you want: the only crime is STOPPING the stealing.

    “Trump has argued that the newly unveiled indictment against him is the latest attempt by the “Biden crime family” and the weaponized US Justice Department to interfere in the 2024 presidential election.”

    The people need to see this. However, it’s still not connecting to most of them. You need to pull their 401k and their Door Dash for THAT group of people to care about anything. Even then, they will be in denial. They are statistically THE MOST fragile and the most mentally ill. By a LOT. Like 3-5x more mentally ill than the population? Every one of them on Soma, I mean drugs?

    Devon Archer, etc: the Story here is he can go on TV, talk all day, get on record and nobody does anything. The Mafia, the Derp State is now expended, helpless. That means there’s a floodgate of presently-blackmailed people in government who would LOVE to get out from under these guys and take hot revenge. That’s what IRS, FBI, RFK, Trump, and Archer are illustrating to people, that is to the Laptop Class in the paragraph above.

    The Derp State is POWERLESS. Do with that information what you will. RFK is completely exposed, no security at all, talking about vaccines and the borders for hours and nobody can touch him.

    “the Democrats are determined to stand a candidate in 2024 whose senility has been publicly on display for the past two years and change.”

    Biden was supposed to LOSE in their “Plan”, and he and Kamala would be outsiders, raging to help the little people against fascist Trump who did a Coup on government for White People. They knew they couldn’t win. Biden didn’t run, didn’t even show up from his basement.

    Joke’s on them. Why give a guy what he TELLS you to do? That’s how all these rich idiots act. They write a script, and you’re supposed to follow it and say “pew pew”. Why? WHY would Russia blitz to Lviv and have to sit on a two million soldiers with the general population popping up and shooting them everywhere like Iraq? The West ORDERED them to do it. Don’t do that.

    They had the candidate, and the coup, and the fences – even Nancy Pelosi’s IMAX cameras – all planned. So don’t do that. Just ask, WHAT IF…we let BIDEN run things (but not the nuclear codes)? Wouldn’t it make more sense for it all to collapse – Military, Fstan, Dow, Bonds, Inflation, Petrodollar, Oil, — under HIM? Is that worth the irritation?

    Yes. Yes it is. You see what a Civil War looks like in Kerkov. Podesta had it all worked out. Do you want that here instead? I’ll take $5 eggs and crappy, useless news, thanks.

    Celtic: “They” are running everything. Therefore “they” ran 160 pogroms, killing 10 million of “Them” and counting. So, according to you, problem solved, right? The longer they stay in power, the more they die! In power long enough and there’ll be none of “Them” left at all! Logic, QED.

    …Unless there are two categories of “Them”, one that is a bunch of expendable fodder like us, and a special mafia class that directs and protects its own…against ALL of us.

    All I can say is, Celtic likes it this way! Everything is going according to HIS plan, not “Theirs”.

    Dr. D

    No, if you take the face value story — which I mostly do — Lira’s plan makes sense. One of his only major assets is his popular following, he has no time, only like 5 days, and claimed to have already talked to several coyotes and mules but needless to say Ukie is locked down right now. There is no present arrest warrant that he knows of that the Ukie should stop an American-Chilean from exiting.

    So you tell 1-10 million world people to be on the lookout, and try to get out. That is what the Ukie back in prison seemed to be desperately communicating to him. “We’re TRYING to help you. Get the message and hit the road.” Now the border isn’t the same people, but…

    Would you rather walk into the border with no one, maybe only the Alexanders knowing? Nah, it’s a bad plan but you’re welcome to offer a good one. There are only bad plans and worse ones in war.

    I should know as I’m in one, and they’ve been killing 30,000 or my people a year, minimum, for +10 years, just like Donbas.


    For Gonzalo:

    Knower – The Government Knows


    Clowncore – Computers

    Just Some Randomer

    Lira’s heading to the Gulag.

    Since we’re talking about Ukraine it’ll be a democratic, freedom loving Gulag replete with ‘Western Values’. Not like the nasty Russian ones.


    “Aliens are Real”


    “Recycling Is Mostly Useless”


    I like to think of this as her “Adult Card©” has been revoked.

    Hurrah, there’s a little Darwin Award in there somewhere too.


    Biden Now Wants To Arm Taiwan Using Ukraine Budget

    WEDNESDAY, AUG 02, 2023 – 07:40 PM

    Error in reporting

    1. Who is running the USA?
    2. Biden is a puppet on a string.
    3. Cutting off China/ Taiwan imports will destroy the USA
    4. Diverting support from Ukraine to Taiwan will accelerate the defeat of Ukraine.
    5. The USA is wasting/mismanaging its diminishing supply of energy/oil/gas/diesel
    6. Objective/method/plan not defined. (Its obvious. Its depopulation.)


    Meanwhile back on the Steppes

    Another Russian Lancet Goes Completely Through Leopard 2A6 Turret

    I love the smell of burning Leopard IIs in the morning

    Another ‘Wonder Weapon’ becomes a grease spot on the side of the road

    Alexander Carpenter

    Another beyond-coherent context-embracing overview (with comments) of the Ukraine (and overall geopolitical) situation:

    One must wonder how we ‘highly-evolved” humans manage to remain trapped in the deja vu looping that becomes painfully obvious only in retrospect. It is, I propose, because our fundamental mythology about ourselves is incorrect, in that it overvalues our cognitive powers and totally disregards (and even denies, when given the opportunity) the biological (gene-based-with-cultural-elaborations) algorithmic almost-imperatives that define our individual and collective behaviors.
    When I get to my computer later today, I’ll post the Dropbox link to a doc that explores in depth this matter recognized by a few (including Greer, above)…
    The failure to step outside our cognitive-mythology is a classic example of how when your premises are wrong, you will ask the wrong questions, get the wrong answers, reach the wrong conclusions (and believe in them, especially if the premises are belief-based).



    Alexander Carpenter

    And here’s a paleoclimate tidbit for AFKTT and his ilk:

    A Brief History of Climate, From Prehistory to The Imaginary Crisis of the 21st Century

    Figmund Sreud

    Diversion: ‘EV or not to EV?’ It’s an important question! It’s all about a blow-torch in your garage, parking lot, or perhaps even on the road on your journey to drop off kids at school!

    ‘Stralian automotive engineer explains it all: The truth about EVs and fire risk in our cities


    Alexander Carpenter

    Human Behavioral Algorithms in perpetual draft mode, as new resonances and nuances come to awareness…

    Possibly as complex a system as we will ever encounter with any intimacy, and it’s us


    THE PURPOSE OF MIDDLE MANAGEMENT IS TO PREVENT INFORMATION. Right, Jb? ALL these bureaucracies, are dedicated, to the death, to PREVENT the air-tight fart bubble from knowing anything, getting ANY real information, EVER.

    The consistent rule in engagement with corporate middle management: “YOU do not tell ME things, I tell YOU things.” So you have to use Call Center Jedi Mind tricks to get them to dance properly. Pretend stupidity. Reverse psychology. Pretend to them smugly, slyly, that you are benefitting from the current (#%#ed up) state of affairs and watch them react instantaneously. (to stuff you explained rationally and they refused to fix over and over for half a year) Stuff like that.

    Sitting them down and explaining will make them dig in their heels and NOT be useful. In fact, if you are kind, patient, and informative, and give them a good explanation so they can understand how something works, the factors involved, etc, you will probably make an enemy for life.

    It isn’t that middle management is inherently ineffective. Look at the German army in WW2. Their tanks were worse in the North African and Eastern theatres, they had less fuel, high command kept telling them to do stupid things, their army was mostly unmechanized, required supply logistics were physically impossible. Various disadvantages. Possibly the strongest advantage they had going for them was a middle management with great competence and integrity (measured in terms of the job they had to do, anyway)

    We know USSR middle management would just follow the plan. If it didn’t work, run it again 4x. Gulag or punishment battalion if you didn’t. But the Brits had a middle management problem in North Africa too. Auchinleck sending letters to corps and divisional generals TELLING them what to expect and fatherly advice on what to do about it. Over and over. Rommel won again, must be a genius.

    I suspect Monty did well when he did because his methodical plodding plans were designed to succeed despite crappy middle management.

    You get a James Cameron in charge making a film and shit gets done. Unlike recent Disney directors, he is super competent. (The Thinking Man’s Micheal Bay.) You could hand him the equipment and he could do absolutely every job, do a film entirely himself. Having you do that stuff just makes him faster but technically he does not need you. So he can actually manage all the things.

    Jellicoe in charge of UK’s Grand Fleet in WW1. His competence was so complete from top to bottom, you could clone Jellicoe and staff a battleship entirely with his clones. Not only would he have the skills to do everything, but a Jellicoe coal stoker would not be too proud to do his job shoveling coal. (Jellicoe was not too proud, for instance to understand the Germans had better ships and better gunnery)

    ….unlike Beatty, commander of the battlecruiser squadron. Continually gossiping and backstabbing even towards allies and benefactors. Doesn’t really know how things work. Doesn’t fully understand the capabilities, incapabilities, proper use of the ships he is in charge of. Never quite learned the basics of his own leadership position/level such as proper clear communications. Ended up in his position through luck and image, not competence. Defends his position in ways unrelated to competence. His personality precludes fixing him. There are no mechanisms within the organization to fix him. Can’t get rid of him.

    I was middle management myself for awhile in a weird situation. As an “interim” position – no pay raise, still showing as grunt-level in outlook. Nevertheless, an “interim supervisor” but expected to manage around 4 teams worth of people – the number of teams typically under a manager, which is above a sup. So… I was a grunt with no pay raise managing people commensurate to 3 levels up. No training for this and essentially no oversight.

    This gave me the luxury of figuring things out for myself. I was 120% proficient at all call center tasks and knowledge – a Jellicoe of call center monkeying, fwiw. Absent any training, oversight, or instructions, I opted to interact with my people as much as humanly possible, listen to them, and carry a notebook with me everywhere, taking notes on their troubles and concerns.

    End of day, I’d review everything, compact it into a coherent review, and take it in for the end of day meeting. Everything from technical skills to how to handle crappy systems/policies to waxing philosophical about how to handle mean callers or the unpleasantness of the human condition vis a vis being a call center monkey. Then open things up for questions.

    My fellow interim sup doing the same job started cutting out early every night, so they’d throw all their people my way for the end of day meeting, so I was conducting hour long meetings of 70 or so people. STILL just a grunt level inbound rep with no leadership training and an introspective, misanthropic disposition. If I saw any overarching trends long-term with that many people, then I’d make some training documents and distribute them. It was kind of hilarious when, years later, I went on to another job (tech support) in the company and was being trained side-by-side with an experienced tech rep in their cubicle, my training documents were on their wall – they were never my student and never in my dept. Somehow they circulated.

    The entire thing turned out to be some kind of boondoggle. My training teams stats were ahead of 50% of the production floor teams, but management declared the project a failure, then deleted my profile in the leadership level reporting systems, which erased the performance reporting of my teams. Turns out there were 4 interim managers gunning for a single manager promotion. One sneaky manager maneuvered her 3 competitors into and out of this training project one by one. (they were kept too busy to manage it, it seems) Declaration of failure was followed shortly by her promotion. Interestingly, SHE’S the one who had the idea for the project.

    The whole thing was like the bomb pattern thing in Catch 22. An internal struggle between generals on a meaningless basis. Not even an interview process. “jb-hb, you’ve worked here awhile, want to help run a new training program?” sure, anything to help. totally unexpected responsibilities, circumstances. No training, help or oversight. A curious lack of interest from above. Deletion of data, declaration of failure. It must have been assumed that it would be a disaster. (How could something we give no attention to, do not exercise control over, do not direct, possibly succeed? Never!)

    So it was a perfect success story. Neglecting me turned into empowerment – I decided #%^ it, I can do whatever I want. Then I did everything I could to competently empower my people. And these squirrely new hires ended up being better than half the center. It’s just unfortunate that it all existed inside the hologram of middle management infighting.

    I’ve wondered what my takeaway should even be. It’s good to carry a load, hold up the world, and shit gets done no matter what narc idiots do? I literally WAS the actual person in charge, the actual leader, no matter their illusions, since I was the one who turned out several hundred competent reps for the call center, my imprint was the one that made the culture and everything is downstream from culture? lol yet they spoke to me at the end of it like I was a worm. I pointlessly gave years of my proficiency and integrity to evil with no personal gain, and in fact fake-shaming and firing me for refusing to take poison, these were my ultimate rewards?

    People live in these systems, so they keep them going, fix them, improve them. This works ANYWHERE and ANYTIME power devolves to the lowest possible level. And you can never quite take all power away because you can’t control everything. Chuang Tzu’s bit about the Useless Tree. All that useless unmeasured therefore hidden stuff NOT monitored or directed by Big Brain Managers is what holds up the world.

    There are good middle managers who understand the job they are managing and have enough sanity to know what is and is not manageable at their level, know what they are and are not supposed to be actively doing. (such as the 3 competitors who didn’t get the promotion…)

    Capitalism – Individual ownership of the means of production
    Socialism/Communism – State ownership of the means of production

    Corporation – an artificial legal-regulatory construct of The State, publicly and communally owned, run by huge bureaucracies.

    John Day

    #s140542 & 140543 from Alexander Carpenter and jb-hb, comprising human algorithmic behavior patterns and an experimental managerial interlude really fit together well somehow, forming an archetypal resonance or something. (Don’t become an evangelist; too dangerous.)


    So how are the uniparty handling Joe and Hunter Biden’s corruption? Simple.

    Each day that more Binden corruption is revealed, they re-indict Trump the next day!
    Clearly Trump will be held responsible for all of Biden’s corruption!

    Since Biden committed so much corruption, Trump will likely have collect hundreds of indictments by Nov 2024, that he will be in jail.
    That is how you proactively manage corruption!
    Blame your opponent and then jail him.
    Sadly, this method works.

    Ukraine’s minister of defense minister recently said that because Canada had one of the largest populations of Ukrainians living outside of the Ukraine, that Canada should send 30,000 men of combat age to the Ukraine! I believe Freeland is currently working on this request.

    Maybe Trudeau’s separation news is just cover for rounding up the 30,000 who thought they were Canadians only to discover they are now classified as Ukrainians first!


    Management 101

    The proper way to manage people is to push them all down ,so you can elevate yourself!



    We also hope you will keep us informed of your adventures in Mexico!

    We are about to set foot in Dover, with some trepidation!

    Good luck and thanks for all your good efforts on this site.


    Turdeau’s wife leaves him.

    He is a traitorous, spineless, bastard of Fidel (his Mother preferred to be bonked by Fidel to his cuck of a father)

    WTF could he possibly need to protect to sit like that


    Take the hush money and run Sophie, Run!



    Russian Glide-bomb Creates Massive Crater After Blowing Up Ukrainian Ammo Warehouse

    Didn’t imagine those Russian glide-bombs could leave such huge impact craters

    Kerry Wilson

    MIght have been the ammo going off that did it


    I’m reading that Human Behavioral Algorithms paper with great interest. (Thank you for posting that)

    …while waiting for UPS to deliver my new work computer. Going to be working for those Christians selling non GMO organic food. (but no pork, shellfish, or alcohol…) The ones whose headquarters/warehouse/plant got burnt down under extremely mysterious circumstances. (Bags of wheat sitting passively in your warehouse overnight spontaneously ignited and burnt enough to spread the fire throughout your headquarters, leveling it. Sorry man, you know how these things happen. Cosmic Coincidence is the leading cause of all kinds of things. And Cosmic Coincidence just happens to food warehouses and plants at night. Coincidental coincidence!)

    I admit I didn’t JUST run around with a notepad for my awful corporate experience. There were a couple weekends I isolated myself with a bunch of legal pads and alternately scribbled things down & paced back and forth while drinking pot after pot of coffee all day and most of the night. I got shin splints. Once I realized I was just, as a lowest-level inbound call rep-peasant-monkey, going to have to MAKE IT ALL UP, I put together a sort of syllabus for the new hires, training documents, cheat-sheets, an overall plan/agenda for myself, a list of general principles I would follow, personal character flaws I would have to somehow work around. How I would compensate for unknown unknowns. (how the #%# do I know what I am supposed to be doing anyway?)

    Maybe this is an example of creation of parallel systems/culture when the mainstream gets hollowed out. Feel like a peasant-monkey kid left in charge of the candy store, abandoned by all the adults? Ok, now make it all up.



    “Ukraine’s minister of defense minister recently said that because Canada had one of the largest populations of Ukrainians living outside of the Ukraine, that Canada should send 30,000 men of combat age to the Ukraine! I believe Freeland is currently working on this request.

    Maybe Trudeau’s separation news is just cover for rounding up the 30,000 who thought they were Canadians only to discover they are now classified as Ukrainians first!”

    I believe Freeland was given control of the purse strings to get
    1. the votes from those 1.5M Ukrainians.
    2. avoid negative feedback for all the expenses/equipment/money/trainers given since 2014.

    A chance for Trudeau to express his moral character …. a snob, a neo-Nazi, white supramacist


    I checked out that video userzeroid posted – Knower and started exploring their other videos ….that band is @#%ING AWESOME!!!!1!11!!!! How are they so good!!?!?!

    I’m the President (Knower)
    Crash the Car (Knower)


    Zerosum: My wife said Justin Trudeau has long had a mistress. I haven’t seen any such reference but it wouldn’t surprise me one bit.

    A while ago you mentioned having been as far as Sept-ile, Quebec! My home town was directly north of there!

    We used to fly a DC-3 cargo plane from Schefferville down to Labrador City/Wabash, then down to Sept-ile. From there we would then fly across the Gulf of St. Lawrence to Mont Julie, on the south shore, where we could catch a train down to Montreal.

    Flying on a DC-3 was quite the experience since the plane’s cabin wasn’t pressurized so it flew fairly low. This also meant the plane with it’s high lift wings would really bounce up and down in the air a lot. Those with weak stomachs didn’t fair too well.

    Sometimes we would stay a few days in Sept-ile at one of the company’s small cottages on the beach just east of the Iron ore ship loading dock. The water was too cold but the sandy beach was nice to play in.

    Once the family had to charter a fishing boat to take us from Mont Julie across the gulf to Sept-ile. I don’t remember it but my Father said the water was rough and everybody got sea sick except me and my Dad, who wisely kept us up on deck in the fresh air.

    Yes, the good olde days!

    John Day

    The guy beating the armed shoplifter with a stick appears to be a Sikh.
    Sikhs are requirred to carry a sword. It might be a little toy sword; usually is.

    John Day

    Go peasant-monkey serving persecuted organic Christian preppers!

    “Maybe this is an example of creation of parallel systems/culture when the mainstream gets hollowed out. Feel like a peasant-monkey kid left in charge of the candy store, abandoned by all the adults? Ok, now make it all up.”

    Dr. D

    Let me tell a Call Center story, let’s see if I can remember since it isn’t mine.

    Call Center calls up, says, “Hey, you know, we can save you millions of dollars. We get a lot of turnover and it’s like $20k minimum to train people.”

    Jb can go have coffee: he already knows how this is going to go.

    So they start their economic case. Since there are astounding sums lost, it’s easy to take a few months in Excel and track exactly what the losses are, bring them to your manager, and Bob’s your Uncle. What’s more, new people have measurably less satisfaction, both for the caller, and for the company. So we’ve got a win-win, synergy. Millions saved, no start-up time, minor changes bordering on nothing at all.

    Nope. They don’t like money. In fact they HATE it with the heat of a thousand suns. They will do ANYTHING to avoid saving money and having higher satisfaction rates. Howso? FIRST they can outsource all the calls. …Well it’s to China, right, and cheaper? Nope. To Carolina. But it’s cheaper? Nope. They get paid $15/hr yes, but they close no calls. Every call just comes back anyway, after half an hour, so the caller is pissed off.

    But that’s for company reasons? Nope. We already said it costs more. The outsourcing is to unemploy people IN THEIR OWN CITY, and State, to…employ people in another state and city that can’t do the job? Que pasa? So we pay for it twice AND have pissed off customers AND lose money, AND bankrupt our own employees AND destroy our own town?

    Yes. But that’s not all! If you call now, you can ALSO BREAK THE LAW. You see, the company gets incentives and regulation for KEEPING all those employees here. But it just takes the money and refuses. Does the dead opposite. …So can outsource them next door, pay for it twice, have pissed off customers, and keep the illusion they will yet close the original call center. …You know, the one if you trained and raised $2 an hour you would SAVE MILLIONS? Which we can prove in just six weeks with a steno pad?

    Is there more? Of course there is. NOT ONLY are we not taking calls, NOT only are we losing money on every call, NOT ONLY are we bankrupting our employees, NOT ONLY are we bankrupting our city, NOT only are we losing tax revenue, NOT ONLY are we lowering price of our own houses as employment slumps, NOT ONLY is it all illegal…

    …But they can’t go bankrupt. There’s no competition. So it doesn’t matter HOW bad they are, YOU CAN’T CHOOSE SOMEONE BETTER. Who likes money, and will do their job.

    And that, good sirs, it what you call “Capitalism.”*

    Every company. Every time.

    * Or “Experts”.


    They do run everyting, Doc. Russia, China, JewSA are all feuled by jewbanker money. In the World Wars, all sides were financed by the same jewmoney. Dead Goyim, exploitable land, rapid cultural change, that was the goal. You dont seem too concerned about the millions of dead Christians. Everyday news is complete bullshit, its theatre, narratives to control you. Your long screeds explaning it all for us are all bullshit too..


    First job. I spent 2 yrs at Gagnon. Couldn’t get a raise to $400.00/mo. and left.
    A few years later, high inflation, high interest rates, worse than now.

    D Benton Smith


    Are you eventually going to bring something new to the table, or not? The broken record repetition of the same old same old is monotonous and unuseful if it doesn’t eventually lead to some fresh realization or connection that moves our understanding forward. Wearing a hole in the rug just makes a hole in the rug.



    Small world! Sadly Gagnon is now a ghost town. Schefferville basically suffered the exact same fate. Only some fishing/hunting lodges and natives remain nearby in a new government built townsite about 20 km north of the original town. Most of the houses were razed. You could buy a house for $1 at the time but there were very few takers!

    The town of Gagnon was bigger than Schefferville. I suspect when you where there, there wasn’t a road to Labrador City like there is today. At least you know what the bloody winters were like!

    Did you do any speckled trout fishing in the local rivers? We had 6 pounders!

    Did they have an annual spring lottery guessing the time, a car parked on the ice would sink?


    Dr D, first I was just nodding my head continually. Then the insane laughter from CPTSD flashbacks started.

    They outsourced the best cust care in the world (us in Denver) to Teletech. Told us we were all being let go in a big room.

    As a building of reps, we had continually near 100% QA, 7 or more calls per hour average, we would get calls regarding fuckups in other parts of the company and clean them up – check on requests, tickets etc that were underway and FIX them.

    They replaced that with reps who had no loyalty to the company or customers, who could not save coherent notes or send a coherent request to another dept. MAYBE they matched us in calls per hour (probably not) but they got continual repeat calls as their reps shoved customers off their phones asap to keep their handle time.

    So they exchanged reps handling calls perfectly and fixing other departments’ problems in high volume for reps doing a shoddy job, fucking up everything they touched, and creating massive callback volume.

    Dude negotiating the outsourcing deal said all the backoffice cust care stuff was just simple data entry. Teletech looked at it and said no, we cannot do this. Oh crap. After announcing they were letting us all go, they begged us to stay and be the backoffice dept for the company. On one condition – we sign on with Teletech and do the job as Teletech employees.

    Turns out Teletech can’t manage the job even with us working for them. Various stupidities causing chaos and delays. Customers are getting called back about their billing issues what, 3, 4 weeks after they made their request? Promised maximum 5 day SLA’s are not being hit. (partially because the new outsourced inbound reps keep making tons of requests and those requests are difficult to fulfil due to being unintelligible)

    Teletech management’s solution was to create a “special” team. sigh. Their job was to listen to entertainment on headphones all day while copy&pasting notes from old requests to new ones, to close out the old ones and meet the promised SLA’s while we continued to reach out to customers with a 3 week or more delay. (closed = reported as a job completed, closed ticket = no delays, guys! Better yet, by doubling the ticket count, we look 2x productive! Sometimes I’d see the same stunt pulled again on a customer request. 3x productive!) The cut & pasters didn’t fill in all the fields, just one, so a lot of info was stripped out as part of this cut & paste process. Oh well.

    They were constantly praising this team through emails to the entire organization as if they were the highest performers of the group, real “ace” care reps. Bravo for defrauding our client, guys.


    No, Benton , I’m going to focus on the problem, not the chaos created by the problem.


    Watch out for the deadly elevator Silent Ones

    Who cut the cheese?



    Humans barely qualify for lodging anywhere


    D Benton Smith


    “No, Benton , I’m going to focus on the problem, not the chaos created by the problem.”

    Okay, fair enough, but in my opinion the way you’re delivering the message is focusing the attention upon your poor delivery of that message, and thereby distracting from the MESSAGE of your message.

    In any event I’m grateful for your opening of the Overton Window on the topic of “Jewish” anything, I just wish that the discussion would move a few notches higher in actual usefulness to the process of securing our survival and general welfare.

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