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    Jacques-Louis David Erasistratus Discovering the Cause of Antiochus’ Disease 1774   • A Conversation with Dr. Fauci on the Antiviral Program for
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle August 5 2021]


    “In England, 80% of those aged 16-24 had antibodies in the week of 12 July.”

    80% !!! Yet they still want to jab all 16-17 year olds? This has nothing to do with the science behind immunology at all.


    Large US hospital network reveals C19 vaxes (95%+ mRNA) led to a 62% increase in myopericarditis (median age 36yo) & 60% increase in pericarditis (median age 59), v. baseline. And 25% of myocarditis cases had ejection fraction <50%, which is assoc. with increase in long term cardiac complications.

    Anybody who says that these shots are safe is a clueless idiot.


    Melbourne has just entered it’s 6th lockdown. Snap lockdown a few hours notice.


    “Asymptomatic or mild symptomatic SARS-CoV-2 infection elicits durable neutralizing antibody responses in children and adolescents”

    Who cares if kids already have durable neutralizing antibodies. Jab ’em all. Pure evil.


    More substantiated evidence that Delta causes higher viral loads than Alpha (4x using 16,185 samples).

    “Infections caused by the Delta variant (B.1.617.2) of SARS-CoV-2 are associated with increased viral loads compared to infections with the Alpha variant (B.1.1.7) or non-Variants of Concern.”

    those darned kids

    cdc officials are asking doctors to be on the lookout for rare instances of post-vaccine survival..

    those darned kids

    they should have told us they’d be using steamrollers to flatten the curve.

    those darned kids

    shoot, germ. i guess that’s not the kinda joke you wanna hear.. sorry.


    This brilliantly explains how fear has enabled the new biomedical techno-totalitarianism.

    Polder Dweller

    John Michael Greer has put his own Covid hypothesis up on his Dreamwidth blog. I find myself agreeing with everything he’s said. He doesn’t buy into the grand conspiracy thing for the simple reason that the level of coordination is just too much to expect from our mentally challenged “leaders.” Instead, greed and incompetence are responsible, he thinks, for how we got into this God awful mess. I take some comfort in that as it gives me hope that there will also be a way out. Nevertheless, the immediate future, as most of us on TAE have been realizing, looks pretty grim.


    @germ could you share a link for where to purchase Ivermectin in the UK? Thanks

    Dr. D

    Apparently there’s more going on with the kidnapped ship, if you hadn’t noticed. They (Israel) say Iran took it, but took it and it’s drifting??? Iran says they don’t know what you’re talking about. Does that sound right??? If Iran did it, they’d just say so, that’s how you get ransom/concessions. Rumor OTHER ships (5?) have been…impacted as well. Anybody have the slightest idea what they think is going on here? Makes about as much sense as Evergreen drawing a cock and balls then ramming itself into the rear-channel of the shipping world.

    There are a number of other military events here and there, now with such blackouts, even I don’t hear about them. Floods in China? Whole typhoon hitting 3 Gorges? the radar pics all missing? Okay, we know. But generals have been killed there? Generals sit in the office and direct communications. Hey, if your whole country is underwater, can your DUMBs breathe? Where would they pump their bilge water to?

    Events in Africa, Ethiopia, Sudan, Yemen, where Saudi is losing against the smallest most backward people since we lost to F-Stan…which isn’t over. Although Joe held out to sell it to China, leaving our billion in hardware for the Taliban to use.

    Spoofing Russia to make it appear they are surrounded by all of NATO. …Not that they can’t tell, so why bother? To cover a sub operation? Try to make them misfire and start WWIII, thus blame the imminent financial collapse on them?
    That seems to be the drift. Why they routed the Supreme Court on evictions, trying to figure out who would take the fall. (Congress, Pres, Court, CDC). Ol’ Joe said, “Yeah, sure it’s illegal, but we’re and empire now and we create our own reality and just do s—t. Stop us you f—krs”

    Point is, E V E R Y B O D Y is simply waiting for the economic collapse. Of the U.S., but the world too. They’re just going to play golf and let Mitch mouth off uselessly until then, cuz, what’s the point? Team Blue has floated removing Joe (of course) with the sudden discovery his approval is falling? Really? Here’s a guy who couldn’t win the primaries, can’t get 12 people together at a rally, has a long history of racism and sexual assault, and can’t say a coherent sentence, and THIS is your problem with him? Okay. Sounds like the polls are about as accurate as usual, that is, not at all. So their “discovery” or “change” is simply fabricated because they are planning a “narrative”, that is, a ginning up a new Lie.

    Feeling they have a plan for Joe ALSO when the economy/currency cracks this fall.

    So China is down, parts are down, chips are down, food is down, harvest is down, work hours are down, but everything’s going fine and Powell’s printing of all money, buying all assets, is just going to fix it? Use your head.

    Other total weirdness: The PCR test was always garbage. Apparently WORSE than even a cynic like me can predict. So it’s at 45 cycles, for a +90% false positive. Sure. We knew they scammed the whole thing from bad statistics, since Americans people are allergic to math. Problem: according to the new releases, the CDC admitted THEY DID NOT HAVE a DNA SEQUENCE to create the test. So they took some random cold viruses, put them in a bucket, and created the PCR baseline. Uh…huh? YGTBFKM, right? Nope, someone caught it in a footnote: NO access to Covid-19 DNA, and they needed a test (to $$$ell), so they made one anyway.

    Gee, no wonder it detects the common cold!

    That’s not the point. Point is, they knew it, they did it, they ran it, they protected it with their lives…and NOW they reverse and remove the PCR test? Now? Nobody’s after them, but the test is going away? But not today, although it’s false, but not til December? Uh………………why? Certainly not because it was false, it’s always been false, they always didn’t care.

    Covid cases will then collapse because – duh, science – everyone has been exposed after 19 months because uh, duh, it’s REALLY, really contagious. And then? What does this have to do with their also-apparently-fake vaccine, the one where you still GET it, TRANSMIT it, and even get hospital-sick from it?

    Lord if I know. “I can calculate the motion of heavenly bodies, but not the madness of people pathologically lying trouser weasels.” — Isaac Newton

    Thoughts from yesterday, Deflationista: I guess one way to look at it is, if I create this belief pattern about what’s happening vs a different one, what’s the result? My result is always to promote freedom, discussion, order, bodily and property rights, fair exchange, etc. So would it matter if I told you alien chicks from Venus told me the world was run by invisible machine-dwarves if the result of my beliefs was to promote these pretty much universally approved moral principles. Therefore I don’t need to be correct and I don’t need to know. We’re still allies because we have the same goals.

    “A Conversation with Dr. Fauci on the Antiviral Program for Pandemics (CSIS)”

    You mean the guy who oversaw the research on HCQ curing SARS back in 2005? That kind of antiviral?

    in fact, spectacular success of the targeted antiviral program that we have had with HIV”

    You mean the HIV where he forced AZT, against like 2 years of public scandal, and turns out it WAS killing people, just like all those unscientific, censored, repressed public said? Funny ol’ world.

    “Israel’s Covid Cabinet Contemplating Lockdown In 2 Weeks (JPost)”

    Because this is what fully-vaccinated countries do? “If you just get the vaccine, you morons, all this would be over!!!” Yup.

    “Biden Admin to Require All Foreign Travelers to US Be Vaccinated (JTN)”

    Before he spreads them around by moving them from city to city. Well, at least they claimed they might maybe start vaccinating illegals sometime. So that’s logic appearing a little if you arm-twist and embarrass them enough. …Because it’s logic, they don’t understand it, but can be forced to do it anyway.

    “Here we want to make sure that we are not doing anything that would … disproportionally impact BIPOC”

    P.S., screw the Irish.

    “We are too close to give ground to COVID. Science is science. It’s pretty simple – Vax up and mask up,”

    Where to begin? Give ground like telling all vaxxed they must wear masks again forever? Science that said that, and Science changes hourly? The ‘Vax up’ that didn’t work, or do you mean the ‘mask up’ that didn’t work? And when it didn’t work, and you say keep going, that’s “Science”? I think we’re all going to die of old age. This literally will never sink in.

    The Times, the Press as the Vanguard, the Jesuits, the Shock Troops for the State, Big Brother, and anti-free speech? In #OppositeLand, #AntiLogos zealots, of course! But I was going to point out that, since their vaccine doesn’t work, and doesn’t protect anyone from transmission, then their ID card system ALSO doesn’t make any sense or work. …Aside from how it wouldn’t, AND people have natural immunity, AND…

    As someone said, we’ve reached peak Bernays when the literal narrative is that the Vaccinated, who are protected from the disease, will get the disease from the unvaccinated, who don’t presently have it.

    But we say this every. Day. And it never sinks in. Because: Do what you’re told. I handed my brain to “Appeal to Authority” and if the authority says I have to drink cyanide to save my neighbor from drinking cyanide, I will. And make you drink it too.

    Biden Admin to Make Vaccination Mandatory for All Active Duty Soldiers (PM)”

    Yes, easy, but the obstacle was that it’s not approved, it’s a medical experiment. Although they can make them to anything, this was very public, apparent, and opposed.

    “More substantiated evidence that Delta causes higher viral loads than Alpha (4x using 16,185 samples).”

    Very cool. However, we’re still trying to find out what test they’re using IF they can distinguish Delta, or indeed Covid at all. Apparently nobody’s saying, which as science is very weird. We literally ask you in Congress and you literally don’t know? Science!

    About fear, that video I posted on breaking people to obedience was very clear in having panic, and then release, over and over. Textbook terrorism. Because they are textbook violent bullies and terrorists. After (or with housing/landlord grab) including Financial Terrorism.

    So when do we start impeachment?


    • Biden Admin To Make Vaccination Mandatory For All Active Duty Soldiers (PM)

    I don’t know why ….

    Maybe, its because, If a soldier or support contractor does not want the vaccine then they can’t work, and must resign
    Maybe, its because spittle is stronger than a bullet
    Maybe, its because they want to reduce the military budget
    Maybe, its because they want to bring the troops home to protect the homeland.
    Maybe, its because they think that the vaccine will protect the soldiers from getting covid
    Maybe, its because they think that the vaccine will prevent the soldiers from getting sick.
    Maybe, its because they want to give money to the med industrial complex

    I don’t know why ….

    those darned kids

    zerosum: maybe they want to create an army of heart-broken, brain-fogged, limb-weary warriors.

    i’m not cynical enough to say that a good thing because these are all people who deserve much better.


    @ Dr. D
    I’m glad that you made your list of all the problems that you see that are hiding under the blanket of covid.

    D Benton Smith

    Good little website that deserves a bigger readership :


    @ inorbitt

    I have bought mine from Kachhela Medical in India.
    I communicate with Anil Gangwani – [email protected]
    He usually replies within a couple of hours of my enquiry.

    I’ve ordered IVM, Azithromycin, Budesonide inhalers, Dexamethasone and Fluvoxamine from them.
    Have placed orders four times – never had any issues,

    Paid using a Revolut card.

    Items have always arrived within 2-3 weeks.

    They are legitimate.

    D Benton Smith

    Rudyard Kipling was an observant and articulate spokesperson for his team, to be sure, and as such he observed a few things which far transcend the relatively narrow needs of an empire at one or another moment in history.
    One of those observations that pertains to our own narrow needs at this particular moment is this :

    Some people keep their heads in the midst of mortal chaos, and some do not. The implied advice is obvious.


    Thanks D Benton Smith. I like that advice. I feel like I am getting it now. It has taken a while to really get the full awareness of the actuality of what is happening.

    We all know the list – loss of rights, jailing of speech, rule of law gone fishing…

    Being someone with no claim to being visionary is humbling but what I do have to beat my chest about is an ability to listen to those wiser and smarter than I and also an ability to smell stink on the wind. This has gotten me emotionally better prepared than I was 4 months ago and I feel I can be of help to others now.
    I almost feel energised – like ‘I got this’.

    Tend the garden, don’t buy an ounce of fear, do art and be silly as much as possible and don’t get angry. Finally if I have to die on the same hill as Germs then I’ll do so with peace.

    madamski cafone

    “Imagine you’re a normal person. The year is 2016. Rightly or wrongly, you believe most of what you see in the media. You believe polls are broadly reflective of public opinion. You believe doctors and scientists are trustworthy and independent. You’re a decent, reasonable person who follows the rules and trusts authority.”

    He then proceeds to hit all the main inflection points: 2016 Brexit, then Trump, then Russians, maybe not Russians, DON’T WEAR MASKS YOU MORONS, ffs follow the science and wear a mask Covidiot, even Kamala Harris’s declaration that she would never take a COVID vaccine that Trump made mandatory all the way to #NoVaxNoJob.

    You’re struggling to understand why some people are vaccine hesitant. The “let me help you” megathread:

    Mr. House

    if this is even true it still makes them evil

    “Stage Eight: Things Get Serious

    All of a sudden, as a result, it was no longer enough to vaccinate 70% of the US population. Everyone without exception had to get vaccinated—if everyone gets the vaccine, after all, it will be easier to claim that what’s happening is a nasty new variant rather than vaccine-driven ADE, since nobody will be able to point out that the unvaccinated aren’t getting it. All of a sudden, officials dropped the (inaccurate) claim that the vaccines keep you from getting Covid-19. New outbreaks flared in which most people who got sick had been fully vaccinated; stories surfaced in the media about how strange it was that so many people were getting really nasty summer colds; the labor shortage somehow just kept getting worse and other shortages snowballed, but if you suggested that it was because too many people were sick you could count on being shouted down. Authorities began to talk earnestly about how a new variant might show up soon that would kill a third of the people who caught it. Under normal circumstances, there’s no way they could know that in advance. It makes perfect sense, however, if the vaccines have been found to cause serious ADE and they already have a good idea of what the fatality rate will be.

    This is where we are as I write this. If my hypothesis is right, here’s what we can expect. “

    D Benton Smith


    Your description of yourself is so precisely a description of MYself that it’s downright spooky.


    I’ve watched several Academy of Ideas videos in the past 3 months. Doing so went a long ways towards helping me to understand what the hell is going on the world around me.

    Hat tip to Germ for bringing my attention to this one.

    John Day

    Thought on the new LAMBADA Strain, set to music already in 1990.
    This like Simpsons-Predictive-Programming!


    Great interview with Dave Collum about Covid.

    Starts around 6:30 Min.

    those darned kids

    thanks for that info, mr. germ


    my beloved beloved just returned from the doctor. she’s having heart problems, most likely from having been through dengue thrice, chickenpox, various northern flus, and especially, 6 weeks of covid last year.

    anyhoo, she just saw a doctor at a clinic, WHO DID NOT EVEN MENTION INJECTIONS. nada, nope, niente.

    there is hope.

    madamski cafone
    those darned kids

    darmnit! i was out and saving my lambada joke for my return.

    oh, well. i still get to use my “ypsilanti” joke when the “epsilon” variant arrives.


    double darmnit!! – so i spell check “epsilon” because it’s all greek to me, and guess freakly what!? EPSILON HAS ARRIVED!


    triple double darmnit!!! – next in line is “zeta”. this variant will be armed to the teeth, ruthless and amoral, and powered by methamphetamine and corona with lyme.


    “Within this study a potential toxicity risk of all nanoscaled drug delivery systems was found. An accumulation of several structurally different nanocarriers but not of soluble polymers was detected in rodent ovaries after intravenous (i.v.) administration. Studies in different mouse species and Wistar rats were conducted and a high local accumulation of nanoparticles, nanocapsules and nanoemulsions in specific locations of the ovaries was found in all animals.”

    They knew the potential for all this 10 years ago and did it anyway. This for me is one of the best examples of intentional harm. The vaccine companies are not exempt from intentional harm.


    I’ve no dog in the Rep/Dem fight, but this is a hoot!

    those darned kids

    they need to include rats in the injections – that way they will absorb all the bad stuff.

    madamski cafone

    from the ecosophia article Polder Dweller shared(emphases mine):

    “I find this entirely likely myself. The healthcare industry is already cracking. In my 30+ years as an Emergency Department RN, I’ve never seen anything like this. We’re seeing an upsurge in COVID cases in just the past week where I work, though we’re still not seeing as many as in February. Honestly, the COVID patients I’ve taken care of in the past year and a half aren’t any sicker than people I’ve taken care of with other respiratory illnesses in the past and in most cases far less sick. I had one fully vaccinated patient with COVID every day for the past four shifts I’ve worked and one of my fully vaccinated co-workers just came down with it also.

    “As far as Delta goes, the UK numbers show the Alpha (original) strain was 1.9% fatal, Delta 0.1% fatal. So the risk of death overall has decreased from slightly less than 2 in 100 to 1 in 1,000. So they’re really going to need the Fubar variant to sell the ADE deaths.

    “What’s really scary is how short staffed we are and how sick so many of our patients are with everything else but COVID. It’s frankly bizarre and I and many of my coworkers are just exhausted from all of this. A lot of RNs and other healthcare workers took early retirement over the past year and a half, just in the organization I work for alone. Several of the younger women I work with have had babies recently and some have cut back to part time. I hear it’s like this all over. And now they’re going to mandate vaccines or weekly testing for those who won’t vaccinate; which is stupid on a number of levels but especially for those of us, like myself, who’ve had COVID, and now have superior immunity.

    “JMG, you are right about one thing for certain, PRAY that you don’t need healthcare, because I think the apocalypse of how broken and incapable the system has become is about to debut.”

    (Dr. D spoke of the baby boom issue way back, btw.)

    D Benton Smith

    Blessed are the well informed, for they shall identify the truck that hits them.

    Formerly T-Bear

    French Constitutional Court rules health pass, mandatory vaccination of health workers constitutional amid nationwide protests.

    So long 5th Republic, nice knowing ye. From arrogance (Chas. DeGaul) to authoritarian (Macron), when will the French learn how to do ‘Republic’ and get it correct? WAG probably when they get into a double digit Republic, maybe 14.

    madamski cafone

    “As soon as vaccines became available I jokingly told my friends and relatives who got vaccinated that I have now a list of the vaccinated I know of and I am waiting to see who gets what and that now you are on my list. I dont think my joke was well received. Yet this list may turn out to be of some importance just now.” (ecosophia comments)

    D Benton Smith

    Blessed are the paranoid, for they shall assume all trucks are out to get them and jump out of the way in time.

    madamski cafone

    “The 1976 swine flu pandemic was the killer that never came. But it did trigger a full scale panicdemic that saw millions of Americans vaccinated against a disease that didn’t exist. Like all vaccines, it had side effects, some serious, some possibly even fatal. The swine flu affair was nothing short of a medical and political disaster. Perhaps that explains why none of those watching the arrival of covid–19 in early 2019 chose to forget the lessons it teaches.

    In January 1976, new recruits at Fort Dix, an army barracks in New Jersey, started to develop flu like symptoms. “

    The Immaculate Pandemic

    D Benton Smith

    The French Consitutional Court must have skipped a lot of history classes. Allow me to update their crib sheet before that big exam that’s coming up : Louis XVI

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