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    “quick, find me a new planet!”


    All in a day’s work, tdk.

    Veracious Poet


    time to buy some spf 17,353,498 sunscreen:

    Directed energy weapon design is not a new phenom, I read a well sourced (.MIL docs) 1994 article that the USSR had extremely powerful Scalar wave weapons program (thanks Tesla) that was operational in 40 years ago…

    Following the fall of said USSR, certain Ruskies were advertising their Scalar weapon systems for hire, claiming the directed wave weapons could be used to start earthquakes & create Typhoons (control weather) ~ It appeared the analysis was confirmed by INSCOM, I have the article still in my collection from pre-Internet days.

    RE: U$ Empire Inc. weapon development, back in the 90s, achieved several major mission critical breakthroughs in super conductor development, with the ability to create mobile particle beam/rail gun systems, of which are now quite well known…

    Most of super conductor research has gone dark following the well publicized super conductor breakthroughs 20+ years ago, about the same time the USAF published on their website that they would own the weather by 2025.

    As I haven’t worked in defense contracting for 25+ years I can only hypothesize where things are at now, but I try not to think about it…



    Sylvia 1

    Germ #101793 What is the link to that video?


    Rottotillerman – Agreed absolutely incredible work on the network analysis.
    Silences ANY argument against conspiracy theory.

    Veracious Poet

    Energy Weapons Addendum:

    To date .MIL spec directed energy weapons have not been deployed by LEOs, if they were everyone would know 😉

    Moreover, a former colleague & I theorized that when the story broke about Clinton/LORAL giving guided missile tech to the CCP it was allowed because directed energy systems had/would make such conventional tech obsolete in short order, except to benefit MIC profits created by .MIL World Police ops…

    This would also make non-stealth “hyper-sonic” toys a mute point when “Star Wars” weapons (thanks Reagan!) became readily deployed ~ Conventional weapons at this point are only deployed as a ca$hcow + .MIL probably doesn’t want to fully reveal capabilities.

    Then again, given the Clown World Psychosis of U$ Empire Inc. + MIC, I wouldn’t be shocked if advanced system development is mired in moronic B$…


    Imagine, the liberty convoy moves from the front of parliament before monday. The vote on the “Act” is monday.
    Guess, will the vote will pass?

    absolute galore

    Oroboros wrote: Desantis, Gabbard, controlled opposition
    Why can’t they tweet a comment about Turdeau as ass clown tyrant?

    Give me a break, controlled opposition. I guess there are no sincere actors in your world? Sad.

    I suspect former U.S. Senator Gabbard has more balls than most out there, both in words and actions. She has been a Fox guest with Carson recently where he covered the Freedom Convoy. But he chose to talk with Gabbard about the goings on in Ukraine, which is slightly more important both in the U.S. and on the world stage.

    Here is Tulsi recently on authoritarianism:

    absolute galore

    Pardon me, former Congresswoman.

    absolute galore

    Based on her regular appearances on Fox, I suspect, and hope, that she is planning another Presidential run.

    Figmund Sreud

    Latest (8:59 ET): … Ottawa goes under the siege! One hundred check points are being erected throughout of the city over the next 12 hours. “Freedom Convoy” co-organizer, Chris Barber, was just arrested. Police presence on city streets is growing minute by minute, … seems exponentially. Things are not looking too good, …

    … fwiw,



    Bosco I absolutely looooved that Chesterton quote. thank you

    Dr. D

    What is it about the hair color with these guys? The trope is true. Do they not like themselves, but as surface people change surface things? I don’t get it.

    Remember kiddies: 10-year rates have DOUBLED in six months. Yes, to only 2% so far, but 100%? In six months? So all your interest payments on borrowing for stock buybacks have DOUBLED? And what’s the rate of rate on that? And expectations?

    Okay, popped in to say I do not believe these guys. Canada says they want the wallets xyz that they’ve flagged halted. Great! Um, how would I follow them? A Bitcoin address is like “1HYLLUR2JFs24X1zTS4XbNJidGo2XNHiTT” (Automatic Earth, donations accepted) Many are far longer. So I’m a convenience store and I what? Print out a paper and post it on the register? How exactly am I going to keep track of 30 (and no doubt soon to be thousands) of totally randomized, 64 digit numbers? TD can, of course, but anyone else?

    Suppose I receive from a naughty address. I won’t know. And unless I receive it directly to Coinbase (KYC) they won’t know who got it. Do they jail me for the equivalent of finding a fiver in the street?

    By the way, what IS a wallet, exactly? For the inbred seventh sons who couldn’t make it in Moosejaw Community College, I’ll spell it out for you: ANYTHING. I can print a wallet and mail it there, Canada Post. I can create a wallet or 20 on a USB-stick device like Trezor. Anyone with that device and the keys can walk up and down the streets of Ottawa, with the bank account literally in their hands. This is the same on your phone. Point at Walter Langowski’s phone (noting AlphaFlight) and BEEP, he has the money to buy diesel. As you only just made it, there is no previous traffic on the wallet and no rules regarding its use yet. Even if there will be in six hours, spend it and it’s gone. Are you going to retroactively prosecute me for something that was legal at the time? That’ll go over well in court and in public.

    Next problem for the crayon-using functionally illiterate: So…GoSend has an address. Great. You’ve flagged that address, great. …But what if GoSend then splits the donations into 10,000 paper wallets 5 or 6 times, then recombines them somewhere? What if they send it into Monero or CloakCoin on and then back out again? Or not? And sends in a hardened Privacy coin?

    Is OPP down with tracking at that level? Um, no you f-ing retards. Maybe Mooselini can call a favor to the NSA to track them. …But day after day after day after day, as they roll the wallets, $50 at a time? I. Don’t. Think So. Or not yet anyway.

    And I’m an amateur, using only Western public sites to stick them in the eye. Imagine rolling it in Turkey, Russia, Sudan, or Congress’ favorite money-laundering safe haven, Ukraine. I can’t IMAGINE what those boys have at their disposal. Well, good luck to ya!

    The real problem is the people are not using the tools that were created.


    Glad you liked it, oxy.


    “Police presence on city streets is growing minute by minute, … seems exponentially. Things are not looking too good, …”

    Actual realpolitik usually doesn’t, but it’s where the action is. Gonna be a lotta variables the next few days, from pipe bombs to skin-cook energy beams to uploaded live images damning to either side.

    They’ll want to deal r-e-a-l carefully with the truckers… unless they’ve decided to take the gloves off and go full force, which will be an even worse disaster for them than some ugly footage of them beating someone bloody with a baton.

    When the illusion of freedom on which so many people in Euromerica suddenly vaporizes, when the !pop! of several hundred million crania being sucked out of their cloacal hidey holes, collectively forming a sound like the BOOM of ten gazillion Big Mac wrappers dropping onto Parliament/Congress, there is very likely to be an explosion of anomie sentiment and trucks will roll and so will heads, I suspect. Good heads, bad heads. Heads.

    Jordan Peterson was, I think, trying in that 2:30 second video I shared, to give the people who don’t feel up to that level of confrontation (beginning with incarceration up to death) a sense of honor for bailing out now, and a strategy for maximizing their gains while minimizing their losses, including in their own psyches and self-esteems.

    Not everyone, we may have noticed, is up to a real fight.

    Soon we’ll see who, if anyone (ack! pessimism! ack! hairball!), is.


    [..] Gabbard’s plan to overtly side with Assad and Russia while they commit crimes against humanity would be a strategic disaster, a gift to the extremists and a betrayal of decades of U.S. commitments to stand up to mass atrocities. Democratic voters who believe in liberalism and truth must reject not only her candidacy but also her attempt to disguise moral bankruptcy as a progressive value.

    Betrayal my ass.


    “When the illusion of freedom on which so many people in Euromerica” rely


    One pattern from the last go round of this cycle, the 30s/Nazis/Tojo etc., is unmistakably happening here: the left is discrediting itself and disillusioning its followers so much and so fast we’re almost guaranteed top get a populist demagogue of the stripe that makes Hitlers.

    Nazis and Hitlers in one paragraph: I lose the discussion several times over. 😉

    Autonomous Unit

    Tulsi Gabbard is connected to the WEF Young Leaders program.


    Figures. Uncle.


    Maybe the “My Pillow” guy tap into this, third party. ANYTHING!

    those darned kids

    bosco: space is the place

    vp: i’ve known of these weapons for quite a while. while i find there very existence shocking (humans is dumb), seeing them being used against peaceful people is very frightening.


    The Presidency is a joke, the real power goes on beneath the surface ,always has.

    Biden is embarrassingly incompetent and demented. Watch him talk about the kids at the pool rubbing the hair on his legs and his hair snuffing fetish.

    Please, at this point in history, a goat could be President.

    Reminds of when the Praetorian Guard in Rome finally realized that they actually held enormous power and ended up murdering 13 different Caesars.

    Imagine if the Secret Service had murdered 13 presidents to achieve a regime change instead of only one.

    I like Tulsi Gabbard, she talks a great game, but she could never be a Demo-rat nominee, not even a token VP. And even though she appears on Tucker, the Repugnant-cans would never welcome her to their half of the Uni-party either. She’s an attractive repackaged Bernie, meant to draw voters away from a Demo-rat.

    Here’s the Tweet she didn’t send:

    “Trudeau is a power mad tyrant leading Canada on a path to ruin. He has not even seriously talked to the trucker legitimate concerns.”

    There, that was easy.

    those darned kids

    autonomous: yep. klaus sure knows how to pick ’em.


    I hate how academics tend to stick with One True Theory over another, when there is room for many since none of them are comprehensively conclusive, for example, So when I say that I’m a Big Believer in the Big Man theory of history, I by no means it’s even remotely comprehensive. It’s more an observation of a certain type of systempunkt, and that’s handy for anlysis (Genghis Khan totally fits as such a systempunkt), but doesn’t much address the cascades of history much less the overall oscillations caused by all this frenetic activity, unintended consequences etc.

    Right now the cascades are begging a Big Man systempunkt. It seems to have been trying them on for size since, oh, Obama: Big Man. (Love or hate him, the bastard’s tough as nails, way more than smart enough, and he surfed the cascades of that time adroitly into office for two terms and completed what Bush had started, majorly shifting that 911 arc even further after promising to straighten it out. But… he wasn’t his own man, and I take pleasure in politically-incorrectly calling him what Sidney Poitier called Colin Powell during the Iraq fiasco: house nigrah. Eunuch if you prefer, but I suspect Michelle disagrees, and man, wasn’t she the hottest 1st Lady since Jackie O?

    Then Trump, much much more a Big man. Order of magnitude: he kicked EVERYONE’s ass politically: DNC and GOP.

    But he’s nuts, old, and undoubtedly a bit senile.

    No matter what, election, revolution, bloody invasion from Mars, I foresee a BIG MAN arising, a major behemoth slouching toward Bethlehem. If I were scrying the horizon for the next bright shiny thing to reflect off my Special Edition Dior tinfoil hat, it would be the just-now-moulting-from-nymph-to-adult, BIG MAN emerging from hir<> or<> hes (ASCII for ‘non-binary) swamp cocoon. Not from any usual places. Hitler didn’t. Genghis Khan certainly didn’t.

    This prospect includes some seriously ballsy big man who actually runs a coup but charms the public. Tres old school, jah?


    Here’s for champagne to my real friends and real pain to my sham friends*… but only just enough to remember to be nice to me unless deliberately provoked (in which case just shoot me, please). It’s not hard to honor a simple Golden Rule we’ve known since kindergarten, and hey, as experience now has scientifically proven, better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.


    There. As someone asked me to yesterday, oxy? orboros?, I will now let that go.

    *that’s stolen from an old C.L.Moore Golden Age skiffy tale, it is.


    (Photoshoppng history into oblivion, one youtube vid at a time.)


    Playing pro bono devil’s advocate for Tulsi Gabbard: not all teacher’s pets remain such. I didn’t. Eve before becoming a rebel proper as teenager, I recall making fun of her as being Hitler after I’d had enough of her dark side. Turned around and there she was, watching me. Said, “Okay, Mr. Morrison.”

    But I didn’t get in trouble. Makes a fellow wonder.

    With Tulsi, I’m reminded of when Bernie was running and winning, and the savviest political enthusiasts would often double-down that Bernie was only and always and ever could only be a sheepdog, don’t get your hopes up, when he sure didn’t act like he wanted to be on a leash. Point being that, him being the best thing anyone had seen in forever, guaranteed to win the election if nominated, why not get behind him and see if maybe he really was sincere all along about using the DNC as his private socialists’ voter revolution?

    But to win the nom from an at least superficially very fearful DNC playing every dirty trick they had would’ve required every sympathetic political enthusiast to back him. What did they have to lose? ‘I’ll take Clinton, pls.’ WHY?!? How could Bernie have possibly worse than Hillary? He’s a cave-in, not a sociopath, and an outsider to boot. He would’ve been Carter-Trumped to pieces but would’ve made some good noise on the bully pulpit and thereby at least have fomented more turnover in Congress.

    So, I say watch Tulsi with a very cynical and skeptical eye but don’t slander her yet. Not every graduate from West Point was willing to fire on civilians or, for that matter, even fight in the war. Conscientious objectors happen. Bad luck can take care of itself. Good luck wants our support.

    A Single Grain of Rice




    (Photoshoppng history into oblivion, one youtube vid at a time.)

    Is supposed to be in my post on historical Big Men, not as a portrayal of myself. Mongo just pawn in game of life, and ladies, you can lie to me about the size of my Vice-President anytime, so long as it’s flattering. WordPress is being surly.


    ONe last try to get this through:

    I will split it into two and post them backward:

    second part first

    Their enemy was actually protecting them in a sense by any attempt to concentrate them or corral them: it’s like Eisenhower demanding all the Panzer divisions park together right next to his headquarters.

    etc. etc.

    But that would require major vision and gonads of steel and a highly-tuned sense of character and bullshit detection from at least one person able to convince others to give it a try. This person then watches closely over the gang and is willing to have intimate discussions in water closets with more painfully tender naughty bits and such of movement members who he is convinced are saboteurs or simply need to leave, being too wobbly to have in such a thing, and need to really really understand why they don’t wanna say nuttin’, zip, like a bodybag up your lip, see?

    Like a very highly ethical and deeply moral but equally ruthless Al Capone.

    One suspects this is at least a little the case with those ‘hard men’ WES mentioned a few days ago.

    But most people will steer clear of even using no-no’d donation venues.

    2bee continued

    absolute galore

    The WEF bestowed some kind of Leadership in Hawaii honors on her 7 years ago and based on that they threw her bio up on the website.. Is there something deeper than that to connect her with the WEF?

    Yes, there are many forces more powerful than the president. But I would rather have her talking to Russia than “Joe Biden” and his insane clown crew.. I doubt she would have such warmongers on her team.


    Very weird paranoid experiment on my part:

    GoSend Monero or CloakCoin hardened Privacy coin


    Sir bosco,

    If you ever start a substack, I would subscribe.


    @Dr D said:

    Point at Walter Langowski’s phone (noting AlphaFlight) and BEEP, he has the money to buy diesel.-

    Not that easy. Having money in an account is not the issue, getting it out of the account and spending it is the issue. Unless the person selling diesel is using the same currency (say bitcoin), the question is how to exchange that money for the currency that is accepted by the diesel seller? The diesel seller will have to have a bitcoin account at some exchange so that he can exchange the bitcoin for cash and pay himself and his suppliers. How long will it take the government to close down his CAD account once they see him receiving cash from, say, Coinbase?

    The misnomer “wallet” is confusing to many. The wallet is a device (paper, usb stick, PC, mainframe, super computer, tree truck, tattoo etc) that stores your digital currency account number (often referred to as a key). The wallet does not contain any money, the money is held in the distributed bank (on something called a block chain) on the internet and all you can do is to receive/send it, using your account number, to someone else who has an account number in the same currency. To do this you need the internet, so no internet, no transaction. To convert it to cash, you send it to a company such as coinbase who will convert it from bitcoin into CAD.

    Veracious Poet
    Doc Robinson

    “Tulsi Gabbard is connected to the WEF Young Leaders program.”

    The Young Global Leaders website indicates that Tulsi Gabbard is not an active member.

    Dan Crenshaw, a Republican Congressman from Texas, was also on their list.


    The pendulum swings and we thinks it’s a clock
    With a ticking to keep us all calm.
    If it swings to right, it will swing to left-
    But it isn’t a clock- it’s a bomb.


    “Sir bosco,

    If you ever start a substack, I would subscribe.”

    If you ever call me Sir again, I’ll, I’ll, I’ll… open up a nice French restaurant with nice lace doilies and consummately gay waiters. I SWEAR it. 😉 Then won’t you be sorry!

    WHile I have lots to say and am, imo, worth reading, I don’t have a the heart for a blog in me these days. I have just enough to hang here with these wonderful fellow lunatics, and work on fiction that may make a market impact yet before the market is dead.

    I get major momentum rolling, the novel is alive in my head and coming together, and then illness takes me down hard and puts me in a cannabis-loaded coma, so to speak. (Po po pitifoo me.)

    Now that I’m back in the game, and have good reason to think I’ll have a solid year or more before I get taken down again, I’m training hard and am now writing fiction close to 4 hours a day. Now I get to be manic as a methed-up monkey, sort of a bipolar springback from being so subdued for two months.

    But thanx so much for the vote of confidence, chooch. (I keep seeing Chooch and Cheng, the dyslexic drug comedy team.)


    aspnaz said part of what the post that WordPress and God Almighty will not allow me to make was working on saying. Crypto isn’t currency except between cryptonians. Some guy owns a gas statin is a cryptonian, you’re in for some diesel. Otherwise, crypto is cryptonite.


    “…But it isn’t a clock- it’s a bomb.”

    That one is catchy enough to become an earworm, my parents.


    tdk: space IS the place.


    “EveN before becoming a rebel proper as teenager, I recall making fun of her as being Hitler after I’d had enough of her dark side. Turned around and there she was, watching me. Said, “Okay, Mr. Morrison.””

    Her being Mrs. Schwartz, a really HOT red-headed woman with a passion for teaching and science but a vicious streak, the time being 5th grade.


    Since the other post won’t happen, I’ll note that this is about Ottawa truckers and Trudeau/Ottawa police:

    “Their enemy was actually protecting them in a sense by any attempt to concentrate them or corral them: it’s like Eisenhower demanding all the Panzer divisions park together right next to his headquarters.”


    Let’s see if I can get this much through:

    Re: all that wallet jazz: it’s not 2-dimensional. There are many more planes of interaction than that.

    The crayon-wielding illiterates will scare a lot of people off bitcoin this way, especially the citizen equivalent of same, especially any crossover ‘leftists’ (to use a crudely inadequate label). Sometimes you can’t win a specific battle but you can make the enemy pay as much as possible for its win, and if the attrition happens early enough, convince them that they’re losing.

    The same logic can be said for the truckers. They could have parked en masse and gotten real serious about this stuff, and not just via the ‘hard men’ route. They could’ve carefully strategized, using terror cell methods and such to prevent whatever bunch was willing to scheme and dream from being infiltrated by G-men dressed as truckers (or hookers;) ) By now they could’ve had a high volume of dangerous things legitimate for them to have, beginning with gasoline in their tanks.

    Their enemy was actually protecting them in a sense by any attempt to concentrate them or corral them: it’s like Eisenhower demanding all the Panzer divisions park together right next to his headquarters.

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