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    Vincent van Gogh Boulevard de Clichy, Paris 1887   • Killing Julian Assange (AlJ) • Docs Urge Early Outpatient Treatment For COVID-19 (France Soi
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    V. Arnold

    Vincent van Gogh Boulevard de Clichy, Paris 1887

    Ah, tonight, a gorgeous van Gogh, a feast for mine eyes… 😉

    a kullervo

    Roots & Trunks & Branches

    You can prefer one over the others but you can’t discard the ones you dislike.
    And yet that’s what ordinary human brains try to do on a daily basis.

    Men against time
    Men in time
    Men above time

    Which one are you?
    Does it matter?

    No, because regardless of what you believe, you will die.
    Yes, because while you live, you can be at peace with yourself.

    Have a nice week.


    I have been praying for Julian Assange in my daily prayers for about three months — the only person who I have prayed for who I do not know personally. The news today was encouraging, as I was expecting his extradition. Not out of the woods yet, but I hope today is the day when the tide has started to turn. Lord have mercy on us all.

    Polder Dweller

    Great news about Assange even if it’s not yet the end of the story.

    I have to think that Baraitser was still following orders – Trump couldn’t pardon Assange because he hadn’t convicted of anything yet and he couldn’t publicly drop the extradition request without alienating the armed forces and handing the Democrats a stick with which to beat him. Perhaps he can now ‘accidentally’ fail to appeal before Inauguration Day. We can always hope.

    Dr. D

    ““Did you ever expect it to be that high?” host Martha Raddatz asked. “No Martha, I did not,” Fauci responded.”

    Never ending lies. And as said, never-ending fascism and employment. He specifically was a promoter of the Neil Ferguson school of millions dead. That’s why we just “had” to have these measures. If he didn’t think 300k would die, only maybe 30k, the same at the flu, WHAT THE F DID HE SHUT DOWN FOR?


    And still no lampposts.

    “Data compiled by Johns Hopkins University”

    The John Hopkins that was just caught lying and erased their own data? After Fauci was caught lying (about every other day) and erased his own data?

    Gee, why do cranks like me just not trust them? It is only because they’ve been lying all 365 days out of the last year?

    Masks work, masks don’t work.
    Do/Don’t buy them.
    No one will die/25 Million will die.
    We can’t lock down, that’s ridiculous/we just did.
    It will “flatten the curve” / 9 months later no curve is flattened.
    It’s 15 Day / Forever and ever and ever and ever and ever.
    No one will force you / You can’t move 5 miles or buy food without an untested vaccine and constant passport.
    It’s the law / No law has been passed, anywhere.
    Fauci says there is no prevention or therapy / says to take Vitamin D and C.
    HCQ works / doesn’t work / works / doesn’t work
    Ivermectin works.
    Can’t authorize untested vaccines if we have therapies like Fauci /France just said we have.

    That’s 60 seconds off the top of my head. Meanwhile, they are busting into houses in Quebec without a warrant and arrest families for existing. Yeah, the cops didn’t have masks either, as usual.

    So…we’re all quaranteaming – you don’t f’n know! – and perfectly safe as we can be among ourselves, and YOU, you EEEE-DIOTS!, who go around and meet the whoooooooooooole public, apparently without a mask, came into OUR family’s house because WE’RE dangerous?

    When do they chuck them into the St. Lawrence Sound?

    And yeah, that’s generally the story all over. 1) No harm is being done 2) cops break every law and human right 3) don’t wear the very masks they arrest the people for 4) throw them in jail to be “safe” 5) while letting other people like domestic abusers OUT of jail to be “safe.”

    Have we reached peak insanity yet? Peak #AntiLogos? Not on your life. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet. New York is proposing a law to:

    a) Arrest and remove any one,
    b) For any SUSPECTED contact with,
    c) ANY disease. That is, not Covid, not dangerous, anything they care to name,
    d) To be removed WITHOUT trial or ANY process,
    e) To be detained in ANY facility,
    f) By ANY person who wants to,
    g) For ANY length of time.

    Gee, have we reached fascism yet, Chuckie? Ya thinks maybe – jeeeest maybeeee – enemies of Cuomo might end up on that list of “suspected contacts” with “something unnamed/we’ll make it up later”? Maybe journalists like Kunstler, Assange, Taibbi? Maybe whistleblowers who accuse Andy of slappin’ the salami while sniffin’ her hair?


    You guys are not only GOING to the cattle cars willingly, you’ll be the ones DRIVING them into the furnace. While Justin, Cuomo, and Gates watch. With a smile on their face.


    Apparently death itself will not rouse you. Good luck.

    There’s a reason why pandemics – which this isn’t – have NO force of law at all. …And that’s even IF any state, any where, should ever pass a law, some distant day. We haven’t. But 1A says you can assemble FOR ANY REASON, AT ANY TIME. 4A says you cannot have your rights remove and be put under infinite house arrest without ANY due process of law, speedy, transparent, legal, and fair. With access to the prosecution’s records. And 2A, which is the only thing that MAKES 1A-10A have the slightest chance of being respected. But not if you don’t use any of them. Your CREATOR gave you these rights, but if you cede them because of a 0.03% chance of harm, then you’re just a coward and will die as one. Do better. Hiding is not going to save you.

    Ask Assange. Or Jack Ma. Did his billions help him any?

    Assange out? Yes, but now how is he going to testify before Congress? And not “drone strike this guy”?
    It’s not over yet, it’s only beginning.

    Mister Roboto

    An idle question: Does anyone suspect, as I do, that the rise in oil prices over the past two months had a lot to do with this holiday season’s very online-dependent gift-shopping (which would, obviously, involve a lot of hauling packages by truck and van)?


    “Gee, have we reached fascism yet, ”
    Wait …. Biden and friends are taking over the gov.

    Mr. House

    Comments might be thru the roof here soon as the original PMC has shut off comments at another site which will not be named.


    This isn’t a pandemic?

    You’ve gotta be joking.

    madamski cafone

    From today’s Charles Hugh Smith:

    “6. Process replaces results as the Prime Directive of the system. Devoting resources to following processes rather than to getting results generates an illusion of functionality even as the ability to evolve and adapt is lost.”

    I see this as the Mystery Ingredient linking incompetence with evil. Process superficially resembles tradition, except that it is routinely altered or replaced by a new Process. It has no real meaningful links to a functional past, as genuine traditions do. It has a life of its own, a life that serves as host or compost for both incompetent yes-men and their like, and deliberately malign actors.

    “Are they really that evil or just that stupid or both?” We’ve all asked this question numerously, exhaustingly. The word Process in the bureaucratic sense hides evil and incomeptence, and shields them when they’re discovered. It is the binding agent that creates both.

    Mr. House

    “This isn’t a pandemic?

    You’ve gotta be joking.”

    Based on my lying eyes, i’d agree its not. Based on statistics i see on TV and in the news, its worse then world war 1 and closing on world war 2. Who to believe in the age of fraud?

    madamski cafone

    We’ve been fascist forever. Well, at least since WWII. The question, as I see it, is: Is fascism failing at last?

    My answer: yes.


    “Does it matter?
    No, because regardless of what you believe, you will die.
    Yes, because while you live, you can be at peace with yourself.”

    I like that. Suitable for framing.


    @Polder Dweller:

    I know it is de rigueur on this website to make excuses for Trump for everything he does, but surely you are aware of the underlying facts in the Assange case. There was no deep state, military cadre, or any such weaselly imaginary faction that made Trump bring charges against Assange or that is forcing him to deny a pardon.

    The only reason Assange is going through what he is today is because of Trump. Obama decided not to indict him. It was Trump who reinstated the charges and added 17 new charges related to the Espionage Act. Assange would be a free man now, save for Trump.

    And dig this – lawyers for the US (that means lawyers who work under the Trump administration) have already said they will appeal today’s decision from the UK. So Trump clearly still wants him in a US prison.

    Of course Trump could preemptively pardon Assange; Trump is considering preemptive pardons for several people. And by the way, Assange had already formally requested a pardon from Trump a few weeks ago. Assange himself doesn’t care if it is “preemptive” or not.

    Trump may still decide to scuttle his own administration’s position vis a vis Assange and pardon him, but I would be very surprised. (Ecstatic for Assange, who in no way should be in the position he is in, but surprised.) Trump does not spend any time thinking about anyone but himself and doesn’t give a rat’s ass about Julian Assange, me, you, or any person on the planet not named “Trump” – and he only cares about a couple of the latter.

    Trump is responsible for his actions and the actions he sets loose in his administration. Nobody made these excuses for Obama and nor should they have. Why do people think they can blame every damn stupid thing Trump does on some fabricated inscrutable entity? The man wanted to be president, he got there, now he is in charge and responsible. If he is so weak he feels he cannot even use his pardon powers on his way out the door (what could anyone do to him if he did pardon Assange at this point?), then he is just as it would appear – a weak, spineless man. Or, the other most obvious answer: he just doesn’t want to let Assange off the hook that he, Trump, put him on.

    Mr. House

    “I know it is de rigueur on this website to make excuses for Trump for everything he does”

    At least nobody censors you just because they disagree with you! The 15 mins of hate has now concluded.


    True that, Mr. House. Ilargi is very patient with the commenters, and I know for sure I must make him more than a bit peeved with my loud opinions sometimes.

    I wasn’t trying to be hateful in what I said in my comment above, but there are times when the record does need to be corrected, and in this case, it is truly only Trump’s fault that Assange is in jeopardy from the US right now. Guess I didn’t have to be so sarcastic (or hateful or whatever you thought I was being), and I am sorry if I was offensive.

    Mr. House

    Its the age of fraud Teri, i don’t think any of us really has any idea of what the truth is these days. Times are gone for honest men/women.



    From The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy:

    “Management is rewarded for process. Civilization is rewarded for product. Beginning with US president Johnson’s “Great Society,” America demanded social equity be awarded( management) not earned (that discriminates against the lame,halt,dim-witted,addicted,perverse,diverse,deserving,delusional and proven unable). The hallmark of managerial process is….process. Process always grows,invades and metastasizes.

    People are drowning in process. They are besieged with false content and it flows like a cancerous erosion of 24 hours each day. If you do not like being alone, it is because you are in poor company. I lived in Brooklyn, New York. Some 10,000 people lived across the street in The Projects. Stacked high and dense, every flush of a toilet, every bag of garbage descending, every argument was heard everywhere. People deflated without hope or pressurized murderous.

    Most people have nothing to say and volubly so. Their self-worth arises from how much they spew and accumulate_ process.” And so the problem remained; lots of people were mean, and most of them were miserable, even the ones with digital watches”

    Forgive me for typos and punctuations..transcribed from a tiny picture on my phone.

    Douglas Adams a long time ago in 1979.


    Actually only that last quote was from Adams. The rest was from a random tweet I came across a while back. I never read the book but the whole thing made sense at the time and still does. I had it a s screen grab on my phone. Sorry.


    Somehow, still, great news about Assange.

    “This isn’t a pandemic?
    You’ve gotta be joking.”
    Glory of democracy, where this opinion is EQUAL to any other. Every person has a right to believe in anything and “express” themselves thus creating a pool of insanity where voice of reason gets drowned.

    Doc Robinson

    I think the Baraister ruling on Assage could be a gift to the prosecution. Whatever she ruled, it would be appealed anyway, and now the appeal could be on the basis of whether or not he can be prevented from committing suicide in prison.

    In this ruling Baraitser mentioned the suicide of Jeffrey Epstein, but in the appeal the prosecution would undoubtedly argue that Epstein was held in a Manhattan jail for people awaiting trial or sentencing, while Assange would be held in a Supermax prison with greater security measures.

    And Baraitser didn’t rule that Assange should be released on bail, he needs to prevail at a bail hearing for that, and “legal experts say they would be surprised if bail is granted” (according to The Guardian).

    I think that Assange’s legal team should appeal, since Baraitser ruled that his extradition would not be unlawful, except for that suicide issue.


    After four years, Donald seems to be finally realizing that the wall he liked to say he was building was actually between him and his second term. The Dem’s Russia scheme never really worked out. Their impeachment plan even backfired. Teflon Don just barreled on in the way he does, taunting them the whole time, middle finger and all. I have to say, in many ways, I found that refreshing as hell. I never agreed with alot of what Trump said, but I have been so sick of shit for so long that even the slightest bit of unconventionality was refreshing- even if it came in the form of an effeminate elitist prig. But it was Donald’s indifference to and mocking of the virus that really turned me off. The virus itself laid bare all the bad wood underneath the veneer of this country’s socio-economic and cultural paradigms. But it also exposed the idiocy of Donald’s schtick and his sycophant’s bootlicking stupidity. I guess it hit me a little harder because I have a sick mom and kids who suffer because of the ridiculous response to the virus. But I tend to be a science type of guy, so even if my mom was healthy and I had no kids, the whole covid strategy would have pissed me off.

    So now, Donald gets to sit in the oval office, eating big Macs and cheetos while being treated to the greatest drip torture of all time. Vote by painful vote. Case after case laughed out of court. He ended up suppressing his own voter base by telling them not to vote by mail because it was dangerous and ripe with fraud. A decision that will eventually be seen as his fatal one. GOP state legislators set it all up to count the mail-in ballots after the in-person voting to give it the appearance that votes were magically appearing out of nowhere, as if the Democrats were madly filling out ballots in some secret broom closet and then counting them. The folly is pure entertainment.

    I have read all of the analysis. One take in particular alarms me. It suggests we are witnessing a fascist coup in the makings. That Donald has unleashed a movement that will not so easily be shoved back into the bottle. But that same analysis said the same things when he was elected the first time. That Trump was hitler. That he was a dictator who is only friends with other dictators etc. None of that really panned out, so I take that analysis with a bit of caution. I do admit that some of the things I have seen even in my area makes me wonder if this country is headed for dark times. Neo-Nazi groups started showing up at local rallies and marches. They harassed people. Some got arrested. It was a sickening wake up call this last summer.

    Or maybe, these people will slowly fade back into the corners of society that held them for years, seething in ignorance and confusion and indoctrination to be productive worker bees like the hive demands? Who really knows?

    Donald probably won’t go quietly, and part of me thinks it is just part of his WWF mode of entertainment. He has dreams to launch a network of his own. Trump TV. He also wants his own radio network. What better way to capture an instant audience and huge market share? Donny is and always has been about the Benjamin’s!

    So now, we are left with sleepy Joe driving the potatoe truck. And lucky us, we get to return to the same exact conditions that allowed a Donald Trump to rise to power in the first place. Joe is going to preside over a collapsing economy and a viral fallout that will probably make the great depression seem like the good old days. But at least he has kamala harris whispering sweet nothings in his ear. The DNC’s young prodigal prosecutor who made a living imprisoning poor black super predators just waits in the wings, like a gargoyle, perched above the oval office, ready for Joe to slip into irreversible cognitive decline. America gets what it deserves. every. single. time.

    Maybe Donald should at least pardon Julian Assange as one last fuck you to the Democrats as he storms out of the white house? I am sure he has something up his sleeve for the next 16 days.

    Polder Dweller


    I didn’t make any excuses for Trump. Seems you read me wrong.


    @madamski: a brilliant effort at connecting the dots. The CHS piece you referenced reveals the key ingredient – and your analysis ties it together. Everyone should read and re-read what you have written.

    I would emphasize (through my own direct experiences in upper management in corporate America) that processes are created by PEOPLE who feast on the meaningful and valuable contributions of others. They pretend to be the source of the successes/results generated. Evil is what happens when liars/pretenders believe the lies they tell. Since they are not truly the source of results/accomplishments, they insert processes as faux contributions. One day I came to understand that I no longer wanted to feed the beast – and put my efforts into building an enterprise of my own.


    @ teri: appreciate the additional perspective. Donald had a role in complicating the Assange matter; it was all driven by his ego – since he was crazy-mad and determined to reverse any and all Obama positions including this one. We can hold Trump accountable for it – right here and now! Sidenote: I honestly don’t understand why/how your comments seem to ruffle feathers – must admit that it gives me a chuckle when it happens.

    @Mr House: RE: “Its the age of fraud Teri, i don’t think any of us really has any idea of what the truth is these days. Times are gone for honest men/women.” No. We just have to work harder at finding TRUTH. This site is one example of shining LIGHT on what’s real – as the commenters make it a rich experience by sharing their reality. We expand our awareness with every post.

    OM Shanti to my Covid impacted parents! Dad died on Christmas morning and Mom was just released from the COVID section of their fancy care facility (in Ohio) to a rehab unit…Never to return to their sweet little assisted living apartment. We told 90 year old Mom about Dad’s passing on Zoom. So sad. Here’s to the “Greatest Generation” folks who are the original butt-kickers!


    I prefer a pool of free expression with all of the chaos and cacophony it generates over a clearly stated, top-down corporate/government controlled “official narrative” every day of the week. 😉

    D Benton Smith

    mRNA vaccines are the biggest and riskiest genetic engineering experiment of all time.

    Diamonds aren’t forever, genes are. So-called ‘Messenger RNA’ ( mRNA) based vaccines are designed to alter genetic code. So, put those two ideas together and see what you come up with . You got it . Forever is a long time. Anything introduced by that mRNA into the main code DNA of the cell is now part of that cell’s blue print. If it’s something good, hey, swell ! But if it’s not so good . . . or even deadly, tough luck.
    So-called “messenger” RNA takes a bit of genetic code and places it in the cell’s DNA so that every time that cell replicates itself the “newly revised” DNA is replicated right along with it. Like, forever. Or at least until that line of cells dies out completely . As in “end of the line”. A typical vaccine delivers a few billion of those little makers in one go. Allowing an average of 7 days between human cell divisions, and just thumb-nail the arithmetic for how long it takes for the recipient to be a whole new and improved version of themselves, the version with permanently modified DNA throughout their organism..
    No matter how great the odds are for only mostly good results , the odds for getting a bad result damned well better be absolute zero, or else you are toast. Think of it as playing Russian roulette with a really big revolver that holds millions upon millions of empty chambers and only a few dozen bullets ( the odds in your favor look GREAT!) . . . . . BUT you must now pull the trigger non-stop, over and over again, forever. Oops. Better call your bookie and cancel that bet because the odds just took a major U-Turn for the worse.
    You get the picture.
    So the Covid-19 mRNA vaccines might be just fine, or maybe not. Who knows ? That’s why it’s called an experiment. If it doesn’t work out, well then a few million (or a few hundred million) people might die prematurely, but if it does work (to their way of thinking at least) then the Gateway to the glorious future of injectable genetic engineering is thrown wide open. Wahoo ! Jillionaires would call that a ” Win-Win” situation.
    It isn’t, of course. By which I mean to say clearly that it is not the imagined ” win-win” that they believe it is. Notice that I say they believe it is rather than think it is. If they were actually thinking they would see that the unstoppable chain of causal-effect events they’re setting in motion eventually includes them, too. Them as individual human creatures. It’s their DNA too, ya know?
    They understand the science of it just well enough to support an unwarranted belief that the experiment will get them more of what they want. And they are simply too stupid to do the math which proves beyond shadow of doubt that the experiment (when carried out) will result in the exact opposite.
    They will lose everything of value that they ever wanted, because, like I said, diamonds aren’t forever. Genes are.


    @ Susiemarie108

    So sorry for your loss!


    OM Shanti



    For a different perspective, read a comment I wrote yesterday trying to explain that President Trump has never had control of the Department of Justice nor the FBI. He still doesn’t! Evidence Barr!

    The Uniparty controls and still firmly controls the DofJ and FBI! (i.e. Mitch!)

    Blaming President Trump for jailing Julian is exactly what the Uniparty wants you to believe!

    You are just repeating their lie!


    @teri: my TAE Friend, please stop apologizing for BEing yourself. LOVE, Susan


    France. (Quoted up top. France-Soir is sort of ‘rebel,’ even dissident media.)

    A while ago, Macron asked to meet Pr. Didier Raoult (the hydroxychloroquine guy,….)

    Raoult, admired by a large section of F ppl, made Macron travel to Marseille, he, R, refused to go to Paris, too busy. Nobody quite knows what they discussed, R spoke about it in vague terms, but it made an impression for sure. (Macron may be wily in some ways but he is totally ignorant in many areas, and is poor at math, a handicap in finance and medecine..)

    Maybe ‘common sense’ (whatever that is, it is not hysteria about ‘cases’, a rush to lock the population up, buy a pile of non functioning vaccines..) is getting a bit of a grip. Or maybe not, there is, a-hem, pressure to later roll out a French Vax!

    Généralistes (family docs, paid by the State) are being paid 5.40 Euros for every covid-vax, as it entails:

    – a consult, meeting the person
    – obtaining their signature on a consentment form (so presumably some ‘explanation’ etc.)
    – entering all details of vax (type, lot, no.) and person into a national data base. So there is a real follow-up (some might call it a vaccine trial writ large.)

    The MSM is screaming about the scandal of almost-no or go-slow vax, Germany way better, etc. Macron himself has been going on about the ‘shameful’ performance re. the vax, so who is he blaming? Err?

    Macron has been pegged as governing like in a ‘start-up’ in this case, Nation. So apt, some lower guy in charge of some data-base or other is castigated and then either grudgingly forgiven or fired, to be replaced with a clone, who has a nicer hair-style and brings in ‘fresh’ (chirpy but stale) ideas.

    Besides that, there have been several doctors (well-known ones), and other med. personnel, advocating in public for the kind of approach outlined in the article, and they have a HUGE following.

    madamski cafone

    @ teri

    “it is de rigeur” is strong language, teri. Maybe you could at least replace “it is” with ‘it seems’.

    There are occasional comments made here regarding Trump that indicate some faith that he has good intentions and the ability to make them happen. Occasional. Most Trump analysis here focuses on how Trump is used by both parties as a way to hide from the public the lousy, hopelessly corrupt shititude of both parties. After all, if either party had allowed even a remotely qualified candidate to make it either into the primaries (the GOP and its clown-car calvacade, with Ron Paul at that time being a spent force they merely tolerated) or to enjoy their rightful win (DNC vs. Bernie), Trump would’ve humiliated himself running for president by losing big-time.

    fwiw, “Under the Obama Administration, the Department of Justice did not indict Assange because it was unable to find any evidence that his actions differed from those of a journalist.[169] However, after Trump took power, CIA director Mike Pompeo and Attorney General Jeff Sessions stepped up pursuit of Assange.”

    Considering how Trump has been stymied most of the times he tried to do something (for whatever reason, selfish NPD ego-feeding or a fit of moral flirtation) that went against efforts by the Deep State (what we oldsters used to call The Establishment) to continue militarily dominating the world even if it meant WWIII, I cannot see an airtight case against Trump for the Assange decisions made by Pompeo and Sessions. This is not at all to say that Trump cares about Assangre one way or another. He didn’t denounce or rescind those decisions, after all. I’ve survived close (but not intimate) relations with a major NPD, and went through some major hell getting past it. So I have no belief in Trump as a moral champion. I like to think I know a major creep when I see one.

    But the wikileaks revelations have already happened. Trump has no logical reason not to pardon Assange unless he knows or believes Assange has a “dead man switch” of the kind of kompromat that can get a person killed or at least financially ruin them.

    Also, “In November 2010, Sweden issued an international arrest warrant for Assange over allegations of sexual assault.[8] Assange said the allegations were a pretext for him to be extradited from Sweden to the United States because of his role in publishing secret American documents.[9][10]”

    Assuming Assange is being honest and properly informed here (highly likely, considering Assange’s history and subsequent events), I would not let Obama, prez in 2010, off the hook either.

    Frankly, I don’t understand why people waste their time arguing over which creep’s bunghole is stinkiest. They all stink, including Trump. There is, however, a kind of grudging affection for Trump among people like me simply because his personality makes him an outsider anywhere he goes, including the Oval Office, and this outside erraticism, driven by his hopelessly deranged ego and possible encroaching senility, makes him someone who naturally stymies the duopoly’s plans — and those plans are as bad or worse than anything a mere aging NPD playboy, with insecure delusions of grandeur, could come up with.

    A rogue snake is in some ways better than an entire roomfull of snakes working together to bite your ass.

    I for one have some hope that Trump will pardon Assange because a) it potentially could give him some political capital, and b) Trump is an unpredictable lunatic. It seems that unpredictable lunacy is our last faint hope for dear Julian and his poor family. Biden obviously won’t pardon Assange unless plans are in place to assassinate him shortly after release.


    @ Susmarie108

    CHSmith has a knack for concise clarity. I read the quote and lingtning struck. I had planned to avoid TAE for a few days but couldn’t resist sharing it. And now here I am defending a bloated lunatic as the last gasp hope for something other than the Establishment Steamroller paving over what’s left of our constitution or whatever-the-hell this wacky nation was founded on.

    An anecdote: long ago, way back in the 80s, a woman I know worked for what was then called Ma Bell: AT&T. Her old boss left. New boss came in. He was oddly honest. He said:

    “I don’t care what you do so long as it makes me look good.”

    Internet porn was not yet invented so we are not sure what he did with all that spare time in the office while his workers made him look good. But, she says, he was the best boss she ever had. Well-meaning competence had no place in the corporate structure, and this guy at least left them alone.

    madamski cafone

    @ D Benton Smith

    “mRNA vaccines are the biggest and riskiest genetic engineering experiment of all time.”

    That we know of. Having been raised in a secret underground government Marvel Comics franchise laboratory, I know whereof I speak. 😉

    Mr. House

    “Frankly, I don’t understand why people waste their time arguing over which creep’s bunghole is stinkiest. They all stink, including Trump.”

    Amen to that!


    Susmarie108 & Teri:

    I know you both want Julian out of jail! So do I! So we are actually on the same side!

    My difference of opinion with yours is only that the evidence shows it is the deep state (Uniparty) that needs to keep Julian locked up, not Trump! They own the motive, not Trump!

    The same group that 100% opposes outsider President Trump!

    Once free, Julian can easily expose the deep state’s lie that Russia didn’t hack the DNC. Remember Seth Rich? Seth can’t talk now but Julian sure can!

    Also please realize in the real world of Uniparty politics, President Trump has never been able to get any of his choices for AG confirmed by the senate (I.e. Mitch).

    What really happens is Mitch gives President Trump a short list of pre-selected Uniparty approved candidates from which the President can choose from, and which Mitch will get the senate to confirm.

    If Trump suggests someone not on the list, Mitch just says he can’t get that person confirmed. So President Trump has never had his own AG, only Uniparty AGs!

    This what I am trying to get you to see! It’s the Uniparty that needs to keep Julian locked up!! Not Trump!


    @ phoenixvoice.
    Interesting non-addressed reply (I assume).
    There is Rockwell’s painting “Freedom of speech” as an IDEAL what does it represent (which I am wholeheartedly for as long as it comes from informed person and not from emotional train wreck) and there is a REALITY of Walmart scene (for the lack of better description).
    Nowhere that I implied a preference for the “top down” other than being fully aware that wast mass of uniformed people is great ally to those who want destroy everything that makes us human.

    D Benton Smith


    To quote an old witchy woman from the Ozarks,

    “All solutions are experimental, and all results are information.”


    @D Benton Smith
    witchy woman speak good


    NPD? I am suffering from Newly Perplexed Disorder.

    madamski cafone

    Words of Wisdom

    Don’t ask me. I only shirk here.



    She’s just using that big brain to tantalize you bro. The beautiful peak that is madamski can not be scaled by a mere mortal man. You can try and I will watch. And you already know how I feel about big brained women. hahahahaha!

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