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    On another topic:
    Like in ‘Postapocalyptic Movies’: Heat Wave Killed Marine Wildlife en Masse


    “..The list of channels that are nothing but data mining, marketing and upselling is endless in America. Every subscription service is nothing more than a channel to upsell you on “Premium services.”

    Social media: nothing but data mining, marketing and upselling.

    Internet Search: nothing but data mining, marketing and upselling.

    Media, telecommunications, banking, etc.: nothing but data mining, marketing and upselling. Look at the most profitable and highest valuation corporations in America, and their sole business model and reason to exist is

    The Healthcare Borg is also nothing but data mining, marketing and upselling. If you want to get a look indicating profound suspicion of your motives and beliefs, tell your healthcare provider, “I’m over 65 and don’t take any meds.” Within the Borg, such a statement can only mean 1) you haven’t yet signed up for Medicare/Medicaid, and we need to get you in the gravy-train pronto; 2) you’re some kind of nutcase who refuses medications, or 3) you’re a dangerous subversive who should be reported to Facebook as a potential extremist..”

    Same applies to KD, and the rest.


    There is this tendency for humans to fall into their silos of their beliefs and then filter out any contrary voices or data. Every so often I find myself doing a reality check — needing to see whether or not I am doing this too excessively.

    So I was thinking about my firmly held position that these Covid vaccines are bad news — the 2,000+ increase in VAERS really hit me this morning. (Although, it was low for a couple of weeks, could have been a backlog that were suddenly released, etc., I recognize that I don’t know how it works behind the scenes.). But then I realized, hey, wait — the alternative position is that these vaccines are SAFE! (TM), with no explanations for the deaths and other adverse reactions. The alternative side is downplaying the adverse reactions, “it’s just a few,” scare-mongering folks into getting vaccinated. Those pushing the vaccine have no narrative that acknowledges the grim facts of those injured…rather it is trying to hide the reality of vaccine injuries. Occam’s razor is a beautiful thing. The Covid vaccines are dangerous.

    Michael Reid

    We have known for a while the mRNA injections are dangerous. I expect to see deaths among those who have received the shot over the next few years due to continuing damage unleashed by the shot


    Bookmark this and use it

    About the Data on
    GovTrack gets its information from a variety of sources, including official government data as well as community data repositories. We also do our own original research. Here is the data we have, the sources we use, and suggestions for how you can get it too.

    Doc Robinson

    phoenixvoice: “Those pushing the vaccine have no narrative that acknowledges the grim facts of those injured…”

    And there is a noticeable lack of explanation for why the Covid vaccines are causing such injuries. The mechanisms and effects on the various parts of the body are not really understood. Lots of ignorance and uncertainty.

    It’s a crapshoot. If we dig, we can find some estimated odds (so many injuries and deaths per million), worked out in hindsight, and subject to worsen as more data comes in.

    V. Arnold

    I’m going to bet you’re living in Chiang Mai.

    Not a chance…too many westerners…
    I’m in west, central about 80 kilometers from the Burmese border, in a place you never heard of…Ratchaburi…It’s where the toy factory I worked for was located. 😉

    V. Arnold

    @Michael Reid

    Your welcome; glad you’re enjoying the link…it’s definitely a keeper…


    Everything seems to distill out to the computer-generated, mRNA instructed, patented spike proteins which the vaccinated have taken upon themselves to kindly produce for Pharma (thank-you very much!)
    Everyone must make some! Everyone! And then they must all make some more!


    John Day

    @Germ, V.Arnold and Oxymoron:
    First, I assumed V.Arnold lived in Chiang Mai, too, but I was wrong, too.
    I tried to get my family away, and we did go away for 9 months of traveling around the world with bikes and backpacks in 2005-2006. I interviewed for a job in Christchurch, New Zealand. Those were the early Bush-11 GWOT years, and I already knew about who did 9/11 and why, the GWOT… They were not going to take my children. You may recall the calls for a new draft back then.
    It did not work, except the trip worked. The kids all became young adults. They started as 12-15 year old kids and finished as 13-16 year old young adults. Next, I worked a couple more years in Austin, then started working gigs in rural Hawaii, on Hawaii, The Big Island. The younger kids went to school there for a day. When Jenny and I finally moved there, it did not work out for the clinic finances, and half a year later, Austin accepted us back. Social capital, and criticality of transitions were brought to light. The kids are all alright. The girls got COVID, and took ivermectin, zinc and doxy. Everybody takes D. Everybody has a job.
    Somebody has to help save America after the crash. Looks like we are elected.
    We have our jobs, and I’m building up the life-support system at the Yoakum homestead.
    Can we be in the 10% of Americans that would survive if the internet went down for a year?
    Dunno… Complicated question, huh?

    Somebody (Madamski?) had posted a link to a blog of a lady who was a sociopath, “Professional sociopath” and answered questions about sociopaths.

    John Day

    America’s door to door vaccine-ambassadors: Marching Orders and Rules of Engagement

    “Ignore No Soliciting Signs, Use Your Script”: Vaccine Door-Knocking Documents Revealed


    Knock knock.
    Yes? Oh! I know who you are! You’re Biden’s people! You feel sooo bad that you have taken the vaccine and you are seeking answers about your future. Well, I can tell you I have been to a number of websites that will help you fight the spike protein your body manufactured- or, if you are pretty far out from your last injection, you wanna know if you can prevent ADE… You could google it but of course anything you might want to know has been censored by the people who know better. So I am sooo sorry that I can’t help you- although from what I understand, Ivermectin could still help you if you happen to get sick with Covid, as your injections really didn’t do much about that. Do I want to join you in your miserable situation?
    No, thanks. Goodbye.

    V. Arnold

    I think its important to note that I had always thought, that if ever I lived in another culture/country, my priorities would be to avoid enclaves of westerners…
    I have been succesful in doing so…no westerners in our village (except me) and none I associate with in our larger area…
    As a result I speak a passible amount of Thai (a very difficult language) which affords me freedom of movement and independence.

    V. Arnold

    I put this together hoping some will find it helpful; anxiety is pernicious; not to be underestimated…

    There’s been some discussion regarding anxiety caused by the stresses of the Corona virus “pandemic”.
    Anxiety is the product of our concerns for our health, lives, and safety of our families and friends. But, that word describes a lot, but is rarely defined and that is a big problem; and our deteriorated mental health is a direct result.
    Put in the simplest terms, anxiety is psychologically/mentally living in the future or the past, or (usually) both, alternatively.
    Put another way, anxiety is not living in the now or, present moment.
    I posit (and not alone) that anxiety is not possible if one resides in the present…
    Because most of us do not normally inhabit the present, it is exceedingly difficult to actually do so, or so it seems…
    There are simple exercises to keep one in the moment…
    The dialogue runs like this: speaking out loud to oneself:
    “Now I am sitting in a chair typing this script.” Now I am looking out the back door at a swaying mulberry branch; now I am leaning back reading the words I’ve just typed. Now I am getting up to get a glass of water; now I am drinking from the glass. Now I put the glass down and am returning to my chair; etc., etc.,
    This can be done for any activity such as a walk, driving, cooking, or cleaning the house…any activity…
    The preface with the word now is important, sort of an anchor of the moment…
    I hope this is found to be helpful in battling anxiety; far better than any drug. As said before; this is not as easy as it may seem; but with diligence can be extremely helpful…

    V. Arnold

    I thought I’d add that the above exercise for negating anxiety is intended as a daily meditation; not just for anxiety attacks… 🙂


    reply to Bill7 (re. Denninger)

    Isn’t that the Libertarian way? (The rule of the “Wild West”?).


    Today the Australian government announced it’s big new TV ad campaign, which goes something like “Go arm yourself with a vaccine” (oh so clever…). As several people have immediately pointed out, it sounds like something a bit different. Freudian slip?

    Formerly T-Bear

    @ laffin_boy; Germ; Oroboros # various places

    From somewhat eclectic readings a differing point of view arrises, what has been popularly filed under psychopathy, psychopath here is actually a vital species survival mechanism. Given that there are two methods of solving problems used by the species; one using very quick emotional response, the other using somewhat slower but rationally response based upon memory and experience rather than emotion to resolve a problem. Once tribal respect for their elders is one of the results of that difference in facing problems. Modern social complexity has rendered that solution asunder allowing some of those displaying ‘rationality propensities’ to develop without guidance or direction into destructive behaviour the popular ‘culture’ likes to use to scare and frighten us with. To use the vernacular definition in a professional manner can only lead to misprision of professional vocabulary. The English dictionary has surpassed a million words, they all deserve to be used correctly. YMMD


    ” Once tribal respect for their elders …”

    Your admitting to this gathering of elders that there is a lack of respect for our accumulated knowledge.

    I agree.


    hexadecimal posted: Trump should look into suing the CIA, NSA, FBI, CNN, MSNBC, DNC, etc, etc, etc, for the coup attempt of Russiagate. He should pick a nice round number like a trillion dollars for publicity. ..

    Make a fantastic all out show attack and sue the lot of them…! Demand huuuge (as Trump would say) reparations! Maybe, extravagance can serve!… but:

    Trump’s present suit will give him ‘bigly’ plus points in the camp of the “deplorables”, and his supporters, and the few (?) who are by principle, independent of personas, attached to a functioning heh “** democracy **” aka the US as a representative republic, those objecting to all-out corruption, manipulation of votes, etc.

    Problem: DT can’t win in the courts (imho, after the stolen election and the fact that the judicial system basically refuses to treat this matter) – Twit and Co. are private companies, and much more. It will all drag out in time, and have only negative (from a Trumpian pov) outcomes, conclusions.

    Going all out would brand him as a nutter who has lost, it would be said, what slim grip on reality he had —> to being mocked as a senseless and disruptive and nefarious complainer, litigator, doing harm to USA’s great democracy and stalwart people, creating divisions, so to speak, while, to boot, wasting everyone’s time.

    But maybe there are some wild things he could do that would be flash and have unpredictable results. IDK, it is interesting to think about. (Nothing will happen.)

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